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Call of Duty - Black Ops 3  

Campaign Collectibles, Trophy / Achievement Guide

                          Ver. 0.8 

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This is a text + video hybrid guide that focus on obscure trophies in
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However, after 1 year from videos' post date(s), its existence 

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you've finished.


Version History:

Nov / 12 / 2015  :  Ver. 0.8 posted.


                            TABLE of CONTENTS

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Campaign Collectibles (Curator Trophy) :

1.  Black Ops     {BKOP}

2.  New World     {NWLD}

3.  In Darkness     {DKNS}

4.  Provocation     {PVCI}

5.  Hypocenter     {HPCT}

6.  Vengeance     {VGNC}

7.  Rise & Fall     {RSFL}

8.  Demon Within     {DNWN}

9.  Sand Castle     {SDCE}

10.  Lotus Towers     {LTWR}

11.  Life     {LMLF}

Nightmares Campaign     {NMCP}

(Under Investigation)

Campaign Trophies / Achievements:

(In Progress)

[Hidden Trophy]     Another Side of the Story     {ASOS}

[Hidden Trophy]     No One Will Believe You     {NWBY}

[Hidden Trophy]     Silverback In Black     {SVIB}

Credits & Legal Claim     {LECM}


Campaign Collectibles (Curator Trophy) :

11 missions to play with 56 total collectibles. 

Treyarch made a major improvement to make them easier find this time,
plus they all look and named differently.
You may also examine each piece you found at your safehouse.

1.  Black Ops     {BKOP}

#1 - NRC Comms Earpiece
When the mission begins, you pass through some plane wheels. 
The collectible is in the next area, on a computer desk to your left.

#2 - Dud RPG
In the camera room, look behind the console on the ground in a corner.

#3 - Egyptian Army Cap
When you breach the door into an observation room to the interrogation 
room. Check the shelf with binders to the left of the glass.

#4 - Replica Nano Drone
After you just destroyed the first APC of this level in the hangar area. 
Go along the left and gead into a room past a stairs. There's a way
behind the only enemy in the room; walk to the end of it to find the
drone on a large case.

#5 - VTOL Panel
After you escaped the robots and hide into a garage. Before you board 
onto the APC, go past the vehicle and head straight into the corner 
of the room opposite of you. The panel is on a table beside a chair.

2.  New World     {NWLD}

#1 - Defective Robot Hand
After your drone/robot got EMP'ed, instead of following Diaz, choose
the same path your drone/robot went to, which is behind you. Keep going
until you pass a wall of fire, you find the hand in front of a spilt

#2 - Bomb Detonator Cap
When you just got to the first icicle area of this mission. Climb up 
the first stairs/escalator you sees on your left to the top, 
and find the cap next to a trash can.

#3 - Model Maglev Train
In the first workshop area with a moving train you saw went by. 
Search for stairs to go down to lower level, and you can find the model
on a shelf beside a sparking electrical panel.

#4 - Premium Liquor
After you just got on a Maglev Train. The bottle is on the bar table 
that you will come across.

#5 - Train Pass
Soon after where you find collectible #4, you'll find a staircase to 
climb up. This pass is sitting on one of the seats on this upper deck.

3.  In Darkness     {DKNS}

#1 - Broken Respirator
After the first firefight, stop before where you climb the rubbles 
and begin to use the anchor. There are 2 little shops to your right,
enter the one with bamboo doors on and find the mask behind the 
cashier counter. 

#2 - Urn with Incense Sticks
At the end of the big water waves part, you'll come across a building 
with full of enemies. Instead of entering it, flank right and search the 
bench across an NBS sign.

#3 - Child's Toy
When you have to dive into underwater, go down the escalators but don't
follow Hendricks into that small hole with him. Instead, swim through
the plants to your left and find the toy on a bench below.

#4 - Warlord Helmet
In the restaurant right before you see riot shield guys for first, head
into the room below the stairwell, with a skull paint on the wall.
Then enter the little room to your left to find the helmet.

#5 - Fu Dog Figurine
In the upper level of a building right before the comms relay building.
While outside, climb the stairs to your right where you can see the 
second NBS sign of this mission, and sprint jump across the gap. 
The figurine is on top of a shelf in the next room.

#6 - Therapy Session Recording
In the building of the level you have to enter. The collectible's icon 
pops up when you're in the second floor, which is on a table to your left.

4.  Provocation     {PVCI}

#1 - Gangster Bling
When the mission start, head down to the right trail and you'll see
a small workshop, the knuckle is sitting on a red motor in there.

