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              _______ _________ _        _______  _
             (  ____ \\__   __/( (    /|(  ___  )( \
             | (    \/   ) (   |  \  ( || (   ) || (
             | (__       | |   |   \ | || (___) || |
             |  __)      | |   | (\ \) ||  ___  || |
             | (         | |   | | \   || (   ) || |
             | )      ___) (___| )  \  || )   ( || (____/\
             |/       \_______/|/    )_)|/     \|(_______/

     _______  _______  _       _________ _______  _______
    (  ____ \(  ___  )( (    /|\__   __/(  ___  )(  ____ \|\     /|
    | (    \/| (   ) ||  \  ( |   ) (   | (   ) || (    \/( \   / )
    | (__    | (___) ||   \ | |   | |   | (___) || (_____  \ (_) /
    |  __)   |  ___  || (\ \) |   | |   |  ___  |(_____  )  \   /
    | (      | (   ) || | \   |   | |   | (   ) |      ) |   ) (
    | )      | )   ( || )  \  |   | |   | )   ( |/\____) |   | |
    |/       |/     \||/    )_)   )_(   |/     \|\_______)   \_/
     ___________________________     __              _________
     \__   __/\__   __/\__   __/    /__\    |\     /|\__   __/
        ) (      ) (      ) (      ( \/ )   | )   ( |   ) (
        | |      | |      | |       \  /    | |   | |   | |
        | |      | |      | |       /  \/\  ( (   ) )   | |
        | |      | |      | |      / /\  /   \ \_/ /    | |
     ___) (______) (______) (___  (  \/  \    \   /  ___) (___
     \_______/\_______/\_______/   \___/\/     \_/   \_______/
		SNES		        Playstation Anthology

		     Welcome to Final Fantasy Anthology
			     Complete Walkthrough
			   Author: David Zabroski
		   	    [email protected]
	         Check out my Dragon Warrior/Quest Website at:
				Updated 2/26/01

I.	Introduction; Game & World of Balance
	a.	My thoughts.
	b.	Characters
	c.	Magicite
II.	Narshe Witch
	a.	Narshe
	b.	Narshe; Mines
III.	Escape from Narshe
	a.	Narshe II
	b.	Narshe; Mines II
	c.	Flashback
	d.	Narshe III
	e.	Narshe; Mines III
	f.	Narshe IV
	g.	Overworld
	h.	Figaro Castle
IV.	Find Sabin
	a.	Overworld II
	b.	Figaro Cave
	c.	Overworld III
	d.	South Figaro
	e.	Overworld IV
	f.	Mt. Kolts
V.	Meet Banon
	a.	Overworld V
	b.	Returner's Base
VI.	Protect Banon
	a.	Lete River
	b.	Choices
VII.	Free South Figaro
	a.	South Figaro II
	b.	South Figaro; Basement
	c.	Cave to Figaro II
	d.	Choices II
VIII.	Return to Narshe
	a.	Lete River II
	b.	Narshe V
	c.	Narshe; Mines IV
	d.	Choice III
IX.	Sabin
	a.	Crazy Man Cottage
	b.	Overworld VI
	c.	Imperial Camp
	d.	Doma Castle
	e.	Imperial Camp II
	f.	Doma Castle II
	g.	Imperial Camp III
	h.	Haunted Forest
	i.	Phantom Train
	j.	Barren Falls
	k.	Veldt
	l.	Mobliz
	m.	Crescent Mountain
	n.	Serpent Trench
	o.	Nikeah
X.	Alliances
	a.	Narshe VI
XI.	Protect the Esper & Banon
	a.	Narshe; Mountains
	b.	Narshe; Mountains II
XII.	Terra the Esper
	a.	Narshe; Mountains III
	b.	Narshe VII
XIII.	Extra Stuff
	a.	Narshe VIII
	b.	Figaro Castle II
	c.	Kohlingen
	d.	Jidoor
	e.	Zozo
XIV.	Celes' Opening Night
	a.	Jidoor II
	b.	Opera House
	c.	Opera House; Auditorium
	d.	Opera House; Dressing Room
	e.	Opera House; Auditorium
	f.	Opera House; Control Room
	g.	Opera House; Rafters
	h.	Opera House; Stage
XV.	Free the Espers
	a.	Vector
	b.	MagiTek Factory
	c.	MagiTek Factory; Rails
	d.	Vector II
	e.	Airship
	f.	Zozo II
XVI.	Emperor's Greed
	a.	Esper World; Flashback
	b.	Zozo III
XVII.	Extra Stuff II
	a.	Tzen
	b.	Overworld VII
	c.	Narshe IX
XVIII.	Esper & Narshe Alliance
	a.	Narshe X
	b.	Overworld VIII
	c.	Imperial Base
	d.	Sealed Gate Cave
	e.	Airship II
XIX.	Peace?
	a.	Vector III
	b.	Vector Castle
	c.	Vector IV
	d.	Imperial Base II
XX.	Search for the Espers
	a.	Albrook
	b.	Empire's Ship
	c.	Overworld IX
	d.	Thamasa
	e.	Thamasa; House of Fire
	f.	Cave of the Goddesses
	g.	Thamasa II
	h.	Thamasa III
XXI.	Extra Stuff III
	a.	Thamasa IV
	b.	Overworld X
XXII.	Floating Continent
	a.	Airship III
	b.	Floating Continent
XXIII.	Introduction; World of Ruin
	a.	Tips
XXIV.	Save Cid
	a.	Solitary Island
	b.	Overworld XI
XXV.	Search For Your Allies; Sabin
	a.	Albrook
	b.	Tzen
XXVI.	Search For Your Allies; Terra
	a.	Overworld XII
	b.	Mobliz II
XXVII.	Search For Your Allies; Edgar
	a.	Overworld XIII
	b.	Nikeah II
	c.	South Figaro III
XXVIII.	Free Figaro Castle
	a.	Cave to Figaro
	b.	Figaro Castle; Jail
	c.	Figaro Castle; Basement
	d.	Figaro Castle; Engine Room
XXIX.	Search For Your Allies; Setzer
	a.	Kohlingen II
XXX.	A New Airship
	a.	Overworld XIV
	b.	Darill's Tomb
	c.	Falcon
	d.	Doom Gaze
XXXI.	Search For Your Allies; Cynan
	a.	Maranda
	b.	Overworld XV
	c.	Zozo III
	d.	Mt. Zozo
XXXII.	Search For Your Allies; Terra II
	a.	Mobliz III
XXXIII.	Search For Your Allies; Mog
	a.	Narshe XI
	b.	Narshe; Mines V
	c.	Narshe; Moogle's Cave
	d.	Duncan's Cabin
XXXIV.	Search For Your Allies; Gau
	a.	Veldt
XXXV.	Search For Your Allies; Shadow
	a.	Cave on the Veldt
	b.	Thamasa V
	c.	Coliseum
XXXVI.	Extra Stuff IV
	a.	Jidoor III
	b.	Solitary Island II
	c.	Figaro Castle III
	d.	The Ancient Castle
	e.	Figaro Castle IV
XXXVII.	Search For Your Allies; Relm
	a.	Jidoor IV
XXXVIII.	Search For Your Allies; Strago
	a.	Fanatics' Tower
XXXIX.	Search For Your Allies; Locke
	a.	Phoenix Cave
	b.	Kohlingen III
XL.	Search For Your Allies; Umaro
	a.	Narshe XII
	b.	Narshe; Mountains IV
	c.	Narshe; Mountain Cliff
XLI.	Search For Your Allies; Gogo
	a.	Triangle Island
XLII.	Extra Stuff V
	a.	Opera House II
	b.	Doom Gaze II
	c.	Doma Castle III
	d.	Coliseum II
	e.	Gau's Father
	f.	Thamasa VI
	g.	Eight Dragons
XLIII.	The Final Battles
	a.	Kefka's Tower
	b.	Kefka's Tower; Airship
XLIV.	Ending
	a.	Summary
XLV.	Secrets & Mysteries

I.	Introduction; Game & World of Balance
	a.	My thoughts.
		i.	This is one of my favorite games for
			the Final Fantasy series. It is Final
			Fantasy III for the US gamers and VI
			for Japan.
		ii.	This game has great play, takes a lot
			of time and makes you really think.
		iii.	There are tons of hidden items and
			secrets to the game. I have played the
			game many times on SNES &
			Playstation. I hop you enjoy it as
			much as I have.
		iv.	In the walkthrough I state the main
			character as you. The character who is
			currently leading by choice, or by the
			storyline will be referred to as you.
	b.	Characters
		i.	Some of the characters can do what is
			called a Limit Break attack. If they are
			close to death and fight they might use
			their special powers to lash out at the
		ii.	Terra
			1.	A girl with a strange power.
				She was enslaved by the
				Empire and used a soldier
			2.	Limit Break
				a.	Riot Blade
		iii.	Locke
			1.	A thief who prefers to go with
				the term of Treasure Hunter.
			2.	He works for the Returners and
				has vowed to protect Terra and
			3.	Limit Break
				a.	Mirager
		iv.	Edgar
			1.	He is the King of Figero. He is
				a master of machines. He is
				very strong and opposes the
				Empire, even though he fronts
				himself as a allie.
			2.	Limit Break
				a.	Royal Shock
		v.	Sabin
			1.	The younger brother of Edgar.
				He left the castle after his
				parents were killed by the
				Empire. Through fate and luck
				he was given the choice to
			2.	He is a master of martial arts
				and can do amazing physical
			3.	Limit Break
				a.	Tiger Break
		vi.	Celes
			1.	A Empire general. She was
				infused with magic by Cid's
				magic drawing machines.
			2.	She can also absorb magic
				with her Rune Blade.
			3.	She is branded a traitor.
			4.	Limit Break
				a.	Spin Edge
		vii.	Shadow
			1.	The past of Shadow is not
				known. Rumors say he will kill
				his parents for a nickel. He will
				join the party only for dreams
				of riches.
			2.	He is a master of the Ninja and
				can throw objects with great
			3.	His dog Interceptor is always
				one step behind.
			4.	Limit Break
				a.	Shadow Fang
		viii.	Mog
			1.	A Moggle. A cute little animal,
				but deadly.
			2.	He can learn dances and songs
				from the earth's area around
			3.	Limit Break
				a.	Moogle Rush
		ix.	Cynan
			1.	Another master of the sword.
				He vows against the Empire
				after they destroyed his castle,
				king and family.
			2.	He can meditate his power and
				release it in a crazy sword
			3.	Limit Break
				a.	Black Blade
		x.	Setzer
			1.	A gambling man, he holds the
				only airship in the world. He
				takes life on a chance.
			2.	His card attacks are very
				deadly, but his slot machine
				attacks give extra life or death
				to the enemies.
			3.	Limit Break
				a.	Red Card
		xi.	Strago
			1.	The last of the Mages from a
				great war. He has the ability to
				use magic, but can learn the
				attacks of monsters.
			2.	Limit Break
				a.	Saber Soul
		xii.	Relm
			1.	Strago's Granddaughter. She is
				a very curious and beautiful
			2.	She can paint or control a
				monster and use their abilities
			3.	Limit Break
				a.	Star Prism
		xiii.	Gau
			1.	Gau Gau! He is a lost boy who
				was left in the mountain by his
				insane father. Gau, holding no
				grudges toward him, has lived
				with the animals and has
				learned how to copy them.
			2.	Limit Break
				a.	None
		xiv.	GoGo
			1.	No one knows who, or what he
				is. He has the ability to copy
				others and do exactly as they
	c.	Magicite
		i.	In the game there were creatures
			called Espers. They were magical
			being created by the goddesses. They
			had special magical powers.
		ii.	The Empire thought in order to get
			their power you have to draw it from
			them while they were alive, but it is in
			death that they can transfer their
		iii.	You will receive, buy or find Magicite
			and equip it. While it is equipped you
			will have a few things developing with
			your character.
			1.	Magic Spells
				a.	You will start to learn
					spells as you have it
					equipped. The #of the
					SP times the # of SP on
					the Magicite status
					screen total the amount
					of SP.
					i.	So if you get 2
						SP from a battle
						and have a 5 SP
						equipped you
						will get 10% of
						the spell. Once
						you reach 100%
						you can use the
			2.	Status Upgrade
				a.	Some of the Magicite
					has Status Upgrade. If
					you are equipped with
					this your stats will get
					raised even more at
					level up.
			3.	Summon
				a.	You can also summon
					the Esper by using the
					Magicite in battle. It
					will take some MP.
II.	Narshe Witch
	a.	Narshe
		i.	You start off with two soldiers and a
			woman in MagiTek armor.
		ii.	You hear them talking about the witch
			and Espers.
		iii.	After their conversation they will walk
			through a snow field.
			1.	Skip it by pressing you're A
		iv.	Once you enter the town you will be
			surrounded by guards and dogs trying
			to protect the mines. Fight them
	b.	Narshe; Mines
		i.	Once you get through the town stop at
			the save point and save. Now go up
			into the mines where you will break
			down the door.
		ii.	After this you will get into a fight with
			your first Boss.
		iii.	Boss
			1.	Whelk
				a.	Have ???? use Missiles
					and Biggs & Wedge
					use Bolt Beams.
				b.	Once Whelk goes into
					his shell then stop
					firing. If you do he will
		iv.	Once he is dead you will go into the
			next room and meet the Esper that was
			frozen. Tritoch.
		v.	Tritoch kills Biggs & Wedge and has
			some connection with ????. She
			passes out.
III.	Escape from Narshe
	a.	Narshe II
		i.	You wake up in a bed. A man, Arvis
			appears. He shows you the slave
			crown the Empire used to enslave you.
			He asks you name.
		ii.	You can name any character any name
			you want, but the default name is
		iii.	Guards surround the house demanding
			entrance because they think the witch
			is hiding there.
		iv.	You rush out the back door, over the
			bridge, where you get spotted, and
			into the mines again.
		v.	This time you do not have the luxury
			of MagiTek armor.
	b.	Narshe; Mines II
		i.	You can stay here and level up some if
			you want. Stop and get the chests here
			and save at the Save Point.
		ii.	When you are ready head to the back
			of the cave where you are surrounded
			by guards. You will fall into a pit and
			get knocked out.
	c.	Flashback
		i.	Here you will get a Flashback of your
			life as a Empire Soldier.
		ii.	You are forced to do as they want, but
			you destroy some guards before you
			do so.
		iii.	In the final scene you see the Empire
			Generals with the crowd.
	d.	Narshe III
		i.	While Terra is knocked out the scene
			returns to Arvis' house. A new
			character appears. Arvis asks him to
			protect the young girl. His default
			name is Locke.
	e.	Narshe; Mines III
		i.	The scene goes back to Terra passed
			out in the cave.
		ii.	Locke appears at her side and finds the
			soldiers are closing in with a general.
		iii.	A group of Moogles come to help
			protect her.
		iv.	You have three parties and you can
			switch between the three. One is all
			generic Moogles, one with Locke and
			three Moogles, and one with Mog &
			three Moogles.
		v.	The soldiers will walk around the
			boulders heading for Terra. If they
			reach her the game is over.
		vi.	You do not have to fight all the
			monsters, but you do have to fight the
			1.	I highly recommend fighting
				all the monsters you can with
				Locke to raise his EXP.
