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FIFA Soccer 2002
Complete FAQ for Nintendo Gamecube.
Inspired/written by: Jordan Gilchrist ([email protected])
Version 1.3
Last updated: 4/6/02

This file is copyright (c) 2002 Jordan Gilchrist. All rights reserved.


Table of Contents:
1.Version History
   - Game intro.
   - Instruction Booklet Intro.
   - My intro.
   - Menu
   - Pause Menu
   - During Game- Basic
   - During Game- Intermediate
   - During Game- Advanced
4.Icon Bar
5.Definition of offsides
6.Cards and Penalty Kicks
8.Teams Statistics
    -Austrian max.Bundesliga
    -Belgian League
    -Brazilian League
    -Danish Superligaen
    -English Premiership
    -French Division 1
    -German Bundesliga
    -Israeli Premier League
    -Italian League
    -Norwegian Tippeligaen
    -Other National Teams
    -Rest of World
    -Scottish Premier League
    -Spanish Primera Division
    -Swedish Allsvenskan
    -Swiss Nationalliga A
9.Play Now Menu
10.Game Modes Menu
   - Friendly
   - FIFA World Cup Qualification
   - Season
   - Tournaments
   - Creation Centre
   - Team Management
   - Rewards
   - Saving and Loading
12.Inside EA Sports
13.What Happens after the match?
14.Best Goals Ever
15.Tips and Tricks
17.Frequently Asked Questions
19.Copyright Notice
20.Contact Information


1. Version History:

1:00 A.M. Saturday Morning, April 6, 2002- Added MANY new cool goals to the
Best Goals Ever section.

Thursday, April 04, 2002- Added today is some new information for the Tips and
Tricks Section sent in by yanqing.  Also added Positions and Best Goals ever

Wednesday, April 03, 2002- Added today are the Team Statistics section, the
Happens After the Match? Section, and Tips and Tricks Section.  Also, added a
WHOLE LOT MORE information to the cards and penalty kicks section.

Sunday, March 17, 2002: First posted more versions coming soon!


2. Introduction:
First there is the Gamecube usual opening, then a screen with EA Sports over
FIFA 2002 and on an enlarged soccer ball pattern in the background.  Next, an
announcer that says "EA Sports, it's in the game."  As he is saying this text
letters come down EA Sports and stop in a circle outlined with gray.  Also the
website is on the bottom.  Next 2 screens of text and copyrighted
logos come up.  After this a FMV of a game shows up.  It starts out with a shot
and the keeper making a diving save in the air.  As he gets up he waves his
arms and yells "Clear out!"  He then over hand throws the ball to a player
closely defended.  The player chest traps the ball down and then takes a small
touch forward.  As the player is doing this, the player's jerseys are changing.
 The player slowly dribbles forward and does an outside of the left foot pass
as the defender does a scissor block but misses the pass.  The pass goes to his
player who passes it immediately in front of him again.  This is called a Give
n go.  He then dribbles the ball a little and does a left-footed lob over the
defender's heads.  His player runs after it and chips it up as he and the ball
fly over a defender who is doing a slide tackle right under him.  As this is
happening the jerseys change again.  He takes a touch on the ball then crosses
with his right foot.  This cross goes in front of the goal.  The other player
then chests it down at his foot and then quickly kicks it back up without the
ball hitting the ground.  The defender then misses the side volley and the
player volleys it at the goal, but gets slide-tackled from behind and he falls
over resulting in a penalty as it shows the referee blowing his whistle.  The
whole time while this player had the ball the jerseys were yet again changing. 
He then gets up and waves his teammates to get up near the goal.  It flashes to
the referee waving to the other team's wall of players to scoot back 10 yards
from the free kick.  It then shows the player kick it and then it changes
screens, and again it changes screens.  The ball curves around the wall and
goes to the left post.  The keeper dives to stop it but cannot reach it and the
red team scores!!!!  It shows the keeper on his knees dejected and then it
shows the player who scored jump up into the air and raise his hand up.  Then
it goes to the main "Press Start" screen.
Instruction Booklet Intro.:
The stadium is packed and the crowd is roaring, all eyes focused on you as you
take the field. Needing a victory to stay alive in your quest for World Cup
qualification, your team-and your entire country-is counting on you to lead the
way to victory.  You know the enemy is tough, but you're tougher.  You can take
them.  When the whistle blows, you're on your way to FIFA glory.
With a re-designed passing system and precision tackling, FIFA Soccer 2002
gives you total control of the ball.  Find a breaking forward with a perfect
40-yard ball into open space, embarrass the defense with cunning one-twos, or
execute a deep swerving cross to leave the goal keeper stranded.  FIFA Soccer
2002 for the Nintendo Gamecube brings the game to life like never before
My intro.:
Welcome to the cool game of FIFA Soccer 2002.  This game has many modes, teams
and other things to be a world-class game.  As always, this game is much better
than its other counterparts (FIFA Soccer 2001 etc.).  I have played this game
for many hours and still have yet to set the controller down due to how fun it
is and how fast-paced the game is.  This was the first official soccer game for
Gamecube and it will definitely stand out in the long line of Gamecube games.