#2 - Supertree Souvenir
Not far from collectible #1. Head straight down the same right side trail
as before, when you see some ammo boxes, go behind those skids of boxes
to its right to find the souvenir on a steel table.

#3 - Dud Slave Collar
Right after you pass the Waterfall Adventure theme park, jumped over a 
small bridge, you'll come across a turret. Enter the building to the left
of the turret and go upstairs, the collar is on a desk.

#4 - Antique Vase
Before going through the entrance of Cloud Forest to face the P.A.W.W.S.
Turn right and climb up a red container with a green graffiti on it.
The vase is just in front of those boxes in a blue container to your left.

#5 - Mineral
When Wraith make its debut, you come across a geologic museum area with
robots. We have two empty display cases here, with one of the supposed
"empty" case contains a treasure you're looking for.

#6 - Bullet Shell Necklace
When you're at the supertree area, the collectible is located at the
Number 5 supertree. Zipline and run all the way to there and look for a
white crate beside a Z-Trak station to find the necklace.

5.  Hypocenter     {HPCT}

#1 - 54i Data-Pad 
As mission begins, run down the hill and search the very first yellow
tent you sees, it is on top of a cooler.

#2 - Contamination Test Kit
As you enter the Coalescence entrance, don't follow Hendricks yet,
travel left to the end of the hallway is where the kit is waiting.
#3 - Coalescence Marketing Material
As you reach the bottom, enter the only indoor shelter in the area.
On a coffee table close to a door is the marketing docs.

#4 - Bio-containment Canister 1:36
From where you retrieve your broken recon drone, after the door opens
there's a small room to your left before the stairs that has 
the colllectible.

#5 - E-Ink White-board
Same room with the skeleton test subjects, this board is laying on the 
opposite end beside a desktop computer.

#6 - Prototype DNI Implant 
After the flood room, at the very spot where your DNI recovers, enter
the room to your right, the collectible's under the TV.

6.  Vengeance     {VGNC}

#1 - Damaged Optical Camo Cloak 
At the spot where you begin your mission, there's an alley to your left,
at the end of it is the cloak.

#2 - Bio-Luminescent Orchid
This one may be difficult to spot due to its small size and the icon 
won't show up until you're next to it. The flower is in the Chinatown 
square. Assuming your starting point at rooftop is the southside and 
the objective is at direct north, this flower is hiding in the 
northeastern corner of the district among plants.
#3 - HCXD Bomb Sniffer Robot
At the parking lot area, go into the hole that the ASP made 
and look to your left.

#4 - Dragon Necklace
In the first generation safehouse before the panic room, on a coffee table
among right side.

7.  Rise & Fall     {RSFL}

#1 - NRC Helmet
Just outside of the interrogation room, in front of an unmanned
computer monitors.

#2 - Broken Stained Glass
When the firefight starts, go up the first escalators on your left,
and the glass is on the desk left of some servers.

#3 - NRC Propaganda Poster
After the blast shield your army set up opens, exit the leftmost door
and rip the poster off the left wall outside.

#4 - Military Officer's Sword
After the spike launcher part, you exit from a top of an apartment,
here you hug along right side to enter into a house via a small stairs.
The sword is resting on top of a bookshelf in the living room.

#5 - Piece of Broken Statue
Before you open the VTOL hatch to rescue the pilot, look to your right
to see the statue on a table.

#6 - Etched Glass Bottle
While battling multiple ASPs, sneak into the cinema first, the bottle
is on a table in the lounge upstairs.

8.  Demon Within     {DNWN}

#1 - Shell Casing
When you begin fighting in WW2, enter the first small bunker you see 
on your right, it is on a table.

#2 - WW2 US Field Radio 
Same area as #1. Advance along left until you spot a MG42, which is the
same hut where the radio is found on a wood crate.
#3 - Field Binoculars

When wolves first appears there will be an ammo crate around, 
the binoculars is next to it.

#4 - Russian Field Compass

After you finish the night part and come into a village, go into a
two-story barn on left side, and head upstairs to get the compass.

#5 - Russian Hat

At the end of the same area as #4. Before you enter the last house right
in front of the "mountain", enter into a small barn to the left and
find the hat on a cupboard.

#6 - Wagner Gramophone Record

To the right of the Tiger Tank is a destroyed two-story house. Go into
a dark room in the 2nd level of this house, the record is resting on 
a shelf.

