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  .^.+                                                              +.^.
  .*=@ %#@";..                                                   ..:"@&% @=*.
  *+;:%###*$""';:=...                                     ...+:;'""$*$^##@$+*
  .+&%%@$@<''%#$=".                                         ."=9^&@#$$^(<@#+.
      )#*@&^%@&*&=*+#&@&>>.        ._     _.        .<<&@&#^%$#>@&#$^&%@(
     .)+^*ioansreko.  ...       . (#*> . <*#) .       ...  .okkhdfsau&^*+(.
   *""""""  _#PSOdAM(  >#@&&^  &^@HBSQAHJNYQ&^&%  ^&&@#P<  )KSJMH#_  """"""*
                   #(_   )%!$o oJKAHGSDJDUBNJAOo  @#@G(   _)#
               +*##=-   ###"   HHX::XHHHHHX::XHH   "###    -=##*+
            _="@@@@>"    ""   :NJKASJKANKXAIKLQN:    ""    "<@@@@"=_
         _-"#####(           @*(!@ &*#^!SG^& GWUA@            )#####"-_
       -"""*               ***@SSo )#&$&#&$( oSS@***                *"""-
                          (#('      )YANyn(      ')#)
                          !        +IAQUSNM+        !
                                    ( !#! )

               \HHHHHH   \====/ \HHHHHHh     000000\   *HHHHHHH>
                ||   00    II    ||    00   00     00   ||
                ||    00   II    ||    00  (00      "   ||
                ||    00   II    ||HHHHH   (00    ====  ||HHHH
                ||    00   II    ||    00  (00     H|   ||
                ||   00    II    ||     00  00     H|   ||     ,
               /HHHHHH   /====\ .HH     00^  \HHHHH/\\..HHHHHHH0.

                                 0000 /HHH/
                                00  00  H
                                 0000   H

         _                                  ,        ._
 /H    |H  ||    *  ||    00  H|    H) ||    *  ||    00  H|    H  (0      Y
 HH        ||       ||    00  H|    H) ||       ||    00  H|    H  (0      
 HH     .  ||HHHH^  ||HHHHH   H00000<  ||HHHH^  ||HHHHH   H|    H   000000o,
 HH     0  ||       ||    00  H|    H) ||       ||    00  H|    H        "*H)
 \H.___|H  ||    ,  ||     00 H|    H) ||    ,  ||     00 H|    H  l,      0)
  \HHH::/  HHHHHHH  |H     00,HHHHHHF  HHHHHHH  |H     00 "00000"  \\HHHHHO*

   ___                        ___           ___           .   .
   |_  *|*  *\ *   ^   |      |_   ^   *\ *  |   ^   ,"""  \ /     \   /| |
   |    |   * \*  /-\  |      |   /-\  * \*  |  /-\  ****,  |  ---  \ / | |
   *   *'*  *  * *   * *---   *  *   * *  *  * *   * '"""   *        V  | |

. Introduction ................................... itdtn
   - NTSC/UC version Changes (PLEASE READ~!)

 2. About the story ................................ tsrbg

 3. Characters ..................................... dccrt

 4. System
   - A. Starting The Game .......................... sstma
   - B. During Game Control (PS2 Dual Shock) ....... sstmb
   - C. Menu Screen ................................ sstmc
   - D. Pause Menu ................................. sstmd
   - E. Mixed Buttons Technique .................... sstme
   - F. Save / Load ................................ sstmf
   - G. Level Up ................................... sstmg

 5. Walkthrough
   - Chapter 1 ..................................... wtc01
   - Chapter 2 ..................................... wtc02
   - Chapter 3 ..................................... wtc03
   - Chapter 4 ..................................... wtc04
   - Chapter 5 ..................................... wtc05
   - Chapter 6 ..................................... wtc06
   - Chapter 7 ..................................... wtc07
   - Chapter 8 ..................................... wtc08
   - Chapter 9 ..................................... wtc09
   - Chapter 10 .................................... wtc10
   - Chapter 11 .................................... wtc11
   - Chapter 12 .................................... wtc12

 6. Secret
   - A. Extra Ending (G-file locations)............. exend
   - B. Event Viewer (Memory Capsule locations)..... evvew

 7. Weapon & Barrel ................................ wpbrl

 8. Extra Missions ................................. extms

 9. Contact ........................................ contt

 10. Version History ............................... verhs

 11. Credit ........................................ crdit

1.  Introduction     []-------------------------------------------------------


Thanks for clicking on the guide.
This is a FAQs/Walkthrough for the game Dirge Of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII,
Sony Playstation 2 NTSC/J version, and may contain SPOILERS of the game.

There is a NTSC/UC version released on 15th August 2006, which contain some
changes from the Japanese version. Again, the guide is based on the NTSC/J
version, so if you are playing the English/NA (NTSC/UC) version, please read
the changes and differences listed below before using the guide.

#- Features

   - No more Multiplayer for this version.
   - Difficulty Level
      - Easy mode not available.
      - Ex-Hard mode can be unlocked after beating the game once.
   - Extras
      - 40 Extra Missions
         - Unlock the first mission after beating the main game once.
         - Clear the first mission to unlock the second, clear the second to
           unlock the third and so on.
         - Few of them require to shoot the appointed Memory Capsule to unlock.
      - Characters, sounds, art gallery viewer added.
         - Shoot the Memory Capsule in the Extra Missions to unlock.

#- Aiming & Auto Scope

   - There's an option for English version which allow you to change either
     Auto aim, Semi-Auto aim or manual aim.
     - Auto aim, which is same as the S Auto-Scope for Japanese version.
     - Semi-Auto aim, which is same as Auto-Scope for Japanese version.

   - That's mean you don't need to plug the Auto Scope to have the auto aim
     function. There's also not such Auto Scope for NTSC/UC version.

   - For Japanese version on Hard mode, you're not able to have an Auto Scope
     at the beginning, means you don't have the auto aim function.

   - Clearly third person aim before zooming into first person aim, as opposed
     to over shoulder view for Japanese.

#- Basic Moves

   - Jump
      - You can press 'Jump' button in the mid-air to perform the double jump.

   - Dash, Roll, Duck
      - Japanese version, press 'Square + any directions' buttons to roll.
      - English version, press 'Square + any directions' buttons to dash.
      - If been knocked down on the ground, you can wake up faster by pressing
       'Square' button.

   - Action
      - Player can now perform shooting or attack in the mid-air.
      - The last three kicks of the melee attack combo was changed, which you
        can perform these few kicks in the air.

   - Speed
      - Vincent can move/run faster compare to Japanese version, with any
        weapon as well.

   - Limit Break
      - Japanese version, press 'L1 + R1' to tranform when the MP bar reaches
        to yellow. Within Limit Break status, MP keep reducing until 0 or when
        you change back to normal form.
      - English version, use an item called 'Limit Breaker' to tranform.
        Times for Limit Break has been fixed, unlikely Japanese version which
        based on the MP point.

#- Equipments

   - Cerberus (Handgun)
      - Upgrade stats changed.
      - Quant Cerberus not available.
   - Griffon (machine gun)
      - Faster firing speed.
      - M Griffon available to be modified from Griffon II.
      - Sonic Griffon instead of Starry Griffon. However, Starry Griffon can
        be upgraded from M Griffon.
      - Upgrade stats changed.
   - Hydra (rifle)
      - Start with only 5 capacity, down from 7.
      - Upgrade stats change.
   * more details for all weapon, please check "7. Weapon & Barrel" section.

   - Names
      - Toy Gun has been renamed as Model Gun.
      - Blow Machine Gun has been renamed as Blast Machine Gun.
      - Middle Barrel has been renamed as Normal Barrel.
#- In Game

   - Item Location/Changes
      - Extra Phoenix Down in earlier of Chapter 1.
      - In Chapter 3 right after you get the Hydra (rifle), go upstairs can
        find 3 bags of 12 Rifle Bullets, as oppoesed to Japanese version which
        is 3 bags of 7 Rifle Bullets.

   - Accessory Location/Changes
      - Obtain Sniper Scope in Chapter 1, no more in Chapter 3.
      - Thunder Materia can be found in Chapter 2, no more in Chapter 5.
      - Blizzard Materia can be found in Chapter 4, no more in Chapter 8.
      - Some more common items like Potions, amount of gils have also been
        changed in certain loctions which I didn't list down.

   - Shops
      - Cerberus, Griffon, Hydra and barrels available in earlier of the game.
      - The only shop in Chapter 3 'Warehouse on the Edge' part was moved to
        the other place, now it's located outside of the boss fight building.
      - Extra shop in Chapter 4, at the ground floor.
      - Extra shop in Chapter 5, before you get the first Omega Report.
      - Extra shop in Chapter 6, right after the first laser gate.
      - Extra shop in Chapter 8, first map coordinate at L-11.
      - Extra shop in Chapter 10, before the Gargoyle monsters show up.

   - Chapter Mission
      - Chapter 1, there was 5 Cardkey as opposed to 4 Cardkey.
      - Chapter 5, total Sahagin is 45, up from 33 in Japanese version.

   - Other
      - When checking the menu (Triangle button), you can still move your
        character. However, enemies can still attack you.
      - Chapter 10, end of 'Possession' part, there's a Limit Breaker itme
        indead of three Mako Points on the bridge.
      - Chapter 11, the battle with Gorgonero boss, he might warps onto the
        rock where you're standing at.
      - Chapter 11, the battle with Weiss the Immaculate boss, if you have
        Phoenix Down effect, you will still get the scene after once KO'd.
        For Japanese version, you will revive before the scene if you have
        Phoenix Down effect, mean you have to get KO'd again for the scene.

#- Damage Amount

   - Rifle soldier deals more damage.
   - Magic attack becomes more powerful.
   - Your melee attack deals slightly higher damage.

 2.  The Story begin   []------------------------------------------------------


Dirge Of Cerberus (DoC) is one of the Final Fantasy VII series, is a story
about three years after Final Fantasy VII, also meant it's taking place in one
year after Advent Children.

A mysterious group of soliders called " Deep Ground Soldiers " (DG Soldiers),
created by the Shinra Company on the President Shinra's order underneath
Midgar. They became trapped when the Meteor crisis event in Final Fantasy VII,
but now they have found the way to escape from their underground lair.

Vincent Valentine is somehow connected to the DG Soliders as they seem to have
been searching for him for some time.

In the game, you will play the role of Vincent Valentine, a mysterious gunner
in Final Fantasy VII.

 3.  Character  []------------------------------------------------------------


 | Vincent Valentine |

The mysterious gunner from Final Fantasy VII, Vincent Valentine.
Appears as a tall and and brooding character with long untidy black hair
wearing a shabby red cloak over black clothes. His left arm below his elbow
has been replaced with a golden metal claw like hand. It isn't know weather
this hand is prosthetic mechanical arm or a gauntlet which cover up some
deformity or injury. His cloak is held together with a number of buckles and
it half cover his face.

 | Cait Sith |

A remote control mechanical cat developed by Reeve in Shinra, we meet him in
the Gold Saucer as a fortune teller in Final Fantasy VII. He then joins the
team and is later discover to be a spy for Shinra in incident when revisit
to the Gold Saucer. He is a large black cat with a white patch on his chest
that goes up to his forehead. He wears a small red cloak that is tied around
his nick and has a small crown on his head.

 | Reeve Tuesti |

Reeve is one of the Shinra Executives and is the Head of Urban Development
Department. The man who controls Cait Sith and discover that Hojo is sending
power to the Sister Ray that would have destroyed Midgar. He is now the leader
of the World Restoration Organization (WRO).

 | Yuffie Kisaragi |

She is a material hunter from Wutai, a young girl good in ninja skills. In
Final Fantasy VII story, materials are the only thing she care, even trying
to lie her friend because of getting the materials. She doesn't feel well
when she is staying in the airship, always feel like going to vomit but never
happen. Now she's working with Reeve. 

 | Cid Highwind |

He is good in mechanics skill and knowledge, also an expert pilot. Now he's
working with Reeve, and he supporting his airship, Sierra to WRO. He is the
captain in the airship.

 | Shelke |

One of the elite in Deep Ground Soldier. Her weapon consist of two amber
colored energy lances, which she dual wields. She is also seen with glowing
amber eyes, this suggests that she has been altered or enchanced some how.
Because of an incident, she lately decided to stand in WRO side to help

 | Deep Ground Soldier |

The Deep Ground Soldiers (DG Soldiers) are the main enemies in the game, they
have lot of technology available to them, much of which they use to find what
they need or to get it. They have very powerful weapons, vehicles, also been
a number of beasts and strange creates they have control over. What they are
is still unknown, they could very easily be people that have been mutated in
some of Professor Hojo's experiments.

 | World Restoration Organization |

The World Restoration Organization (WRO) is the troops which are working to
recover and restore everything that already been destroyed. 
They're also protecting the planet as well, they're helping Vincent and
opposition with Deep Ground Soldiers in the game.

 4.  System   []---------------------------------------------------------------

                   -----|   A. Starting The Game   |-----

 ------X~~~> I. - Difficulty level
When you start a new game, there are 3 different levels which are easy, normal
and hard. The differents between levels are:

  easy  - start with S AUTO-SCOPE, less damage from enemies' attack.
  normal- start with AUTO-SCOPE, normal damage from enemies' attack.
  hard  - start with no AUTO-SCOPE, more damage from enemies' attack.

* Function of AUTO-SCOPE is like auto-aim. If you had equip the scope, you can 
  see a big circle when you're aiming, the target spot will auto stick to
  the enemies whoever appear in that circle, so you no need to be too
  accurated to aim your target.

  S AUTO-SCOPE is exactly same, but it has the larger area to spot out
  the enemies.(but the size of the circle on the screen still the same.)

  Easy to say, with AUTO-SCOPE, you can shoot enemies more easier.

* Here are some experiments I did for investigate the damage from enemies'
  attack in different levels. (all taken from the soldiers at the beginning.)

   easy  - one shot reduce 11 HP
   normal- one shot reduce 44 HP
   hard  - one shot reduce 53 HP

* Another thing is the harder difficulty level you play, the more enemies you
  will encounter in game.

You can't change the difficulty level during the game unless you start another
new game.

 ------X~~~> II. Config
After the you had selected the difficulty level, you will come to the Config
menu with:

  Vibration : ON / OFF (default is ON)
  Sound     : Stereo / Mono (default is Stereo)
  Vertical Aiming view   : Reverse / Normal (default is Reverse)
  Horizontal Aiming view : Reverse / Normal (default is Reverse)
  Vertical Camera view   : Reverse / Normal (default is Reverse)
  Horizontal Camera view : Reverse / Normal (default is Reverse)

After confirm the config setting, the game start.
* you still can change the config during the game.

           -----|  B. During Game Control (PS2 Dual Shock)  |-----

- Triangle = Menu screen with:
    - Map, Items, Customize, Status, Config (from top to bottom)

- Square = Duck / Stand

- X = Work as cancel button, melee attack.

- Circle = Work as confirm button, jump, open door, climb and so on.

- L1 = Use gun with magic shot.

- L2 = Quick weapon changing between your Weapon 1, Weapon 2 and Weapon 3.

- R1 = Use gun.

- R2 = Reload.

- Up = Quick map.

- Down = *nothing

- Left = Change to next items.

- Right = Use items.

- Select = *nothing

- Start = Pause menu
    - Restart Mission, Save and Exit, Exit to Main Menu (from top to buttom)

- Left Analog (L3)= Moving the charater.
  * Press down    = Set camera to default view.

- Right Analog(R3)= Moving the camera.
  * Press down    = Zoom into first person view.

                        -----|  C. Menu Screen  |------

The following are the menu when you press triangle (default button),
they are:

   --- MAP ---
~View your current location in the map, the location you need to go.

   --- ITEM ---
~Use / Discard / Set your items.

   --- CUSTOMIZE ---
~Customize your gun with the accessories you have.
~Select the gun you want to equip by using L2 / R2
~Here is the menu options:
   =- Gun select
   =- Barrel select
   =- Scope select
   =- Accessory select
   =- Materia select
   =- Bullet remain

   --- STATUS ---
~View your current states

   --- CONFIG ---
~Allow you to change the config during the game.
Here is the menu options:

                =[ Page 1/5 General Config ]=
               Vibrattion : ON / OFF
          Aim Sensitivity : slow ================ fast
     Vertical Aiming view : Reverse / Normal
   Horizontal Aiming view : Reverse / Normal
     Camera Turning Speed : slow ================ fast
     Vertical Camera view : Reverse / Normal
   Horizontal Camera view : Reverse / Normal
              Mouse Speed : slow ================ fast
           Keyboard usage : ???

                =[ Page 2/5 Controller Button ]=
                     Menu : Triangle
                    Pause : Start
             Jump/Confirm : Circle
              Duck, Stand : Square
                    Shoot : R1
    Reload/Character pic? : R2
                     Zoom : L3
                 Material : L1
              Limit Break : L1 + R2
      Melee Attack/Cancel : X
              Next Weapon : L2
          Previous Weapon : -

                =[ Page 3/5 Mouse Button ]=
                     Menu : Wheel Click
                    Pause : -
             Jump/Confirm : -
              Duck, Stand : -
                    Shoot : Left Click
    Reload/Character pic? : -
                     Zoom : -
                 Material : -
      Melee Attack/Cancel : Right Click
              Next Weapon : Wheel Down
          Previous Weapon : Wheel up
      Default Camera View : -

                =[ Page 4/5 Keyboard Button ]=
                     Menu : V
                    Pause : Pause
                  Forward : W
                 Backward : S
                Move Left : A
               Move Right : D
                  Walking : Shift
             Jump/Confirm : Space
              Duck, Stand : X
                    Shoot : Enter
    Reload/Character pic? : R
                     Zoom : Z

                =[ Page 5/5 Other ]=
                    Sound : Stereo / Mono
                Subtitles : ON / OFF
         Character's name : ON / OFF
               Brightness : dark ================== bright

Press " Square " to default setting

                         -----|  D. Pause Menu  |-----

Following are the menu when you press Start button, they are:

   --- Restart current stage ---
Restart the current stage from check point.

   --- Save and Exit game ---
Save your current process in the stage and automatically return to main menu.

   --- Return to main menu ---
Straight away return to main menu screen without saving.

                  -----|  E. Mixed Buttons Technique  |-----

- During the cut scene or CG, press "Start" then "Circle" buttons to skip it.

- During the game, move the "L3" stick and "Square" to dodge / roll.

- When MP bar reach the yellow colour, press "L1" and "R1" to perform the
  limit break, but the MP will decrease half, and keep decreasing until
  Vincent change back to normal.
 * NOTE: Your damage, defend, will slightly increase, and also you can
         jump higher during the limit break statue.

- Press "L1" and "R1" during the limit break will change back to normal.

- When anythings knocked you down, keep hitting the circle or square button
  before you fallen on the ground, if you hit it right, you could quick
  recover from falling to the ground.

                        -----|  F. Save / Load  |-----

Once you start the game, it's autamatically create a game data.
Included auto-save system, will save at all the check points that you passed,
so if you load game, you can start from any check point that you already gone
through before.

-= SAVE =-
You can save your current process by choosing the second option in Pause Menu,
but it's like a temporary data, once you load back to the game, this temporary
data will automatically been deleted even you load in the other check point.

-= LOAD =-
Select "Single Play" in the main menu, now choose the stage that you want to
start from. If you load the temperate data, you will straight away at the
point you saved.

                          -----|  G. Level Up  |-----

You can check your experience in the "Status" mode under the "Triangle Menu",
displayed as " EXP ".

Although the EXP you gain over than the EXP for next level, but you still in
the same level, because the EXP will only be gained exaclty after you finish
the chapter.

Once you finish the chapter, you will see your chapter ended result, the first
and second pages are showing how good did you finish the chapter. Then the
"Third Page" is the EXP exchange page with two options, 
  - The first option  = use the EXP for you level, which means level up.
  - The second option = exchange the EXP to Gil, 1 EXP equal to 10 Gil

Another way you can level up is after you been defeated. You will be able
to choose whether you want to store current EXP to your total experience.