			2.	Switch between the three if
				one party gets weak.
		vii.	Once you defeated all of the  monsters
			switch to Mog's group, and unequip
			all his weapons and armor.
		viii.	Now switch to the strongest group and
			kill the general.
		ix.	At this point Locke will carry Terra to
			the exit. Terra will wake up and they
			will leave together.
	f.	Narshe IV
		i.	Once you get outside go into the house
			right in front. This is the School. Here
			you will learn about some of your
			characters abilities and how to play
			the game.
		ii.	The pots and chests have some
			treasures in them so be sure to get
	g.	Overworld
		i.	Here head south into the desert and
			head for the middle where you will
			find a castle.
	h.	Figaro Castle
		i.	Locke will be allowed to enter with
			Terra. Go straight into the throne room
			where you will be introduced to
			Edgar. He is the King of Figaro.
			1.	He also has a reputation for
				being a Lady's Man!
		ii.	You find that Figaro is allied with the
			Returners, but acts as a friend to the
			1.	Returners are the hidden
				organization hoping to take
				down the Empire.
		iii.	You can take some time to explore the
			castle. Make sure to stop off at the
			stores and get plenty of Tonics, and
			some weapons for Edgar.
		iv.	Skip the Cross Bow, he comes
			equipped with it.
		v.	Go to the left side of the castle and
			enter the pillar. Talk with the woman
			who will give you information about
			Edgar's brother.
			1.	Sabin.
		vi.	After the flashback head back to the
			castle and talk with Edgar again.
		vii.	After the talk you are notified that
			Kefka, a Empire General, is on his
			way to the castle now.
		viii.	Edgar is now in control. Talk with
			Kefka and he will say he is looking for
			the Witch. Listen to Edgar's smart
		ix.	Now you will have control over Terra
			again. Follow Locke into the bedroom
			and take a nap.
		x.	The scene will return and you find
			Figaro Castle on fire. The Empire has
			attacked the castle!
		xi.	Go to the entrance to the throne room
			and talk with the attendant. Kefka will
			come out. At this point Edgar will
			jump off the castle, and land on a
		xii.	Terra & Locke do the same and Figaro
			castle will close it's doors and head
			into the sand.
		xiii.	Here you will have to fight MagiTek
		xiv.	For a funny little cinematic scene then
			have Terra use her magic.
IV.	Find Sabin
	a.	Overworld II
		i.	Once this is over you have control of
			the Chocobos again. Head east into the
			mountains though Figaro Cave.
		ii.	Equip Edgar with the armor and
			weapons you took off from Mog.
	b.	Figaro Cave
		i.	There is a healing spring once you
			enter. Ignore all the chest. They will
			be needed more later.
			1.	If you take them now you will
				get a cheap treasure, they some
				how change later in the game.
		ii.	Just follow through the exit,
	c.	Overworld III
		i.	Now head east into South Figaro.
	d.	South Figaro
		i.	Stop here to get some weapons armor
			and items.
		ii.	Stop at the Relic shop and get some
			Sprint Shoes.
			1.	They will make you walk 2x
				a.	If you are playing on
					Playstation you can get
					this effect without the
					shoes by holding the X
				b.	If you hold the X
					button with the shoes
					you go 3X faster.
				c.	SNES players do not
					have to press anything
					it is automatic.
		iii.	Go into the Mansion in the upper left
			side of the town.
		iv.	Go into the master bedroom and go
			across the bed behind the bookcase.
		v.	Once you get to the basement and look
			for the secret stairwell on the bottom.
			There are chests in each cell.
		vi.	Go back up and go right now and get
			the chests with money in them. Once
			you have them you can leave.
		vii.	If you go to the tavern you can meet
			Shadow, but he will not join your
	e.	Overworld IV
		i.	Now go north and go into the small
			house near the mountains.
		ii.	Look at the items around the room
			including the stove, dishes, and
		iii.	Edgar realizes that Sabin has been
			living here.
	f.	Mt. Kolts
		i.	Once you are ready head into the
			mountain for find Sabin.
		ii.	Before you do anything hug the east
			wall to find a secret passage.
		iii.	Now just follow the trail. There aren't
			many turns. You may notice a person
			shadowing you as you walk.
		iv.	When you get to the Save Point save
			your game and rest.
		v.	Head through the exit and follow the
			trail down and around to the center of
			the spiral.
		vi.	When you get there you will get into a
			fight with a man named Vargas.
		vii.	He finds out you are friends of Sabin
			and he loses it!
		viii.	Boss
			1.	Vargas
				a.	He is a martial arts
					expert and has been
					trained with Sabin.
				b.	Just attack with
					Physical and tool hits.
					Once you give him
					enough damage Sabin
					will appear.
				c.	Vargas will blow them
					away leaving just
				d.	He casted a spell on
					you that will kill you
					once the counter
					reaches 0.
		ix.	Special Skill: Blitz
			1.	By doing a certain
				combination of button presses
				Sabin can unleash the
				following devastating attacks:
			2.	UL=up & left   UR=up & right
				DL=down & left   DR=down
				& right
			3.	Pummel
				a.	left, right, left
			4.	Aura Bolt
				a.	down, DL, left
				b.	Rotate your finger over
					the pad from down to
					the left side.
			5.	Suplex
				a.	X, Y, down, up
				b.	Different from
			6.	Fire Dance
				a.	left, DL, down, DR,
				b.	Rotate your finger over
					the pad from the left
					side down and across to
					the right side.
			7.	Mantra
				a.	R, L, R, L, X, Y
			8.	Air Blade
				a.	up, UR, right, DR,
					down, DL, left.
				b.	Rotate from top to left
			9.	Spiraler
				a.	R, L, X, Y, right, left
				b.	Kills Sabin, but cures
					rest of party.
			10.	Bum Rush
				a.	left, UL, up, UR, right,
					DR, down ,DL, left
				b.	This is the Ultimate
					Blitz. Rotate your
					finger from the left side
					all the way around back
					to the spot you started
				c.	Once you use Pummel
					Vargus will die.
		ix.	Sabin & Edgar have a small reunion.
			Then they continue through the caves
			into the Overworld.
V.	Meet Banon
	a.	Overworld V
		i.	You are in a small space between the
			mountains. Here is the secret location
			of the Returner's Home Base.
	b.	Returner's Base
		i.	When you enter you are introduced to
			Banon. He is the leader of the group.
		ii.	You will be given a bunch of
			information. The summary of it is that
			Banon wants to use Terra's powers to
			help destroy the Empire. He will not
			force her. If they did they will be no
			better than the Empire.
		iii.	You will get the story of Pandora's
		iv.	After the meeting the group will be
			split up and Terra walks freely
			throughout the base.
		v.	Stop and talk to everyone. When you
			get to Locke's room check the chests
			and crates for items.
		vi.	When you are ready talk to the man
			blocking the exit and you will be let
			out to talk to Banon.
		vii.	You have 2 Options here:
			1.	Agree to be the "Last Ray of
				Hop" for the Returners.
				a.	If you say yes you will
					get a Gauntlet.
					i.	It allows you to
						hold a weapon
						with both hands
						making it
			2.	Say No three times. After that
				you will automatically walk
				back into the base.
				a.	After a short scene
					described below you
					will get a Genji Glove!
					i.	This is even
						better than the
						Gauntlet. You
						can hold 2
		viii.	You get word that the Empire is on
			their way to the base and South Figaro
			has been taken over by the Empire.
		ix.	Locke agrees to go to South Figaro
			while Banon, Sabin, Edgar, and Terra
			all agree to go back to Narshe.
		x.	You may want to go back to My Kolts
			and fight to get Banon's Level up
		xi.	When you are ready head to the secret
			passageway and get into the raft.
VI.	Protect Banon
	a.	Lete River
		i.	Your goal here is to keep Banon alive.
			If he dies then the game is over.
		ii.	Just ride down the river until you get
			to a choice where you can go left or
			right go left.
		iii.	SECRET
			1.	If you have Banon in your
				party and you need EXP then
				here is a secret.
			2.	Use a Turbo Controller and
				tape down you're A button.
			3.	Make sure you have your
				Config. on memory.
			4.	This will make you go through
				a circle through the river. You
				party will fight the monster,
				and Banon will heal them with
				out losing MP. They can get
				crazy experience.!
		iv.	Save at the save point. Continue on
			until you fall off the waterfall and
			have to fight Ultros.
		v.	Boss
			1.	Ultros
				a.	This is the first of many
					fights with Ultros. He
					can become a real pain
					in the but.
				b.	He will shoot ink to
					make you blind. His
					tentacle attack can take
					down Banon if he is at
					a low level.
		vi.	Once he runs away Sabin decides to
			get one more blow in and falls into the
		vii.	Sabin goes right while the rest of the
			group goes left.
	b.	Choices
		i.	You have three choices here. You now
			control Mog and all party members
			are standing in three groups.
			1.	Locke
				a.	In South Figaro's
			2.	Terra, Edgar, and Banon
				a.	Trying to get into
			3.	Sabin
				a.	Stranded
VII.	Free South Figaro
	a.	South Figaro II
		i.	Locke gets chased around the town by
			a guard, but escapes his path.
		ii.	The main goal here is to steal clothes
			from the guards and salesmen from
			the town and use it as a disguise to get
			through the town.
		iii.	Clothes; Sales Man
			1.	Go into the item shop and get
				into a fight with the salesman
				by the clock.
			2.	Once you are in the fight steal
				his clothes.
			3.	Now head into the Cider man's
				house and go into the
			4.	Talk to the boy and he will let
				you through.
			5.	Go to the weapons and armor
				shop and pick up one set of
				weapons and armor that would
				fit Terra, even if Terra has
				some already.
			6.	Now go outside and go up onto
				the outer ledge of the town.
			7.	Walk all the way around the
				ledge until you meet up with a
				guard with a green uniform on.
			8.	They easily pick fights so take
				advantage of this situation.
		iv.	Clothes; Green Soldier
			1.	Now go back and head where
				the Chocobo and talk to the
				guard who is blocking the way.
				He will tell you to take his
				place he is on break.
			2.	Now go into the relic shop and
				go upstairs into the Café.
			3.	Now go downstairs of the Café
				and you should see a man in
				the room to the north.
			4.	He will think you are trying to
				steal his cider so he fights you.
			5.	Steal his clothes.
		v.	Clothes; Sales Man II
			1.	Now grab the cider and head
				back to the Cider man's house
				and the boy will let you
			2.	Go upstairs and talk with the
				man there and in return for
				giving him cider he will let
				you through the secret
		vi.	Just give his grandson the password,
			but he forgot it.
		vii.	Go back downstairs and talk with the
			boy again he will give you a list of
		viii.	The right one is: Courage
		ix.	Go into the passage and you will end
			up in a small alcove of the mansion.
			Grab a Elixir from the clock.
		x.	Go to the top bedroom and go across
			the bed into the secret stairwell.
		xi.	You now have the option to change
			your clothes, it doesn't matter,
			but just say no.
		xii.	Go to the door and see a woman
			getting beaten up while chained up.
		xiii.	The soldier leaves and you will get
			one of the 3 scenarios based on your
			1.	If you have regular clothes you
				will hide in the rafters.
			2.	If you have Sales Man clothes
				you hide in the rafters.
			3.	If you have a Green Soldier
				clothes on you stand at
				attention in front of the door.
		xiv.	Go into the room and unchain the
			woman. She says her name is Celes, a
			general in the Empire Army.
		xv.	Before you leave talk to the sleeping
			guard and get the clock key.
		xvi.	Go into the next room and save. Make
			sure to equip the equipment I told you
			to buy earlier.
		xvii.	Go into the next room and head into
			the far right upper alcove.
		xviii.	Use the clock key and a door will
	b.	South Figaro; Basement
		i.	This area has a lot of monsters and
			soldiers. Make sure Celes is healed
			and has some MP.
		ii.	There are tons of treasures here that
			aren't too hard to find.
			1.	Regal Cutlass
			2.	Iron Armor
			3.	Earrings
		iii.	Once you get them head up the stairs.
		iv.	Celes wonders why you are helping
			her. Locke promises to never let
			anyone hurt her.
			1.	Love is in the Air, dadadaaa
		v.	Exit the town and head to Cave to
	c.	Cave to Figaro II
		i.	Well you know how I said that the
			chest will get better items if you leave
			them alone? Well they did.
		ii.	All the chests have better items. The
			one you really want is in the upper left
			area. It is a Thunder Rod.
		iii.	Go back to the Healing Spring and
			heal up.
		iv.	When you try to exit you are attacked.
		v.	Boss
			1.	Tunnel Arm
				a.	He is REALLY hard if
					you don't know what
					you are doing.
				b.	Option I; With Thunder
					i.	Simple have
						Celes use the
						Thunder Rod
						and he is dead.
					ii.	Celes has
						higher Magic
						Powers so it is
						best to use her.
				c.	Option II
					i.	Most of Tunnel
						Arm's attacks
						are magic so
						have Celes use
						her Rune Blade
						to absorb the
					ii.	Have Locke
						attack with
		vi.	Exit and on to the next scenario.
	d.	Choices II
		i.	You can do either Sabin or Terra now,
			but I prefer Terra first.
VIII.	Return to Narshe
	a.	Lete River II
		i.	You will be just finishing up in the
			river when you land in the Overworld
			near a lake.
		ii.	Walk to Narshe
	b.	Narshe V
		i.	Once you enter you are stopped by
			guards who recognize Terra as the
			witch. They refuse to let her enter
			along with anyone else.
		ii.	Head to the left where Locke took you
			out before.
		iii.	Edgar finds the switch and you enter
			the caves.
	c.	Narshe; Mines IV
		i.	Go back the way you came. Once you
			reach the are with the boulders you
			find that a booby trap has been set.
		ii.	Goal
			1.	To follow the path that the
				light traveled exactly.
			2.	If you take a wrong turn you
				have to "tag" the shining light
				to be freed.
			3.	If you fail you have to fight a
				monster and start over.
		iii.	It isn't too hard, I think you can
			handle it.
		iv.	You can stop and see the Moogles if
			you want, but just keep moving.
		v.	Go back through the way Terra took
			and enter Arvis' house.
	d.	Choice III
		i.	Only one left
IX.	Sabin
	a.	Crazy Man Cottage
		i.	This is a very weird part of the game.
		ii.	You wake in the Overworld next to a
			cottage. Enter it to see Shadow
			standing by the well.
		iii.	Before you meet with him go into the
			house and talk to the man.
		iv.	He thinks you are a repair man. Touch
			the stove and he kicks you out.
		v.	Talk to Shadow. You can name him if
			you didn't see him in the South Figaro
		vi.	Buy some stuff from the items
			salesman on the Chocobo.