3. Controls:
     Menu controls:
Joystick/D-pad(up, down):  Highlight menu options
Joystick/D-pad(left, right):  Change highlighted option
A button: Select/Go to next screen
B button: Cancel/Return to previous screen
     Pause Menu:
Press start to activate the Pause Menu.
Resume play- Go back to the field.
Instant Replay- Sometimes you amaze even yourself.  Go to this option to watch
the replay.
A button- Play/Pause replay
Y button- toggle through available camera angles
X button- Play replay in slow motion/Pause
B button- Resume to Pause Menu
Control Pad/C stick up- Zoom in
Control Pad/C stick down- Zoom out
R button- Fast-forward
L button- Rewind
Control Stick Left/Right- Pan camera left/right
Control Stick up/Down- Move camera up/down
Cameras- Select this option to adjust the height and zoom of each in-game
camera and to fine-tune your view of the action.
Team Management- Make substitutions or adjust your strategy.
Side Select- Choose which team you want to control.
Options- Tune gameplay, audio, AI, and visual options.
Match Facts- Compare statistics of your team's performance to the opposing
Score Summary- Look up who scored and when.
Booking Summary- How many cards( if any) your players have been given in a
Restart Match- Restart the game with the same teams and settings.
Quit Match- Quit the match and return to the menu screens.
     During Game controls Basic:
Control Stick: Move Player
Y button: Sprint (hold to sprint or tap repeatedly to sprint faster)
Start: Pause game
A, B, or X button: For kickoff (at beginnings of halves or after scores or
X button: Shoot
A button: Pass (on ground)
B button: Lob (a pass in the air)
L button: Ball spin left
R button: Ball spin right
A button: Switch Players
X button: Conservative tackle
B button: Aggressive (slide) tackle
Tip: A slide tackle often draws the attention of the referee and may even
injure the opposing player.  Use this move with caution and be sure to have
your timing down.
Also, sliding from behind almost always lands you a penalty and possibly a
card, but a well-timed slide from the front or side is a great way to block a
pass or shot.
Tip: When shooting, passing, or lobbing, keep the relevant button pressed to
increase power and use the control stick to aim.
Throw-in, Free Kick, Corner Kick and Goal Kick:
In Possession-
Control Stick: Move target
A button: Take kick/throw ball
B, X, or Y button: Potential kick/ throw receivers have button icons displayed
above their heads.  To select a player to throw or kick to, press the button
that is above that player.
In defense of the above mentioned-
Control Stick: Move Player
A button: Switch player
Penalty Kick/Shootout:
Kick Taker-
Control Stick: Target Shot
B button: Switch kicking side
A button: Switch shooter
X button: Shoot
Control Stick: Choose direction of save
A, B, or X button: Attempt save
     During Game Controls Intermediate:
Aiming the shot: Pressing the X button sends a shot in the general direction of
your opponent's goal wherever you are on the field.  As with passing, the power
of a shot in
FIFA Soccer 2002 is determined by how long you hold the relevant button.  Use
the control stick to aim your shot to any corner of the net.  This also works
with lobbing and passing.
Power Meter: When you press a button to shoot, pass, or take a free kick,
corner kick, or goal kick, the power meter appears.  As you hold the button
down, the meter fills and the power of the kick increases.
Passing: Press the A button to pass the ball along the ground, or the B to
execute a lob pass.  To control the power of the pass, use the power meter. 
For a quick pass to a nearby teammate, simply tap the relevant button.  For a
pass that requires more power, hold the button down longer. To aim your pass,
move the control stick while pressing the pass/lob button.  The ball travels in
the direction the control stick is facing when you release the pass/lob button.
 The control stick's analog capabilities mean you can send pinpoint passes
through to your teammates.
Ball Spin:
You can curl your pass, shot or lob by holding the L button (ball curves to the
left) or R button (ball curls to the right) while powering up.  Curls are
especially useful when you want to curl a cross away from the keeper, or when
trying to curl a shot around the keeper's outstretched arms.
Keeper Control:
Hold Z button: Keeper charge
R button: Drop the ball
A or X button: Kick the ball (drop kick)
B button: Throw the ball
Hold X button: Header on goal
Hold A button: Header pass
Hold B button: Header lob
Tip: The earlier you attempt a header the better.  Press the control stick to
control the direction of the header.
Double-tap X button (when player striking it is facing the opposing goal):
Double-tap X button (when player has his back to the opposing goal): Bicycle
Double-tap A button: Volley pass
Double-tap B button: Volley lob
Let go of the control stick while in possession of the ball. Your player then
shields the ball from defenders.
Tip: When you are in possession of the ball, use this move to protect the ball
from an incoming tackler or when you just want to hold the ball up.
     During Game Controls Advanced:
One-touch-Tap while the ball is loose or being passed:
Tap A button: One-touch pass
Tap B button: One-touch lob
Tap X button: One-touch shot
Through runs:
Through runs are forward runs by attacking players in an attempt to lose their
marker for long enough to get a shot on goal or set up a goal-scoring
opportunity.  To execute, the player in possession must lead the breaking
runner.  A perfect "through ball" should result in the runner receiving the
ball in space without having to break his stride. Players making through runs
are highlighted by a broken line on the field showing the path of their
intended run and a motion blur.  The line should give the player in possession
a good idea of where to pass the ball to in order to play it into a runner's
path. To send a player on a run, face the ball carrier in his direction until
the run indicator appears under his (the runner's) feet, and press the Z
button.  You can go to options and turn CPU runs on so they will do this
automatically making the game much easier.
You can make the player in possession perform a "one-two" (a swift exchange of
passing) with a teammate by flicking the C Stick in the teammates direction. 
Your player passes the ball to the teammate, who attempts to return it
immediately to the passer (wherever he has moved on the field).
Skill moves:
L+R buttons (while powering up a shot): fake shot
Double-tap L button: stepover
Double-tap R button: double stepover
Hold Y and double-tap L button: reverse stepover
Hold Y and double-tap R button: stepover and drag


4. Icon Bar:
All standings, knockout, cross-qualifier, and world ranking screens in FIFA
feature an icon bar, which runs along the bottom of the screen.  To move
between the icon bar options and the primary menu options, press the X button. 
The following descriptions of icons are from far left to far right.
View Competitions (Season Mode only): View the current state of the
competitions you are taking part in.
Fixtures: Displays your next match along with all your results and upcoming
You can choose to complete your next match without actually playing by pressing
the Y button to SIMULATE a result.
Performance Charts: View the top goal-scorers and most carded players in the
current mode or sort them by team.
Team Management: In team management, you can change your starting lineup/subs,
formation, strategy, kick takers, and transfers.  This will be talked about I
more in depth in section 7 part f.
Save Game: Save your progress in the current mode to a memory card.