5.  Walkthrough   []----------------------------------------------------------

                     ----------|   CHAPTER 1   |----------

Reference map:

* NOTE: All reference maps below are cloned from the actual map in the game,
        and they're view from the same direction in the game.

        For easy to be understood, I'd decided to draw the map out roughly
        for certain locations, hopefully they're helped.

 North       -----------------------------------
   ^         | I                               |
   |         ----------------------------      |
W--+--E                          |  B   |      |
   |                             -------|      | 
   |                                    |      |
   S                               ------      |
                                   |           |
                                   |   ---------
                               -----   |
                               |  ------
                               |  |
                               |  |
                               |  ---------
                               |-------   |
                                      |   |
                                      |   |
                                     /   /
 ______________---------------------'   /
(__S___________          L             /
               -------------------/   /
                                 /   /
                                /   /              B = Building
                                |   |              C = Crate
                                | C |              I = Item
                                -----              L = Ladder
                                                   S = Starting

After the long CG, prepare to press your R1 button. When you just able to
control Vincent, there are three DG soldiers appear in front, and they are
probably shooting at you, no doubt, just kill them. Go the your right hand
side, take the potion and climb the ladder. Go forward until the T junction,
go left way (the end of right way got a white crate which can be destroyed for
a random item, but mostly the crate is empty). There are some enemies on the
way, just take them down. Until you reach a building at your left hand side,
get inside to the building and go down until you reach to exit, beat down the
soldiers on the way.

Reference map:
              |    |------------------------
__________    |    ___E___________________S_
|      G |    |    |
| C      |    |    |
|        |    |   I|
|____ ___|    |    |
    | |       | E  |
    | |       |    |
    | |--------    |
    |    A M       |
    -----------    |
              |    |
              |    |
              |    |
              |    |
              |    |___________________________
              |                              R|      A = Accessory
              |-------------------  -----------      C = Crates
                                 |  |                E = Event
                                 |  |_______         G = Gate with laser
                                 |      I R|         I = Item
                                 |----------         M = Mako Point
                                                     R = Refugee
                                                     S = Staring

After the cut scene, storm in the front until the E area, a group of people
run inside and chasing by the soldiers, kill the soldiers, and don't worry
about the people, Vincent's gun won't hurt the innocent people.
Once you reached the main road, you can see a group of soldier at your left
hand side, defeat all of them. After that keep go forward until another E area
a peaple suddenly run out from the right path and chasing by the soldiers also,
kill the soldiers. Keep going forward until the end and turn left, you can see
some enemies, shoot them before they notice you. After disposed them, go inside
and save the refugee.

*NOTE: the more refugee you save, the more gil you gain in the end of chapter.

Now go back to the "T-junction" you did pass through just now. Get in the path
and stand on the blue light area. This is a MP (Mako Point) filler aura,
after you stand on it, your MP was increased. Don't forgot the take the box
beside, it's your gun enhancer. After you plug it to the gun, it will able
to use a magic shot, and this is a " Fire " spell enhancer, so you can cast 
somthing like fire ball from you gun. Press L1 to aim and press one more time
to shoot, you still can use normal shooting by pressing R1 button.

Finish the arrangment go forward to trigger a cut scene. Then go to the laser
gate and press circle, you need a Card Key for open this gate. Turn back and
wait a while, two soldiers will spawn form the path and the door at the side,
one of them has the Card Key (the one came from the door)kill them and get
the Card and open the laser gate.

Reference map:
                                \ \
                                 \ \
                              __  \ \
                              \C\_/  \   _
                               \I     \_/ \
                                \I      __/
                                 \ I    \
                                  \I  /\ \
                                   \_/  \ \
                                         \ \
             ___                         / /
_____________| |________________________/ /
|                             M          /
|- ----------| |------------------------/      C = Crate
 | |         | |                               I = Item
 |S|         | |                               M = Mako Point
             |_|                               S = Starting

Just only one way to go in this section, so just follow to road. Until the
junction, you will see some people escape from the shooting of a aeroplane.
Well, I can't do anything for this, but fortunately nobody dies here.
After this, you can see another Mako Point in front, go there and fill some MP.
If your MP bar already reached the yellow, you can use the limit break. To
perform the limit break, simply press L1 and R1 together (default setting).

There is another cut scene after you pass through the Mako Point, a girl caught
by a beast. When you reach that area, the beast has bring the child into a
machine crate. Now your mission is save the child out from the crate. Go to
the machine crate which trapped the child, press circle to open the door.
While waiting the door completly open, some enemies are spawnning from all
direction, some of them are hiding in the building, they'll shoot you through
the second floor window, and also some soldiers and beasts at the ground floor.
No need to worry about the child, as long as you defeat all enemies. Take the
item behind the machine crate, then keep going forward to the next area.

Reference map:
         /  /
        /   \
        |__| \          |--|      ___
            \ \         |R |      |G|
            |M \        |  |      | |           C = Card Key
/\          --| |       |  |      | |           E = Event
\ \-----------| |-------- E-------| |----\      G = Gate with laser
 \E_____________________________________  \     M = Mako Point
 ##                                     \  \    R = Refugee
  R                                      \S \   S = Starting

Now go to the gate with laser in the first junction and press circle, knowing
as you need another Card Key for this laser gate. Go back to the main road and
reach to the second juction to trigger a event. After the cut scene, shoot
down all the soldiers to save the refugee. Then get into the third juntion for
the Card Key, halfway got a Mako Point. Prepare to fight with a group of
soldiers. Shoot the explosive barrel to finish them faster, but they are quite
easy to beat also. The Card Key is located near the burning area, take it and
return to the main road. Turn to the Western section, and now you will see
a few refugees attacking by the soldiers from other side and blocking by the
fire, you can't cross there, so you need to shoot down all of them to save
the refugees.

After this, go back to the laser gate, use the Card Key to open the gate and
go inside. Go up the stair and go down to other side, and there are few groups
of enemies will appear. In this narrow place, better kill all the enemies,
and one of them appear in the last group before you go out will drop a
"Long Barrel" for your gun after you kill him. The Long Barrel allow you
to damage to the enemies from further distance, but you move slow when
you're aiming. Take the items around the staircase, after this go outside.

BOSS FIGHT : ƒhƒ‰ƒSƒ“ƒtƒ‰ƒCƒ„[ (Dragon Flyer)

It's like an aeroplane mixed with helicopter. It will attack you by the
machine gun or rocket launcher, and the rocket is always homing to you. Try
use jump to evade the rocket when it's close, if you duck, the explosion
might still hurt you althought you successfully evaded to shot. But don't
worry, it doesn't deal much damage. About the machine gun attack, you can just
keep runing or hide behind the boxes at the corner, it doesn't deal much damage

This boss always flying in the air, and sometimes the building might blocking
you from shoot it, so don't waste the chances when you can hit it. Don't forgot
to plug the Long Barrel on your gun. Use the magic shot could hurt it more, but
try don't use it when the plane is getting far, the shot will easily miss.

After it's several rounds rotating, the plane (boss) will release some
soldiers to attack you, finish off the soldiers before continue targeting on
the boss.

Reference map:
  | I        |      |
  |-------.  |    G |
  |_______|  |==--------------------
  | S                             
  |          |==-------==--------|        G = Gil (500)
  |          |    G   |          |        I = Item
  |__________|        |          |        S = Starting
             |  X     | I   G    |        X = Shop machine

After defeating the boss fight, you will come to a place looks like office
room. Now take the item behind the table at your left, it is a Phoenix Down,
like the other Final Fantasy also, it can revive from KO after you use it.
Enter all the rooms to get some gil and item. 

Inside the first room at you right side can find a first " Shop Machine "
in the game, you can buy, sell your inventory items or accessories here,
also you can spend some gil to tune up your weapon.
The shop menu options are: BUY, SELL, TUNE, from left to right.
The items are selling in this Shop Machine:
-Potion (100 gil),
-Phoenix Down (1000 gil)
-ƒnƒ“ƒhƒJƒ“‚Ìœ[ (10 gil)  *the bullet for your current gun

Now go up the end and take the " Short barrel " beside the stair. Short Barrel
is suitable for shooting the closer enemies, just as oppose with Long Barrel.
Go up throw the staircase to trigger the cut scene. After it, kill the
solider whoever comes out from the fallen wall, except the two DG elites that
you can't shoot them.

After another cut scene, you are back to the outside. The DG soliders are
unlimited spawning before you reach door at the South-East area. You can kill
some of them before go to that door for getting some experiences. Once you
reach the South-East area, the WRO force appear to help. Now you have to go to
the Eastern section in the city, here is nothing to do anymore other then take
the two Mako Point and destroy the crates around to getting some items. Leave
this area throw the opened door. Just go forward until the fire area, there is
another cut scene here, if you don't skip this scene, you will be asking to
choose from four options, the first option is something like the Shop Machine,
you can take the HP or MP recovery items for free, maximum five for each. But
you can't tune you weapons here. The second and third option are telling you
some infomations only. The last option is MOVE!

Remember to take the Griffon behind the huge boxes on your left side before
you leave here, it's a machine gun. Take also the bullets for it beside.
Now go until the junction, go front or left (North area) way to kill all the DG
force to save the people and WRO force as well. Then advance to the other way,
help WRO force to defeat all the enemies. Destroy the crates in the right
corner for the Card Key, take the accessory under the small pavilion in front
of the house. Go to the left way laser gate before the right way, open the
laser gate you can take 500 gil and another Card Key, now only go to the laser
gate at the right way.

*NOTE : the more WRO force alive, the more gil you gain in the end of the
        chapter, same like the refugees.

Now just follow the road, some enemies spawn in the halfway, some of them from
the rooftop, easily take them down. A Mako Point and a bag of bullet are on the
building's ground at you right side, jump to there to take them if you want.
Continue the road until reach the Eastern section.

BOSS FIGHT : ƒhƒ‰ƒSƒ"ƒtƒ‰ƒCƒ„[GL (Dragon Flyer GL)

Well, this is the boss you fought just now, looks like it still not giving up
yet. But now it doesn't like to fly too much, and its attack is more rusher.
This time it will shoot a few rockets together, all with homing also, jump
to evade them when they're closed.

When begins the battle, the boss will shoot you by the machine gun, you can
run around of use the L3 + square button to dodge. Plug the Long Barrel to
shoot it is better. At first, keep shooting its leg until it likes kneel down,
now you can see a shining spot at the top part, shoot this spot as many as you
can, it was the weakness of the boss, you can kill it before it's recovered. If
couldn't make it, just repeat the same steps.


                     ----------|   CHAPTER 2   |----------

This chapter begin in the WRO lorry with Reeve. Suddenly attack by the
DG beasts. Now you're allow to use the machine gun in the lorry, your mission
is protect yourself from the beasts. Shoot the beasts before they jump to you.
After a while, Vincent will climb out side, standing on the top of the lorry.
Continue to shoot the beasts before they jump to you, but now you're using
your own guns. The beasts will always come in front at the beginning, slowly
they will move to the side, and the final group will jump from the back.

After successfully past the beasts, you're locating in a very empty place.
Get the Mako Point on the right, and another two Mako Point were located at
the Southern part, fill up your empty as well. Go to North area way, pass
through the destroyed lorry.

BOSS FIGHT : ƒNƒŠƒ€ƒ]ƒ“ƒnƒEƒ“ƒh

It is like the beast you shoot in the lorry, but this one is red colour, and
some other beasts will join in the battle also. Defeat the blue beasts which
are surrounding you. After that only shoot the boss, it always like to stay
on the mountain, when it comes down, means it's ready to attack you. No need
worry much about this boss, you can kill it very fast even before it can touch

After defeated the boss, take the Card Key to open the laser gate in front.
Advance to the following area for another battle.

BOSS FIGHT : ƒGƒAƒz[ƒX‘à

They are a group of enemies, they attack you by the machine gun from all
direction. Becareful they come behind, they probably will knock you down,
so don't always still. They knocked you down, use R3 to view where are their
current location before you wake up.

Their movement are quite fast, so your magic shot is easily miss from
far, shoot them with normal shot from far, shoot them with the magic shot when
close to them. Prepare some potions for safety, but their damage aren't that
high, still consider an easy boss fight.


                     ----------|   CHAPTER 3   |----------

This place has many paths and junctions, is a bit confused people. Explore
the paths to get some items, also some beasts are hiding there. If you've no
interest, just go the North section. Once you reach the central North, you
found a injured WRO soldier, get the Card Key after the scene. Now go back
to South-West area where you came from. Use the Card Key open the laser gate
in the path, advance to next area.

A new weapon 'Hydra' is near the counter with a new scope, Sniper Scope. This
gun is actually a rifle type weapon, of cause it use the rifle bullet, good for
long distance targets. As the scope is a Snipe-Scope, if you're using this for
you gun, once you press R3 to zoom in, the view will become a scope in cross
bar mode, exactly like the sniper view.

After come out from that room, some soldiers will shoot you from very far,
use you new gun to kill them. When you reach the Southern part, will
see a kid running in front, follow him until he enter the room. Inside the
room can found some items and gils, also a Shop Machine in first floor.
Leave here and save the kid from DS soldiers.

Now you need to follow the kid, and defeat whoever try to attack you or the
kid. Until reach the door in first floor, the kid stops there, and now enter
there and defeat all DG soldiers, take the Card key trigger a scene. 


If before the cut scene you haven't take the ULTIMA WEAPON, now you should
go back to take it. After the cut scene you appear at the area near the laser
gate, now go back to the room where you get the Card Key just now. The room
located in the North-East area, find your map in the coordinate J-11, that's
it. After go inside that room, look around your right hand side, there is a
weapon just beside the door, it's named Toy Gun. Now it's still weak, you only
can upgrade this weapon in the later of the game. For the NA (NTSC/UC) version,
it's called Model Gun.

After that, go to open the laser gate for next area. Advance to outside to the
back of the building, also need to fight some DG soldiers. Reach to the
factory trigger a cut scene, on the way has a Mako Point.

BOSS FIGHT : ƒwƒr[ƒ}ƒEƒ\ƒ‹ƒWƒƒ[

A group of DG soldiers will join in the battle, they would be very disturb,
kill the soldier around first, don't bother to kill those in the upstair,
because your target is the boss. This boss will shoot you with the rocket
launcher, the rocket is quite slow, so that you can either dodge it or shoot
the rocket before it's close up to you. He will change to use machine when
he left 2/3 hp, will use his blade to attack also when he left 1/3 hp.
Recommended save the MP at the beginning, when he use blade attack, transfrom
into Galian beast (limit break) to fight, you can kill him very fast.


                     ----------|   CHAPTER 4   |----------

You're in the building now, starting at the Ground floor. First of all you can
see the WRO force are fighting with DG force, help them to take down all DG
soldiers. There are a few solider with cannon will shoot you from the upper
floor, pay some attention to there, the cannon could knock you down in a hit.
Then go to 1st floor, take the Mako Point if you want, and there are some
crates also, destroy them for some items.

1st floor: kill the DG soldiers, and you will get another new accessory for
your gun. Pass through the laser gate, a DG soldier will appear once you reach
the corner, kill him for the Card Key. Back to the laser gate and use the Card
Key, go up to 2nd floor.

2nd floor:

Reference map:   _______     _______
                 | I M |     |     |
                 |     |     |     |
                 |    /       \    |
           -------    |       |    -------
           |          |       |          |
           |        ---       ---        |
       ____|        |___________|        |____
       |   |        G____________        | I |
       |   |        |N|       |          |   |
       |   D        | |       | |        D   |
       | M |        | |       | |        |   |
       |   |          |       |S|        |  X|     D = Door
       |   |        -------------        |   |     G = Gate with laser
       |   |          G                  |   |     I = Item
       |   |          G                  |   |     M = Mako Point
       |   --------------D-----------D----   |     N = Next floor
       |                    |    |I          |     S = Start here
       |____________________|    |___________|     X = Shop machine

You come up from S, defeat the DG soldiers on the bridge, one of them with
cannon if you didn't kill him at downstair. Go in the door beside for some
items and the shop machine. Here is no Card key the open the laser gate, just
get in the other door to pass the laser gate, a Mako Point before go out.
Advance to next floor.

3rd floor: Defeat all enemies in this floor, remember don't shoot the
explosive barrel, otherwise you will kill the WRO member also. Recommend to
unplug the Auto-Scope before shoot to them, because the Auto-Scope might auto
spot to the barrel although you aim at the soldiers. The last soldier will
drop you a Card key, take it to open the laser gate.

4th floor: Head to the elevator, kill the soldier will drop you an accessory.
The other soldier is going down by the elevator, now back to 3rd floor, get
in the elevator and operate it back to 4th floor. Go to the other side and
enter the door. Becareful the machine gun on the opposite corridor, when you
come back from 3rd floor, a soldier will use it to shoot you, just shoot the
barrel to kill him if you want.

After the cut scene, you can see the time is counting down, don't worry, follow
the only way in the passage. You need to fight with some enemies in the passage
and also the soldier with cannon, better shoot him with you magic shot to kill
him faster, because in the narrow passage is hard to dodge the cannon, so don't
play around. On the slope going to higher place, somebody will push down the
explosive barrel, jump over the barrels before they hit you. Until the end,
Cait Sith and Reeve appear in the cut scene. After this, head back to where you
come from.

When you reach outside, you will see Arul in the scene. Now go to the Ground
floor through the elevator, enter the door which Arul go in just now. Kill all
enemies to get another gun enhancer and the Card Key as well, perform your
melee attack in suitable situation. The room before to the final hall, you can
get a Mako Point and a shop machine before the boss fight.

BOSS FIGHT : Shelke the Transparent

Keep pressing X button to get the initiative attacks at the beginning, if you
don't do so you must run or dodge, otherwise you probebly will get hits. Her
speed is quite fast, use your melee combo attack when she comes close, you can
stun her or knock her away. Use your gun when she was far from you. She might
cast protect to herself, if she does so, just wait until she stop casting it.
When she comes to you again, do the same melee attack. Also if you use the
limit break, the melee attack could hurt her more.

After the battle, back to the passage trigger a cut scene.

BOSS FIGHT : ‘“‚«ƒAƒX[ƒ‹ (Azul)

His move is very slow, suggest to fight him from far. First of all, run to the
left or right corner, then shoot the explosive barrels behind him before he
go away. Keep shooting him when he isn't close to the next barrels, dodge his
cannon as well. Once you see he puts up his huge gun, prepare to jump, the
attack he does couldn't be dodged except jumping, it's like a wave. When he
close to other barrels, shoot the them cause a large damage to him, is a quite
win if all the explosions hurt him.


                     ----------|   CHAPTER 5   |----------

This chapter is start in the sewel after the scene. You now have to reach the
South-West area, and here is only one way to go, just run forward. A new enemy
appear in the cut scene, kill all of them. This enemy looks like turtle,
green colour, and their name is called Sahagin, an enemies in FF-VII. Some
of them know to shoot you from far, but mostly here are using melee attack in
the short distance. Go until the laser gate, and some items are located in the
corner beside. The second corner at the left could found Phoenix Down, but will
trigger out an enemy. After this, climb up the ladder at right side, then jump
down to other side, take the Mako Point as well before jump down. A few enemies
jump down to fight with you, kill all them to get the Card Key, open the
laser gate and continue to South-West area.

After reached there, now you need to go Eastern area in this section
(you can read from the map). After pass through the narrow path, you will see
some enemies are walking around, shoot the explosive barrel for killing them
easily before they noticed you. On the way you will see a crate in the broken
gate canal at you left hand side, that is an enemy hiding inside the crate,
destroy the crate and kill it if you want. Go forward and turn right in front,
another group of enemy walking around, once you shoot one of them, the other
will noticed you, kill them. A Hi-potion is located inside the big water hole,
and some bullets on the bridge behind. Continue until the end of the route,
before enter to the Eastern, jump to the other side opposited there to get
a new material. This new accessory is enhance your gun to cast " Bolt " in the
shot, make sure don't miss it.