			1.	Grab some Shrunken and some
				equipment that you can throw.
	b.	Overworld VI
		i.	From here you want to head south to
			the Imperial Camp. It is a sanded area
			with a bridge.
	c.	Imperial Camp
		i.	You try to sneak in, but there are too
			many guards to get through.
		ii.	You decide to listen. The guards talk
			about Kefka and General Leo.
			1.	Kefka is despised by all
			2.	Even Sabin respects General
				Leo, he is a fair person and
				fight for what he believes.
				a.	Then why is he with
					the Empire?
					i.	You'll see.
		iii.	The first chance you get search the
			1.	You have to fight one alarm,
				but you get a green beret
				which is really nice.
			2.	There is also a star pendent
				there somewhere.
	d.	Doma Castle
		i.	You are now Cynan a knight for he
			castle Doma. You are a highly
			mastered swordsman.
		ii.	The castle is being stormed by Empire
			forces and it is your job to kill the
			leader of the group.
		iii.	When you get outside you can either
			fight the soldier for some EXP or just
			head to the General.
		iv.	Kill him with a Level 5 SwordTech
			and he is toast.
	e.	Imperial Camp II
		i.	General Leo is called away back to the
			Empire to see the Emperor.
		ii.	Kefka takes this time to poison the
			1.	You run after Kefka and get
				into battles with him. One hit
				and he runs away.
			2.	He finally beats you by having
				a guard block the path and you
				fight him.
	f.	Doma Castle II
		i.	Cynan and his attendant are standing
			on the top of the castle when all hell
			breaks loose.
		ii.	The water changes color and the
			fumes poison every one in the castle.
			1.	They were too high up to be
		iii.	You check the castle to find the King
			is dead as well as your Wife and
	g.	Imperial Camp III
		i.	You see Cynan fighting a pair of
			Soldier by himself.
			1.	Jump in the middle
		ii.	Talk to Cynan to help him fight.
		iii.	You have to do this several times until
			Cynan agrees to join your party.
		iv.	You, Shadow and Cynan jump into
			MagiTek Armors and storm off.
		v.	You will be stopped by a few guards
			on the way, but they are nothing in
			these suits.
		vi.	At the bridge you get off and head
	h.	Haunted Forest
		i.	Head southeast into the Haunted
		ii.	There is a healing spring here, take
			advantage of it.
		iii.	If you haven't done the Terra, Edgar,
			Banon scenario then Shadow will
			leave the group here.
		iv.	The forest seems like a map, but there
			is only one ending point the train
	i.	Phantom Train
		i.	Once you get to the station Sabin
			rushes in. Cynan tells him to be
			careful they do not know where this
			train came from.
			1.	Doma's train system was
				destroyed by the Empire.
		ii.	Once inside Cynan realizes this is the
			Phantom Train, it is the train that
			brings the dead to their final resting
		iii.	The train starts and the door locks.
		iv.	Now there are tons of ghosts in the
		v.	The first card has a variety of ghosts.
			1.	One will sell you items
			2.	1-2 will join your party
				a.	You can only have 1
			3.	The others will fight you.
		vi.	You can go right for a save point and a
			scene with Sabin & Cynan, but head
			left to the next train.
		vii.	Continue to the third car. When enter
			a ghost will block the door. Talk to
			him and you must fight to continue.
		viii.	After that a trail of ghost start to stalk
			you. The only way out is to the room
		ix.	Get on the roof and they will block
			you there. Go left and Sabin will do a
			running jump to the next few trains.
		x.	Once he falls off the roof the Ghost
			stiff follow.
		xi.	Go inside the car and press the switch
			to disconnect the cars.
		xii.	Exit and see the cars go. Go back
			inside and pull it again to open the
			door to the restaurant.
		xiii.	Sabin will have a great meal and his
			HP are restored.
		xiv.	Go back outside and go around the
			car. Go in the back door and get the
		xv.	Go left again and you will see a series
			of cabins. There are several chests
			here, some have monsters.
			1.	When you get a monster in a
				chest it means that there is a
				rare or valuable item inside.
				a.	If you run you lose the
					item forever!
		xvi.	One of the rooms has Siegfried, a
			weird scene and he leaves with the
		xvii.	Keep going to the next car and save.
		xviii.	Enter the control room and pull the
			first and last switch.
		xix.	Now climb on top of the engine and
			press the button.,
		xx.	The train will come to life and attack
			you for trying to stop it's service.
		xxi.	Boss
			1.	Phantom Train
				a.	Option I
					i.	Just give him a
						Phoenix Down
						and he is dead.
				b.	Option II
					i.	You can use old
						attacks. They
						seem to work
		xxii.	Once he is re-dead you will be let off
			the train.
		xxiii.	Walk to the right to find a line of
			people boarding the train.
		xxiv.	Cynan then realizes that his wife and
			son are on the train.
		xxv.	There is a small scene. Just talk to
			Shadow and the Cynan and just wait.
	j.	Barren Falls
		i.	Once you get off the train you can
			freely walk through the woods again.
		ii.	In odor to get back to Narshe you have
			to go through the Barren Falls.
		iii.	Shadow will leave your party now.
		iv.	When you are ready go to the top of
			the cliff and jump off.
		v.	You will have to fight a series of
			Piranhas on your way down.
		vi.	Boss
			1.	Rizopas
				a.	He can get quite hard if
					you are at a low level.
				b.	He casts Aqua Rake
					which can 100-500
				c.	He casts this when he is
					close to death.
				d.	Heal up and then
	k.	Veldt
		i.	You wake up in the river with a small
			wild boy, Gau.
		ii.	He runs away. Head east to the town.
		iii.	In the back of the town is a man in a
			cabin bedridden.
		iv.	He may ask you to mail his letters for
			1.	If you are lucky you will get
				something in return.
	l.	Mobliz
		i.	Talk to the villagers and you get some
			information about a small boy who
			lives with the animals. He came to one
			man after he threw some dried meat.
		ii.	You also learn about the Serpent
			Trench and how it will lead to Narshe.
		iii.	Go outside and fight some monsters.
			After the fight Gau may show up.
			Give him some Dried Meat and he
			joins your party.
		iv.	He will also give you his "Treasure"
			in the Crescent Mountain.
		v.	Before you rush there stop and teach
			Gau some new tricks.
			1.	Look for a Templar, he is a
				soldier for the Empire.
			2.	When he arrives have Gau
				Leap and wait for him to
			3.	Once he does he will have the
				Templar attacks. The main one
				is Fire 2!
		vi.	Now head south to the Crescent
	m.	Crescent Mountain
		i.	You can do various little things with
			Gau here. He will take you on several
			scenes while he is looking for his
		ii.	It is actual located on the left side of
			the cave.
		iii.	Once he finds it you see it is a
			underwater helmet.
		iv.	Jump into the river and you will be
			taken through the Serpent Trench.
	n.	Serpent Trench
		i.	Once you are in there is no way to
			stop. Monsters will come at you
			randomly, so be on guard.
		ii.	Take the two lefts, so don't bother
			changing the arrow signed.
		iii.	The first cave has a Green Beret.
		iv.	Once you get out you end up at a
	o.	Nikeah
		i.	Now you should have saved a lot of
			money for this long scenario and now
			is the time to spend it.
		ii.	Get the best weapons and armor you
			can for all the characters except
		iii.	When you are ready get on the boat
			headed for Narshe.
X.	Alliances
	a.	Narshe VI
		i.	All of the group member from the
			Scenarios meet up in Narshe.
		ii.	Just sit through the scenes and enjoy.
		iii.	You get word that the Empire is on
			their way to retrieve the Esper.
		iv.	To protect it the villagers put it on the
			top of the mountain.
XI.	Protect the Esper & Banon
	a.	Narshe; Mountains
		i.	Again you go through some scenes
			with the characters.
			1.	Cynan doesn't trust Celes
			2.	Celes is interested in Terra's
				a.	As is Terra
		ii.	When you get to the top you will have
			Terra alone and all the characters
			standing in a line.
		iii.	Save your game and equip Terra with
			all the weapons and armor that you got
			in Sabin's Scenario.
		iv.	Now talk to each person and you will
			switch places, just keep equipping all
			of them with the armor and weapons.
		v.	When you are ready, save and talk to
	b.	Narshe; Mountains II
		i.	MiniGame
			1.	The goal here is simple. Do not
				let the Soldiers get to Banon. If
					they do the game is over.
			2.	Strategy I
				a.	Have all of the
					characters spread out
					into the three groups.
				b.	Terra, Celes, and Gau
					should be in separate
					i.	Gau because of
				c.	Have them each take a
					area and fight off the
				d.	Kill all of them then
					head for Kefka.
				3.	Strategy II
					a.	Have one ultimate
					i.	Terra, Edgar,
						Locke, and
						Sabin all in one
				b.	Have Gau, Celes, and
					Cynan cover Banon so
					when a guard gets close
					they will fight.
				c.	Now have Terra's
					group charge through
					the lines only killing
					the guards that are in
					your way.
					i.	If you are fast
						enough you see
						the guards
						appear from
		ii.	Kill the guard that is blocking Kefka.
			If he changes your "Row" then change
			it back before you get to Kefka.
		iii.	Boss
			1.	Kefka
				a.	He is very simple, but
					he can get deadly.
				b.	Have Terra use Fire
					and Sabin Blitz.
				c.	Edgar's machines can
					do some decent
				d.	Once he is dead you get
					a Peace Ring.
XII.	Terra the Esper
	a.	Narshe; Mountains III
		i.	After the battle you all congregate at
			the Esper Tritoch.
		ii.	When Terra gets close to is some
			powerful connection is made.
		iii.	The group is knocked all around and
			Terra changes into a Esper.
		iv.	She flies off.
	b.	Narshe VII
		i.	When you wake up you are in bed and
			you talk about Terra.
		ii.	You all agree you must go after her.
			To get to her you have to go south.
		iii.	Put Celes and Locke in the group then
			choose who ever else you want.
		iv.	Stop at the stores to get some great
			weapons and armor.
XIII.	Extra Stuff
	a.	Narshe VIII
		i.	On the ledge, south of Arvis' house is
			a cabin.
			1.	If you talked to the man below,
				he'll tell you to take whatever
				was in the house. He is afraid
				the Empire will take it.
		ii.	You get some great gold, a Thieves
			Knife, and more!
		iii.	There is one chest you are unable to
		iv.	Exit and head for Figaro Castle
	b.	Figaro Castle II
		i.	If Sabin or Edgar are in the front of
			the group you get ½ off the items!
		ii.	Be sure to pick up the new tools in the
		iii.	If you have Edgar in your party with
			Sabin then you can learn about the
			brothers' past.
			1.	Stay in the bed in the castle
				and Sabin will wake up.
			2.	He sits in the throne room and
				has a flashback of the night
				their parents died, they were
				poisoned by the Empire.
			3.	After they died they knew the
				castle could not be split
				between them.
			4.	To decide who has to stay or
				leave they flipped a coin. Who
				ever wins gets to make their
				choice to leave or stay.
			5.	Sabin wins and decides to stay.
		iv.	This can happen at anytime, when
			Sabin & Edgar are together in the
		v.	When you wake up head back to the
			entrance and go down the left stairs to
			the control room.
		vi.	Talk to the man and he will take you
			to the other side of the mountains into
			the Kohlingen area.
	c.	Kohlingen
		i.	Stop in here and talk to Shadow at the
			Café. He will join your party if you
			pay him 3,000 GP and have 3 or less
			people in your party.
		ii.	Stock up on items and weapons.
		iii.	If Locke is in your party go to the
			house on the right side of town.
		iv.	Go into the basement and you learn
			some things about Locke's past.
		v.	Here is summary.
			1.	Locke took his fiancé on a
				Treasure Hunt. He made a
				promise to protect her and
				never leave her.
			2.	He was walking across a
				bridge when the bridge started
				to collapse. His fiancé jumped
				and pushed him to safety, but
				she fell and hit her head pretty
			3.	Her family tells her that she
				doesn't want to see him again.
				She does not remember the
				past and doesn't even know
				who Locke is.
			4.	Months later soldiers attacked
				the town and she was hurt
				really bad.
			5.	The scientist in the basement
				gave her special herbs that put
				her in an inanimate state.
		vi.	Exit the town. You can go up north to
			get a Hero Ring from the pot in the
	d.	Jidoor
		i.	You can stop here and get some
			weapons and armor.
	e.	Zozo
		i.	Grab a Chocobo and head north to
		ii.	This is a sort of Ghost town overrun
			by monsters.
		iii.	There are some inhabitants, but they
			have major mental issues.
		iv.	Start off by going to the back of the
			town where you see a salesman
			walking around.
		v.	Enter the tower and it will ask you to
			set the clock.
		vi.	I played this game before I go a
			computer and I sat there for hours to
			do every combination and finally
			1.	60:10:50
		vii.	Enter the newly opened stairs and get
			the chain saw!
		viii.	Go back down and head left.
		ix.	The towers here are not too hard. Just
			keep going up. Pass the man jumping
			off the ledges and go up a few more
			floors. Pick up the Thief's Glove and
			head back down to the edge.
		x.	Jump from this building to the next,
			and then the other one.
		xi.	Climb up and grab the Fire weapon for
		xii.	Once you get a point you will find a
			polite man blocking you way.
		xiii.	Boss
			1.	Dadaluma
				a.	He is really a good
					fighter. He will throw
					things at your members
					that could kill them in
					one shot.
				b.	Have Sabin Pummel
					and the other physical
		xiv.	Once he is dead keep going up, across
			and into the top floor.
		xv.	Go to the left and right sides to get
			some chests.
		xvi.	You see the Esper form of Terra on
			the bed.
		xvii.	A man names Ramah
		xviii.	He will tell you the story about Espers
			and that he is one.
		xix.	He gives you his friends, who died in
			the escape, as Magicite.
			1.	Magicite
				a.	It is the powers of the
					Espers. When they die
					they leave Magicite as
					a sort of corpse. Their
					magic powers can now
					be transferred to
		xx.	You now have Ramah, Kirin, Siren
			and Stray.
		xxi.	Exit Zozo and head back to Jidoor.
		xxii.	You can stop and get some spells from
			the Magicite.
		xxiii.	The best place to do this is at the
			Desert spot on this side of the
		xxiv.	You might get a Bone Dragon. Kill
			him with a Phoenix down or Remedy.
XIV.	Celes' Opening Night
	a.	Jidoor
		i.	Once you get there head into last
			house that is the mansion.
		ii.	You see a man freaking out.
		iii.	Apparently the man named Setzer is
			planning on taking Maria during her
			performance tonight.
		iv.	Setzer is the only person with a
		v.	The thing is Celes looks like Maria!
		vi.	He leaves, but leaves a note behind.
		vii.	Exit the town and head south across
			the peninsula.
	b.	Opera House
		i.	Once there talk to the Impresario. He
			agrees to let Celes play Maria's part.
		ii.	When Setzer comes to grab Celes they
			will follow.
	c.	Opera House; Auditorium
		i.	You take a seat in the auditorium, but
			Locke wants to get up and check on
		ii.	Exit the auditorium and head right to
			Celes' dressing room.
	d.	Opera House; Dressing Room
		i.	After a talk Celes is in control. Read
			the opera script and then head into the
		ii.	MiniGame
			1.	The object here is to put the
				lines in the song as she is
				singing it. If you take to long
				or choose wrong you lose.
