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Complete Guide to Twisted Metal: Black

Title- Twisted Metal: Black
Platform- Playstation 2 
Genre- Demolition Racing
Rated M for Mature


2.Legal Stuff
3.Contact Information
5.Game Modes
8. Weapons
9.Repair Stations


Lets first welcome the Twisted Metal series to the Playstation 2, it being the first 
Twisted Metal for the Playstation 2 it has a new look, with better gameplay!! Isn’t 
it great? Twisted Metal is also a member of the Playstation 2 Greatest Hits 

Legal Stuff

Please, I cannot stress this enough, this guide is to help you get through the game 
and know your way around the game a little better, this guide is not meant to be 
sold or mass-produced for any reason unless permission is granted from the author. 

Contact Information

If you wish to e-mail me with any questions or concerns my e-mail address is 
 [email protected] 

Please only questions that haven’t already been answered in this guide and please 
don’t e-mail me asking for a copy of this guide. If you would like to view all of 
the guides I have wrote visit my website at and click on “Strategy Guides.” While you are there 
don’t forget to vote!!


The controls for Twisted Metal: Black are just like the other 5 Twisted Metals.

X- Make a tight turn
Circle- Brakes
Square- Gas, (push twice for Turbo)
Triangle- Rear view mirror

Up/Down- Forward and Reverse
Left/Right- Steering

L1 + R1- Cycle through weapons
L2- Fire Weapon
R2- Fire Machine Gun

Start- Pause the game
Select- Change view/Weapon display

Game Modes

The following is a list with a description of ONE PLAYER game modes-

Story- Pick a vehicle and play through 8 levels and unlock the story as you go.
Challenge- Pick a vehicle and a track, you challenge computer controlled opponents 
and duke it out to the bitter end.
Endurance- Pick a vehicle and a track, and fight an infinite number of opponents one-
on-one, and see how many kills you can get, HINT: If you get enough kills you may 
unlock some hidden levels.

The following is a list of MULTIPLAYER game modes-

2-4P Death Match- With 2-4 players, go every man for themselves or you can make 
teams if there is 3 or more people playing.
2P- Co-op Story- this is a 2 player story mode.
2P Last Man Standing- 2 players fight to end end with the same list of vehicles, 
players alternate choosing vehicle, whoever runs out of vehicles first loses


The options menu is pretty self-explanitory. This menu toggles some things like the 
difficulty of your opponents and weather the vibration option for your controller is 
turned on.


These are very cool. Movies show the history of each car and driver, and how they 
came to be. Some parts of the movies need to be unlocked through story mode but 
after everything is unlocked you can get the low down on all of the cars and 
drivers. (The whole damn story)


In this installment of Twisted Metal there are more weapons then ever. And they are:

Machine Gun- This weapon is good for getting through any minor obstacles that get in 
your way. But even though ammo for this weapon is unlimited watch the Machine Gun 
Overheat Light, when this light turns red the machine gun must recharge or cool off 
before another round can be fired.

Homing Missals- This missile has good tracking abilities. When fired this weapon 
will track down the nearest opponent

Fire Missals- This weapon is not as punishing as the Power Missile but it’s scaled-
down homing ability increases the chance of a hit

Power Missile- This weapon lacks tracking, but anything in its way will be destroyed.

Gas Can-  My personal favorite weapon, This weapon can be the deadliest at times.

Rico- This weapon can reflect off of walls without exploding. Throwing it forward 
will crush any opponent.

Env- This weapon’s abilities are battle-ground based and once fired will trigger 
attacks from environmental objects.

Special- Each person’s special attack is different, experiment with different people 
to find the deadly ones.

Reticle- This is one of the strongest weapons when fired a 5 second timer and a 
green box appear, pressing fire will begin coutdown, if an opponent enters the 
reticle that opponent will be locked-on.

Repair Stations-

There is a repair station in each battle-ground. Drive up its ramp and the structure 
of your vehicle will be restored, use these sparingly because trips to repair 
stations are limited.

                                [END OF DOCUMENT]

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