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 Before you read this just keep in mind that if you see the Gears logo (red skull
and gear) it means there is a COG tag somewhere near by or in the same area, but
not necessarily right under it.


Prison Area
1- After you choose paths go straight ahead and the tag is under the logo.

2- In the room where the locust cut through the door. If you are facing away from
the door its to the back of the right side. 

3- When you enter the outside courtyard, go up the small staircase on your left.
It is in the corner on your left. 

Trial By Fire
4- It is in the small courtyard after you exit the building. It is to the right of
the Gears logo. (Your team will point it out to you)

5- After you cross a bridge you enter a building will a lot of broken pillars.
There are 2 emergence holes in this room. The tag is behind the 2nd one in the grass. 

6- This one is in the large battle area with the fountain in the middle. The tag
is in the back left corner if you face the logo. 

Knock Knock
7- When you enter the outside area (in front of the house of sovereigns) with lots
of stairs there is a van with a logo on it and a big hole to the left. If you
follow the edge of the hole up the tag is in that corner. 

8- In the hallway where you fight all the wretches, the tag is in the left corner
if you face the door Jack is ripping. (Its easier to get it after killing everything).

9- You will enter a small room where you find the body of Rojas (a dead alpha
soldier). The tag is in the direct right corner after coming down the stairs. Its
behind the column. 

China Shop
10- Right after the Berserker cutscene the tag is in the flaming area to one of
your sides. Hard to miss. (Theres A logo in there)

11- You have to get the Berserker to smash down doors. In the third room before
the final door, the tag is in the last alcove to your left if facing the door. 

12- Once you get outside after tag 11, you enter a courtyard. Go to the left and
follow the wall. The tag is behind one of the broken blocks along the wall. (You
MUST get this one BEFORE you kill the Berserker)


Tick Tick Boom
13- After you split up but later meet again you come to a room with stairs in the
middle of the room. They lead to a couch and the tag is under the couch.

14- There is a room that you enter in which you walk on catwalks. After you leave
this room, you go down some stairs that lead to the street. The tag is down under
and behind the stairs. 

15- When you come up on the stranded gateway (not in it but before) there is a tag
back behind the newspaper dispensers. (There is a logo above it)

16- After the 1st checkpoint there is an outside area where an emergence hole
comes up. After that there is a shed to the left. There is a propane tank in it
(shoot the tank before going to get the tag in the shed)

Lethal Dusk-Dark Labyrinth
17- This one is in the area that you have to use the spotlight and guide Dom. It
is in far left corner of the street, next to a pile of ruble. Your best bet is to
shine the light on the tag after Dom has pulled the switch. 

Dark Labyrinth
18- After you come out of a destroyed building, there is a tag to the right just
around the corner. This is before you reach the gas station.


19- After you split up to find an entrance to the factory, you come to an area
outside and there are little shelters along the way. There is a shelter with an
elevator in it, and behind it there is a dock that leads out to sea. The tag is on
the end of the dock. 

20- It is in the room in which you have to walk on the broken floorboards. It is
in the far right corner. (Be sure to stay on the metal beams if you are to reach
the tag)

Evolution-Coalition Cargo
21- When you enter the room with the mine carts (that you ride) go down the stairs
and turn right. The tag is next to the stairs. (Be sure to get it BEFORE
activating the carts!!)

Darkest Before Dawn
22- After you enter the caves on the drilling platforms, follow the path and stay
right. Go down the right path and you will come up on a steel door, the tag is in
front of it. 

23- A little bit after 22, you will enter an area where you will fight some locust
and there is a small building to the right. The tag is to the right of the stairs
leading to it. 

24- After you and Dom split and meet, you do down a narrow passage with locust in
it. After this you will see a Corpser moving to your left. There is a small ledge
to your right and there is a tag on it.(There’s also some ammo)


Campus Grinder
25- When you enter the first area with a big fountain, look to the right. There
are 2 small staircases and the tag is behind the 2nd or farther one. 

Bad To Worse
26- After you leave Delta 2 behind you come up a street with a car to one side and
a walkway with a ton of columns to your other side. The tag is behind the left
side of the car (if you face the car not the columns).

Imaginary Place
27- In the second section of the house you come into a office like room. It has
lots of books and a desk. Destroy the desk because the tag is under it. 


Train Wreck
28- This tag is right inside the door that Jack rips open, its on the left side of
the room. 

29- This tag is on the floor right before you climb the ladder to the roof of the

30- This one is hard to describe but I'll try. On the second train car that you
have to drop the big tanks in order to cross. You should be on the right side of
the car. then there is a storage corridor to your left on the same car. You have 
to go around to the left and into the storage room. The final tag is at the end of
the corridor. (Be sure to get the tag BEFORE you enter the next door)

These are the COG Tag locations and I have tried my hardest to easily point them
out. Im sorry if I made any mistakes, but if you cannot find one or are having
trouble you can email me for questions or whatever.

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