Now you have to go to the North-East area in this section. An enemy at the
right side after you go out, it's blocking by the gate, but it will shoot you,
kill this anoying monster. Keep going until reach the laser gate, one of the
enemies spawned in front the gate has the Card Key, here is the optional part,
if you enter the laser gate you can get some bullet, but forced to fight with
several enemies, defeat them will get another Card Key, you can enter the
inner part for 2,500 gil. After this climb the ladder opposite the laser gate
area, take the Mako Point then go inside until the switch, operate it. After
that, jump down and operate another switch, and also some enemies are around
here. Continue to the North-East area, then climb the ladder to upstiar.

Finally come out from sewel. Some DG soldiers are around here, kill them as
well as those are in the upstair. Go to the half opened store room at the
left corner in front, duck or roll in there, there are some gils and an 
accessory inside. After that just leave the store room, the enemies are
unlimited spawning. Now go to the elevator, wait until it's open then enter
it to go first floor. You can actually skip the first floor if you don't need
the Mako Point and a Shop Machine (you have to go down the staircase for the
Shop Machine).

In second floor, enter the only bridge through the door, take the Mako Point
and bullets as well. I strongly recommend you to plug the "Medium Barrel" on
the gun you going to use, for this part, the DG soldiers will come out to shoot
you at the left and right corridor.The first wave of enemies will appear at
the left side first, then another side. The second wave has one soldier with
cannon, better kill him first when he was appeared. After this better enter
the following door and reach to the elevator trigger the cut scene.

Surprise! Now you play as Cait Sith, he has no weapon and his melee attack
is very weak also, means you need to run away from the fight. When begin, just
turn to the right side, jump over the several huge pipes until see a DG
soldier. Don't bother to kill the soldier, run pass him and jump out bravely as
far as you can. You probably reach to the other platform, if you drop in the
bottom floor never mind, just climb up the platform by the ladder. Now you can
see two DG soldiers left and right, no doubts, don't spend times to kill them,
run pass them to the ladder area to trigger the scene that Cait Sith noticed
a hole at the bottom which can let him leave here.

After that, jump to downstair, but this time don't jump far because the
DG soldiers in downstair might noticed you. Reached the bottom you can see the
soldier in front of you now, ignore him and go to your left corner will see
a fallen explosive barrel, push it to kill the soldier in front. Then follow
the way to the other corner, you can see another fallen barrel, do the same
thing as just now, push it to kill the soldier in front. Now has two lesser
anoying soldiers, and just ignore the rest of them even they have noticed you.
And the hole you need to go is blocking by the robots in the central, you have
to find other side, go to the corner where you kill the second soldier by the
explosive barrel, jump up to the boxes and then descend to other side where
is behind the robots, finally reached the hole.

Cait Sith came to other side through the hole. Go down the stair, just need to
keep going, run pass all the soldiers. After the second circle platfrom, turn
right in the middle of the stair, go inside and watch the cut scene.

Now back to Vincent. Enter the door in front and follow with the second door.
After the scene, you have to find all " Omega Report ", they're totally four
reports, and you're having one of them now. You can found some items in the
room at left side and the left room in second hall as well. Enter the door
at the right in front, and following the door at left. Now you're in a corridor
with many rooms, the passage at left side (South-East) is the destination you
need to go, but don't go first. Search the room in front you for Mako Point,
then go to the two connected rooms in the Western area, there are some items
on the table and an " Omega Report " in the next room, search the right corner,
the Omega Report is on the ground. Also you will facing some DG soldiers, and
some of them in the room also.

The more Omega Reports you get, the more gils you gain in the end of chapter.

Go to the passage in South-East, now already come to a place like cave.
Destroy the crate beside for a Phoenix Down, if you enter the room at the left,
you can fight with a swordman inside, kill him for 1,000 gils, he will comes
out from the coffin. But if you skip this room, you still encouter this
enemy in front. Keep going until you found the laser gate area.

Reference map:

    (   M  (
    |       (_
    )         ""-_
   (      ##      ""--_
    \                  """----__
    )    ##    ###            M )
    |   M     #######     ##    )
    \           ######       ___)
     )            ####      (_
     \     #####              "-.
      \_    ####    ####      M  )      G = Gate with laser  
        "-.          ###         )      M = Land mine
           \                      )     # = Block
            \                     )

You need to destroy all Land Mine within the time limit, the number of mines
you destroyed will affect the gils you gain in the end of the chapter, same
as the Omega Report.

The Land Mine will only appear when you're close to it, when it's appeared,
move back a few step then shoot it, because the explosion could hurt you if
you're close to it. Also you can hear something like clock sound when you're
closing to the mine.

After this, take the Card Key to unlock the laser gate. Go push the switch to
activate the machine, stand on the plate then jump to opposite area, a Mako
Point and a beast (Normal or above difficculty mode) are under the plate, also
a soldier will come in front when you close to the opposite area. Continue the
passage, take down the DG soldiers on the way. A Mako Point, some items and a
Shop Machine are inside the room at the left. Through this room, you can also
can return to the area where you get the first Omega Report in the cut scene,
but it's needless to back there. Go until the round tower and follow the circle
staircase to go upper level.

If you're FF-VII fans, is the location you pass just now looks familiar?
Yes, this is Shinra Mansion, don't you figured out?

Reference map:
           ______                     ______________
          /  M   \                    |  |         |
         /        \                   |            |
        |          |                  |  |         |
      __|_____  ___|__________________|  |_____  C |__
  ..""     /                                  |   ;"  ""..
 (        ______  _________     __________  __|__(  .--.  )
(  O      )        |\      )   (    \ |       |         )  )
 (       )         | \_____________ D)| I     |        S  )
  ""---""          |                  |       |           |  C = Crate
        |          |                  |                   |  D = To Downstair
        |          |                  |       |           |  I = Item
        |      C   |                  |       |           |  M = Mako Point
        ------------                  ---------------------  O = Omega report
                                                             S = Starting

Explore the rooms for some item, shoot down the soldiers in the downstair.
You can found another Omega Report in the West circle room. After that, go

First of all, head to the narrow corridor at your left hand side, the corridor
is connect to a room, find the last Omega Report in the corner of the room.
Back to the main hall, you can found some gil in the South-West room. Go in
the dining hall beside, defeat the enemies inside, then head to the corridor
at the right side. There is an item in the following room, after take it enter
to the path in the room beside.

Reference map:

         /                       \
        |                         |
        |       ___________       |
        |       |         |       |
        |__   __|         |       |
          _| |_           |       |
         |     |          |       |
        /       \         |       |
     __/         \ __     |       |
   |                 |____|       |
   | __     D      __|====|       |
       \         /        |       |
        \       /      ___|__   __|___
         |_____|      /               \
                     |                 |_____
                     |                  ____S
                     |                 |
                     |                 |
                     |     ________    |          D = Destination
                      \ I /        \   /          I = Item
                       ----------------           S = Starting

Now go to the D roon through the small door at the left side, now watch the

Reference map:

         /                       \
        |    S                    |
        |       ___________       |
        |       |         | BBBBB |
        |__   __|         |       |
          _| |_           |       |
         |     |          |       |
        /       \         |       |
     __/         \ __     |       |
   |                 |____|       |
   | __            __|====|       |
       \         /        |       |
        \       /      ___|__   __|___
         |_____|      /               \
                     |                 |_____
                     |                  ____P
                     |       M         |
                     |                 |          B = Bomb
                     |     ________    |          M = Mako Point
                      \   /        \   /          P = To previous area
                       ----------------           S = Starting

Now you have to back to the main hall, becareful the bombs dropped by the
robot, jump over the bombs. Take the Mako Point then head back to the previous

When you're through the room before reach the main hall, you will see a Shop
Machine that isn't here just now appear beside the door. Use it if you want,
upgrade your guns or accessories for the boss fight just few second soon,
if you still have gils.

BOSS FIGHT : Black Widow

It could knock you down easily when you're closed with it, or you can use limit
break to fight with it by using melee attack, prepare some potions as well.
But this isn't the good way.

Recommend fight it at the upstair, fight with it in long distance. When it's
gun is shining, means it's prepare to shoot the laser, keep running around to
evade it easily. Shoot it from the direction where it's not looking at, when
it's looking at you, it will use the machine gun attack, so just run to other
side before it shoots you. The machine gun attack doesn't deal much damage,
worry about the laser.

Sometimes the boss will climb to the ceiling, when it's climbing, shoot it
as much as you can, plug the most suitable barrel to your gun depends to the
distance it goes. Once it's stop, pay attention to the move it could perform
while shooting it. It has another move is throw you a heap of bombs, but the
bombs fall slow, can be evaded easily, and the bombs will explode after several
seconds it touched the ground.

If you deal a large damage to it when it's on the wall or ceiling, it will
be knock down to the ground, now shoot the light part on its body, it is the
weakness, don't waste the good chance. 


                     ----------|   CHAPTER 6   |----------

Vincent comes out from the lorry after a few scenes. Now you have to fight
two robots. Plug your gun with long or medium barrel, fight with them in
a long distance. When the robot is stop moving, that's mean it's going to shoot
you with the rocket, the rocket is quite slow, is very easy to be dodged.
Defeat the third robot after the first and second robot were dead. Take the
Card key and open the laser gate, take the Mako Point around the laser gate as

Go along the only way in the valley until the cave, kill the beasts came
from the mountain. There is a new enemy appears here, it's a huge bird
(chocobo?), attack in the short distance but still a weak enemy, probably
they will run away. Take the Mako Point before enter to the cave. Another new
enemy appears inside the cave, huge BUGs, defeat them following the
DG soldiers. Suprising the huge bug will also attack DG soldiers although both
of them were your enemies.

Until the precipice, better kill the soldier before jump down. Once you down
to the bottom, a swarm of bugs will spawn from the mountain, trigger them to
the explosive barrels area, shoot the barrel to kill a bunch of them at once.
Remember the bugs and the soldiers would attack each other also. Some crates
were located in the camp, you can get some gil and items from the crates, one
of the crate hiding a bug. Also a Shop Machine was here.

After reaching to the base, you've been given a mission to take down the all
the DG soldiers and following with another mission which is to destroy all
enemies' airship. Using your own gun isn't a good idea, so faster go in the
front to the little left area, operate that heavy machine gun and use it to
shoot down the airships, they are totally 15 planes, would come in front or
behind, the few at last will come in two or three together.

After the 15 aeroplanes, aim to the area where you came, the last airship
probably would fall on there, then few soldiers with big blade will come from
the airship after it's exploded. Kill all of them for the Card Key, you can
still using the heavy machine gun for this job. Afterwards, open the laser
gate in the North, before that destroy the crate and take the hidden Mako

Inside the base could found a Mako Point and Shop Machine. Out from here to
face with many soldiers and beasts, some are fighting with WRO forces in
the front, save the WRO as well. Enter the door at the left front, some
DG soldiers are inside, if you decide to shoot the explosive barrel, you
probably would kill the WRO soldier also. After take care of them, leave here
will face with many soldiers and beasts again. Kill them for the Card Key,
go in to underground after open the laser gate. This place has many soldiers
also, some of them shoot you from the top level. There are some items and gils
in the front right corner, as well as Mako Point. After this, run up the stair.

BOSS FIGHT : Black Widow II

It's like the one you fought in the Shinra Mansion before, but now added some
soldiers around, one of the soldier around the boss will drop a gun enhancer
after you kill her, it's enhance your accurate for long distance.

For this boss, I strongly recommend you to shoot it from the further location.
Take the Mako Point at the left corner. If you fight from far, the boss would
away shoot you with the laser which is very easy to evade, but quite powerful.
Keep running around and shoot it, or simply go to the bridge on the rooftop,
operate the machine gun defeat it easily.

If the boss shoot you with rocket, you can simply use the L3+square technique
to dodge it, or shoot the rocket directly before it comes close. Sometimes
it will use its machine gun also, you can run around to evade it, but is very
small damage, don't worry about it.

After defeated the boss, enter the main entrance.

Reference map:
                                       |X| | G|
                                       | |_|  |_
                   ______   ______  ___|    ____|
                   |    |   |    |  |      |
                   |    |---|    |  |   ___|
                   |             |  |   |_________
                   |             |  |__________  |
        ___________|             |--|   _________|
        |                               |-----|
        |                                     |
        |                                     |
        |                                   I |
        |  M                                  |
        |                                     |
        |                                     |
        |                           I         |
                        |     |
                        |     |
                        |     |
                 -------|    I|
                 |           I|
                 |     -------|
                 |     |                 G = Gil
                _|     |_                D = Door
             _-"         "-_             I = Item
             |      S      |             M = Mako Point
             |___________M_|             S = Starting
                                         X = Advance to next area

Once you open the main door, you will see the WRO fight with the DG forces
again, kill all DG soldiers, take the item around and the Mako Point. Go to
the X area in the North-East.

Now keep going and will trigger a scene, Azul already transformed into
behemoth from, looks terrible, but you no need to fight him now.


                     ----------|   CHAPTER 7   |----------

One of the Vincent's battle companion in Final Fantasy VII, Cid Highwind
at last appears. After the CG, you're inside Cid's airship, Sierra. There is
no any battles in this chapter, so no chapter ended result for this chapter.
How ever you will have two times chapter ended result in chapter 8 later.

Firstly, leave this section through the only door here, talk to Yuffie in the
passage outside, then go to the room in the end of the passage, found Shelke.
After the cut scene, leave this room and enter the door to the East direction
in the central of the passage, a Shop Machine here, now you can buy
Mega potion and X-potion here. Talk to Reeve trigger a scene.

NOTE : most of the Shop Machines don't sell X-potion.
       you can buy the bullet from this Shop Machine with the cheapest price.

You can see Cloud, Tifa and Barret in the CG. After that, you still in the
airship. Talk to Cid, and Yuffie twice, then Reeve, and then Cait Sith twice.
they still staying at the same locations. After this go to the room where you
found Shelka just now again, talk to Shelke. Now go downstair, reach to the
passage to trigger the scene, follow with the long CG.


                     ----------|   CHAPTER 8   |----------

When begin, go in front to help the WRO soldiers if you can, they will die
very fast, because of the enemies using the machine gun. There is 2000 gils
at the left corner in front. Turn to right area over the train, reach to the
WRO trigger a cut scene. After this go forward and search the WRO at the end.
Now head to the store room beside, go until the laser gate inside. Kill all
DG soldiers before the laser gate, take the Card Key from them and open the
gate, keep going. In this Area, some soldiers will shoot you from very far
places, better plug your long barrel. You can find a Mega potion at the corner
in front, take it if you want, then go down the stair.

After the scene, battle with a group of DG soldiers, defeat them. Take the
Mako Point before go up the stair. When reached the laser gate, turn back and
prepare to fight with a soldier with big blade, take him down for the Card Key.
When reach to the following laser gate, wait a while, some small robots will
come down, kill all of them to get the Card Key, then open the laser gate.

You will see a Shop Machine around after the cut scene. Head to outside, go
forward until the corner, jump over the boxes at the right side, take the
Mako Point and an materia beside near the boxes, it is "Blizzard" materia,
take it and leave. In this section, you also can find 2,000 gils behind the
train in the West and another 2,000 gils in between the huge crates. After
this, find the train with the door opened, get inside there and leave from
other side. Take the Mako Point in the following path, then go forward to help
the WRO forces as soon as possible, one of the DG soldier has cannon, and one
with machine gun, and a is shooting you from the further tower behind, use you
Ice shot for him is better. Turn to the right side area will face some soldiers
and two are shooting from the other tower, use Ice shot for those in the tower
is better.

Before entering to the next building, search beside the fallen train can find
2,000 gils. Some annoying soldiers were in the building, get ready to defeat
them and leave here through the other door. Take the 2,000 gils at the left
corner, then go in the following building, take another 2,000 gils right after
the entrance, and there is 2,000 gils again at the fire area near the train on
right hand side. Get in the train with opened door, then leave from other side
after the scene. Go into the half opened door.

BOSS FIGHT : DGSƒgƒ‹[ƒo[1st

Is a group of different enemies that all you fought before. Pay attention to
the two robots which will shoot you with the rocket launcher. Just stop your
attack and run when the rockets are coming. Use you long range weapon for the
soldiers from far, and there is a Mako Point at the right area.

Defeat this whole group will get a Card Key, and two big blade soldiers will
come out, take them down and then go down through the laser gate entrance.

Reference map:
                     |N |
           __________|  |
           |  __________|
       ____|  |_______________________________
       |                                     |
       |_I______________________________  _M_|
                                       |  |________
                                       |________  |
                                               |  |
      ______________________________________   |  |
      |                                    |___|  |
      |                                     ______|   I = Item
      |_I_   ______________________________|          M = Mako Point
          |  |                                        N = Advance to next area
          |S |                                        S = Starting

You now have to reach the N area. There is a Mega potion and Hi potion in this
section, as well as Mako Point. Defeat all DG soldiers in the narrow passages,
few of them have cannon. You can shoot them from far, so that you could dodge
the cannon shot easily, if you have very much MP, shoot a fire shot to kill
them in once or maybe two.

After this section is something like "train park" place. Search the right
central area for Mako Point and left central area for 2,000 gils. Reach the
Northern area.

BOSS FIGHT : Shrikes

Also a group of soldiers, but is quite annoy because they always flying in the
air. Recommended use your rifle gun (ƒqƒhƒ‰) with long barrel for this battle.

At the beginning you probably can see a few coming to you, choose one of them
and shoot him as much as possible. If they're shooting at you, keep running
around, try use the train as you shield if possible. Counter attack when they
stop shooting at you. Keep shoot at one target before they gone far, kill them
one by one, the final victory is yours.


Follow WRO soldiers to the front until reach the laser gate, then kill all
DG soldiers in the room at left side for the Card Key, inside that room can
found a Hi-potion which hiding behind the boxes. After cross the laser gate,
some DG soldiers coming in front, you can see lot of explosive barrel here,
shoot them to kill the DG soldiers faster. Run pass the train to the other
side, follow the road to North-East, item beside the fallen train on the way.
After pass the fallen train, go use the big machine gun in front and shoot
down all DG soldiers, then take the Card Key to open the following laser gate.

Take the Mako Point in the narrow passage, destroy the crate to get some gils,
then climb up the ladder to start a mission. There is something like iron club,
but with the rotor, when it touch you, it will explode. Now you have to cross
over the laser while evading the clubs here, don't worry the laser, they don't
deal damage, focus on the clubs.

After that, go up the stair, help WRO forces to defeat DG soldiers again, you
can shoot the barrel near the DG soldiers, mostly can kill all of them. After
that, keep going until the next mission. Now plug the Blizzard Materia on your
gun and make sure you have enough MP to use it. If not, use Ether to fill up
soe MP. Follow the passage, when close to the stairs, a robot suddenly pop out
in front, you can just run pass it if you want, but if you kill it you will get
better result in the end of chapter. As I mention just now, shoot it with your
Blizzard shot to kill it instantly.

Go up stair found a Shop Machine, after that turn right, and now you're at the
central of a long passage. From here, the end of your left hand side is a
puzzle room, your right hand side is to the next area. Lets talk about right
side first, when you come out, a soldier shooting at you with the heavy
machine gun, use your long range weapon or magic shot the take him down, an
item beside the machine gun. If you want to have fun with the machine gun,
operate it and aim to the direction where you came from, it will trigger a
group of DG soldiers come to attack you. If you don't operate the machine gun,
the soldiers won't come out.

About the room at the other side, inside there was blocking by many laser, you
need to open them one by one to get some items, if you're not interesting with
two bag of 1,000 gils and a Hi-potion, no need to vistt this room. For this
room, you have to shoot the black ball inside to open the laser gate.
Following is the way to solve this little puzzle room.

Reference map:

NOTE: this map is not follow the direction in the actual map.

     |  x3 |         4|     ||    |    |
     | ____|_____     |     L5    |___5|
     |     |  x2||    |     ||         |
     |     |    L4  G |     ||  G  I   |
     |=L2==|    |=====|     |==========|
     |   x1|    ||                x5|  |    S = Starting
     |     |    L3     ______       |  |    G = Gil
     |     |=L1=||    1|    |  2    | 3|    I = Item
     |   S       |----------------------

S is where you come in.
-First of all, go to x1 shoot the black ball at 1, solved L1 laser.
-Go to x2 shoot the black ball at 2, solved L2 laser.
-Now jump up the box to x3, shoot the black ball at 3, solved L3 laser.
-Jump down to the next area from x3, shoot the black ball at 4 which hiding
 beside the box, solved L4 laser.
-Lastly go to x5 shoot the black ball at 5, solved L5 laser.