5. Definition of Offsides:
Offsides is an annoying penalty sometimes.  It happens when one of your
forwards is behind their last defender before your team kicks the ball to the
forward.  Sometimes I have seen the game actually screw up on their offsides
calls which, made me really mad.  There is one thing you can do though.  Get
your forwards lined up with their defenders, now send a through ball and let
your forward run on it. Your forward can be behind the defender AFTER the ball
is already kicked in the air or on the ground.  Also, there is NO offsides on
throw-ins or on corner kicks.  Also, if all of their defense is on your half of
the field, just keep your forward at the middle of the field and clear it up to
him.  He cannot be offsides if he is on his half of the field.


6. Cards:
Cards are just as much part of the game as goals are.  If you get 2 yellow
cards in 1 game, then your player is taken out of the game.  If you get 1 red
card in a game, then your player is also taken out of the game and cannot play
in the next one.  I am not sure about the 2 yellow cards if he cannot play the
next game.  As you see, these can be devastating if your player misses the most
important game of the season because he is in card trouble.

Red Card-
Red Card is the worst card you can get.  The card kicks your player out of the
current game, and the next game.  Also, your team has to play with only 10
players in the current game that you get the red card in.
How you get a red card- You get red cards from slide-tackling the goalie when
he has the ball, slide-tackling the opposing team's player when he is on a
breakaway that is getting close to the 18 yard box, and every once in a while,
from just slide-tackling a player in the field from behind.

Yellow Card-
Yellow Card is the best card to get (if you get any card).  Yellow card is just
a warning, but if you get a second one during the same game, your player gets
red-carded and you have to play a man short.  The two yellow cards DO NOT make
your player ineligible for the next game though.
How you get a yellow card- Slide-tackle the opposing team's player from
DIRECTLY BEHIND him.  You may also get one if you have gotten lots of
slide-tackling penalties already in the game, and when you slide and get
another penalty, he gives you one even if it isn't from behind.

Free Kicks-
Free kicks are given for having a slide-tackle that misses the ball and gets
the player, or after you get a yellow or red card.  A free kick is when the
ball is placed where the foul was committed, and the team gets to kick it.

Penalty Kicks-
Penalty Kicks occur when you foul an opposing player in your box when they are
trying to score.  What happens is that the ball is placed 13 yards from the
goal, and it is just your goalie, a kicker from the other team, and the ball. 
Usually you score on Penalty Kicks.  Read more about how to score and block
them in the Tips and Tricks Section.


7. Positions:
This section tells you what the abbreviations for the positions are.

GK- Goalkeeper
SW- Sweeper
RWB- Right Wing Back
RB- Right back
RCB- Right center back
CB- Center back
LCB- Left center back
LB- Left back
LWB- Left Wing Back
RDM- Right defensive midfield
RCDM- Right center defensive midfield
CDM- Center defensive midfield
LCDM- Left center defensive midfield
LDM- Left defensive midfield
RWM- Right Wing Midfield
RM- Right midfield
RCM- Right center midfield
CM- Center Midfield
LCM- Left center midfield
LM- Left midfield
LWM- Left Wing Midfield
RAM- Right attacking midfield
RCAM- Right center attacking midfield
CAM- Center attacking midfield
LCAM- Left center attacking midfield
LAM- Left attacking midfield
RF- Right forward
CF- Center forward
LF- Left forward
RS- Right Striker
ST- Striker
LS- Left Striker


8. Teams:
This section of the FAQ is the team's stats.  They most a team can have in any
column is 5, which is the best.
Teams will be listed under the leagues that they are in.


Club                    Attack        Defense        Speed        Overall
Bahrain                   2              2             2             2
Bangladesh                2              2             2             2
Brunei                    2              2             2             2
Cambodia                  2              2             2             2
China PR                  2              2             2             2
Chinese Taipei            2              2             2             2
Guam                      2              2             2             2
Hong Kong                 2              2             2             2
India                     2              2             2             2
Indonesia                 2              2             2             2
Iran                      2              2             2             2
Iraq                      2              2             2             2
Japan                     4              4             3             4
Jordan                    2              2             2             2
Kazakhstan                2              2             2             2
Kuwait                    2              2             2             2
Kyrgyzstan                2              2             2             2
Laos                      2              2             2             2
Lebanon                   2              2             2             2
Macao                     2              2             2             2
Malaysia                  2              2             2             2
Maldives                  2              2             2             2
Mongolia                  2              2             2             2
Nepal                     2              2             2             2
Oman                      2              2             2             2
Pakistan                  2              2             2             2
Palestine                 2              2             2             2
Philippines               2              2             2             2
Qatar                     2              2             2             2
Republic of Korea         3              3             3             3
Saudi Arabia              2              2             2             2
Singapore                 2              2             2             2
Sri Lanka                 2              2             2             2
Syria                     2              2             2             2
Tajikistan                2              2             2             2
Thailand                  2              2             2             2
Turkmenistan              2              2             2             2
United Arab Emirates      2              2             2             2
Uzbekistan                2              2             2             2
Vietnam                   2              2             2             2
Yemen                     2              2             2             2


