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                  Jet Grind Radio Chapter 1 Walkthrough (DC)
                   Version 0.3 - Last Revised on 03/15/2001
                        By Dallas ([email protected])



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Table of Contents

  i.  Introduction and Revision History
  I.  Game Overview
 II.  Chapter 1 Walkthrough
III.  Information

                    i.  Introduction and Revision History

Jet Grind Radio is a unique game in which you skate around the different levels
on roller blades while tagging things up with your spray paint.  The game has
several features, and is one of the best ever made for the Sega Dreamcast.
This document contains a brief overview of the game along with a walkthrough
for the first chapter of the game.  Please do not ask me questions about any
levels after Chapter 1 and do not ask me any questions already answered in the

Revision History
V0.1 (11/18/2000): Initial Release.  Walkthrough complete, all other
                   sections complete, this guide is 100% complete.  For other
                   chapters of the game, please refer to a different FAQ.
V0.2 (02/23/2001): Reformatted the FAQ and changed a few section titles.
v0.3 (03/15/2001): Changed the top of the guide as well as the bottom.

                              I.  Game Overview

There is a lot of random information you should known about this game before
playing, and I couldn't really think of any other sections to put each in,
therefore I just made one big section and this is it.  The following should be
read by those who are unfamiliar with this game and it's mechanics.

                                 The Spray Cans

You have three different types of Spray Cans in each level you play.  Two of
the cans are normal spray paint, while the other is used to replenish lost
stamina.  See below for descriptions.

Yellow Spray Cans
Each yellow spray can is worth one spray.  You will find these the most
in each level, and they are located on top of handrails, on top of half pipes,
floating in the air, on top of walls, on top of roofs, and many other places.

Blue Spray Cans
These don't show up as often as the yellow spray cans do, but you will find
them quite frequently throughout the game.  These are basically 5 yellow spray
cans combined into one blue can.  These are easy to spot because they are
larger in size than the yellow ones are.

Red Recovery Cans
When collected, these cans will replenish a small bit of your stamina meter.
Three or four of these should replenish an almost empty meter to it's maximum
capacity, but they normally aren't found out in the open.  You can tell these
from the other cans because they are red and have a medical cross on the front.

                                   The Arrows

There are four different colored arrows you'll find in this game.  Below are
the colors and descriptions of each, and where you'll find them during the
game.  Also note that the orange arrow appears on TOP of the screen, not in
the itself, like the other arrows.

Red Arrows
You will be seeing this arrow the most during the game.  Whenever you see
this arrow, it means you must spray either a small tag, large tag, or x-large
tag on the wall, or wherever the arrow is pointing.  You can find the locations
of these arrows on the map by pressing Start when in any level (they are the
red points on the map.)

Yellow Arrows
You will mainly find this arrow on the walls or fences/gates, etc. but they
also appear on law figures.  Whenever you see this arrow, it means you can
spray paint the object it's pointing to, but you don't have to if you don't
want to.  These arrows are optional, but you can net some serious points if
you spray them.  You will also notice them appearing on law figures such as
Captain Onishima or the choppers.  If you spray them, it will make the level
you are playing a lot easier, plus you'll gain some extra points on the side.

Blue Arrows
These arrows only appear when you are being chased by a law figure (such as
Captain Onishima, police officers, choppers, etc.) and basically it shows you
where the escape area is located.  Whenever you see a blue arrow, jump toward
where it's pointing and you will be safe from the law.

Orange Arrow
This will appear on top of your screen but it's kind of random in what
it leads toward.  Most of the time it leads to blue arrows when you're being
chased by the law, but they can also lead to level exits, which you don't
want to go to unless necessary.  The main purpose of these arrows is to show
you were gang members are during boss levels.

                                The On-Screen Map

During gameplay, you can press the Start button to access the on-screen map
of the current level you're on.  On the map are random icons which tell you
where certain things are located in the level.  Below are descriptions of the
different icons and items on the map.

