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* DARK CLOUD 2                      PlayStation 2 *
*                3rd WALKTHROUGH                  *
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*     Chapter 3: THE SAGE WHO BECAME A STAR       *
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* Copyright:                                      *
*     Kay Allan (KitKatt)        August 30, 2004  *
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**          Ctrl+F = FIND          **


> REMINDER: Labels used in this Walkthrough:

   Directional Keypad: [Left], [Right], [Up], [Down]
   Analog Sticks:      [Left Analog], [Right Analog]
   Control Keypad:     [X], [Square], [Triangle], [O] (Circle Button)
   Back of controller: [L1], [L2] or [R1], [R2]


++                                   ++
++++     WALKTHROUGH CONTENTS      ++++
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  * Balance Valley Georama.
  * The Georama's Four Fields.
  * Chapter 2 Review.
  * People Who Joined (Chapter 2).
  * People You Should Add (Chapter 3).
  * New Inventories In Shops.
  * Building Weapons - What's Next?
  * Getting a Head Start on the Georama.

  * SC Floor 1. Headlong Dash.
  * SC Floor 2. Fire and Ice Don't Mix.
  * SC Floor 3. Earth Shaking Demon.
  * SC Floor 4. Powerful Yo-Yo Robot.

  * Leveling Up the Reptile Badge.
  * SC Floor 5. Elephant Army in Valley [RED SEAL] 

  [Choose the Moon Path]
  * SC Floor 6. Warrior in Starlight Canyon [WHITE SEAL].
  * SC Floor 7. Smiling Fairy Village.
  [Return to Floor 5 and Choose the Sun Path]
  * SC Floor 8. Cursed Mask.
  * SC Floor 9. Dangerous Treasure Chest.

  * Get Rid of the Distortion.
  * Restore Lin.
  * Play Spheda to Heal Mina.
  * Spheda Prizes.
  * Monica's Armbands.

   [Return to 'NEXT' on the Moon Path & Follow the Sun Path]
  * SC Floor 10. Cursed Mask.
  * SC Floor 11. We're the Roly Poly Brothers.
  * SC Floor 12. Dragon Slayer.

 BOSS: Devourer of Memories - Memo Eater.
  * Floor 13. Rama Priests like Cheese.
  * Floor 14. Nature's Threat.
  * Floor 15. Moon Baron.
  * Return to Palm Brinks for the Fishing Tournament.
  * Floor 16. Lighthouse Appears.
  * Lighthouse on the Cape 
 BOSS: Dark Assassin - Gaspard
 BOSS: Evil Lighthouse Flames

 * The Fight Is Over.
 * Moon Crystal is Restored.
 * Next Stop ~~ Veniccio.


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++++           CHAPTER 3:          ++++
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++++     THE SAGE OF THE STARS     ++++
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> When Max announces Chapter 3:
  + The title is shown as 'The Sage of the Stars'.
  + However, when saved, the chapter title is given as:
    'The Sage who Became a Star'.




> The Dungeon is Starlight Canyon (SC in this Walkthrough).
  + The Georama is called  Balance Valley
  + After the Chapter Title is displayed:
    - Max and Monica move out onto the Georama Field.
    - You get a panoramic view of the canyon.



  + Starlight Canyon starts here. 
    - Restore the origin points in Balance Valley.
    - Before changing Balance Valley, Monica warns about a few things.

> Balance Valley has four plateaus.
  + The height of each field changes with the weight of things put onto it.
  + To rebuild Starlight Temple, the height of all four UST be the same (plateau
    icons showing blue).
  + The plateaus are NOT connected (nor do they need to be).
    - Use the Carpenterion to move between fields and the mainland area.
    - The 4 plateaus are 'stand-alone' and away from the walls of the canyon.
    - Two separate flat areas, along one of the Canyon walls, are connected by
      a narrow wooden bridge.

> When the video is over, Max is standing near the Balance Valley Save point.

NOTE 1: The Save Point is on one of the flat areas close to the Bridge and near
        the entrance to Starlight Canyon.
        - When you exit Starlight Canyon, you come out close to the Save Point.
        - The bridge connects this area to the area near Mr. Owl's House.

NOTE 2: Mr. Owls House is near the entrance to Balance Valley Station.
        - Beyond his house is the Time Gate.
        - When you come out of the station, you are near the time gate and can see
          Mr. Owl's house.



> Jurak was restored to life by rebuilding Sindain.
  + In return, Jurak:
    - Gave Max a 'Jurak Gun' (if you got 100%).
    - Advised them both to seek for the Sage, Crest.

> The train took them to Balance Valley Station where there is a SAVE Point.
  + Taking the steps to Balance Valley leads to Mr. Owl's house.
    - Mr. Owl says Crest is dead.
    - His apprentice, Lin, is very ill.
  + Max gets Dr. Dell to visit Lin.
    - He cannot help, but Monica remembers Lao Chao's Miracle Dumpling.
    - It is supposed to heal anything.
  + Max and Monica decide they must restore Lao Chao's Bistro first.



> The choices for 'Balance Valley' on the World Map include:
     D  Starlight Canyon   (remember: D = Dungeon)

> Take a photo of Mr. Owl's House (title: Lin's House).
  + Take a photo of the Torch beside the front door.



> Advice was to raise Max's Weapons to:
  + Cubic Hammer (wrench).
  + Grenade Launcher THEN TO Dark Viper (Guns)
  + Magic Gun OR Star Breaker.

> Advice was to raise Monica's swords:
    - Shamshir to Dusack
    - Sand Breaker to Antique Sword.
    - Broad Sword to Wise Owl Sword.
    - Broad Sword to Sax THEN Ruler's Sword.
  + Other recommended Sword upgrades:
    - Chopper to Choora.
    - Bone Rapier to Evilcize THEN Drain Seeker.

  + Monica's armbands (two) to:
    - Crystal Brassard.
    - Thorn Armlet.

> If you don't have the above weapons, go to the 2nd Walkthrough and search
  (Ctrl+F) for the weapon name.
  + Suggestions for further build-ups are given below.


> People who came when the train was activated:
    - Needed for Steve the Ridepod.
  + ERIK
    - Who makes bombs and sells gunpowder.
    - Who sells ore including Gold Bars.

> People placed in the Sindain Georama:
  + GORDON, the gardener.
    - Increases damage against Flora Monsters.
    - Sells Georama Materials.
    |Rolling Log | 20 G |
    |Sturdy Rock | 20 G |
    |Forest Dew  | 20 G |

  + AUNT POLLY of Polly's Bakery.
    - Makes Bread when in your party.
    - Sells Bread and cooking-type georama materials.
  + MILANE, the weapon shop owner.
    - Sells weapons (same as those in Palm Brinks Weapon Shop).
    - In your party, speeds the build-up of Monica's swords.
  + ADEL, the maid who wanted to be a tailor.
    - She now owns a Fruit Shop.
    - In your party, she enables the increase of WHP for weapons stored in the
      Item Bag (that is, unequipped weapons).

> Other people you should also have:
  + If you don't have them all, get them now.

  + DONNY sells helpful items including Treasure Chest keys.
    - Note additional item for sale.
    - Note changes in prices for the repair powders.
      | Denim Overalls     | 500 G |
      | Bread              |  30 G |
      | Antidote           |  40 G |
      | Repair Powder      | 100 G |
      | Gun Repair Powder  | 170 G |
      | Treasure Chest Key | 500 G |

    - In your party, opens all locked treasure chests and doors (but NOT booby-
      trapped chests).
    - You must give him:
      # A Dark Coin.
      # An Indestructible Coin
    - The future tailor shop had them for 1,500 Gilda for each.
      NOTE: the coins may no longer be for sale.
      # You may find them in RBW Floors 6 through 10. 
    - Donny goes to the train car nearest the engine.
    - He rewards you every time Max's photography score levels up.

  + GERALD, Max's father sells guns and, in your party, speeds up the gun build-up
    - He gives Max a 'Classic Gun' and challenges him to build it to a
      'Bell Trigger'.
    - If you already have a Bell Trigger among your weapons, you can get Gerald to
      join immediately by talking to him again.
    - He automatically moves to the train's middle car.
    - At the beginning of Chapter 3, he sells:
      | Trumpet Gun      | 300 G |
      | Grenade Launcher | 500 G |

  + GRANNY ROSA (those amulets are needed more in Starlight Canyon).
    - Granny Rosa is in Max's house in the day (passage to the kitchen)
    - In front of City Hall at night.
    - She's a little deaf.
      # To get her to join, you input an exact message: Let's go together.
      # Capital L.
      # Apostrophe (') and period (.) are in the 'Symbols' part of the menu.
    - When in your party, Granny Rosa makes Cheese
      # On the train (car furthest from the engine), she sells amulets which
        prevent certain status changes.
      # An amulet may last either a single monster attack or quite a number of
        attacks (seems to be random).
      |Anti-Petrify Amulet | 50 G |
      |Non-Stop Amulet     | 50 G |
      |Anti-Curse Amulet   | 50 G |
      |Anti-Goo Amulet     | 50 G |
      |Antidote Amulet     | 50 G |

  + DR. DELL (just added).
     - He's in the car nearest the engine.
     - He supervises the healing of Lin.
     - In your party, heals abnormal status conditions a three times on a single
     - Sells 'Mighty Healing' at 300 G.
       # This medicine is a 'shot' of healing.
       # Max (or Monica) MUST have a status change (poisoned, cursed, etc.) before
         you can use the medicine.
         * When used, it will NOT restore HP.



> Several more can be added before you begin Starlight Canyon Dungeon.

  + He's on the pier with the boat.
    - You need him out of the way before you try to get Sheriff Blinkhorn.
  + He sells bait for fishing and, in your party makes bait.
  |Prickly    | 80 G |
  |Mimi       | 80 G |
  |Evy        | 80 G |
  |Carrot     | 80 G |
  |Potato Cake| 80 G |
  |Minon      | 80 G |
  |Battan     | 80 G |
  |Petite Fish| 80 G |

  + He'll join, if you catch a Nonky over 60 cm long.
    - Try around the pond (either Pier or along the bank.
    - Also try one of the ponds in Fish Monster Swamps.

  + Daytime: on the pier by Dr Dell's Clinic; at night he walks around the pond.
    - Show him a picture of the Moon.
      # Must be on your Ideas Board (take another picture).
  + He sells Elements.
  |Flame Crystal    | 150 G |
  |Chill Crystal    | 150 G |
  |Lightning Crystal| 150 G |
  |Wind Crystal     | 150 G |
  |Light Element    |  60 G |
  |Holy Element     |  60 G |
  |Earth Element    |  60 G |
  |Water Element    |  60 G |
  |Chill Element    |  60 G |
  |Thunder Element  |  60 G |
  |Wind Element     |  60 G |
  |Fire Element     |  60 G |
  |Life Element     |  60 G |

    - In your party, he increases damage against monsters.

  + He's in the Church in Palm Brinks.
    - Turn all the candles off.
    - There is a pattern to this.
      # In the chart below, P is the priest.
      # The numbers are the candles.
      # The '<' in the first chart and the '>' in the second shows which candles
        should be turned off (the order is 1, 3, 5, 7).
    - Important: after turning off one candle, move to the OPPOSITE side of the
      aisle to turn the next one off.
    - It doesn't matter which side of the aisle you start, as long as it is from
      Priest Bruno's position.

          P      OR       P
      1 <     1       1     > 1
      2       2       2       2
      3     > 3       3 <     3
      4       4       4       4
      5 <     5       5     > 5
      6       6       6       6
      7     > 7       7 <     7

  + Priest Bruno sells the same things you find in the Church.
    - In your party, revives you from death one time (then send him back to recover
      Skill Points).

  + In his studio in the Residential Park.
    - In your party, you can escape any time without gilda penalty.
    - He sells paint.
  |Paint (Red)    | 30 G |
  |Paint (Blue)   | 30 G |
  |Paint (Black)  | 30 G |
  |Paint (Green)  | 30 G |
  |Paint (Orange) | 30 G |
  |Paint (Yellow) | 30 G |
  |Paint (Purple) | 30 G |
  |Paint (Pink)   | 30 G |

  + Give him the gold paint you found among the golden eggs in Jurak's branches.
    - Both Parn and Julia join at the same time.
    - They go to the last car of the train.
  + Julia sells armbands.
  |Magic Brassard | 200 G |
  |Gold Brassard  | 350 G |

    - In your party, she charms enemies when close enough.

  + The butler in Max's house (stands in the hallway).
    - He heals you automatically three minutes into the floor.
    - Sells shoes for Max.
  |Leather Shoes | 200 G |
  |Wing Shoes    | 225 G |
  |Work Shoes    | 210 G |
  |Dragon Shoes  | 250 G |

  + Talk to him three times.
    - He tells about an auction.
    - After the third time, he tells you he needs 2,000 G so give it to him.
      # Go outside and back in straight away.
      # He'll return 600 G then join.

> FERDINAND (While in Max's house, get him too).
  + He's in the kitchen.
    - Give him a Roasted Chestnut.
  + Sells Premium Chicken (120 G each).
    - In your party he makes up to three pieces of Premium Chicken.

  + Talk to Corinne.
    - She is in Morton's house upstairs on the balcony.
    - She wants you to play Hide-and-Seek.
  + First go to Claire's House.
    - You'll find Corinne at the end of the balcony upstairs.
  + Next go to Max's house.
    - She's in Max's room.
  + In your party, she makes sure that the '?' gives Angel coins every time.
    - She sells Hair Ornaments for Monica.

  + In her bedroom
    - Show her a picture of the LaFreschia Stem (in your album), and she'll join.
      # If not, go to Rainbow Butterfly Wood BOSS level and get the photo.
      # You can use 'Move' as soon as you have it.
  + In your party, she increases the Rage counter on an enemy (the red dots above
    its HP counter).
    - Monster doesn't go into a rage so quickly.
    - Monsters in rage are stronger and less easily damaged.
  + She sells gift capsules.