			2.	The correct lines are
				a.	Oh My Hero….
				b.	I'm the Darkness….
				c.	Must I….
			3.	Now go to the upper level and
				Draco will appear.
			4.	Dance with him by walking
				around and talking to him
				when he stops.
			5.	He will turn into flowers. Take
				them and go to the balcony.
			6.	The rest is up to Celes.
		iii.	Locke leaves and finds a note from
			Ultros. He is going to trash the play.
	e.	Opera House; Auditorium
		i.	Go back to the Auditorium and talk to
			the Impresario.
		ii.	He asks if you will help and stop him.
		iii.	Run to the right with your party.
	f.	Opera House; Control Room
		i.	Talk to the man and pull the far right
			level. It is the one by itself.
		ii.	Now go left and the door is opened.
	g.	Opera House; Rafters
		i.	You now have to fight your way to
		ii.	There are tons of Rats here, but they
			are different. You must kill the leader
			fist or more rats will come.
		iii.	If you make it to Ultros with time on
			the clock then he will knock you down
			as well as him.
	h.	Opera House; Stage
		i.	All of the cast are knocked out except
			Celes. There is no one to save the day,
			but Locke gets up and decides he is
			the hero.
		ii.	Boss
			1.	Ultros
				a.	If you have Bolt 2 use
					it. Other wise use what
					you got.
				b.	He isn't as hard as
		iii.	Once he is gone Setzer steals Celes
			you follow him to the ship.
XV.	Free the Espers
	a.	Vector
		i.	You can stop at the other towns here,
			but they have nothing too good.
			1.	Miranda, Tzen have decent
		ii.	Do not stay at the inn here. The inn
			keeper will rob while you sleep.
			1.	You may want to do it for the
				hell of it.
		iii.	There is a small hut with a fortune
			teller woman there.
		iv.	She asks you to pledge your allegiance
			to the Empire.
		v.	Refuse and you will be attacked. After
			you kill the soldiers she will restore
			you every time you see her.
		vi.	Go to the right side of town and find a
			man hiding behind the crates.
		vii.	He will pretend he is sick to draw the
			attention of the guards from you.
		viii.	Jump on the crate, run across the pipes
			above and get into the factory.
	b.	MagiTek Factory
		i.	This is where the Empire hold all the
			Espers. They draw the magic from
			them in tubes.
		ii.	This place has tons of items so be sure
			to take your time and get them all.
		iii.	Grab that hook that's moving around.
		iv.	Grab the chest there and take the hook
		v.	Go right and enter the second pipe to
			the right of the stairs, grab the chest
			and climb back through the pipe and
			enter the first pipe.
		vi.	Take the treasure and cross the
			conveyor and stay on it until you reach
			the lower level.
		vii.	Take all of the chests in the room and
			then search the right wall near the
			boxes to get to 2 more chests.
		viii.	You see Kefka drop some Espers
			down into the trash. Don't go down
			there you.
		ix.	Look around for the Blizzard.
			1.	A weapon used later by
				a.	It's at the bottom left
					part of this area.
		x.	Go to the left side of the factory and
			look for the hidden door underneath
			the platform. Here you'll find some
			Gold Armor.
		xi.	There are more treasures to the north
			through the door.
		xii.	When you get them all head back to
			where Kefka threw the Espers down
			the trash.
		xiii.	Jump in and save point behind the left
		xiv.	Look for Ifrit the Esper right in from
			of the left door.
			1.	You should be knocked across
				the room.
		xv.	Boss/Esper
			1.	Ifrit
				a.	He is a Fire based
					Esper. If you hit him
					with Fire he will gain
				b.	Just use physical
					attacks to take him out.
				c.	Just make sure you do
					not have the Fire Saber
				d.	Once you get a certain
					# of hits Shiva will
					appear in place of Ifrit.
			2.	Shiva
				a.	She is iced base so
					attack her with fire or
					Physical Attacks.
				b.	Ifrit might come back,
					but keep attacking.
				c.	Once you get to a
					certain point they will
					stop fighting.
				d.	They can sense Ramah
					and the others with
		xvi.	They will tell you about their life in a
			tube and then turn themselves into
		xvii.	Save at the left door and then go to the
			right one that Shiva was blocking.
		xviii.	Go up the stairs to the room with the
			holding tanks.
		xix.	SECRET
			1.	Walk to the left and then down
				between the bottom tubes and
				find the rare Break Blade!
		xx.	Go to the door and you should see
			some "punk rocker" guy blocking the
		xxi.	SubBoss
			1.	Number 024
				a.	He is a very unique
					monster. He has the
					ability to change his
					element so that fire
					may hurt him once, but
					then heal him next time
					you use it.
				b.	Just go with Physical
					attacks, it is the easiest
					way to go.
		xxii.	When you enter this room you see
			tons of Espers in the room, they are all
			locked in holding tanks.
		xxiii.	Go to the back of the room and hit the
			1.	Cid will appear.
		xxiv.	They turn themselves into Magicite
			and float to you.
		xxv.	Kefka arrives and attacks the party. He
			makes it seem that Celes was working
			for the Empire the whole time and that
			she was only pretending about being
			an allied.
		xxvi.	As proof of her alliance with the
			Returners she uses her powers to
			transport Kefka and the MagiTek
			armors away.
		xxvii.	The tanks are going to explode
			because of the magic so Cid takes you
			to a hidden lair.
	c.	MagiTek Factory; Rails
		i.	Cid will tell give you some
			information on the way down.
		ii.	He is also amazed at the idea of
			powers being transferred over by
		iii.	Save at the save point and rest up.
		iv.	Equip any Magicite you want your
			party to learn.
			1.	Cure 2 and Level 2 Element
				spells are always good to start
		v.	Jump into the car and ride the rails.
			1.	You have no control over the
				car, just the battles.
				a.	Mag Roaders
		vi.	At the end you have a Boss fight.
		vii.	Boss
			1.	Number 128
				a.	He is a three part
				b.	You do not have to kill
					all the parts, just the
					main one. The rest will
					die with him.
	d.	Vector II
		i.	You come out at Vector. Save at the
			save point and head back.
		ii.	Setzer will meet you along the way.
			You head up into the air.
	e.	Airship
		i.	Once you get the Kefka releases the
		ii.	SubBoss
			1.	Cranes
				a.	They are two cranes
					that have hold on the
					ship. They can rock it
					so you are injured.
				b.	One is weak to fire, and
					the other is to
				c.	Find their weaknesses
					and use it.
				d.	Summon some
					Magicite Espers if you
					need to.
				e.	It takes good strategy
					to beat them.
		iii.	Once you beat them you head to Zozo.
	f.	Zozo II
		i.	Head into the tower and talk to Terra.
		ii.	One of the Magicite starts to glow in
			reaction with Terra, Maudin.
		iii.	Terra returns to her normal, or
			somewhat normal state.
XVI.	Emperor's Greed
	a.	Esper World; Flashback
		i.	You are the Esper Maudin and can
			walk freely in through the town.
		ii.	You can take the time to talk to
			anyone you want, but I am just going
			to give you a quick tour.
		iii.	Go to the front gate and you will find
			a human girl.
		iv.	Take her back with you to your home.
		v.	Even though you are told not to bother
			her walk up to her bed.
		vi.	She runs away, but Maudin stops her
			at the gate.
		vii.	They get married and have a child
			called Terra.
		viii.	One day the Empire found the gate
			and broke into their world.
			1.	They took as many Espers as
				they could get.
		ix.	Maudin stayed in his home with his
			wife and Terra.
		x.	One of the Espers claims his wife to
			be one of them.
		xi.	She runs out in tears, while Maudin
			goes after her.
		xii.	They are both sucked out of the gate.
		xiii.	Maudin was taken for his magic, and
			his wife died, she handed her baby,
			Terra to the Emperor thinking he
			would help her, but he abused her
	b.	Zozo III
		i.	Terra is now back to normal. The
			Magicite was her father and she feels a
			connection to it.
		ii.	You now can leave.
XVII.	Extra Stuff II
	a.	Tzen
		i.	Go to Tzen and find a man on right
			side of the town near some trees.
			1.	Behind the Relic Shop.
		ii.	He will sell you Saphrim for 3,000 GP
			Buy it and leave.
			1.	If you wait till the World of
				Ruin he will sell it to you for
				10 GP
	b.	Overworld VII
		i.	In the upper right side of the world is a
			small island with a invisible monster
			on it.
		ii.	He will not attack unless you cast a
			spell on him. This will make him
			visible again.
		iii.	He will attack and kill your whole
			party in one shot.
		iv.	Instead try casting Doom on him!
			1.	This worked with regular
				a.	Cast Vanish on them
					then cast Doom it is 2x
					more likely they will
	c.	Narshe IX
		i.	You can now pilot the ship yourself.
			You can take it any where you want.
			First head back to Narshe
		ii.	Go back to the same spot where you
			got the treasures.
			1.	If you talk to the man he says
				there was a thief names Lone
				Wolf in town and he fears for
				his Treasure's safety.
		iii.	Enter the room to find the Lone Wolf
			flipping out because you took his
		iv.	He opens the locked chest and runs
		v.	Follow him through the town and into
			the mines.
		vi.	Once in the mines go right instead of
		vii.	Go outside and go up past battlefield
			onto the ledge where Tritoch is.
		viii.	Lone Wolf has a Moogle captive! If
			you go near him he threatens to hurt
		ix.	Wait there and he will free himself
			and knock Lone Wolf as well as
			himself over the edge.
		x.	You have a choice get a new party
			member, Mog or a Golden Hairpin.
			1.	The hairpin lets you take half
				the MP you would normally
		xi.	Talk to the one you want. I choose
		xii.	If you choose Mog he will thank you
			and join your party.
XVIII.	Esper & Narshe Alliance
	a.	Narshe X
		i.	Go to the elder's house with Terra in
			your party.
		ii.	You next job is to find the Espers and
			make an alliance with them. Have
			them help the cause to destroy the
		iii.	Terra agrees to join them and make
			the trip to the Sealed Gate.
	b.	Overworld VIII
		i.	Before rushing into the Sealed Gate
			Cave you need a few things.
		ii.	Go to Albrook and head to the sand
		iii.	When you get attacked by a Dragon
			Fang use Revivify on him and he is
		iv.	Ice or Flash works well on the other
		v.	You can also go to the place I spoke of
			in XVII. b.
	c.	Imperial Base
		i.	You enter expecting a huge fight to
			get through, but it is abandoned. If you
			visited earlier then you noticed the
			HUGE amount of soldiers here.
		ii.	Hmmmmmm.
	d.	Sealed Gate Cave
		i.	You can save your game before you
			enter the cave.
		ii.	In the first area the bridges move, but
			they move in a pattern.
			1.	The trick is finding the right
				one and get all the items in the
			2.	It is not too hard to figure. Just
				remember where the bridge
				was last and where a new one
				will appear.
				a.	Be sure to get the Coin
					Toss on the left side.
		iii.	Head up to the bridge and pull the
			switch there.
		iv.	Now you can get the Genji Glove on
			the lower level.
		v.	Go back over the bridge and take the
			right path.
		vi.	Go to the boulder where you see the
			two levers.
			1.	The Left opens the Door
				a.	Save Point and some
			2.	The Right alerts a Ninja!
				a.	When you kill him he
					mentions the treasure
					under the stairs.
		vii.	Go to the other switch and pull it to
			create a stairwell.
		viii.	Head through the hole after you get
			the chest and step on both switches.
		ix.	Go down then left and step on the
			switch to open a new door.
		x.	Get the Atma Weapon and the other
			chests and leave.
			1.	It can be the most powerful
				weapon in the game.
				a.	It grows with the
					amount of HP you
					i.	Later it will
						look better than
						a Light Saber!
				b.	Ignore the Optimize
					that takes it off, it is
					still better.
		xi.	Now head past the bridge, and go up.
			Now pull the switch.
		xii.	Cross the bridge, pull the other switch
			and go up and left across the bridge.
		xiii.	Press the switch in the chest and return
			to the right.
		xiv.	Go up the stairs and your at the sealed
		xv.	Terra will transform into an Esper
			again and call for the Espers to come
			and help them.
		xvi.	Kefka suddenly appears. They let you
			lead them here so Terra will open the
			Sealed Gate and they will have
			unlimited access to Espers!
		xvii.	You have to fight Kefka, but you
			don't even get a shot in when Espers
			burst out!.
			1.	They are angry because of the
				death of the Espers and blame
				humans. They are now on a
		xviii.	Boulder fall in front of the gate
			stopping anyone from entering or
			leaving the Esper World.
		xix.	Exit the cave and get on the Airship.
	e.	Airship II
		i.	As you are on the Airship Terra get s a
			bad feeling and heads to the bow of
			the ship. Locke covers her as they are
			attacked by Espers, mad with rage.
		ii.	The Airship crashes in the Empire's
XIX.	Peace?
	a.	Vector III
		i.	Grab a Chocobo in the woods you
			landed at, it's hidden in a strip of
		ii.	Head to Vector.
		iii.	You find the town in flames. The
			Espers attacked the town.
	b.	Vector Castle
		i.	Pass the Narshe forces that came to
			attack and enter the castle.
		ii.	You are lead by a attendant to the
			Emperor's Throne Room.
		iii.	He says he is sorry for the mistakes in
			the past and he wants peace with
			Narshe and the Returners.
		iv.	To help show this he wants you to talk
			to the soldiers in the castle and
			convince them that we want peace.
		v.	MiniGame
			1.	You are being graded for your
			2.	Soldiers
				a.	The goal is to talk to as
					many soldiers in 4
					minutes as possible.
				b.	It is a hard task, but not
					impossible. Make sure
					you have you Sprint
					Shoes on.
				c.	Totals
					i.	Guards Talked
						1.	24
							a. 1pnt.
					ii.	Guards Fought
						1.	5
							a. 4pnt.
				d.	Total Points
						i.	44pnt.
			3.	Banquet
				a.	Once you are done you
					have to feast at the
				b.	You have to answer the
					questions with
					reverence and
					sympathy to the
				c.	Toast:
					i.	To the
						1.	2
					ii.	To The Returns
						1.	1
					iii.	To our Home
						1.	5
				d.	What should we do
					with Kefka?
					i.	Leave him in
						1.	5
					ii.	Execute him.
						1.	3
					iii.	Pardon him.
						1.	1
				e.	Doma
					i.	That was
						1.	5
					ii.	What's done is
						1.	1
					iii.	Apologize again.
						1.	3
				f.	About Celes…
					i.	We trust Celes.
