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                    ________  ______   __       ____         _
                    |____  | |  ____| |  |     |    \       / \
                        / /  | |____  |  |     |  _  |     / _ \
                       / /   |  ____| |  |     | | | |    / /_\ \
                      / /    | |      |  |     | |_| |   / _____ \
                     / /___  | |____  |  |___  |     |  / /     \ \
                    /______| |______| |______| |____/  /_/       \_\
                                   The Wind Waker
                               By: supermariodeoxys
                                  Version 1.1.3
                              Last Edited: 1-10-05    
         If you have any questions please email me at [email protected]
                           Copyright by Lucien Pullen
        Please get my permission before copying this guide. Email me and explain 
why you would like it. 
        PLEASE DO NOT e-mail me just to ask about the content, because I am still 
playing the game and have not finished it. 
1.1.0- I finished chapter two.
1.1.1- I added to the heading.
1.1.2- I added the smart find instructions.
1.1.3- I started chapter three.
Table of Contents
Press Ctrl+F to go to the page( type [number].[number]) and press Find Next twice.
Chapter One: The Beggining
1.1 Starting Out
1.2 Getting the Telescope and freeing Tetra
1.3 Completing the rope challenge
Chapter Two: The Venture to Dragon Roost Island
2.1 Getting your sword back
2.2 Meet the King of Red Lions
2.3 Getting to Dragon Roost Island
Chapter Three: Valoo and the Pearl
3.1 Getting to Dragon Roost Cave( working on)
3.2 Gomha( coming soon)

                      Chapter One: The Beginning
1.1 Starting Out

	When the game starts you will be in the lookout tower. Your sister Aryll 
will wake you up and will ask you to find Grandma. Leave the lookout tower and go 
right to a place where there is a makeshift rock bridge. Now is the time to become 
familiar with jumping. Turn left and aim yourself, then jump. If you make it to the 
other end of the rocks you will get some rupees. Once you get back to the land you 
should go to the left to a house with a ladder outside of it. Go up the ladder and 
into the house. A man will greet you then will ask you to go downstairs to talk to 
his son. When you talk to the son he will ask you if you want to train in 
swordplay. Say yes and at the end of the training session he will let you keep the 
sword you used, hurray, you can now continue to grandma's house which is at the end 
of the path.

1.2 Getting the Telescope and freeing Tetra

	Once you get to Grandma's house she will give you some green clothes 
similar to the hero's and will ask you to get Aryll. Go back to the tower and talk 
to Aryll. She will then give you the Telescope and you will have to zoom in to your 
mailbox. When you do a cut scene will interrupt your fun moment and a giant bird 
carrying a girl will drop the girl into the grove. If you haven't already gotten 
the sword then get it or else go into the grove. When inside the grove you will 
meet a monster then two more monsters. Once you have beaten the two monsters you 
will see Tetra fall from the tree she was in. After that you will go back to the 
pirate ship and Tetra will tell you to finish any unfinished business. When you 
say "I'm ready" you will board the ship and set sail.

1.3 Completing the rope challenge 

	When you can control Link again go into the ship and down the stairs to 
find one of the pirates waiting for you. He will show you how to complete the 
challenge then will let you give it a try. The fastest but hardest route is the one 
he used, so instead of completely following him go to the left and take a less 
harder route. When you get to the end he will let you take the Spoils Bag which can 
let you hold up to eight different items that enemies drop. After that Tetra will 
tell Link to follow and will go on deck. After that you will be shot in a barrel to 
the inside of the Forbidden Fortress.

                  Chapter Two: The Venture to Dragon Roost Island
2.1 Getting your sword back

       When you get into the Forbidden Fortress you will talk to Tetra with the 
Pirate's Charm. Tetra will tell you that you must go to the room with all the 
seagulls flying around it's window. Go up the stairs and you will see several 
spotlights on the ground. Ok, this may sound crazy but run into one of the 
spotlights. You will be thrown into a prison cell on the second floor, exactly 
where you want to be. Then go up on the bookcase and throw the pot. Walla, instant 
excape route. Crawl through the tunnel and when you get to the open room head down 
the ramp. When you get to the place where ther is a swinging lamp, go to the right 
to find a treasure chest. Then swing across to the other side and turn right, or 
left, except the left path is harder, but shorter. At some point ther will be a 
couple of places where you can go outside. Take the one where there is a safe path 
to a searchlight up a long ladder and use your shield to make it drop it's weapon. 
Grab it and fight the monster, and when you finish the searchlights will go up. 
When you are done go to a room with two gaurds and a door that the camera zooms in 
on. Pick up the barrel and walk towards te door. When a guard sees you stop, or 
else you will go back to the cell. Go to the door and exit. You will see a ramp and 
a barrel at the top. Go into the barrel and carefully avoid the gaurd at the top. 
When you turn left there will be another ramp, once you go up it and turn the 
corner you can drop the barrel. At the top there will be a place for you to sidle 
across. The second place is gaurded by a searchlight so if you haven't already 
pointed those lights up you will have to do that now. Once you get across there 
will be another ramp and your sword. Fight the monster with your sword and enter 
the door.
2.2 Meet the King of Red Lions

       When you enter the door you will find Aryll in a cell. When you walk towards 
her the giant bird will pick you up and bring you to Ganon. Ganon will order the 
bird to throw you into the sea. When Link wakes up the King of Red Lions, your 
boat, will talk to you and tell you to get a sail. In the town there is somebody 
that will sell you "that", which is the sail. When you get the sail go back down to 
the boat and when you are finished hoist the sail and set out to sea.

2.3 Getting to Dragon Roost Island

       When you set sail head due east for a while and you will see Dragon Roost 
Island. Just beware that is you see a whirlwind steer away! Its that easy. And 
welcome to Dragon Roost Island.

                  Chapter Three: Valoo and the Pearl
3.1 Getting to Dragon Roost Cave

       Welcome to Dragon Roost island. Go to the main part of the room and go talk 
to Medli. She will ask you to see prince Komali and will then get you into Dragon 
Roost Cave. Go talk to prince Komali and he will say some stuff then go out the 
on the first floor and you should see Medli. She will give you a bottle and will 
ask you to throw her up. If you have gotten Wind's Requiem then this should be 
easy, if not wait untill the wind blows in the correct direction then throw her. 
Once she gets up take the bottle to the puddle and fill it. Then go up to the dry 
bomb flowers and water one of them. Take the bomb flower and throw it at the 
boulder on top of the spring when it is about to explode. The lake will fill with 
water and you can now swim across. When you get to the other side there will be a 
puzzle, which is where you must throw a bomb flower into the nearest vase, then 
pick the other flower when the bridge has fallen and throw it into the other vase 
while standing on top of the bridge. Watch out though, the second one is really 
hard unless you have extremely good aim. Once you get to the cave it is time to 
start your first dungion. Go straight ahead, and at the end of the hall you will 
see a puzzle. Pull block one up and block two feft. 

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