Tags Remaining
Next to the map, you'll see a little counter which tells you how many more
tags you need to spray paint in order to complete the level.  When you first
start, you'll see the total number, and as you spray them, the counter reduces
down to zero.

Red Points
Whenever you see a red point on the map, it's telling you that there is a
red arrow at that spot and you'll need to tag it when you find it.  Red points
are very useful during the game because if you have a certain amount of tags
left to spray paint, this will tell you were they are.

Sometimes you will notice little picture icons appearing on the map.  Most
of the time, these tell you what law figures are chasing after you and where
they are exactly.  For example, in the Kogane levels, you can see little
helicopter icons on the map telling you where the choppers are at.  Useful if
you are running low on stamina.

                                The Law Figures

The game would be no fun if there were no cops to chase after you, would it?
Below are descriptions of each law figure you will encounter in the game.  It
may seem like the cops are only after the GGs, but that's not necessarily true,
they are after all gangs, including your rivals, but you just don't see them
chasing after anyone but you.

Police Officers
The standard law figure.  You'll get a bunch of cops that come in a batch
of about 7 or 8 and they chase after you on foot.  They carry night sticks,
but that's the only weapon they have against you.  You can easily out-run
these guys because they are rather slow and you have roller blades.

Police Cycles
Much faster than the normal cops, the cycles can knock you to the ground if
you get hit by one.  Usually, the cycles will come while you are performing a
large or x-large tag in some levels, but you won't see them much.

Captain Onishima
This guy is a real pain.  He carries a handgun, and for some strange reason,
he can always be running right behind you on foot, even though you have roller
blades.  If you are dashing, his bullets won't harm you, but otherwise you
will get shot.  Once in a while, you may get the opportunity to spray paint
his face which can buy you some time.

Another major annoyance in the game is the SWAT team.  They constantly shoot
tear gas at you and everytime you run into a batch of the stuff, you lose more
and more stamina.  The odd thing about the SWAT team is that they can always
hit you with tear gas, even though they don't know where you are going.

Police Dogs
These dogs look like Doberman Pinchers, but they are very easy to avoid.
Since they are small, you can just jump right over them, even when they are
coming at you head-on.  These dogs are the least of your worries.

Parachute Troops
One of the good things about the Parachute Troops is that they aren't as
mobile as Captain Onishima is.  They drop down via parachute and carry machine
guns on them, but they only shoot at you when you come near them, unlike
Onishima, who chases after you.

Aerial Choppers
These are probably one of the most harmful and annoying law figures in the
game.  They are standard helicopters, only they're equipped with rocket
launchers and other powerful weapons.  Make sure you clear out ALL large tags
before these things come in, or else you're bound to lose a lot of stamina.
The good thing about these, however, is that you can spray paint the
windshields and they'll crash and burn.

Golden Rhinos
You won't be encountering these guys until Chapter 2, but you should still
know about them.  They are pretty much a rival gang that's trying to take over
everyone's turf, but they also act as a law figure by trying to stop you with
guns and knives from tagging over their marks.

Assassin No. 5
This guy is part of the Golden Rhinos, and boy is he tough.  He wears a turban
like piece of cloth over his head and has this super long whip that does a lot
of damage.  With that said, you should avoid him at all costs.

                               Tagging Strategy

Although you may not know it, there _is_ a strategy to tagging in each level.
Naturally, you want to make each level easy on yourself, making it possible
for you to win.  Therefore, you must spray paint your tags according to size
and location.  The key here is to spray paint ALL x-large tags first, followed
by large tags second, and save the small tags for last.  Why?  Let's say you
spray painted the small tags first, and then some choppers came after you.

It's going to be 20 times more difficult to spray the large and x-large
tags now because you'll get shot down by the choppers, versus small tags which
only take one can to spray.  Not only must you spray by size, but by location
as well.  You ALWAYS go from x-large, to large, to small FIRST, then, and only
then do you go by location.

When spraying by location, make sure you spray the hard-to-reach tags first,
followed by the tags closest to your escape area last.  Why?  If you are low
on stamina and need to escape from the law, you definitely aren't going to want
to go 20 miles away from your escape route to spray paint a tag you missed.
View the below chart to get an idea of what order you should spray your tags.