Club                    Attack        Defense        Speed        Overall
Barbados                  2              2             2             2
Canada                    2              2             2             2
Costa Rica                2              2             2             2
El Salvador               2              2             2             2
Guatemala                 2              2             2             2
Honduras                  2              2             2             2
Jamaica                   2              2             2             2
Mexico                    3              3             3             3
Panama                    2              2             2             2
St. Vincent/Grenadine     2              2             2             2
Trinidad & Tobago         2              2             2             2
United States             3              3             3             3


Club                    Attack        Defense        Speed        Overall
Argentina                 5              5             5             5
Bolivia                   2              2             2             2
Brazil                    5              5             5             5
Chile                     3              3             3             3
Colombia                  3              3             3             3
Ecuador                   2              3             3             3
Paraguay                  4              3             3             3
Peru                      2              2             2             2
Uruguay                   3              3             3             3
Venezuela                 2              2             2             2


Club                    Attack        Defense        Speed        Overall
Albania                   2              2             2             2
Andorra                   2              2             2             2
Armenia                   2              2             2             2
Austria                   3              3             4             3
Azerbaijan                2              2             2             2
Belarus                   2              2             2             2
Belgium                   4              5             5             5
Bosnia-Herzegovina        2              2             3             2
Bulgaria                  3              3             3             3
Croatia                   4              4             4             4
Cyprus                    2              2             2             2
Czech Republic            3              4             4             4
Denmark                   3              3             4             3
England                   5              5             5             5
Estonia                   2              2             2             2
Faroe Islands             2              2             2             2
Finland                   3              3             4             3
France                    5              5             5             5
Georgia                   3              3             3             3
Germany                   5              5             5             5
Greece                    3              3             4             3
Hungary                   2              2             2             2
Iceland                   3              2             3             3
Israel                    2              3             3             3
Italy                     5              5             5             5
Latvia                    2              2             2             2
Liechtenstein             2              2             2             2
Lithuania                 2              2             2             2
Luxembourg                2              2             2             2
Macedonia                 2              2             2             2
Malta                     2              2             2             2
Moldova                   2              2             2             2
Netherlands               4              4             2             3
Northern Ireland          3              3             3             3
Norway                    4              3             3             3
Poland                    3              3             4             3
Portugal                  4              4             4             4
Republic of Ireland       3              4             4             3
Romania                   4              4             3             4
Russia                    3              3             4             3
San Marino                2              2             2             2
Scotland                  3              3             3             3
Slovakia                  3              3             2             3
Slovenia                  3              3             3             3
Spain                     5              5             5             5
Sweden                    4              4             4             4
Switzerland               4              3             3             3
Turkey                    4              4             4             4
Ukraine                   3              3             3             3
Wales                     3              3             3             3
Yugoslavia                5              4             5             5

Austrian max.Bundesliga

Club                    Attack        Defense        Speed        Overall
Austria Memphis           2              3             3             3
Austria Salzburg          2              2             2             2
FC Karnten                2              3             2             2
Grazer AK                 3              3             2             3
Rapid Vienna              3              3             3             3
SV Ried im Innkreis       2              2             2             2
Schwarz-WelB              2              2             2             2
Sturm Graz                2              2             3             2
Tirol Innsbruck           3              3             3             3
VIB Admira/Wacker         2              2             2             2

Belgian League

Club                    Attack        Defense        Speed        Overall
Anderlecht                4              4             5             5
Antwerp                   4              3             3             3
Beveren                   3              3             3             3
Club Brugge               4              3             4             4
Eendracht Aaist           3              3             3             3
Excelsior Mouscron        3              3             3             3
Genk                      3              4             4             4
Gent                      3              3             3             3
Germinal Beerschot        4              4             4             4
Lierse                    3              3             3             3
Lommel                    2              3             3             3
Louvieroise               4              4             3             4
Molenbeek                 2              2             2             2
Royal Charlerol           3              3             3             3
Sporting Waasland         3              4             3             3
St. Truidense             3              3             2             3
Standard de Liege         4              4             2             3
Westerlo                  4              4             4             4

Brazilian League

Club                    Attack        Defense        Speed        Overall
Atletico Mineiro          2              3             3             3
Atletico Paranaense       4              4             4             4
Botafogo-RJ               3              3             3             3
Corinthians               3              3             4             3
Cruzeiro                  3              3             4             3
Esporte Club Bahia        3              3             3             3
Esporte Club Vitoria      3              3             3             3
Flamengo                  3              3             3             3
Fluminense                3              3             3             3
Gremio                    3              4             3             3
Internacional             3              3             3             3
Santos                    3              3             3             3
Vasco da Gama             3              3             3             3

Danish Superligaen

Club                    Attack        Defense        Speed        Overall
AB                        3              3             4             3
AGF Arhus                 3              2             3             3
Aalborg                   3              3             3             3
Brondby                   3              2             5             3
Esbjerg                   2              2             3             2
FC Copenhagen             3              3             4             3
FC Midtjylland            3              3             3             3
Lyngby                    3              2             4             3
OB Odense                 2              2             3             3
Sillkeborg                3              2             3             3
Vejle BK                  2              2             2             2
Viborg                    3              3             3             3

English Premiership

Club                    Attack        Defense        Speed        Overall
Arsenal                   5              5             5             5
Aston Villa               5              5             3             4
Blackburn Rovers          2              3             3             3
Bolton Wanderers          3              3             3             3
Charlton Athletic         3              3             3             3
Chelsea                   4              4             5             4
Derby County              2              3             4             3
Everton                   4              4             4             4
Fulham                    3              3             4             3
Ipswich Town              3              3             3             3
Leeds United              4              4             5             4
Leicester City            3              3             4             3
Liverpool                 4              4             5             4
Manchester United         5              5             5             5
Middlesbrough             2              3             3             3
Newcastle United          4              3             4             4
Southampton               4              4             3             4
Sunderland                4              3             3             3
Tottenham Hotspur         4              3             3             4
West Ham United           3              3             3             3