  + You'll find him in his office in City Hall.
    - He's forgotten the combination  to his safe.
      # He need's it for his replacement while he's helping Max.
    - The password is: 1221
  + In your party he increases the amount of Gilda dropped by defeated monsters.
    - He gives items in exchange for a certain number of medals:
  |Clown Suit        | 55 |
  |Clown Hat         | 40 |
  |Clown Shoes       | 40 |
  |Princess Dress    | 60 |
  |Panther Ensemble  | 65 |
  |Princess Orb      | 40 | ... Hair Ornament
  |Kitty Bell        | 45 | ... Hair Ornament
  |Princess Boots    | 40 |
  |Panther Boots     | 50 |
  |Name Change Ticket| 40 |

  + He's outside the Police Headquarters (daytime only).
    - No use talking to him while he is patrolling the Residential Park.
    - If you talk to him just before sunset, he'll stay until you are done.
      # He'll even wait after dark, if you want to try again immediately.
    - He challenges Max to beat his own time (2 minutes 1 second) to the boat pier
      and back.
  + How to beat his time:
      # If he is still on the pier, he will probably delay you.
    - Cut every corner you can.
      # Go between the posts and the wall beside Cedric's shop.
      # Cut through between the posts and the shop awning supports (next to the
        weapon shop).
    - The game is RIGGED!!!
      # When you approach the archway by the Church from either direction, the
        view tilts so you can't see where to run.
        * From either direction but it is worse when heading for the pond.
    - Practice going through the arch both directions several times.
      # When heading toward the pond:
        * Memorize where to go along the moss and grass patterns so you pass the
          third tree from the arch BEFORE changing direction.
  + At the start:
    - Have Max stand slightly behind the Sheriff.
    - Face toward the direction Max must run.
      # Press [X] to talk to the Sheriff.
        * When he asks 'How about it, you want to try?"
        * You have a choice:
           Sure, I'll give it a try.
               I'm not up to it.
        * To try, move the pointer and press [X].
        * Press [X] on the Sheriff's response and start running.      
    - You'll be tempted to press the [Left Analog] harder to make Max run faster.
      # Max only runs at one speed.
        * If you press harder, you'll switch to Monica.
        * Since MAX has to finish the race, you waste time switching back.
  + On the way to the boat:
    - Cut across the grass by the street lamp at the pier.
      # Make sure you head for the center of the boat and press [X] as soon as
        the red Exclamation Point appears.
      # Quickly press [X] again and head back.
  + On the way back:
    - Head for that third tree and cut around it.
      # Head straight for the left edge of the arch.
      # Then head straight for the right edge of the road as it goes around the
        corner downhill.
      # Cut all corners as you cross the drawbridge and pass on the inside of the
        posts as before.
      # Pass around the girl and head for the sheriff, pressing [X] as soon as you
        reach him.
    - It can be done in about 1 minute 58 or 59 seconds.
  + Sheriff Blinkhorn only has one ability:
    - He shows you Monster Notes.
    - But he is needed in the Balance Valley Georama to make it complete.



> The following items are now available.
   Seal-Breaking Scroll ...... Breaks the seal on any floor (RED, BLUE or WHITE)

  + These scrolls are expensive (1,500 G.) but worth while.
    - Using one as soon as you enter a sealed floor breaks the Seal.
      # No restriction on who can walk the floor.
      # No restriction on healing.
    - You MUST exit through the Gate or the seal may be restored.

> WEAPON SHOP (both in Palm Brinks and Sindain).
    Kubera's Hand (hammer) ... 500 G.
    Gold Brassard ............ 350 G.

  NOTE: Kubera's Hand only has one build up, Big Buck's Hammer.
        - It took over 30 real time hours to raise the weapon.
        - Big Buck's Hammer is not impressive.

> JURAK ARMS (Sindain Future)
    Bell Trigger ............ 400 G.

  + Other items not available anywhere else:
    Dryer Gun ............... 160 G.
    Bone Rapier ............. 500 G. [Max can invent this.]

> Items not available elsewhere:

  + MUSHROOM BURGERS (Sindain Future)
      Roasted Chestnut ........ 300 G.
      Bomb Nut ................  60 G.

    Roller Foot ............. 700 EXP 

  + Steve can go quite a bit faster.
    - It's worth buying but you may prefer to wait.
    - Max can invent it when he has placed Ferdinand in the Georama (after
      completing Floor 2).



> In this chapter you should continue to raise Max and Monica's weapons.
  + If you don't have the weapons recommended for Chapter 2, go to the 2nd
    Walkthrough and search (Ctrl+F) for the weapon name.
  + Suggestions for further build-ups are given below.

> The advice in this section is for between the beginning of Chapter 3 and the
  end of Chapter 5.
  + Don't try to do it all at once.
  + Select one weapon for Max and one for Monica.
    - When it reaches the recommended level, work on another weapon.
  + Although you should continue to level all weapons up through Chapter 5: Mount
    - You won't be able to build any beyond the end points listed below until
      Chapter 6 because that build-up require certain monsters to be defeated.
    - The walkthrough for Chapter six will show when to use a particular weapon
      for the Build-Up.
    - But you can keep leveling up the weapons to the maximum shown in square 
      brackets, such as [125].

  + Monster Transformations;
    - To obtain the Wipe-Out Goal on some SC Floors, you need to upgrade a monster
      # SC Floor 4, allows you to get the Reptile Badge.
        * Work on upgrading it to level 20 (at least) before trying to fill the
          Wipe-Out goal on SC Floor 2.
        * Directions are given on how to get the badge and how to upgrade it.
  + Monica's Armbands:
    - You only have Lin for a short time.
      - It is well worth the time you spend on upgrading four armbands.
      - Upgrade paths are given after Barga's Valley (when you have Lin).

> A general rule:
  + It will take more time AND more levels to build a weapon:
    - From an Attack value of 45-55.
    - To an Attack value of 80-85.
  + Max doesn't have any help in building Wrenches.
    - BUT put Gerald in the party to build GUNS.
    - OR put Milane in the party to build SWORDS.	
  + While LIN is in the party, work on ARMBANDS only.


 Max's Wrenches
                              --> Poison
                             /    Wrench
                  --> Wrench
        --> Wrench           --> Digi
       /          \         /    Hammer
  Drill            --> Cubic
  Wrench           --> Hammer
       --> Tuna
      /        \
Turtle Shell    --> BIG BUCK'S
      Hammer    ---> HAMMER

NOTE 1: Stinger Wrench has the ability Steal.
        - Poison Wrench adds the ability to Poison enemies.

NOTE 3: Cubic Hammer has the ability Durable (less easy to break).
        - You can deflect spit balls (any kind) if you hit them right.
        - Digi Hammer adds the ability Durable. 

            Smash Wrench  -->  Stinger Wrench --> Poison Wrench
        |Attack.....32 [60]|Attack.....50 [100]|Attack.....80 [125]|
        |Lightning.. 9 [60]|Lightning..40 [110]|Lightning..72 [125]|
        |Smash......18 [60]|Smash...... -      |Smash...... -      |
        |Beast......18 [60]|Beast......27 [110]|Beast......68 [125]|
        |Scale...... 5 [60]|Scale...... -      |Scale......45 [125]|
              Smash Wrench------
 Turtle Shell   --> Frozen Tuna  --> Cubic Hammer  --> Digi Hammer
|Attack...15 [36]|Attack...30 [61]|Attack...52 [110]|Attack...81 [125]|
|Chill....10 [36]|Chill....23 [60]|Chill....45 [110]|Chill....80 [125]|
|Smash....10 [36]|Smash....23 [60]|Smash....40 [110]|Smash....80 [125]|
 Turtle Shell   --> Frozen Tuna
                        --> BIG BUCK'S HAMMER
                        |Attack....40 [110]| - Highest level. 
                        |Smash.....41 [110]| - But you can level up to
                        |Exorcism..41 [110]|   the indicated values.
                        |Beast.....41 [110]|
                        |Scale.....41 [110]|
                      --> BIG BUCK's HAMMER 
        Kubera's Hand
      |Attack..... 22 [45]|
      |Lightning.. 10 [45]|

  + Frozen Tuna to Big Buck's Hammer:
    - Requires at least 51 Synth Points.
    - Level up the weapon to +12 or +13.

  + Kubera's Hand to Big Buck's Hammer:
    - Requires at least 56 Synth Points.
    - Level up the weapon to +14 or +15.


 Max's Guns

  + Star Breaker:
    - A machine gun with small projectiles (bullets).
    - Press and hold [X] to fire it.

  + Question Shooter
    - A beam gun (fires a laser beam).

  + Twin Buster:
    - Need to defeat monsters for this upgrade.
    - Included here so you can see the choices for Dark Viper.

  + Building these guns in SC takes a lot more Gun Repair powder than if you go
    back to RBW.
    - But there are more Synth Spheres.
    - So carry 20 Gun Repair Powders when you start.

                           --> Sexy Panther
              --> Wild Cat
     --> Breaker
  /       Jurak Gun
Bell               \
Trigger             ---> Question
       \               --> Shooter
        \             /
         --> Magic Gun
                       ---> Soul 
Grenade                 --> Breaker
Launcher               /
        \             /
         --> Dark Viper
                       --> Twin Buster

                Star Breaker -->   Wild Cat    --> Sexy panther
             |Attack...31 [60]|Attack...52 [109]|Attack...70 [120]|
             |Flame....36 [60]|Flame....54 [110]|Flame....72 [125]|
             |Cyclone..27 [60]|Cyclone..54 [110]|Cyclone..86 [125]|
             |Smash....41 [60]|Smash....54 [110]|Smash....86 [125]|
             |Beast.... -     |Beast....54 [110]|Beast....77 [125]|
             |Scale.... -     |Scale.... -      |Scale....86 [125]|
            --> Star Breaker
           /             ____________________
          /              |Attack.....15 [45]|
         /               |Lightning..15 [45]|
        /                |Exorcism...15 [45]|
       /                 |Scale......20 [45]|
      /                  |__________________|
     /                     Jurak Gun
    /                           \
  Bell Trigger -->  Magic Gun ---> --> Question Shooter
|Attack.....22 [44]|Attack.....31 [60]|Attack.....45 [110]|
|Cyclone....19 [45]|Cyclone....23 [60]|Cyclone.... -      |
|Lightning.. -     |Lightning.. -     |Lightning..41 [110]|
|Exorcism...14 [45]|Exorcism... -     |Exorcism...41 [110]|
|Beast...... -     |Beast......23 [60]|Beast...... -      |
|Scale...... -     |Scale......23 [60]|Scale......41 [110]|
                    Magic Gun
                       --> Soul Breaker
                     |Attack...54 [125]|
                     |Cyclone..68 [125]|
                     |Smash....54 [125]|
                     |Beast....54 [125]|
                     |Scale....41 [125]|
                      --> Soul Breaker
Grenade Launcher --> Dark Viper -----> Twin Buster
|Attack...23 [44]|Attack...40 [110]|Attack...91 [150]|
|Flame.... -     |Flame....41 [110]|Flame....77 [150]|
|Cyclone..19 [45]|Cyclone..41 [110]|Cyclone..77 [150]|
|Smash....19 [45]|Smash....41 [110]|Smash....86 [150]|
|Beast.... -     |Beast....27 [110]|Beast.... -      |

  + In Chapter 6, the Dark Viper must defeat:
    - Pirate Eye
    - Triple Cracker

NOTE 1: Question Shooter (Laser Gun).
        - Has the 'Poverty' ability (less gilda).
        - Synthesize a 'Wealth Coin" as soon as possible.

NOTE 2: Dark Viper.
        - The Dark Viper has the ability 'Dark' where attack is up, but a small
          amount of health is used each time you damage an enemy.
          # To reverse Dark, synthesize a 'Bull's Eye' Coin.

NOTE 2: Soul Breaker (MACHINE GUN with medium-sized projectiles, slow fire.)
        - The Soul Breaker has the Ability:
          # 'Absorb' which sometimes allows damage to an enemy to be converted
             to HP.
          # 'Dark'.

  + Take the Magic Gun:
    - To +5 and synthesize it to the Jurak Gun as soon as that has at least 5 Synth
      Points (Jurak+2).
    - Take the Dark Viper up to at least +10.
      # To increase the Attack Value:
        * Power crystal adds +2 for each crystal.
        * Stamina Drink adds +1 for each bottle.
      # To increase Durable (and the WHP goes up a little faster):
        * Protector Crystal adds +2 for each crystal
        * Repair Powder adds +2 for each bag.
        * Gun Repair powder adds +2 for each bag.

> Reminder:
  + You can level up Dark Viper until it is ready to upgrade to Twin Buster.
    - BUT Defeating the two monsters listed must wait until Chapter 6.
    - The Build-Up must also wait until then.


Monica's Swords

> For the earlier build-ups, see the section Weapons Build-Up (chapter 2).

        --> Shamshir --> Dusak --> Claymore
      --> Sand
          Breaker             --> 7-Branch Sword
                \            /
                 ---> Antique
                  --> Sword
                 /         \
                /           --> Halloween Blade
      --> Sax               --> (Claymore)
     /       \             /
Broad         --> Brave Ark
Sword                      \
     \                      --> Ruler's Sword
         --> Wise Owl--> Lamb's Sword



     Dusack      -->   Claymore
|Attack...49 [110]|Attack...81 [125]|
|Smash....41 [110]|Smash....99 [125]|
|Beast....50 [110]|Beast....81 [125]|



                7-Branch Sword
              |Attack...80 [170]| No further build-ups.
              |Chill....45 [150]| - You CAN level up.
              |Smash....45 [150]| - You can upgrade the attributes to
              |Beast....45 [150]|   the indicated levels.
              |Scale....45 [150]| - You can add all other attributes
              |_________________|   to the same level.
              --> 7-Branch Sword
       Antique Sword --->  Halloween Blade
    |Attack.....50 [110]|Attack.....81 [125]|
    |Flame......45 [110]|Flame...... -      |
    |Lightning..45 [110]|Lightning..86 [125]|
    |Smash...... -      |Smash......72 [125]|
    |Exorcism...45 [110]|Exorcism...72 [125]|
    |Beast...... -      |Beast......72 [125]|
    |Scale...... -      |Scale......72 [125]|
       --> Antique Sword
   Sax ------------>  Brave Ark    --> Ruler's Sword
|Attack....31 [60]|Attack....47 [110]|Attack....47 [110]|
|Cyclone...27 [60]|Cyclone...54 [110]|Cyclone...54 [110]|
|Exorcism..(19)   |Exorcism..54 [110]|Exorcism..54 [110]|
|Beast.....27 [60]|Beast.....45 [110]|Beast.....45 [110]|
|Scale..... 9 [60]|Scale..... -      |Scale..... -      |

NOTE: The Halloween Blade looks like a pumpkin with an aqua blue hat on; the hat
      has a star on the front.
      + The Blade has the ability 'Stop"
        - Sometimes a hit temporarily freezes the enemy.



  Wise Owl Sword --> Lamb's Sword
|Attack...27 [60]|Attack...81 [125]|
|Flame....14 [60]|Flame.... -      |
|Cyclone.. -     |Cyclone..77 [125]|
|Beast....23 [60]|Beast....77 [125]|
|Scale....14 [60]|Scale.... -      |

NOTE: Max can invent the Wise Owl Sword at the end of Floor 1 (Scoop of 'Charging
      Ram needed):
      + Lamb's Sword has two 'personalities':
        - Dark version with a wolf icon on the handle with an Attack value of 135.
        - Light version has a lamb icon on the handle with low attack value of 45.
        - The attack strength IS different:
          # The dark version can defeat a 'Tore' with one hit.
          # The light version needs three hits to defeat the Tore.
      + You never know when it will switch from one to the other.
        - But the weapon seems to be the 'Lamb' about twice as long as the 'Wolf'.



     Evilcize     --> Drain Seeker    --> Sargatanas
|Attack.....30 [60]|Attack.....47 [110]|Attack.....81 [125]|
|Chill......23 [60]|Chill......54 [110]|Chill......81 [125]|
|Lightning.. 9 [60]|Lightning.. -      |Lightning.. -      |
|Smash...... -     |Smash......45 [110]|Smash......81 [125]|
|Beast......23 [60]|Beast......50 [110]|Beast...... -      |
|Scale...... -     |Scale...... -      |Scale......72 [125]|

NOTE: Sargatanas adds the ability 'Dark'.
      + While the damage is increased, your health gradually erodes away.
      + Use the 'Bull's Eye' coin to remove this ability.