(While shoot the black ball at 4, don't stay too close with it, the explosion
 could hurt you.)

After all, go back to the machine gun in the other side of the passage, climb
the up ladder behind, a DG soldier will pop out from the room at the right
side. If you go to the half opened door with laser in front, you will get a
mission, if you success this mission you can get some good items as well as

The mission is protect the WRO forces until they successfully unlock all locks.
Once the mission start, duck and aim to the corner where the WRO soldier
is unlocking the locks, they are 40 locks totally. When one of them is
unloacking, the DG soldier will comes to attack him/her, is better use
your long range weapon to shoot down the DG soldier. If he/she get killed, the
second WRO soldier will goes there continue the unlocking process, and follow
by the third. If all three WRO soldiers were died, you can't get in that area
anymore. After success the mission, go inside the passage, a Mako Point at the
corner, and some DG soldiers are shooting you from the stair. After defeated
them, go up the stair and climb up the ladder to get some bullets, X-potion
as well as G-file.

NOTE: Obtain three G-files for the extra ending, if you don't want to watch
      the extra ending, you can just leave it.

Now back to the room you pass through just now, enter the room and kill all
enemies inside, one of them has Card Key. Open the laser gate and get in to
the elevator, remember you need to push the button beside the elevator.

When come out from elevator, the WRO forces are fighting with DG forces, kill
the DG forces. In front has a robot pops out and dash to you again, like the
one you encountered before, you can actually run pass it, but the gils you
gain in the end of chapter will slightly decrease. After that follow the only
way here, kill all the small robots come from the wall, then go forward, push
the switch in the elevator to active it.

When come out in other floor, some enemies are coming from very far in the
front, you can actually use your rifle (ƒqƒhƒ‰) to kill them before they
can attack you. Go forward and kill the small robots on the way, a Mako Point
on your left hand side when reached the junction. A Shop Machine opposite
the left door, better maximize your recovery items here before the boss in next
door. Enter the door, take the items around before going to the front.

BOSS FIGHT : Žé‚̃ƒbƒ\ƒo[ƒXƒg (Red Rosso)

You must have at least some potions, Hi-potions as well as Mega-potions for
this battle, even you're playing in easy mode also need some potions for

You need to plug one of your weapon with long barrel, medium barrel and short
barrel, this boss always run around, so you have to always change the weapon
in the suitable distance. If you haven't familiar with changing weapons, just
plug the medium weapon, I noticed the boss more likely attack you from the
medium range and short range, so when the boss comes close, try dodge the
her attack, shoot her when she goes to a distance.

Her movement is fast, try to track her when she runs away. Keep shooting her
in a distance, she could easy to knock you down when closing, so I don't
recommend to fight in short distance. And seen she likes to run, use your
Ice shot isn't a bad idea.

When she left 3/4 HP, her moves have changed, she will throw you the fire
blade and it is homing at you, always comes with double, you must have a right
time only can dodge it perfectly, or try running in the curve line, this could
works well also. Another way is run close to the boxes, poles around, they
could become you shields, but if you just doing so, the boss will just keep
doing the same thing also, you must shoot her to break her from throwing
the fire blade, find a right time to shoot at her.

While her HP getting lesser, she will perform her melee attack more rusher,
once you see she's running to you in front, then you should running to back
for dodge her melee attack. But remember, the last kick of her melee attack
could hit you although you're still running, so try run in curve line when
she performing the last kick. If you successfully dodged all her melee attack,
now is the chance to counter back. When she knocked you down, remember to press
square or circle button to recover (recommend circle), if you fail to
recover from fall, you would get hurt by her following attack.

Her machine gun shot doesn't deal much damage, when she's using the machine
gun, you can use this chance to shoot her, is like you're sacrifice some HP
to hurt her. She has another spell is like a small wave, storm to you on the
floor, this wave is quite fast, you can dodge it by either jump or run.
If you use limit break, your Gallian shot could be useful also, but you must
be accurative, if not, better save you MP to use the Ice shot.


                     ----------|   CHAPTER 9   |----------

First of all, go take the items and Mako Point around here before enter to the
building. Defeat the swordman in the main hall, then go upstair and some
soldiers will come in, kill them if you want. Take the 3,000 gils near the
spoiled elevator in second floor, then jump down the elevator. Some items
at the right side after out from the elevator, jump to downstair from the left
corner, some bugs are sticking at the wire mesh. Follow the passage until to
the cut scene.

Reference map:

NOTE: I've already simplified this map.

              _____________ ____________ ____________ _____________
              |            |            |            |            |
              |            D            D            D            |
              |      ______|____________|____________|______      |
              |      |                                     |      |
              |      |         ____________________        |      |
              |      |        /                    \       |      |
              |      |_______|                      |_____ |      |
              |              |                       |   | |     I|
              |           M  D                           | |     I|
              |______________|                       |___| |     I|
                             |                      |      |_    I|
                              \____________________/     ____|  |_____
   --------------- -------------||----------------------||           |
   |             |_|            ||                      ||           |
   |              _             ||                     M||           |
  _|             | |            ||                      ||        C  |
 |I              |=========| |==||=====| |=======       ||           |
 |_              ||            |_|            I||       ||   C       |
   |             ||             _              ||       ||           |
   |             ||G           | |_____________||       ||__  _______|
   |             |--------------    -----------||       | _|  |_
   |__  _________|                  |          --       ||      |_
    _|  |___                        |          --       ||       X|
    |      |                        |          ||_______||        |
   _|      |                        |          |-------  |       _|
  |        |                        |          |      |  |      |
  |G       |                        |       G _|      |  |      |
  |-|      |                        |         _       |  |      |
    |      |                        |_________||      |  |      |
    |      |_______-----________________    ___|      |__|      |
    |                                  |    |I                  |
    |                                S |    |I                  |
    |__________________________________|    |_____     _________|
C = Crate
D = Shutter door
G = Gil
I = Item
M = Mako Point
S = Starting
X = Shop Machine

Now you have to reach to the inner room, sure have some enemies you would
face on the way, but they're not that hard to beat, also take the items around.
When you reach the first D shutter, a swarm of bugs will come behind you,
faster shut the door by pushing the switch beside to blocking the bugs come
inside, they're unlimited spawning. Take the Mako Point before enter to final

BOSS FIGHT : ƒuƒ‰ƒbƒNEƒEƒBƒhTW

The boss that you fough in Shinra Mansion, but now you need to fight two 
together. Is a very easy battle, one will stick at the ceiling and throw the
bombs, another is shooting you on the ground.

Same, shoot them from far. Don't bother with the one at the ceiling first,
kill the other one which would shoot you by the laser, but it's very easy to
dodge, just run around when you see the shinning from its launcher. Machine
gun attack doesn't deal much damage. After that, shoot the remaining one at
the ceiling until it's die.

Defeated them enter the elevator and press the switch. Come to the other level
through the elevator, but you only can get the map later.

Reference map:
 ________          ________
 |  __  |          |G __  |
 | |    |___----___|    | |                        _____________
 |I_    "          "    __|                        |     ____  |
   /                    \                          |     |  |  |_______
   |        ----        |_____.--___________--.____|     |  |         |
   |       S|E |        O____MO  ___________O  __________|  /         |
   |        ----        |     '--           --'            |D         |
 __\                    /__                                 \         |
 |      ,___    ___,     I|                         ______  |         |
 | |__  \   ----   /  __| |                        /      \ |_______  |
 |D_____|          |______|                        |  __  |        |   )
                                                   |  \|  |___----.|   )
                                                   |   |______________|
                                                  /   /
                                                 /   /
D = DG Information                              / N /
E = Elevator
G = Gil
I = Item
M = Mako Point
N = Next area
O = Openable door
S = Starting

A side mission given, you need to get five DG informations from now. First of
all, explore the four corners here to get some items, gils as well as a DG
information. Open the door behind to elevator, take the Mako Point and use the
door in front, some enemies would appear around. After pass through the bridge
come to a small hall, go forward to the second hall, another DG information
in the corner at the right side. After that reach to the next area trigger a
cut scene.

After the scene, get in the elevator in front, take the item at the corridor
behind if you want. On the elevator, shoot down the rotor clubs as many as you
can, it will affect the chapter end result. When come out from elevator, get in
the only door here, cross the bridge with a Shop Machine beside the following
door. Enter to that door, take the item at your right side, and go to the
office in front.

Reference map:

 \ N \___________________________/ S /
  |    | D -----   |   _____   |    |
  |    |     |     |     |     |    |
  |    |   _____   |   __|__   |    |
  |    |     |         _____   |    |
  |    |   _____   |  |     |  |    \
  /    |     |     |           |     |
 |     |_____  ____|____  _____|     |
 |     |   _____   |           |    /
  \    |  |  D  |  |  __|__    |    |
  |    |           |  __|      |    |
  |                |    |--    |    |   D = DG Information
  |    |  |_____|  |  --|           |   N = Next area
  |____|___________|__D________|____|   S = Starting

Three DS informations could be found in the office, plus the two more you found
before is totally five already. While you going through the office, you have
to face some enemies.

Go to next area and find the elevator in front, an item at the corridor behind
the elevator. Push the switch in the elevator to operate it, now shoot the
rotor clubs at the elevator like just now. They're 99 all together with the
clubs coming out in the elevator before.

After reached to the bottom, get it the only door and go to the only way here.
Defeat the soldiers in the hall, then continue until the next passage. Get the
Mako Point at the corner, then enter the following door. Defeat the cannon
soldier in the second hall, then go through the passage. Until you see the
small robot appears in the passage, there is the place you might be surrounding
by a group of robots and beasts, better use your fire shot to kill them group
by group in that narrow passage.

Pass the passage come to a square room, some items are in the four corners
here. Cross the following bridge watch the scene.

BOSS FIGHT : ‘“‚«ƒAƒX[ƒ‹ ƒC[ƒNƒCƒbƒu2 (Azul)

He's easy to be defeated, not much changes from chapter 4, but now has no
explosive barrels anymore.

You're aiming at him when the battle start, shoot him one or twice if you want,
but you would get shot by his machine gun. When he puts up his huge gun, ready
to jump the wave. Revolve around the huge pole in the central, his machine gun
couldn't shoot through the pole. When he stop shooting, counter him with your
gun, remember to plug the suitable barrel. Sometimes he will stupidly run to
you and perform a kick, don't try to run pass him, just let him chase from your
back, turn the camera looking at him, after his missed the kick, counter him.

BOSS FIGHT : Arch Azul

Don't scared by his big body, you can beat him easily. Surprising this big boy
weaks against Ice, so plug your Ice material to the gun, forget about other
things, only Ice can hurt him more. There is two easy ways to beat him.

Here is this safer way, but you need times and some items to restore your MP.
By using this tactic, you can defeat him even without getting a hit also.
See the huge pole in the central? Revolve around the pole, the boss will
chases you, but because of his big body, he's slower than you while running
around the pole, remember to stay close with the pole while revolving. Turn
you camera view to look at him, when you get further from him, shoot him with
your Ice shot, then keep running and repeat. Normally you don't have enough MP
to defeat him by only using Ice shot, so just use some items such as Ether to
refill you MP.

Another way is use your limit break, change into Galian Beast then use melee
attack to fight him. Don't bother to dodge his attacks, just keep hitting him.
His smack could knock you down, so keep pressing circle before fallen to
ground, then run to him and hit, repeat until defeated him. For safety, you
better prepare some potions, ready to use them when your HP is low.

Remember the metal crates around each hiding a Mako Point, but you have to lure
the boss to destroy it before you can obtain the MP. For the NTSC/UC version,
the boss seem to be more HP or Defend, means you deal leser damage compare to
Japanese version. But since you can control and move better than Japanese
version, so just lure him to destroy the crates without getting damage isn't
a big problem.


                     ----------|   CHAPTER 10   |----------

Starting at the very deep ground level in Shinra tower, you need to arrive to
the door at Eastern area. Pass through the laser gate and go down the stair,
some flying enemies will come to attack you. You must kill all eight of them,
then a big blade soldier appear around you, kill him to get the Card Key. Open
the laser gate, now you can go back to the laser gate where you pass through
just now, jump down there and take the X-potion and 1,200 gils. Continue to the
East, on the way would fight with some more enemies, some explosive barrels
around could help lot. Jump down the platform, then go in the door with blue
light. A Mako Point in the passage, get to outside throught the following door.

Reference map:
    |       ||||||||||   ||||||           | I   S     |
    |       |-----------------|       I   |_____   ___|
    |       |                 |    I       |   |---|
    |       |                 |       I    |   |---|
    |       |                 |    I       |   |---|
    |       |                 |    G      [L]  |   |
    |       |                 |       I    |   |---|
    |       |                 |------------|   |---|
    |       |                                  |---|
    |       |                               ___|---|__
    |       |                               |        |________
    |       |          ____________         |                |
    |       |          |          |         |                |
  __|___L___|__________|          |---------|                |
  |                                                          |
  |                                  E                       |
  |          ____________  ___________                       |
  |_______   |          |I |         |   _______________     |
          |__|          '--'         |  |               |    |
                                     |__|               |    |
E = Event
G = Gil
I = Item
L = Ladder
S = Starting

Take the item at your left, run down the stair and shoot down the soldiers in
front before they see you. When you reach the E area, you will be blocking by
the laser gate in this platform, two rotor clubs come to attack you, defeat
them for the Card Key. After you jump down the first ladder, don't run first,
some barrels will drop down in front, you can shoot them before they hurt you.
Now go down to stair at right side, prepare you gun here, when you reach the
middle of the staircase, somebody jumps down and will take all items in front,
better kill him faster, otherwise you can get those items. Reach to the [L]
ladder and descend to downstair.

Reference map:

            |   |                              ______
            |---|                              |    |
____________|---|                             [L] S |
|               |                              |    |
|               |                              |    |
|               |                              |    |
|               |                              |    |
|_     _________|                              |    |
  |   |                                        |    |
  |---|                         ________       |    |
  |---|                         | M    |___    |    |
  |---|-------------------------'          '---'    |   G = Gate with laser
  |               |                          ||     |   L = Ladder
  |               G                          ||     |   M = Mako Point
  |_______________|____________________--------------   N = Next section
                                                        S = Starting

Reach to the G laser gate, kill the big blade soldier coming from behind, take
the Card Key to open the laser gate, don't forgot to take the Mako Point also.
Some DG soldiers will shoot you from other platform, just kill them, then go
to N for next area.

Came out from the second door you will encounter the soldiers with protect
spell, you can't hurt them with your gun, so use magic or melee attack to
defeat them, and you can shoot the leader at the platform with your normal
shot, he doesn't have protect but machine gun. After finish off them, take the
Card Key and Mako Point around the platform, open the laser gate and enter the
next door (West side).

Reference map:
_________     |           |||||||        |M     S |
|        |    |           |-----|        |___     |
|        |____|_L1________|     |_________|  |   X|
|        |          |                        ------
|      L3|          |
|        |          |
|        |          |
|        |          |           ______
|        |          |     ______|____|__________
|        |          |     |                    |__
|        |          |-----|                    |_N
|        L2         G ||||                     |
|        |          |-----|                    |
|        |__________|     |                    |    Upper Level
|        |                |_______J____________|   -------------
|        |                      |    |             G = Gate with laser
|        |                      |    |             J = "jump down from here"
|________|                      '----'      L1,L2,L3 = Ladder
                                                   M = Mako Point
                                                   N = Next section
                                                   S = Starting
                                                   X = Shop Machine  
  |                              |
  L3 S                           |
  |             C        C    |--|
  |                              |
  |  C                           |
  |                              |      Lower Level
  |             C        C    |--|     -------------
  |---------------------------|--|      C = Crate
  |  C                           |     L3 = Ladder
  |______________________________|      S = Starting

Now in the upper level, here is a Mako Point and Shop Machine. All you need to
do is take the Card Key in lower level. Go through the L1, L2 and then take L3
ladder down to the lower lever. Now go and destroy all crates here, the crates
are hiding items, gils, enemy and also the Card Key randomly. Normally the Card
Key will appear in the last crate that you destroyed. After getting the Card
Key, back to upper lever, some soldiers will shoot you from the opposite
building. Open the laser, go to the J area and jump down, turn to East enter
that door to next area.

In this passage, something will suddenly shoot down from ceiling, if you don't
run very run, you won't get hurt., just go through slowly. When reach the
first corner here, look for a small and short entrance at you right side.
crouch and get in there to the other passage. In this passage, you can get a
Mako Point and found a Shop Machine, then go out through the door in front.

Now get in the motor cart, a mission given. While moving to destination, kill
whoever appears, they're 10 totally, and the last one is a Dragon Flyer,
an aeroplane you fough in chapter 1. Just kill them all if you can, the
Dragon Flyer is much more durable than the one in chapter 1. After came out
from the motor cart, turn to right side and enter to that door. Jump to the
bottom then go South advance to next section.

There is a crate at the left broken road, a crate and a Shop Machine in front,
and now you need to cross the passage at right side to go the Northern area.
They're many soldiers in the passage, but you must cross there, just defeat
all of them and pay attention on the soldiers with protect spell, you can
kill them by using magic or melee attack, keep this in mind. Run down the
stair, kill the soldier for the Card Key, 2,000 gils at the broken stair

Now go down to the rooftop through the broken passage, kill the annoying
enemies shooting at you from other buildings. Before leave the rooftop, turn
back and search the right corner under the staircase you went down just now,
you can found another G-file here, the coordinate is N-10. After that run
down the stair then open the laser gate. When reached another laser gate, just
kill the swordmans for the Card Key. Pass the laser gate will fight with and
big blade soldier in this narrow path here, kill him for Card Key and open
the following laser gate, take the Mako Point before to the street.

NOTE: Obtain three G-files for the extra ending, if you don't want to watch
      the extra ending, you can just leave it.

Go to the stair at left side, the crate beside hiding a Mako Point. Now if you
go down to take the Mako Point and weapon, you will be locked here, and you
need to take down all the beasts spawning here for the Card Key to unlock the
laser gate. Now back to the stair, go up turn to right side, take the Card Key
on the box, then use it for the next laser gate. When near the gate, some DG
soldiers will come out at the rooftop and shoot you, two cannon soldiers will
pop out beside the gate.

After that, turn left and jump down, before this, you can found a Shop Machine
over the wall at right side. Now go until you reach the area where would be
blocked, then go to operate the machine gun in front of the laser gate at the
South part, use it the kill all enemies for the Card Key. Use the Card Key to
open the laser gate behind the machine gun first, you can get item and another
Card Key. After pass this area, reach to the water area, just go up the stair
to get an Elixir (fully restore your HP & MP), and also some items, gil around
the water area here, but you have to fight with some enemies.

After that go to the right corner, go up the stair you will see three Mako
Points in the central of the bridge, for the NTSC/UC version, there's no even
a Mako Point on the bridge, however you can find a Limit Breaker indead of
three Mako Point. You can also a Shop Machine on the right before moving onto
the bridge. You will be blocking in the bridge when you go through, and you
need to kill all enemies for the Card Key. Take the three Mako Points whenever
you want, try use middle barrel for this battle, if you're good accuracy,
nobody can get close to you, just becareful the shooting person. If you got
the Blow/Blast Machine Gun before, it was quite useful for this battle. After
all, obatain the Card Key and use it to the laser gate, get pass the bridge
watch a scene.

You can see a Shop Machine in front of you, and some bullet beside it, also
bullets on the staircase while you're going up. Reached upstair will blocking
by the laser gate, the Card Key is located in the corner behind, go get it.
Some soldiers will appear here, you also can found a fake Shop Machine which
hiding a soldier, and a odd crate here, once you destroy the crate it will
become a barrel, destroy it will become a small bomb, destroy it again will
become an item, it is potion, but only refill 1 HP. Just open the laser gate
after finish off the soldier, go up the stair.

