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Game Title: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Game Platform: Playstation 2

FAQ Title: Complete Asset Property missions walkthrough and much more! 

Table of Contens:

Everything about asset properties
Checkpoint Charlie
Ice Cream Factory:
Pole Position
Kaufman Cabs:
Friendly Rivalry
Car Showroom
Film Studio:
Recruitment Drive
Dildo Dodo 
Martha’s Mug Shot
Print Works:
Spilling the Beans
Hit the Courier
The Malibu:  
No Escape?
The Shootist
The Driver
The Job
The End

  Hi, man! Do you know that many people have problems with passing asset missions? 
Because of that I included only the description of these missions in my FAQ.
   At first I recommend you to pass the Shakedown mission (after you pass this 
mission all Asset Properties become available for purchase). Then buy the Car 
Showroom for $50,000. Now complete all Car Showroom missions and buy the Malibu 
Club, then the Print Works and the Film Studio (in any order). As you complete 
these missions buy Kaufman cabs, the Pole Position club. After all purchase the Ice 
Cream factory and the Boatyard. 

****************************Everything about asset properties***********************

Note: You should pass asset missions before the properties begin to generate money.

Cost: $10,000
Location: Viceport (where the Diaz’s mission called The Fastest Boat took place).
Mission: “Checkpoint Charlie”
Generates: $2,000 per day
You get: free boats and a save point

****************************Checkpoint Charlie****************************

Payoff: $5,000+$1,000 every time you complete it.
Objective: Collect the floating packages with your high performance speedboat. 
Begin the mission by getting into one of your new boats. There are only two boats 
to choose-to the right and to the left. I recommend the boat to the left because 
it’s faster. There are a bunch of u-turns from the start, so control your turns and 
hit jumps fast.         

*********************************Ice Cream Factory**********************************

Cost: $20,000
Location: Little Havana (near Starfish Island).
Mission: “Distribution”
Generates: $3,000 per day
You get: a save point


Payoff: N/A
Objective: distribute Cherry Popper product around town.
Enter the ice cream truck and drive to Viceport and press L3 to sound the music. 
Pedestrians will come to the truck and buy your treats. When you have 9 sales go to 
Pay’n’Spray. Repeat until you have 50 sales.

**********************************Pole Position*************************************

Cost: $30,000
Location: Washington Beach
Missions: No
Generates: $4,000
You get: a save point and a dancing woman.
Go to the first room in the open halfway and watch her dance. You will notice that 
money is deducted from your total. As the cash had deducted on $600 get out of the 
room and you will notice that the asset is completed.

**********************************Kaufman Cabs**************************************

Cost: $40,000
Location: Little Haiti (near Phil’s Place).
Missions: V.I.P, Friendly Rivalry, Cabmageddon
Generates: $5,000 per day
You get: a save point and a Zebra Cab parked at Kaufman Cabs


Payoff: $1,000
Objective: Pick up a V.I.P at Starfish Island and drive him to the airport.
Needed: Uzi 9mm
Enter a cab in the marker to begin your first Taxi firm mission. Then go to 
Starfish Island to pick up your fare. Drive into the marker and sound the horn. You 
will see that a VC cab has taken your fare. Turn around and drive-by him. The fare 
will get out of VC cab and enter yours. Just drive him to the airport-easy.

****************************Friendly Rivalry******************************

Payoff: $2,000
Objective: Destroy 3 of the rival taxis marked as yellow blips on the radar.
Needed: Uzi 9mm
Drive-by shooting is the easiest way to complete your objective. When you are near 
them they will try to ram you but not too hard. When they do this shoot them.


Payoff: $3,000
Objective: Survive an attack from enemy cabs and defeat their boss. 
Needed: Sniper Rifle
Drive into the marker and sound the horn. You will notice 5 VC cabs drive in to 
kill you. Your objective is to survive for a minute. I know two ways to do it. The 
first is to drive around in tight circles and the second is to drive to 8-ball's 
and the cabs will follow you in. Get out of there and detonate the bomb. The cabs 
will blow. Stay alive and a leader cab will appear. I know three ways defeat it. 
The first is to jump on the cab and snipe the driver. The second is to snipe the 
tires of the cab, pull out the driver and run him over with his own cab. The third 
is availible only if you have a cab. So the third way is to drive in the location 
of the water at high speed and near a water jump out of the car.
********************************Car Showroom****************************************

Cost: $50,000
Location:  Little Havana (near the airport)
Missions: Garage list 1, Garage list 2, Garage list 3, Garage list 4
Generates: $9,000 per day
You get: a save point, free Pay’n’Spray, four garages and this is your key to 
street racing.
       Garage list 1:    Garage list 2:  Garage list 3:   Garage list 4:  

       1. Landstalker     1. Sabre         1. Cheetah     1. Voodoo             
       2. Idaho           2. Virgo         2. Infernus    2. Cuban Hermes          
       3. Espernato       3. Senitel       3. Banshee     3. Caddy        
       4. Stallion        4. Stretch       4. Phoenix     4. Baggage Handler        
       5. Rancher         5. Washington    5. Comet       5. Mr. Whoopee    
       6. Blista Compact  6. Admiral       6. Stinger     6. Pizza Boy 
       Reward car:         Reward car:     Reward car:    Reward car:  
         Deluxo            Sabre Turbo      Sandkling    Hotring Racer 

                        Reward: $500 per car $20,000 per garage
*********************************Film Studio****************************************