> Small Sword is built up from the Chopper (or Wise Owl Sword).
  + For Milane to join, you had to build to the Chopper.
    - First sword in this path was the Gladius.
    - Although the Wise Owl Sword can be raised to the 'Small Sword', it is better
      to use the following path.

      Chopper     -->    Choora       -->  Small Sword
|Attack.....29 [60]|Attack.....50 [111]|Attack.....81 [125]|
|Lightning.. -     |Lightning.. -      |Lightning..54 [125]|
|Cyclone....27 [60]|Cyclone....50 [110]|Cyclone....54 [125]|
|Beast......36 [60]|Beast......50 [110]|Beast......54 [125]|
|Exorcism... -     |Exorcism... -      |Exorcism...54 [125]|
|Scale...... -     |Scale......47 [110]|Scale......54 [125]|

NOTE: The Small Sword has the ability 'Critical'.
      + The possibility of a critical hit is increased.



  + This will be after:
    1. The Church has been placed in Balance Valley (SC Floor 7).
    2. You go to BARGA'S Valley and get the White Windflower.
    3. You take the flower to Lao Chao (in the future).
    4. Heal Lin.
  + Plan to build four different armbands.
    - Athena's Armlet with FLAME attribute.
    - Moon Armlet with CHILL attribute.
    - Destruction Armlet with LIGHTNING attribute.
    - Spirit Brassard with CYCLONE attribute.
  + While Lin is in your party, armbands increase Levels RAPIDLY.
    - She's with you only until the last floor in SC.
    - So take advantage of her while you can.
  + Details for developing these armbands is given after Barga's Valley.



> As if all of the above were not enough!
  + Monica has Monster Transformation ability.
    - It would be virtually impossible to build ALL 12 of her Transformations.
    - But at least one (the Reptile Badge) is worthwhile.
  + More about this when you go to Floor 4.



> Use some parts you got in Rainbow Butterfly Wood in this Georama.
  + Placing the following items do not yet count toward completion.
    - But you can get the four plateaus in balance.
  + Thorn Trees help to adjust the balance.
  + Make sure you have enough materials for these (and for other parts to be made).
    # You'll pick up quite a lot of Georama/Invention material in this dungeon.

> You'll need at least the following amounts:
 4x Pot Torches = 8x Rolling Log; 16x Sticky Clay; 4x Fire Element
15x Thorn Trees = 15x Forest Dew; 15x Earth Element; 15x Water Element
 1x Wood House  = 20x Rolling Log; 1 Sturdy Cloth; 1x Glass Material; 2x Sugar Cane
 1x Straw House =  4x Rolling Log; 2x Rough Rock; 20x Bundle of Hay

> To Paint the Straw house roof, you need 10x Purple Paint.

> Place the items as follows and wait until all are in position before considering
  the balance of the four fields.
  + Keep three of the Thorn Trees for later.
  + Keep the two of the Pot Torches for later too.

> Place:
  + Two pot torches and three trees on Field 1.
    - Leave space for a (brick) house and Iron fence.
  + Place the wooden house and three trees on Field 3.
  + Place the Straw house and three trees on Field 2.
    - Paint the house purple.
  + Place three trees near the edges of Field 4.

> Check the Field icons (lower right of screen).
  + When you were in the middle of placement, did you notice one of the fields was
    lower than the others?
    - When this happens, all field icons are colored red.
  + If you continued until all trees, etc., had been placed, then all  fields
    should be balanced (colored blue).
  + If not, use the rest of the trees for balance.

> Culture will be 10, but Analysis gives 0%.
  - A lighted bulb shows on the first item below "Lower Prayer Site restored".


++                             ++
++++    STARLIGHT CANYON     ++++
++                             ++

> In this dungeon, the Happy Clown's Red gift tends to give better items (but not

> The Canyon bends in and out between cliffs.
  + In the center of the canyon is a wide river with wildly rushing water.
    - Waterfalls drop from the canyon rim to join the river.
  + Above the water are bench-like flat areas (with a path) along the canyon walls. 
    - Wooden bridges enable Max and Monica to cross the gaps.

> Gate and Dungeon Keys:
  + The gate is a large tree trunk blocking the way.
    - The gate key is 'Giant Meat'.
    - You use it to get the Condor to pick you up and carry you to the next Floor.
  + There are no locked areas in this dungeon.
> There are several paths in this dungeon.
  + After completing Floor 5, you have the choice of two gates to exit.
    - The Moon Path Gate has an icon of a blue new moon.
    - The Sun Path Gate has an icon of a yellow sun.
    - You could choose to exit through either one; HOWEVER...
      # Before you can rescue Lin, you MUST get the Church which is essential
        for restoring Lao Chao's Bistro.
      # The Geostone for the church is along the Moon Path.
  + Since the game doesn't give numbers to floors (only titles):
    - Floors in this Walkthrough are numbered in the order you need to complete

> The map for the first section of Starlight Canyon:

                [(7)] --- Church
          MOON PATH
 SUN <--X [(5)]__[(4)]__[(3)]__[(2)]__[(1)]__
 PATH                                        \
                                         [BALANCE VALLEY]



> The Ridepod must complete the First floor, so decide now if you want to buy Steve
  the Roller Foot.
  + He can go faster.
  + May be able to complete the Time Goal.
    - BUT Max can invent it after completing Floor 2.

> You got a photo of 'Paints' in Parn's studio (beginning of Chapter 2).
  + If you haven't already made Steve's Clown Body, do so now.
  + It doubles Steve's shield from 6 to 12.

  Clown Body:
        Ideas = Cup + Paints + Parasol
    Materials = 25x Hunk of Copper + 50x Scrap Metal + 10x Green Paint



  |O Time limit to defeat all Monsters:           07:00 | 
  |O Attack and defeat all enemies using                |
  |                      only the RIDEPOD:  Not Cleared |
  |  Total Monsters Defeated                     0 (24) | 
  |Masked Tribesman |Beast | 8 | KEY |
  |Ram              |Beast | 8 |  -  |
  |Smiling Fairy    |Beast | 8 |  -  |

> Masked Tribesman.
  + It holds a body-covering mask.
    - It'll run at you and hit you with the mask.
    - If it's close by, it will open the mask in a sort of bite.
    - The Ridepod's weapon isn't strong enough to do damage through the mask.
  + Have the Ridepod keep circling the critter.
    - After opening the mask, the Tribesman falls down.
    - Get behind it and fire as soon as it stands up.
  + From a distance (as soon as the diamond shows up) get them from behind.
    - The critter is stupid, and if you wait a moment or two, it will turn away.
  + Items dropped ... 
      Sturdy Cloth
      Protector Crystal
      Repair Powder

> Ram.
  + He carries a huge hide hammer.
    - Runs really fast and bashes you with the hammer.
      # Then it stops and laughs.
      # Hit it hard then.
  + With the Ridepod:
    - Fire from a distance.
  + Items dropped ...
      Sturdy Cloth
      Hunter Crystal
      Mimi ............. Fishing Bait

> Smiling Fairy.
  + Small but fierce beast.
    - Carries a large knife (or dagger).
  + Don't let it get too close.
    - It sticks to you and keeps hitting.
    - It is harder to hit back when it is so close.
    - With the Ridepod, fire from a distance.
  + Items dropped ...
      Wind Crystal


> Lure the Masked Tribesman to the end post of the nearest bridge, so that it
  gets stuck against the post.
  + Unfortunately, that means getting close enough for it to try to bite.
  + Staying just out of reach, have Max wait with the camera focused on the
    - Get ready for the shot.
    - You have to snap the photo as the mask opens.
    - It is only open a moment, so you may have to try several times.


> Stand close enough to the Ram to get the upside-down triangle.
  - Creep forward enough to let the Ram see you.
  - Focus quickly and get the photo as it charges at you.
  - Dodge!


> Monica's Wise Owl Sword:
       Ideas = Charging Ram + Grass + Tree
   Materials = 10x Scrap of Metal + 10x Hunk of Copper + 4x Hunter Crystal 


> Geostone:
  + You can now make the part:
     Brick House

> Conditions made clear:
    All four plateaus at same height.

> Make and place a Brick House on Plateau 1.
  + If you are short of any georama materials, go to Conda on the last car of
    the train.
    - Use the Carpenterion to go across the bridge and as close to the Time Gate
      as possible.
    - Entrance to the station is the dark cave nearby.
  + Check the Balance and add or move trees as needed.


> When all monsters have been defeated:
  + Have Max run through the Canyon throwing  rocks until he finds the one
    containing Ridepod Fuel.
  + If you have five cans, the message will indicate you cannot pick the item up.
    - Without moving from this location, refuel the Ridepod.
    - Then wait just long enough to pick up the can of fuel.

> Go out though the Gate.




> Video:
  + The child Max is ill with a fever.
    - He thinks he's going to die and asks his mother to call a priest.
    - She says it's the Priest's day off, so he'll have to hang on a little
      longer or he won't go to heaven.
    - Max is indignant and says "That stinks!" and his mother laughs.

> It is not possible to fill this Wipe-Out goal yet.
    - Not even if they are raised to Level 26 (level of first evolution).
    - And it takes a LOT LONGER to raise these earlier Badges.
  + You will have the chance to get the Wind Gemron Badge in Floor 4.
    - However, until the Badge reaches at least Level 20, it is not
      strong enough.
      # It takes too many hits defeat the Elfas.
      # Each hit takes away some of the Monster Morph Power (red gauge).
      # The Badge runs out of Morph Power too quickly even if Monica
        walks the floor between attacks.
    - Even at level 20, the Morph Power barely lasts long enough

  |O Time limit to defeat all Monsters:           06:30 |
  |O Attack and defeat all enemies using                |
  |                MONSTER TRANSFORMATION:  Not Cleared |
  |  Total Monsters Defeated                     0 (23) |
  |Elfas            |Beast   | 3 | KEY |
  |Fire Gemron      |Reptile | 4 |  -  |
  |Ice Gemron       |Reptile | 4 |  -  |
  |Masked Tribesman |Beast   | 6 |  -  |
  |Ram              |Beast   | 6 |  -  |

> Elfas.
  + Same type of critter as Linda from the Circus.
    - It will stomp or swing its trunk at you.
  + Items dropped ...
      Water Element
      Power Crystal
      Evy ............ Fishing Bait.

> Fire Gemron.
  + This critter is a reptile.
    - It clutches a colored jewel (red indicates fire).
    - It spits a fireball.
    - It also will roll through the air toward you, hitting hard.
  + Items dropped ...
      Fire Element
      Flame Crystal
      Flame Stone .... Throwable item (Fire damage).

> Ice Gemron.
  + This critter is a blue reptile similar to Fire Gemron.
    - It too clutches a colored jewel (blue is water/ice).
    - It spits a snowball.
    - All Gemrons have a rolling attack.
  + Items dropped ...
      Water Element
      Chill Crystal
      Chill Stone .... Throwable item (Chill damage).


> Geostone.
  + Now you can make the part:
     Weather Vane
     Chinese Stand

> Conditions made clear:
    Suspension Bridge restored.

> Work on the Georama:
  + Make and place the Weather Vane on the wooden house.
    - This upsets the balance.
  + Make and place the Chinese Stand on Plateau 2 (same as the straw House).
  + Put the unused pot torches on either side of the stand.

> To put the plateaus in balance:
  + Place one Thorn Tree on Plateau 2 (the one with no houses).

> Go down onto any plateau to get the message: There has been a change in the
  + Go to the future.
    - There is a person near the Time Gate.
    - Talk to him then look across the valley.
      # The central portion of the Starlight Temple has been restored.

> Go to the Straw House and place Parn in it.


> Four Photos at the Chinese Stand:
  + Walk around the Chinese Stand.
  + When you see an Exclamation Point, press [X] and place Ferdinand into the
    Chinese Stand.

  + As you circle around the stand, take the following photos:
    - Basket Steamer
    - Chinese Lantern
    - Hand Sewn Silk Flag
    - Pork Dumpling
    - Rotating Sign .......... Move back because it is on top of the Stand.

> The Weathervane:
  + Go to the Wooden house and put Stewart inside it.
  + Stand back a little and take a photo of the weathervane on the roof.

> Culture = 28, Analysis = 10%.
  + The checkpoints:
    Lantern is lit for 'Lower Prayer Site restored'.
      Lightbulb lit for 'All 4 Plateaus at same height'.
      Lightbulb lit for '???'.
    Lantern is NOT lit for 'Suspension Bridge restored.
      Light bulb lit for first item, '???'.
  + Two other checkpoints show, but the lanterns are not lit:
    Starlight Temple restored.
    Lao Chao's Bistro restored.
  + A number of lightbulbs are lit, but only '???' show.


> Stamina Drink:
   Ideas     = Bottle + Chinese Lantern  + King Mardan
   Materials = 5x Mighty Healing + 2x Tasty Water + 30x Super Hot Pepper

> Steve's Missile Pod Arm:
       Ideas = Mushroom + Rotating Sign + Wooden Box 
   Materials = 10x Rolling Log + 30x Gunpowder + 10x Scrap of Metal

>  Steve's Roller Foot:
       Ideas = Freight Train + Rotating Sign + Wheel
   Materials = 30x Scrap of Metal + 10x Rolling Log


> SAVE before continuing.




> While on the floor, you can make improved bombs.
  + You'll need a regular bomb to make an improved bomb.
    - If you run out of regular bombs, they too can be made on the floor
  + Improved Bomb:
         Ideas = Candle + Coal + Egg
     Materials = 1x Bomb + 3x Flame Crystal + 3x Wind Crystal

  + Bomb:
         Ideas = Candle + Pot + Weapon Shop Sign
     Materials = 1x Flame Crystal + 5x Gunpowder + 1x Wind Crystal

> Carry:
  + 20 Improved Bombs and put 19 of them in one Active Item Slot.
    - The single one holds the 'space' in the Item Bag.
  + 20 regular Bombs and put 19 of them in one Active Item Slot.
  + Strategy:
    - It takes one Improved Bomb + one regular Bomb to defeat the Golem.
    - It takes one Improved bomb OR two regular Bombs to defeat:
      # A Smiling Fairy.
      # A Dog Statue (but if two are really close together, you'll get them both
        with one Improved Bomb.
    - It takes one Improved Bomb OR four regular bombs to defeat a Chp 3 Mimic.


  |O Time limit to defeat all Monsters:           07:15 |
  |O Attack and defeat all enemies using                |
  |                            only ITEMS:  Not Cleared |
  |  Total Monsters Defeated                     0 (18) |
  |Dog Statue       |Magical | 4 | KEY |
  |Golem            |Magical | 4 |  -  |
  |Mimic (Chp 3)    |Magical | 2 |  -  |
  |Smiling Fairy    |Beast   | 8 |  -  |

> Dog Statue
  + It's a square block of tan-colored stone.
    - When close enough it wakes up and charges.
    - The wake-up moment is what makes the scoop (see below).
  + Items dropped ...
      Power Crystal
      Heart-throb Cherry ... Fishing Bait.
                         ... Also a throwable item (stops enemy from moving).

