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               _   _     _     _    _  _____    _     ___    ___   _
              | |_| |   / \   |  \/  ||_   _|  / \   |   |  | _ | |_|
              |  _  |  / _ \  | |\/| |  | |   / _ \  |   |  ||_||  _ |   |  ||_||  _
=\            |_| |_| /_/ \_\ |_|  |_|  |_|  /_/ \_\ |_|\_\ |___| |_|
\=\            ______     
|=|_ _ _ _    /======\    
 ==/=/=/=/=/_/========|  || ||  /\  | \/ |    || ||  /\  | \/ | // 
  __==================|  ||=|| /__\ ||\/|| == ||=|| /__\ ||\/|| \\
 @@@\  ==============/   || ||//  \\||  ||    || ||//  \\||  || //
@@  @\   ==/@@@======|         
@@@@@|    /@  @@=====|         || || |\\|| || ==== ====
@@@@/     |@@@@@  ===|         ||_|| ||\\| ||  ||  |==
      \/  \@@@@     /           ---  || || ||  ||  ====
   /               /  
   \__/\__/       /                   (Part 2)
      \/          \


|Table of Ham-Hams|


Ham-Ham: Cappy

Discription: Hamster with a green hat

Location: Ruins

Required words:

After returing Penelope to the Clubhouse, go back to the broken T.V. Say
Bestest to the frog and he'll show you how to "smell the weather." Use
Hifhif and he'll give you the frog badge. Go to the area with a small
ladder. Go up the ladder and up the other. Talk to the big hamster and
get him to take you up in the bucket. Go all the way up and then jump out
to left. Go outside and up the pole. Talk to the family and use Hifhif to
smell the weather. When they ask how it is, say Pooie to make them go
away. When they're gone, Digdig in the hole and go through the hole to
the right. When you see Cappy, Tack-Q him, learning that a Shagon Wig
caught his eye. Go to the arrow and talk to the clerk. Play the Tack-Q
game. *Tip* The hole stratagy of the Tack-Q game is simple. When ever a
fast balloon goes right above the ball shooter thing, shoot. The next 
balloon will be hit. The best way is to wait for the third fast balloon
that comes and shoot right when it's above you. The ball should hit a 
small blue balloon (80 points). Just get 50 more points (one small
balloon) to get the Shagon Wig. When you get it, say Ta-dah to Cappy,
learning a new word and getting him back to the Clubhouse. Yay!

Ham-Ham: Panda

Discription: Hamster who's a carpender and
looks like a, well, Panda.

Location: Sunflower Elementary

Requrired Words:

At the start of the level, go 3 areas up, 2 areas left and one area
up. Go up the ladder and talk to Panda getting him to come back to
the Clubhouse.

Ham-Ham: Jingle

Description: Jingle is the
hamster who plays music.

Location: Sunflower Elementary

Required Words:

From the entrance of the Sunflower Elementary go up three screens. Go right two and 
enter the dark opening in the wall. Tack-Q into the Ham-Ham on the floor then say 
Oopsie to him to. Exit the room and go left two and down one screen. Scoochie up the 
rope on the left and buy the bottle for 50 seeds. Climb down the ladder, go up one 
screen, left one, go up the stairs, and right three screens. Enter the opening in 
the wall and Hamha with the Ham-Ham to learn Wishie. Then return to the clubhouse.  
Go to Panda's room and say Wishie to to get your bottle fixed. After he fixes it, 
exit the room and go right one screen, go up the stairs, then go left one screen and 
enter the opening. Climb up to the table and talk to the Ham-Ham at the top and say 
Huffpuff to him to get some Flower Tea in your bottle. Exit the room, go right one 
and then down the stairs. Go right all the way and enter the opening. Go up to the 
Ham-ham on the ground and give him the Flower Tea. Exit the room and then go back 
into it to find the Ham-Ham feeling better. Talk to the Ham-Ham, then climb up the 
milk crate behind him to fall outside by Jingle. Talk to Jingle, and tell him Pooie. 
Talk to him again and tell him Smoochie to get him to the clubhouse. Yay!

Ham-Hams: Sandy & Stan

Discription: Sandy- The orange, tiger striped
girl Hamster. Stan-the orange, tiger striped
boy hamster. (They're twins)

Location Sky Garden

Required words:

From resort area of Sky Gardens, go to the side of the Ham-Ham playing golf and say 
Bizzaroo. He will teach you spiffie. Go To the sunbather above the golfer, slip on 
the banana and tell her Spiffie. She will then teach you Hamteam. Go up and right 
and talk to another sunbather that wants a strawberry drink. Go to the right to the 
counter and tell the clerk Wishie, then ask for a strawberry drink. When he leaves 
to deliever it, tuggie out the plug to stop the water.  Go down and left to the log 
in the water and cross it. Lookie at Sandy and she will ask you to help get her 
brother. Agree to help her, leave the screen and return and ask her to Hamteam with 
you. Finally follow Stan around the pool until you get back to where Sandy is at. 
Talk to Stan to get both of them to return to the Clubhouse. Yay!
To be continued...

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