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                  ZELDA OCARINA OF TIME
hi i'm the gamer boy and this guide will tell you how to complete all the maine 
bosses in the game but there are some i can't remember the name of but i will say 
what temple it is in so if you have any questions about the game email me or contact 
me by web email address is [email protected]

1.queen gohma
4.phantom ganon
6,unknown.but it's in the water temple.
7.bongo bongo
8.unknown.but it's in the spirit temple i think it's the witches.


to defeat queen gohma when her eye's turn red hit it with the sling shoot she will 
fall to the ground then keep slashing her with a sword.then reapeat the same thing 
againe and she will die.


to defeat this fire breathing dinosaur when it opens it's mouth to breath fire at 
you just fling a bomb in it's mouth and it will fall to the floor then hit it with 
your'e sword keep doing vthis and he will die.


to defeat barricade you will notice 3 attachment's that are on it at the top target 
them one after another and by destoying them with your'e bomarrang and after that he 
will start to spin around with they eletrick jelly fish kill the eltrick fish first 
and then freeze him with your'e bomarrang and then slash barricade with your'e sword 
and keep doing this and he will eventually die.


to defeat this ghostley ghost all you need to do is shoot him with your'e bow just 
before he comes out the picture and when youv'e done this a couple of times he will 
jump off his horse and start to fling eltric balls at you reflect them back with 
your'e sword and try to hit him but watch out he will hi them back at you and when 
you do hit him he will fall to the floor and then run over to him and keep slashing 
him with your'e sword and eventually he will die.


too defeat this fire breathing dragon when he goes in a hole he will pop up when he 
does hit him with the megaton hammer and then your'e sword and when he comes out the 
hole target his head and hit him with the bow keep doing this a couple of times and 
he will burn him self and die.


to defeat him a quick and easy way stand in a corner and when he comes up target the 
thing inside him and hook shoot it and it will bring you to him and then keep 
slashing it with your'e sword for a couple of more times and he will die.


to defeat this ghost hit his two hands with the bow and then use the lenth of truth 
and he will try to attack you hit his eye with the bow and do that a few more times 
and he will die.


to defeat the witches one is ice and one is fire use your'e mirror sheild and the 
one that uses fire rebound it off the mirror sheild and hit the ice one and then do 
the oppisite with the ice one and then they will joine forces to become one huge big 
witch some times they will fire ice and somtimes they will fire fire and when they 
do get the fire on to sheild 3 times and then hit her with all of it she will fall 
down on a platform jump onto the one she is on and keep slashing her with your'e 
sword and then do the same over and over with each oneand she will finnaly be beaten.


to defeat ganondorf when he fires the black lightning or the yellow one hit him with 
your'e light arrow and he will fall down jump over to him and keep slashing him and 
sometimes he will fire the little ones reflect them back like you did with phantom 
ganon and he will fall down once he his hit and you jump over him and then slash him 
with your'e sword alot of times keep doing this for a couple of more shoots and he 
will finnaly die.


to defeat ganon when he hits your'e sword away take out the megaton hammer hide 
under his legs and target his tail and hit it with the hammer and keep doing this 
after a while he will go craze zelda will use all her powers and call the sages for 
help the fire will then die down then go get the sword of time and give ganon the 
final blow and that's you done it.

                                     THE END
COPYRIGHT 2004    [email protected]       THE GAMER BOY
                            ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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