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Majesty 2 Complete, FAQ by Informed_User, copyright 2013.

This FAQ covers Majesty 2 and its 3 expansion packs, King Maker, Battles
of Ardania, Monster Kingdom. If you have questions about this guide
send me a private message.

Thanks to the GameFAQs board users of these game. Even though the topics
were old and locked they still provided some useful information for the
creation of this guide.

Beware of game crashes, save your game often during hard or long missions.

Table of Contents:
Game Basics, controls, spells, buildings, heroes.
Majesty 2 Campaign Walkthrough
Kingmaker Campaign
Battles of Ardania Campaign
Monster Kingdom Campaign

Majesty 2 is the sequel to Majesty: the Fantasy Kingdom Sim, a game
for PC and Mac. A Real Time Strategy, RTS, series where you can't
control units directly but instead have to use money to entice units
to act, i.e. exploring or fighting.

Q: Is this game worth getting?

A: One of the major complaints against this game is the lack of content.
The main campaign is only 16 missions. The 3 expansions add only a few
extra missions, Kingmaker 8, Battles 8, Monster 10. In my opinion the game
is worth the 20 dollar cost to buy the down-loadable version of Majesty
2 Complete from Amazon. The complete version has Majesty 2 and the 3
expansions, Kingmaker, Battles of Ardania, Monster Kingdom, all in one
package. You may be able to get the complete version even cheaper off
the steam website.

If you buy the download version be sure to install in the order of:
Majesty 2, Kingmaker, Battles of Ardania, Monster Kingdom, if you
install the expansions in a different order you may just get an error
message when you try to play.

Q: Help! The missions in this game are too hard.

A: The missions in this game do get tough fast. Getting to know the
layout of the maps, where the monster lairs are, is a first step.
Some powerful monsters won't appear at all if you destroy their lair
very early during a mission. Also try to get a sense of what direction
the enemies are attacking you from, north, south, west, east, and
set up all 3 defense structures in those directions.

A trick you can use on some missions is to have wizard towers build
themselves next to enemy buildings. Have the towers attack and use
Lighting Bolt to destroy the building if you need it gone fast.

Another trick is to bring in low-level lords with good equipment.
Lords are heroes you chose to keep after finishing a mission. You
can use up to 3 lords in a mission by building a hall of lords.
Experienced lords often cost a lot of gold to summon, which stops
you from being able to use them early in a mission. However, a level 1
lord costs the same as any other level 1 hero of that type regardless
of their equipment. Replay an early mission and upgrade the blacksmith
and marketplace so they sell their best stuff. Recruit the hero you
want to use as a lord, i.e. a dwarf, and have them defend a building 
so they can get money without fighting. After your lord-to-be has their
best equipment, use a fear flag outside their guild so they stay inside.
Use your other heroes to finish the mission. Note that this set up
is time-consuming to pull off and only works for one mission before
you have to get new low-level lords.

Q: Can I keep playing after finishing a mission or play on a random

A: No. Unlike Majesty 1, those features were not included in Majesty
2. The expansions do include a map editor and there are some missions
you can keep playing forever as long as you don't finish the main
objective. You can also replay any mission after beating it.

Game Basics:
The control buttons are from the upper left to lower right:
The Quest Log button: press it for details on your main objective and
optional quests you can complete during a mission.

Options Menu: press it to adjust various display settings and to save,
load, restart, quit the current mission.

Artifacts: some missions let you use artifacts, if you have any artifacts
they appear in the slots in the upper left.

Pause: pauses the game, you can set reward flags while the game is
paused. It is also a good idea to pause if you want to listen to the
messages from the Royal Advisor.

Game Speed: the default speed is 1x, you can make the game faster, up to
5x or slower, down to 0.2x.

Turns passed: the hourglass shows how many turns have passed so far.
Hero Index:shows a list of all living heroes.

Mini Map: the mini map is in the lower left, press a spot in the map
and your view will shift to that location.

Flags: the reward flags are on top of the mini map. Use fear flags
to get your heroes to leave and stay away area from an area. Defense flags
make heroes stay close to a person or building. Explore flags make
heroes move to that area. Attack flags make heroes attack an enemy or
enemy building. Right-Click, press the button on the right side of your
mouse, to automatically set a flag based on situation, i.e. R-Click an
enemy to set an attack flag.

Unit and building information appears at the bottom if you click on a
unit or building. Your spells also appear on the bottom if you have any.

Palace:click the palace button in the lower right for a list of buildings
you can place on the map.

Press the space bar to skip cut-scenes.
R-Click to cancel placing a flag or building and to stop casting a spell.
Hold the Left and Right buttons on the mouse to change your view of
the main screen.  

Your Majesty's Spells:
the spells you can use by paying gold to research them and then pay to
cast them. Most of the spells are not worth using due to their high cost,
but a few are useful.

Sacred Heal: lets you heal friendly units, heroes and caravans, etc.
Very useful. You get it from the cleric guilds.

Extortion: Collects all gold currently stored in buildings, but the
rogues keep a large percentage. Possibly useful in an emergency but
not a good idea to use it a lot. You get it from rogue guilds.

Eagle's Eye: let's rangers see further when exploring dark space. You
get it from ranger guilds. Useless.

Stone Incantation: use it to repair a damaged building. It restores 500
per cast to a building's durability. You can also cast this spell on a
building you just placed to have it quickly built by magic. You get it
from dwarf settlements.

Resurrect: revives and heals a hero who has died recently. The spell
only costs 750 which is a lot less then what you usually have to pay to
revive an experienced hero from the graveyard. This is a good spell to
have when fighting bosses. You get it from Temples of Agrela.  
Lighting Bolt: does magic damage to a single enemy or building. Attack
magic is almost never worth using, it is better to pay your heroes to
attack so they can get experience and money. Get it from wizard guilds.

Thunderstorm: does magic damage to any enemies in a small area. Get it
from wizard guilds.

Sun Stroke: does big magic damage on a single enemy. Only works on
enemies, not buildings. Get it from Temples of Helia.

Ice Prison: briefly freezes an enemy so they can't move or attack. You
can't stun or freeze bosses so this spell is pretty useless. Get it from
wizard guilds.

Grab Grass: stops an enemy from moving, but they can still attack. Does
not work on bosses, useless. Get it from elven bungalows.

Plague and Ravage: Slightly lowers an enemy's attack power, -10. This
spell stacks with the ranger's Weakening Shot for a -20 attack. A little
useful against bosses, but not a great spell. Get it from Temples of

Wrath of Krolm: Slightly boosts attack, +10, and move speed, 50%. This
spell is useful when you have a lot of heroes attacking the same enemy
or building. Get it from Temples of Krolm.    

Shield of Chaos: all heroes get +50 magic defense. A useful spell when
fighting bosses or attacking mage towers. You get this from Temples of

Holy Shield: one hero gets +100 to all defenses. A good spell but annoying
that you have to cast it on one hero at a time. The magic defense stacks
with Shield of Chaos. You get this from Temples of Dauros.

Palace/Castle: your base where you can command the building of most
other town buildings. If your castle is destroyed you lose. The castle
also generates a small amount of gold each turn.

Peasant House/Windmill: home of your builder units, peasants, they
generate some gold. You can't control where these are built.

Sewer Entrance: they can't be destroyed and they spawn rats and ratmen.
More of these will appear after a certain number of turns have passed.
You can build a guardhouse next to them to keep the rats under control.

Graveyard: appears near your castle after a hero dies. They spawn
some undead and you can pay to revive heroes here. Like sewer entrances
this building can't be destroyed, but monster graveyards can be.

Warrior Guild: you can have 3 of the same guild and each guild lets you
hire 3 heroes, so you can have 9 of the same hero type. Warriors are
essential for most missions and their guild lets them learn some useful
skills like Pain Resistance. 

