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Final Fantasy 8

Hello again:) This is Max again (Steelmax2) with the continued walkthrough of FF8
with disc 2.  I am still working hard to post these and hopefully you enjoy and get
as much use out of these as possible. .  I do want you to use this as much as you
want and tell all of your friends about it.  If you need any additional help email me
and [email protected] .  However, do not send any spam what-so-ever and plz don’t ask
me any questions already answered in this FAQ.  I hope you enjoy it:) 2/20/06   
Version- 2.0

	You start disc 2 as Laguana waking up.  Talk to Ellone, save, and go outside to the
bar(building right next to your house).  Here you will meet Kiros for the first time
in a year since you jumped off the cliff.  Talk with him and you will find out Julia
is a singer now and has gotten married to General Caraway.  You also find out that
Ward has permanently lost his voice and is now working as a janitor in a prison. 
Kiros decides to catch up with you and help you with your job.  So leave the bar and
go across the bridge.  Every once in a while you will be stopped by some talking but
besides that just continue down the path into the town.  Also be sure to draw some
cures/curas from the mosquitos, these will come in handy.  Go all the way to the
bottom of the town and you will say that you have to go back up to report to the
“Commander”.  So go all the way back to the bar and go upstairs.  Here you will
secretly listen in on their conversation and then report to them.  Then go back to
your house, save, and go to sleep.  Now you wake up in a small room as Zell with
Rinoa, Quistis, and Selphie around you.  You all talk a bit and then 3 mean guys come
in, beat up Zell, and take Rinoa away.  You see a couple parts of Squall being
tortured by Seifer, and then you guys decide you have to escape.  Zell fakes the
guard, punches him out, and then leaves to get your weapons back.  Your on floor 7 so
just go to floor 8 and the weapons will be right by the guards.  Kill them and grab
the weapons.  Now you see Squall get tortured some more and then Zell’s back with the
group in the cell.  Then Biggs and Wedge come in ready to fight you unarmed, but
since Zell got your weapons they are a piece of cake.  Use Gf’s and they die very
easily.  Now you leave the cell and follow the orange guys up the stairs.  Keep going
up the stairs, by going around the whole thing and eventually you will reach Squall.
 You give him your gunblade and then decide to go all the way downstairs on the lift.
 Press the red button and you will be sent down.  Try to open the door and sand will
come out, telling you that your underground.  Now you go back upstairs and you will
reach Irvine and Rinoa.  You become under fire, so make your party of 3, and go
upstairs while Irvine holds them off.  After going up a bit, you will come back to
your other party.  Keep heading downstairs and you will reach the lift.  Then your
back with your main party so keep heading upstairs and prepare for the boss battle. 
You fight a red soldier and 2 of the hard flying guys.  Not very hard, only thing you
have to watch out for is their special attack that can do about 700-800 damage.  Just
use all your GF’s besides the Brothers because they are earth, and they should go
down easily.  Then go back and talk to Irvine.  Once done, head across the bridge,
you see a short movie, and you will be trapped on it.  Slide to the right very
quickly to get onto the platform b4 being sucked under the sand.  You automaticly
drive the cars to the rock and discuss your plans.  Choose your party (I suggest
Squall, Zell, and Rinoa to go to Balamb) and then set out.  Sneak on the train and
you get to watch the little shrimpy soldier chase you and fall down:) Then you are in
the other car so find the Missile Base on the map and go there.  Once you get to the
base, go inside and you will see that both doors are locked.  Try pressing in between
the two doors on the little panel and one of your party members swipe a card they
found to unlock the doors.  First you gotta talk to the guards to the left and behind
the stairs you go down.  They send you to tell the guards in the Missile Room to go
on ahead of them.  So go there, talk to the guards, they tell you to go back to the
other guards saying that they need them.  Those guards tell you to do their job for
them so go back to the Missile Room.  Then go back up the stairs and through the door
to the left.  Choose to just hit whatever and then try to leave quickly when the
lights go out.  However, you get caught by guards.  If you want to escape without a
battle choose “we just go here” and then when they say they saw you come out of there
say “it’s a mess in there”.  They should go in to take a look and you will take them
out without a battle.  Then go back down the stairs and the guard will talk to you. 