> Golem
  + A rock giant with bulging muscles.
    - Its usual attack is to swing one fist followed by the other.
    - When close enough, it raises its arms above its head to bash you.
      # That's what makes the scoop.
  + Items dropped ...
      Rough Rock
      Destruction Crystal
      Stamina Drink

> Mimic (Chp 3).
  + Colors have changed, and it is stronger, but much the same as before.
  + Items dropped ...
      Rolling Log
      Battan ............ Fishing Bait.


> 'Rock Man' is the Golem.
  + You need to be pretty close.
    - Get him hung up on the post at the end of the bridge.
    - You may have to creep closer if he just keeps swinging his fists.
  + Take the photo as he raises his fists above his head to thump you.
    - Be ready to dodge!


> You need a LOW level gun to wake the dog statue.
  + DON'T use the Grenade Launcher or Dark Viper:
    - Too much damage.
    - The explosion as the grenade hits the statue hides the waking up moment.
  + The Bell Trigger is best.

> Stand far enough away that it doesn't wake up.
  + Creep forward until the upside-down triangle shows above its head.
  + Lock-On before you fire. 
  + You need to fire the gun then quickly press [Square] so you can take the
    photo as soon as the Dog Statue wakes up.
    - It takes some practice.


> Now you can make the part:
    Brick Chimney

>  Conditions made clear:
    Lower Prayer Site restored
    Sacred Gate restored

> Make and place the Brick Chimney on one side of the roof of the Brick House.
  + If you don't have the photo of a chimney, get it now.


> Make the Warehouse and place it on the Wooden House's wall with no windows.
  + Move it carefully to one side of the end wall and down as close to the
    ground as you can.
    - There are other items you will need to place on this wall.
  + Take a photo of the Warehouse.


> Steve's Bucket Pack (raises the Fuel/HP to 160):
       Ideas = Mailbox + Trashcan + Warehouse
   Materials = 2x Thick Hide + 30x Red Paint + 40x Scrap of Metal

  + Make and equip Steve with this.
    - Go to Cedric to fill his Fuel/HP container.


> Prepare for Floor 4:
  + Make a Gift Capsule:
         Ideas = Letter + Bone + Pot
     Materials = 12x Unknown Bone + 15x Sticky Clay 

  + Put three 'Wind Element' in a gift capsule before going to Floor 4.
    - Wind element is the blue-green bottle-shaped georama material.
    - Place the Gift Capsule in one of Monica's Active Item slots.

> SAVE!!!




> To get the Wind Gemron Reptile Badge:
  + Make sure the highlight (round dashes) are on the Gift Capsule.
  + When on the floor:
    - Find a Wind Gemron (green) on its own.
    - Monica must get close enough so that the Wind Gemron uses the rolling attack.
      # At the end of the attack, it pauses for a moment.
      # Lock on and press [Square] to toss the gift capsule.
    - After the musical note appears, defeat the Gemron to get the badge.
  + Finish the floor and exit through the gate as follows:
    - Use the Ridepod to fight.
    - Have the Reptile Badge pick up the experience.
      # Switch to the Badge Box and transform with the Reptile Badge.
  + Depending on how soon you find the Wind Gemron, you should be able to bring
    the Badge up 2 or 3 levels (just finishing the floor).

  |O Time limit to defeat all Monsters:           07:40 |
  |O Attack and defeat all enemies using                |
  |          only MAX'S RIGHT-HAND WEAPON:  Not Cleared |
  |  Total Monsters Defeated                     0 (16) |
  |Thunder Gemron   |Reptile | 4 | KEY |
  |Wind Gemron      |Reptile | 4 |  -  |
  |Yo-Yo Barrel     |Windup  | 8 |  -  |

> Thunder Gemron
  + Orange-gold color.
    - Spits a lightning ball.
    - Otherwise the same as other Gemrons.
  + Items dropped ...
      Thunder Element
      Lightning Crystal
      Lightning Stone .... Throwable item (Lightning damage).

> Wind Gemron
  + This is the monster (green) that Monica can get as a transformation badge.
  + Items dropped ...
      Wind Element
      Wind Crystal
      Wind Stone .... Throwable item (wind damage).

> Yo-yo Barrel
  + It swings one of its wheels like swinging a yo-yo.
    - If you are close enough, the wheel usually swings past you without damage.
  + It also has a whirling attack (like the Vanguard).
  + Items dropped ...
      Scrap of Metal
      Protector Crystal
      Repair Powder


> Geostone:
    Iron Fence

> Conditions made clear:
    Prayer Site and Bridge restored.
    Crystal Prayer Site restored
    Crystal Prayer Site restored .... (repeated)

> Make 13 parts of iron fence.
  + Place the parts around the Brick House (all must join together).
    - Four along each side of the house.
    - Three along the back.
    - One on each side of the front steps.
  + If you start with the one at the front, each new fence part will click to the
    end of the previous part.
    - Use [Left Analog] to change the location of part being placed.
    - Use [L2] or [R2] to change the position of each fence part.
    - Use [R1] or [L1] to change your viewpoint of house and/or fence.


> Spend time building up the Reptile Badge (switch to it to pick up exp points).
  + To use it in the SC Floor 2 Wipe-Out goal, the Badge MUST be at level 20.
  + It will take about 3-4 hours real time to bring it to that level.
    - It is strong enough to fight in the Rainbow Butterfly Wood.
    - Not yet strong enough for most monsters (except Gemrons) in Starlight Canyon.
    - Use the Ridepod to fight and have the Wind Gemron pick up the Experience
    - Work through Floors 6 and 7, 8 and 9.


++                                   ++
++                                   ++


> DON'T go to Barga's Valley until the Reptile Badge has reached Level 20.
  + Otherwise you keep getting Spheda at the end of a floor.
  + And you don't yet want to rescue Lin.

> Badge Build-Up:
  + You can go to earlier dungeons.
  + In Starlight Canyon the Badge's Morph power is used up too soon.
    - But using the Ridepod to defeat monsters then switching to the Badge to pick
      up experience points will work.
  + Continue working through to Floor 7 to get the Church then floors 8 and 9.
    - Then keep returning to Floor 9 (24 Gemrons to defeat).
      # When disguised as the Wind Gemron, Monica can talk to all reptiles.
    - The Badge can defeat all the Gemrons on Floor 9.
      # Repeat the floor until the Badge reaches Level 20.
    - It's taking advantage, but the Gemrons don't fight back!!!

  + One problem with leveling up the Reptile Badge:
    - The amount of experience any Badge gets from a single monster, reduces over
    - With 20 monsters on floor 9, at first it is quite a lot of Exp, but after a
      number of times through the floor, Exp will reduce to 20 Experience Points.
  + The Badge levels up as soon as 100 Experience Points are received.

  + After several levels, the Badge's name changes, so do some of the stats.
    - Most Level-ups bring a small increase in Attack.
    - But Shield levels only increase when the Badge name changes.
  + Level 26 allows the badge to evolve to the Ice Gemron.
    - Then you have two choices for monster morph on a dungeon floor.
    - Ice Gemron still has the name 'Regular Dragon' but:
      # Attack is 66.
      # Shield is 30.
    - When Monica morphs to the Ice Dragon:
      # The absorption of blue Synth Drops increases the experience levels of
        BOTH the Wind Gemron and the Ice Gemron at the SAME TIME.
        * Even though Monica switches to only one of them.
        * Because of its higher Attack level, switch to the Ice Gemron.

     NOW GO TO WORK...    



> This floor has a RED SEAL on it.
  + Either ONLY MONICA can walk the floor.
  + Use a Seal-Breaking Scroll (from Morton's Sundries) as soon as you get on the

> First time through this floor:
  + Choose the MOON Path.
    - You have to get the geostone with the Church before Lao Chao's Bistro can
      be restored.
    - The Bistro MUST be restored before you go to Barga's Valley.

  |O Time limit to defeat all Monsters:            08:00 |
  |O Attack and defeat all enemies using                 |
  |                MONSTER TRANSFORMATION:   Not Cleared |
  |  Total Monsters Defeated                      0 (15) |
  |Elfas            |Beast   | 12 | KEY |
  |Golem            |Magical |  2 |  -  |
  |Holy Gemron      |Reptile |  1 |  -  |

> Holy Gemron:
  + Its gem is pinkish-white in color.
  + Same attacks as other Gemrons.
  + Items dropped ...
      Holy Element
      Holy Crystal
      Holy Stone .... Throwable item (Exorcism damage to the Undead).


> Now you can make the part:
   Wooden Fence ..... Different from the 'Rough Wooden Fence' in Sindain.

> Conditions made clear:
   15 Trees placed.
   Starlight Temple restored.
   Tool Shop restored.


  - Beside the Tree Trunk Gate is a blue new moon icon.

> Preparation for the next floor:
  + Make sure that the Ridepod has been repaired by Cedric. 




> The WHITE SEAL means that you cannot use healing items or change status
  conditions (such as 'poisoned').
  + However, you can use the Ridepod and generally will not need to heal.
    - You should still have the Reptile Badge pick up the blue Synth Drops to
      gain experience.
  |O Time limit to defeat all Monsters:           06:50 |
  |O Attack and defeat all enemies using                |
  |                            only ITEMS:  Not Cleared |
  |  Total Monsters Defeated                     0 (22) |
  |Elfas            |Beast   | 6 | KEY |
  |Golem            |Magical | 6 |  -  |
  |Masked Tribesman |Beast   | 6 |  -  |
  |Mimic (Chp 3)    |Magical | 4 |  -  |


> You can make the part:
    Nothing new.

> Conditions made clear:
    30 Culture Points obtained.

> You don't need to, but if you check the future, you will find the bases for the
  other three platforms of the Starlight Temple are now in place.





> Use the Wind Gemron Badge to defeat ALL the monsters on the floor.
  + But have Monica walk the floor from one monster to the next.
  + By the end of this floor, the Gemron Badge should be at level 8 or 9.

> Exit through the gate and return to Balance valley.

  |O Time limit to defeat all Monsters:           06:45 |
  |O Attack and defeat all enemies using                |
  |                            only ITEMS:  Not Cleared |
  |  Total Monsters Defeated                     0 (20) |
  |Fire Gemron      |Reptile |  2 | KEY |
  |Ice Gemron       |Reptile |  2 |  -  |
  |Smiling Fairy    |Beast   | 12 |  -  |
  |Thunder Gemron   |Reptile |  2 |  -  |
  |Wind Gemron      |Reptile |  2 |  -  |


> You can now make the part:

> Conditions made clear:
    Sacred Torch restored ....... (the game spells it 'scared')
    Star Lamp on Brick House.

> Make and place the Church on the Plateau with no house.
  + The church is heavy and you'll need to remove one of the Thorn trees.
    - Be careful where you place this tree, make sure:
      # The plateaus are in Balance.
      # You have a total of 15 Thorn trees on the plateaus.
  + Check that the Plateau with the:
    - Brick house also has:
       - Thirteen parts of iron fence;
       - Two pot torches.
       - Three Thorn Trees.
    - Straw House also has:
       - The Chinese Stand;
       - Two Pot Torches.
       - Three Thorn Trees.
    - Wooden House also has:
       - Five thorn trees.
    - Church also has:
       - Four Thorn Trees.
  + This will put the Plateaus in Balance.

> Go down to the Church.
  + There will be a change in the future.
  + Before going to the future, do the following:
    - Put Priest Bruno in the Church.
    - Go into the church and get the following photos:

  Saint's Writings .... A book on a stand directly behind the Priest.
  Holy Emblem ......... A diamond shaped object on a pole directly behind the
  Fresco Painting ..... On the wall.
                        - There are four of them on the side walls.
                        - Walk between the benches to get close to the painting.


> Go to the future.
  + Max spots the new building.
    - It is on the platform to the right of the Time Gate platform.
    - Monica says it is Lao Chao's Bistro.
    - They run across the bridges to the center platform and pause.
    - Max sniffs the air and says: "It smells really good."
  + When the Video stops, press [O] to face the right direction.

> Go into the Bistro:
  + You see a panoramic view of the inside.
  + They walk over to the counter and talk to Lao Chao.
    - Monica explains a friend is really sick and they want to give her his
      miracle dish.
    - Lao Chao says he wishes he could help
      # There is a special ingredient he needs called a White  Wind Flower.
      # It can't be found anywhere and people say it must be extinct.

  + Max suggests that it might grow in Starlight Canyon.
    - Monica says they'll see what they can do.
  + Before leaving Lao Chao's...


  Lao Chao's Trademark ... Pink and white emblem above Lao Chao's head.
  Runaway Dragon ......... Hanging from the ceiling near the Trademark.
  Scroll ................. Purple and yellow hangings on the wall.
  Special Peking Duck .... The orange colored item on the counter.


> Find the following in the future:
  + Mini-Chest on the walkway from the center to the platform with the Time Gate.
    - It contains a Fruit of Eden.
  + Mini-Chest on the walkway from the center to the platform to the left of the
    Time Gate.
    - It contains a second Fruit of Eden.
    - Continue on to this platform.
  + Mini-chest on the front corner of this platform that's farthest from the
    Time Gate.
    - It also contains a Fruit of Eden.
  + Mini-Chest on the walkway to the platform directly opposite the Time Gate.
    - Its against the rope railing on the opposite side of the walkway from the
    - It holds a Witch parfait.
  + Mini-Chest on the Walkway to Lao Chao's Bistro.
    - Has a fourth Fruit of Eden.
  + Go to the torch in the center of the area.
    - Mini Chest with a fifth Fruit of Eden.
    - Mini Chest with a Potato Pie.

> Give:
  + Max:
    - Two of the Fruit of Eden (HP to 80).
    - The Potato Pie (puts his Shield to 20).
  + Monica:
    - Three Fruit of Eden to take her HP to 88 (she is going to do a lot of
      fighting when Lin joins).
    - The Witch parfait (Shield to 20).


> Steve's Machine Gun Arm:
       Ideas = Fan + Rifle + Runaway Dragon
   Materials = 15x Rolling Log + 15x Gunpowder + 15x Scrap Metal

  + Comparing:
        Machine Gun Arm           |     Barrel Cannon
  Rapid fire (press & hold [X])   | Single Fire (each press of [X])
  Small projectiles               | Large Projectile
  Faster fire, but less damage    | Slower but more damage
  Firing stops when Ridepod is hit|      

> Anti-Curse Amulet:
       Ideas = Hmmm! Jurak + Holy Emblem + Saint Writings
   Materials = 3x Holy Water + 1x Sturdy Cloth

> Antidote Amulet:
       Ideas = Bed + Dell Clinic Sign + Holy Emblem
   Materials = 3x Antidote Drink + 1x Sturdy Cloth

> Holy Water:
       Ideas = Bottle + Holy Emblem + The Sun
   Materials = 5x Holy Element + 5x Light Element + 2x Tasty Water

> Cheese:
       Ideas = Cafe Sign + Lao Chao's Trademark + Milk Can
   Materials = 8 Flour + 1 Tasty Water + 1 Water Element

> Max's Dragon Shoes:
       Ideas = Cloth + Runaway Dragon + Waterfall
   Materials =  2x Flame Stone + 2x Sturdy Cloth + 2x Thunder Element


> Upgrade Steve the Ridepod.
  + Choose his weapon.
  + Get Cedric to repair Steve.
    - Buy a Shield kit if you can.
    - Make sure you have lots of Repair Powders (he needs two to fill his weapon
      + You'll need them when he fights for the Reptile Badge.