When get in to the building you will see many black bombs are blocking the
passage, focus on it, you can just cross them without touching any bombs here.
If you decided to shoot the bombs, or you explode the bombs, some DG soldiers
will appear to shoot you at the bottom, becareful the connon soldier. Take the
Card Key and open the laser gate. Some soldiers will jump up, just kill them
easily, becareful the rotor clubs in the central of the this building, they
will come to you and explode themself while you crossing the following
passage. Take the Card Key to open the laser gate in front, evade or jump over
the barrels throwing inside, open the laser gate with the following Card Key.
Leave here through the door just at your left side before time.

Go down the stair, some DG soldiers will shoot you from the opposite building,
and a Shop Machine is in the passage. When come to the street, many soldiers
are waiting for you, one of them here is using the heavy machine gun. You must
kill all of them, then three more soldiers will appear again, kill them to get
the Card Key. You can open both laser gate with you only Card Key in once.

Here is a optional place with a side mission. Go down the stair in the East
side, fight with some swordmans and a big blade soldier in the small room, get
the Card Key to open the laser gate, climb up the inner ladder, get in the
door to get the mission. You need to defeat 100 enemies in the hall here, if
you want to quit this mission, just leave the hall anytime, but once you left,
you can't return anymore. Enemies are the soldiers you fough before. If you
want to complete the mission, better don't just stand near the entrance,
because you might been knocked out from the hall. The enemies will appear from
everyway, but sometimes they would stop coming out, then you should run around
to trigger them out. A Mako Point is under the tank at the left in front.

You will get ‹à‚̃‚[ƒOƒŠlŒ` (Golden Moggle) if you success this mission,
nothing useful actually, sell it for some gils. After this, back to the main

Now go to the other building, take the Mako Point then go down the stair, enter 
the room at right side in the bottom can found a Shop Machine. After that
enter to the other door, some soldiers are shooting at you from the opposite
building, two of them are using the heavy machine gun, kill them as soon as
possible. Jump to bottom, and now is another side mission.

For this mission, you need to take four items in this section, they all are
blocking by the laser gates, one of them is blocking by seven laser gates, so
you have to explore all the Card Key for them. Here are the location for all
Card Key and the way to get them.

-Get in to the building where the DG soldiers shoot you just now, in the sewer
behind, pay attention on the ceiling, you can see a black bomb there, shoot it
for the first Card Key.

-Reached to the heavy mcahine gun, use it aim to the rooftop of the building
in front, turn slightly left, you can see a white crate there, shoot it down
then go to destroy it for the Card Key.

-Now stand at the left side from machine gun, use your long range weapon as
well as pluging the Sniper Scope, direct to right hand side, aim to the
building just now, find a black bomb inside the broken huge pipe, shoot it
down, then go to destroy it for the Card Key.

-Advance to the following building beside, when climbing the long ladder,
you can see a Card Key in the air, you have to jump from the top to get it.

-Climb from the long ladder just now, search behind the Shop Machine, another
Card Key hiding there.

-Destroy the crate near the Shop Machine to get one more Card Key.

-Jump down from though the window, go to the side of the precipice, there is
another Card Key there, coordinate is G-6. Becareful when taking it, if you
fall down, the mission will end here.

-Back to the area where you begin the mission, there is a laser gate locking
two Card Keys inside, use one of your Card Key to get two more.

-Now you should have enough Card Key to unlock the item with seven laser gate
blocking in the sewer, the coordinate is I-7. Open all seven laser gate for
the Lucky S Barrel and two more Card Keys here.

Unlock the other laser gates at coordinate J-8 for Bionit Rifle (Weapon),
K-9 and H-7 for ƒGƒŠƒN’ƒ (an item, fully restore HP and MP, also can revive
from dead like Phoenix Down).

NOTE: If you done collecting four items mission then back to the killing 100
      enemies mission, the swordmans won't appear in the small room where you
      must pass through before the mission.

After that go the precipice through the building, jump down then go forward,
trigger scene.

BOSS FIGHT : Nero the Sable

Don't fight him nearly, always keep further from him can hit him easily.
The rocks around could become your shield, run behind the rock when he's
shooting at you, but this couldn't works well when he jumps to the air, so keep
running when he flying in the air, is better run in a curve line. Once he stop
shooting, don't waste the chance to perform a counterattack, remember plug
you gun with the suitable barrel first, you can stun him easily.

When he spreads to three bodies even easy, you can damage him when you
hurt anyone of them. Normally all of them will perform the same move in the
same time. If they shoot you, you can still hide behind the rock as your
shield although now they've three guns now, the rock could blocks all of them.
Once they stop, counterattack. When he spining to you, keep running to evade
it, shoot him when he's stop the move.


                     ----------|   CHAPTER 11   |----------

Reference map:
                             |     |
                             |     |
                             |     |
  _______                    |__ __|
  | I   |                      |-|
  | M   |                      |-|
  |__ __|                    .-|-|-.
    |-|                      |     |
    |-|                      |     |
    |-|                      |     |
    |-|                      |__ __|
    |-|                        |-|
  __|-|__                    __|-|__
  |     |____________________|     |
  |      ____________________      |
  |     |                    |_____|
  '-. .-'
  |     |
  |     |
  |     |____________________.-----.
  |      ____________________      |
  |_____|                    |     |
                             |     |
                             |__ __|
  .-----.____________________|     |      I = Item
  |M     ____________________      |      M = Mako Point
  |I   I|                    |_____|      N = Next area
  '-. .-'                                 S = Starting

At the beginning of this area, take the Mako Point and items. Now you need to
reach N, to next area, on the way you have to face some protect spell soldiers,
so always prepare some item to fill up your MP, because sometimea you can't
always stay close combat with them.

After this area, go down the stair until you reach to the door, a Mako Point at
left side after you pass the first stair. Jump down from the ladder at left
side, take the item at right side, then go to the bottom. Turn right and go
through the passage, jump over the pipe to fight with the soldiers with
protection. The laser gate will block you when you reached to corner, so kill
the bugs here to get the Card Key. A mega-potion on the small platfrom, you
can climb up through the ladder at the other side, just jump to bottom and
climb back there from the other ladder around here.

After that, jump down the empty area in the front, pick up some 100 gils bags
and Mako Point here. Kill all bugs here for the Card Key to open the laser gate
which blocking you way. After that, just run down the stair until the next door
in front, go through it and the following door, watch a cut scene.

Now some you've a mission which to kill the soldiers shooting at you from
the central tower, just kill them if you want. The good idea is shoot down the
explosive barrels on top of them and then shoot it to explode the soldiers,
becareful the soldiers with cannon, do remember each cannon can knock you down.
Get in the door to next area.

Another mission given, you need to kill all the flying monster here. There is
a machine gun at downstair, if you don't want to use it, you can just use your
own weapon the take them down. Run down the stair, a Mako Point at the left
side, reach to the bottom and enter the door. A Shop Machine is here before
you go out from the following door.

Reference map:

     |  _____           _____  |
     |  |    |_________|    |GG|
     |  |                   |  |
     |  |                   |  |
     |  |                   | V|
   __|  |__                 |  |
   |      |                 |GG|      G = Gate with laser
   |      |               --'  '--    N = Next area
   |N     |               |  S   |    S = Starting
                                      V = Vincent

Now you are here, after the scene you will be blocking by the laser gate with
a protection soldier in the V area, this soldier has more HP then other, better
use your strongest magic to kill him faster. Another soldier is pushing out the
heavy machine gun fron N while you're fighting with the soldier in V, better
kill him before he operate the heavy machine gun, normally 2-3 Ice shots are
enough the finish off him. Go to N after defeated them.

Once you open the door, the DG soldiers are shooting you, they're all with
protect spell also, chase them and use melee attacks or just shoot them with
your magic shot. A Mako Point in front, take it and then enter the door. Some
soldiers are shooting from top, but if you don't cross the passage, they
couldn't hurt you, take them down with you magic shot first before crossing
there. The next room you will see many bugs, now you have to reach the next
door, so kill all of them for the Card Key. If you can reach the next door
without touching anyone of the bugs, the laser gate won't appear (random?),
means you no need to fight with the bugs.

After that come to a room with four Mako Point at each corner. Here you can get
the last G-file, it's located in the Northern corner, but not on the ground,
it's on the pipe above. You need to stand on the plate in the central first,
when the plate raise up, jump to the pipe, then search the North corner only
you can get it, coordinate at C-6. The DG soldiers are unlimited spawning here,
and all of them with protection, better prepare you magic enhancers here.
Nothing else other than G-file and Mako Points here, enter the next entrance
when you've done.

Some items could be found in the following passage. Press the blue switch to
open the door, cross the bridge to trigger a scene.

NOTE: Obtain three G-files for the extra ending, if you don't want to watch
      the extra ending, you can just leave it, and this is the last one.

BOSS FIGHT : Dragonfly PT

This airship again, now with some flying monster, and also some small robots
keep spawning around. Just kill the other enemies first then only focus to
the boss.

The machine gun attack doesn't deal much damage, but is better you can dodge
it, don't just stay still to let it shoot you. Run around the boxes could
protect you from its rocket although the rocket is homing at you, or you can
use melee attack to hit it away if you're very good it melee move. The small
robots aren't spawn that fast, no need to focus on them too much, but must
kill them when they're already came out.

In the middle of the battle, the boss will goes far, it will shoot you a rocket
then hide behind the building, then comes to shoot you another rocket, then
hide behind the building again. Pay attention to where it comes out, shoot it
as much as possible before it goes to hide again, then only evade the rocket,
because the rocket is very slow, if you can get the time right, you should
have enough times to evade the rocket.

After beaten it, go press the blue switch to open the following door, enter
there and go on passage. You have to face a group of DG soldiers in the last
corner here, also they all have protection, defeat them with magic of melee
attack. A Shop Machine before the next entrance.

BOSS FIGHT : ƒlƒEƒ‰ƒtƒŒƒA (Nero Rough form)

The boss protecting by the barrier, you can destroy it by shooting it a few
time, but the purple barriered stones will cast another barrier to him, better
shoot down all purple stones first, then only shoot the boss. The stones will
attack you also, just run aways when the stone is unbarrier, when you dodge
it's attack, also the best time to shoot it.

If you're already shot down all purple stones, now becareful the meteors, it's
very small meteor, not hard to dodge them actually, just keep running and
shoot the boss until the cut scene.

BOSS FIGHT : Gorgonero

Plug you gun with long or medium barrel, don't recommend to use machine gun.
Don't turn your camera first, Nero will appears on one of the few stones
opposite you. You can see the black hole before he appears, aim to the
direction and wait him, once he comes out, he will shoot you. He will
disappears again after you hurt him, wait his following appearance to hurt
him again, and repeat. You can kill him by just a few shots only.

After finish off Nero, you can get 5,000 gils near the Shop Machine. Cross the
long passage to the entrance in East, trigger a long scene.

BOSS FIGHT : Weiss the Immaculate

You can't kill him now, save you ammo and items. After defeated by him, cut

BOSS FIGHT : Weiss Empowered

Now you can kill him. Don't stay close to him, always keep in long distance
so that you can see what's he going to do.

Stay behind the cylinder when he's shooting, counterattack when he's stop.
When you see he is spining his sword, meant he's preparing to use the wave
attack or sword attack, the wave will comes double, but is easy to evade, his
sword attack is dash to you can cut with his sword, keep running in a curve
route, turn the camera to look at him, once he stop the attack, shoot him one
or twice.

If he jumps after spun the sword, prepare to jump over his nova. Sometimes he
might jumps to you, if so, you just need to run further from him, other
he could hurt you in a row.

After you deal an amount of damage to him, he will jumps to the central and
charge the magic ball to shoot you. Now you can't hurt him until he jumps back,
you need to dodge the his magic balls. Because of the magic balls also homing
at you, so better you stay behind the cylinder, they probably couldn't hurt
you even they would explode.

Just remember to keep a distance with him, always counterattack when he's
stopped any of his move, he isn't a hard boss.


                     ----------|   CHAPTER 12   |----------

After a few long scenes, finally you came to the last chapter. Now Vincent is
in his Chaos form and with a special gun named ƒfƒXƒyƒiƒ‹ƒeƒB (Death Penalty),
Vincent ultimate weapon in FF-VII. Although this gun cannot be merged with any
accessories, but 500 point in all states is very strong enough already, just
use this gun for the whole chapter. Only two types of enemies in this chapter,
one is like a flower, it will shoot a ray after the petals are open. Another
enemy is machine cannon, its HP is more then the flower enemy, both of them
were always flying.

You need to reach to the South-East part for this area, just go the only way
here. Some new enemies will keep coming out, with your Death Penalty, you can
kill them very easy. An item at right side when you reached the first juntion.
Go until you jump in to the huge tube, get out from there through the hole
at right side in front, then go up follow the broken road, watch a scene.

Start in other section, just go forward and go up the stair at right side.
After that go to the Eastern area, and need to fight some enemies. Cross over
the bridga, you can found an Omega report behind the rusty crate at the round
pole. Now go up the stair and kill all enemies whoever appears here, then
will trigger another cut scene.

Now you're flying in the Omega body, the enemies will only comes from behind,
just shoot them when anyone came to you front. When you reach certain distance
will trigger a cut scene. Now no more flying, just kill all enemies here, the
enemies appear in the section are only the flower stone.

After the scene, now turn to your right side and following the road until
you reach to top. Enemies will spawn around, recommend zoom in the aiming mode
while going up, ignore them if not necessory to kill. Another cut scene when
you reached to the top.

Now you're in front of Omega, nothing to do here, just go to your left area
will end the chapter's first part, kill the enemies if you want.


You're going to the final battle, if you still have money, just maximize your
items from the shop after the chapter result, the final battle is quite tough.

BOSS FIGHT : Crystal Feelers

Wait until anyone of the crystal unshell, use melee attack to destroy it, since
your gun couldn't hurt them. The flower stones are unlimited spawning here.
This battle will end after you destroy all daimond.

BOSS FIGHT : ƒIƒƒKƒRƒN[ƒ“

Just shoot the giant ball until the end. The flower stones would come to
attack you, keep running and shoot is better. The boss can be destroyed within
a minute, even before the flower stone can hurt you.

BOSS FIGHT : Omega Weiss

The toughest boss in the game, for safety, you must prepare some recovery
items before. For non-Japanese version, you can use Limit Breaker to restore
your HP.

You can see Weiss is stinking on the Omega's core, if you successfully shot on
Weiss's body, he will get more damage. Always stay further so that you can
see your target clearer.

At the beginning he will shoot the missiles, destroy them if you can, but dodge
them is the better choise. The missile is homing at you, press square while
running to evade, and they will always come in group.

Sometime the missiles didn't hit the wall or ground, they will stop in that
place, now shoot them to avoid the future troubles. When you see Omega raises
up the arms, run away from the direction it's facing, it's a nova once when
the arms hit on the ground, if you couldn't run further enough, just jump over
the nova.

When you see many small pieces appeared, means Weiss is going to jumps down and
attack you, you can destroy the pieces things before he comes, bacause he
will use those pieces things to attack you later. Now focus on him, prepare to
evade his attacks, use L3 + square button technique and running. Shoot him
when you're gone father from him, remember always evade his attack first.
Repeat until he back to the Omega's body.

If you see Omega is going further, the meteor in coming down. Now turn the
camera view looking at him, run when the meteor was charged, jump or roll
away if necessory, the meteor hit a very large area and also deal large damage
if it hits you accuratly. You can't deal any damage when the meteor is
charging, so just prepare to dodge it. Omega will comes back with the golden
body now, try run aways from its chases until the golden body gone.

Mostly this boss will perform the missile or arms attack in the whole battle,
Weiss would jumps down one or twice, the meteor attack also not more then
three times normally, unless you really took very long time to beat it.
Just stop attack the boss when it's coming to attack you, especially the
missiles. Take some times, the victory is yours.


congratulation~!!! enjoy the ending...

6.  Secret   []---------------------------------------------------------------

                       -----|  A. Extra Ending  |-----

To unlock the extra ending scene you must collect all G-file before fight with
the final boss, and they are totally three G-files in the game. This extra
scene will show out after the normal ending scene.

Following are the G-files' locations:

 - Chapter 8 Part 2/2

Reached to the long passage after the Shop Machine, climb the ladder behind
the heavy machine gun, and go until the end, successfully complete the mission
which is protect WRO soldiers to unlock all 40 locks, the laser gate will be
solved. Get in that passage and go until the end, then climb up the ladder,
the first G-file is here with some items.

 - Chapter 10

After you pass through the motor cart section, you came to a broken road where
you must face some DG soldiers with protection spell. Go until the rooftop,
search around the corner under the staircase where you come from, the G-file
is right here. Actual coordinate is N-10.

 - Chapter 11

The room with 4 Mako Points in each corner, before you encounter the airship
boss. Here you can get the last G-file, it's located on the pipe above. You
need to stand on the plate in the central, wait it raise higher enough, then
only you can jump on the pipe. The G-file is on the North corner, coordinate
is C-6.

                       -----|  B. Event Viewer  |-----

After you beat the game once, load the last screen in chapter-12 will come to
the Event Viewer, you can watch all the scenes in the entire game. But you
must unlock each scene/event during the game, to unlock them you have to shoot
the "Memory Capsule" in the game. Each "Memory Capsule" unlock one or two
scenes in the viewer, to unlock all scene or event in the viewer, you must
shoot down all 82 "Memory Capsule".

Following are the Memory Capsule locations:

=== Chapter 1 === ( 8 Memory Capsule ) ===

1. In the first map, run pass the building which connected to the bottom
   floor, reach to the ending can find a crate. At this point, aim down to the
   house's rooftop, the Memory Capsule is beside the chimney.

  -> Summarize: I-12 face S
  #- Unlock scene Chapter 1, - Three Years Later...

2. Start from the second Mako Point of this chapter, shoot the window above
   the second door on the left, you can see it after inside the room.

  -> Summarize: I-10 face N
  #- Unlock scene Chapter 1, - Rosso in Edge
  #- Unlock scene Chapter 2, - Conversation in the Shadowfox

3. The mission Save the abducted girl! Search the fountain can see a Memory

  -> Summarize: J-8 inside fountain
  #- Unlock scenes Chapter 1, - "What's going on...?"
                              - "Where am I supposed to meet Reeve...?"

4. Reached the laser gate at the entrance in coordinate H-6, face to South,
   aim to the top of the building, it's on the further broken boards.

  -> Summarize: H-6 face S
  #- Unlock scenes Chapter 1, - Rio
                              - Dance of the Dragonfly

5. In the building, before you out from the exit, search the corner under the
   staircase, the Memory Capsule is behind the boxes.

  -> Summarize: H-4 behind the boxes.
  #- Unlock scenes Chapter 1, - DGS Raid
                              - Dragonfly Destroyed?

6. After first time talking to WRO soldiers, also where you got the Griffon,
   face to the passage where WRO soldiers left (North-East direction), aim to
   th balcony on the rooftop, plug long barrel to shoot this Memory Capsule.

  -> Summarize: E-8 face NE
  #- Unlock scenes Chapter 1, - A Cait in Reeve's Clothing
                              - Return of the Dragonfly

7. The junction before two laser gates, stay in front the fire area at G-8,
   aim through the fire can see one Memory Capsule.

  -> Summarize: G-8 face N
  #- Unlock scenes Chapter 1, - Enter Shelke
                              - Remodeling

8. On the road to the last boss fight, go to the corridor in I-8 upper level
   with some bullets, aim to West, you can see it on the rooftop.

  -> Summarize: I-8 face W
  #- Unlock scenes Chapter 1, - Death of the Dragonfly

=== Chapter 2 === ( 3 Memory Capsule ) ===

1. Out from WRO lorry, go to the area around the two Mako Points, coordinate at
   H-15, aim below the waterfall, better use long barrel to shoot this Memory

  -> Summarize: H-15 face W
  #- Unlock scenes Chapter 2, - Weiss's Invocation
                              - "Guard hounds!"