Rogue Guild: lets you hire rogues, the weakest and cheapest heroes. This
guild lets other heroes buy poison to add to their attacks. This guild
also lets rogues get their own special poison attack and stun move.

Ranger Guild: lets you hire rangers and lets them learn some attacks
like Weakening Shot, and the rather useless Pain of Spirit. Since rogues
often make better explorers, a rangers guild is often unnecessary.  

Cleric Guild: lets you hire clerics and learn useful spells like Sacred
Heal and Holy Strike. Clerics and warriors will probably be the core of
your early hero force. 

Wizard Guild: lets you hire wizards, usually not worth it, and buy some
attack spells, usually not worth it. This guild also lets heroes buy
weapon enchanting, +5 attack. You will probably want one of these
guilds just for the weapon enchanting and wizard towers.

Elven Bungalow: upgrade your palace and marketplace to level 2 and you
can build elf guilds in most missions. The bungalow is an expensive guild,
that is usually not worth building. Elves are expensive and Grab Grass
is a useless spell.

Dwarf Settlement: upgrade your castle and blacksmith to level 2 and
you can build dwarf guilds in most missions. Unlike bungalows, these
are totally worth getting. Dwarves are great heroes and having a dwarf
settlement lets you build dwarf towers. The Destruction ability lets
dwarves do big damage against enemy buildings and lairs.

Hall of Lords: acts as a guild for lords, a hero you chose to keep after
winning a mission. You can use 3 lords per mission. Heroes' stats are
randomized when you first recruit them, so to make a good lord you want
a hero who has high stats in their attack skill and stamina. The max for
a stat is 20, a good lord should have 15+ attack skill and 10+ stamina.

Marketplace: you need a marketplace to get any real money, so build it
right away and protect it. Heroes can buy healing potions and other
useful items here.

Blacksmith: lets you research equipment upgrades for your heroes. The
upgrades help your heroes a lot, and you need this building to get dwarf
stuff, so get this building.

Inn: lets you make a party of heroes, a group of heroes who follow the
leader hero around and do whatever the leader does. Heroes in a party
won't run away even if outnumbered. You don't need an inn for most 
missions, but having one does help in some Monster Kingdom stages.

Trading Post: spawns caravans that carry gold to your marketplace, the
further away the trading post is the more gold it brings. Having at
least one trading post, though more is better, is often essential to
win missions, you need the extra gold. Upgrading a trading post gives
it more durability and lets it shoot some weak arrows. Some enemies
ignore trading posts that don't attack, so upgrading is not always a
good idea. If you do need to defend a trading post, use one guardhouse
or wizard tower.  

Magic Bazaar: sells potions that give heroes a small temporary stat boost.
Your heroes tend to waste their money here buying potions constantly.
Build it for the extra gold it generates but don't research the potions.

Statue of the King: the exact effect is unclear, but it seems to make
heroes more likely to respond to flags.

Guardhouse: the first defense structure you can use. A few upgraded of
these can hold off minor enemies. These are also useful to place near
sewer entrances and trading posts.

Wizard's Tower: you have to build a wizard guild before you can build
these. These towers build themselves and auto repair themselves without
needing peasants. You have to pay 200 gold to get these towers to attack
for a duration of time. There is a sometimes useful trick you can
use where you can command a wizard tower to build itself next to a
distant enemy lair and then have the tower attack and/or use an attack
spell, like Lighting Bolt, to destroy the lair. 

Dwarf Tower: the best defense structure. You need a dwarf settlement
before you can build these. The dwarf tower is essential in a lot of
missions where lots of enemies attack. Have a couple of dwarf towers
in front and some guardhouses and wizard towers behind, to make a very
strong defensive line.

Temple to Krypta: You need to upgrade your palace to level 3 and have
access to a holy ground spot to build a temple. Each Temple let you hire
2 of an advanced hero class. This temple lets hire a Priestess of Krypta
and get the attack-lowering Ravage and Plague spell.  
Temple to Agrela: you get the Agrela priestess here and the resurrect
spell. Both the hero, who can heal a group, and the spell are useful.

Temple to Dauros: lets you hire Paladins, tanks, and get the Holy Shield
spell, big defense boost for one unit.
Temple to Krolm: lets you hire Blademasters, highest melee attack, and
buy the Wrath of Krolm spell, small attack and speed boost. If I can
only get one temple I usually pick Krolm or Agrela.

Temple to Fervus: Lets hire you Beastmasters, useless, and get the
Shield of Chaos spell, magic defense boost for all heroes.
Temple to Helia: lets you hire Archer's of Helia, best ranged attacker,
and get the Sun Stroke spell, big magic damage to one enemy.

Ranger: the explorer hero, they easily respond to explore flags. The
good is their ability to do big damage against beasts and their Weakening
Shot which lowers enemy attack power. The bad is that rangers tend to
wander around on their own a lot which often gets them killed. If you
need an explorer hero you are probably better off with rogues.
Rogue: starts very weak, but they are useful in that they easily respond
to any flag. Rogues get their own poison attack ability which stacks
with the poison other heroes get from the rogue guild. Rogues can also
gain a stun ability if you upgrade their guild to level 3.
Warrior: they respond to attack flags easily. Getting some warriors
is almost always one of the first things you should do in a mission.
Upgrade their guild to get their, defense boosting, Resistance to Pain.

Cleric: they can heal and do extra damage to undead. They respond
easily to both attack and defense flags. A combination of clerics
and warriors makes the best early mission fighting force.

Wizard: these guys die very easily at low levels and they often don't
respond to any flags unless you offer a lot of money. At level 10 wizards
gain the Magic Shield ability which boosts their defense. From their
guild they can also gain the ability to freeze enemies and attack a
group. Wizards are usually not worth the cost in most missions.

Dwarf: like warriors, but with much higher hp and magic defense. Dwarves
are very useful due to their Destruction ability that lets them do extra
damage to buildings. Dwarves also start with the ability to stun enemies.
The only downside to dwarves is their higher cost, both to unlock and
to revive.
Elf: like rangers, but a lot more expensive. Elves are one of those
hero types that is usually not worth the cost to recruit or revive.
They get an ability to boost their movement speed and to stop an enemy
from moving. Elves also have the ability to carry 10 healing potions,
other heroes only carry 5, but they still tend to die easily.

Paladin: an advanced warrior class, lots more hp and defense. Paladin
heroes have the highest hp and defense. Paladins can stun enemies and
at level 10 gain the ability to damage groups of undead.

Blademaster: an advanced warrior class, they have the highest melee
attack power. Blademasters gain the ability to damage a group of enemies
at level 10.

Beastmaster: an advanced ranger class, not the best at anything. The
beastmaster can summon chaos wolf and chaos bear minions, they can
also tame enemy wolves and bears. They become immune to stun when
they use their Stone Head ability.

Archer of Helia: an advanced ranger class, highest ranged attack power.
They gain the ability to damage groups at level 10.
Priestess of Agrella: an advanced cleric class. They start with the
Holy Might ability which boosts other hero's melee attack. At level 10
they gain the ability to heal groups.

Priestess of Krypta: an advanced cleric class, they lose most cleric
abilities, they can't heal. Like vampires, this hero can drain enemy
health with their attacks. They can also summon skeleton and lich

Majesty 2 Campaign Walkthrough:
My basic strategy for most missions is to build a marketplace,
warriors guild, and clerics guild right away. I buy healing potions
from the marketplace and the healing spell from the clerics guild.
I recruit 3 warriors and 3 clerics as soon as the guilds are built.
I have the warriors and clerics destroy nearby lairs.
I usually try to get the dwarf tower unlocked fast. You need to upgrade
your palace and the blacksmith to level 2 in order to build a dwarf
settlement. After you have 1 dwarf settlement you can build dwarf towers.
I usually use rogues to explore the map if there is something I need to
find early.