> Monsters on the floor:
  |Elfas       |Beast   | 12 | KEY |
  |Golem       |Magical |  2 |  -  |
  |Holy Gemron |Reptile |  1 |  -  |

> Map for the next part of Starlight Canyon:

                                             [(7)] (DONE)
                                      S    [(6)] (DONE)
                                      U     /
                                      N    /
   [(BARGA'S VALLEY)]____[(9)]__[(8)]___[(5)]__[(4)]__[(3)]__[(2)]__[(1)]__
                                      P                                    \
                                      A                            [BALANCE VALLEY]

> Have Steve defeat the Elfas.
  + It still takes too long for the Reptile Badge to do it.
    - But change to the Wind Gemron to pick up the experience.
  + The Badge is able to defeat the rest.




> You still need to have the Gemron pick up experience:
  + The badge should be close to Level 10.
  + Have Steve defeat the Elfas and the King Mimic.
    - You may also want him to defeat the Mimic.
    - The Reptile Badge is able to defeat the rest.
  + For now, don't try to fill the Wipe Out Goal.

  |O Time limit to defeat all Monsters:           07:25 |
  |O Attack and defeat all enemies using                |
  |                   only MONICA'S SWORD:  Not Cleared |
  |  Total Monsters Defeated                     0 (22) |
  |Elfas              |Beast   | 4 | KEY |
  |King Mimic (Chp 3) |Magical | 2 |  -  |
  |Mimic (Chp 3)      |Magical | 4 |  -  |
  |Ram                |Beast   | 6 |  -  |
  |Smiling Fairy      |Beast   | 6 |  -  |

> King Mimic.
  + Even nastier than before.
  + Like the earlier version, it likes to clap hands on you.
    - Or (sometmes) jump and bite.
  + Items dropped ...
      Rolling Log


> Now you can make:
  Iron Lamp 1

> Conditions made clear:
   20 Culture Points obtained.
    2 People reside in Valley.
   Ferdinand at the Chinese Stand.


> Blue Seal on next floor so Monica is shut out.




> This floor has a BLUE SEAL ON IT.
  + Monica cannot walk this floor.
  + Use a SEAL-BREAKING SCROLL (from Morton's Sundries).
    - Best choice so you can upgrade the Reptile Badge

> This is a good floor to upgrade the Wind Gemron Badge.
  + There is enough Morph Power to complete the floor.
  + You should be able to fill the Time Limit goal easily.
  + Since the Gemrons don't fight back, you'll also be able to fill the 'without
    healing' goal.
    - If the gemrons are in a cluster don't hesitate to go and collect the Blue
      Synth Drops.
    - Then back out of speaking range and fight the next one.

> Each time you complete the floor, return to Balance Valley:
  + So the Morph Power gauge is restored to full.
  + Keep repeating this Floor until the Badge is at Level 20.

  |O Time limit to defeat all Monsters:           07:42 | 
  |O Clear all without healing:             Not Cleared |
  |  Total Monsters Defeated                     0 (20) | 
  |Fire Gemron      |Reptile | 4 | KEY |
  |Holy Gemron      |Reptile | 4 |  -  |
  |Ice Gemron       |Reptile | 4 |  -  |
  |Thunder Gemron   |Reptile | 4 |  -  |
  |Wind Gemron      |Reptile | 4 |  -  |


> Now you can make:
    Iron Gate
    Star lamp

> Conditions made clear:
    Stewart resides in Valley.

> Make and place the following:
  + An Iron Gate in the gap in the Brick House's fence.
    - You need at least 7x 'Scrap of Metal'.
  + The 'Star Lamp' at the end of the Brick House.
    - Take a photo of the Star lamp.
  + Go to the door of the Brick House and put Sheriff Blinkhorn inside it.

> Go to the future.
  + 'Starlight Weapons' Shop is open.
    - It is on the platform to the left of the Time Gate.
    - And directly opposite Lao Chao's Bistro.
  + Inventory:
  |Swan (Spheda Club)   | 450 G |
  |Sand Breaker         | 900 G | ... Sword
  |Gold Brassard        | 350 G |
  |Bandit Brassard      | 700 G |
  |Armband Repair Powder| 170 G |

> Beside the Chest of drawers an Idea Search for Max:
     Ideas = Weapon + Barrel + Crescent-Shaped Light
  + This makes the Samurai Arm for Steve (two long swords).
  + After Lin is healed, Max will be able to take a photo of the Crescent-shaped

> Change to Monica at the same place.
  + Monica learns that the Wind Gemron has a weakness for Wind Element.
    - Some ideas come too late!

> In preparation for when Lin joins, you should have four armbands.
  + At this stage I had:
    - A Thorn Armlet.
    - A Gold Brassard.
    - A Platinum Brassard.
  + I bought a Bandit Brassard.  


> Before you leave the store:
  Horn .......... On the wall to the left of the entry to the shop.
  Hat ........... Directly opposite on another horn.


> Search the future for more mini-chests.
  + There is one on the platform that is currently empty.
    - It is where the bridge comes to the platform at the bottom of a big step-like
    - It contains 'Potato Pie'.
  + Use it on Max.

> Before going to Barga's Valley:
  + Keep working on the levels of the Wind Gemron Transformation.
    - To at least 20.
    - If you keep returning to this floor, it will take approximately 520-525 of
      the Gemrons to raise the Badge from Level 11 to Level 20.
      # That is, thirteen times through this floor.
      # If you want a change:
        * Try RBW Floor 1 (24 monsters).
          ~ But after a while this floor gives a lot less experience.
        * Try SC Floor 7 (20 monsters but Morph Power is used up faster).

  + The Gemrons have varying resistance to Wind Breath Attacks.
    - Thunder Gemron is weak, it takes 3 hits at Badge levels 10-12.
    - Fire Gemron, Wind Gemron, Ice Gemron require 5 hits.
    - Holy Gemron is fairly strong, takes 7 hits.

  + When you are at Level 20, try to fill the Floor 5 Wipe-Out Goal.
    - Have Monica walk the floor between monsters to save Morph Power.
      # That will prevent a Wipe-Out.
      # Floor 5 is slightly easier (no Masked Tribesman) then Floor 2.

  + At level 26, the Badge can be evolved:
    - To raise the Gemron Badge to the evolutionary point:
      # First complete the two Monster Transformation Goals.
      # Then go back into Floor 9 until a total of about 900 Gemrons are defeated.



  + Floor 2:
  |Elfas           |Beast   | 3 | KEY | ... Still require 25-27 hits to defeat.
  |Fire Gemron     |Reptile | 4 |  -  |
  |Ice Gemron      |Reptile | 4 |  -  |
  |Masked Tribesman|Beast   | 6 |  -  | ... Tricky critter, try to get behind
  |Ram             |Beast   | 6 |  -  |     it; it takes more time to defeat.

  + Floor 5:
  |Elfas           |Beast   | 12 | KEY | ... A lot more of them.
  |Golem           |Magical |  2 |  -  | ... Requires about 20 hits.
  |Holy Gemron     |Reptile |  1 |  -  |

  + It may be time consuming, but the result (Evolution of the Badge) is worth it.

> Summary of the Level-Ups for the Wind Gemron.
  + The Attack value increases slowly between the levels indicated below.
    - The Shield value increases when the name changes (at the indicated levels).

  Level| Level Name    |Attack|Shield|
  |  1 | Baby Dragon   |  32  |  20  |
  |  7 | Dragonling    |  37  |  22  |
  | 13 | Teddy Dragon  |  41  |  24  |
  | 19 | Young Dragon  |  45  |  26  |
  | 25 | Regular Dragon|  49  |  28  |
  | 26 | Evolve        |

> The attack and shield amounts remain the same (49, 28) for the Wind Gemron.
  - They increase for the Ice Gemron:

  Wind Gemron L1
|Attack ...32    |Attack.... 49   |
|Shield ...20    |Defense... 28   |
|[X]= Wind Breath|[X]= Wind Breath|
  Wind Gemron L1 --> Wind Gemron L26
                       --> Ice Gemron L26
                        |Attack.... 66  |
                        |Defense... 30  |
                        |[X]= Icy Breath|

  + Using the Ice Gemron increases BOTH Gemrons experience.
  + The extra attack power of the Ice Gemron:
    - The Holy Gemron is defeated in four hits.
    - Wind, Ice and Thunder Gemrons are defeated in three hits.
    - Fire Gemron is defeated in one hit.
  + The Elfas takes 23 hits to defeat.
    - By Level 29, Ice Gemron can defeat Elfas in 10-11 hits.



> Battling the Holy Gemron should bring in a number of 'Holy Stone'.
  + You can make a maximum of ten Lightspeed bombs.

  Lightspeed {highest grade bomb}:
      Ideas = Candle + Flower + Rock
  Materials = 10x Light Element + 1x Holy Stone + 5x Lightning Crystal



> When the Badge is at level 20, you can fill the Wipe-Out goals on Floor 5 and
  then on Floor 2.

> Do you want to get Lin NOW?
  + You can then work on building up Monica's Armbands.

> Do you want to put off PLAYING sPHEDA for a while?
  + If so, do floors 10, 11, and 12.
  + You will be able to go to YORDA'S VALLEY.
    - You can take a photo of the Yorda Tree.
    - But you won't be able to do anything else there.
    - Not until you have Lin in your party.



  + Barga drops Max and Monica in the Valley and comes to rest on a large rock.
    - Max tells her they don't want to fight, just ask her something.
    - Monica asks if Barga can help them look for the White Windflower.
    - She says no because of the Blue 'Something' in her nest.
      # It is a Distortion which are either red or blue.
      # She can't get near the place to feed her children.
    - Monica explains that when Griffon disturbed the flow of time, time warped
      and the distortions formed.
  + Max asks how can they get rid of it?
    - Monica says that a fragment will fall out of the distortion and land near by.
    - By hitting the fragment into the distortion, the distortion will go away.
    - Barga promises to help, if they will get rid of the distortion for her.
  + Monica looks around for the fragment.
    - Finding it, she says it is also called a Sphere.
    - You cannot touch it with your bare hands; you have to use a long stick.

> You have control so that Max can look for the stick.
  + It is on the ground below the nest.
  + When you find it, talk to Monica again.

> You have to listen to the next part of the VIDEO (cannot skip).
  + There is a Distortion, a large donut-shape, and a fragment called a Sphere.
    + Either one can be red or blue.
  + Monica talks about 'Taking a Shot' (hitting the Sphere).
  + 'Bumping' (when the Sphere bounces against something) causes the sphere to
     change color.
    - Distortions must be plugged with a Sphere of the OPPOSITE color.
    - Number of Shots is limited.
  + Doing this is called 'Spheda'.
  + There are several messages that describe the process of making the shot.
  + Help items: Spheda 1, Spheda 2 are added to the Help Menu.



> Standing beside the Sphere and looking toward the nest, there is a large gray
  hollow and beyond it is a huge rock that hides the nest.
  + To the left of this rock there's a gap and you can see a waterfall and canyon
  + To the left of the gray hollow is a small rock (the one Barga landed on).
    - The simplest way to get the Sphere into the distortion is to 'gently' hit the
      ball to just beyond that rock (through the gap between rock and hollow).
  + Start by pressing [X] for the first time.
    - Then use [Left Analog] to put the dotted yellow line down as far as it will
      go and point it straight between rock and hollow.
    - Press [X] when the yellow-orange band extends about one third along the
      power guage.
    - Wait for the indicator to hit the left end of the gauge and start returning
    - Press [X] when the return indicator is in the PINK area so you don't hit too
    - The Sphere should land at the bottom of the cliff and in sight of the
    - If you didn't hit too hard, it should still be red.
  + If it is not in sight of the distortion, you can call the Sphere to you,
    - By standing where you CAN see the Distortion and pressing [Square].
    - It is O.K. to give up a shot as long as you are standing where you can see
      the distortion when you do so.
  + DON'T adjust the yellow dotted line for this shot - it is just right.
    - Let the yellow-orange band go about three quarters along the green guage.
    - On the return, try to get as close to the center marker of the Impact Zone.
  + The sphere should go into the distortion.
    - If you miss you get two more chances to try the shot, before Monica takes

> Barga flies to check out her chicks then flies to the Boulder again.
  + As she bows to them and asks how she can repay them, Monica and Max both see a
    White Windflower growing out of Barga's hat! 
    - She leaves after dropping a 'Swan' Spheda Rod into Max's hand, saying it
      fell out of the Distortion

> SAVE BEFORE GOING ON - You don't really want to repeat that Spheda Explanation
  do you?

> Now there are Spheda Goals (with prizes listed in each of the Floors after 9.



> Go to Lao Chao's Bistro and press [Square] to give him the White Windflower.
  + He makes the Miracle Dumpling and gives it to you.
  + They leave as Lao Chao calls: Hope it does the trick.

> Go to the present and Mr. Owl's house.
  + Press [Square] to give Lin the Dumpling.

  + She wakes up and asks Argo (Mr. Owl) why she is here.
    - She asks why Crest didn't wake her before he left.
    - Monica realize she has lost her memory.
    - When Argo tries to tell her that Crest is dead, she thinks he's joking.
    - Argo says she has amnesia.
  + Argo tells the story:
    - Lin and Crest had gone to inspect the Moon Crystal which was at the
    - A flying Warship appeared and opened fire on the Lighthouse.
    - He says that Crest gave his life to save the Moon Crystal
    - Argo says Lin came and told him all about it.
    - But she doesn't believe the story.

> Monica says we can go and save Crest right now.
  + If your memories return, you can help us save Crest.
    - Argo says theat Lin's memories are crucial to saving Crest, she MUST
  + Max says we must go to the Cape Lighthouse. 
    - Lin joins.
    - If anyone was in your party, they have returned to the train.

> Go to the future.
  + A new shop 'Star Items' has opened on the fourth platform.
    - Monica thinks it might have a Starglass which can reverse the flow of time.
    - But it will only turn back to a moment of deep significance to the person
      who uses it.
    - If they use the Starglass to go back into Lin's memories, they'll be able to
      go back to when Crest and Lin were attacked.
      - It won't work unless Lin can get her memory back.

> Go into the Star Items shop.
  + On the left is a cabinet with an idea for Max.
      Bottle + Chinese Lantern + King Mardan (Scoop)
    - This makes Stamina Drink; you need:
       2x Tasty Water + 30x Super Hot Pepper + 5x Mighty Healing.
  + On the opposite side of the Shop:
    - Cabinet with the idea:
      Milk Can + Chimney + Peeping Pole
    - This makes Steve's Milk Can Body (the Clown Body is stronger).
       10x Glass material + 40x Scrap of Metal.   
    - Switch to Monica to lean that Sewer Rats have a weakness for Cheese.

