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                ---Tmfiore Guides & FAQ's---

Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock (Wii)--
--Full FAQ

Table of Contents--
|                                           |
| 1A: Intro                                 |
| 2B: Copyright/Credit                      |
| 3C: Notes                                 | 
| 4D: Characters                            |
| 5E: Songs                                 |
|  5E.1: Setlist (Single + Co-op)           |
|  5E.1: Bonus Songs                        |
| 6F: Guitar Battles, Help & Tips           |
| 7G: Tips                                  |
| 8H: Cheats and Secrets                    |
| 9I: Wii Remote Guitar Alternate Controls. | 
| 1J: Frequently Asked Questions            |
| 2K: Outro                                 |
| 3L: Contact                               |


 1A: Intro

Ahh... Guitar Hero... Our addicting escape from things that take practice and
skill, and that is a disgrace to good guitarists. Love is in the air. In this
FAQ, I will go from beginning to end in the game Guitar Hero for Wii, explain-
ing everything I can about the game. I can't really guide you through the
songs, but I can give you some tips on playing and resources for your gameplay
experience. Enjoy.*

 2B: Copyright/Credit

Nobody is allowed to copy the text in this guide and claim it as your own.
Thats Plagiarism. You may print this guide for personal/home use only. Other
uses violates the rules of the site you are viewing this from as well as the
law itself.

I give my credit in this guide to for supplying cheat codes for
this game that i used when I played Guitar Hero. I don't have many people to 
give credit to, because this guide was made off of my own experience, no ref-
rence given to any other guides at all used, even when I was playing Guitar 
Hero and beat the game.*

 3C: Notes

This guide has most and almost all the references you would need for Guitar
Hero, not how to play each song. Playing the songs is up to you to find out and
beat, but if you need, theres tips. 

 4D: Characters

Heres a list of all the characters, and the price to buy them.

Axel Steel (free)
Casey Lynch (free)
Izzy Sparks (free)
Judy Nails (free)
Johnny Napalm (free)
Lars Umlaut (free)
Midori (free)
Xavier Stone (free)
Slash ($10000)
Tom Morello ($10000)
Elroy Budvis ($10000 Wii/PS2 Only)
Metalhead ($10000 Wii/PS2 Only)
Lou ($15000)
God of Rock ($15000 Xbox 360/Ps3 only)
Grim Ripper ($15000 Xbox 360/Ps3 only)

 5E: Songs

Heres the complete list of songs, co-op, and bonus.

 5E.1: Setlist (Single & Co-op)

Slowride - Foghat - 1975
Talk Dirty to Me - Poison - 1986
Hit me with your Best Shot - Pat Benatar - 1980
Story of My Life - Social Distortion - 1990
Rock and Roll All Nite - Kiss - 1975
Sabotage - Beastie Boys - 1994
Mississippi Queen - Mountian - 1970
School's Out - Alice Cooper - 1972
Sunshine of your Love - Cream - 1968
Barracuda - Heart - 1977
Bulls on Parade - Rage Against the Machine - 1996
Reptilia - The Strokes - 2003
When You Were Young - The Killers - 2006
Miss Murder - AFI - 2006
The Seeker - The Who - 1971
Lay Down - Priestess - 2006
Paint it Black - The Rolling Stones - 1966
Suck my Kiss - Red Hot Chilli Peppers - 1991
Paranoid - Black Sabbath - 1970
Anarchy in the UK - The Sex Pistols - 2007 (cover)
Kool Thing - Sonic Youth - 1990
My Name is Jonas - Weezer - 1994
Even Flow - Pearl Jam - 1991
Cities on flame with Rock and Roll - Blue Oyster Cult - 1972
Holiday in Cambodia - The Dead Kennedys - 1980
Rock you like a hurricane - The Scorpions - 1984
Same Old Song and Dance - Aerosmith - 1974
La Grange - ZZ Top - 1973
Welcome to the Jungle - Guns N' Roses - 1978
Helicopter - Bloc Party - 2005
Black Magic Woman - Santana - 1970
Cherub Rock - The Smashing Pumpkins - 1993
Black Sunshine - White Zombie - 1992
The Metal - Tenacious D - 2006
Pride and Joy - Stevie Ray Vaughan - 1983
Monsters - Matchbook Romance - 2006
Before I Forget - Slipknot - 2004
Stricken - Disturbed - 2005  
3's & 7's - Queens of the Stone Age - 2007
Knights of Cydonia - Muse - 2006
Cult of Personality - Living Colour - 2007
Raining Blood - Slayer - 1986
Cliffs of Dover - Eric Johnson - 1990
The Number of the Beast - Iron Maiden - 1982
One - Metallica - 1988
The Devil Went Down to Georgia - Charlie Daniels Band - 1972

 5E.2: Bonus Songs

All the bonus songs in one list.

Avalancha - Heroes Del Silencio - 1995
In the Belly of a Shark - Gallows - 2006
Can't be Saved - Senses Failed - 2006
Closer - Lacuna Coil - 2006
Don't Hold Back - The Sleeping - 2006
Down N' Dirty - La Slum Lords - 2007
F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X - The Fall of Troy - 2005
Generation Rock - Revolverhold - 2005
Go that Far - Bret Micheals Band - 2006
Hier Kommit Alex - Die Toten Hosen - 1988
I'm in the Band - Hellacopters - 2005
Impulse - An Endless Sporadic - 2007
In Love - Scouts of Saint Sebastion - 2007
Mauvias Garcon - Naast - 2007
Metal Heavy Lady - Lions - 2007
Minus Celcius - Backyard Babies - 2003
My Curse - Killswitch Engage - 2006
Nothing for Me Here - Dope - 2007
Prayer of the Refugee - Rise Against - 2006
Radio Song - Superbus - 2004
Ruby - The Kaiser Cheifs - 2007
She Bangs the Drums - The Stone Roses - 1989
Take This Life - In Flames - 2006
The Way it Ends - Prototype - 2006
Through Fire and Flames - Dragonforce - 2006*

 6F: Guitar Battles, Help & Tips

Having a little trouble trying to beat a pixleated Tom Morello? Look for tips

Heres a pretty good attack technique that always works in battle.