French Division 1

Club                    Attack        Defense        Speed        Overall
Auxerre                   4              4             4             4
Bastia                    3              3             3             3
Bordeaux                  4              4             3             3
En Avant Guingamp         3              3             3             3
Lens                      3              3             3             3
Lille                     3              3             3             3
Lorient                   3              3             3             3
Lyon                      4              4             3             4
Marseille                 3              3             4             3
Metz                      3              3             4             3
Monaco                    4              3             4             4
Montpelier                3              3             2             3
Nantes                    4              4             5             5
Paris Saint-Germain       4              4             5             4
Rennes                    3              3             3             3
Sedan                     3              3             3             3
Sochaux-Montbellard       3              3             3             3
Troyes                    4              3             3             3

German Bundesliga

Club                    Attack        Defense        Speed        Overall
1860 Munich               3              4             4             3
Bayer Leverkusen          5              5             5             5
Bayern Munich             5              5             5             5
Borussia Dortmund         4              4             4             4
Energie Cottbus           3              3             3             3
FC Cologne                4              5             5             5
FC Kaisersiautern         4              4             4             4
FC Nurnberg               3              3             3             3
FC Schalke 04             5              5             4             5
FC St. Pauli              2              2             3             3
Hamburg SV                3              3             3             3
Hansa Rostock             3              3             3             3
Hertha BSC Berlin         3              3             3             3
Monchengiadbach           3              3             4             3
SC Frelburg               5              5             4             5
VIB Stuttgart             3              3             3             3
VIL Wolfsburg             3              3             3             3
Werder Bremen             5              5             4             5

Israeli Premier League

Club                    Attack        Defense        Speed        Overall
Ashdod SC                 2              2             2             2
Beltar Jerusalem          2              2             2             2
Hapoel Beer-Sheva         2              2             2             2
Hapoel Haifa              2              2             2             2
Hapoel Petah-Tikva        2              2             2             2
Hapoel Tel-Aviv           2              2             2             2
Maccabl Haifa             2              2             2             2
Maccabl Kiryat-Gat        2              2             2             2
Maccabl Netanya           2              2             2             2
Maccabl Petah-Tikva       2              2             2             2
Maccabl Tel-Aviv          2              2             2             2
Rishon-Lezion             2              2             2             2

Italian League

Club                    Attack        Defense        Speed        Overall
AC Milan                  5              5             5             5
Atalanta                  4              4             4             4
Bologna                   3              4             4             4
Brescia                   4              5             4             4
Chievo Verona             3              3             3             3
Florentina                4              4             5             5
Hellas Verona             3              3             3             3
Inter Milan               5              5             4             5
Juventus                  5              5             4             5
Lazio                     5              5             5             5
Lecce                     4              4             4             4
Parma                     5              4             4             5
Perugia                   4              3             3             3
Placenza                  3              3             3             3
Roma                      5              5             5             5
Torino                    4              4             5             4
Udinese                   4              4             4             4
Venezia                   4              3             3             3


Club                    Attack        Defense        Speed        Overall
Anyang LG Cheetahs        2              2             3             2
Bucheon SK                3              3             3             3
Chonbuk Motors            2              2             3             2
Chunnam Dragons           2              2             3             2
Pohang Steelers           2              3             3             3
Pusan Icons               2              3             3             3
Songam Ilhwa Chunma       2              2             3             2
Suwon Bluewings           3              3             3             3
Taejon Citizen            2              3             3             3
Ulsan Horang-I            2              3             3             3


Club                    Attack        Defense        Speed        Overall
Chicago Fire              3              3             3             3
Colorado Rapids           3              2             2             2
Columbus Crew             3              3             2             3
D.C. United               3              3             3             3
Dallas Burn               3              3             3             3
Kansas City Wizards       3              3             2             3
Los Angeles Galaxy        3              3             3             3
Miami Fusion              3              3             3             3
NY/NJ Metrostars          3              3             2             3
New England               3              3             3             3
SJ Earthquakes            3              3             3             3
Tampa Bay Mutiny          3              3             3             3

Norwegian Tippeligaen

Club                    Attack        Defense        Speed        Overall
Bodo/Glimt                2              2             2             2
Brann SK                  3              3             4             4
Bryne IL                  2              2             3             2
Lillestrom SK             3              3             5             3
Molde FK                  3              4             4             3
Moss FK                   2              2             3             3
Odd Grenland              3              3             3             3
Rosenborg BK              3              2             3             3
SFK Lyn                   3              3             3             3
Sogndal                   3              3             3             3
Stabaek                   3              3             3             3
Stromsgodset IF           3              3             3             3
Tromso IL                 3              2             3             3
Viking FK                 3              3             4             3

Other National Teams

Club                    Attack        Defense        Speed        Overall
Australia                 3              3             4             3
Cameroon                  3              3             4             3
Mauritius                 2              2             2             2
Morocco                   3              3             3             3
New Zealand               2              3             2             2
Nigeria                   4              3             4             4
South Africa              3              3             3             3
Tunisia                   3              2             2             2

Rest of World

Club                    Attack        Defense        Speed        Overall
AC Sparta Prague          3              2             3             3
Ajax                      4              3             3             4
Benfica                   3              3             3             3
FC Porto                  3              3             3             3
FC Sigma Olomouc          3              2             3             3
Feyenoord                 3              3             3             3
Galatasaray               3              4             3             3
Levski Sofia              2              2             3             2
Marlbor Lasko             3              3             2             3
Olympiakos                3              3             4             3
PAOK                      3              3             2             3
PSV Eindhoven             4              4             4             4
Rapid Bucharest           2              2             2             2
Sporting Lisbon           3              3             2             3
Wisla Krakow              3              2             3             3