  Crescent-Shaped Light ... One on the ceiling each side of the shop.
  Peeping Pole ............ A dome shaped cabinet to the left of the shop counter.
  Starglass ............... Star-shaped light behind the shop-keepers head.

> Star Items Inventory:
  |Star Leotard       | 600 G |
  |Flame Crystal      | 150 G |
  |Chill Crystal      | 150 G |
  |Lightning Crystal  | 150 G |
  |Hunter Crystal     | 150 G |
  |Holy Crystal       | 150 G |
  |Destruction Crystal| 150 G |
  |Wind Crystal       | 150 G |
  |Sea Dragon Crystal | 150 G |
  |Power Crystal      | 200 G |
  |Protector Crystal  | 150 G |
  |Cheese             |  60 G |
  |Poison Antidote    |  40 G |
  |Mighty Healing     | 300 G |
  |Tasty Water        |  80 G |
  |Repair Powder      | 100 G |
  |Starglass          | 300 G |

> You should have been saving up gilder as Gold Bars.
  + If not you may have to go and fight to get enough gilda to buy the Starglass.
    - Buy the Starglass.
    - Buy as many Power and Protector Crystals as you can to bring the numbers
      closer to those of other crystals.


 Non-Stop Amulet [useful on Floor 12]:
       Ideas = Clock + Monument + Starglass
   Materials = 3x Heart-Throb Cherry + 1x Sturdy Cloth

 Steve's Samurai Arm [Useful for Sea Bats in Ocean's Roar Cave (Chapter 4)]
       Ideas = Barrel + Crescent-Shaped Light + Weapon
   Materials = 10x Rolling Log + 10x Scrap Metal + 10x Thick Hide

 Steve's Samurai Body [equal to Clown Body but bright red; expensive]:
       Ideas = Cedric's Shop Sign + Crescent-Shaped Light + Telescope
   Materials =  1x Gold Bar + 40x Rolling Log + 10x Red Paint


> Check Max's Photography Score.
  + If you have all Photos and Scoops to this point, the score should be Level 5.
    - If you are not at Level 5 yet, look up the FAQ: List of Photos (Cheatcodes).
      # It gives a checklist of photos by chapter.

  + Play Spheda to get Mina to join.
  + Use Monica to defeat all enemies before Max can play Spheda on a floor.
    - Upgrade Monica's Armbands (while Lin is in the party).

> Get Mina to join:
  + You MUST clear 10 dungeon floors.
    - Clear five in Underground Channel.
    - Also clear five in  Rainbow Butterfly Wood.
  + How Mina helps:
    - In your party she Cures you.
      # Removes any status problems.
      # Heals fully.
    - On the train, she sells clothing for Monica (clothes don't add to defense):
      | Pumpkin Shorts| 200 G |
      | Striped Dress | 250 G |
      | Knight Boots  | 200 G |
      | Metal Boots   | 240 G |

NOTE: Any floors you clear BEFORE talking to Mina WILL NOT COUNT.
      - Must be the first time the Distortion is cleared.
      - Find her on the ground floor of City Hall.
        # Have Monica talk to her because she understands Mina's problem.



> Have Monica talk to Mina (just inside the Town Hall).
  + You have to get rid of ten distortions:
    - UC Floors 1, 2, 3, 5, 6.
    - RBW Floors 1, 2, 3, 5, 6.

> Spheda (and get Mina).
  + The following is a BRIEF explanation (no room for more).
    - If you need more, try the FAQ: "Improved: How to Play Spheda."

> There are several gauges on the Spheda Screen.
  + The Power Gauge (blue) along the bottom of the screen.
  + The Impact Zone (red and pink) to the right and directly under the Power Gauge.
    - Center of the Impact Zone is a vertical bar that shows the 'perfect aim'
  + 'Power Shot' gauge at the RIGHT end of the Power Gauge shows the maximum
     distance you can hit the ball in the direction of the yellow dotted line.
    - Adjust the dotted line up or down or left and right to change the distance
      and direction the sphere is to be sent.
  + Advanced Techniques Control (round blue circle to the LEFT of the Power Gauge
    with a red dot in the center).
    - Not discussed here.
  + Top right shows how many hits you have and the distance to the Distortion.
    - The distance does not allow for corners you have to get the sphere around.

> Stand beside the Spheda Sphere: 
  + Make sure a Spheda Rod is equipped.
  + Put the map of the dungeon in the center of the screen. 
    - Map helps you decide the direction you'll hit the sphere.
    - The Distortion shows as a solid dot (red or blue).
    - The Sphere is a blinking dot (also red or blue). 
  + You can move the map so you can see the location of both the sphere and the
  + Press [X] to bring up the Power Gauge.

> For the shot:
  + Press [X] to hit the sphere. 
    - If you have more than one shot remaining, the game asks if you
      want to be moved to the Sphere.
    - Select 'YES' as it saves a lot of walking. 
  + When the Spheda Sphere bounces, it usually changes color with each bounce. 
    - If the Sphere goes 'Off Course' but it bounced, your next shot may be with
      a Sphere that has changed color.
  + You can bounce the sphere off items such as:
    - Walls, cliffs, trees, rocks.
    - Watch out for hazards, such as water channels.
  + Continue making shots until either:
    - You are successful. 
    - Or the shots are all used up and sphere and distortion disappear.

      + If you:
        - Have only one shot left;
        - You are really close to the Distortion;
        - AND your Sphere is the wrong color:
      + Use Backspin (after starting the shot, pull [Left Analog] toward you).
        - Keep the orange power bar short.

      + You may be ab le to get a better shot:
        - If you are down to one (exactly one) shot left.
        - The sphere is almost but not quite in sight of the Distortion.
    - Go stand where you can see the distortion (must be fairly close to the
    - Test by moving and pressing [Square].
    - When you have found the best place, press [Square].
      # The Ball will move to you "for the last time".
      # This should make for a straight-line shot.

> By the time you have gotten every Spheda medal in the first three 
  dungeons, you should be getting pretty expert!!!





> For Practice, complete the SC Floors 1 through 9.
  + For all floors AFTER Floor 9, the Spheda Prize is listed as part of the goals.

 Starlight Canyon

  Floor                         |   Prize
 1. Headlong Dash               | 1x Ruby
 2. Fire and Ice Don't Mix      | 2x Level-Up Powder
 3. Earth Shaking Demon         | 1x Amethyst
 4. Powerful Yo-Yo Robot        | 1X Topaz
 5. Elephant Army in Valley     | 4x Stamina Drink
 6. Warrior in Starlight Canyon | 5x Wind Stone
 7. Smiling Fairy Village       | 4x Improved Bomb
 8. Dangerous Treasure Chest    | 1x Indestructible Coin
 9. Little Dragon Counter Attack| 2x Level-Up Powder

 Underground Channel
  Floor                         |   Prize
 1. To the Outside World        | 2x Treasure Chest Key
 2. Battle with Rats            | 1x Diamond
 3. Ghost in the Channel        | 4x Improved Bomb
 4. Channel Pump Room           |   [None]
 5. Steve's Battle              | 2x Level-Up Powder
 6. Sweet, Scary Treasure Chest | 1x Treasure Chest Key

NOTE: To get the most benefit from a Level-Up powder, use it when you have
      - When the weapon Levels Up as soon as the ABS gauge fills, the ABS gauge
      - When you use a Level-Up powder, it simply fills the empty part of the
        # By using the Powder when the ABS gauge is empty, you get full benefit
          of it.

 Rainbow Butterfly Wood
  Floor                         |   Prize
 1. Frightening Forest          | 3x Treasure Chest Key
 2. Strange Tree                | 1x Resurrection Powder
 3. Rolling Shells              | 3x Stamina Drink
 5. This is a Geostone ?        | 2x Level-Up Powder
 6. Noise in the Forest         | 2x Stamina Drink
 7. I'm a Pixie                 | 4x Armband Repair Powder
 8. Legendary Killer Snake      | 4x Gun Repair Powder 
 9. Grotesque Spider Lady       | 3x Gift Capsule
10. Rainbow Falls Entrance      | 3x Treasure Chest Key



> You need:
  + Thorn Armlet.
  + Platinum (or Crystal) Brassard.
  + Gold Brassard (from Julia).
  + Buy a Bandit Brassard from 'Star Arms' in the future (700 G).
  + Have Max invent and make one (must have at least one Bandit Coin):

      Ideas = Clock + Gold Store + Show Window
  Materials = 1x Bandit Coin + 10x Hunk of Copper +10x Wind Element

> Lower level weapons build faster.
  + You can 'save' Synthesis Points from several Level-Ups.
    - Weapon will level up faster when you DON'T upgrade with synthesized Crystals.
    - Hold off Building Up until you have at least 20 Synth Points (4 levels with
      Lin in the party).
    - Even better to hold off until you have 30-40 Synth Points.
  + NOTE: each time a weapon is built up (name of weapon changes), some of the
          attribute values will naturally increase.

> When you have raised the four armbands to the end levels indicated, there is only
  one choice for raising each to the next level.
  + In the box attribute charts below, the values given in parentheses, such as
    (33) are the ADDITIONAL values need to get to the named armlet.


  + Start with the Gold Brassard:
    - Because it is the least strong of the brassards you have, build its first
      levels in the Underground Channel.
    - You need to change the armband's major attribute from Fire to Lightning, so:
    - Upgrade Lightning FIRST and keep its value as MORE than Flame.

         (Start)--> Gold+4 -->Crystal+7-->Platinum+7 -->Destruction Brassard
 Attack   | 22 [45] | 32 [45] |   50 [60] |  80 [110] |
 Flame    | 18 [45] | 28 [45] |   54 [60] |   -       |
 Lightning|  -      |(33)[45] |  (60)[60] |  90 [125] |
 Smash    |  -      |  -      |  (30)[60] |  90 [125] |

  FIRST: level up the weapon to Gold Brassard+4 (gives 17 Synth Points).
    - Use 11 points to synthesize 11 Lightning Crystals.
    - Use 4 points to synthesize 4 Flame Crystals.
    - Use the last two points to synthesize 2 Destruction Crystals.
    - Then use 'Build Up' to get the Crystal Brassard.

  NEXT: Level Up to Crystal Brassard+7 (35 Synth Points).
  + Synthesize in this order:
    - Increase Lightning to between 57 and 60 (about 8 or 9 crystals).
    - Increase Smash to 30 (about 8 Crystals).
    - Increase Durable by 6 (3 Crystals).
    - Increase Flame to 54 (about 7 or 8 Crystals).
    - Increase Attack to 50 (about 2 Crystals).
    - That should leave about 5 Synth Points.

  + Build Up to Platinum Brassard BEFORE USING THESE SYNTH POINTS.
    - The build-up may increase the Flame attribute to higher than the Lightning
      # If so, increase Lightning with at least 2 Crystals.
    - Then use any remaining Synth points to upgrade Smash.

  + PLATINUM BRASSARD comes with the ability: 'Wealth' built in (icon of a Gold bag
      on a green background).
  + The Destruction Armlet is the *lowest* of the three choices available for the
     Platinum Brassard.
  + Values needed to build to the DESTRUCTION Armlet are in the last box.
    - Raise the level of the Platinum Brassard to +7 or +8 for 35-40 Synth points. 
    - You will need to use about 10 Power Crystals to raise the Attack Value to 80.
    - Use the rest to get Lightning and Smash to 90.

  + I had cleared nine of the ten Distortions for getting Mina and was working on
    the 10th when I was able to Build-Up to the Destruction Armlet.
    - As soon as you have cleared the ten Distortions go to City Hall to get Mina.


  + This is the 'natural' upgrade for the Gold Brassard (major attribute is fire).
    - You should have at least the Crystal Brassard already.
    - If you used the regular upgrades to get to the Platinum Brassard, you will
      need to build the Exorcism attribute from scratch.
  + You'll probably have to take the Platinum Brassard to +8 or +9.
    - It will build faster if you don't increase attributes before you have at
      least 45 Synth Points.
      # To build Exorcism from zero to 90 will require 30 Exorcism crystals.
      # To build Flame will require approximately 10 or 11 Flame Crystals.
      # You may need to synthesize Power Crystals too. 

          (Start)-->Crystal-->Platinum-->Athena's Armlet
|Attack  | 24 [45]| 32 [60] | 50 [110] | 80 [125] |
|Flame   | 18 [45]| 28 [60] | 54 [110] | 90 [125] |
|Exorcism|  -     |  -      |  -       | 90 [125] |

  NOTE: Although the Crystal Brassard does NOT require Exorcism, it is faster to:
        - Increase Crystal's Exorcism to AT LEAST 36 BEFORE Building Up.


  + Pocklekul's requirement for the Cyclone attribute is only 54 (same as Chill)
    - This would make Chill the major attribute.
    - To make Cyclone the major attribute, always keep Cyclone AT LEAST 3-6
      attribute points above Chill.
    - The maximum Durable for the Thorn Armlet is 39.
    - The values given below are the minimum needed to build to the listed armlet.
  + If you would like a head start, increase Beast to 36 before building Thorn
    Armlet to Pocklekul.
    - That would be an additional 12 Synthesis Points or 4 extra levels.
  + Spirit Brassard is the middle choice of three for the Pocklekul.

 Bandit Brassard-->Thorn Armlet-->Pocklekul--> Spirit Brassard
|Attack  | 22 [45] |   32 [60] |   50 [110] |   80 [125] |
|Chill   |  -      |    -      |   54 [110] |    -       |
|Cyclone | 18 [45] |   28 [60] |   57 [110] |   90 [125] |
|Beast   |  -      |  (36)     |  (45)      |   90 [125] |
|Exorcism|  -      |    -      |   32 [110] |    -       |

  NOTE: Pocklekul has 'Wealth', 'Steal', and 'ABS Up' abilities.


4: MOON ARMLET (Chill).

  + Level up to Thorn Armlet+10 before building to the Moon Armlet.
  + Additional attributes:
    - Add 'Chill' to the Bandit Brassard BEFORE building it to the Thorn Armlet.
      # Even though it is not *required* until you have the Thorn Armlet, it is
        easier if you start increasing Chill earlier.
      # Keep the Chill value EQUAL TO or ABOVE the Cyclone value.
    - Before building the Thorn Armlet to the Moon Armlet:
      # Increase Scale to 30.
      # Increase Smash to 21. 
  + Bandit Brassard comes with the Steal Attribute.
    - When it is built up to Thorn Armlet, the Abilities: 'Poverty' and 'ABS Up'
      are added.
      # As soon as you can, synthesize a Wealth Coin (golden coin with a gilda bag
        on it) to get rid of 'Poverty' (fewer gilda).

 Bandit Brassard -->  Thorn  --> Moon Armlet
|Attack |  22 [45] |   32 [60] | 80 [125] |
|Chill  | (36)     |  (57)     | 90 [125] |
|Cyclone|  17 [45] |   28 [60] |  -       |
|Smash  |   -      |  (21)     | (36)     |
|Scale  |   -      |  (30)     | 54 [125] |

> Next Build-Ups:
  + You can Level Up each of the attributes...
    - But you cannot Build Up as each build up needs the weapon to defeat monsters.
    - These monsters are not available until Chapter 6.
  + Level up each of the 'end' weapons to at least +5.