Tell him that you can help them out so go in there and push the missile to the right.
Then you should be allowed to go on the access panel(panel to the right when you
leave the Missel Room) and change the miss rate.  Increase the chance of the missiles
missing by 75% and then talk to the guard at the bottom of the stairs that you
haven’t been allowed to go up.  You tell him you have to report and you will go fight
the 2 guards and 1 captain.  They are very easy so just take them out and choose
which one deactivates the missiles.  Then go into the back room and choose which time
to set the self-destruction to.  Now make your way back to the front of the base
ASAP, save and heal, and then go out to face the machine.  It is very easy if you
just use your GF’s with boost over and over again because its attacks are pretty
weak.  When you win you are tripped in the base and it blows up.  Now control
switches back to your Balamb Garden party so step inside and you will see chaos.   
Everybody has taken sides with either the “Garden Master” or Headmaster Cid. 
Thankfully you are with Cid.  Search the whole first floor going into each section
fighting the Garden Faculty’s monsters.  When you finally make it over to the
library, Xu will tell you that Cid has actually been hiding in his office the whole
time.  So take the elevator up there and talk to him.  You will inform him about the
missiles and you have to go on a mission to try and set up a defence mechanism of
some kind.  When the elevator stalls, use the little hatch door on the floor that in
lighter colored than the others.  Make your way all the way through the passageways
pressing square repeatedly at the wheel.  When you get to the ladder, choose to go up
yourself and the ladder will fall off.  Climb back down and then go down the other
ladder.  Save here and then you will have to fight the two creatures.  They have very
weak def. So just use all 3 of your main Gf’s and they will most likely die.  Then
move on and you will make your way to the base.  Here just press some stuff on the
panel and it will put up a force field over the garden and you will see the coll CG
of the missiles.  Now the garden is mobile and can fly.  Go up to the headmaster’s
room and the bridge will have appeared.  Here you have to steer out of the way of
Balamb.  You barely miss and talk a lot with Cid.  Then a ship with Sorcerous Edea’s
SEEDs come asking for Ellone.  Go down to the library to get her and there Is a scene
with you asking her why she is sending you to the dream world.  She says that it is
to try and change the past.  Then Cid allows her to go with the other ship.  You have
to go through a lot of scenes like seeing yourself as a child and taking Rinoa on a
small tour.  Then you run into Fisherman’s Horizon(FH).  Cid orders you to go
apologize to the mayor of FH, tell him you come in peace, and search the town.  So go
to the 2nd floor balcony and follow the walkway and use the lift.  The mayor’s house
is down the long stairs in the middle of town so go there and talk to him.  He says
he wants you to leave immediately and says that they can help you fix the garden.  Go
back up the stairs and Galbadian Soldiers come to FH.  Follow the train tracks to the
right and you will see a scene with the galbadian soldier asking the Mayor for Ellone
and saying they were going to burn the town down.  Go to help him and you will fight
the big machine that the others fought at the Missile Base.  It is very easy to
defeat with using your best GF’s so take it out and the others show up.  You talk to
Rinoa and then leave to go back to the Garden.  Irvine talks to you about Selphie so
go to the Quad to cheer her up.  You leave and Irvine has a plan to fix the stage and
have a concert on it like she wanted to.  Pick each member’s instruments to make your
favorite sound and then you will be back with Squall.  Leave your dormitory and meet
up with Rinoa.  You go to the concert and then walk over to the right where the dirty
magazine is.  You talk to her a lot and she tells you her and the others want you to
open your feelings and emotions to them more.  Now your back in the garden, Cid will
make you captain at the bridge, and he announces it on the mic.  Leave when you’re
ready and you decide to go to Balamb to see what has happened since your Garden left
there.  When you get to town you have to persuade the guard to let you go through by
saying you have information on Ellone.  Here you have to talk tot he 2 guards in
front of the hotel and they tell you that you should find the Captain if you want to
talk to the Commander.  Talk to Zell’s mom in his house and then you can rest and
save up in his room.  Now you have to talk to the guards around town such as outside
Zell’s house, outside the train, and the ones at the harbor.  You gather information
that he is napping.  All of the guards don’t know where he’s napping at but the one’s
at the harbor know he caught fish and was going to eat them with his friends right
away.  Now go to Zell’s house and his mom says a man came in and cooked the fish
there.  Then go back to the harbor and click on the dog.  He will lead you to the
train and Rajin will come out.  Go back to the hotel prepared for a big boss fight. 