						1.	3
					ii.	Celes is one of
						1.	5
					iii.	Was she a spy?
						1.	1
				g.	Any questions.
					i.	Ask each
						question for 2
						1.	6
					ii.	Ask question
						1.	-10
				h.	About the Espers….
					i.	They have gone
						too far.
						1.	2
					ii.	You unleashed
						their powers.
						1.	5
				i.	Which Questions did
					you ask first?
					i.	Correct Answer
						1.	5
				j.	Care for a Break.
						i.	Yes
							1.	5
				k.	Say Question
					i.	Wars over.
							1.	5
					ii.	You really want
						1.	3
					iii.	Sorry
						1.	1
				l.	Agree to help at first
					i.	Yes
						1.	3
		vi.	Total Points
			1.	93
		vii.	Rewards
			1.	As you exit the Emperor's
				attendant wants to reward you
				for your hard work and
				manners at the dinner. Here are
				your reward.
			2.	0-49
				a.	South Figaro is Freed
			3.	50-66
				a.	Doma is Freed
			4.	67-76
				a.	Treasure room of
					Imperial Base is
			5.	77-89
				a.	Tintabar
			6.	90+ Charm Bangle.
	c.	Vector IV
		i.	You now have the option of searching
			the town for you party members.
		ii.	They all might have something to say
			about the Empire. Gau even talk about
			his past!
		iii.	If you want you can visit the Airship
			and talk with Setzer and Cid.
			1.	Some people say you can get a
				flashback too!
	d.	Imperial Base II
		i.	The guards are gone and the basement
			is open. There are tons of gold and
			items here.
			1.	Check the edges for hidden
				pots and chests.
			2.	The stove hides a Fire Sword.
XX.	Search for the Espers
	a.	Albrook
		i.	Head to Albrook and stop in the
			weapons shop. Get any equipment for
		ii.	Go to the docks and talk with General
			Leo. He will say that Celes & Shadow
			will be coming on the trip.
			1.	There is a tense moment.
		iii.	Head to the inn and stay the night.
		iv.	Later that night Locke will have a
			scene with Celes.
	b.	Empire's Ship
		i.	There will be a couple of scenes here
			with Locke, Shadow, Celes and Leo.
			1.	Let's just say that I wish Leo
				was a party member!
		ii.	Celes and Leo are going to Crescent
			Mountain while you and shadow will
			go to Thamasa
			1.	There have been rumors magic
				still exists.
	c.	Overworld IX
		i.	Before you rush into the town you
			should stop and get Shadow leveled
		ii.	Give him Maudin and keep fighting
			until he has all the Level 2 spells.
		iii.	Equip Locke with the Genji Glove and
			try to steal Hyper Wrists from the
			1.	They also drop Gold Armor if
				you are luck.
		iv.	Once you have a decent amount of
			Gold and Shadow is leveled up take
			any Espers away from Shadow and
			head into the town
	d.	Thamasa
		i.	First stop is to the weapon & armor
		ii.	Get any equipment you need now.
		iii.	Pick up all the Ice Rods you can buy.
		iv.	Take some time to walk around the
			town. You'll see some strange things
			happening. People using Magic?
		v.	Go into Strago's house. He will
			introduce himself and his
			granddaughter named Relm.
		vi.	Stay at the inn for 1GP, not bad.
		vii.	In the middle of the night you Strago
			rushes into the room asking for your
			1.	Relm stayed at another house
				for the night and it is now on
		viii.	Shadow stays behind, but Interceptor
			leaves to help.
		ix.	When you get outside the towns
			people reveal their magical powers.
		x.	They try to put out the flame, but it is
			too hot.
		xi.	Locke & Terra decide to go in, but
			Strago will not let them go alone, he
			joins them.
		xii.	Strago
			1.	He can learn the certain attacks
				of monsters that he fights.
	e.	Thamasa; House of Fire
		i.	The house is simple. There are flames
			roaming across the floor if you touch
			one you have to fight Balloons.
			1.	Have one explode so Strago
				can learn a new ability.
		ii.	Go up and take the right door.
		iii.	There is a Ice Rod and a Fire Rod in
			one of the room with the small
		iv.	Once you make it to the end you will
			have to fight the source of the fire.
		v.	Boss
			1.	Flame Eater
				a.	Now is the time to use
					the Ice Rods.
				b.	He should die after 2
					rounds, but keep it up.
				c.	If you want to fight him
					just use Ice magic and
					Strago's Aqua Rake.
				d.	Some Balloons will
					pop out, just cast Ice 2
					on all of them.
		vi.	Once you kill it the room will collapse
			some and knock your party out.
		vii.	Here Interceptor will try to bark back
			the flames, but Shadow comes along
			and saves the group.
		viii.	There is a short scene after with
			Strago, Relm, and Shadow.
			1.	For some reason Interceptor is
				very friendly with Relm, he is
				usually fierce to other people.
		ix.	Shadow decides to leave the party and
			Strago will take you to a cave where
			the Espers might be.
		x.	Upgrade Strago and Relm's
			1.	Relm isn't in your party yet,
				but she will be later.
	f.	Cave of the Goddesses
		i.	There are a lot of treasure here, but
			nothing too big.
		ii.	Just work your way through the cave
			until you see three statues.
			1.	See Relm sneaking around
				trying not to get noticed by
		iii.	Before you rush to the statues go left
			and go to the next section and save.
		iv.	Go back to the statues and listen to the
			story of the Goddesses.
			1.	You can see the inscriptions on
				the statues.
		v.	When you go down the stairs you get
			attacked by Ultros.
		vi.	Boss
			1.	Ultros
				a.	He is so annoying.
				b.	Just use any left over
					Rods you keep and
					then hit him with Fire
				c.	After awhile Relm will
				d.	Ultros gets mad and
					Terra tricks him to not
					hurting her.
				e.	She just wants to paint
					his picture.
				f.	Uncle Ulty lets her
				g.	You now go back into
					battle with Relm.
				h.	Choose Sketch and
					click on Ultros.
				i.	He freaks out because
					he is an octopus.
		vii.	Go back to the Save Point and save.
		viii.	Now you have three tiles on the floor.
			Top two lead to items and the bottom
			leads to the Espers.
		ix.	When you enter their hide out they
			start to surround them and seem like
			they are going to attack them.
		x.	At this point Terra shows her Esper
			part of her.
		xi.	They talk and realize the mistakes that
			have been made and they want peace.
	g.	Thamasa II
		i.	You meet up with General Leo and
			Celes. They agree on peace.
		ii.	At this point Kefka arrears!
			1.	He tells you how this was all a
				deception to get Magicite.
		iii.	The MagiTek armors show up and
			knock out the party including Leo!
		iv.	Kefka now turns all of the Espers here
			into Magicite. The ones in the Esper
			world break down the gate and come
			to the rescue of their comrades.
		v.	They fight Kefka and he easily
			destroys them for their Magicite.
		vi.	Leo wakes up and heads for Kefka.
		vii.	SubBoss
			1.	Kefka
				a.	You fight Kefka, you
					can use Shock it works
					pretty good.
				b.	When you fight you get
					4 hits and they seem to
					be a little bit stronger
					than the Shock.
		viii.	When you kill Kefka you find that is
			was only an illusion. The Emperor
			shows up and Kefka and the Emperor
			kill Leo.
		ix.	Kefka & the Emperor head for the
			Sealed Gate and take control of the
			Statues of the Goddesses there.
			1.	They are the Goddesses, but
				just in stone.
		x.	They make the Esper World and gate
			into the Floating Continent.
	h.	Thamasa III
		i.	You wake up to find Leo dead, the
			town in ruins. You can stay at the inn
			to heal up and find some more
			information about Strago from his
		ii.	When you are ready head to the
		iii.	You can go straight on to XXIL., but
			do some prep work for now.
XXI.	Extra Stuff III
	a.	Thamasa IV
		i.	Get as many Ice, Thunder, and Fire
			fords as you can. This is one of the
			best and strongest ways to kill the
			upcoming bosses on the floating
		ii.	Go to Strago's house and go to the top
			floor near the table and chairs and
			look down. Press the active button and
			get another Memento Ring!
			1.	Only Relm and Shadow can
				equip it.
				a.	Why shadow, does this
					have anything to do
					with his dreams?
	b.	Overworld X
		i.	Make sure you are leveled up. Get
			Shadow Shuricans, and elemental
			throwing items.
		ii.	This is the last time you see this world
			some take a good look at it.
		iii.	Take some time to get Shadow the
			best equipment he can get.
XXII.	Floating Continent
	a.	Airship III
		i.	When you are ready go to the airship
			and choose "Head to the Floating
			1.	You now have the option of
				choosing your party, but it can
				only be three people.
				a.	You might want Terra
					for her powerful magic.
					She can make a Rod
					more powerful than
				b.	Locke is good for his
					"steal" ability.
					i.	You can also
						steal Genji
						Gloves from the
						Dragons here so
						this is a big
				c.	Strago can learn
					numerous attacks here
				d.	Anyone is good in the
					party, but make sure
					they have high HPs!
		ii.	Once you do you will be taken up, but
			the Empire has other plans
		iii.	You are attacked by their Sky Armors.
		iv.	Just go right and stand at the back
			middle part of the ship.
		v.	The monster will come to you.
		vi.	After a few fights you will get a
			message "Something is under the
		vii.	Ultros appears with a new friend
			called Chupon.
		viii.	Boss
			1.	Ultros
				a.	Just hit him with the
					rods or Fire 2 magic.
				b.	After a shot time
					Chupon will appear for
					the fight.
			2.	Chupon
				a.	Just localize your
					attacks on him not
					Ultros. Use Ice Rods
					and Ice 2 Magic on
				b.	When you get him to a
					point he will "Sneeze"
					you off the screen.
		ix.	You now have yet another boss to kill
			while you are falling to the continent.
			1.	Boss
				a.	Air Force
					i.	He has bout
						8,000 HP and
						has a few
					ii.	First localize
						your attacks
						with the
						Thunder Rods
						to the main
					iii.	After some time
						he may release
						a "orb" that will
						absorb your
						magic attacks.
						Attack it with
						your weapons
						until it is dead
						then resume
						your assault.
	b.	Floating Continent
		i.	You have a save point right next to
			you. Shadow is just below passed out.
		ii.	Talk to him and he will join your
		iii.	Equip him with the new weapons and
			head east.
		iv.	Now there are a few things you should
			know about this area. I will give you a
			complete walkthrough, but you may
			want to try this on your own.
			1.	Blue Orbs
				a.	Treasure chests.
			2.	Textured Area
				a.	You may notice a area
					that has a different
					texture of a switch. If
					you touch this area a
					new land bridge may
			3.	Transport Holes
				a.	There are these odd
					looking mounds in the
				b.	These are actual
					tunnels that transport
					you to another area.
			4.	Hole
				a.	Close to the end you
					may see a hold and
					have the choice to jump
					down back to the
				b.	You may want to if you
					are low on Thunder
				c.	When you come back
					you do not have to go
					through the sky scene,
					and the areas that you
					created are still there.
				d.	Shadow will leave, but
					he will be waiting for
					you at the entrance like
		v.	Go down the path and grab the blue
			1.	in it is a Murasame for Cynan
		vi.	Keep going west and you will fine
			another orb. Open it and you have to
			fight Gigantos.
			1.	He is tough and has a lot of
				HP. Poison is his weak point.
			2.	You will get a Hardened blade
				for your troubles
		vii.	Press the wall on the mound and a
			teleporter will appear.
		viii.	Enter the teleporter and go to a new
		ix.	Now go down, find the mark on your
			right, and push it.
			1.	This will make more land.
		x.	Head southeast and enter the
		xi.	Then enter the southwest teleporter,
			and step on the switches, to your north
			and south.
			1.	These make shortcuts
		xii.	Head southwest until you reach a
			staircase, the head south east.
		xiii.	Keep going until you reach a fork,
			head right, hit the switch, and grab the
		xiv.	Head back and take the passage which
			opened up.
		xv.	Go into the teleporter, then go down to
			another one. Save, then go back north.
		xvi.	You'll get a choice of returning to the
			airship. If you need to go ahead.
		xvii.	If not then head west. Stop and heal
			your party from any of the small
			battles you had to fight.
		xviii.	Boss
			1.	Atma Weapon
				a.	You may have heard
					some of the
					townspeople talk about
					it. There were two
					weapons made from
					Atma, a sword, and a
				b.	Have Shadow throw
					Thunder Bolts while
					the rest use the
					Thunder Rods.
				c.	Have Terra Morph if
					she is in your party,
					then use the rods
				d.	He will get you with
					various attacks like
				e.	If you cast Rasp to take
					his MP away he is
					more docile, but just
					keep using the rods.
		xix.	Once he is dead Shadow leaves the
			party ashamed of his actions with the
		xx.	You will now go through a scene with
			the party members and the Empire
			here is a summary.
			1.	The group go to the Statues
				and warn him that if they break
				the balance it will cause
			2.	Celes show up at the last
				second, if she isn't in your
			3.	Kefka learns to control part of
				the power and trap the group.
			4.	Celes gets up and Kefka gives
				her a chance to return, but she
				must kill them.
			5.	She takes the sword and
				attacks Kefka.
			6.	Kefka goes mad with power
				and the Emperor tried to kill
				him by casting a spell.
			7.	Kefka is protected by the
				Goddess' barrier. He kills the
				Emperor using the energy from
				the statues.
			8.	The party is free, but all hell is
				breaking loose.
			9.	Shadow shows up and traps
				Kefka by pushing him into a
				corner with the statues.
			10.	The party fall off leaving
				Shadow alone, but Celes
				joined the party.
		xxi.	You now have to make it through a
			small maze, while land falls off the
			continent making it hard, especially
			with the time limit
		xxii.	Even worse there are some magical
			monsters here that use Wall!
		xxiii.	When you make it to the end there is a
			thing that looks like the Save Point.
			When you touch it you have a
			SubBoss fight.
		xxiv.	SubBoss
			1.	Nerapa
				a.	You can kill him by
					physical attacks or cast
					wall on a party member
					and cast Ice spells on
					him to attack Nerapa.
				b.	He isn't too hard.
		xxv.	WAIT; Go right and when you get to
			the edge you will get a message, Jump
			or Wait.
		xxvi.	Choose Wait, now do it again and it
			will change to "Gotta Wait for
		xxvii.	When there are 2 seconds left Shadow
			will com jumping down and jump
			with the party.
		xxviii.	The Airship breaks up as does the
			world. You allies are either dead or
		xxix.	The world is in Ruin.
XXIII.	Introduction; World of Ruin
	a.	Tips
		i.	The area has changed a lot in a year.
		ii.	There are many undead monsters here
			so it may be wise to wear Amulets if
			you only have a few party members.
		iii.	You must talk, and revisit many places
			for things to change.
		iv.	Your first priority should be to collect
			your party members. Some are
			connected to their past locations in
			one way or another.