> The rest of the Starlight Canyon map:

 [YORDA'S VALLEY]____[(12)]____[(11)]
                             SUN PATH
                            [(10)]___STAR PATH [Blocked]

> The 'Cursed Mask' is not that of the Masked Tribesman, but of the Nikapous.
  + It is shaped as a face and completely covers the critter.
  + It opens the mask to see out.

> All monsters except the King Mimic can be defeated with an Improved Bomb.
  + Use a Lightspeed for that.
    - You'll only need them for making Improved Bombs, but make sure you have 20
      regular Bombs.
  + You'll need a lot of healing items.
    - The monsters on this floor are really mean!
    - After you have the Wipe-Out Goal completed (first time through the floor):
      # Use Monica's Transformation to get the Wind and Holy Gemrons.

  |O Time limit to defeat all Monsters:             04:45 | 
  |O Spheda                   [PRIZE: 5x Lightning Stone] |
  |O Attack and defeat all enemies using                  | 
  |                            only ITEMS:    Not Cleared |
  |  Total Monsters Defeated                       0 (22) | 
  |Wind Gemron       |Reptile | 2 | KEY |
  |Holy Gemron       |Reptile | 5 |  -  |
  |King Mimic (Chp 3)|Magical | 2 |  -  |
  |Nikapous          |Darkling| 6 |  -  |
  |Yo-Yo Barrel      |Windup  | 7 |  -  |

> Nikapous.
  + Hides within a huge floating mask.
    - Opens mask to send a spit ball of fire.
    - If you are close, it opens the mask and tries to kick you.
    - Attack when the mask is open.
    - The Athena's Armlet will attack through the mask.
  + Items dropped ...
      Prickly ............ Fishing Bait.


> Now you can make:
    Iron Lamp 2

> Conditions made clear:
    Lin helped


> If you don't get the Spheda Medal, you can try again.
  + Extra times through the floor help to upgrade Monica's Armbands.


          CHOOSE THE SUN PATH...



> The 'Roly Poly Brothers' are the rolling rocks called Ivanoff.
  + You can get two scoops on this floor.
    - You'll need to switch from the Reptile Badge to Max for the photos.
    - BUT DON'T have Max fight -- switch back to the Badge quickly.

  |O Time limit to defeat all Monsters:           07:50 | 
  |O Spheda                 [PRIZE: 1x Bull's-Eye Coin] |
  |O Attack and defeat all enemies using                |
  |                MONSTER TRANSFORMATION:  Not Cleared |
  |  Total Monsters Defeated                     0 (22) | 
  |Elfas            |Beast   | 2 | KEY |
  |Ivanoff          |Magical | 4 |  -  |
  |Mimic (Chp 3)    |Magical | 4 |  -  |
  |Priest of Rama   |Beast   | 6 |  -  |
  |Ram              |Beast   | 6 |  -  |

> Ivanoff
  + This is a round rolling rock.
    - When it rolls at you, it hits hard.
    - The Ice Gemron's Icy Breath attack will stop it in its tracks.
      # Just keep firing the Ice Balls as fast as you can.
  + Items dropped ...
      Sturdy Rock
      Destruction Crystal
      Minon ............ Fishing Bait.

> Priest of Rama.
  + This critter has BIG hands.
    - It likes to clap them on you.
    - The Icy Breath attack works on this critter.
  + When it puts its hands behind it shoulders:
    - It is preparing to do a healing action.
    - The Priest of Rama may heal a critter who you are trying to defeat.
    - Or it may heal itself.
  + Items dropped ...
      Protector Crystal


> Take the photo as the Ivanoff rolls toward Max  + Be prepared to dodge, but
  you'll probably get hit!
  + Watch Max's HP.


> When the Priest of Rama puts its hands behind its shoulders (the hands appear
  + Take the shot.
  + It won't attack while in this position.


 Monica's Sand Breaker:
       Ideas = Hand-Sewn Silk Flag + Horn + Spinning Ivanoff
   Materials = 20x Rough Rock + 20x Sticky Clay + 5x Gunpowder


> Now you can make:

> Conditions made clear:
   No new ones.


> You'll meet a Dragon on the next floor:
  + You need to carry Anti-Stop Amulets (get them from Granny Rosa).
    - Put at least one in an Active Item Slot of whoever is walking the floor.
    - 'Stop' make the character freeze for a couple of seconds, during which time,
      the Dragon keeps beating you up.
  + The Gemron Transformation will allow you to talk to (and defeat) the Dragon.
    - But if the Gemron takes too long to defeat it, the Dragon WILL fight.
  + Also carry Tasty Water.
    - If the Dragon doesn't freeze you, it may make you thirsty.




> You can get another Scoop on this floor.
  + Also after the first Spheda Prize, if you win at Spheda a second time on this
    floor, you'll get 2x or 3x Treasure Chest Keys.

  |O Time limit to defeat all Monsters:           07:00 | 
  |O Spheda                     [PRIZE: 1x Poison Coin] |
  |O Attack and defeat all enemies using                |  |                      only the RIDEPOD:  Not Cleared |
  |  Total Monsters Defeated                     0 (19) | 
  |Dragon           |Reptile | 1 | KEY |
  |Golem            |Magical | 6 |  -  |
  |Masked Tribesman |Beast   | 6 |  -  |
  |Yo-Yo Barrel     |Windup  | 6 |  -  |

> Dragon.
  + The dragon is big and dark blue in color with creamy wings and markings.
    - It blasts fire at you (you'll know because it rears its head back).
    - It can either make you thirsty or put you in the STOP condition.
      # If you're stopped, it beats you up with continuous slashes of its claws.
      # It is better to put a Non-Stop Amulet in an Active Item Slot.
  + Items dropped ...
      Wind Element
      Sea Dragon Crystal
      Escape Powder


> Get just within firing range (as shown by the upside-down diamond over its head).
  + If it is looking away, creep forward SLOWLY until it turns.
  + Max should focus and wait until the Dragon spits a fireball.
    - Snap the photo and dodge if you can.


> Now you can make:

> Conditions made clear:
   Priest Bruno resides in the Village
   Parn resides in Valley
   Weapon Shop Restored

> Make and place the laundry on the same side of the Wooden House as the Warehouse.
  + This will increase Culture to 64.
  + Take a photo of the Laundry.

  + Analysis = 90%
    Culture  = 61


 Premium Chicken:
       Ideas = Burning Dragon Fire + Pork Dumpling + Special Peking Duck
   Materials = 10x Fire Element + 10x Life Element + 4x Tasty Water

       Ideas = Laundry + Palm Tree + Waterfall
   Materials = 1x Bomb Nut + 5x Unknown Bone

 Anti-Goo Amulet:
       Ideas = Laundry + Ruler of the Pond + Waterfall
   Materials = 3x Soap + 1x Sturdy Cloth


> Max should have over 400 points (Level 5) as his photography score.
  - If you don't, check through the FAQ: Dark Cloud 2 'Photo List'.
    # The photos are listed by Chapter and in alphabetic order, scoops separate.
      * The chapter number is included with the photo name.
      * Go and get missing photos.
  + Exit this floor by the gate.
    - Download the Geostone.
    - Photograph the Laundry.
  + Then go see Donny (on the train).
    - He'll give you Explorer's shoes. 




  + Barga drops Max and Monica off in Yorda's Valley.
    - They stand before the huge Yorda Tree.
    - It is holy and has been here for thousands of years.
    - Monica has never seen it before and is surprised by its size.


> Have Max photograph the tree after stepping back.
  + Focus on the trunk just a little below where it connects with the leaves.

> walk up to the Tree.

  + Max, Monica, and Lin are standing below the Tree.
  + The Viewpoint focuses on Lin as she begins to have a flashback:
    - She sees herself and Crest standing under the Giant Yorda Tree.
    - Suddenly she screams and drops her head into her hands.
  + Then the memory comes to full color.
    - She and Crest are below the tree.
    - She asks: "Master... Why do you want to be a sage?"
  + Crest offers: "Maybe because everyone respects them, treats them like royalty?"
    - Lin says: That's not right. "Shouldn't you say because you want to save the
    - Crest laughs and says: "That too."
      # Then adds that he wants to be the kind of person who will put everyone at
      # Everyone can count on a sage when danger is nearby.
  + Crest tells the story of how his town was helped when thieves targeted them.
    - As a child, he wondered where the sages were who were needed to take care
      of the thugs.
    - When the thieves were plundering the village one day, a single man in a robe
      turned up.
    - He defeated the raiders one by one.
  + Crest thought this was what he had been waiting for.
    - "Are you a sage?" he asked.
    - The man replied: "I couldn't even come close. A sage defends by just being
    - Crest decided that was what he wanted to do,  "If I can."
  + Lin asks, "If you can use magic does that mean you can be a sage?"
    - Crest laughs, "Even I don't know that!"

> Lin screams and a purple glow comes out of her head.
  + From the glow a fat and ugly creature grows.
    - Monica identifies it as a Memo-Eater.
    - It gets into people's heads and eats up their memories.
  + The creature jumps down and faces them.


> Focus the camera and press [Right Analog] forward to zoom in and take the photo.
  + The ringing sound and a picture with the title 'Phantom Memo-Eater' will


**                                           **
**                                           **

> This BOSS tries to stomp you if it gets close to you.
  + It also spits out many globs of poison.

> It is easy to defeat if you use Max's Dark Viper.
  + Get fairly close to it.
  + Press and hold [X].
  + It should take only a few shots.

> The BOSS dissolves into a cloud of purple which disappears.

  + Camera focuses on Lin who is sitting on the ground.
    - She remembers everything.
    - She murmurs: "Must go to the Lighthouse... Save Master Crest."
  + Monica remembers the Lighthouse was where Lin and Crest were attacked.
    - They all agree to go to the Lighthouse to save Crest.

> When the video stops, Max is facing a bridge.
  + Go across the bridge.
  + Beyond the bridge is the exit from Yorda's Valley.



> Steve's Wooden Box Body:
       Ideas = Giant Yorda Tree + Hmmmm! Jurak + Wooden Box
   Materials = 10x Hunk of Copper + 20x Rolling Log + 30x Scrap of Metal

> Max's Star Breaker (machine gun):
       Ideas = Chimney + Firehouse + Phantom Memo-Eater
   Materials = 6x Gunpowder + 15x Scrap of Metal + 6x Silver Ball




> Now you are approaching the sea and the Starlight Canyon's river is calmer.
  + There are still cliffs but they are not as high.
    - The pathways around the canyon walls are closer to the water.
    - Bridges across the water are more like piers.
  + Now there are opportunities for fishing.
    - Fishing goals are included.

> Floors 13 through 16 are the last floors where you will still have Lin.
  + So continue upgrading Monica's armbands.
    - But also try to fill the Wipe-Out and Spheda goals.

  |O Time limit to defeat all Monsters:             07:15 |
  |O Fish Goal                              58 cm or more |
  |O Spheda                      [PRIZE: Level-Up Powder] |
  |O Attack and defeat all enemies using                  |
  |                            only ITEMS:    Not Cleared |
  |  Total Monsters Defeated                       0 (23) |
  |Wind Element   |Spirit  |  5 | KEY |
  |Mimic (Chp 3)  |Magical |  4 |  -  |
  |Priest of Rama |Beast   | 10 |  -  |
  |Yo-Yo Barrel   |Windup  |  4 |  -  |

> Wind Element.
  + Looks like a purple whirlwind with large hands.
    - Claps its hand on you if it gets close or spits a ball of wind.
    - Sometimes it rises out of reach of the Gemron transformation or of Sword or
      # Get on higher ground if possible (use those humps beneath the waterfalls).
    - Use an Improved bomb but let it get fairly close before throwing.
  + Better to fight it at a distance and fire quickly.
  + Items dropped:
     Wind Element
     Wind Crystal
     Wind Stone


> Wait until the Mimic stops bouncing and faces you.
  + Lock On and throw an Improved Bomb.
  + If you don't wait, you may waste several bombs.
    - You CAN always make more.
    - Keep the regular Bombs for making Improved Bombs.

> Wind Element:
  + It often floats too high for the bomb to reach.
    - If it gets too close, it takes out a lot of HP.
    - A Lightspeed bomb may take it out.

> Let other critters get close and hit them with the Improved Bomb (immediately


> Now you can make.
   Block 2

  NOTE: Blocks are for a later Georama.

> Conditions made clear:
   4 Pot Torches placed
   Blinkhorn resides in Valley
   Moon Crystal and Crest revived





> Wipe-Out Goal:
  + Use Max's strongest hammer (Digi Hammer is best).
    - Keep an eye on his HP.
    - Equip a Non-Stop Amulet (those dragons freeze you and then keep hitting you).
      * Use the Spin Power Attack on the Dragons, Golems and Priests of Rama.
      * Run up to and hit the Ivanoffs before they roll.

  |O Time limit to defeat all Monsters:           08:00 | 
  |O Fish Goal                            58 cm or more |
  |O Spheda                       [PRIZE: 1x Turquoise] |
  |O Attack and defeat all enemies using                |
  |          only MAX'S RIGHT-HAND WEAPON:  Not Cleared |
  |  Total Monsters Defeated                     0 (17) | 
  |Dragon           |Reptile | 3 | KEY |
  |Golem            |Magical | 2 |  -  |
  |Ivanoff          |Magical | 6 |  -  |
  |Priest of Rama   |Beast   | 6 |  -  |


> Now you can make:

> Conditions made clear:
   Nothing new.


> Make the Well and place it near the wooden house.
  - Take a photo of it. 


>  Antidote Drink:
       Ideas = Bottle + Dell Clinic Sign + Well
   Materials = 2x Poison + 1x Poison Apple + 2x Tasty Water

> Steve's Bucket Leg ('capacity' DOWN 7 points compared to Roller Foot):
       Ideas = Can + River + Well
   Materials = 30x Scrap of Metal + 5x Water Element

>  Steve's Barrel Cannon II:
       Ideas = Barrel + Fountain + Well
   Materials = 20x Gunpowder + 15x Rolling Log + 4x Sturdy Cloth


> Make Barrel Cannon II and equip Steve with it.
  + It increases Steve's 'capacity' by 20 points compared with the Machine Gun Arm.
  + Sell old equipment.



> As soon as you enter this Floor, the Fishing Contest starts.
  + When you finish this floor, go to Palm Brinks for more photos.

> There's a huge tent in the Town Square.
  + The Mayor thinks a fishing contest will take the townspeople's minds off their
  + The Contest is held at fixed intervals of ten game-time days apart.
    - A moving green 'Ticker Tape' displays above the Main Menu showing how many
      hours are left.
    - The contest lasts for a total of 72 game-time hours.
    - Max can enter any fish he chooses.