2. Go to the North East corner in the same area, you can see it on the opposite

  -> Summarize: J-11 face E
  #- Unlock scenes Chapter 2, - Vincent on the Roof
                              - Dukes of Midgar

3. Get over the WRO lorry and aim below the lorry, there's another Memory
   Capsule under it.

  -> Summarize: F-11 face S
  #- Unlock scenes Chapter 2, - "More than I can say for the engine..."
                              - Release the Hounds

=== Chapter 3 === ( 7 Memory Capsule ) ===

1. On the mission protect the boy. Once you came out the first house on the
   1st floor, coordinate at I-8, aim to North-East can spot a Memory Capsule
   on the further rooftop.

  -> Summarize: I-8 face NE
  #- Unlock scenes Chapter 2, - Leader of the Pack
                              - Pegasus Rider Here Today

2. At the first floor of the connecting buildings, go to the second bridge
   around F-8, face North-West, one Memory Capsule is on the opposite building.

  -> Summarize: F-8 face NW
  #- Unlock scenes Chapter 2, - Pegasus Rider Gone Tomorrow
  #- Unlock scenes Chapter 3, - "A little more amusing than last time."

3. When you reached I-12, aim to the tower in central, another Memory Capsule
   is behind the green cloth.

  -> Summarize: I-12 face middle area
  #- Unlock scenes Chapter 3, - Vincent and Shalua - Face to Face
                              - One Last Breath

4. After passing the laser gate, next path will encounter some enemies. This
   area, stay on D-3 before the following path, face to East, aim to upstair
   can see the Memory Capsule on the platform.

  -> Summarize: D-3 face E
  #- Unlock scenes Chapter 3, - Survivor
                              - A boy's Plea

5. Where you found a Shop Machine, this Shop Machine doesn't exist for English
   version, so just consider as the beginning of 'Warehouse on the Edge'. Go to
   the Eastern gate and aim through the gate can find another one behind the

  -> Summarize: H-4 face E
  #- Unlock scenes Chapter 3, - DG Sniper
                              - Cry of the Heavy Armored Soldier

6. At the street with some fallen pillars, stand on the the pillar above at
   coordinate H-12, make sure the green board which is written "4-B -> 4-C" now
   is on your right hand side, face South-East and use rifle to find it, it's
   very far.

  -> Summarize: H-12 face SE
  #- Unlock scenes Chapter 3, - Fall of the Heavy Armored Soldier
                              - Rosso Versus Chaos

7. During the boss fight, run to L-14 in upstair, aim to the ceiling can see
   the Memory Capsule on the pole.

  -> Summarize: L-14 face W
  #- Unlock scenes Chapter 3, - Friend of Foe?
  #- Unlock scenes Chapter 4, - Lucrecia's Grotto

=== Chapter 4 === ( 4 Memory Capsule ) ===

1. Top floor of the building, aim to the glassed ceiling (orange colour),
   the Memory Capsule is at the South part.

  -> Summarize: J-8 face S
  #- Unlock scenes Chapter 4, - Nightmare
                              - Welcome to the WRO

2. When you come to the bottom floor passage (after Azul appears), look for the
   Western wall at coordinate I-4, it's beside the pipe.

  -> Summarize: I-4 face W
  #- Unlock scenes Chapter 4, - Azul and Shelke
                              - Assault on Headquarters

3. In the same passage around K-12 or K-13, look at the ceiling can see another
   on the left black pipe.

  -> Summarize: K-12 face S
  #- Unlock scenes Chapter 4, - A Request for Assistance.
                              - Shalua's Moves

4. Right after the 3rd laser gate, look at the wall on you right hand side,
   it's on the pipe also.

  -> Summarize: G-14 face N
  #- Unlock scenes Chapter 4, - "Take that!"
                              - Azul's Grin

=== Chapter 5 === ( 8 Memory Capsule ) ===

1. At the beginning, the first Memory Capsule is behind you.

  -> Summarize: Beginning turn back
  #- Unlock scenes Chapter 4, - Ten Year Reunion
                              - Sweat Dreams, Shelke

2. Where 2nd Mako Point in this area (sewer), climb up the ladder beside
   Mako Point, stand in front of the canal, coordinate at H-12, aim to North
   direction, you can see a Memory Capsule is on the pipe.

  -> Summarize: H-12 face N
  #- Unlock scenes Chapter 4, - Azul Returns
                              - Azul Defeated...?

3. Reach to following laser gate, also the 2nd laser gate in the sewer, kill
   the enemies and take the Card Key to open it. Aim into the hole above, a
   Memory Capsule was there, better shoot it from West.

  -> Summarize: C-8, look up
  #- Unlock scenes Chapter 4, - Separate Paths
  #- Unlock scenes Chapter 5, - Sahagin Sewers.

4. Out from the sewer, head to the half opened door around H-3, crouch and aim
   to the 2nd platform at the right side, a Memory Capsule is inside there.

  -> Summarize: H-3 face SE
  #- Unlock scenes Chapter 5, - Memories af Lucrecia
                              - Cait Falling

5. After the scene with Lucrecia, get into the Eastern room just on your left
   hand side, it's in the fallen bookcase.

  -> Summarize: K-8 face N
  #- Unlock scenes Chapter 5, - Solid Cait
                              - "The same container I saw in Kalm!"

6. In the following passage which is also connecting to the cave, head to West,
   pay attention to the ceiling when you come to C-8, a Memory Capsule is up

  -> Summarize: C-8 face N
  #- Unlock scenes Chapter 5, - "My brother...Omega..."
                              - The Chronicles of Yore

7. Reached the first floor in Shinra Mansion after the circle staircase, head
   to the North-East room. In that room, stand on the small table near the
   window, and destroy the window at L-4, you will see the Memory Capsule

  -> Summarize: L-4 face N
  #- Unlock scenes Chapter 5, - Rosso Returns
                              - Black Widow

8. Shinra Mansion main hall, before going downstair, aim to the broken ceiling,
   you can see it around that big hole, and remember you must aim from
   North-East side.

  -> Summarize: H-6 face SW
  #- Unlock scenes Chapter 5, - The Beginning of the End.
                              - The Jenova Project

=== Chapter 6 === ( 10 Memory Capsule ) ===

1. At the beginning, go to the West waterway with the fallen trunks, the first
   one is over here.

  -> Summarize: D-13, over the trunk
  #- Unlock scenes Chapter 5, - That is My Sin...
                              - Transformation into the Beast.

2. After the laser gate, come to coordinate L-13, now face to North direction,
   and you can see a Memory Capsule is sticking on the hill.

  -> Summarize: L-13 face N
  #- Unlock scenes Chapter 6, - "I'm so sorry..."
                              - The One and Only Yuffie Kisaragi

3. When reached to the second bugs' hole, you're around J-4, now face to South
   and aim to the top of the mountain, one Memory Capsule is there.

  -> Summarize: J-4 face S
  #- Unlock scenes Chapter 6, - Sisterly Love
                              - Shadow fox Grounded

4. When out from the underground passage with a Shop Machine and a Mako Point,
   aim to the top of the tower at left side (West side).

  -> Summarize: G-11 face N
  #- Unlock scenes Chapter 6, - Incoming Transmission
                              - Web of the Black Widow II

5. In the same place with above, another Memory Capsule is on top of another
   tower at right side (East side), but you have to aim from North.

  -> Summarize: H-9 face SE
  #- Unlock scenes Chapter 6, - Black Widow II Destroyed
                              - Goodbye, Shalua

6. Reached to the section where you can see a pillar written " 3 " in the
   central. Go to the corner around Mako Point at F-5, face to outside (South)
   and aim to the bottom, the Memory Capsule is in the water beside to pole.

  -> Summarize:
  #- Unlock scenes Chapter 6, - Picnic
                              - Shelke's Proposition

  -> Summarize: F-5 face S
7. Same place with above, go to the other corner at I-5, face outside (South)
   then aim to the half way up the mountain.

  -> Summarize: I-5 face S
  #- Unlock scenes Chapter 6, - The End of the WRO?
                              - Whose Fault?

8. After the base, you will see a building further in front with a flash light
   moving behind it, aim to the rooftop around the flash light can see a Memory

  -> Summarize: On the rooftop with flash light
  #- Unlock scenes Chapter 7, - "Vincent! Long time."
                              - Eggs for Breakfast

9. Same place with above, before going up the stair in the middle, face to
   West, aim to the second waterfall, the Memory Capsule is above it.

  -> Summarize: E-8 face W
  #- Unlock scenes Chapter 6, - "Hey!!! Over here!!!"
                              - Cid's Fleet

10. Inside the mall after boss fight, in the main hall of the mall, go to
    South-West corner, face to North-East and aim to the broken bridge upstair,
    you can spot it on that bridge.

  -> Summarize: F-9 NE
  #- Unlock scenes Chapter 7, - A More Detailed Briefing
                              - "You just remind me of your sister."

=== Chapter 7 === No Memory Capsule in this chapter ===

=== Chapter 8 Part 1/2 === ( 9 Memory Capsule ) ===

1. In the first section, go to coordinate at H-9, aim to the opposite
   watch-tower at North-West direction, a Memory Capsule is on the platform.

  -> Summarize: H-9 face NW
  #- Unlock scenes Chapter 7, - And the Meeting Begins.
                              - Cloud and Company

2. After rescue the WRO soldier who hiding at E-9, face to West, you can see
   another Memory Capsule in between the huge boxes.

  -> Summarize: E-9 face W
  #- Unlock scenes Chapter 7, - Synaptic Net Dive... Start
                              - The Cosmos

3. Start from the first Mako Point in this chapter, when you reach to the
   second laser gate, stay in front of it and face to West, it's on the box.

  -> Summarize: D-6 face W
  #- Unlock scenes Chapter 7, - "Why, those conniving...!"
                              - Something for Someone You care About

4. Out from the room with the first Shop Machine (this should be the second
   shop for English version), aim to the watch-tower at right side, the Memory
   Capsule is on top of it.

  -> Summarize: J-11 face NW
  #- Unlock scenes Chapter 7, - Just Like Old Times
                              - "They attacked Wutai as well."

5. When you found the opened train at coordinate I-9, search under that train
   can see another Memory Capsule.

  -> Summarize: I-9 under the train
  #- Unlock scenes Chapter 7, - "Number 5 is alive!"
                              - Chaos out of Control

6. The place where you meet with another group of WRO force, stay at D-10 and
   face South, aim to the space between the spoiled train and the boxes, you
   can spot it.

  -> Summarize: D-10 face S
  #- Unlock scenes Chapter 7, - "Okay dogs!"
                              - Tsviets in Waiting

7. When you reached to the next Mako Point, look back to the Northern building,
   a Memory Capsule is on the rooftop.

  -> Summarize: G-7 face N
  #- Unlock scenes Chapter 7, - Yuffie and the Boys
                              - A Present from Shelke

8. Inside the railway station with red light on top of the doors, before you
   out from the other door, face South from J-7, Memory Capsule is on the

  -> Summarize: J-7 face S
  #- Unlock scenes Chapter 8, - Attack on Midgar
                              - A Few Klicks Off Target

9. The battle place where you face the DG soldiers, commander and robot, go to
   the central of the place, one Memory Capsule is under the half fallen train.

  -> Summarize: H-9 face NE
  #- Unlock scenes Chapter 8, - WRO Squad Rendezvous
                              - "Just don't get it my way."

=== Chapter 8 Part 2/2 === ( 5 Memory Capsule ) ===

1. At the beginning, face to South and aim up to the further ceiling.

  -> Summarize: D-13 face S
  #- Unlock scenes Chapter 8, - Born in the Slums
                              - WRO commander

2. Reached the door at M-5 after the heavy machine gun, crouch in front the
   door and aim to the fallen train on the right, it's behind the train.

  -> Summarize: M-5 face NE
  #- Unlock scenes Chapter 8, - A Lone Survivor
                              - Fire from the Sky

3. Arrive to the elevator which blocking by the laser gate, stay in front
   of the elevator and face South, aim to upstair can see a Memory Capsule.

  -> Summarize: B-7 face S
  #- Unlock scenes Chapter 8, - Shrikes Down
                              - Final Confrontation with Rosso

4. In the next elevator, always face to the entrance while it's going up, you
   will see a Memory Capsule is on the third lamp.

  -> Summarize: Face S while elevator going up
  #- Unlock scenes Chapter 8, - "Why they call me the Crimson."
                              - Rosso in the Moonlight

5. In the final area where you fough the boss, go to West area and run up to
   the huge box at D-12, aim to South-West can see the Memory Capsule. You can
   shoot it before trigger the boss fight.

  -> Summarize: D-12 face SW
  #- Unlock scenes Chapter 9, - Visions of Lucrecia
                              - Nero Versus Shelke

=== Chapter 9 === ( 5 Memory Capsule ) ===

1. At the beginning before entering the building, go to your left hand side,
   search the broken window, the Memory Capsule is inside there.

  -> Summarize: F-5 face NW
  #- Unlock scenes Chapter 9, - Widows in waiting
                              - Black Widow TW Offline

2. Inside Shinra tower, when you come to 3F where you should jump down the
   spoiled elevator, stay in the North-West corner and aim to South-East
   corner will see half of it on upstair.

  -> Summarize: E-4 face SW
  #- Unlock scenes Chapter 9, - Call for Vincent Valentine
                              - Waiting at the Bottom

3. Down to the passage, go through the passage and pay attention to the first
   wire netting at I-8, aim through the netting can spot the Memory Capsule
   beside the pole.

  -> Summarize: I-8 face N
  #- Unlock scenes Chapter 9, - The True Azul
                              - "More a beast than I."

4. After boss battle with two Black Widows, come into a higher floor through
   the lift. Once you've reached to the bridge after the Mako Point, aim to the
  left can see the Memory Capsule is on the opposite bridge.

  -> Summarize: Face left on the first bridge
  #- Unlock scenes Chapter 9, - Lucresia and Chaos
                              - The Door Opens

5. On the second elevator with the mission destroy the surveillance mines, face
   North-West while it's going down, you can see the Memory Capsule is in front
   of the door at middle level.

  -> Summarize: Face NW while elevator going down
  #- Unlock scenes Chapter 10, - Mako Reactor from Afar
                               - DG Elite

=== Chapter 10 === ( 15 Memory Capsule ) ===

1. At the beginning, run pass the first laser gate come to the first corner,
   face to West aim to the lower bridge there will see the Memory Capsule.

  -> Summarize: B-6 face W
  #- Unlock scenes Chapter 10, - The Call of Darkness
                               - Shelke in the Night

2. Same place with above, come to coordinate L-6, face to North and aim to the
   higher place of the building, it's on the platform.

  -> Summarize: L-6 face N
  #- Unlock scenes Chapter 10, - Grimoire and Lucrecia
                               - Lucresia's Failure

3. Out from the passage with first Mako Point here, go to left corner before go
   down the stair, aim to East can see the Memory Capsule at the bottom.

  -> Summarize: K-6 face E
  #- Unlock scenes Chapter 10, - Rest in Peace. Doctor
                               - Young sisters

4. The place where you first time encounter the soldiers with protect spell,
   face to South from the corner at E-8, aim to the bottom can see the Memory
   Capsule between the two poles.

  -> Summarize: E-8 face S
  #- Unlock scenes Chapter 10, - Forgotten Tears
                               - Nero the Sable

5. Where you found the first Shop Machine here, go down until the bottom ground
   floor, stay at G-6 and aim up to the East direction, it's under a platform.

  -> Summarize: G-5 face E
  #- Unlock scenes Chapter 10, - Indestructible
                               - Into the Oblivion

6. In the passage something trying to shoot you from the ceiling, before
   going forward, you can see a Memory Capsule is on top of the wall on your
   right hand side.

  -> Summarize: B-14 face S
  #- Unlock scenes Chapter 10, - Yuffie Returns
  #- Unlock scenes Chapter 11, - Shelke in the Laboratory

7. Just after the motor cart mission, go to the platform beside the motor cart
   at coordinate C-8 or C-9, search below the railway of the motor cart can see
   a Memory Capsule.

  -> Summarize: C-8/C-9 face W
  #- Unlock scenes Chapter 11, - "Why didn't you tell me!?"
                               - Shelke Slumbers

8. When you see the following Shop Machine on the broken road, go to K-14,
   around the crate, aim to West can find the Memory Capsule is on the rooftop.

  -> Summarize: K-14 face W
  #- Unlock scenes Chapter 11, - The Dragonfly Rises
                               - The Dragonfly Falls

9. Same place with above, go to end of the broken road at L-11, face to East
   and aim to bottom, you will see another Memory Capsule on the rooftop.

  -> Summarize: L-11 face E
  #- Unlock scenes Chapter 11, - Back Together Again
                               - Weiss's Pulse

10. After passing a few laser gates in the narrow path, come to the place with
    some crate, jump down there and stay at K-11, face to North-West then aim
    to the rooftop, it's on the chimney.

  -> Summarize: K-11 face NE
  #- Unlock scenes Chapter 11, - Enter Arachnero
                               - Battle in the Dark

11. At coordinate I-7 around the Card Key on the box, stand beside the
    building, face to North-East and aim up to the rooftop, you can see half of
    it beside the chimney.

  -> Summarize: I-7 face NE
  #- Unlock scenes Chapter 11, - A Fate Decided
                               - Weiss Reborn

12. Same place with above, go to the corner at coordinate E-7, aim to North can
    see another Memory Capsule in the air.

  -> Summarize: E-7 face N
  #- Unlock scenes Chapter 11, - Overpowered
                               - Take Control

13. Same place with above but passed the laser gate, before jump down, aim to
    through the big gate, it's inside there. You can actually get closer to
    shoot it.

  -> Summarize: E-9 face SW
  #- Unlock scenes Chapter 11, - Chaos Awakes
                               - Weiss's Last Breath

14. Reached to the bridge with three Mako Points (Limit Breaker on English
    version), before crossing there, go to the left corner at coordinate E-3,
    face to North can see a Memory Capsule is on top of the water. 

  -> Summarize: E-3 face N
  #- Unlock scenes in Final Chapter, - "We did it!"
                                     - Omega Takes Form

15. The place you found a heavy machine gun and two laser gates, go around I-9,
    stand in front of the laser gate, face to North-West can see fallen bridge
    overwhelm on some structures, search the space between the structures to
    find it.

  -> Summarize: I-9 face N/NW
  #- Unlock scenes in Final Chapter, - Commencing Final SND
                                     - "Take this..."

=== Chapter 11 === ( 6 Memory Capsule ) ===

1. When first time reach to energy tower, down the stairs can see a Mako Point
   at coordinate E-8, from here aim to the top of the tower can spot a Memory

  -> Summarize: E-8 face aim up the tower
  #- Unlock scenes in Final Chapter, - Lucrecia's Descent
                                     - Battle Over Midgar

2. Reached to the platfrom passage, stay in the corner at H-9, face to
   South-East and aim to bottom, the Memory Capsule is behind a pole. Also you
   can shoot it when you reached to the lower platform.

  -> Summarize: H-9 face SE
  #- Unlock scenes in Final Chapter, - "Sorry about the wait."
                                     - Ivasion

3. The passage where you would see an enemy pushing out the heavy machine gun,
   look at the hole in the middle South area, it's there.

  -> Summarize: C-5 face S
  #- Unlock scenes in Final Chapter, - Through the Membrane and Beyond
                                     - Almost There

4. The room with a swarm of bugs, the Memory Capsule is on the wire netting
   above, in coordinate A-6.

  -> Summarize: A-6 look up
  #- Unlock scenes in Final Chapter, - Free of Last
                                     - To the Final Stage

5. The room with four Mako Points in the corners, the Memory Capsule is
   inside one of the pails in South area, you've to shoot it from higher place,
   jump on the raising plate in the central and jump to the pipe above.

  -> Summarize: 4 Mako Points room, inside the pails
  #- Unlock scenes in Final Chapter, - First Encounter-Crystal Feelers
                                     - Second Encounter-Omega Cocoon

6. After the four Mako Points room, you will see a netting above in the
   following passage, you can spot another Memory Capsule.