Scottish Premier League

Club                    Attack        Defense        Speed        Overall
Aberdeen                  2              2             4             3
Celtic                    4              4             4             4
Dundee                    2              2             3             3
Dundee United             2              2             3             2
Dunfermline Athletic      2              2             3             2
Hearts                    2              3             3             3
Hibernian                 2              2             3             2
Kilmarnock                2              2             3             2
Livingston                2              2             4             2
Motherwell                2              2             3             2
Rangers                   3              3             5             4
St. Johnstone             2              2             3             2

Spanish Primera Division

Club                    Attack        Defense        Speed        Overall
Athletic de Bilbao        5              5             4             5
Barcelona                 5              5             5             5
Celta Vigo                5              5             4             5
Deportivo Alaves          4              4             3             4
Deportivo La Coruna       5              5             4             5
Espanyol                  4              4             4             4
Las Palmas                4              4             4             4
Malaga                    3              3             3             3
Mallorca                  3              3             3             3
Osasuna                   3              3             3             3
Rayo Vallecano            3              3             4             3
Real Betis                2              2             3             2
Real Madrid               5              5             5             5
Real Sociedad             4              4             3             4
Real Valladolid           5              5             4             5
Real Zaragoza             3              3             2             3
Sevilla                   3              3             3             3
Tenerife                  3              3             3             3
Valencia                  5              4             5             5
Villarreal                5              4             4             5

Swedish Allsvenskan

Club                    Attack        Defense        Speed        Overall
AIK                       2              2             3             2
BK Hacken                 2              2             3             2
Djurgardens               3              3             3             3
Elfsborg                  3              3             3             3
GIF Sundsvall             2              2             2             2
Gotenborg                 3              3             3             3
Halmstad BK               2              2             2             2
Hammarby                  3              3             3             3
Helsingborg IF            3              3             3             3
Malmo FF                  2              3             4             3
Norrkoping                3              3             3             3
Orebro                    2              2             2             2
Orgryte                   2              2             2             2
Trelleborg                2              2             2             2

Swiss Nationalliga A

Club                    Attack        Defense        Speed        Overall
BSC Young Boys            2              2             3             2
FC Aarau                  2              2             2             2
FC Basel                  2              2             2             2
FC Lucerne                2              2             2             2
FC Lugano                 2              2             2             2
FC Sion                   2              2             3             2
FC St. Gallen             2              2             2             2
FC Zurich                 2              2             2             2
Grasshopper-Club          3              3             3             3
Lausanne-Sports           2              2             3             2
Neuchatel Xamax FC        2              2             3             3
Servette FC               2              2             3             2


9. Play Now:
Play Now mode is the quickest way to start a match.  Two teams battle it out in
a Friendly match at Amateur skill level.  Just click on it from the Main Menu
and then choose your team and the opposing team to start the match.


10. Game Modes:
Whether you want to work on your skills in a Friendly Match or test your mettle
in a World Cup Tournament, this game lets you play how you want to.
Friendly mode is where you can match up against your favorite team in a
Friendly match.  The results do not count in the standings.  Just pick your
team and the opposing team to start.
     FIFA World Cup Qualification:
The time has come to show the world what you can do.  The time to put all those
hours of practice, scrimmages, and drills to work.  Choose a national team from
one of the four confederations and battle through its qualifying matches.  Come
out on top and you've qualified to play in the biggest sporting event in the
world-the 2002 FIFA World
Pick a club from one of the 15 available leagues from around the world, or from
one of your own custom leagues.  Play through a full season and try to win the
League, the Cup, or one of the European cup competitions.
Skip the punishing season and head straight to a Tournament with fresh legs. 
Play your way through a selection of some of the world's toughest cup
competitions in the European Champions' Cup or the EFA Trophy.  Create your own
Tournament in the Creation Centre, or unlock up to five bonus tournaments.
List of tournaments:
EFA Trophy
European Champions' Cup
Copa America (Unlock)
Asian Nations' Cup (Unlock)
European Championships (Unlock)
Gold Cup (Unlock)
FIFA Confederations' Cup (Unlock)
     Creation Centre:
You don't have to look good to win, but it helps.  Change the appearance of
your team's uniform, setting new colors and patterns for shirt, shorts, and
socks.  You can also change player names, positions and appearances.
Creating Player:
Creating a player is very cool.  There are sooo many different things you can
do on this game with your player.  Here are the categories.
First Name
Last Name
Face Type
Facial Hair
Boot Color
Hair Color
Skin Color
Create a Team:
Creating a team is also pretty cool.  I have made 16 players of my choice and
then put them altogether on a created team.  It is pretty cool if you put you
and your friends on it and then play as them as real soccer players. You can
adjust the team name, and what their clothes are and other things.
Create a League/Cup:
To create a League, press left or right at the option at the very top till it
says League.  Now just name the league and it will be on the league screen and
available in Season mode.  To make a cup, press left or right at the option at
the very top till it says Knockout or /Knockout.  Now just adjust the settings
to make your own custom cup.
     Team Management-
You can have the best ball handlers in the world on your team and still get
blown out if you don't have good team management.  Take control of every aspect
of your team's performance on the field and find that magic formula to propel
you to the top of your league.  The Team Management section lets you make
changes to your lineup, formations, strategies, and kick takers, plus conduct
transfers to change the makeup of your team entirely.  When you're done, you
can save your changes or restore the game's default settings.
Starting Lineup/Substitutions:
Before the game begins, you can access the Starting Lineup screen to change
your roster as you see fit.  During the game, access the Substitutions screen
to give a fatigued player a rest and bring in a fresh pair of legs.
You can change your formation to adjust the emphasis of your team between
attacking and defending.  Try a formation geared toward defense when playing a
tough offensive team, or go strong attack against a team with a weak defense.
Every team you play is different, so your approach to how you play them should
be different as well.  Press left or right to adjust your Attacking and
Defensive Styles.  If a team seems to have your number, try experimenting with
radically different strategies.
Kick Takers:
Put your best legs in a position to do some serious damage.  Set your kick
takers for corners, free kicks, and penalties.
Is your lineup getting depleted by injuries?  Or maybe your "star" player isn't
living up to his billing.  Search around for the key player to fill that big
question mark in your roster and get your team in good position for the
It's true that success is its own reward, but it isn't the only reward- not in
FIFA anyways.  Polish off your opponents in FIFA World Cup Qualification Mode
and unlock new tournaments that you can access in Tournaments mode.  The
Rewards screen displays your achievements in each of the tournaments.  You can
also view those competitions you have yet to unlock.  Win a tournament to
unlock a Panini box cover-which is displayed when the Tournament is
highlighted-as well as a new competition.
     Saving and Loading:
You can save your FIFA progress and settings upon completion of any Season or
Tournament match.  If you exit the game mode without saving, you lose all
progress made during that game play session.


