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                            The Sims:Chapter 2

   This walkthrough was created by me, the author. Anyone who pastes this on 
another website, will get tracked down like the dog you are(only people that are 
stupid enough to that, I hope it isn't you.) Altough I do give you permission to 
print this :-P.


 So you just left you mother's house (thank goodness!!) so now you're alone at a me 
half-burned up house. Now what?!?! Well Mimi or Duncan is offering their home but 
one problem, they won't let come over until you do ALL the goals!!

 1.Clean the place up.(I think you saw that one coming as soon as you looked into 
the house.)

2.Fix the broken stuff (This is the last time you have to fix the stuff yourself 
because you'll unlock the handyman once your finished.)

3.Upgrade your home when you go to buy mode.

4.Get promoted to carrer level 2 and 3.

If I was you I would do this in this order excepting the promotions. If you finish 
all of these in less than 4 days you'll unlock the Coat of Arms.

                              Goal numero onu!
 Since you probably just got here you'll need to clean everything up to get in 
better mood. YUCK! Look at all this trash! They sure had one H--- of a party! First 
I would go into the bathroom to unclog the toliet so you can use it (how would you 
feel if you have to clean up the entire house while having a bad urge for the 
bathroom!) then start cleaning up the spill in the bathroom. Eventually try to work 
your way into the kitchen. You're done with this goal! Make yourself some food to 
celebrate. You deserve it!!

                               Goal 2
 If you have the code Midas and Freeall, Then buy the monkey butler. Release him 
and he will fix everything for you for only 20 simiolins!If not then fix everything 
yourself.(I suggest you get I high skill in Mech to fix the stuff faster!) Make 
sure they're in a good mood though!!!!

                               Goal 3
You have to higher your house value if Mimi's or Duncan's Dad wants to sell it!!! 
so just simply sell an old worthless item and get a more expenive better item. Do 
this until your buy bar gets close to red. Then you're done with this goal!!

                               Goal 4
 You need to get promoted to live with your next roomate! After your first day at 
work, if you were in a good mood, you should have gotten promoted to level 2. If 
you press left on the d-pad you should see some yellow bars on the skills. Do those 
skills so you can get promoted again and move out!!

                            Have FUN!!! :D

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