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Cheat Envelope Locations

Here are the locations to the cheat envelopes A, B, C, D and E for Batman Vengeance.

Cheat Envelope Locations

Envelope A

Location:  Rooftop Battle
Cheat:  Double Damage

How To Get:  After you see Joker's goons break into Mary's house and take her, 
grapple onto her roof.  Then grapple from there onto the thin balcony.  Jump over 
the gap in the middle of it, and enter the door.  Keep following the goon running 
with mary until you find yourself on a small balcony.  Now, instead of grappling to 
the larger platform, jump off the small balcony onto the ground.  Walk to the edge 
of it, and (don't be scared) jump off and land on a very thin walkway just below 
where you are.  Now, run to the left, turn the corner, and grapple onto the target 
you see when you turn, which will lead you to another small balcony.  Open the door 
in front of you (duh...) and voila.  Envelope A.

Envelope B

Location:  Bridge
Cheat:  Invisibility

How to get:  This seems easy, but it's a little difficult.  Right when you start the 
bridge level, you can see Envelope B glittering to your left!  Now, beat up the thug 
(optional), climb up the ladder, and DON'T MOVE.  Now, turn around, but don't jump 
off.  This is where it's difficult.  You have to jump/glide AROUND the crate 
blocking you and TRY to land on the small platform on the opposite side.  After you 
manage, glide to the box from there with Envelope B.

Envelope C

Location:  Plant Electrocution 2
Cheat:  All Weapons/Unlimited Ammo

How To Get:  You'll start the level sliding down a platform.  The second hole is not 
fatal if you fall through, so dodge the first hole and land in the second hole.  
Sneaky, eh?  Anyway, while you're in there, glide down the hole you see (to avoid 
damage (optional)) and land.  The item you see is NOT Envelope C, but the key to the 
room that has it.  So pick it up, grapple up to the slope again, avoid the large pit 
at the bottom, and stop.  To the right of the giant glass screen is the door you 
need to unlock.  You just got the key, so open the door.  You'd better have a good 
bit of health, because in this room you have to fight one plant man.  Beat him up, 
and pick up Envelope C.

Envelope D

Location:  Gasworks
Cheat:  Unlimited Health

How To Get:  As you progress through this level, you will find yourself in a room 
(don't worry, you won't miss it) with two floors, four baddies with machine guns, 
and a pipe in the wall farthest from you with multiple boxes floating in the sewage 
that's in it.  Beat up the thugs (optional), run straight off the platform toward 
the pipe with the boxes
and glide onto the first floating box.  You have to be very careful here.  One 
mistake and you'll be taking swimming lessons in the sewage.  As the box in front of 
you sinks a little bit (not all the way), jump onto it A.S.A.P., because if you 
spend too much time on a box, it will break and you'll have an early funeral.  So, 
with careful aiming, jump from box to box until you get to a platform at the end of 
the tunnel.  Now, pick up that Envelope D, you super stud!

Envelope E

Location:  Swat Chase
Cheat:  Infinite Special Move Bar Power

How To Get:  Okay, the last one.  As you progress through THIS level, you will 
eventually reach an elevator.  Jump on the top of it like a good boy, and ride 
down.  When it stops, Jump off it and DON'T MOVE.  Stay.  Wait for it to move back 
up again, and you will discover the elevator was hiding a little secret place.  What 
a jerk.  So jump down there.  There is a doorway that is locked right in the middle 
of the wall, as you can see.  So pull out your batarangs, look around in the little 
space you're in, and find a little electrical box.  Isn't is cute?  ...Now  smash 
it's head in with a big fat batarang and unlock the door.  Jump back up to the floor 
above (don't waste time - the elevator will come back down and squash you) and glide 
into that hallway you just unlocked.  In the room, run to the table and pick up the 
key on it.  Now, go back to the elevator, jump on the top of it and ride on it ALL 
the way to the VERY top (be careful - if you stay on it too long, you will get 
crushed between the elevator and the ceiling) and jump off onto the floor.  Go to 
the white door on that floor and unlock it with the key you picked up, and pick up 
that glittering beauty, Evelope E.


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