  -> Summarize: F-10 look up
  #- Unlock scenes in Final Chapter, - Third Encounter-Omega Weiss
                                     - The Death of Omega Weiss

=== Chapter 12 === ( 2 Memory Capsule ) ===

1. In the first stage, after jump in the huge tube, face to North-West, the
   Memory Capsule is further in the end of the tube.

  -> Summarize: J-11 face NW
  #- Unlock scenes in Final Chapter, - A Finale Chaostic

2. First of all, you must get the Extra Ending first, then replay this stage.
   After out from the huge tube, around the second corner at L-14, face to
   South-East, the Memory Capsule is in the air, below Omega's wings.

  -> Summarize: L-14 face SE
  #- Unlock scenes in Final Chapter, - "G"

 7.  Weapon & Barrel   []------------------------------------------------------


WT  - Weight
POW - Power
SPD - Speed
RNG - Range
HIG - Higher target rate
MED - Medium target rate
LOW - Lower target rate
CA  - Capacity (max ammo)
------------------------------|   Cerberus   |---------------------------------
                             |  Cerberus II   |
                             |  Cerberus III  |
             |                                                   |
    ------------------                                  ------------------
    |   P Cerberus   |                                  |   S Cerberus   |
    ------------------                                  ------------------
             |                                                   |
   ----------------------                             ----------------------
   |  P Cerberus gamma  |                 .-----------|  S Cerberus gamma  |
   ----------------------                 |           ----------------------
             |                            |                      |
   ----------------------                 |                      |
   |  Powered Cerberus  |                 |                      |
   ----------------------       --------------------     -------------------
                                | *Quant Cerberus  |     |  Zero Cerberus  |
                                --------------------     -------------------

*Note: Vincent initial default weapon.
       Quant Cerberus only available for Japanese version

 |      Weapon      |  WT  | POW | SPD | RNG | HIG | MED | LOW | CA |  Cost |
 | Cerberus         |  540 |  60 |  80 |  60 |  70 | 115 | 110 | 18 |  1000 |
 | Cerberus II      |  540 | 105 |  80 |  60 |  75 | 125 | 120 | 18 |  2000 |
 | Cerberus III     |  540 | 105 |  80 |  60 |  75 | 125 | 120 | 24 |  5000 |
 | P Cerberus       |  540 | 145 |  55 |  60 |  75 | 125 | 120 | 18 | 10000 |
 | S Cerberus       |  420 | 105 |  95 |  60 |  75 | 125 | 120 | 24 | 10000 |
 | P Cerberus gamma |  540 | 145 |  55 |  60 |  80 | 145 | 140 | 18 | 17000 |
 | S Cerberus gamma |  420 | 105 | 110 |  60 |  75 | 125 | 120 | 24 | 17000 |
 | Powered Cerberus |  420 | 200 |  55 |  60 |  80 | 145 | 140 | 18 | 26000 |
 | Zero Cerberus    |  120 | 105 | 125 |  60 |  75 | 125 | 120 | 24 | 26000 |

#- Japanese version
 |      Weapon      |  WT  | POW | SPD | RNG | HIG | MED | LOW | CA |  Cost |
 | Cerberus         |  540 |  60 |  70 |  60 |  70 | 115 | 110 | 18 |  1000 |
 | Cerberus II      |  540 | 105 |  70 |  60 |  70 | 115 | 110 | 18 |  2000 |
 | Cerberus III     |  540 | 105 |  70 |  60 |  75 | 125 | 120 | 24 |  5000 |
 | P Cerberus       |  540 | 145 |  70 |  60 |  75 | 125 | 120 | 24 | 10000 |
 | S Cerberus       |  420 | 105 |  80 |  60 |  75 | 125 | 120 | 42 | 10000 |
 | P Cerberus gamma |  540 | 145 |  70 |  60 |  80 | 145 | 140 | 24 | 17000 |
 | S Cerberus gamma |  420 | 105 |  90 |  60 |  75 | 125 | 120 | 42 | 17000 |
 | Powered Cerberus |  420 | 200 |  70 |  60 |  80 | 145 | 140 | 24 | 26000 |
 | Quant Cerberus   |  120 | 105 |  90 |  60 |  75 | 125 | 120 | 84 | 26000 |
 | Zero Cerberus    |  180 | 105 | 110 |  60 |  75 | 125 | 120 | 42 | 26000 |

-------------------------------|   Griffon   |---------------------------------
                              |   Griffon II   |
             |                        |                          |
     ---------------           ---------------            ---------------
     |  P Griffon  |           | *M Griffon  |            |  S Griffon  |
     ---------------           ---------------            ---------------
             |                        |                          |
  --------------------       --------------------       --------------------
  |  P Griffon beta  |       |  M Griffon beta  |       |  S Griffon beta  |
  --------------------       --------------------       --------------------
             |                        |                          |
  ---------------------     ---------------------      ---------------------
  |  P Griffon gamma  |     |  M Griffon gamma  |      |  S Griffon gamma  |
  ---------------------     ---------------------      ---------------------
            |                         |                         |
 -----------------------     --------------------      ---------------------
 |   Dueling Griffon   |     |  Starry Griffon  |      |   Sonic Griffon   |
 -----------------------     --------------------      ---------------------

*Note: Obtain in Chapter 1
       Japanese version, Starry Griffon is modified from S Griffon gamma.
       Start from M Griffon to Starry Griffon, they were not available for
       Japanese version.

 |      Weapon      |  WT  | POW | SPD | RNG | HIG | MED | LOW | CA |  Cost |
 | Griffon          | 1050 |  25 | 140 |  20 |  20 |  55 |  65 | 35 |  1000 |
 | Griffon II       | 1050 |  35 | 140 |  20 |  20 |  55 |  65 | 40 |  2000 |
 | P Griffon        | 1050 |  50 | 130 |  20 |  35 |  70 |  80 | 35 |  5000 |
 | S Griffon        |  810 |  35 | 200 |  20 |  20 |  55 |  65 | 40 |  5000 |
 | M Griffon        |  900 |  35 | 140 |  20 |  20 |  55 |  65 | 50 |  5000 |
 | P Griffon beta   | 1050 |  60 | 130 |  20 |  35 |  70 |  80 | 35 | 10000 |
 | S Griffon beta   |  810 |  35 | 200 |  40 |  20 |  55 |  65 | 40 | 10000 |
 | M Griffon beta   |  900 |  40 | 140 |  20 |  35 |  65 |  75 | 70 | 10000 |
 | P Griffon gamma  | 1050 |  60 | 130 |  20 |  45 |  80 |  90 | 35 | 17000 |
 | S Griffon gamma  |  510 |  35 | 200 |  40 |  20 |  55 |  65 | 40 | 17000 |
 | M Griffon gamma  |  510 |  45 | 140 |  20 |  35 |  65 |  75 | 70 | 17000 |
 | Dueling Griffon  | 1050 |  75 | 130 |  20 |  45 |  80 |  90 | 35 | 26000 |
 | Sonic Griffon    |  300 |  35 | 200 |  40 |  20 |  55 |  65 | 99 | 26000 |
 | Starry Griffon   |  300 |  50 | 140 |  20 |  35 |  65 |  75 | 99 | 26000 |

#- Japanese version
 |      Weapon      |  WT  | POW | SPD | RNG | HIG | MED | LOW | CA |  Cost |
 | Griffon          | 1050 |  25 | 140 |  20 |  20 |  55 |  65 | 35 |  1000 |
 | Griffon II       | 1050 |  35 | 140 |  20 |  20 |  55 |  65 | 35 |  2000 |
 | P Griffon        | 1050 |  50 | 120 |  20 |  35 |  70 |  80 | 35 |  5000 |
 | S Griffon        |  810 |  35 | 160 |  20 |  20 |  55 |  65 | 50 |  5000 |
 | P Griffon beta   | 1050 |  60 | 120 |  20 |  35 |  70 |  80 | 35 | 10000 |
 | S Griffon beta   |  810 |  35 | 160 |  20 |  20 |  55 |  65 | 70 | 10000 |
 | P Griffon gamma  | 1050 |  60 | 120 |  20 |  45 |  80 |  90 | 35 | 17000 |
 | S Griffon gamma  |  510 |  35 | 160 |  20 |  20 |  55 |  65 | 70 | 17000 |
 | Dueling Griffon  | 1050 |  75 | 120 |  20 |  45 |  80 |  90 | 35 | 26000 |
 | Starry Griffon   |  300 |  35 | 160 |  20 |  20 |  55 |  65 | 99 | 26000 |

--------------------------------|   Hydra   |----------------------------------
                               |   Hydra II   |
                               |   Hydra III   |
             |                                                |
      ---------------                                  ---------------
      |   P Hydra   |                                  |   S Hydra   |
      ---------------                                  ---------------
             |                                                |
     ------------------                               ------------------
     |  P Hydra gama  |                               |  S Hydra gama  |
     ------------------                               ------------------
             |                                                |
    ---------------------                           ---------------------
    |   Gigante Hydra   |                           |   Feather Hydra   |
    ---------------------                           ---------------------

*Note: Obtain in Chapter 3

 |      Weapon      |  WT  | POW | SPD | RNG | HIG | MED | LOW | CA |  Cost |
 |  Hydra           | 1050 | 140 |  65 | 140 | 140 | 120 | 120 |  5 |  1000 |
 |  Hydra II        | 1050 | 140 |  65 | 150 | 140 | 120 | 120 |  8 |  2000 |
 |  Hydra III       | 1050 | 160 |  65 | 150 | 150 | 125 | 125 |  8 |  5000 |
 |  P Hydra         | 1050 | 185 |  55 | 150 | 160 | 145 | 140 |  5 | 10000 |
 |  S Hydra         |  570 | 130 |  85 | 150 | 150 | 125 | 125 |  7 | 10000 |
 |  P Hydra gamma   | 1050 | 225 |  30 | 180 | 160 | 145 | 140 |  3 | 17000 |
 |  S Hydra gamma   |  330 | 130 |  85 | 170 | 150 | 125 | 125 |  7 | 17000 |
 |  Gigant Hydra    | 1050 | 280 |   1 | 200 | 180 | 160 | 160 |  1 | 26000 |
 |  Feather Hydra   |   30 | 140 | 125 | 150 | 150 | 125 | 125 |  8 | 26000 |

#- Japanese version
 |      Weapon      |  WT  | POW | SPD | RNG | HIG | MED | LOW | CA |  Cost |
 |  Hydra           | 1050 | 140 |  65 | 140 | 140 | 120 | 120 |  7 |  1000 |
 |  Hydra II        | 1050 | 140 |  65 | 140 | 140 | 120 | 120 |  9 |  2000 |
 |  Hydra III       | 1050 | 160 |  65 | 140 | 150 | 125 | 125 |  9 |  5000 |
 |  P Hydra         | 1050 | 185 |  65 | 140 | 160 | 145 | 140 |  7 | 10000 |
 |  S Hydra         |  570 | 140 |  85 | 140 | 150 | 125 | 125 |  9 | 10000 |
 |  P Hydra gamma   | 1050 | 225 |  15 | 165 | 160 | 145 | 140 |  7 | 17000 |
 |  S Hydra gamma   |  570 | 140 |  85 | 150 | 150 | 125 | 125 | 14 | 17000 |
 |  Gigante Hydra   | 1050 | 280 |   1 | 165 | 180 | 160 | 160 |  1 | 26000 |
 |  Feather Hydra   |   30 | 140 | 100 | 150 | 150 | 125 | 125 | 16 | 26000 |

-------------------------------|   Toy Gun   |---------------------------------
                            |   Silver Toy Gun   |
                            |   Golden Toy Gun   |
                             |   Ultima Weapon   |

*Note: Obtain Toy Gun in Chapter 3

 |     Weapon      |  WT  | POW | SPD | RNG | HIG | MED | LOW | CA |  Cost  |
 | Toy Gun         |   30 |   1 |  85 |   5 |  40 |  40 |  40 | 18 |     -  |
 | Silver Toy Gun  |   30 |   2 |  85 |   5 |  40 |  40 |  40 | 18 |  15000 |
 | Golden Toy Gun  |   30 |   3 |  85 |   5 |  40 |  40 |  40 | 18 |  35000 |
 | Ultima Weapon   |   30 | 200 | 140 | 110 | 200 | 200 | 200 | 99 | 200000 |

----------------------------|   Other Weapon   |-------------------------------

 |  Blow Machine Gun  |

*Note: Obtain in Chapter 10
*Effect: Knock targets away

 |  Bionit Rifle  |

*Note: Obtain in Chapter 10
*Effect: Increase damage of melee attack

 |  Death Penalty  |

*Note: Default weapon in Final Chapter

 |       Weapon       |  WT  | POW | SPD | RNG | HIG | MED | LOW | CA |
 |  Blow Machine Gun  | 1350 |   5 | 140 |  20 |  30 |  60 |  70 | 16 |
 |  Pyonit Rifle      |  600 | 150 |  75 | 140 | 140 | 120 | 120 |  7 |
 |  Death Penalty     |  500 | 500 | 500 | 500 | 500 | 500 | 500 |  6 |

----------------------------|   Short Barrel   |-------------------------------
                            |  Short Barrel II  |
                           |  Short Barrel III  |
                           |  Short Barrel beta  |
                           |  Short Barrel gamma  |
                             |  Gale S Barrel  |

*Note: Obtain in Chapter 1

 |       Barrel        |  WT  | POW | SPD | RNG | HIG | MED | LOW |  Cost |
 |  Short Barrel       |  300 |  35 | 130 |  25 |   5 |  30 |  55 |  1000 |
 |  Short Barrel II    |  300 |  45 | 130 |  25 |   5 |  30 |  55 |  1500 |
 |  Short Barrel III   |  300 |  45 | 130 |  25 |  10 |  40 |  80 |  4000 |
 |  Short Barrel beta  |  300 |  45 | 130 |  45 |  10 |  40 |  80 |  8000 |
 |  Short Barrel gamma |  150 |  50 | 130 |  45 |  20 |  80 | 105 | 13500 |
 |  Gale S Barrel      |   30 |  55 | 170 |  55 |  20 |  80 | 105 | 21000 |

---------------------------|   Middle Barrel   |-------------------------------
                           |  Middle Barrel II  |
                           |  Middle Barrel III  |
                          |  Middle Barrel beta  |
                          |  Middle Barrel gamma  |
                           |   Master M Barrel   |

*Note: Vincent initial barrel

 |       Barrel        |  WT  | POW | SPD | RNG | HIG | MED | LOW |  Cost |
 | Middle Barrel       |  600 |  55 |  60 |  65 |  65 | 100 |  90 |  1000 |
 | Middle Barrel II    |  600 |  70 |  60 |  65 |  65 | 100 |  90 |  1500 |
 | Middle Barrel III   |  600 |  70 |  60 |  85 |  65 | 100 |  90 |  4000 |
 | Middle Barrel beta  |  600 |  70 |  90 |  85 |  65 | 100 |  90 |  8000 |
 | Middle Barrel gamma |  240 |  70 |  90 |  85 |  65 | 100 |  90 | 13500 |
 | Master M Barrel     |  240 |  70 |  90 |  85 | 160 | 160 | 160 | 21000 |

-----------------------------|   Long Barrel   |-------------------------------
                             |  Long Barrel II  |
                             |  Long Barrel III  |
                            |  Long Barrel beta  |
                            |  Long Barrel gamma  |
                             |   Nova L Barrel   |

*Note: Obtain in Chapter 1

 |       Barrel        |  WT  | POW | SPD | RNG | HIG | MED | LOW |  Cost |
 |  Long Barrel        | 1650 |  60 |  25 | 150 | 130 |  60 |  20 |  1000 |
 |  Long Barrel II     | 1200 |  60 |  25 | 150 | 130 |  60 |  20 |  1500 |
 |  Long Barrel III    | 1200 |  80 |  25 | 150 | 130 |  60 |  20 |  4000 |
 |  Long Barrel beta   | 1200 |  80 |  25 | 150 | 200 | 100 |  80 |  8000 |
 |  Long Barrel gamma  | 1200 | 110 |  25 | 150 | 200 | 100 |  80 | 13500 |
 |  Nova L Barrel      | 1200 | 120 |  60 | 250 | 200 | 100 |  80 | 21000 |

----------------------------|   Lucky S Barrel   |-----------------------------

*Note: Obtain in Chapter 10
*Effect: Gain more EXP when killing enemies with this barrel

 |      Barrel     |  WT  | POW | SPD | RNG | HIG | MED | LOW |  Cost |
 |  Luck S Barrel  |  750 |   1 | 115 |   5 |   5 |   5 |   5 |    -  |


 8. Extra Missions  []---------------------------------------------------------


#- Basics
    These extra missions section is not available for Japanese version.
    Just beat the game once to unlock the first mission, then clear the first
    mission to unlock the second mission and so on. Some of them can only be
    unlocked by shooting the white Memory Capsule in the appointed missions.

#- Inventory
    The weapons, barrels and accessories is based on your main game, all stats
    are depends on the inventory that you end the game, that's mean no matter
    how did you upgrade your inventory stuff will never affect your inventory
    in extra mission until you bring them to end the game. However, the other
    inventory items such as ammo, potions will not be affected.

|  Missions  |

|                             Zephyr Heathlands                               |
|  Mission Objective     : Locate the Goal Point  | The road to the next stage
|-------------------------------------------------| awaits at the goal point.
|  Conditions for Defeat : Suffer a KO /          | However, bloodthirsty foes
|                          Exceed Time Limit      | will try everything to stop
|-------------------------------------------------| you from completing your
|  Time Limit            : 10 Minutes             | objective.

Check you map to find out your goal point. But before you can get there, you
need a Card Key to unlock the laser gate at West area. From the beginning point
direction, the Card Key is located on the left area, but you have to go through
from the longer route. Follow the path at right, eventually you will reach to
the East area, take the Card Key to unlock the blue laser gate and go up. On
the way got lot of sniper soldiers attack you, so don't go too fast, always
make sure the area is clear before going on. When you down to the bottom again
after defeating two soldiers at the bottom, you will face some mini robots
which can move very fast. After this part, beware of a hidden soldier waiting
you behind the wall at right side, is better finish off him before you go for
the goal point.

|                              Widow Missileer                                |
|  Mission Objective     : Eradicate the Black Widow | Make your way through a
|                          Squad                     | storm of heat-seeking
|----------------------------------------------------| missiles and defeat the
|  Conditions for Defeat : Suffer a KO               | squad of black widows.
|  Time Limit            : None                      |

Destroy the Black Widow while dodging their missiles. You can just run to
either corner, when the Black Widows fire out the missiles, simply run to the
other side to dodge them.

|                                Wastelings                                   |
|  Mission Objective     : Defeat the Dual Horn  | Your objective is to locate
|------------------------------------------------| and destroy dual horn
|  Conditions for Defeat : Suffer a KO           | terrorizing Wastland.
|  Time Limit            : None                  |

Before Dual Horn appears, kill the enemies to fill up your ammo. As for Dual
Horn, you can lure it to the gap and jump over it. Dual Horn would probably
cross the gap from the side, or it might jump into the gap, now shoot it as
many as possible. Cactuars can drop Limit Breaker for you, if you go to the
Eastern most area, you will trigger out lot of Cactuars appear, kill them for
the Limit Breaker, use it and attack Dual Horn.

|                              Vincent the Mage                               |
|  Mission Objective     : Defeat 100 Enemies      | Defeat 100 enemies using
|                          Using Only Magic        | only magic.
|  Conditions for Defeat : Suffer a KO             |
|  Time Limit            : None                    |

You have no ammo of this mission. Faster pick up the MP items and use it, kill
the enemies with only magic shots. Fire Materia is recommended, sometimes you
can lure some enemies group together, then send them a fire shot to kill them
in once. For the flying soldiers, you probably need to shoot them twice to
defeat them. Don't recommend to kill those Dual Horn since they got lot of HP,
however if you kill anyone of them, you could earn 2 points and a Card Key,
which can use to unlock the room at H-14 with 2 Potions and X-Potion x2, room
at G-3 with 2 Potions and Phoenix Down, room at K-2 with 2 Potions and Elixir.
The hill at K-13 can be you rest place since nobody can climb the ladder, but
you have to worry about the flying enemies.

|                               Deep Labyrinth                                |
|  Mission Objective     : Locate the Goal Point  | Defeat the enemies and
|-------------------------------------------------| retrieve their cardkeys.
|  Conditions for Defeat : Suffer a KO            | Only then will you be able
|-------------------------------------------------| to reach to goal point.
|  Time Limit            : None                   |

Defeat the groups of enemies and obtain the Card Keys to next area. Some places
got more than one laser gate, if you found these areas, check around both laser
gate see which is hiding the items. Use the Card Key to unlock the laser gates
with items, don't worry, you should have enough Card Keys for each area. When
you come to the area with 10 barrels, you can see a white Memory Capsule on the
right, shoot down the explosive barrel on top of it, and it will destroy the
capsule. This Memory Capsule use to unlock the 'Boxemon' mission. Lastly, you
will back to the 10 barrels area, prepare well your magic stuffs before get
close to the barrels, each barrel hiding the protection soldiers, use magic or
melee attack to kill them.

|                                  Boxemon                                    |
|  Mission Objective     : Defeat 3 Cactuars   | Defeat the three cactuars
|----------------------------------------------| hiding in the boxes. But
|  Conditions for Defeat : Suffer a KO         | beware--if you destroy the
|----------------------------------------------| wrong box...
|  Time Limit            : None                |

Three of the crates here hiding a Cactuar, and you have to find out these three
Cactuar and defeat them. Beware, there's a crate hiding a Dual Horn.

|                            Galting in the Wastes                            |
|  Mission Objective     : Earn 500 Points Within | Use the gatling gun to
|                          the Time Allotted      | decimate the horde of
|-------------------------------------------------| enemies running loose
|  Conditions for Defeat : Suffer a KO /          | about the wastes. Your
|                          Exceed Time Limit      | objective is to tally 
|-------------------------------------------------| 500 points before time
|  Time Limit            : 5 Minutes              | has expired.