Majesty 2 Campaign Missions:
Royal Advisor's Mansion:
The tutorial stage of the game. You are given a series of tasks you must
complete in order. First you have to build a guardhouse and then a
rangers guild. Click on the guild and hire a ranger. Upgrade the guild
to level 2. Set an explore flag in some dark space to get a ranger to
explore there. Build a marketplace and buy healing potions. Build a
cleric guild and buy the heal spell. Use the spell on any person.
The last task is to destroy the wolf den in the southwest. Set an attack
flag on it and use the heal spell if your rangers get low on health.

The Engine of Commerce:
You start in the southwest corner and need a hero to reach the port in
the northeast. You have unlimited time to reach the port so build up
your town and heroes before setting an explore flag near the port.
Skeletons attack from the north and east but some warriors and clerics
can beat them easily. Build a guardhouse next to sewer entrances to
deal with the rats that come out. Once your town is built and you have
some clerics and warriors, start destroying the graveyards and bear
dens to clear off most of the enemies on the map. Once a hero reaches
the port you need to escort a caravan to your marketplace. Set a defense
flag on the caravan and use the healing spell if the caravan takes
damage. After the caravan reaches the marketplace you can build trading
posts. The spots where you can build a trading post appear as gray
squares on the mini map. Build 3 trading posts to finish the mission.

The Great Towers:
Build a couple of guardhouses on the north side to block the beasts
that attack from the north. Destroy the graveyards in the southwest and
southeast to stop the skeleton swarms. The towers you need to finish
building are in the northwest corner. Destroy the minotaur lair north
of your town to complete an optional quest that rewards you with extra
villagers to build the towers faster. Once the towers are finished you
have won the mission.

The Baron's Bill:
This mission introduces imps and demons, ranged magic attackers. A portal
to hell, imp lair, is directly south of your town. Place a warrior or
cleric guild on the south side of town and they will discover the lair
without needing to use an explore flag. Other then some wolves and rats
very little attacks your town in this mission. The optional quest to destroy
all portals only stops a few imps from spawning. The optional quest to
destroy the guardhouses around the enemy castle gets you some money and
makes destroying the castle easier. Destroy the castle in the northeast
to finish the mission.

Shadow of the Past:
The first mission where you can build a wizard guild and dwarf settlement.
The dark mage will keep casting a spell that damages your castle and
the area around it, don't place any buildings near the castle. Place
a warriors guild and marketplace in the southwest corner. If your heroes
start wandering near the castle place a fear flag near it to get your
heroes to stay away. Buy heal potions and 3 warriors. Let your warriors
gain some experience fighting the wolves that spawn from the den in the
southwest. Save up some money and then build a wizard guild. Upgrade
the guild and your castle will stop getting attacked. After stopping
the spells build a clerics guild.

There are trading post spots north and southeast of your castle. Build
both and place a wizard tower near them for extra defense, remember you
have to pay to activate the towers and keep them active.

Most of the minotaurs who begin swarming your town come from off-map
and you can't stop them from appearing. Your heroes can beat the minotaurs
easily if you place a small attack flag on them and defense structures
can be built around the edges of your town to repel the minotaurs. The
monster you really need to watch out for is the werewolves. The first
werewolf usually attacks from the north and others will attack from
the east. Werewolves are too powerful for defense structures to handle,
you need to use heroes to beat them. The werewolves spawn from a hermit
hut near the southeast corner of the map. Destroy the hut and you won't
have to fight anymore werewolves.

Upgrade your castle and a blacksmith to level 2, and 3 dwarven heroes
will join you. Along with getting the dwarves themselves you will also
be able to build dwarf towers, the best defense structure in the game.   
Dwarves are the only heroes who can fight well against the magic towers
guarding the dark mage tower, in the northeast. Build a second settlement
and get at least 6 dwarves, make sure all dwarves have their Destruction
and Stone Blood ability. Place a big attack flag on the magic towers and
get rid of all of them before destroying the dark mage tower. The dark
mage will appear after you destroy his tower, but the dwarves can kill
him easily. Killing the dark mage finishes the mission. 

The Big Trouble:
The first mission where you fight a real boss, the dark mage does not
really count. You have 60 turns to build up your town and recruit lots
of heroes. After turn 60 the boss will get serious and start attacking
your town from the west, so build a lot of guardhouses and wizard towers
on that side. You can't use dwarves or dwarf towers in this mission.
Use fear flags if your heroes wander too much to the west, near the boss.

This map has lots of graveyards and bear dens that will spawn undead
swarms and bears. You may want to focus on clearing all the lairs in
one direction at a time, south then east then north. Once you have
cleared an area of lairs build all the trading posts you can there.

Upgrade your castle and marketplace to level 2, and some elf heroes will
join. Get a hero to reach the Krolm Temple in the northwest and you can
buy 2 Blademasters.

You will need lots of heroes to beat the boss, 20 or more. Get 9 warriors,
9 clerics, and at least 3 rogues and rangers. The boss is immune to stun
and freeze, but the rogue's poison and ranger's Weakening shot will
work. You need to place a big bounty, 5000 or more, to get most of your
heroes to attack the boss, so save some money.   

The Royal Feat:
The boss, Rafnir the dragon, will keep flying from his lair in the
north to attack your town for a little while. You have to endure his
attacks while building up your town and heroes. Place your buildings
south of the castle to reduce the damage they take from Rafnir. The
serpents that swarm to attack your town are easy for heroes to beat,
just put a small bounty on one of them and your heroes should take of
the whole group. Guardhouses should be used to protect trading posts,
if you place them near your castle Rafnir will often destroy them. Your
goal should be to unlock dwarf towers fast as those towers can easily
kill serpents and endure Rafnir's attacks.

The witch in the northwest asks you to destroy the 3 minotaur lairs
around her hut. After destroying the lairs the witch will tell you to
kill some ghosts to reduce Rafnir's defense. The ghosts hang around the
ruin in the southwest. Send a hero to explore near the ruin and the
ghosts will appear. Kill the ghosts to slightly lower Rafnir's defense.

Like with all bosses, you need a horde of heroes to overwhelm Rafnir.
The easier way to beat Rafnir is to leave his lair intact and let your
heroes level grind off Rafnir as he flies back and forth from your town
to his lair. Get the warrior's Maiming Blow ability and they can slow
Rafnir down. Eventually your heroes will get strong enough that Rafnir
won't be able to survive the trip back to his lair. 

Mortal Foibles of Kings:
Your castle is surrounded by sewer entrances that spawn rats and the
boss will also jump out of them to briefly attack. Place your buildings
in the southwest and build a guardhouse next to the nearest sewer entrance.
Once you have the money you should try to build a guardhouse next to
all the sewer entrances to keep the rats and the boss distracted.

This mission lets you use your first artifact, the Mantle of Teevus.
Click the mantle at the top of your game screen and all your heroes will
start regaining health. You can keep using the mantle over and over to
help keep your heroes alive.

Once you have built up your strength, send a hero to the port in the north.
Escort the caravan from the port to your marketplace. The cheese that
lures out Rat King always appears on the patch of bare dirt north of
your castle. Build a bunch of dwarf and wizard towers around the dirt
patch before going to the port. With a horde of heroes and the towers,
beating the Rat King should be pretty easy.

Life and Death:
The main threat in this mission is the dragons and elementals who come
from the northwest. You need heroes, warriors and clerics, to fight
these enemies as they will just walk right past any defense structures.
A lone elemental will also attack from the southeast, but not as often
as enemies come from the northwest. The southwest has a trading post
spot you should start using early. The werewolves and bearmen on the
south side will not usually attack as long as your heroes stay away
from them. You can use the orb artifact to get more money and use the
mantle to help your heroes survive fights with dragons.

Build up your town and heroes and then destroy the dragon lair to the
north. The elementals who attack come from off the map and can't be
stopped from spawning.