Physical Move (Whammy or Amp Overload)+Note Move (Difficulty up or Double Note)

With those moves, you can watch your enemy go down in flames. It makes them 
unable to hit notes while the notes are doubled and there are more of them.
For sudden death, try collecting a double notes, difficulty up, and amp
overload, and then releasing them all at once. Thats almost like a "Watch me
win in 5 seconds" attack.

Also, don't waste your attacks on when your partner isnt playing. Wait until
your part is done then set it off. Also, don't use it when your partner barely
has any notes to play, you wont want to set off your attack when theres only 4
long notes, eh?

If you get a broken string, just play the rest of the notes in your part and
then fix it when your not playing anything. What works even better is still
playing the note when it's broken, therefore keeping focus and fixing the
string at the same time.

One of my best tips is to save your attacks near the end, and keep playing and
blasting small attacks in the meantime. It takes a few tries to do this though,
because you need to memorize the song a little and know when you will get
attacks around the end. On their final solo, they get a lot of notes, and with
your super attack techniques, they'll get blown away.

Practice, young padawans.

7E: Tips

Can't beat that one song? Heres the best things you can do.

Practice Mode. The Simplest and one of the best solutions. Go to practice mode,
choose the song you have trouble with, choose the part that gives you the most
trouble (if its the whole song, choose full song), and put it on slow. Keep 
working on it until you get at least 3/4 of the notes, then put it on full, or
practice another part if needed. Keep trying until you beat it decently enough,
and then try the song on quickplay/career and play it. If you want to do
better, just come back to it some other time.

Another solution is focusing. Don't pay attention to any of the things around
you, just focus on the song your playing. Also remember to think positive, and
then you'll feel your better, and most likely you will do better. 

To get a higher score and rating on a song, star power is one of the best and
easiest keys to getting a better score. Don't bother waiting until you get a
lot, just use it as soon as you get it. Then, when you hit more notes and get
more, every time will add up. Remember to use it wisely, like don't use it in
the last 5 seconds of the song if you haven't used it a lot in then whole song.

Don't pay attention to your rock meter, your note streak, the background video,
or anything else on the screen besides the notes you need to play. If you only
pay attention to them, you will be more focused on them and will play more
notes than as much of time you would spend looking at your rock meter.

But really, the key to playing a song is to know where your fingers are. Just
remember where your fingers are places and the frets they are on, and then it
will all come easier. If you need though, you can look at which button is lit
up on the bottom of the note stream on the screen.

 8F: Cheats and Secrets

Heres some cheat codes for this game. They are mostly cheats that give more
of a challenge rather than help you beat the game. They are chords actually,
to enter them just play and strum like you would a regular note.

G - Green
R - Red
Y - Yellow
B - Blue
O - Orange


(BY) (GY) (GY) (RB) (RB) (RY) (RY) (BY) (GY) (GY) (RB) (RB) (RY) (RY) (GY) (GY)
(RY) (RY)


(GR) (GY) (YB) (RB) (BO) (YO) (RY) (RB)


(OB) (OY) (OB) (OY)


(GR) (GY) (GB) (GO) (GB) (GY) (GR) (G) (GR) (RY) (GR) (YB) (GR) (BO) (GR) (YB) 
(GR) (RY) (GR) (GY)


(GR) (B) (GR) (GY) (B) (GY) (RY) (O) (RY) (GY) (Y) (GY) (GR)


(RY) (RB) (RO) (RB) (RY) (GB) (RY) (RB)


(GR) (GR) (GR) (RY) (RY) (RB) (RB) (YB) (YO) (YO) (GR) (GR) (GR) (RY) (RY) (RB) 
(RB) (YB) (YO) (YO)


(YO) (RB) (RO) (GB) (RY) (YO) (RY) (RB) (GY) (GY) (YB) (YB) (YO) (YO) (YB) (Y)
(R) (RY) (R) (Y) (O)



 9I: Wii Remote Guitar Hero Alternate Controls
If you don't have the guitar/need another player but dont have another guitar,
use the Wii Remote instead.

Green - B button
Red - Down on D-pad
Yellow - A Button
Blue - 1 Button
Orange - 2 Button
Whammy - Shake Wii Remote
Star Power - Up on D-pad
Pause - Plus button

you don't need to strum.

 1J: Frequently Asked Questions

Heres some questions I thought of as a start. If you have any questions about
the game, feel free to submit your question. Just check [3L] Contact section.

Q: I can't play fire and flames again! Where is it?
A: Its on the Bonus Songs list at the bottom

Q: My whammy bar won't work.
A: Just take the Wii Remote out of the back of the guitar, unplug the exten-
sion, and plug it in again. This will most likely work and probably work with
any other problem with controls. That usually happens when the guitar is new,
but after awhile it gets better.

 2K: Outro

This has been the most I was able to explain for the game Guitar Hero III, I
hope this helps you with your problems in the game. Cheerio, -tmfiore.

 3L: Contact

If you have any concerns, questions about the game, or anything to contribute
to the FAQ, send me an email to my website-based account.

[email protected]

Don't bother sending stupid messages, and any spam you send will be deleted no
matter what. 

I repeat, please feel free to contact me about the FAQ or anything about the

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