XXIV.	Save Cid
	a.	Solitary Island
		i.	You wake up in bed with Cid sitting at
			a desk.
		ii.	You learn that after the explosion the
			world was twisted and ruined.
		iii.	Him and several survivors were
			abandoned on this island.
		iv.	Celes has been in a coma for over 1
		v.	The others couldn't take the thought
			that the world was gone and there was
			no hope.
		vi.	Celes is so touched by his love, she
			decides to call him Grandfather.
		vii.	MiniGame
			1.	Cid is tired and dying. You
				have to give him fish to save
			2.	Go south onto the beach and
				go into the water.
			3.	Look for the fish that a fast and
				swimming around. Grab them
			4.	Go back to Cid and give him
				the fish.
			5.	You will get a response from
				him for each fish you give him.
			6.	The happier the response the
				better chance he will live.
				a.	I'm feeling much
					better, thanks Celes.
			7.	If you give him the slow and
				bad fish he will respond like:
				a.	I am not long for this
					cruel world.
			8.	Good Fish
				a.	If he lives then he will
					take you to the
					basement and tell you
					to find your friends.
			9.	Bad Fish
				a.	If he dies Celes go to
					the mountains in the
					upper right hand part of
					the island and jumps
				b.	She then wakes up on
					the beach with a bird.
					The bird has a bandana
					that was Locke's.
				c.	She then goes back into
					the cabin and finds a
					note with the raft.
	b.	Overworld XI
		i.	Once you get off the raft save your
XXV.	Search For Your Allies; Sabin
	a.	Albrook
		i.	You can enter Albrook if you want.
			The store now sells Elemental
		ii.	Head north into a small patch of desert
			and enter the town of  Tzen
	b.	Tzen
		i.	Enter the town and all of the sudden a
			beam of light hits the town. They tell
			you it is the Light if Judgment send
			down from Kefka and destroys anyone
			that defies him.
		ii.	You rush to the back of the town to
			find a person holding up the house,
		iii.	Before you enter go the Inn and the
			matron will give you Healing Water.
		iv.	Go back to the house and enter it. You
			have a short time limit so make it
		v.	Get all of the treasures in the rooms.
			You may have to fight some monsters
			to get the good stuff.
		vi.	Go down one floor and get the kid out,
			but grab the chests down here first.
		vii.	Exit the house and you are safe.
		viii.	Sabin joins you party now.
		ix.	Equip him with a Genji Glove and 2
			Fire Claws.
		x.	Before you leave get some Revivify
			from the item shop.
XXVI.	Search For Your Allies; Terra
	a.	Overworld XII
		i.	For the next few parts you have to be
			fully prepared. Get a Chocobo from
			the square forest near the northern
		ii.	Ride it through the small canal
			attached to the strip of land.
		iii.	If you go east you will get to Terra,
			but go west first. Head for the desert.
		iv.	Here you will fight some Black
			Dragons. Use Revivify on them to kill
			them in one shot.
		v.	You get 3 MP and some Experience.
			This is the fastest way to learn spells
			right now.
			1.	Have both learn all the
				Element 2 spells and Cure 2.
		vi.	When you are ready head down and to
			the tip of the strip to Mobliz.
	b.	Mobliz II
		i.	You are stopped by two dogs and then
			see a child running into a house.
		ii.	Go downstairs and get stopped by a
			young child. The Terra steps out.
		iii.	She has lost he will to fight. She can
			not leave these children here without a
			1.	The town was being broken
				apart and the children's parents
				died protecting them.
		iv.	After a quick flashback you leave.
		v.	Just as you leave one of the children
			come running saying Phunbaba is
		vi.	Boss
			1.	Phunbaba
				a.	He is a monster locked
					away in the earth
					forever, until Kefka
					opened the world.
				b.	He is a Thunder
					Elemental boss. He
					uses thunder and it
					heals him.
				c.	Terra goes and fights
					him, but she is killed
					almost instantly.
				d.	Sabin and Celes come
					to the rescue.
				e.	He is weak against fire.
					Sabin's Fire Dance
					Blitz is helpful, if he
					has it.
				f.	Just keep casting Fire 2
					and Cure 2 at will, he'll
					escape when he is hurt
					too much.
		vii.	Terra affirms her claim that she can
			not fight anymore.
		viii.	When you leave one of the kids gives
			you the Magicite Fenrir.
		ix.	Make this Magicite your prime goal.
		x.	You want to learn X-Zone ASAP.
XXVII.	Search For Your Allies; Edgar
	a.	Overworld XII
		i.	Go south of Mobliz and when you
			reach the forest look for the Chocobo
		ii.	Head all of the way to the other side of
			the strip.
	b.	Nikeah II
		i.	Once you reach there get any items
			you need and head to the Café.
		ii.	Talk with the men there. You find that
			they are thieves and they got out of the
			castle's jail.
		iii.	They are taking their leader back to
			the castle to get the treasures there.
		iv.	After you talk to all of them they will
			leave and head for the ship.
		v.	Go around the café to the back and see
		vi.	When you try to talk to him he says
			that his name is Gerard and has always
			been Gerard.
		vii.	Talk to him a couple of times as he
			heads to the ship, but before he goes to
			the docks he calls Celes, "My Lady",
			no one but Edgar would say that.
		viii.	Follow them and sneak onto the ship.
	c.	South Figaro III
		i.	Go to the inn and talk to Gerard again
			in the room. He will take his group out
			and head to the Cave to Figaro where
			they can get into the castle.
		ii.	Get some weapons and armor here.
			Make sure to get a weapon and armor
			for Edgar also.
		iii.	Head west to the Cave of Figaro
XXVIII.	Free Figaro Castle
	a.	Cave to Figaro
		i.	Follow them and you see a old friend,
			1.	Where's Roy?
		ii.	He acts like he is part of the thieves
		iii.	Go through the cave to the Healing
		iv.	You see them feed the turtle to get it
			moving and then the hop on it's back
			to get across the water.
		v.	Siegfried sneaks out from his spot and
		vi.	Follow Siegfried and go into the next
		vii.	Siegfried is stealing chests from the
			cave, but when you notice him he runs
		viii.	Follow through the cave and you will
			come out from Figaro's Jail.
	b.	Figaro Castle; Jail
		i.	Listen to Gerard comfort a soldier
			before he rushes out, follow him.
	c.	Figaro Castle; Basement
		i.	Follow Gerard down into the
		ii.	The basement is simple, once you go
			down the stairs go up and down the
			next flight.
		iii.	Exit this room and get the 4 chests in
			the room.
		iv.	Take the left door and go up. Go
			through the door and get some armor.
		v.	Go back to the room with the 4 chests
			and go up through into the Engine
	d.	Figaro Castle; Engine Room
		i.	The thieves will rush into the treasure
			room and the engines are tangled with
			some type of worms.
		ii.	Gerard turns back to Edgar, he admits
			he had to act that way.
		iii.	While the Thieves are in the room the
			three of you must kill the tentacles.
		iv.	Boss
			1.	Tentacles X 4
				a.	You have to fight these
					four Tentacles, they
					aren't that easy.
				b.	You nest bet is to use
					up any Rods you have
					left. Some of them may
					get HP from the rod
					depending it's element.
				c.	This is ok, it should
					harm the other three.
				d.	When you run out of 1
					kind find the one with
					the lowest HP and kill
				e.	Do this again until you
					are left with one.
				f.	If you run out of Rods
					then use Element 2
		v.	Once it is dead they hide on the edge
			while the thieves leave with the
			treasure. Get the Soul Saber out from
			the Suit of Armor in the middle of the
		vi.	Work your way back to the control
			room and talk to the man. He will take
			the castle to Kohlingen.
XXIX.	Search For Your Allies; Setzer
	a.	Kohlingen II
		i.	Once you get there go to the café and
			get Setzer to join your party.
		ii.	Setzer tells the group they are getting
			a new airship. It is hidden in Darill's
XXX.	A New Airship
	a.	Overworld XIV
		i.	This part of the game can get really
			hard to deal with if you are not
		ii.	Go back all of the way to the Desert
			where you fought the Black Dragon.
		iii.	Stay there until all of the members
			know Elements 2, Cure 2, and Life.
		iv.	When you are ready head back to
			Darill's Tomb.
	b.	Darill's Tomb
		i.	This cave has TONS of stuff to do.
			You have to constantly change the
			levels of waters so you can hop across.
		ii.	The monsters here are mostly undead,
			so life or revivify will kill them
		iii.	There is a Special Item here that you
			were supposed to get alter in the
			game, but you can get it now!
			1.	I'll let you know when we get
		iv.	Go to the left side of the room, go
			down the stairs.
		v.	Here should be a chest. Grab it for a
			crystal helmet
		vi.	Now feel along the right side of the
			wall and you should find a secret
		vii.	Once you follow it though you will
			see a chest. Take it for the EXP EGG!
			1.	This will allow you to get 2X
				more experience than the rest.
				a.	I will tell you how to
					get 4 Eggs later!
		viii.	Go back to the chest and enter the
			door. Hit the switch for the water and
			go back up.
		ix.	Now go to the far right room in the
			back and you should see a Tablet.
		x.	Talk to it to open a door.
		xi.	Go in backhand hit the switch.
		xii.	Now go back to the main room again
			and jump on the turtle to get across.
		xiii.	Press this switch to raise the water
			level of this area and hop on the turtle
		xiv.	Go through the door and save.
		xv.	EXTRA:
			1.	There is a chest in the back of
				the room near the Save Point.
			2.	Open it to have to fight a
				monster like Whelk. Use your
				Soul Saber to kill him almost
				instantly and you get a
				powerful weapon for Sabin a
				Dragon Claw.
		xvi.	Go back and near the door for the exit
			is a Man Slayer.
			1.	This will cause 2X more
				damage to a Human.
		xvii.	Go through the door and step onto the
		xviii.	Boss
			1.	Dullahan
				a.	He is a Pearl Based
					Boss. He will cast ????
					Pearl on you.
				b.	Fire is his weak point,
					so Dragon Claw & Fire
					Knuckle are a good
				c.	Have the Setzer &
					Celes cast Fire 2
				d.	Have Setzer Cure the
					party and Coin Toss if
					he can.
				e.	He can be quite tuff.
		xix.	Once he is dead the door opens in the
		xx.	Follow Setzer as his story of Darill
			1.	Isn't the cliff the Celes jumped
				off of the same as the one
				Setzer waited on?
		xxi.	Please Note that you can do most of
			these quests anytime you want, I am
			putting them in the order I prefer, or
			need to do.
	c.	Falcon
		i.	You take your new ship, The Falcon
			to the skies!
		ii.	You see a dove in the sky and decide
			to follow it. It lands in
	d.	Doom Gaze
		i.	There is a huge monster called Doom
			Gaze that flies around the sky.
		ii.	You encounter him randomly. You
			must fight him several times, but the
			bonus is he can't regenerate his HP
			after battle, so the more battles he
			fights the closer he is to death.
		iii.	You can't run from these battles, but
			you have a small chance to survive
			when you are at low level.
		iv.	Just save every time you plan on
			taking to the skies!
XXXI.	Search For Your Allies; Cynan
	a.	Maranda
		i.	When you land enter the town and see
			the bird next to a house.
		ii.	Go inside and look around. Talk with
			the girl.
		iii.	She says her Fiancé has been writing
			her from Mobliz. They are repairing
			the town.
			1.	You know that is false.
		iv.	Read the letter on the table and she
			will ask you to send a letter to him
			with the pigeon.
		v.	It shows where it went, Zozo!
	b.	Overworld XV
		i.	Before you leave I am going to share
			the secret to learning spells and gain
		ii.	Go to the sand patch of desert right
			below the town.
		iii.	You will fight two types of monsters:
			1.	Cactrot
				a.	A Cactus Monster
					i.	10 MP and
						Mega EXP!
					ii.	Atma Weapon
						will always kill
			2.	Hoover
				a.	He is a Worm monster,
					but twice as deadly.
					i.	He gives 5 MP,
						but Mega EXP!
					ii.	I use X-Zone
						and he is dead
						with no Sand
					iii.	If you attack or
						use Ice 3 or
						physical attacks
						on him he will
						retaliate with
						Sand Storm,
						almost deadly
						to your party.
					iv.	You can avoid
						this by using a
						Thunder Shield,
						it will block the
	c.	Zozo III
		i.	Take the ship to Zozo and enter the
			town. Talk with the man near the
			clock tower and he will sell you Rust
		ii.	Buy it and head into the first building.
		iii.	Climb the tower, get the chests in one
			of the rooms and use the Rust Aid on
			the door.
	d.	Mt. Zozo
		i.	There are many new types of monsters
			here. Some steal your gold, so be
		ii.	Move through the area picking up the
			various treasures.
		iii.	When you arrive at the fork take the
			left one first to get the treasure.
		iv.	Now take the right one. When you
			reach a big opened area you will see a
			Save Point and a switch on the floor.
		v.	If you step on it a Dragon will come
			flying out of it.
			1.	You may want to save this
				battle for later.
		vi.	He is deadly so be careful. You must
			defeat him and 7 other Dragons to get
			the ultimate item.
			1.	I recommend skipping this for
		vii.	Keep moving until you reach the room
			where there are tons of flowers.
		viii.	Go into the next area and see Cynan
			letting a bird free.
		ix.	He is excited to see you, but he finds
			out that you read his letters. He runs
			off grabbing the flowers.
		x.	He finally stops thinks and joins the
		xi.	Go back outside to where you first
			saw him and you should see a shiny
			key. Take the key and head back to the
			other room.
		xii.	Open the chest and get the "Books of
			1.	This has no value. It was
				something that was started, but
				never finished, there is no
				"Ultimate Machine"
XXXII.	Search For Your Allies; Terra II
	a.	Mobliz III
		i.	Once you have your team back head
			back to get Terra.
		ii.	Follow the dog into the Relic Shop
			and down the stairs behind the
		iii.	You find Terra holding Katarin. She is
			pregnant things are getting
		iv.	All of the sudden Phunbaba comes
		v.	Boss
			1.	Phunbaba
				a.	He is just like before.
					Use Fire 2 and physical
					attacks to kill him.
				b.	After you inflict a
					certain amount of
					damage he uses Baba
					Breath to knock 2-3
					people from your party.
				c.	The battle stops for a
					second. Terra Morphs
					and joins the fight.
				d.	She is strong with
					magic still, but she may
					not have a sword.
				e.	Use Fire 2 and try your
					best to take him down.
		vi.	Once the battle is over there is a scene
			of the children getting scared because
			they think Terra is a monster, but they
			don't know it is Terra.
		vii.	Terra becomes saddened, but then one
			of the children realizes who she is they
			all rush to her.
		viii.	She now has the will to fight, your
			those young, old, and not yet born.
XXXIII.	Search For Your Allies; Mog
	a.	Narshe XII
		i.	Head back to Narshe and go right to
			the secret entrance you have used
	b.	Narshe; Mines V
		i.	Go through the mines back to the
			Moogle's Cave.
	c.	Narshe; Moogle's Cave
		i.	Talk to Mog and he is shocked you are
			still alive! He rejoins you party, but he
			wants his friend Umaro the Bigfoot to
			join the party too.