To finish the mission you have to build a temple on the holy ground to
the northeast. Clear the map of enemy lairs and build some defense
structures near the 3 river fords. After building a temple a lot of
new enemy lairs appear and you must destroy them all to finish the

The Gold of Chyort:
You have to get 35000 gold before turn 35 to win this mission. Keep
using the orb artifact as much as you can to get the bonus gold. Don't
try to build up your town too much, you only need a marketplace, a few
guilds and a few guardhouses.

There are 4 enemy rogue guilds and each one you destroy gets you 5000
gold. The first guild is visible north of your town. The other guilds
are: southeast, northeast corner near the trading post, southwest across
the river.

There are 4 trading posts that start working for you once a hero finds
them. Each trading post is near the end of the 4 roads, north, east,
south and west. After you find the east trading post a merchant will
ask you to protect his caravan. Place a protect flag on the caravan,
500 gold or so, and use the heal spell if the caravan takes damage.
If the caravan manages to escape to the south you get 10000 gold.

To start place a warrior and cleric guild near the first enemy guild.
Place the marketplace west of your castle. Use the money you get from
destroying the first rogue guild to buy 2 more warriors guilds, your
own rogue guild, guardhouses on the east and west sides of your town.
Use rogues to explore and find the trading posts and remaining enemy
guilds. Don't waste time destroying the minotaur lairs. Elementals will
start attacking your town after turn 20, keep using heroes to destroy
them until you have enough money to win. 
Trouble with the Afterlife:
This mission is filled with undead so get the clerics Holy Attack
skill. The lich boss in the northwest will keep summoning dark portals,
that spawn undead, around your town. Early on you have to use heroes
to destroy the portals. Later you can place defense structures
around your town to destroy the portals which often reappear in the
same spot.

Use the 3 holy grounds to build a temple of Argela, Krolm, and Fervus.
The spells you get from those temples will help when fighting the boss.
The boss never leaves the clearing in the northwest so you have unlimited
time to build up your town and heroes. When you are ready to fight the
boss have your heroes destroy all the mirrors to get rid of all the extra
lich copies.

The Eternal Love:
The Skeleton King will start attacking your town after turn 80. You
need to reach the graveyard in the northwest to get rid of the boss's
body guards before turn 80. Put a 1000+ explore flag there and a rogue
hero should be able to reach it easily.

Your town gets attacked by lots of undead and a lone ogre who comes
from the west. You can't reach the ogre's lair early on because of a
pack of elementals that blocks the way. You need to build up a strong
group of heroes before you can get rid of the elementals. Once you get
rid of the elementals to the west and northeast you should build a
temple to Krolm and Duros, for the spells.

There are trading post spots along the roads north and west of your
castle. You can use a guardhouse to protect the trading posts near
your castle. The Skeleton King patrols near the distance trading post
spots and will destroy anything that attacks him. Don't upgrade those
trading posts and use a wizard tower to defend them when normal enemies
attack them.

After turn 80 the boss will march towards your castle from the north.
You can set up some defense structures there but don't spend too much
money on them since the boss can destroy them pretty fast. Since the
boss has lower resistance to magic it is probably worth it to get a few
wizard heroes in this mission, in addition to 9 warriors, 9 clerics and
a few of the other hero types.  

Bloody Offenses:
This mission is pretty easy compared to the other expert missions.
You get to use the scepter artifact in this mission. The scepter does
area of effect, group, magic damage. You can use it to wipe out a swarm
of minor enemies.

A little west of your town you will find a hut where Heavensing lives.
Escort Heavensing to the northwest and you get 5000 gold. The guy can
die easily and you don't really need the money so don't worry if you
fail this quest.

Lots of serpents will start flying into attack from the northeast but
a couple guardhouses can hold them off. Weak undead will be attacking
from most directions until you destroy the lairs scattered over the map.
If a vampire shows up early have your heroes concentrate on it, fighting
a vampire is a good way for low-level heroes to gain some quick levels.

You win the mission by killing the vampire leader who is hiding in one
of the castles south, east and northeast of your town. 

Pretenders to the Throne:
You have to fight against enemy heroes in this mission. Rogues and elves
attack from the northeast, paladins and clerics from the southwest.
You have a little time to prepare, the enemy heroes don't start attacking
much until after turn 10. My strategy is to play defensive and create
walls of defense structures to stop, or at least badly hurt, the enemy

Place the marketplace slightly below the castle. Place a warrior, cleric
and rogue guild on the west side of your town. Use the rogues to explore
to the south to find a trading post spot. Get rid of the nearby wolf den
and get the trading post set up as soon as you can. You will need to
upgrade the trading post and build a guardhouse near it, to stop beasts
from destroying it. After getting the trading post set up start building
your defensive lines. It helps to have your hero guilds right behind
your defense structures. Get a wizard guild so you can make wizard
towers and then work towards unlocking dwarf towers fast. 

Before turn 10 you can use the orb artifact to get a little extra money.
After turn 10 you should focus on conserving the artifact gauge in
preparation for using the scepter. Use the scepter to wipe out the
rogues and elves when a large group of them attack.

You want to build two rows of defense structures. A horizontal row
in the northeast to stop the rogues and elves. A vertical row to the
west to stop the paladins and clerics. 2 guardhouses, 2 wizard towers,
and one dwarf tower should be enough to hold off most of the rogue
attacks, combined with you using the scepter. The west wall will need
more buildings and your heroes should be set to defend one of the towers
when enemy paladins start charging towards your town. As you get more
money you should try to stretch the west wall further up and down. Have
a rogue explore to the west so you can see the enemy coming in advance.
In those cases where the enemy heroes run around your wall, just have your
heroes attack them, but be careful of your heroes chasing the enemy
all the way back to their town. Cancel the attack flag if the heroes
get close to the enemy town.

If you can survive with your walls intact past turn 40, you are pretty
much guaranteed to win. When you have your defenses built up enough to
repel the enemy easily you can start going on the offensive. To go on
the offensive you mainly need dwarves. Get at least 6 dwarf heroes with
their destruction ability and have them attack the paladin town in the
southwest first. Start with the enemy marketplace and then the rest of
the enemy buildings. Put an attack flag on the enemy castle after all
other buildings are destroyed.

The rogue town in the northeast is better defended, it has mage statues,
so you should attack it second. Once again dwarf heroes make destroying
the statues and town easy. Once both enemy castles are destroyed you
have won the mission.    

The Demon's Advisor:
The Imp-Advisor boss attacks your town after turn 80, so this is another
mission where you have to prepare as much as you can for his charge.
Keep using the orb artifact to maximize your gold during the mission.
As the mission progresses your town will start getting swarmed by imps
and demons. Place some defense structures around the northwest and
northeast to keep the demon swarms at bay.

You start with more gold then usual, so use it to build 2 warrior guilds,
1 cleric guild, 1 rogue guild and a marketplace. The game will show you
the location of 3 ogre dens to the west. Start destroying the dens right
away, you get 5000 gold after the dens and ogres are gone.

After beating the ogres get the 3 nearby trading posts spots built.
The spots are west, east and northeast, of your castle. Reaching the
northeast trading post activates a quest where you get extra money
from caravans as long as none of your trading posts are destroyed. A
werewolf will attack the west trading post and another werewolf will
attack your town from the southeast.

After getting the trading posts set up your next priority should be
getting rid of the dragon lair in the northeast. The dragons start
spawning after a hero gets close to the lair or after turn 30. You get
another 5000 gold bonus for beating the dragons. After beating the
dragons get rid of the hermit huts, werewolf lairs, in the southeast.

After getting rid of the other threats only the demon swarms and the
boss himself remain. You can reduce the demon's numbers by getting
rid of the hell portals in the northwest and northeast. However, you
may want to wait before getting rid of the portals, so your new
low-level heroes have something to fight.