Cost: $60,000
Location: Prawn Island
Missions: Recruitment Drive, Dildo Dodo, Martha’s Mug Shot, G-Spotlight.
Generates: $7,000 per day
You get: a save point

****************************Recruitment Drive***************************************

Payoff: $1,000 and your name in the credits of the film!!
Objective: Find Mercedes and Candy and drive them to the studio.
You need: Colt M4 and uzi
Take a car and drive to the marker. Candy's pimp pulls up in a car and unloads his 
armed passengers to kill you, then speeds off. Use M4 to kill the thugs and chase 
after him. Keep going until he gets out of the car and when he does run him over. 
Pick up the girls by folowing pink markers on the map then drive back to the 

*********************************Dildo Dodo*****************************************

Payoff: $2,000
Objective: Spread some promotional flyers for the film.
Follow the pink blip on your map to find a seaplane in the back of the studios and 
enter it. Press the X button to gain speed then press down to bigin gaining 
attitude. Don't hold the down button. Doing so will cause you to stall out. Head 
north and begin to fly through the markers. All in all there are 12 markers.

*****************************Martha's Mug Shot**************************************

Objective: Take 3 photos of Alex Shrub and Candy.
You need: Body Armor and a shotgun.
Take a Sparrow and follow Candy (her Stretch). Candy will enter Alex's place in 
Vice Point and talk to Alex. Go to Chariot hotel across the street. Find the side 
door and enter it then go up the stairs until you reach the top. Go to the window 
and snap 3 photos of them together. By doing this you will get a wanted level 5 and 
6 FBI agents wating for you downstairs. Shoot them, then enter your helicopter and 
fly to the studio. 


Payoff: $8,000
Objective: Jump from roof to roof to draw attention towards Candy Suxxx.
Get a PCJ600 and get to the marker. Drive up the stairs to the elevator. Drive to 
the window you need to jump through and destroy it. Always find the longest strip 
of pavement to gain enough speed for longer jumps.

*********************************Print Works****************************************

Cost: $70,000
Location: Little Haiti 
Missions: Spilling the Beans, Hit the Courier
Generates: $8,000 per day
You get: a save point, and later access to the last two missions

*****************************Spilling the Beans*************************************

Payoff: $2,000
Objective: Extract some information about the plates.
You need: Body Armor, shotgun, uzi
Enter the cab and meet with Kent Paul. He will tell you about The Shipping officer 
at the docks. So drive to the dock and shoot everybody you see on the ship and go 
to the marker. Drive back to the Print Works.

********************************Hit the Courier*************************************

Payoff: $5,000
Objective: Kill the Courier and take the plates to the Print Works.
You need: Body Armor, shotgun, uzi, Sniper Rifle.                 
Drive to the Mansion and take your helicopter.Land on the roof near the marker and 
when Courier get out of her helicopter shoot her. Snipe everybody around, pick up 
the plates and drive to Print Works.

***********************************The Malibu***************************************

Cost: $120,000
Missions: No Escape? The Shootist, The Driver, The Job.
Generates: $10,000 per day
You get: a save point, and later access to the last two missions.

***********************************No Escape?**************************************

Payoff: $1,000
Objective: Get Cam out of Jail, lose the heat and get him to his place.
You need: Body Armor and uzi.
Take a fast but durable car (like Sentinel XS) to the bank and go in (make sure you 
don't have any weapons selected) and turn left into the locker room and step in the 
marker. You will now be dressed in the police uniform. Then go to the second floor 
to package and the cell card. After that go downstairs to the Cam's cell. Step in 
the marker to unlock it. And now-run!!! to your Sentinel, enter it and wait for Cam 
to do it too. Speed away to Pay'n'Spray through a bunch of Police cars (You will 
have a wanted level 4). Respray your car and  drive Cam to his house.

*********************************The Shootist***************************************

Objective: Beat Phil's score in shooting the targets.
Drive to the AmmuNation that is located Downtown and go to the Shooting Range. In 
the first round concentrate on the middle target and shoot the other targets as 
they pass-by. In the second round concentrate your shots on the middle two windows 
and in the third round try to hit every targetthat appear.

*********************************The Driver*****************************************

Payoff: $3,000
Objective: Beat Hillary in a race.
Take a Cheetah to the first bridge near the police station,park it on the grass and 
leave the door open. Take the mission, begin the race on Sentinel and jump out of 
it and enter the prepared Cheetah. Go through the chekpoints and beat him easily.

*************************************The Job****************************************

Payoff: $50,000
Objective: Rob the bank and go to Cam's place.
You need: Body Armor, uzi or shotgun.
Enter the taxi and wait your team to enter the car too. Drive through Starfish 
Island to the bank. Follow the blips on the map to the bank. When in the bank go 
upstairs with Cam. There will be two security members at first staircase and 
another two at the second. Go to the elevator and go up to the vault. There will be 
one security there.Step to the marker near the vault. Then go downstairs to the 
manager (he is under the table where the first 2 security were. Take him to Cam 
then check out Phil. Get to the marker. When SWAT begin to storm the bank go 
upstairs and shoot them from there. As you shot them all get out of the bank and 
shoot everybody around. Run to the street and jack a car (don't forget Phil) then 
go to respray the car and then to Cam's place.

   Thank you for reading this FAQ! That's my second FAQ so excuse me if you don't 
like it.  Hope, this FAQ helped you with completing the game. 


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