			We'll get him later.
		ii.	Before you leave look at the spot
			where Mog was standing and search
			the wall. You'll find the Moogle
			1.	Moogle Charm
				a.	This item will stop all
					Random Battles!
				b.	You only have to fight
					bosses or fixed fights!
		iii.	If you went to South Figaro talk to
			Duncan's Wife and she says Duncan,
			the man who taught Sabin all he
			know, isn't dead, he is alive.
	d.	Duncan's Cabin
		i.	Look for a spot near Narshe that has a
			cross of trees in a straight line. Once
			you find it land and make sure Sabin
			is in the party.
		ii.	Go out and you will go through a cool
			scene with Sabin and Duncan.
		iii.	Sabin learned the Ultimate Blitz, Bum
			1.	Just Rotate your finger over
				the D-Pad to engage it.
XXXIV.	Search For Your Allies; Gau
	a.	Veldt II
		i.	Take three party members to Veldt.
		ii.	Fight a monster and he should appear
			after the battle.
XXXV.	Search For Your Allies; Shadow
	a.	Cave on the Veldt
		i.	Head to Cave on the Veldt and enter.
		ii.	You should see Interceptor there.
			Follow him into the cave.
		iii.	Go up the stairs and talk to the men by
			the fire if you want.
		iv.	There's a chest in the northwest
			corner, be sure to grab it.
		v.	Now go through the door to the right.
		vi.	Go to the next area and find the wall
			you can walk through.
		vii.	Go left through the wall and open the
			chest and you will have a fight. Cast
			life on him and leave. You get a new
			weapon for Sabin.
		viii.	Now backtrack and go down to the
		ix.	There is a switch in the bottom of the
			screen. Now get the chest in the back.
			You should get the Striker!
		x.	Go back up and go through the door.
			Save at the save point and enter the
			new area in the south east opening.
			This is where you should fins Shadow.
		xi.	Boss
			1.	Sr. Behemoth
				a.	He has about 19,000
					HP. Just use Fire Spells
				b.	When he is dead his
					alternate undead self
					shows up. Cast Life
					and he is dead.
	b.	Thamasa V
		i.	If you had Shadow then Shadow is in
			the bed, but if Shadow died on the
			Continent Relm is here.
		ii.	If it is Shadow just leave and re-enter
			to find that he left.
		iii.	If it was Relm she will stay here for
			awhile before she goes to Jidoor.
	c.	Coliseum
		i.	Go here and put the Striker up for a
		ii.	You will have to fight Shadow, he
			isn't too hard, so take him out.
		iii.	After the battle he will join your party.
			1.	Shadow's Dreams
				a.	If you have Shadow in
					your party you start to
					have flashbacks with
					Shadow when you stay
					at a inn.
				b.	I have received 5, but
					according to Square
					Soft there are 7
				c.	They start to show the
					connection between,
					Interceptor, Relm, and
		iv.	You can go get more characters, but
			you have to fight some tough bosses
			so I am going to do a few extra things
XXXVI.	Extra Stuff
	a.	Jidoor III
		i.	Go to the Auction house and you can
			by two Magicite there.
			1.	Golem & Zoneseek
		ii.	I would have bout 30,000 GP
	b.	Solitary Island II
		i.	Go back to where Celes started and
			visit Cid, if he is still alive.
		ii.	Go to the beach and get the Palidor
	c.	Figaro Castle III
		i.	Go to Figaro and take the Castle under
			the ground. During the transition the
			crewman states they have bumped into
			1.	Do you want to check it out?
		ii.	Say yes and go into the prison and
			enter the cell.
		iii.	Go through the cave until you make it
			to the ladder leading down.
		iv.	Save your game and enter the Ancient
	d.	The Ancient Castle
		i.	You will get a flashback of what
			happened here.
		ii.	Summary
			1.	During the Esper/Human war
				there was a huge battle here.
			2.	The humans used their own
				Esper who had defected to
				their side.
			3.	He could cleave a enemy with
				Atom Edge!
			4.	He was attacked by a wizard
				and killed, he was put in a state
				that would not allow him to
				become Magicite.
		iii.	Enter the castle, but go to the left
		iv.	There is a chest in the hidden room.
		v.	SubBoss
			1.	Katana Soul
				a.	He is inside the chest.
					Have some one cast
					Muddle or use Stray
					and he will get
				b.	He almost always uses
					his Doom Sword on
					himself and he does.
		vi.	You get a Offering Relic.
			1.	This allows you to attack 4X in
				one battle.
				a.	Equip it with the Genji
					Glove and attack 8X!
		vii.	Go back to the main hall into the
			throne room and go to Odin.
		viii.	When you touch him he turns to the
			Odin Magicite.
		ix.	There are more chests in the doors to
			the back and left.
		x.	Note:
			1.	I recommend leaving and
				getting Odin's Spell Meteor
				before you continue.
		xi.	When you are ready take 5 steps from
			the Queen's chair and press the action
			button. This will open a stairwell.
			1.	You should be on a small stair
				for a platform.
		xii.	Go right to the library and find the
			Queen was in love with Odin and vice
		xiii.	Go down the stairs and you will get a
			chance to fight another Dragon.
		xiv.	Boss
			1.	He is water bases so Thunder
				works best.
			2.	If you be him you get a
				Scimitar Sword.
		xv.	Go to the Queen's statue with Odin
			and it will "Raise a Level" to Raiden.
		xvi.	Exit the castle and head back to the
		xvii.	There is a chest to the left side of the
			cave with a Pug inside. Kill him and
			get another power sword.
	e.	Figaro Castle IV
		i.	Return to the Castle and talk to the
			control man and he will continue on.
			Talk to him again to bring it back to
			the other side.
XXXVII.	Search For Your Allies; Relm
	a.	Jidoor IV
		i.	Go back to Jidoor and head into the
			Mansion in the back.
		ii.	You may notice it is pitch black here.
			Try going up the stairs
		iii.	To stop this force just turn on the light
			on the wall by the stairs.
		iv.	When you enter the gallery there are
			many pictures.
		v.	Go to the picture of the Emperor and
			then talk to it. Talk to it one more time
			to get a secret note.
			1.	This note tells of a hidden
				treasure in the "Star Shaped
		vi.	Now go to one of the last painting of
			the woman talk to it and it will come
			to life and fight you.
		vii.	Once it is dead it will suck you into
			the painting and you will be in a sort
			of warped basement house thing going
		viii.	The level isn't too hard to follow, but
			here are a few tips:
			1.	Paintings with doors act as
			2.	There is a relic ring behind a
				door with a corridor behind it.
			3.	The floating chest will attack
				you, but they still have items.
		ix.	Once you make it to the save point
			take the right door to enter the final
		x.	You see Relm painting a picture and
			she says it is possessed.
		xi.	Boss
			1.	Chadarnook
				a.	Now this is one tough
					painting. He has 56,000
				b.	He is weak against fire,
					but can absorb thunder
				c.	Take your time as the
					painting changes. Just
					keep attacking with fire
					and have Terra, if she
					is in your party, cast
					Fire and Cure.
		xii.	Once you beat her you get the Scarlet
XXXVIII.	Search For Your Allies; Strago
	a.	Fanatics' Tower
		i.	Take the Falcon with Relm in your
			party to the tower surrounded by
			mountains in the small strip of land.
		ii.	Once you enter Relm goes into a small
			scene and Strago snaps out of his
			small illusion.
XXXIX.	Search For Your Allies; Locke
	a.	Phoenix Cave
		i.	To get to the cave go north of  Tzen
			and land the Falcon on the green
		ii.	The cave may seem hard to navigate
			through, but it is really quite simple
			once you understand it.
		iii.	Your two teams must work as one.
			Each one will open a new path for
			each other by hitting switches.
			1.	When your team hits a switch
				to open a door or move a
				boulder the team will go
				through and hot a switch to
				open the path for the other one.
			2.	Note:
				a.	Once the other team is
					through get off of that
					switch because it may
					block you in also.
		iv.	The main goal here it go get both
			teams to the same point.
		v.	There is a Fire Dragon here you have
			to kill and also a Dragon's Horn.
			1.	When you equip this with the
				Dragon Boots the person will
				jump several times on the
		vi.	You will have to drain water to clear
			lava and jump off of rocks.
		vii.	Once you make it to the final point
			where the two teams meet go to the 2
			group switch and enter the final area.
		viii.	You see Lock searching through a
		ix.	He was looking for the Ultimate
			Treasure, the Phoenix Magicite.
		x.	This will bring his Fiancé back to life.
	b.	Kohlingen III
		i.	Locke takes the material to her and
			places it on her. He is not sure it will
			work because of the cracks in the
		ii.	He places it on her and noting
			happens, just as he loses hope she
		iii.	She says she can not stay long because
			of the damage to the Esper, but she
			want him to know she remembers and
			she will love him forever.
		iv.	She sacrifices herself for the Magicite.
XL.	Search For Your Allies; Umaro
	a.	Narshe XIII
		i.	Take Locke in your party and head to
			Narshe. There are a few things you are
			getting here.
		ii.	First head to the Weapons store and
			talk with the man there and he will say
			he has a powerful stone that has been
			in his family for a long time, Ragnook
		iii.	He gives you the choice of making it
			into a Sword or keeping it as Magicite.
		iv.	It is up to you, if you choose the
			Sword than you can change it to
			Magicite by brining it to the Coliseum
			and wagering it.
		v.	You can get another one from the
			Goddess Statues in Kefka's Tower,
			but it is a long way to go.
		vi.	Once you decide leave and head for
			Tritoch the Materia
	b.	Narshe; Mountains IV
		i.	There is another Dragon here you to
			get if you want.
		ii.	Once you get to Tritoch you will get
			into a fight.
		iii.	Attack it with Fire spells to melt the
			ice. She cast Rasp through most of the
			battle and does very little damage.
		iv.	Once the ice is gone Tritoch comes
			back to life and gives her life for you
			to take the Magicite.
		v.	A rock falls off the back of the
			mountain, jump into it.
	c.	Narshe; Mountain Cliff
		i.	The cave is inside the cliff and has
			man holes and breaks.
		ii.	Make sure Mog is in your party of you
			will have to come back.
		iii.	There isn't too much here to get just
			make your way to the back of the
		iv.	Once you get to the open area with the
			Skull in the middle of the room you
			are here.
		v.	Look inside the skull and get the
			Terrato Materia.
		vi.	Once you take it Umaro will show up
			and not be too happy.
		vii.	Boss
			1.	Umaro
				a.	He isn't that hard, but
					he an take some time.
				b.	When he uses a Green
					Cherry his stats
					increase very high.
		viii.	Once you beat him and you have Mog
			in your party then Mog will order him
			to join you.
		ix.	You can give him a green cherry in
			battle to increase his stats like before!
XLI.	Search For Your Allies; Gogo
	a.	Triangle Island
		i.	Go to the Northeast corner of the
			world and you should see a small
			Triangle Island.
		ii.	Land there and fight a monster called
			Zone Eater. Fight him and let him
			suck all your characters in and you
			will be sent to a underground lair!
		iii.	The maze isn't too to go through.
		iv.	You have to jump from bridge to
			bridge while dodging the workers who
			will knock you off.
			1.	Get knocked off at least once
				to get a Red Jacket in the floor
		v.	When you get across you have a few
			more challenges.
		vi.	Try to run through the cave while the
			ceiling falls and a jumping maze
		vii.	At the end you will see a person
			shrouded in clothes. He/She/It will
			join your party and mimic your party
XLII.	Extra Stuff
	You can do any of these things as soon as you have the
	characters in the World of Ruin, but I am putting them
	here now. Some are optional and all you will miss out
	on is a relic or Magicite, but my primary goal is to get
	EVERYTHING so it do them.
	a.	Figaro Castle
		i.	Get a new tool in the shop there and
			complete the dream sequence.
	b.	Fanatics Tower
		i.	Before you go here you must be
			prepared. Get Wall Rings for your
			party members and equip them.
			1.	If you want to cheat on beating
				the boss than go to Tzen and
				get the GraviBalls. Get as
				many as you can afford
				a.	You should have a lot
					of money from the
					Cactar area.
		ii.	Put Mog and the Moogle Charm in
			your party if you do not want to fight
			any monsters on your way up, it's
			worth it!
		iii.	Climb the tower collecting the chests.
			If you have the Moogle Charm off and
			find a Magic Pot than give him Elixirs
			until he leaves. He will give you a lot
			of MP.
		iv.	There are some great stuff here in the
			chests and there is a Dragon here also.
		v.	Once you kill him you will get the
			Pearl Lance.
		vi.	You can get an Air Anchor in the
			Fanatic's Tower
		vii.	You can get a secret item from the
			Tower by going to the Second treasure
		viii.	Now go to the right of the chest, face
			up and press A. Go down one floor
			and find a new room opened with the
			Air Anchor inside!
		ix.	When you make it to the top you get a
			chest with a Gem Box inside.
		x.	As you try to leave you are surrounded
			by Ghosts and then the boss appears.
		xi.	Boss
			1.	Magi Master
				a.	You can not use your
					weapons so the only
					ability you have is
					Magic and Item.
				b.	He changes his
					elemental structure
					almost every turn and
					he has 50,000 HP too.
				c.	First off Cast Life 3 on
					your party if you want
					to survive.
				d.	Keep the wall rings on
					and use the GraviBalls.
				e.	He should die and cast
					Ultima as his last spell.
				f.	The Life 3 should keep
					bring you back from
					the dead.
		xii.	Exit the tower
	c.	Opera House II
		i.	There is another Dragon in the Opera
			House, but before you rush there stop
			in at Jidoor and get Cherub Down.
			1.	This will make you float.
		ii.	Go to the Opera House and talk to the
			man and he will say there is a Dragon
			on the stage!
		iii.	Go to the controls that opened the
			door and pull the one that makes you
			fall into the stage.
		iv.	Boss
			1.	T-Rex
				a.	He is a really powerful
				b.	Most of his attacks are
					earth based like Quake,
					but the Cherub Down
					will take care of that.
				c.	He may try to pull you
					down, but the Cherub
					Down can't be
					dispelled like Float.
				d.	His Horn can kill you
					in turn so Life 3 isn't a
					bad idea.
		v.	Once he is dead you can add another
			Dragon to your list.
	d.	Doom Gaze II
		i.	Now take the time to just roam the
			sky. Put some take on the button to
			keep you flying around and you
			should eventually hit Doom Gaze, but
			make sure Mog doesn't have the
			Moogle Charm on.
		ii.	Doom Gaze
			1.	There is no real trick to killing
				him, just try to do as much
					damage as possible.
			2.	The Genji Glove and the
				Offering with the Atma
				Weapon is a great combo!
			3.	Do not cast Vanish and X-
				Zone on him because you will
				lose a special Magicite that he
			4.	If you do Vanish Doom will do
				just fine.