First you fight Rajin with 2 Galbadian soldiers.  This fight is very easy, just use
all of your GF’s except Quotzequotal because Rajin absorbs thunder attacks.  Once he
is dead you move on into the Hotel to find that the Commander is Fujin.  Rajin comes
back fully healed and you fight the two of them.  Before you even start attacking
draw Pandemonium from Fujin, which is your next GF.  Now once again use all of your
GF’s except Quotzeuquotal because of Rajin.  However has that GF equipped should be
your designated healer.  Use Gf’s with the other two people and use cura and life
with your healer.  Fujin only has one good attack which is tornado, which does about
400-500 damage to all of your guys.  Rajin uses physical attacks and his Rajin
Special Attack can do a little over 1,000 to one person.  As long as you watch your
health you should be alright.  After you defeat them they state that they are with
Seifer no matter what.  Now you can leave Balamb and Selphie requests that you go to
Trabia Garden next.  So go there and meet Selphie at the basketball court in the
back.  Here everyone remembers their childhood as being in the same orphanage and you
all realize you grew up together.  You also realize that you used to live with
Sorcerous Edea and her name was Matron.  Now you all decide to go to your old
orphanage to get a clue to why Matron turned evil.  It is all the way at the bottom
of the map near the middle on a small island.  However, you see Galbadian Garden
there and you have to fight.  First, you must pick what to announce to the Garden. 
Once you do that, you must pick parties and decide that they will come in at the
front gate and the quad.  First you go to the Quad and you give Zell your ring.  He
and 2 others are designated there so leave and you will go back to the Bridge.  When
you get control of Zell you guys go out to the Quad and Rinoa falls off the ledge and
is hanging on the outside of the Garden.  Run to the front gate and you will meet up
with the others.  Squall makes him and two others go up to the classroom, Zell tries
to help Rinoa, and the other person helps Xu with the front gate.  When you get to
the classroom you have to battle 4 green guards.  Beat them and save the SEED and the
two kids.  Now leave and go back to the bridge.  Here you will meet up with the
Doctor and the others.  Everyone says that they are losing the battle and Zell
informs you that he cannot save Rinoa.  You go to save Rinoa and the others are going
to raid Galbadian Garden when you crash into it.  When you get to the second floor
hallway go tell the boy to go back to the girl and a flying soldier will come through
the wall and attack you.  Choose to look for another option and you will go out the
emergency exit.  When you fight him in mid air you can either punch, block, or kick.
 I believe I beat him by just punching as fast as I could.  You can experiment and
try other tactics but that will get the job down.  Then you fly around the garden and
save Rinoa.  Then you enter the battlefield and have to run to the left.  Here Rinoa
tells you that she has your ring and Zell is going to make her a duplicate.  Now
choose to go inside and you will meet up with the others.  Junction your chosen party
and save because you are going to go after the Sorcerous.  Here you have to find
different keys that will unlock doors marked from 1-3.  The students around the
garden will give you these.  Search around in these rooms to find the three students
to receive the cards.  Once you have gotten all 3 you will be able to go out near the
beginning of the garden and fight cerberus.  He is pretty easy if you use your
strongest gfs so defeat him to attain him as a gf and then take the elevator up to
the top floor.  Here you will fight seifer, who is extremely easy the first time. 
When you defeat him the sorcerress will disappear and you will have to go back to
where cerberus was and up the steps.  From here go to the right to get to the
auditorium.  Now you will fight seifer again, who is desperately trying to prove
himself as the Sorcerress’ knight.  Defeat him again and then you have to fight the
Sorcerress.  She may cause you some trouble with her deadly spells but will not be
too hard of a fight.  After the fight Rinoa passes out and it is the end of disc 2.

I hope this walkthrough will help you throughout the game and I would appreciate it a
lot if you would vote if you like this or not     Thx :)         

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