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		                      Chao Guide and Faq			
	1: FAQs Section 
	2: Chao Kindergarden
	3: Chao Garden
	4: Raising Your Chao
	5: Chao Drives, Animals, and Fruit 
	6: Closing								

				FAQs Section

1: What is a chao?    A chao is a little pet you own in Chao World.  You raise and 
take care of them.

2: How does a chao turn dark or angel?  Basically, spend time with it with Sonic for 
angel, and Shadow for dark.

3: How does a chao’s stats increase?  See section number five.

 4: What can you do with a chao?  You can train your chao to be a competitor in Chao 
Race or Chao Karate, or just have fun with him.

5: Does a chao always stay in its original form?   No.   After a while, it will go 
in a cocoon and evolve.   Ex. Dark, Water type.

			Chao Kindergarden

Every chao should have an education.  At Chao Kindergarden, they teach your chao 
everything from dancing, to drawing, to mathematics.  Also.  Pay a visit to the chao 
doctor, who will give your chao a checkup, tell what fruit it likes and more!  Drop 
by the chao fortuneteller.  It won’t tell your fortune, but it will give your chao a 
name (Ex. Choc).  If you need tips, the chao principle is always there for you.  He 
will tell you many fascinating, and obvious things about chaos.   One more thing, in 
the black market, you can spend your rings on things for your chao.  From seeds, to 
pots, this is where to go.

				Chao Garden

This is where your chao is raised until it evolves.   Here, it can frolic freely.  
The chao advance lets your release your chao into the wild, as well as transfer 
chaos, back and forth through the Gameboy Advance.  Also.  The cave in the waterfall 
is where you go to race and fight. When your chao evolves into a dark or angel chao, 
you can take it to dark or angel chao garden.  It is almost like chao garden, but 
depending on the type of chao, it will be happier there.

				Raising Your Chao

Chaos can sometimes be a handful.  Some are very energetic, some cry all day, others 
sleep 24-7.  But chaos have something in common.  They all need to be cared for.  
They need to eat right, have good stats, and stay healthy, just like a real pet.  
Check with the doctor’s medical chart to see what your chao needs more of, likes, 
and is like.  But remember, time only passes in Chao World, so don’t be so worried 
about your chao.

			Chao Drives, Animals, and Fruit

Drives, animals and fruit are the things you use to increase chao stats.  Drives are 
the things that come out of an enemy when you beat them.  Each color increases a 
different stat.  Animals are hidden all over the stages.  Each animal gives your 
chao a new body part, and increases the stats.  Fruit increases stamina.  But the 
rare chao fruit increases all stats.  Seeds are planted to become fruit trees.  To 
plant them, win your chao a shovel and water thing, and give the seed to your chao.  
It will plant it for you.


Well, that about wraps it up.  It you want to publish this guide somewhere else, 
contact me at [email protected]  Thank you.

			Copyright 2002

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