*Closest is referring to the tags closest to the escape area.

                                Tag Order Chart
                        SIZE   X-Large -- First   SIZE
                                 Large -- Second
                                 Small -- Last

                    DISTANCE  Farthest -- First   DISTANCE
                               Average -- Second
                              *Closest -- Last

                         II.  Chapter 1 Walkthrough

                                     - GG -

                                 Recruiting Gum

Okay, now it's time to start a new game.  After you start a new game and view
the story of Tokyo-to, you'll have to recruit some members into your gang or 
else your gang will consist of just you.  The first person you can recruit is a 
girl named Gum.  She gives you a little challenge, and if you can imitate her 
moves, she will join your gang. Here are the tasks you'll have to do:

- Task 1: Skate across the street, turn right at the corner and jump on top of
  the car at the end (you must land on it.)

- Task 2: Go forward and start grinding on the handrail, press the L-Trigger to
  change the camera angle while your doing it, then jump off at the end.

- Task 3: Collect the two spray cans, then spray the hoods of the next two
  cars.  Hop up onto the handrail to grind and collect the next two spray cans.
  Cross the street, then grind on the handrail.  Spray the last two vehicles
  and jump off at the end.  Gum will now join your gang.

                                Recruiting Tab

The next potential member of your gang is Tab.  His tasks are a bit more
challenging than Gum's were, so be ready for some action if you plan to get
Tab in your gang.

- Task 1: Skate across the three platforms, collecting the big spray cans as
  you go, then on the last platform, press the L-Trigger to go into spray paint
  mode.  Move the Analog stick in the directions you're given to tag the wall
  and clear this task.

- Task 2: Here, you'll learn how to hitch a ride on the back of a car.  Wait 
  for a car to pass, then hang on to the back and let it take you up the hill
  until you see spray cans to the left.  Press down on the analog stick to let
  go of the car, then collect the spray cans and skate back down the hill.
  Once at the bottom, grind on the handrail and tag the wall on the way.

- Task 3: Start off by dashing, then grind along the handrail until you get to
  the gap; jump across to the other handrail and continue until you get to the
  handrail leading up to the overpass.  Take it, and follow it to the roof then
  jump off and onto the roof to complete the task and Tab will join you.

                          Shibuya-cho: Shibuya GG
Number of Small Tags:    4      Law Figure(s) #1:  Police Squad
Number of Large Tags:    6      Law Figure(s) #2:  Captain Onishima w/handgun
Number of X-Large Tags:  1      Escape Area(s):    East Side Roofs

Now you will be brought to the selection screen.  Choose the Streets which
will take you to the map.  The only level that's accessible now is Shibuya
GG, so select it and you'll start the first chapter of the game.  Shibyua-cho
is your gang's home town, and before you move on into other gang turf, you
have to tag up your home town with your tags, covering over the tags some rival
gang is spraying.

To start out, skate forward and grind along the overpass rails to collect up
a bunch of spray cans.  When you have at least 20 cans or so, jump down and
head near the buses to find members of the Love Shockers spraying your turf.
Run into them to steal their paint, then spray the three buses down on the
ground with large tags, followed by the two cars near the side roofs with
small tags.

The police squad will appear after you've tagged three red arrows, so watch
out for them.  Grind along the handrail where the car and truck and spray both
of them as you go by with small tags.  After 6 tags have been made, Captain
Onishima will appear with his handgun, so run from him if you see him, or
you'll lose a bit of energy.  The side roofs are your escape area, so jump off
the ramp onto the side roofs and tag the first two large tags, and finally
the last x-large tag to finish the level.

