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Character Guide: Trunks        =
version 1.3                    =
By Kamikazi                    =
copyright (c) 2003 Paul Gavin  =
[email protected]        =

Table of Contents:
1. Version Info
2. Trunks
3. Punch/Kick Combos
4. Special Moves
5. Phisical Moves
6. Support Moves
7. Best Custom Trunks
8. Exensive Copyright
9. Credits

1. Version Info

1.0 July 06 2003
First Version
Added to Punch/Kick Combos, Added to Special Moves, Neither are fully finished. 
didn't have the time.
2. Trunks
Trunks, is son of Vegeta and Bulma. He first appears during the last episode (i 
believe) of the namekian saga. He tells goku- away from everyone else- that he'll 
die in three years from a potent heart desease. then gives him the antidote. Trunks 
gives a few more words to goku and bids everyone farewell.

ok, Trunks is my favorite DBZ Chracter. He's coolest looking, has the coolest SS and 
SS2 Hair and has the BEST punch kick combos in the game (second place Yamcha, 3rd 
place Cell). aAnd has some of the coolest specials in the game(Burning Attack, Rapid 
Fall Slash)

3. Punch/Kick combos

[]= Square ^= Triangle >=forward <=backward (chargeable)= holding button increases 

[] :Normal Punch/Damage: 70/Total Damage: 70
[][] : Noraml Punchx2/Damage: 70, 65/Total Damage: 135
[][][]: Normal Punchx3/ Damage: 70,65,68/ Total Damage: 203
[][][][]: normal punchx4/ Damage: 70,65,68,70/ Total Damage: 341
^: Normal Kick/ damage: 80/ Total Damage: 70
^^: Normal Kickx2/ damage: 80, 74/ Total Damage: 154
^^^: normal kickx3/ damage: 80, 74, 78/ Total Damage: 232
^^^^:  normal kickx3, flip kick/ damage: 80, 74, 78, 118/ Total damage: 350

I'll get back to you on these. There almost literally an infinate amount of combos, 
it will be a month or so before i get 'em all.
4. Special Moves
!!!All Moves here are TRUNKS ONLY MOVES!!!!
Super Saiyan
Can Become SS Only Trunks can use
Super Trunks
Very Rare
Can Become Super Trunks Only Trunks can use
Super Trunks 2
Very Rare
Can Become Super Trunks(form 2) Only Trunks can use
Buster Cannon
Can Launch Death-move Buster Cannon
0 after [][][][]
0 after >^[][][]
Judge over all the info i typed in! I g2 get back to u on this too.
5. coming soon
6. coming soon
7. Coming soon
8. Extensive copyright
I've got legally nasty before and ill do it again! Don't steal my guide without my 
permission. want my permission? e-mail me! DONT STEAL IT OR I WILL GET LEGAL.

My Guide should be on and there only. if you see it anywhere else 
alert me immediately.

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