11. Options:
Adjust the match, Stadium, Gameplay, Visual, Audio, and AI settings.  You can
change everything from the half-length, to the music volume, to the weather,
and more.
     Match Options:
Choose a Half Length, how many Subs you wish to allow during a match, turn
player Fatigue On or Off, and select your preferred language.
Stadium Options:
Select the Stadium you wish to play in, the Weather Conditions for the match,
and what time of the Day/Night it is going to take place.
     Gameplay Options:
Decide on a Difficulty level, whether you wish to use the FIFA 2002 Assistant,
the Game Speed you wish the match to be played at, whether Referee Strictness
is to be Defined or Random, and turn on Bookings, Offside, and Injuries On or
     Visual Options:
Select a camera angle, turn the Auto Replay function On, Off, or Random, decide
whether or not the Time/Score Display, field Radar, Player Status bars, and
Player names are displayed, and turn Wide Screen mode On or Off.
     Audio Options:
Move sliders to adjust Menu Music Volume, Commentary Volume, Game SFX volume,
Menu SFX volume, and In-Game Music Volume, and switch the SFX Mix between
Commentary and On The Pitch sound effects.
     AI Options:
Choose between Assisted or Normal crossing, adjust the speed of the power meter
and the style of the Run indicators (or turn them off), and turn on CPU runs
and All Indicators On or Off.


12. Inside EA Sports:
Here there are some previews of other games, another song for the intro., and
bloopers of FIFA Soccer 2002.  There are:
Also from EA Sports
Training Video
FIFA Outtakes
Alternate intro.


13. What Happens After the Match?
Well, what does happen after the match?  If you win, then of course you win. 
If you lose, then of course you lose.  But what happens when you tie....

End match as a draw- If you tie, and choose this option, then the game will be
counted as a tie game and no team wins.

Golden Goal- If you tie, and you choose this option, then you go to two,
five-minute overtimes.  The first team to score wins it all.  If no one scores
after both five-minute overtimes, then you go to penalty kick shoot out.

Penalty Kick Shoot Out- If you tie, and choose this option, then you and your
opponent go head to head in a Penalty Kick Shoot Out.  The team who makes the
most Penalty Kicks, wins the game.  To find out how to easily make and block
goals in penalty kicks, look at the Tips and Tricks Section.


14.Best Goals Ever
This section will list the best goals that people have gotten.  They will be
listed by the person who sends them in.  So start typing and send those great
goals in! ([email protected])

Jordan (Mine):
1) I was dribbling and was a near the opposing team's 18 yard box.  I
accidentally pressed the pass button instead of the shoot button.  The ball
slowly rolled towards the goal.  The goalie dove OVER the ball and it slowly
rolled in behind him.
2) I was using my created team, and was just inside the opposing team's 18 yard
box.  I ripped the ball at the goal, and it bounced off the inside of the left
post, flew across the goal, hit the inside of the right post, and barely
crossed the goal line for a sweet looking goal.

European Champions Cup finals. I was Manchester United and was playing Lyon.
The score was 2-2 in the final 10 minutes of the match. I had worked the ball
up the touchline to Van Nistlerooy...  As I got about halfway between the 50
yard line and the box, I was about to loft a curving pass to a Soljear as he
was making a run, when I noticed that the keeper was out a bit... so I put a
little more power on the lob hoping to get it over him and hit Soljear on the
run...  Instead I ended up curving the ball around the keeper from the opposite
side and the ball hit the ground and the post simultaneously and it bounced in.
I was halfway surprised when it happened, as was the keeper. But what made it
great was the keeper made a last ditch effort to get to the ball but it was
just out of his reach.

I was playing a season as Leeds against Arsenal and it was 1-1. It was coming
towards the end and Lucas Radebe had it on the right side of my box. I lobbed
it toward the center where Alan Smith was. I hit O twice and he jumped up and
volleyed it in the air. It flew towards Seaman like a bullet it was slightly
over him. He jumped up but couldn't reach it. It hit the underside of the bar,
went down onto the line and in. Fantastic goal.

pringleman 2002:
1) I went to header it on the half way line. The other guy fouled me, (and got
a red card), I shot with a curl on the ball and it went in.
2) I had a throw-in at the half way line.  I volleyed it and it went in the top

Newcastle U. vs. Real Madrid in the European Champions League second game. Tied
2-2 in the 80th minute Shearer gets fouled about 30 yards out. He takes the
free kick and it hits the top corner and bounces out to about the penalty kick
spot where Speed is fouled for a penalty kick.  Shearer hits the top corner
again and they clear the ball. I send it back in with a volley and Robert
bicycles it over the goalie in injury time.