9.  Sand Castle     {SDCE}

***** The following order is reversible. 

#1 - Postcard
(If you use the left landing pad)

Like the orchid in the Vengeance mission, but more difficult to notice
because its color is similar to the desk. Under where you must defend
Kane is a room with an ammo crate, search the desk across from the crate
to find the card.

#2 - Industrial Drillbit Parts
(If you use the right landing pad)

After you land, go into the first alley on left side to find the bit
beside steel pipes.

10.  Lotus Towers     {LTWR}

#1 - Hamsa

After going up the elevator with a bunch of crows, visit the first shop
on left side to find it hanging on a pillar.

#2 - Taylor's Insignia

When you get out of the air vent into a control room, search the lockers
along left side to find it.

#3 - Hookah

In the area where you fight an ASP, before the riot shield guys, we have
a conference room in the upper level with this collectible on the only
office desk here.

#4 - Wall Hung Carpet

After you push open a container into a rooftop area with markets, go to
the other end of this area. Stop before the 2nd crashed VTOL in this place 
and backtracks a little. You want to get on that broken roof you sees, 
walk to the end and find the carpet under a pipe.

#5 - Decorative Lantern

Before you hack the terminal to face Taylor at top, go back to the other
side of the bridge where you just came from. Instead of exiting the bridge
straight ahead, you exit to your left into a broken elevator to pick 
this lantern up.
#6 - Melted Robot Part

As the fight with the Mothership begins, look into a destroyed control 
room on your right to find it on the ground.

11.  Life     {LMLF}

#1 - Promo Poster 
When the mission begins, look for a coffee shop behind you, the poster
is by the front door.

#2 - Prototype Robot Part 

Right before you interface with the gas terminal, look to your left
to spot the part in front of a computer monitor.

#3 - Fulgurite

During the desert stage of the Corvus world, there's a small destroyed
apartment at the left edge right after the blast shield, which houses
the collectible on its roof. The method I used is to climb the white
shield on the other end of the building, and then climb up the balconies
to get to the top. If that doesn't work for you, you can also enter the
apartment, look up for an opening to jump into the second level, stand 
as far out to the edge as you can to give you room for the jump. Once
you're on the 2nd level, proceed to the rooftop to grab your collectible. 

#4 - Raven Feather

During the purging stage, in the very first room right after you exited
the interfaces. Search the reception desk in front of the Coalescence
logo to get the feather.


Nightmares Campaign     {NMCP}

So the rumor about a huge zombie unlock after the campaign is true! 
When you beat the game with any difficulty, you unlocks the "Nightmares"
mode on your main menu: a zombie-theme remix of the Campaign! 

Besides the standard facing a horde of zombies with a small mix of
original campaign enemies, it also has a BRAND NEW STORYLINE added on top
of what you've already played. Plus, you still can grab a new line of
collectibles, in the form of Teddy Bears, at same spots as the original 
campaign counterparts. I'll be sure to further investigate the effect of
completing this new set of collectibles.

Bravo to Treyarch for doubling our Campaign playtime!

The gameplay in this mode however, has a big variation from other modes,
even differs from the normal zombies mode:

- You can only carry 1 gun plus 1 story-related launcher weapon.
- All Mobile Armories are replaced with Magic (Mystery) Boxes.
where you can get a random gun for free.
- You get power-up drop(s) from killing zombies:

  * A random new gun.
  * Max ammo - full ammo to every gun you currently carries.
  * Insta-kill - can kill any common zombie in one bullet / one melee.
    (may have a time limit).
  * A random new cyber core ability to replace your current one.  

Check back later for more updates.  


Campaign Trophies / Achievements:

(In Progress)

[Hidden Trophy]     Another Side of the Story     {ASOS}

Complete the Campaign on any difficulty.

     Refer to other guides for strategy.

[Hidden Trophy]     No One Will Believe You     {NWBY}

Complete the Campaign on Realistic.

     Refer to other guides for strategy.

[Hidden Trophy]     Silverback In Black     {SVIB} : 

Hack the Data Vault and brace yourself for Cyber's Avengening 
in Dead Ops Arcade 2.

     Open up the Data Vault in your safehouse, the Coalescence company
     logo on top left of the screen is actually selectable, you can 
     notice it blinks when you have your cursor on it. Select the logo 
     and the screen now reveals you can play Dead Ops Arcade 2 on it, 
     click it again to open up the game, and then finish watching 
     the intro to receive your trophy.


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