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1 - Main Menu
2 - Wi-FI
3 - Music Store
4 - Options
5 - How to Play
6 - Extras
7 - Pause
8 - Cheats

----------Main Menu----------
The Main Menu, also called "The Carousel" contains setlists and more for you to play. 
The following can be found on The Carousel. 
Learn to Dj - Learn the art of the DJ, or take it to the top with more advanced skills
Standard Setlists - Play through a series of mixes and unlock rewards
Headline Setlists - Exclusive Mixes from the top DJs
Guitar Setlist - Connect a guitar controller and shred though the mix
Quicklist - Once you unlock a setlist, the mixes will be availabe in the QuickList
Custom Setlist - Build and Save a Setlist, up to 8 mixes

You can go online on Dj Hero for the Nintendo Wii. You can go 1-on-1 against 
another person elsewhere in the world, or, you can go co-operative. You can also 
use a Guitar and the Turntable in online gameplay. 

----------Music Store----------
If you are able to go online, you can go to the Music Store through Dj Hero. Most 
content from the Music Store must be purchased with Wii Points. You can purchase 
Wii Points from a variety of stores, such as Target. 

You can go to the options menu at any time by pressing the - button on the main 
Star Chart - View the number of stars your have earned
Calibration - If the game is lagging, use this to fix it ;D
Cheats - Enter cheatcodes to help you through. 
Audio - Adjust the volume levels
Controls - Toggle between lefty and righty
Load/Save - If Autosave is off, use this to save your game
Leaderboards - See how good you are
Credits - View the credits

----------How to play----------
Playing Dj Hero isnt as simple as many people may believe before they purchase it. It 
is not just hitting the correct buttons when the come through or turning the turn 
table, it is much more advanced than people would think possible. Here are the ways 
to play Dj Hero. 
Beginner Bars - Do whatever you want when one of these come though
Tap Icons - Tap the correct button as a tap icon comes through
Scratching - Hold the correct button and move the turntable up and down
Crossfades - If the Blue lines moves to the side, move the crossfade Slider left, vice 
versa for red
Crossfade Spikes - Flick the Crossfade Slider back
Effects Dial - You will sometimes get the chance to alter sound, use the dial for it
Freestyle - Do some freestyling
Rewind - When you are doing good it will tell you rewind is ready, spin the Turntable 
to rewind
Euphoria - When the button turns red on the turntable, hit it for some fun
Combo Counter - Points will be added up in the Combo Counter
Multiplier - When you are doing good, You will be able to Multiply your score by 2, 3 
or 4

Star Ratings - At the End of a mix, you will earn a Star Rating, the better ratings will 
unlock things
Party Play - Hold the Euphoria button and the song will go on itself

----------Pause Menu----------
The Pause menu can be opened by pressing + during Gameplay. 
Resume - Go back to the Game
Restart Mix - Restart from the beginning
Skip Mix - Skip the Mix
Change Difficulty - Make the game easier/harder
Options - Change the Control/Audio
Quit - Return to the Carousel

Here are some cheatcodes you can use:
ab1l      Auto Effects Dial 
sl5d      Auto Fader 
it6j        Auto Scratch 
zith       Auto Tapper 
r3a9     Auto win Euphoria phrases 
b! 99      Black and White 
ipr0      Blank Plinths 
5rTG      DJ Z-Trip 
2u4u      Edge Effect 
7geo      Hamster Switch 
76ST      Hyperdeck 
oh5t      Invisible DJ 
4pe5      Midas 
d4kr      Pitch Black Out 
g7nh      Play in the Bedroom 
? Jy! Rainbow 
51uc      Short Deck 
uNA2      Unlock All character items 
laup      Unlock All decks 
62db      Unlock All headphones 
82xi      Unlock All mixes 
wv1u      Unlock All venues 
D1G? Unlocks all Daft Punk items 
tol0      Unlock All Content 
k07u      Unlock DJ AM 
Ami8      Unlock Grandmaster Flash 
n1fz      Unlock DJ Jazzy Jeff 
oMxV      Unlock DJ Shadow 
0jj8      Use any DJ with any set 

Written by Anthony Arnett. This Guide is intended ONLY for cheatcodes. Com. Do 
not repost any part of this Guide without my permission.

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