> The second time you win at Spheda, you get 2x Mighty Healing.

  |O Time limit to defeat all Monsters:           07:30 | 
  |O Fish Goal                            66 cm or more |
  |O Spheda                 [PRIZE: 1x Level-Up Powder] |
  |O Attack and defeat all enemies using                |
  |                      only the RIDEPOD:  Not Cleared |
  |  Total Monsters Defeated                     0 (18) | 
  |Holy Gemron       |Reptile | 2 | KEY |
  |Crescent Baron    |Magical | 6 |  -  |
  |King Mimic (Chp 3)|Magical | 2 |  -  |
  |Nikapous          |Darkling| 8 |  -  |

> Crescent Baron.
  + Its head is a yellow crescent.
  + It floats toward you and may lift up out of reach.
    - It twirls around cutting you with stiffened trailing scarves.
    - It also tosses a greenish white spit-ball at you which may cause the STOP
      condition (use 'Heart-Throb Cherry).
  + Items dropped ...
      Glass Material
      Power Crystal
      Carrot ............ Fishing Bait.
                          - A carrot changes the sex of a fish in the Rec Tank.
                          - Suppose there's only males; change one to a female.


  Fishing Contest Sign ... Above the entrance (outside).
  Scale .................. In the center of the tent near Mr. Owl's stand.
  Victory Stand .......... At the back of the tent, a three tiered stand.
  Electric Bulletin ...... Green lighted sign above the Victory Stand.
  Glowing Gate ........... Neon Pink and Purple lights around the exit (inside).


 Steve's Clown Foot:
       Ideas = Clown Robo Attack + Egg + Scale
   Materials = 1x Holy Stone + 10x Light Element + 5x Lightning Crystal

 Steve's Clown Hand II:
       Ideas = Clown Robo Attack + Parasol + Scale
   Materials = 12x Hunk of Copper + 10x Red Paint + 10x Yellow Paint

 NOTE: If you have already invented the earlier version of the Clown Foot, the
       game won't let you invent it again. 

> Return to Balance Valley and download the Geostone.


> Now you can make:
    Feeble Tree

> Conditions made clear:
    40 Culture points obtained


> If you want to enter the fishing Contest, you need fish AT LEAST 70 CM LONG.
  - The longer the better.
  - A Priscleen weighs heavier than other fish for each centimeter (cm) of length.



> Return to Palm Brinks for the Fishing Tournament.

   Electric Bulletin (above Victory Stand)
   Fishing Contest Sign (outside)
   Glowing Gate (inside exit)
   Victory Stand

  + You can enter from 3 to 10 fish by talking to Mr. Owl.
    - Since all fish of the same type have the same name, you need to:
      # Put them in the Aquarium and name the ones you think will qualify for the
      # You can store up to 6 fish in the Rec Tank.
      # In the tank, give fish longer than 70 cm a name so you can identify
        them in the Item Bag.
      # For example:
        * I added 91 to the Gobbler's name.
        * I added 75.3 to the longest Priscleen's name (the '.' is found under
          'Symbols' in the name giving screen).
  + During the contest, you can go and catch more fish after having some weighed.
    - As long as you are inside the tent BEFORE time is up.

> Entering the contest:
  + Go to Mr. Owl who will display the menu:
      Weigh fish .............. Allows you to choose one fish in your item bag.
      Listen to explanation ... Contest rules.

  + When you weigh a fish, it's total weight is recorded.
    - The fish is removed from your item bag.
    - Next time you weigh a fish you have the choice:
        Weigh In 
        Look at weight List ... Lists fish and their weights.

    - After at least three fish have been weighed, this menu reads:
        Weigh Fish      
        Look at weight List ... A list of the fish entered and their weights.
        Total Up .............. If you want to end the contest before time is up.

  + You can stop after the third fish, or continue weighing.
    - You need three fish weighing at least 13,500 g. before Totaling up.
    - If you want first prize, you'll need at least 15,000 g.

> These are the fish I entered for a contest listed according to length.
  + Don't bother to enter anything under 70 cm or 75 cm length.
  + Arrows indicate the fish that were totaled up

   Fish     |Length|Weight
  Gobbler   | 91.0 | 4623 <--
  Nonky     | 85.9 | 4072
  Nonky     | 83.8 | 3969
  Priscleen | 75.3 | 4761 <--
  Priscleen | 74.0 | 4235 <--
            |      |
  Gobbler   | 69.0 | 2848
  Baku Baku | 68.7 | 3361

  + With the indicated fish, the total was 13,619 grams.
    - First time this total came second.
    - Reloaded and the second time this total came third.
    - The weight of competing totals are randomly generated.

  + Each round of the contest continues until:
    - When you have entered 10 Fish.
    - When you tell Mr. Owl to 'Total Up'.

> A new contest (with different prizes) does not begin until winners are announced
  for the previous contest.
  - No matter how many times the 72-hour period is repeated.


 Fishing Tournament Prizes

  Champion Prize        | 2nd Place Prize | 3rd Place Prize 
  Lure Rod              | 3x Wind Crystal | 3x Holy Crystal
  Flamingo {Spheda Rod} | Hunter crystal  | Destruction Crystal
  Resurrection Powder   | Escape Powder   | Hunk of Copper
  Moon Stone            | Improved Bomb   | Destruction Crystal
  Emerald               | Silver Ball     | Garnet 
                        |                 |  
  Diamond               | Power Crystal   | Peridot
  Dark Coin             | Experience Coin | Sapphire
  Sun Stone             | Sapphire        | Diamond
  Poison Coin           | Bull's-Eye Coin | -
  Missile Pod Arm       | Moon Stone      | - 



> This is the last floor before you go to the Lighthouse.
  + Last chance to have Lin's help in raising Monica's armbands.
  + If you don't have the following, go back to earlier Floors to build them (more
    difficult to build up without Lin):
    - Athena's Armlet (next upgrade is Sun Armlet).
    - Spirit Armlet (next upgrade is Goddess Armlet).
    - Destruction Armlet (upgrade is Satan Armlet).
    - Moon Armlet (upgrade is Star Armlet).

  |O Time limit to defeat all Monsters:           07:40 | 
  |O Fish Goal                            72 cm or more |
  |O Spheda             [PRIZE: 1x Indestructible Coin] |
  |O Attack and defeat all enemies using                |
  |                            only ITEMS:  Not Cleared |
  |  Total Monsters Defeated                     0 (21) | 
  |Dragon            |Reptile | 5 | KEY |
  |Crescent Baron    |Magical | 6 |  -  |
  |Ivanoff           |Magical | 4 |  -  |
  |King Mimic (Chp 3)|Magical | 2 |  -  |
  |Wind Element      |Spirit  | 4 |  -  |


  Nothing New

Conditions made clear:
  Lighthouse Moon Crystal restored.

> Culture is now 68; Analysis is still 90%.
  + Make and place:
    - An 'Iron Lamp 1' on the back wall of the Brick House.
    - An 'Iron Lamp 2' on the back wall of the Wooden House (between Laundry and
  + This raises Culture to 74.
    - If you look at the Checkpoint list (Analysis), all items are listed.
      # But the last item (Lighthouse Moon Crystal restored) is the only one where
        the lightbulb is dark.


> Decide NOW if you want to raise Monica's armbands some more.
  + When you enter the next Floor, Lin is no longer in your party.
  + Once Lin has left, the armbands can continue to be raised.
    - But it will be much more slowly.




> You are on a path to a grove of trees.
  + Move along the path.

  + Max, Monica and Lin are walking and Max says: "So this is the lighthouse.

> Continue along the path until you get to the bottom of the steps.
  + There's a red Exclamation Point.
    - If you press [X], you get a message:
        We should be able to help out Crest now! Let's head back to the past.
        (Press [Square] to open Menu)
    - This is where you use the Starglass.

  + Monica asks Lin if she's ready and Lin says: 'Yes.'
    - Monica places the Starglass on the ground and it begins to glow.
    - The viewpoint changes so you can see the ruins of the Lighthouse.
  + Then you see the Lighthouse in its original form and get a closeup of the
    Blue Moon Crystal.
    - Crest and Lin are standing near the railing at the edge of the platform.
    - Crest says the Moon Crystal is lighting up the Ocean, but eventually it will
      be bright enough to light the planet.
    - When Lin asks how he knows, he says it's a hunch.
      # She says Crest knows everything, and he laughs.
  + A flying ship comes alongside the lighthouse and we Dr. Jaming and Gaspard.
  + Gaspard indicates that one can see the future in the crystal even though there
    is nothing to see but darkness and despair.
    - Dr. Jaming asks what he should do.
    - Gaspard replies: "Destroy it. Those are Emperor Griffon's orders."
    - The lighthouse is set on fire.
  + The camera focuses on Max, Monica, and Lin (the present Lin) at the base of
    the lighthouse.
    - Monica says "Lin, you wait here. Max, let's go."

  + Max and Monica take the elevator to the center of the Lighthouse platform.
    - Monica recognizes Gaspard.
    - Crest tells Lin (the past Lin) "Wait here. I'm going to use the Crystal."
      # Crest leaps up onto the support of the Crystal.
      # Monica leaps up onto the ship and reminds Gaspard that she is King
        Raybrandt's daughter.
        * She accuses Gaspard of murdering her father.
        *Gaspard claims it was a fair fight and her father just wasn't good enough.
    - Monica tells Gaspard to get ready.
  + We then see Max and Lin in the center of the platform.
    - Balls of flame leap onto the platform and threaten them.

>Equip Weapons
  + Have Monica use her best sword.
  + Make sure Max's best hammer is equipped.


**                                 **
**                                 **
**                                 **

> You keep switching between the two BOSSES.
  + From Gaspard to the flames when Gaspard's HP is down by about one half.
    + From Flames to Gaspard when several are defeated (too difficult to count!).
      + From Gaspard to Flames when his HP goes down below one quarter.
        + Defeat about 10 or 15 Flames.
          + Back to Gaspard.


> As soon as you have control of Max, get the Scoop.
    - Look for and face the battleship.
    - Easy shot.

  + One hit should defeat each flame.
    + Keep looking in all directions (DON'T, repeat DON'T LOCK ON).
      + If ONE Flame gets to Lin, the game is OVER!!!

  + Keep Hitting Gaspard.
    - He jumps away or across and over her, trying to get behind her.
  + Watch her HP!!



> When Monica defeats Gaspard, the fight is over.
  + He says her skills are better than her father's.
    - She says he should accept that he lost.

> Suddenly there is an explosion on the Battleship.
  + Dr. Jaming says they are under attack by the Moon Crystal.
  + Gaspard says: "Annihilate that Lighthouse."

> Crest fires and damages the Battleship.
  + The Battleship fires, but Crest has placed a force field around the Crystal.
  + One shot gets through and damages Crest.
    - He closes his eyes and falls (slowly) to the Lighthouse platform.

> Gaspard (angry) orders Jaming to get them out of here and the ship disappears.
  + Lin holds Crest, saying, "Master! Don't Leave me!
  + Lin tells him he can't die, but he says: "I'm ready."
    - He tells Lin to fulfill his dream.
    - She says, "No. You're going to be a sage, one who helps by just being there."
    - He replies, "That would be nice..." and he has gone.

> Lin continues to hold Crest and looks up at the night sky.
  + She says that to her, he was already a sage... For ages and ages.
  + Then she says: "I'll be the sage you've always dreamed of becoming."

> The camera shows the night sky and the Lighthouse.
  + Then down at its base, you see Lin talking to Max and Monica.
    - Max is sad because they couldn't save him.
    - Lin says: "No! You're wrong. The Future has changed. Now I'm going to be a
      sage. And I think I'll rescue him when I become a sage myself."
  + The view travels up the tower of the Lighthouse.



> Then You're back at the Time Gate with the 'Change in the Future' message.
  + Analysis is 100% complete.
  + The lightbulb is lit for 'Moon Crystal restored'.
  + Go to the future.

  + Max and Monica run up to the upper level of the Starlight Temple.
    - You see a woman and someone comes up to her and says: "Madame Crest."
    - She replies: "It's them? I'd almost given up waiting!"
  + When Max and Monica come up to her, she says: "I've become a sage just like I
    - Max: "Don't tell me! Lin!"
    - Monica: "No way!"
  + Lin has taken on her teacher's name.
    - She says we shall see about Griffon.
    - You're shown a panoramic view of the Crystal.
  + Lin sees through the Crystal that Griffon is 10,000 years in the past.
    - He is sending a powerful Consciousness to our time.
    - His servants are those  who are in sympathy with that Consciousness but they
      are not controlled:
      # They're doing it of their own free will.
    - They are evil like Griffon who is planning on destroying the world.
    - The only way to destroy him is to go back to Griffon's time.
  + Monica asks how can they go back 10,000 years?
    - Their Atlamillia only go 100 years!
    - Madame Crest doesn't even know if it is possible.
    - But if it can...

> Those from the Luna Lab could do it.
  + 'Luna Lab' is short for 'Lunatic Wisdom Laboratory' and it 'was' on the
    Veniccio Coast.
    - Max: "Was? So. Veniccio Coast is next." and they leave.
  + Lin looks up at the night sky and sees Crest's face.
    - She asks him to watch over those who saved her.
  + Max turns and looks up at Lin.
    - He is sure the Crest has become a star and is looking down from above.
  + Next they approach Cedric by the train.
    - He says: "We're all set to go. Tell me when you're ready."

> Go back to Balance Valley and you get the 'Change in the Future' message again.
  - Go to the future and talk to Lin, Madame Crest.
  - She says that Starlight Temple has been completely restored.
  - She gives Monica a 'Serpent Slicer' sword.

> Find some mini-chests.
  - There's one at the inner edge of the platform where Lin is standing and just
    above the stairs (Witch Parfait).
  - The next post along the platform has one (Potato Pie).
  - On the left of Lao Chao's Bistro ramp (Witch parfait) and on the right side
    (Fruit of Eden).
  - Keep going around into the corner to the right (Potato Pie).
  - To the left of the doorway of the Starlight Weapons (Pearl).
  - In the far left corner of the platform with the Time gate (Fruit of Eden).
  - Against the pillar beside the Time Gate (Emerald).
  - Against the pillar behind the Time Gate (Fruit of Eden).

> Share the bounty as follows:
  - With two Potato Pie, Max's Shield is up to 32.
  - Monica's two Witch Parfait takes hers to 28.
  - With two Fruit of Eden for Max and one for Monica, their HP is 96.



> Talk to Cedric and tell him you want to leave.
  + The train leaves Balance Valley Station.
    - You are shown the World Map with Veniccio displayed so press [X].

  + The train arrives at Veniccio Station and Monica and Max step onto the station
  + Max says: "So that's what an ocean smells like."
  + Borneo yells that now it is the bridge that's down.
    - If you go to past the engine, you see the rail tracks are badly twisted.

> Video ends with Max at the Station's SAVE Point.
  + SAVE then take the exit to Veniccio (just past the SAVE Point).
  + As Max and Monica walk onto the beach you get a panoramic view of Veniccio.

> This is the Veniccio Coast.
  + Max rushes into the water and thinks it's great.

> Monica hears something and Max starts to join her.
  + He continues with his letter to his mother:
    - If I'd never started this adventure, I'd never have seen the sea.
    - There are still so many things I haven't seen.
    - Right now, I want to see them all.
  + But even more, Max wants to see his mother's smiling face.



 Next: 4th Walkthrough.


   + This walkthrough will be available by September 20, 2004.


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