                            Shibuya-cho: Love Trap
Number of Small Tags:    5      Law Figure(s) #1:  Police Cycles; Onishima
Number of Large Tags:    4      Law Figure(s) #2:  SWAT Team w/Tear Gas
Number of X-Large Tags:  4      Escape Area(s):    Aqueduct/Half pipe

The gang who was tagging up your turf in the last stage was the Love
Shockers, who are also located in Shibuya-cho on the map.  From here, you can
choose from three stages, this one being the next in line, so choose it.  When
you first start out, turn around and go backwards until you come to the four
spray cans.  Collect them, then run up the stairs and cross the roof like
area.  Grind down the elephant slide, collecting spray cans as you go.

When you have at least 19 spray cans, go back to the aqueduct, and find
those stairs that lead up to the roof again.  Turn left, and grind along
the divider then jump onto the large yellow crane.  This may be tough, but
you'll have to ride along the crane and jump down onto the other side of the
roof (you may have to try it a few times.)

Once there, spray the two x-large tags, then jump back across and spray the
x-large tag at the other end of the roof (if you need more paint, there are
four cans down the nearby stairs in the aqueduct.)  Make your way back to the
main area (where the cars and playground are) and start to spray the six red
arrows here (watch out for Onishima, as he's still after you.)  Two small tags
are on each side of the playground fences, and the last small tag is on the

Spray the large tag on the playground floor (bump into the love shocker if
there's one already there) and the SWAT team should come out with the tear
gas.  You should only have 4 tags left to complete, and they'll be pretty
easy because the SWAT team wasn't in your way for the tough ones.  Skate along
the streets until you find a red arrow, tag it (large tag) and go a little
further to find another red arrow on the other side of the street (another
large tag.)

While tagging these, police cycles will come and run into you causing damage,
so beware.  Once those two are done, go back to the playground and collect up
a lot of spray cans (at least 15) then continue skating back to where you were.
Turn left where the SWAT officers are standing (just jump over them, as well
as the police cars) and make your way to large tag on the right side of the
underpass.  Tag it, then go to the x-large (and final) tag on the left side
and complete it.  While spraying these, the SWAT officers will shoot tear gas
at you, so you'll just have to take it until you get both of them done which
should finish off the stage if you followed my instructions.

                     Kogane-cho: The Monster of Kogane
Number of small tags:    9      Law Figures #1:  Captain Onishima w/handgun
Number of large tags:    2      Law Figures #2:  Police Dogs
Number of x-large tags:  1      Law Figures #3:  Aerial Choppers
                                Escape Area(s):  Building Rooftops

Here, you'll be introduced to Poison Jam, a rival gang from Kogane-cho.
These guys dress in monster costumes and their tags can easily be recognized,
because they look exactly like clown faces.

You start out in front of some stairs.  Collect the three spray cans and run
up the stairs, then go straight and turn left at the end.  You will soon come
to a long bridge with a set of double doors at the end (on the left.)  Go
through the doors and start breaking through all the walls/doors until you come
back to the other end of the bridge.  Follow it all the way to the end and turn
right to go up some more stairs (collect spray cans as you go.)

Here, you will begin to see the red arrows.  Spray the large tag straight
ahead, but ignore the small ones for now.  Run over to the other side (where
the playground area is) and spray the x-large tag there.  Now, go around this
area and search for the other large tag, and spray it (that should get all the
larger tags out of the way.)  The rest from here is pretty simple.  Onishima
and the dogs are easy to dodge, but the aerial choppers are pretty tough.

Go around the same area where the playground is and spray all 9 of the small
tags along the walls and fence.  The aerial choppers will fire missiles at you,
but none should hit you because you won't have to stop for any large tags.
Once you get the nine tags done, that'll end this stage.

                               Recruiting Garam

On your way back to the garage, a rival named Garam will challenge you.  If
you can finish his challenge, he'll join your gang.  This time, it's optional,
so if you don't feel like recruiting him, just select "No" when you are asked
if you accept his challenge.

- Task 1: Here, you'll need to use a combination of wall riding and any trick
  of your choice to complete the task.  First, dash up to the hurdle in front
  of you, and wall ride along the wall BEFORE you get to the little ditch in
  the wall.  From there, you have to perform any trick to give you a boost over
  the gap, otherwise you'll just fall, and lose.

