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Complete TM and HM List

	1. Intro
	2.TM list
	3.HM List 

                 1. This the COMPLETE List of TMs and HMs for Hoenn. This 
probably won’t work for Kanto or Johto games. First I have the number, then 
the move, next the move description, followed by the power, type, accuracy, 

2. TM list
Tm 1-Focus Punch  Powerful, but makes the user flinch if hit by the foe. 
TM 2-Dragon Claw 
TM 3-Water Pulse
TM4-Calm Mind Raises SP. ATK and SP. DFN by focusing the mind.  Psychic,?,?,30 
TM 5-Roar   A savage roar that makes the foe  flee to end the battle. 
TM 6-Toxic 
TM 7-Hail
TM 8-Bulk Up  Bulks up the body to boost both ATTACK and DEFENSE. Fight,?,?,20
TM 9-Bullet Seed  Shoots 2 to 5 seeds in a row to strike the foe. 
TM 10-Hidden Power  The attack power varies among the user. Normal,?,100,15
TM 11-Sunny Day  Raises the power of fire-type moves for 5 turns. Fire,?,?,5
TM 12-Tuant
TM 13-Ice Beam  Fires an icy cold beam that may freeze the foe. Ice,95
TM 14-Blizzard  A brutal Snow and wind attack that may freeze the foe. 
TM 15-Hyper Beam  Powerful, but needs recharging next turn. Normal,150,90,5
TM 16-Light Screen  Creates a wall of light that lowers SP. ATK damage. 
TM 17-Protect  Negates all damage, but may fail if used in succession.  
TM 18-Rain Dance 
TM 19-Giga Drain
TM 20-Safeguard  Prevents status abnormality with a mystical power.  Normal,?,?
TM 21-Frustation
TM 22-Solarbeam  Absorbs sunlight 1st turn, attacks next turn. Grass, 
TM 23-Iron Tail
TM 24-Thunder Bolt
TM 25-Thunder  Strikes the foe with a thunderbolt.It may paralyze.  
TM 26-Earthquake  Causes a quake that has no effect on flying foes.  
TM 27-The more the user likes you, the more powerful the move. Normal,?,100,20
TM 28-Dig  Digs underground  1st turn, then strikes next turn. Ground,60,100,10
TM 29-Phychic
TM 30-Shadow Ball
TM 31-Sorry, I don’t know this one.
TM 32-Double Team  Creates illusionary copies to enhance evasiveness. 
TM 33-Reflect  Creates a wall of light that weakens physical attacks.  
TM 34-Shock Wave  Zaps the foe with a jolt of electricity that never misses. 
TM 35-Flamethrower
TM 36-Sludge Bomb 
TM 37 -Sandstorm
TM 38-Fire Blast A powerful fire attack that may burn the foe.  Fire,120,85,5
TM 39-Rock Tomb  Stops the foe from moving with rocks, may lower speed. 
TM 40-Arial Ace  An extremely fast attack that can’t be avoided.  Fly,60,?,20 
TM 41-Torment  Prevents the foe from using the same move twice in a row. 
TM 42-Façade  Raises attack when poisoned burned or paralyzed. Normal,70,100,20
TM 43-Adds an effect to the attack depending on the location.  Normal,70,100,20
TM 44-Rest  The user sleeps for 2 turns to restore health and status.  
TM 45-Attract  Makes it tough to attack a foe of the same gender. 
TM 46-Thief While attacking, it may steal the opponents held item. 
TM 47-Steel Wing  Spreads hard-edged wings and slams into the foe. 
TM 48-Skill Swap  Switches abilities with the foe on the turn this is used. 
TM 49-Snatch
TM 50-Overheat  Enables full-power attack, but sharply lowers Sp. Attack. 

3.HM List

HM1-Cut  Attacks the foe with sharp blades or claws.  Normal,50,95,30
HM2-Fly  Flies up on the 1st turn, then attacks the next turn.  Fly,70,95,15
HM3-Surf  Creates a huge wave then crashes it down on the foe.  Water,95,100,15
HM4-Strength Builds enormous power, then slams the foe.  Normal,80,100,15
HM5-Flash  Looses a powerful blast of light that reduces accuracy. 
HM6-Rock Smash a rock-crushingly tough attack that may lower defense. 
Fighting ,20,100,15 
HM8-Dive  Dives underwater the 1st turn, then attacks next turn.

	4.Thanks for reading my guide. I must remind you that these are not 
the same TMs as Johto and Kanto games. Up next is anything by Squirtle1496. I 
will update this guide when ever I find out anything new. Bye!
Copyright KVD 

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