			5.	Once he is dead he pops out
				the Bahamut Magicite.
	e.	Doma Castle III
		i.	Take Cynan in your party and prepare
			for a new world.
			1.	It may be a good idea to take
				Mog he might learn a few new
				dance moves.
		ii.	Take the ship to Doma Castle and stay
			in the room there.
		iii.	You wake up but Cynan fails to wake
			up. At this moment the Three Dream
			Stooges, really stupid.
		iv.	You follow them in Cyan's Dreams.
		v.	You first wake up in this retro 60s
			room with changing colors.
		vi.	The room is confusing, but you can
			make it. Your first goal is to get the
			two other characters first.
			1.	Along with them you will
				scare off the stooge holding
		vii.	When you get them all head to the
			door with three spots around it. When
			you try to leave you have to fight
		viii.	Boss
			1.	3 Dream Stooges
				a.	Each has their own
					weak points and one
					has the Life spell.
				b.	Larry
					i.	Weak against
				c.	Curley
					i.	He should be
						flying I think.
						He has the life
						spell so take
						care of him
					ii.	Weak against
						Water & Ice
				d.	Moe
					i.	None!
				e.	Shemp
					i.	Sorry, he was
						left out!
				f.	Vanish & Doom may
					work and Ultima is a
					good spell too if you
					have it from Ragnook.
				g.	Otherwise just kill the
					one flying first then
					just keep moving down
					the line with physical
		ix.	Once they are dead you will go into
			another dream scene.
		x.	You are now in the Train Scene.
		xi.	Go left into the train car.
		xii.	In the car pull the switch as you enter
			and then hurry around the couch to get
			the treasure.
		xiii.	There should be a Genji Glove in the
			train too.
		xiv.	Now go to the far left of the car and
			get the Lump of Metal from the chest.
		xv.	Head back right, to the open chest that
			moves where you move and press the
			A button.
			1.	This will stop the chest
				allowing you to get the Flame
		xvi.	Head left and press the switch. Note
			the order of the chests that are open
			and closed.
		xvii.	Continue left into the next car. Notice
			there is a chest just to the left of the
			entrance on the other side of the
		xviii.	There are 4 switches. Use them in the
			following order 1, 2, 1, 3. Now you
			can reach switch #4. Before pulling it,
			close the chests so they match the set-
			up in the previous car: open, open
			closed,  closed closed open.
		xix.	Once you have the chests set up like
			above, pull the switch and the wall
			will open allowing you to go on to the
			next car.
		xx.	Enter the engine room and then
			attempt to exit. You'll find yourself in
			the Narshe Mines.
			1.	Cynan was never in any of the
				Mine Scenes?
		xxi.	Go down and follow the path until you
			re-enter the cave.
		xxii.	As soon as you enter the cave turn
			around and exit. You'll end up in a
			new spot.
		xxiii.	Trying to cross the bridge you'll fall
			and end up in the sleeping chambers
			of Doma Castle.
		xxiv.	Cyan's wife and son ask you to help
			him and stop Wrexsoul.
		xxv.	Go to the throne room where you'll
			find Wrexsoul.
		xxvi.	Boss
			1.	Wrexsoul
				a.	There are a few ways to
					kill him
				b.	Basic
					i.	Make some one
						close to death
						and he will
						appear, now
						attack. If they
						die then he will
						keep them dead.
				c.	Cheating
					i.	Use Odin or
						Raiden on the
						two Flames and
						you win.
					ii.	Cast Vanish and
						X-Zone of
						Wrexsoul and
						he is dead.
		xxvii.	Cyan will rejoin your party capable of
			using all 8 SwdTechs and you'll wake
			up back in the sleeping chambers.
		xxviii.	Go to the throne room and you'll find
			the Esper Alexander.
	f.	Coliseum II
		i.	Take some time to get some rare items
			at the Coliseum.
		ii.	You can get a Experience Eggs by
			doing the following.
			1.	You can bet a Tintabar and get
				a Experience Egg.
			2.	You can bet a Elixir and get a
				Re-Name card.
				a.	Now keep betting your
					new items and you will
					get another Tintabar,
					which means another
	g.	Gau's Father
		i.	Go back to the area of Veldt and talk
			to the Crazy man with Gau and Sabin
			in the party.
		ii.	Once you talk to him they realize that
			Gau is the son of this xrazy man.
		iii.	After you do some cleaning up of Gau
			you return to the house and the Crazy
			man says he has no son, but there was
			a wild boy that he left in the
		iv.	Gau is not upset, but is happy to know
			he has a father and he is alive.
	h.	Thamasa VI
		i.	Enter the town with Strago and Relm
			in your party.
		ii.	When you enter town you'll find
			Gungho hurt.
			1.	Strago's old friend and rival.
		iii.	You find out that Hidon attacked
			Gungho and he wants you to avenge
		iv.	Now go to Ebot's Rock, just north of
		v.	As you enter step on the switch to be
		vi.	There is a Coral eating treasure chest
			just in front of you.
		vii.	You will have to be randomly
			transported through the cave
			collecting Coral and feeding it to the
			chest until he is happy and lets you
		viii.	Once you are set you must fight
			Hidon. He will not come unless Strago
			is in your party.
		ix.	Boss
			1.	Hidon
				a.	Just ignore the things
					around him and attack
				b.	Strago can learn a rare
					ability from him called
					the Grand Train.
				c.	Once you kill him you
					can return to kill him
					again, and again, and
	i.	Eight Dragons
		i.	Now is the time to catch up on your
			dragon slaying. You can get all but 2
			of the dragons now.
			1.	Snow Dragon
				a.	Narshe Mountain
			2.	Water Dragon
				a.	The Ancient Castle
				b.	Secret Basement
			3.	Pearl Dragon
				a.	Fanatic's Tower
				b.	Or Veldt
			4.	Fire Dragon
				a.	Phoenix Cave
			5.	Wind Dragon
				a.	Mt. Zozo
			6.	Earth Dragon
				a.	Opera House
		ii.	The last two Dragons are in Kefka's
XLIII.	The Final Battles
	a.	Kefka's Tower
		i.	Now that you are all back together and
			have all the things you need to kick
			some Kefka butt.
		ii.	There are some hidden things in the
			tower that you may want to get. I will
			point them out as they come.
		iii.	Locke's ability will come in very
			handy in almost all of the groups.
			1.	You will face the 3 Goddess
				Statues here and each one has
				a rare weapon.
				a.	Doom
					i.	Ragnook
		iv.	Feel free to leave the tower and come
	b.	Kefka's Tower; Falcon
		i.	Fly over the tower and land on top.
		ii.	Make 3 groups of good fighters.
		iii.	Your 3 groups will land in 3 different
			areas of the tower.
		iv.	Team I will be the group that landed
			on the left side of the tower,
		v.	Team II will be the group in the
		vi.	Team III will be the group on the
	c.	Team I
		i.	Go around to your right and get the
			chest then enter the hatchway to your
		ii.	Continue on this path until you come
			to a dead end. You should see a switch
			and a chest on the other side of the
	d.	 Team II
		i.	When you have to choose between
			going up and down, go up first and get
			the treasure then go down.
		ii.	Going down will lead to a prison. In
			the far left cell you'll find Atma.
		iii.	He has 55000 HP and is not weak
			against any-thing. Defeat it and it'll
			change into a save spot.
		iv.	Now go down out of the prison and
			continue on that path until you have to
			choose between two pipes.
		v.	Don't go in the rightmost pipe, it'll just
			take you back before the prison. So
			take the left pipe.
		vi.	Before you enter the hatchway that
			you find, go to your far left to find the
			chest. Now you can enter the
		vii.	Step on the switch and get the chest,
			then go back up and enter the door to
			you right.
		viii.	Keep going straight and you'll reach
			one of the final Dragons.
		ix.	Boss
			1.	Gold Dragon
				a.	He is weak against to
					water and ice.
				b.	He will absorb you
					lighting attacks.
		x.	Now keep going on the path and when
			you  reach a room with a switch, stand
			on it and switch groups.
	e.	Team III
		i.	First enter the hatchway that is next to
			the chest to get two more chests then
			come back and enter the other
		ii.	Continue on that path and  you'll
			eventually reach a save spot.
		iii.	A few more steps and you'll get
			attacked by another boss.
		iv.	Boss
			1.	Inferno, Striker, Rough
				a.	Inferno is the main part
					and it has over 30,000
				b.	He is weak against
					i.	Just attack him
						and the rest are
		v.	Now keep moving and once you get to
			a chest that glows examine it to open
			up a passage that your other group.
		vi.	Now keep going and you'll reach the
			final Dragon!
		vii.	Boss
			1.	Skull Dragon
				a.	He has over 30,000 HP
					and is weak to Fire &
				b.	After the battle you get
					the Muscle Belt Relic.
		viii.	Assuming you killed the other
			Dragons you will get the Crusader
			Esper. I has the Meteor Spell you lost
			when Odin was changed to Raiden!
		ix.	Exit now if you want to get the new
		x.	Keep moving and you'll end up on the
			other side of the room you left Team
			II in. Stand on the switch.
	f.	 Team I
		i.	The dead end is now gone so keep
		ii.	Follow the path and you'll eventually
			reach the room your other two groups
			are in.
		iii.	Continue straight and then, after you
			reach the switch, pick a side to go on
		iv.	Now go left and then down.
	g.	Team II
		i.	Take Team II off the switch and then
			push the weight off the edge. Now go
			back inside and stand on the switch.
		ii.	Enter the main doorway and do what
			Team I did, except on the right side.
	h.	Team III
		i.	Go in through the main door and step
			on the switch.
		ii.	This will open up a new pathway.
		iii.	Go south and step on the platform to
			open up a couple other pathways.
	i.	Team I
		i.	Go down and out to where you pushed
			the weight off.
		ii.	To your left there is a door. Enter the
			door and go straight where you'll find
			one of the Master Bosses.
		iii.	Master Boss
			1.	Doom
				a.	63000 HP
				b.	Weak against Pearl.
				c.	Steal the Ragnook this
					guy has.
		iv.	When  you beat it you'll get Cyan's
			Sky Render and there will be a save
			spot there.
		v.	Now enter the pipe to the north and
			stand on the switch.
	j.	Team II
		i.	Go down and out to where you pushed
			the weight off.
		ii.	To your right is a door. Enter the door
			and go straight where you'll find
			another Master Boss.
		iii.	Master Boss
			1.	Goddess
				a.	There is no weakness
					to her. Just keep
					attacking physical
				b.	Steal the Atma Weapon
					from her, it doesn't hurt
					to have 2!
				c.	When you win you get
					Excalibur from her.
	k.	Team III
		i.	Go north and you'll be attacked by
		ii.	Master Boss
			1.	Guardian
				a.	He is still here, but he
					is now vulnerable.
				b.	Lightning is his weak
		iii.	Go north and keep following that path
			until you reach another Master Boss.
		iv.	Master Boss
			1.	Poltrgeist
				a.	Weak against poison.
				b.	Receive the Aura
					Lance from this boss.
				c.	Defeating it will get
					you the Aura Lance.
		v.	Go north and drop down the hole
		vi.	You are now ready for the end. The
			game has been turning to this point. It
			is you or the world.
	l.	Prepare for the Final Battle
		i.	Before you fight you have to go
			through a small scene with all the
			characters saying why they are
		ii.	You now have to put your group in the
			order that you want them to fight.
			1.	You master group should be
				the first 4-5.
		iii.	It is up to you how you want to make
			the group.
		iv.	Terra is great with Magic and Morph
			so you may want to give her the Gem
			Box and Economizer and have her
			casting Ultima Spells, Quick and other
			spells on the party members.
		v.	Locke, or anyone with high HP is
			good to have if you give him the 2
			Atma Weapons, the Genji Glove and
		vi.	Gogo can copy Locke or Terra's
			attack to double the efforts.
		vii.	A decent Healing person is also key.
		viii.	You know your characters the best so
			it is up to you.
	m.	The Final Battle
		i.	Once you are ready you will have to
			fight the three Goddess Statues and
			then Kefka
	n.	Kefka
		i.	You will have to fight all of the
			statues and then at the top is Kefka.
		ii.	The statues are not too hard, but they
			will be killed fast if you have the
			Genji Glove & Offering Combo.
		iii.	Try to cast Life 3 on your party
		iv.	Once you make it to Kefka he will
			cast Fallen One on you and you will
			have 1 HP. Use a Megalixir if you
			have one and you should be all set.
		v.	Depending on your party there are
			different ways to fight.
		vi.	Have some one with the Gem Box cast
			Quick and cast Ultima constantly on
			1.	Have Gogo mimic this attack if
				he is there.
		vii.	Have the Genji Offering Combo
			person attack.
		viii.	Once you defeat the game you will see
			the ending.
XLIV.	Ending
	a.	Summary
		i.	You will see a scene with each
			character helping each other to get out
			of the tower before it falls.
		ii.	The statues were destroyed so all the
			Espers and their magic that was
			learned starts to die.
		iii.	Terra talks to Maudin and he tells her
			if she has something with a deep
			connection to her Human side she will
			survive as a Human.
XLV.	Secrets & Mysteries
	a.	Cursed Items
		i.	Cures Ring/Sheild
			1.	Wear these for 255 battles and
				it turn in to a Paladin Item.
	b.	Locke & Celes
		i.	Do Locke and Celes hook up after the
		ii.	I hope so with my nickname being
	c.	Gogo/Darill
		i.	Is Gogo actually Darill.
	d.	Setzer's Waiting Area
		i.	Setzer waited at the same place Celes
			tried committing Suicide on any
			1.	If Cid died
	e.	Terra's rapid Growth
		i.	Terra was a baby when the Emperor
			stole her, but how did she grow up so
		ii.	Why didn't the Emperor act like a
			Father figure to her and raise her?
	f.	Extra Spaces
		i.	If you get all the items in the game it
			still leaves a few spaces, hmmm?
			1.	Why anyone would notice is
				beyond me.
		ii.	If you get all the Magicite there will
			still be extra spaces!
			1.	Well Odin's Space is moved to
				Raiden so that makes one and
				there is another space to
				change Magicite with.
	g.	What are the Machine Books for?
		i.	They were not developed in the
			American Version. They were going
			to be part of the game, but stopped
			later in development.
	h.	Shadow's Dreams
		i.	If Shadow survives the crash he will
			have dreams throughout the world in
			the World of Ruin. He has 7, but
			myself and other people have only
			been able to get 5.
		ii.	They show Shadow, or the person who
			is now Shadow, at Strago's house and
			Interceptor leaving the house to be
			with him.
			1.	He also talk about a girl and
				notice how Relm & Interceptor
				are friendly.
			2.	Why did Interceptor help Relm
				and why did Shadow come
				back to help?
		iii.	Do Relm and Shadow share blood? Is
			he Relm Brother or Father?
		iv.	Why can only these two equip the
			Memento Ring?
		v.	If you don't do any of the dreams
			then Shadow's ending is different.

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