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                               Challenge Mode Weapons Guide

 Heavy Lancer: Mega Heavy Lancer. Max Ammo:400. Ultra Heavy Lancer {Upgrade to Mega 
Version. Max Ammo:500. Function Upgrades:faster Fire rate,3x more stopping power.

Mini Nuke: Mega Mini Nuke.Max Ammo:20 Ultra Mini Nuke. Max Ammo:30. Function 
Upgrades:Explosion Equal to 2 megaton Bomb.

Multi Star:Mega Multi Star: Max Ammo:50 Ultra Multi Star: Max Ammo:70 Function 
Upgrades:Once again, they are more powerful and, maybe its just me, but they seem 
to travel faster.

HK22 Gun:Mega Hk22 Gun: Max Ammo:35 Ultra Hk22:Max Ammo:50 Function Upgrades: Bombs 
travel forward faster, Upgraded power,finds enemies faster.

Mega Vaporizer:Max Ammo:12 Ultra Vaporizer Max Ammo:20 Function Upgrades:Slightly 
more powerful round.

Mega Megaturret: Ammo: 30 Ultra Megaturret Ammo:50 Function Upgrades:None 

Mega Blitz Cannon Ammo:45 Ultra Blitz Cannon Ammo:60 Function Upgrades:
More little energy thingys come out when fired.

Tesla Barrier:Mega Tesla Barrier Ammo:? Ultra Tesla Barrier Ammo:? Function 

Kilinoids:Mega Kilinoids Ammo:16 Ultra Kilinoids Ammo:{I am dead serious about this}
40. Function Upgrades:They shoot greanade launchers instead of throw bombs and they 
have faster firing blasters that are 4x more powerful than kilinoids. They last 6x 
longer than the Synthenoids. 

Mega Meteor Gun Ammo:300 Ultra Meteor Gun Ammo:400 Function Upgrades:Increaced 
range and enemies burn longer. Also the initial meteor impact does more damage

Mega Heavy Bouncer Ammo:40 Ultra Heavy Bouncer Ammo:60 Function Upgrades:Gigantic 
bomb does more damage, Bomblets bounce more and also have increaced power.

Mega Mega Rocket Cannon Ammo:40 Ultra Mega Rocket Cannon Ammo:60 Function Upgrades: 
Rockets have better seeking and travel slightly farther. Of course they are more 
powerful too.

Mega Plasma Storm Ammo:35 Ultra Plasma Storm Ammo:50 Function Upgrades:More 
lighting tendrils come out if there are a lot of enemies, the electric ball that is 
launched from the barrel of the weapon can Damage enmies before it turns into that 
ping pong thing that bounces off walls and stuff.

Tetrabomb Gun:Mega Tetrabomb Gun Ammo:15 Ultra Tetrabomb Gun Ammo:25 Function 
Upgrades:More Powerful Bombs+Larger Range.

Tankbot Glove:Mega Tankbot Glove Ammo:16 Ultra Tankbot Glove Ammo:? Function 

Black Sheepinator:There are no mega or ultra upgrades for this weapon.

Zodiac:Sadly, there are no upgrades for this either.


Clank Shocker: Mega Clank Shocker Ammo:? Ultra Clank Shocker Ammo:? Function 
Upgrades:There are no mega or ultra upgrades for this weapon.

Mega Tesla Claw Ammo: 400 None of the Gadgetron Weapons Have Ultra Upgrades. 
Function Upgrades:same as the Gold Tesla Claw from R&C 1.

Mega Bomb Glove Ammo:60 Function Upgrades:Comes wtih built in acid mod.

Mega Walloper Ammo:N/A Function Upgrades: Takes the Walloper from less than as 
powerful as it was in R&C 1 to just as powerful as it was in the first game.

Mega Visibomb Gun Ammo:30 Function Upgrades: Makes it as powerful as the one from 
the first game.

Mega Decoy Glove Ammo:30 Function Upgrades:Dummies take longer to explode so the 
enemies are off your back longer.{If you use this weapon alot, STOP PLAYING THIS 
GAME!!!!!!!!!!! The game isn't that hard. The Mutant Protopet is easy even without 
the R.Y.N.O.2. The Decoy Glove just shows that you stink at this game and need help 
from an inaniment object.} Sorry about that, just some random anger. Don't take 
that personal everybody, I am just angry for some reason. Hope this guide makes you 
foam at the mouth and run to your PS2 and try to get these. I am like an 
unstoppable force now that I have all this Hardware. I will update this guide as I 
get new Upgrades. Enjoy. 


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