Career Mode tips - Guide for NASCAR Thunder 2004

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                            CAREER MODE TIPS

                  Tip #1- Always do the even amount of money for a sponsor and an 
objective you know you can complete. If you do happen to get a package sponsor, 
take it anyway because you still get like 150k for not even doing your objectives.

                  Tip #2- Always do quick select for a crew team. Later on when you 
get money, sign the best you can get. Yes, your crew will suck but its just 

                  Tip #3- To easily win a race, always hang around the bottom of 
the track and yeah so what if you end up making a lot of rivals, do some simulates 
and their respect levels go down a bit
                  Tip #4- The easiest way to win is to have a good engine, chassis, 
and body in and on the car. Choose the best builders right away because u then get 
the upper advantage in building these parts with shop additions.

          Thats all i can think of for now. Try em and see if they work

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