The boss himself just wanders around the north wasteland with his greater
elemental bodyguards until turn 80. When the boss comes to attack the
elementals will come along making the fight harder. A trick to get
rid of the elementals is: have a hero explore where the boss is to
expose most of that region. Then have a wizard tower build itself next
to the dark portals so you can cast Lighting Bolt on them, the spell you
get from the wizard's guild. After the lairs are gone use the scepter a
few times to kill the remaining elementals. Now the boss will attack

As usual you need a lot of heroes to swarm the boss when he attacks.
Use the holy grounds in the northwest and west to build a temple to
Krolm, Fervus and Agrela, the extra heroes and spells will help.
The boss is hard because he spams a move that stuns all heroes, I don't
think there is any way to prevent his stunning so you just have to
endure his attacks and slowly chip away at his health.   

The Return of His Majesty:
The last mission of the main campaign, but easier then Demon Advisor
and Pretenders to the Throne, in my experience. You get the final
artifact, the crown, in this mission. Using the crown summons a ghost
that distracts the boss. Don't use any other artifacts, only the crown.

The boss, who wanders the roads, is very powerful but only attacks if
he gets attacked by something, or if he is trying to destroy a temple.
Don't build any defense structures, don't upgrade trading posts and try
to keep your heroes away from the boss. If the buildings around your
castle get destroyed rebuild them on the east or west side of the map,
so the boss won't wander near them.

You start with a bunch of buildings and a lot of gold. Build extra guilds
right away to get lots of heroes. Your goal early on should be exploring
the map and destroying all the enemy lairs fast. Explore the southwest
corner of the map and use that space to summon the Spirit of Kings.

Don't try to destroy the elemantal lairs, they will just reappear fast.
To get rid of the elemental lairs you need to build a temple of Daros,
Agrela and Helia. Building the temples of Krolm, Fervus and Krypta will
lower the boss's attack power.

With all the enemy lairs gone and the six temples built you can take
your time building up your town, heroes, and gold reserves. When you
are ready to fight the boss put a big bounty on his head and have your
heroes attack him while he is fighting the spirit. Use the temple spells:
Wrath of Krolm, Chaos Shield, Ravage and Plague, and Resurrect. With
a horde of heroes, the crown, and a huge gold reserve, 70000+, you
should be able to beat the last boss easily.

Kingmaker Campaign:
Eyes in the Night:
You win by surviving until turn 75 or by destroying the 2 goblin guilds
in the northeast. The goblins will start swarming to attack your town
from the northeast. 2 or 3 dwarf towers and 2 wizard towers should be
able to hold them off. Werewolves will also start attacking from the
northwest. Use 1 dwarf tower on the northwest side of your town to keep
the werewolf busy until your heroes can reach it.

Try to clear away most of the beast dens in an area before building
a trading post there or the beasts will destroy the trading post.
Build a ranger's guild, upgraded the marketplace to 3, and then
visit the Fervus Temple to the north. You will get the temple and
a Beastmaster hero. 
The Price of Tranquility:
You win this mission by building 7 dwarf towers. The enemies get serious
about attacking around turn 19. Goblins attack from the north and dark
portals that spawn ogres will appear in your town. More portals appear
around turn 40 and then they stop appearing. Also minotaurs come from
the northwest and dragons attack from the southeast.

What you choose to do before turn 19 is critical. Build 2 guardhouses
to the southeast right away to help keep the serpent swarms contained.
Have your heroes explore the west and southwest sections across the
river. Get rid of the hell portals and set up trading posts in those
areas. Get a dwarf settlement and you get a bonus 5000 gold which you
should use to set up 3 dwarf towers along the north edge of your town.
Later you may want to build 1 dwarf tower in the southeast of your town
to help your heroes when they fight the dragons. Try to get keep your
heroes close to town when turn 19 is approaching so they can destroy the
ogres and dark portals fast.

Keep adding more defense structures to the north side as the goblin
swarms will get bigger. Use the dwarf settlement spell Stone Incantation
if a dwarf tower is about to be destroyed. I usually try to eliminate
the remaining enemies in the order of: minotaurs in the northwest,
dragons in the southeast and then the goblins in the northeast.
Once all threats have been eliminated you can easily save up the money
to build the remaining dwarf towers.

Poisoned Blood:
To win this mission you need to unlock the poison antidote at the
magic bazaar and then pay to research it. You need a wizard's guild
to make a bazaar, and building the guild gets you 3 wizards and 5000
gold. You also need to build all the trading posts, to get the herbalist
to appear in the northwest. Once the herbalist reaches your town you
can buy the poison antidote from the magic bazaar.

First get rid of the hell portals south of your town and build the first
trading post. You will need to prepare defense structures to block the
big goblin swarms that will attack from the north and also the west.
A small swarm will also start attacking from the south but you will
probably only need one or two guardhouses to stop them.

Repairing one of the towers in the northwest will cause the herbalist
to have an escort of palace guards when he appears. His escort will not
be enough, you will need to set a defense flag on the herbalist and heal
him if he gets hurt. 

The Wrath of Krolm:
You win this mission by destroying all the goblin buildings in the
northeast. Goblin swarms will attack by crossing the river northeast
and southeast of your town. Set up some dwarf and wizard towers near
the river to keep the goblins contained. Werewolves and Blademasters
attack from the northwest. A dwarf tower can stop the Blademasters
but you will need to use heroes to kill the werewolves.

Goblin caravans will try to reach their village by crossing the ford
in the southeast. If the caravan reaches their village then the goblins
will get the Wrath of Krolm effect, small attack and speed boost. If you
destroy the caravans then your heroes will get the effect. Destroy the
castle in the southwest to get some gold and prevent anymore caravans
from appearing.

Parental Care:
You start with 3 rangers who are attacking the elemental child. Use
a fear flag to get the rangers to stop chasing the child. Get rid of
all the hell portals near your town and get the southwest trading post
set up. The elementals attack from the northeast. Goblins, serpents and
dragons attack from the east. The dragons tend to fly past defense
structures, so you have to use heroes to kill them.  

You have to destroy the elemental portal in the north to win this
mission. You can't damage the portal until you get the aid of the
temple of Krypta. Get a cleric up to level 10 and then visit the
temple in the southeast. Once the portal loses its invulnerability
you can build a wizard tower next to it and use Lighting Bolt to
destroy it.

Fire and Ice:
This mission lets you use the new Ice Mage hero class, an upgraded
wizard. If you want to use the Ice Mage in other missions
you have to make one of them a lord at the end of this mission.
This mission also features the upgraded versions of goblin warriors,
the Expert Goblin and Goblin Marksman. The new goblin types are much
stronger and can destroy your defense structures easily. Use heroes
to guard your towers or use the Stone Incantation spell to repair damage.

You start in the southwest and must destroy the goblin guilds in the
northeast to win the mission. Rocks block you from accessing most of
the map but they also stop most of the enemies from attacking you.
Kill the werewolves east of your town and the Ice Mage will remove
the rocks. You may want to wait a long time before clearing the rocks
so you can build up your town and heroes.

In the northwest a temple to Helia gives you a quest to build two
more temples of Helia using the holy ground in the northeast. You need
your castle at level 3 to build temples. The easy, but expensive, way
to build the temples is to click on the holy ground spots from a
distance and have the temples get set for building. Use the dwarf Stone
Incantation spell to get the temples built fast. Once all temples are
built Helia will destroy all the goblin guard towers leaving the guilds

The Road to the Temple:
This mission may be bugged, the game makes it seem like you have to
find the goblin village and destroy it before turn 30. You won't lose
even after turn 30 through. After you find the goblin village they start
creating dark portals that spawn a small number of goblins in your town.
Other then the portals, which you can stop by killing the great shaman
in the northwest, the goblins in the town never try to attack you, they
just defend their town.