- Task 2: Dash forward and begin grinding down and along the rail over the
  water.  If you jump too soon, you won't make the grind, and if you jump to
  late, you'll fall in the water, so time your jump to make sure you land on
  the rail.  Once you get to the end of the rail, do a flying kite (or any
  other move) to boost you on top of the roofs.

- Task 3: This is the most difficult task, but the last one.  Start out by
  dashing, and then grind along the left rail.  Once you get to the gap, do
  a move and land on the left rail, then shortly after, do a move to boost
  across the water and to the rail on the left.  Once you hit the corner of
  this rail, jump onto the wall to ride it and that should get Garam to
  join the GGs.

                              Kogane-cho: No. 540
Number of small tags:    9      Law Figures #1:  Captain Onishima w/handgun
Number of large tags:    2      Law Figures #2:  Parachute Troops w/machine gun
Number of x-large tags:  2      Law Figures #3:  Aerial Choppers
                                Escape Area(s):  Factory

When you first start, run into the member of poison jam that's spraying the
large tag and take his spray cans.  Spray the large tag, then head down the
spiral path until you're at the bottom with the broken cars.  Enter the factory
here and stock up on spray paint, then exit back out into the open (also note
that you can get recovery cans in the factory by going upstairs.)  Go back up
to the 2nd level of the spiral and you'll find a roof that's hanging over the
factory below.

Jump onto the roof and spray the 2 x-large tags here, and that should send
out the parachute troops with their machine guns.  You'll find a large tag that
needs to be sprayed down at the bottom over near the cars, so take care of that
before the choppers arrive.  As of now, you should only have the 9 small tags
left to spray.

Make sure you have at least 9 spray cans, then skate up to the top of the
level where you first started.  To the left of the first large tag you sprayed
will be two small tags.  Spray them both, then start going down the spiral
hill to find two more on the side wall.  Soon enough, the choppers will arrive
and start firing missiles at you.

After you spray the two on the side wall, go right onto the 2nd level of
the spiral to find another two small tags.  Spray them both (if you have
trouble, try jumping from the top level and spraying as you go down.)  If the
choppers are causing you a lot of trouble, grind along the top level and
wait for one of the choppers to come near, then spray the windshield to make
it crash and burn.

The final three small tags are on the bottom level near the factory and they
go up in a stair-like pattern.  The top one may be difficult to get, so try
jumping from the roof of the 2nd level and spraying as you go down.  Once all 9
have been sprayed, this stage will be finished.

                 Kogane-cho: Kogane Circus (Poison Jam Boss)
Number of tags:  30               Difficulty:  7/10

This is the first boss level you've encounter thus far, and it's not very
hard, as Poison Jam doesn't move much faster than you do.  The goal here is
to spray 10 tags on each of their backs within 700 seconds.  The setting is
in the sewers of Kogane, so it shouldn't be too hard, as the environment isn't
that big compared to the ones you'll encounter later.

The easiest way to do this is to first catch up to one of the members of
Poison Jam, then rapidly press the L-Trigger to spray a number of tags on him.
First, you'll have to collect spray cans from the handrails in the main part of
the sewer (or collect blue cans in the half pipe area.)  After 10 tags have
been sprayed (you can see how many remaining tags you have to spray on each
member via the counter above their heads) on one member, he'll stop moving.

This can be pretty tough the first time you try it, but the 2nd time should
be a cinch.  Be careful of the members you've already sprayed, because despite
them being immobile, they still do damage to you if you run into them.  Once
you defeat them all, you'll see a cinema showing the Golden Rhinos snatch up
the defeated poison jam leaving behind a broken record piece inside of a mask.

                          Benten-cho: Benten Boogie
Number of small tags:    8      Law Figures #1:  Police Officers
Number of large tags:    7      Law Figures #2:  SWAT Team w/tear gas
Number of x-large tags:  2      Escape Area(s):  Building Rooftops

Most of the larger tags are up on roof-tops here, so there isn't much to
worry about as far as law figures are concerned, but just to be safe, you
should spray the larger tags before the small ones.  Jump down from the roof
onto the streets, then search for the first x-large tag (which should be on
the streets, not up on any roof; it's near the ramp) spray it, then skate over
to the area with the ramp.