5 minutes kill 500 enemies, looks like you have to use the galting guns here.
See which is the suitable position for you, operate it and strafe off the
enemies. Of cause you can kill them with your own weapons, however you should
use the galting gun for the Dual Horns.

|                             Lord of the Jungle                              |
------------------------------------------------- Neutralize all the enemies
|  Mission Objective     : Defeat the Gargoyles | in the sector and defeat the
|-----------------------------------------------| gargoyle to move on to the
|  Conditions for Defeat : Suffer a KO          | next area. The enemies become
|-----------------------------------------------| stronger in each new sector
|  Time Limit            : None                 | so take that into account
------------------------------------------------- when choosing your method of

Check your map and find all the Gargoyles at the shiny points. Where the
Gargoyles appear, he will also bring out a group enemies, faster shoot down
the Gargoyles to finish off the rest. After defeating all existing points on
the map, another group of Gargoyles spawn at the ruined temple around the East,
now go there and defeat them to clear this mission.

|                           Cait Versus the World                             |
|  Mission Objective     : Defeat 100 Enemies  | Use Cait Sith to defeat
|----------------------------------------------| 100 enemies.
|  Conditions for Defeat : Suffer a KO         |
|  Time Limit            : None                |

Kill 100 enemies with Cait Sith. First, memorize all the healing moogles
location, they're at H-10 on top of the container, J-9 inside the train and
M-13 behind the fire, go pick up these moogles to restore 300 HP. You can try
only use the first hit to attack the enemies, if anyone come from behind and
Cait Sith is still within the first hitting status, faster press X to perform
the second attack, it can damage to enemies from all direction.

|                           Missilebreaker Melee                              |
| Mission Objective     : Survive the Missile Assault| Survive the nonstop
|----------------------------------------------------| onslaught of missiles.
| Conditions for Defeat : Suffer a KO                | Shooting the projectiles
|----------------------------------------------------| will alter their flight
| Time Limit            : 3 Minutes                  | pattern or even destroy
------------------------------------------------------ them.

You can use weapons to destroy the missiles, but recommend use melee attack to
hit all missiles away. You don't need to look at the airship, turn your camera
to look abit down, so that you can see the distance of the missiles. Attack
when the missiles were around 5 or 6 feets away from Vincent, if you perform 
the combo attack, you would have trouble, so use only use the first hit of your
melee attack. Do remember take that two Hi-Potions at the back.

|                            Collector's Mind                                 |
-------------------------------------------------- This mission's objective is
|  Mission Objective     : Collect the EX Medals | to collect all the EX medals
|------------------------------------------------| hidden throughout the area.
|  Conditions for Defeat : Suffer a KO /         | Use  stealth  tactics  to
|                          Exceed Time Limit     | neutralize the enemy targets
|------------------------------------------------| before they see you, but be
|  Time Limit            : 5 Minutes             | aware that the clock will be
-------------------------------------------------- ticking.

First, you must memorize all EX Medals locations, never the less you must retry
a few times on this stage. Anyway, the medals were at the coordinate C-3, B-5,
E-5 at the upstairs, I-4 go up through the boxes behind, E-3, M-7, M-8, K-8,
J-5 in the mid air, N-9, C-13, C-11, G-13, I-12, J-12.

When you reach to the Mako Point building, where you got the medals at M-7 and
M-8, go out the building and take the J-5 medal, then go behind the building
and take the one at N-9. Make sure you don't jump down for the J-12 medal for
now. Re-enter the building with Mako Point, follow the path at the back, go
pass the plank on window and climb the ladder at the back for another medal
on top of the tower. Back down and go through the plank, eventually you will
found a crate on the wall, now jump down to the right for the medal at I-12.
Climb up the ladder and follow the wall to the end, take the medal in the end,
jump down and pick up the remaining medals. The medal at J-12 should be the
last one.

|                           Vincent the Destroyer                             |
|  Mission Objective     : Defeat 100 Targets  | Your objective is to defeat
|----------------------------------------------| 100 targets, but take care
|  Conditions for Defeat : Suffer a KO         | not to fall from the walls.
|----------------------------------------------| The land mines below can be
|  Time Limit            : None                | deadly.

Recommend prepare your Ultima Weapon or Griffon with 99 capacity for this
mission, so you don't need to reload when more targets come together. First,
run forward the wall and destroy the mines which were blocking your way, find
the slope at coordinate J-8. At this point, you can leave the wall, but make
sure you don't go too far or the time start counting, stay at this point and
take care of the mines come from left and right. As you have five seconds to
return to the wall, you can use this slope for dodging the mines, just in case
if the mines came closer and you haven't destroy it, run down the slope and
shoot it with your Short or Normal Barrel weapons. When the sector's clear or
the mines has gone further, faster get close to the wall before the time. If
you leave the wall again, the time will start counting from 5 seconds again,
so you can run down the slope to dodge the mines if necessary, then close to
the wall for stopping the time counting. Sometimes when you clear the sector,
equip rifle with Long Barrel, use it to check whether got some other mines
coming from further, destroy it if you spot any of it.

|                              Rains of Gehenna                               |
|  Mission Objective     : Collect the EX Medals | Collect the medals scattered
|------------------------------------------------| about the area as you fight
|  Conditions for Defeat : Suffer a KO           | off relentless foes.
|  Time Limit            : None                  |

Start with very little of ammo, and lot of enemies can attack from further,
mean you should use your rifle bullets well. Slowly go forward, always look
around the mountains and some further area, you can spot most of the enemies
before they notice you. Try do the instant kill by shooting on their head, to
save the ammo. First you need to obtain 8 medals on the current area, they're
at the coordinate I-12 on the hill, K-12 under the bridge, L-11 on the hill,
I-9, I-9 in the left valley, I-7, on the bridge, H-7 on the fallen bridge, and
the last one at K-2 inside the building. Becareful when you enter the building
at K-2, there are two cannon soldiers waiting you at both corners.

Once you've done, unlock the laser gate at H-6, then head back to the beginning
point and climb the ladder, take Elixor on the hill. From H-6, go up and defeat
some more enemies, same as how you done before, don't try to close combat with
the shooter but swordmen. When the sector is clear, enter the building at G-3,
there's a machine gun soldier is waiting you at the right corner, defeat him
before obtain the medal. While going on for other medals, try shoot down the
shoot from further, and swordmen will always come to bother, so remember check
around you area from time to time. The medals were at H-8 on the bridge, D-6,
E-8, D-10, C-12, D-11, I-10 on the hill. Beware of the soldier spawn behind
you when you take the medal at I-10. After all, move on to the room at North,
you can see a Dual Horn inside there along with three medals. When you jump
inside, the Dual Horn will dash to you, since it's not good at turning skill,
so faster evade it by moving to the side and take the medals. 

|                            Vincent the Grapple                              |
|  Mission Objective     : Defeat 100 Enemies Using | Defeat 100 enemies using
|                          Only Melee Attacks       | only melee attacks.
|  Conditions for Defeat : Suffer a KO              |
|  Time Limit            : None                     |

No shooter for this mission except only a few Gargoyles. So you can just defend
yourself at the corner, melee attack when the enemies come closer. When you see
the Gargoyles appear, run close to him and defeat him with melee attacks.
Fortunately Gargoyles didn't fly higher. During the mission, you may notice
the Cactuar running around, it will not attack you all the time, however if
you successfully defeat it, you can have a Card Key to unlock the laser gate
which locking some items inside.

|                               Red and Blue                                  |
|  Mission Objective     : Defeat Azul and Rosso  | Your objective is to defeat
|-------------------------------------------------| Rosso the Crimson and Azul
|  Conditions for Defeat : Suffer a KO            | the Cerulean in a 2 on 1
|-------------------------------------------------| fight to the finish.
|  Time Limit            : None                   |

Rosso has lesser HP, and since her moves is more on close combat, suggest to
defeat Rosso for first. Try surround on the pillar in the middle to avoid the
shots from Azul. You should pay attentions on Azul, dodge when his kick when
he's coming. Recommend use Cerberus for this battle, if you have Ultima Weapon,
you can defeat them within 30 seconds.

|                               Stygian Sewer                                 |
|  Mission Objective     : Retrieve the EX Medals  | Locate the heavy armored
|--------------------------------------------------| soldier and obtain his
|  Conditions for Defeat : Suffer a KO /           | EX  Medal  within  the
|                          Exceed Time Limit       | allotted time.
|  Time Limit            : 15 Minutes              |

There's lot of branch routes, but they're all lead to one direction. Thing to
remember, there are lot of enemies hiding at the appointed area, so be sure to
turn camera view and check around when you reach to any junctions. Most of them
will shoot when you arrive to certain area, so sometimes you can kill them
before they notice you. Check the random items drop from enemies, sometimes
you can find Phoenix Down. Go until J-7, you can see a giant medal on the
platform, when closing to it, the laser gate raise up. Now defeat the blade
soldier for the Card Key, use it to unlock the medal.

|                            Messenger from Hell                              |
| Mission Objective     : Escape from the    | The  dead  have  returned  and
|                         Megastructure      | won't stop until they take you
|--------------------------------------------| back with them. Weapons have no
| Conditions for Defeat : Suffer a KO /      | effect  against  these  undead
|                         Exceed Time Limit  | foes, leaving you with only one
|--------------------------------------------| option--escape.
| Time Limit            : 3 Minutes          |

Just keep going up, equip handgun or machine gun to destroy the crates which
blocking the way. Destroy the explosive barrel from a distance, ignore it if

|                                Badlands                                     |
| Mission Objective     : Locate the Goal Point | The path to the goal point
|-----------------------------------------------| is not only  protected  by
| Conditions for Defeat : Suffer a KO /         | snipers--deadly land mines
|                         Exceed Time Limit     | also litter the landscape
|-----------------------------------------------| to prevent your progress
| Time Limit            : 15 Minutes            |

First of all, plug your gun with Long Barrel, and shoot the soldiers that you
can see before head outside. A white Memory Capsule at F-8 unlock the next
mission named 'Chamber of Ghost', don't bother of finding it, just aim to the
tower at the central, you can see an explosive barrel and a crate on top of the
tower, shoot the crate and the barrel will automatically fall down to destroy
the Memory Capsule for you. On the way you should becareful of the invisible
mines, normally they were around the crates or items, they will only be visible
when you're close to it, destroy it when the mines exist. Move from the right
area all the way, there is a Phoenix Down, in the white case, take it and use

Later on, you need a Card Key to unlock the laser gates. From the laser gates,
turn to left and shoot down the enemies on the building. Destroy the mine at
the entrance of the building before entering. Defeat Sahagins and the soldier
inside, out to the other side, climb the ladder to face some swordmen, you can
try lure them to jump down, before climbing up there. Some more enemies spawn
on the opposite building while you're going through the balcony. Defeat three
Cactuars in front the Card Key. Beware! There's another mine in front the Card

Once you've done crossing the laser gates, head to the right and defeat two
robotic enemies, then obtaint another Card Key for your goal point. Move to
the left, as you can see some enemies spawn in front of next the laser gates,
defeat them before you go to unlock the laser gates, because there's lot of
hidden mines around the laser gates, you have to destroy a part of the mines
there only you can reach to the laser gates. Once you've done, unlock the
laser gates and enter the goal point.

|                             Chamber of Ghosts                               |
| Mission Objective     : Exorcise the Undead Soldier | Exorcise the undead
|-----------------------------------------------------| spirit haunting the
| Conditions for Defeat : Suffer a KO                 | manor.
| Time Limit            : None                        |

Your objective is defeat the undead soldier here. During the mission, some
enemies will come out and attack you, finish off them before continue attack
the soldier. The undead soldier will randomly teleport to other place, keep
tracking him and attack.

|                                 Deep Tower                                  |
| Mission Objective     : Take Control of the tower | Infiltrate  the  tower
|---------------------------------------------------| controlled by the heavy
| Conditions for Defeat : Suffer a KO               | armored soldier B battle
|---------------------------------------------------| unit.  Recover  their
| Time Limit            : None                      | cardkeys and secure the
----------------------------------------------------- sector

Your only opponent on this stage is the armored soldier with cannon. Defeat the
certain amount of these soldiers to get the Card Key for next level. Plug your
weapons with Long Barrel and prepare one with Normal of Short Barrel. Just keep
moving while you're destroying the enemies, since their cannons were not that
fast, you can evade them easily.

|                          Cait Versus the Crimson                            |
| Mission Objective     : Defeat Rosso the Crimson | Use Cait Sith to defeat
|--------------------------------------------------| Rosso the Crimson!
| Conditions for Defeat : Suffer a KO              |
| Time Limit            : None                     |

Find out the healing moogles at G-9, H-6, G-13, J-11, just in case you need
them. Around the structure in the middle, you can find some boxes, there's a
good place for this fight. Just around the boxes there so that you don't need
to worry for her gun attack. Her speed is definitely fast, always pay attention
on ther moves. While dodging her attacks by surrounding the boxes, you should
attack her when she'e stop moving. After her two-cuts attack, I've noticed she
needs more times to recover, so after her two cuts, don't waste the best chance
to attack. Remember only scratch her once and then faster run away to dodge her

|                             Shinra Manor Prime                              |
| Mission Objective     : Locate the Goal Point | The objective of this mission
|-----------------------------------------------| is to  reach  the  goal point
| Conditions for Defeat : Suffer a KO /         | within the allotted time. Use
|                         Exceed Time Limit     | the fallen items as a guide.
| Time Limit            : 2 Minutes 40 seconds  |

The allotted time isn't that much, it's like you play the speed run for other
games, if you were stuck for any parts, you would probably fail this mission.
The items on the ground is actually the hint which leads to the goal, just keep
going according to the items. Inside the cave, prepare your weapon with short
barrel to destroy the blocking barrel. As for the red laser gates in the narrow
path, you can jump over them, for the triple laser gates, you should jump abit
further and press 'Square' to dash when you're sticking on the gates. Jump over
the gap. Reach to the main hall, some cannon soldiers attack you. Now you don't
need to go down with the stairs on left, direction jump down on the right, head
into the passage to right. Next room, jump over the blocking objects follow the
path formed by the laser gate. In the end, jump over the shorter laser gates.
You do have to dodge some cannons from the soldiers, shoot it away if possible.
When you see the goal point on your left, you can't go directly, just reach it
through the right area.

|                              Rampart Rumble                                 |
-------------------------------------------------- Navigate your way through
| Mission Objective     : Locate the Goal Point  | the enemy's strategically
|------------------------------------------------| positioned line of defense.
| Conditions for Defeat : Suffer a KO /          | The soldiers are equipped
|                         Exceed Time Limit      | with  extremely  powerful
|------------------------------------------------| weapons, so it is strongly
| Time Limit            : 15 Munites             | recommended to stay out of
-------------------------------------------------- their sight.

As the script mentions, strongly recommended to stay out of enemy's sight. Try
move behind the enemies, avoid the fight if possible. As you can see Cait Sith
is locked in the room at the beginning, if you save him, he will give you some
items randomly.

|                               Contra Kalm                                   |
| Mission Objective     : Locate the Goal Point  | Defeat the enemies and
|------------------------------------------------| retrieve their cardkeys.
| Conditions for Defeat : Suffer a KO            | Only then will you be able
|------------------------------------------------| to reach the goal point.
| Time Limit            : None                   |

|                         Missilebreaker Deathmatch                           |
|  Mission Objective     : Survive the Missile Assault | One  step  above
|------------------------------------------------------| Missilebreaker Melee.
|  Conditions for Defeat : Suffer a KO                 | Now there are three
|------------------------------------------------------| choppers to deal with.
|  Time Limit            : 3 Minutes                   | 

|                          Cait Versus the Cerulean                           |
|  Mission Objective     : Defeat Azul the Cerulean | Use Cait Sith to defeat
|---------------------------------------------------| Azul the Cerulean!
|  Conditions for Defeat : Suffer a KO              |
|  Time Limit            : None                     |

You can also find three healing moogle around, but you might don't need to use
them, because this battle is pretty easy, what you want Azul to is perform a
big kick. To lure him kick you, you see his machine gun is quite long right,
if you stay further, he can shoot with his machine gun, but if you get into
his gun range, which means he can't attack you with his machine gun, so now he
will only try to kick you away. Of cause you must dodge his kick before attack,
just run to his side or back to evade the kick, scratch him once, then run to
evade his following kick, scratch him another once. Do remember keep the close
distance with him you will be knocked away by his machine gun bullets.

|                             Vincent the Beast                               |
--------------------------------------------------- An army of deadly soldiers
|  Mission Objective     : Survive the Onslaught  | has been dispatched with
|-------------------------------------------------| orders to kill. Use your
|  Conditions for Defeat : Suffer a KO            | limit breakers wisely and
|-------------------------------------------------| you may be able to survive
|  Time Limit            : 5 Minutes              | this five-minute visit to
--------------------------------------------------- hell.

|                             Cyclopean Causeway                              |
|  Mission Objective     : Locate the Goal Point  | Run, jump, and fight your
|-------------------------------------------------| way across the deadly
|  Conditions for Defeat : Suffer a KO /          | bridge and locate the
|                          Exceed Time Limit      | goal point within the
|-------------------------------------------------| allotted time.
|  Time Limit            : 4 Minutes              |

Go right, you should go through the path with some robots dashing there. Just
destroy the robots for easy life. When you reach the passage, prepare your
Cerberus or Ultima Weapon, pick up the X-potion there and face back to where
you came, shoot down three black orbs to unseal this area. Continue the passage
and you will face some more black orbs, like the robots before, they would
disappear at the appointed area and re-spawn from their starting point. The
only problem is the where you found the first explosive barrel, there's two
orbs will come together. Shoot the barrel to destroy the orb when it shown,
faster cross it before the next orb comes from the right. After this, you can
pass the rest easily. Remember the orbs will only go through their route, if
can stay out from their route, you won't get hit by the orbs, and each part
has a little space for you to dodge these orbs. Out from the passage, double
jump over the bikers and reach to the goal point.

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