15. Tips and Tricks
This section is just a list of tips and tricks for FIFA 2002.  Some are hard to
do, some

1) To get on breakaways much easier, have a midfielder dribble the ball to
midfield and make the other team's defense try and get it, then just lob it
over their defense for a breakaway that should score.

2) To score goals easier, press the shoot button (X) and hold it depending on
how close you are to the goal.  Now, use the joystick to aim at a post.  If you
do this and your shot is hard enough, the goalie almost never gets it.  Also,
holding L or R to curl the ball makes this extremely effective.

3) Is the goalie blocking your shots when you are on a breakaway because he is
coming really far out?  When he does this, just lob it over his head for a
great looking goal.

4) If you receive the ball really close to the goalie, and have not pressed any
buttons for a 1 touch shot, quickly turn the ball and dribble back to your
goal.  The goalie will follow you so just dribble out really far, turn, and
then shoot it in for a VERY easy goal.

5) A good way to score on corners is to get it all the way to the back post and
then head it in. If this does not work, hit it to the near post and either head
it in, or trap and shoot it in.

6) Another good way to get breakaways is to press X with a player on your side
of the field.  He will clear it and the defender on the other team usually
traps it.  Right as he traps it, come in with a slide tackle and you will be on
your way to another goal.

7) If you cannot seem to get past the goalie, shoot the ball straight at him so
he has to deflect it, then shoot it in while he is lying on the ground.  This
also works if you hit the posts a lot.

8) Can you not seem to block any penalty kick shots with your goalie?  Before
the kicker takes the shot, hold the direction you want your goalie to dive, and
tap A rapidly till the guy takes the shot.  If it goes to the side you were
telling the goalie to go to, he will make a nice diving save, if not, he will
sort of sit there since you chose the wrong way to go.

9) An easy way to make penalty kick shots, is to power up the kick so that it
will go right under the bar.  If you do this and pick a post, the goalie never
gets it.

10) If the other team has a breakaway and they are not really close to the box,
slide tackle the guy.  Sometimes you get a red, but sometimes you don't.

11) Another good way to score, is to dribble almost parallel with the end line,
but pointing in towards the goal just a tad.  Now shoot it as hard as you can
to the goalie's hand that is nearest the goal.  Even though he blocks it, your
angle and hard shot will make him block it right into the goal.

12) A great way to earn corners is to stand just a little bit past the midfield
line on your side of the field; away from the goalie of the other team and
lined up with the goal. Then lob the ball full power toward the opponent's
goal. It won't make it in, but usually the goalie will punch the ball over the
net and you get a corner.
(Sent in by yanqing)

13) Another way to score on corners is to kick the ball to the player in the Y
position. Press Y and hopefully the defenders won't head it away. Trap the ball
and shoot right then. I never head the ball on corners because it usually gets
really off, not even close. I don't trust headers. Volleying is more like it,
but there is probably not enough space.
(Sent in by yanqing)

14) Also, I have developed a strategy (which doesn't work every time). You can
make some really easy shots all the way from midfield. Just shoot the ball (X
button) just before full power, just before it gets into the red zone. Its
funny how when you shoot with the power meter in the red zone is so much more
powerful than if you shoot with the power meter just before the red zone.
(Sent in by yanqing)


16. Secrets:
In FIFA Soccer 2002, there are some secret tournaments that you can unlock
while playing.  There are also some secret cards that show up in the Rewards
section after you complete these tournaments.
To unlock the following...

Asians Nations' Cup: Win the World Cup Qualification for the AFC.
Gold Cup: Win the World Cup Qualification for the CONMEBOL.
Copa America: Win the World Cup Qualification for the CONCACAF.
European Championships: Win the World Cup Qualification for UEFA.
FIFA Confederations Cup: Beat all the other tournaments to unlock this last

Pictures to unlock:
Myung Bo Hong: World Cup Qualification for AFC.
Francesco Totti: World Cup Qualification for UEFA.
Roberto Carlos: World Cup Qualification for CONMEBOL.
Ruud Van Nistelrooy: World Cup Qualification for CONCACAF.
Nuno Gomez: Win EFA Trophy Tournament.
Iker Casillas: Win European Championship Cup tournament.
Thierry Henry: Win European Championships' tournament.
Henrik Larsson: Win Copa America tournament.
Thomasz Rodzinski: Win Gold Cup tournament.
Steve Marlet(computer generated picture): FIFA Confederations tournament.


17. Frequently Asked Questions:
This is the section where questions from peoples e-mails will be posted and I
will put the reply on this part of my FAQ.  As of right now there are of course


18. Credits:
This is a list of people and items that have helped me complete and write this
FAQ. If you submit any information to me, you will be added to the Credits
list. for letting me post this FAQ on their site

myself- for deciding to write this FAQ

yanqing- for giving me some good information for the Tips and Tricks section.

IvefOundit, Dar83- for helping me on some of the position names.

SGVSC4, funkdoctorspot, LadderMath, pringleman 2002- Contributed to Best Goals

Cody- spending long gaming hours at my house playing this sweet game.

FIFA Soccer 2002 Instruction Booklet


19. Copyright Notice:
This FAQ is copyright (c) 2002 Jordan Gilchrist.

If you would like to post this FAQ on YOUR site or publish it, send me an
e-mail and I will give you a reply if you can.  If I say NO you MAY NOT post or
publish this FAQ.  If you use ANY part of this FAQ, give me some type of credit
letting people know who really wrote it.


20. Contact Information:
If there is anything that you want to contribute to this FAQ, have corrections,
or have questions about FIFA Soccer 2002 you would like to ask me, please
e-mail me.  You will be given full credit in the Credits section.

[email protected]

End of FAQ
Copyright (c) 2002 Jordan Gilchrist

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