Launch yourself up to the escape area and spray the 2nd x-large tag here.
Continue climbing up from here, and dash then grind along the telephone
cables (jump when you reach the corner) until you reach a little platform
with a large tag on it.  Spray it then drop back down onto the streets. Look
around until you find several yellow spray cans and a small set of stairs.

Collect the spray cans, then search around the streets for another large
tag.  Spray it when you find it, then go back to where you saw that small set
of stairs.  Climb the stairs, go through the corridor and come out on top of
another roof-like area.  You will find another large tag here to spray, then
grind down the metal rod spiraling downward.  When you come to the first gap,
don't jump across, but instead jump down to the roof-tops below.  You will find
4 large tags on both sides of the rooftops here.

After spraying each of the large tags, you should only have the 8 small tags
remaining (the SWAT team should be after you now, so watch out for their tear
gas.)  Hop down to the streets, and go around the area spraying every small
tag you see.  There are a couple of tags that are up near metal rods that you
can spray by grinding up to them.  Once all 8 are sprayed, the level will be

                               Recruiting Mew

When you go back to the map, a new rival named Mew will challenge you.  If
you can complete all of her tasks, she'll join the GGs (your gang.)  See below
for task descriptions/strategy.

- Task 1: This task is pretty easy.  Start out by dashing forward and begin
  grinding on the handrail straight ahead.  When you're about halfway across
  the rail, jump off and down to the roof of the train to complete the task.

- Task 2: As Mew says, this one is a bit harder that the last.  Dash up the
  small set of stairs, go through the corridor and onto the roof.  From here,
  dash and start grinding down the spiraling metal rod, jumping over the gap
  and continue grinding until you reach the finishing platform.

- Task 3: This is the final, most difficult task.  Skate forward and grind
  up the ramp, jumping at the top to land on the metal rod (this may take a few
  tries, as you have to time your jump correctly.)  At the end of the rod,
  jump and push open the gate, then land on the railroad tracks to finish the
  task, followed by Mew joining the GGs.

                          Benten-cho: Graffiti High
Number of small tags:    14     Law Figures #1:  Parachute Troop w/machine guns
Number of large tags:    3      Law Figures #2:  SWAT Team w/tear gas
Number of x-large tags:  2      Escape Area(s):  Building Rooftops

The next quest in Benten is Graffiti High.  Select it from the map and you'll
start out on top of an immobile train.  Hop off and collect all 16 yellow spray
cans on the train rails.  Once you have all the cans, head in the same
direction you were facing when you first started the level.  You will soon
come to a closed gate on the right side of the tracks; bust it open and land
in the city area.

There are several small tags here, but don't get them yet.  Instead, grind
up the ramp and jump over to the circular platform in the middle of the area.
Look around and find the metal rod that leads over to an x-large tag.  Grind
along this rod to get to the platform, and bump into any Noise Tank members
that may be tagging here.

Spray the x-large tag, then go back over to the circular platform in the
middle of the area.  Look around again to find a cable leading over to another
platform with a large tag on it.  Grind over to it and spray the large tag,
then jump back down the ground and begin spraying all 8 small tags along the
four big signs.  Onishima will call in the parachute squad after three tags
have been sprayed, so watch out for them.

Still on the ground, search for the truck ramp, and do a small jump at the
top of it to grind along the metal rod and break through the sign into a little
hidden area.  Follow the one-way path to the end, and break through the boards
at the end.  Grind along the side handrails spraying all the small tags as
you go (after 11 tags have been sprayed, the tanks will come out.)

Spray the large tag on one of the corner wall here in the streets, then go
to the far end of the street where you'll find an x-large tag to spray.  Spray
it, then turn left afterwards to find another large tag on a small wall.  Go
around the corner and spray the last two small tags (if you missed any small
ones near the entrance of the street, go back and spray them.)  That should
end this stage.