It is possible, and rather easy, to win this mission using just 9
rangers and 9 rogues. Have your stealth heroes get busy destroying
the beast lairs around your town and set up the 3 trading posts, south,
west, and northeast of your town. There are 2 minotaur lairs on the
southeast edge of the map. Get rid of them early or they will start
spawning a lot of the powerful Black Minotaurs. Werewolves attack from
their hut in the northeast and vampires come from a crypt in the

If you don't find the goblin town by turn 30 some goblin fighters and
two great shamans will attack your town. You should use fear flags
to stop your heroes from finding the town too early but you should send
a hero to discover the goblin town, which is north of your town, when
you are close to turn 30. Once you have dealt with the other monsters
and the great shaman who creates the portals, you can take your time
to destroy the goblin village. Once all the goblin buildings are gone
you have won the mission.

The Avatar, the Pumpkin, and the Temple of Grom-Grog:
This is the last mission of the Kingmaker expansion and by far the
hardest. You win this mission by killing the avatar, who patrols
around the north, and destroying the temple in the northeast. Don't
try to do either victory condition early. If you kill the avatar first
the temple will start spawning extra goblins and a great shaman. If you
destroy the temple first, the avatar will start attacking your town.
Wait until you have defeated all other enemies and destroyed all other
goblin buildings, and then destroy the temple and the avatar.

The main challenge in this mission is surviving the swarms of powerful
goblin fighters and great shamans that attack from the north and the
east. There are other enemies that can add to your troubles: ogres
in the southeast, vampires from the northwest, a dragon lair south
of the goblin village.

The vampires will start attacking first, but a single dwarf tower placed
northwest of your castle can keep them busy. If you destroy the vampire
castle in the northwest you get 15000 gold, so you may want to try to
destroy it early. The ogres will start attacking your town from the
west, two dwarf towers can hold them. The dragons only start spawning
after turn 35, so if you destroy their lair before then you won't have
to fight any dragons.

You get an optional quest to Build a mage guild at the spot north of
your castle. After upgrading it to level 3 your heroes get amulets of
restoration and protection. In other words your reward is stuff your
heroes can easily buy at the marketplace and therefore this quest is
not worth the money.

After turn 10 the goblins will slowly start attacking your town. The
goblins quickly transform into their advanced expert forms. You want
a defensive line, dwarf and wizard towers, on both your north and west
side. The goblins can easily destroy towers, so your heroes will need
to be defending the towers. The great shamans have 6000hp and high
defense against all attacks, the only way to beat them is having most
of your heroes attacking them, to whittle their health down.

If you want to make this mission easy: at the very start build a rogue
and wizard guild. Have a rogue explore the northeast to expose the
main goblin town. Have wizard towers build themselves next to the
goblin guilds and have them start attacking the buildings. Leave the
archer guild on the east side of the goblin town alone, its not worth
the cost to make all the wizard towers next to all the guilds. You do
want to get rid of the guild in the southwest corner of the village,
that is the building where the great shamans spawn. Doing this will
stop most of the goblins from ever appearing if you do it before turn
10. A few goblins will still attack from the 2 guilds on the north side
of the map, but you can destroy their buildings easily with heroes as
long as you avoid the avatar.     

Battles of Ardania Campaign:
The Lonely Mage:
Unlike Kingmaker, Battles of Ardania lets you use all the artifacts
you got during the Majesty 2 normal campaign. The orb for extra money
and scepter to clear out swarms of minor enemies are probably the
most useful in most missions.

South of your town is a ranger guild that joins you with 3 rangers after
you find it. The ranger guild tends to get destroyed, so build a
replacement guild early and put it near your castle. The main threat
in the beginning is the werewolves that will attack your town
from the south. Use the crown artifact if you need help dealing with
the werewolves. Destroy the hermit hut south of your town to stop the
werewolf attacks. Destroying the crypt east of your town gets you 10000
gold, but causes some extra graveyards to appear on  the map.

You start in the northwest and need to kill the Noble Werewolf who
is hiding on the east island. To reach the island you need to clear out
the chaos beasts in the southeast and then cross the river. You can use
the scepter to kill the beasts easily. Once you cross to the island
undead swarms will start rushing your town from the south and east.
Have some dwarf towers set to stop them. Have your heroes gang up on
the Noble Werewolf to kill it and win the mission.

Troubled Treasury:
You win this mission by saving up 50000 gold or rebuilding all 8 trading
posts. Either condition is easy to meet once you get rid of all the
enemy lairs. Be prepared for the werewolves that attack your town from
the southwest.

You get an optional quest to protect the trader castle in the northeast.
Just use the scepter to clear out the swarms of goblins that attack
every few turns. If the castle is still standing after 20 turns you
get 10000 gold. The other optional quest is to help a temple of Helia
or Krypta. The temple you help joins you and the other starts attacking

Fire Wall:
You have to fix at least 6 out of 8 ancient guard towers before turn
75. The towers are in front of the 4 valleys north, northeast, and
southeast of your castle. As soon as a hero gets close to a pair of
tower foundations, peasants will rush to repair them. That can be very
bad as monsters can destroy the towers as soon they have been even
slightly restored. You probably want to wait until you can get the
dwarf Stone Incantation spell before trying to fix any towers. The
spell lets you fix the towers fast if you have enough money.

To start have your heroes clear away all the monsters lairs south of
your town so you can access the south trading post spot. Get rid of
some of the lairs north of your town but don't let your heroes
expose the tower foundations. You can use fear flags to keep your heroes
away from an area. After turn 25, minotaurs will start attacking
your castle from the north. You can try to fix the north towers before
then, it's hard, or build a bunch of dwarf towers, at least 3, to
protect your town from the the north.

Once you have built up some strength, and have dwarves and the Stone
Incantation spell, its time to fix some towers. The towers north of
your castle are the hardest to fix since the minotaurs are powerful
and will attack as soon as the towers start being fixed. You can use
the crown spirit to try to keep the minotaurs distracted for a short
time. You may also wish to just focus on getting the left tower fixed
as that one will block most of the minotaurs.

Dragons start spawning from a lair in the northeast after turn 35.
1 dwarf tower on your west side can handle a dragon. Fixing the towers
north of the Baron's castle will block the dragons from reaching your
town. If you destroy the dragon lair you get 10000 gold but dragons
will keep coming from off-map. Have the towers fixed before destroying
the lair.

You get an optional quest to protect the Baron's castle for the entire
mission. Getting rid of all the enemy lairs around his castle and placing
a few wizard towers around the castle should keep it safe. If his castle
still stands at the end of the mission you get an Archer of Helia you
can use as a lord, not really useful. Fixing all 8 towers gets you a
Priestess of Krypta you can use as a lord instead, not worth it at all!
Conspiracy Theory:
This a pretty cool mission, but really easy to win. There are a bunch
of minor enemy lairs scattered on the map for your heroes to gain some
experience off of. The real threat is your fellow heroes who will begin
attacking your town at the start of turn 35. You win by destroying all
enemy buildings or just destroying the hidden enemy headquarters.

To win easily: get a wizard guild and the dwarves' Stone Incantation
spell. Have a bunch of wizard towers build themselves south of the
tree patch on the north edge of the map, where the headquarters appears.
Destroy the traitor's house that is west of your castle to expose the
enemy headquarters, a blacksmith. Use Lighting Bolt to destroy the building

Hunting the Hunter:
The Hunter boss introduces himself by killing one of your 3 starting
warriors. He will keep appearing in your town to attack briefly
before disappearing again. Placing a dwarf tower in the northwest of
your town will often keep the boss from attacking anything else. Destroy
the 3 minotaur temples, north, southeast, and southwest of your town
to stop the boss from disappearing. Once he loses his ability to hide
the boss will stop attacking your town and just patrol in the northwest.
Kill the Hunter to win the mission.

