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This is a little guide for getting Celia to fall in love with you. This guide 
will help with heart events, gifts, and other information. Let's get started.

1.) Celia

2.) Marriage System and Requirements

3.) Love Points and Gifts

4.) Heart Events


1.) Celia
In the game Harvest Moon: DS you can marry 9 people in the valley. If you plug 
in your copy of FoMT, or MFoMT then you are able to woo the Mineral Town girls. 
Celia is the girl who lives at the other farm in the Valley. She has a health 
problem and came to the valley to help her deteriorating health. She lives with 
Vesta and Marlin. Marlin is your rival for Celia's love. She is down-to-earth 
and has pretty much the same personality as Celia in AWL. IN the mornings 
between 6 and 7 she will be in her room at the farm house. From 7-9 she will be 
downstairs at the kitchen. Now, from 9 to about 3 or 4 she will work in the 
fields, rain or shine. From 4 on she will be in the store next to the house. 
Sometimes she will go to the Goddess Pond, but I don't know when. That is about 
all you need to know about her.

2.) Marriage System and Requirements
The whole marriage system is not that complicated in HM:DS. Once you are able 
to get married and you meet the requirements you can propose. The requirements 
aren't that tough. The first is that you need to own the big bed. In order to 
obtain it you must first get the 2nd channel on the Sprite Station. To get this 
you have to buy 10 things from the Supermarket via your phone in a row. You 
can't skip days unless they are closed. Then you have to upgrade your house 
twice and then buy it from the channel. The next requirement is that you need 
to unlock 60 of the sprites. This can get tedious, so bear with it. Then you 
need to have your prospect, Celia, at a red heart(60,000+LP). You can check her 
LP with the Love Bangle. Then you can buy the Blue Feather from Karen, and 

3.) Love Points and Gifts
As explained in the previous section, you need to increase Celia's affection 
towards you(LP). You do this by giving her one gift a day. Some gifts slightly 
increase her LP while some highly increase it, and others dramatically decrease 
it. To increase her LP by +300 the give her flowers, and jewelry. To increase 
it by +500 give her Pink Diamonds, Diamonds, and I think perfume(available year 
6). To increase it by +800 bake her a nice cake. 

4.) Heart Events
How to Trigger: 
1. Walk into Vesta's Farm house
2. Rainy day
3. Not monday
4. walk in after 10:00AM and before noon
Description: You surprise Celia and she breaks a plate. When Vesta walks in and 
wants to know what happened tell the truth to her. You will increase affection 
by 3,000LP.

How to Trigger:
1. Walk into the Goddess Pond area from the Main walkway
2. from 3:30 to 6PM
Description: Celia and you take a walk to the pond and she tells you about her 
health and everything. Make sure you say "go with her". you will increase 
affection by 3,000LP

How to Trigger:
1. walk into Dr. Hardy's place
2. in the morning, rainy day
Description: Dr. Hardy tells her she looks healthy and pretty. when you walk in 
he asks if you have a girlfriend, say no to increase affection.

How to Trigger:
1. go to Blue Bar
2. after 4PM
Description: Griffin leaves when Celia delivers Veggies to him. You talk and 
she wants you to tell her a story. Tell her about Farm life.

Thanks for reading, no plagerism now, ok?

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