                Benten-cho: Noise Reduction (Noise Tanks Boss)
Number of tags:  30               Difficulty:  9/10

Another boss level in which you must spray 10 tags on the backs of the Noise
Tanks (just like you did in Kogane with Poison Jam.)  This stage is rather
difficult because you have the whole city area of Benten to skate through,
making it tougher to located the Noise Tanks.  To top it all off, the Noise
Tanks are very speedy, and you're going to have a hard time catching up to
them.  Once you figure out their pattern, it shouldn't be too hard, but it
may take you a few tries before winning.

Throughout the whole stage, you'll be grinding up and along handrails of
the overpasses along the street.  Your best shot at tagging these guys up is
when they stop moving, and you attack them from behind.  Usually, they'll knock
you down if you approach them head-on, but if you come from behind, you can
quickly take out one of them by rapidly pressing the L-Trigger.

Once you tag one member, he will stop moving, but this doesn't mean he isn't
dangerous anymore; if you run into him while chasing after the other member(s)
of the gang, you'll lose some stamina, so watch out.  Once you spray 10 tags
on each of their backs, you'll get your dog back and that will completely
finish off the Benten-cho area.

                               Recruiting Yo-Yo

As you go back to the map, a kid named Yo-Yo (who constantly says the word
"Yo") will challenge you to a race.  Whoever sprays first wins, and if you
happen to win, Yo-Yo will join the GGs.  You can find a map showing which
route to take by pressing Pause at any time (the route is outlined in red.)

Throughout the entire race, you pretty much only have about two chances to
get ahead of Yo-Yo, otherwise you've just forfeited the entire race.  You
start out on the railroad tracks, and skate forward up to the gate that leads
to the main city.  Once you get off the tracks, you'll have your first
opportunity to get ahead of Yo-Yo by taking the truck ramp to get to the main
part of the city (Yo-Yo will take the circular platform.)

Once on the streets, grind along the right handrails until you see an opening
to the right. Take it and start grinding on the rail, then immediately jump
off and land on the overpass way down by the tracks.  This should take you
to the area with the streets and overpasses.  From here, you can get ahead of
Yo-Yo a lot by taking the shortcut through the tunnel (right after you enter
the street area, continue going straight across the street and down the subway

Once you exit the tunnel, you'll be greatly ahead of Yo-Yo, so quickly find
the small stair set and climb it, go through the corridor and onto the roof.
Dash to gain up speed, then grind down the spiral metal rod, jump over the
gap when you get to it and land on the final platform, and finally spray the
tag to defeat Yo-Yo, causing him to join the GGs.

                Shibuya-cho: Love Attack (Love Shockers Boss)
Number of tags:  30               Difficulty:  8/10

This is the boss level way back in Shibuya-cho.  I don't know why Sega made
this level accessible only after you completed Benten-cho, but oh well.  As
like the previous boss battles you've been in, this is no different (in fact
it's a bit easier than the Noise Tanks battle you were in earlier.)  You must
spray 10 tags on each of the Love Shocker's backs.

One of the more difficult obstacles of this stage is going uphill.  The Love
Shockers constantly travel uphill, and it's pretty hard going uphill on roller
blades (even when dashing.)  You can use the cars or handrails on the sides
of the road to help, but it's not a major difference in speed.  The Love
Shockers make frequent stops to allow you to catch up to them, that's probably
why they are so easy to defeat.

The key strategy here is to watch out for cars, as there are a lot of them
and you'll lose a lot of stamina or even possibly be taken out of the level if
you get hit by one.  When you catch up to a member of the Love Shockers (when
the comic bubble pops up) start pressing the L-Trigger like mad and you can
get a bunch of tags in.

As always, defeated members of the gang can still harm you if you run into
them, so watch out for members you've already tagged.  After all three Love
Shockers have been tagged, the stage will end and that's the end of Chapter
1, as well as this walkthrough.

                              III.  Information

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