In the beginning you get attacked by lots of weak undead coming from
most directions. Use the scepter to clear out swarms of the undead while
your heroes get busy destroying all the nearby graveyards. Once goblins
start attacking from the south, save your artifact energy for using the
scepter on them. Get some dwarf towers on the south and east sides of
your town. Use some guardhouses and wizard towers to protect the
north side.

There are a bunch of traps on the map that will keep hurting your heroes
if they step on the trap. Use fear flags to keep your heroes away from
the damaging traps. The freeze trap east of your town does not actually
damage your heroes, so they don't need to avoid that one. Getting rid
of the above mentioned minotaur temples will also remove all the traps.

Completing the optional quest to destroy the goblin guilds in the
southwest will cause your heroes to keep getting the Wrath of Krolm
effect for short periods of time. The downside is your town will keep
getting attacked by a swarm of ghosts and a vampire.  

As usual your town starts surrounded by minor monster lairs. Get
rid of all the lairs to the west and northeast, especially the 3
minotaur pyramids, early. Getting rid of those lairs means you can
focus your defense structures on the north side where the goblins
will start swarming. Use the scepter artifact to kill or weaken the
swarms of goblins that will keep coming.

You have to destroy the 9 monster buildings in the north to win this
mission. The monster town is protected by 4 super powerful ancient
goblin towers. You have to complete three tasks for a sorcerer and in
exchange he will help you get past the towers. Your tasks are: kill the
dragons to the west and destroy their lair. Kill the werewolves in the
northeast and destroy their hut. Build a magic bazaar and research the
3 defense potions.

After finishing the tasks you can destroy the west and east obelisks
to give your heroes a big boost to their attack and defense. The boosts
will were off, so you should try to destroy the obelisks, the towers,
and then the entire monster town in one big rush. It helps having a
temple to Krolm so you can keep spamming Wrath of Krolm during the
rush. It also helps having a temple to Agrela so you can revive heroes
right away if they die. Get 9 dwarf heroes and at least 6 of the other
melee fighters, warriors and rogues.

You can make things easier by using the crown where the monster town is
to expose it. Then have wizard towers build themselves next to the
weaker buildings in the town, gnome huts, goblin guilds and minotaur
temples. Use Stone Incantation to build the towers fast and then use
Lighting Bolt to destroy the buildings. You can actually destroy the
entire town using wizard towers, it would just take a long time since
some of the buildings are very magic resistant. 

Godless Earth:
Thanks to cr4y88, his topic about this mission on the paradox forums
really helped me figure out what to do.

There are lots of wolf and bear lairs in this mission, but the real
trouble is the 3 different groups of monsters. To the north you have
three buildings that each spawn a noble werewolf. In the northeast you
have a goblin town that will start swarming you. And all over the map
you have 9 temples that spawn ratmen paladins. The key is to not
destroy any ratmen temples, as long you don't destroy any temples
the ratmen won't attack your town. Instead focus on getting rid of the
goblins and werewolves.

The goblins can be destroyed quick and easy. Use the crown to expose
their town in the northeast and then build wizard towers next to their
guild buildings. Have the towers attack and use Lighting Bolt on any
gnomes that try to repair the guilds.

The noble werewolves are harder to deal with. Their buildings are
magic resistant, so trying to destroy them early with wizard towers
is not an option. You will probably need to focus on defense, 3 dwarf
towers on your north side, until you have a strong group of heroes.
Your heroes can gain some levels fighting the noble werewolves while
your dwarf towers bombard them. Put at least one dwarf tower on your
town's east side to hold off the bearman who attacks from that direction.

After you have killed everything else, you can start on the main mission
objective, destroying all 9 ratmen temples. After you destroy 3 or more
temples the others start spawning 3 paladins, who will attack your town.
After you destroy 5 or more temples the remaining temples start spawning
the extra strong Senschals. You can try to destroy all 9 temples in one 
rush or just destroy the first 2 close to your town and then the
remaining 7 in a later rush. The main issue is destroying the last
5 temples fast, you probably won't be able to beat all the Sensechals.
You could try weakening all 9 temples by using wizard towers or a brief
hero attack, before you do a serious temple rush. Just make sure to
destroy all gnome huts or the gnomes will repair the temples.   
The Werewolf's Folly:
This is the last mission of Battles of Ardania. You win by killing the
boss, Torvega. Your town is on an island on the east side and the boss
patrols in a circle on the western island. The boss never tries to
attack your town, so take all the time you need to build up your town
and heroes.

Your town starts getting swarmed by undead right away, so use the
scepter to clear away any big group of enemies. At first you should
focus on getting rid of all the enemy lairs on your island. Set a
dwarf tower in front of the fords leading to the west island. After
securing your island, start building your strength. Get 9 of all
the guild heroes, 3 of all the guilds, a temple to Krolm, and a temple
to Agrela. Get rid of all the lairs on the west island before attacking
the boss.

The boss himself has 3 forms: mage, werewolf, dracowolf, so you have
to beat this boss 3 times before he is really defeated. Each time
the boss transforms he creates dark portals that spawn new enemies.
Get rid of the portals before trying to beat the boss again.

Each stage of the boss fight has an optional quest you can do to
make the boss a little easier. Beating the werewolves on the west
island causes some traps to appear that slightly damage the boss, not
really helpful. After the boss changes into his werewolf form, an ally
for your side appears. Put a big defense flag on the ally so lots of
heroes will follow him. When your ally reaches the waterfall in the
southeast all nearby heroes will get a big attack boost. When the boss
turns into his dracowolf form, send an elf hero to explore the
southwest shrine and you get some dragons to help fight the boss.
Monster Kingdom Campaign:
In this expansion you can't use any of the old hero types, only the new
monster heroes. A lot of the new monster heroes are similar to the old
types: Spearmen=Warriors, Robbers=Rogues, Archers=Rangers, Liches=Wizards.
Note that goblin guilds let you hire 4 spearmen per guild.

My standard early mission set up is: bazaar, 2 spearmen guilds, 1 ratman
guild, and a blacksmith. If available, I try to quickly get an upgraded
lich guild for the lich towers and dark vortex spell.

The monsters don't have any skills that do extra damage to buildings.
However, the noble werewolf heroes have very high attack power making
them, probably, the best choice for building destruction. The werewolves
are also a good choice for making into chieftains/lords. 
New Subjects of the King:
The first mission of Monster Kingdom and a very easy one. Get rid
of the wolf and bear lairs around your town and nothing else will
attack. Get 12 spearmen and 9 robbers. You win the mission by badly
damaging the castle in the southeast.

There are two unfinished archer guilds in the northeast and southwest.
You get access to the guilds by either destroying all the human buildings
around them or destroying the bearmen lair to the east. Like rangers,
goblin archers die easily and are not very useful heroes.

Sliver of Immortality:
You have to protect the lich guild in the northeast until turn 56.
The undead near the guild can keep it safe until turn 28, when a large
group of rangers and rogues will attack. Use your heroes to repulse the
attack and then build two goblin towers on the south side of the guild.
After upgrading your castle and blacksmith to level 2 you can upgrade
your goblin towers, which makes them almost as powerful as dwarf towers.

Early on you should get rid of the monster lairs north and south of
your town. Set up the 3 trade spots south and east of your town.
Build two goblin towers, and then upgrade them, on the south side of
your town to stop the heroes who will attack your town. After turn
28 the attacks on the lich guild will become more frequent so you
should just keep your heroes set on protecting the guild. The optional
quest to destroy the southeast human town is not worth the trouble.

Power of Minotaurs:
This is a pretty tough mission due to the heroes who start
attacking your town around turn 20 and then really start attacking
past turn 35. You need to protect both the east and south side of your
town from hero attacks. Get at least 2 upgraded goblin towers and
1 lich tower on each side. Get the dark vortex spell from the lich
guild so you can use it on a cluster of heroes. The heroes have healing
potions so it will take multiple casts of dark vortex to finish them.
Keep a gold reserve of at least 3000 so you can use a few casts of
dark vortex. To get a decent flow of gold: upgrade your castle and
bazaar, build a magic shop, and set up the trading post in the
northeast. Use heroes to kill the serpents that attack the trading

To win the mission you have to destroy the enemy castle in the
southwest. But you can't reach the castle due to the ancient guard
towers blocking the 3 valleys to the south. Help the Koatles in the
northeast by destroying the elemental lair, and you get a big defense
boost. Your heroes will keep getting the defense boost every few days.
With the defense boost in effect your heroes can destroy the ancient
towers. You will probably need to destroy most of the town before you
can effectively damage the castle.

Chosen by the Plague:
Your goal is to destroy all the buildings in  the goblin town east of
your town. You have to destroy the town before turn 50, you get a
reward for destroying the town before turn 30. Get at least 1 noble
werewolf and make it the leader of a party of spearmen. Make another
party of all spearmen. You use the pub to make parties. The werewolf
should allow you to tear apart the towers and buildings of the goblin
town. After the town is destroyed your gnomes will start rebuilding the
temple. Some heroes will come and kill a gnome but they will not attack
the temple, so you don't actually have to do anything to stop them.

Ogres and human heroes attack your town from the south. Use a few
upgraded goblin towers to hold them off. Don't try to complete The
optional quest to destroy the human castle in the southeast. It takes
too long. 

Dwarven Gratitude in the Form of the Orb:
A priestess of Agrela with 7 dwarves in the northwest and a powerful
boss elemental in the northeast. You have to beat both groups of
enemies to win this mission. The priestess is the easier enemy to
beat first. After beating her you can build 3 temples to Grom-Grog.
With 3 temples you can use the Wrath of Grom-Grog spell, 30 extra attack
and defense for all heroes. Having the temple spells will make beating
the elemental lord easier.

After turn 33 the priestess and dwarves will gain extra levels thus
becoming more powerful. After turn 35 the elemental lord will start
spawning other elementals to attack your town. You can put 3 upgraded
goblin towers in the northeast of your town to hold off the elementals.
It's not vital that you beat either enemy early. In the beginning just
focus on clearing out most of the minor enemy lairs and setting up
trade posts. Protect the dwarf town from elementals until turn 30 and
you get 10000 gold. The best way to protect the town is to destroy the
elemental lairs in the northeast.  

Elves and Dragons:
You now have access to the orb artifact again so keep using it to get
more gold. A small elf town is northeast of your town but the elves
usually only attack one at a time. Put 1 upgraded goblin tower on the
east side of your town. Put 2 more towers on the north side of the
northeast trading post. With those towers set up your town is mostly
safe from elf attacks and you can build up your strength as long as
you want.

Get a couple of the usual werewolf led parties and use them to destroy
the 2 bungalows in the elf town. After destroying the bungalows you
get an optional quest to protect another elf town in the northwest.
The quest is bugged, as soon as you get it the game will tell you that
you finished it or failed. Regardless of the outcome of that quest you
should destroy the bearman den in the northwest. Destroying the den
unblocks a passage to the east that makes reaching the temple of Helia
easy. Destroy the temple to finish the mission.

Gift of Lunord:
You win this mission by either building 4 temples or destroying the
enemy castle in the north. Destroying the castle is probably easier
since the enemy will attack any temple you build with extra heroes.
The enemy will also be trying to build their own temples to Krolm.
If the enemy finishes building 4 you lose. So you have to guard against
the heroes who attack your town from the northwest and destroy any
new temples to Krolm they try to build. Enemy heroes start attacking
your town on turn 20 and they start building temples on turn 30.

You can guard your town with a few upgraded goblin towers and the dark
vortex spell from a lich guild. At first you get a message from a
Blademaster taunting you that they are building a temple. Later they
will start building the temples without warning, so keep an eye on the
mini map for the appearance of new temples the enemy will start building.
The enemy tries to build their temples on the holy grounds north and
north west of your town. They also cheat by building a temple in the
middle of the road north of your town. Build a lich tower on the
north side of the holy grounds the enemy uses. Use the towers to kill
enemy peasants so they can't build or repair temples.

If you build any minotaur guilds during this mission some powerful
werewolves will start attacking from their huts in the southwest.
Minotaurs are pretty bad heroes so not being able to use them is not
much of a loss. If you really really want to use minotaurs, or koatles,
then build one of their guilds and destroy the huts before turn 15.
Destroying the huts early stops any enemy werewolves from spawning. 

The Mystic Tavern:
Every 10 turns an inn appears somewhere on the map and a group of
human heroes will come out. Early on you can use the scepter to
kill the enemy heroes in one shot.  Each new group of heroes will
be a little stronger then the last. The last group of heroes will
appear on turn 80 and attack your town from the northwest. Kill the
last group and you win the mission. If you destroy the inn you will
have to fight the last group right away.

You start with a bunch of advanced guilds but you can't build more
of them until you destroy the enemy's 3 hidden guilds. The enemy guilds
are: north, northeast, and southwest of your town. Each guild you
destroy gets you 5000 gold.

Early on you should just use the scepter to take out the enemy hero
groups and have your heroes focused on destroying all the minor enemy
lairs and finding the guilds. Get all 4 trading posts set up and
build your strength, get werewolves, in preparation for the last
hero group.  

Ritual of Death:
You have to kill the priestess of Krypta called She Who must Not be Named
in the northeast. The game says you have to do it before turn 110, but
the real time limit is turn 125. Be warned that this mission is very
prone to causing the game to crash, save often.

Your heroes have to travel through a bunch of narrow valleys to reach
the spot where the priestess is. The first three valleys all have a
temple to Fervus you must destroy before you can enter the next valley.
The hard part starts as soon as you destroy the third temple and open
the way to valley four. Valley four has lots of graveyards that will
very quickly start spawning hordes of undead. It can become very hard
for your heroes to move anywhere.

Don't rush to reach valley four, getting there fast does not stop
the undead from spawning. Instead take some to get very strong before
you destroy the third temple of Fervus. Get three werewolves and make
each one the leader of a party with spearmen. Also get 9 ratmen robbers.
Its best to rush through valley four and only destroy the buildings in
your way, the fourth Fervus Temple and the Krypta Temple. Then put
a big bounty on one of the priestess in the northeast. Once your heroes
reach the northeast, use the scepter to get rid of all the other enemies
so your heroes can focus on She Who Must Not be Named.

A trick you can use before destroying temple three is: explore near
the river crossing in the southeast of valley two. You can't use the
crossing because of rocks, but you can build lich towers on the other
side of the river. Build a series of lich towers that go further north
into valley four. Once you have a tower near the temple to Krypta have
all the towers attack. This will enable you to destroy a few graveyards
and the temple thus making it easier to rush through valley four.

The optional quest to bring a lich to the crypt in valley four is not
worth the time it takes to complete. The other quest to protect the
ogre in valley two is not worth the trouble either.   

For Crown and Honor!:
The last mission of Monster Kingdom. This mission is actually pretty
easy. As long as your heroes don't travel too far to the west, no human
heroes will attack your town. Build up your town and heroes before
going west.

You win this mission by defeating the spirit of kings that patrols in
the northwestern city. You can't beat the spirit until you have built
4 temples to Grom-Grog and used the Avatar of Grom-Grog spell. You
have to destroy the temples of the other gods before you can build
your temples. Defeat the Beastmasters and wizards outside of the city
and then start attacking the city. Get rid of all the buildings in
the lower half of the city so you can build your temples.

After you built the temples and use the Avatar spell once, you can fight
the spirit without it disappearing. Like all bosses, you want to have
a lot of heroes and a lot of gold, for spells, before trying to fight
the spirit. While your heroes fight the boss, keep summoning the avatar,
using Wrath of Grom-Grog, and use resurrect if any heroes die.

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