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Complete Walkthrough for

Grand Theft Auto:  Vice City Stories
Version 1.05


As of this writing, this walkthrough is complete to get you through to the
end of the story line missions and see the ending credits of the game.  It 
is NOT complete at this time to achieve 100% completion of the game.  Know 
that I am working on this on a daily basis, and when this document reaches 
version 2.0 it will contain everything necessary for 100% completion.


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Table of Contents

I.  Introduction
II.  Main Storyline Missions
     A.  Chapter 1
          1.  Jerry Martinez
               a.  Soldier
               b.  Cleaning House
               c.  Conduct Unbecoming
          2.  Phil Cassidy
               a.  Cholo Victory
               b.  Boomshine Blowout
               c.  Truck Stop
          3.  Marty J. Williams
               a.  Shakedown
               b.  Fear The Repo
               c.  Waking The Neighbors
               d.  O' Brothel Where Art Thou?
               e.  Got Protection?
          4.  Louise Cassidy-Williams
               a.  When Funday Comes
               b.  Takin' Out The White Trash
          5.  Phil Cassidy Part 2
               a.  Marked Men
          6.  Louise Cassidy-Williams Part 2
               a.  D.I.V.O.R.C.E.
               b.  To Victor, The Spoils
     B.  Chapter 2
          1.  Lance Vance
               a.  Jive Drive
          2.  Louise Cassidy Williams Part 3
               a.  Hose The Hoes
               b.  Robbing The Cradle
          3.  Umberto Robina
               a.  Nice Package
               b.  Balls
               c.  Papi Don't Screech
               d.  Havana Good Time
          4.  Lance Vance Part 2
               a.  The Audition
          5.  Bryan Forbes
               a.  Money For Nothing
          6.  Lance Vance Part 3
               a.  Caught As An Act
          7.  Bryan Forbes Part 2
               a.  Leap And Bound
               b.  The Bum Deal
          8.  Lance Vance Part 4
               a.  Snitch Hitch
               b.  From Zero To Hero
     C.  Chapter 3
          1.  Lance Vance Part 5
               a.  Brown Of The Dead
               b.  Blitzkrieg
          2.  Reni Wassulmaier
               a.  Accidents Will Happen
          3.  Armando & Diego Mendez
               a.  The Mugshot Longshot
               b.  Hostile Takeover
               c.  Unfriendly Competition
               d.  High Wire
          4.  Lance Vance Part 6
               a.  Turn On, Tune In, Bug Out
          5.  Reni Wassulmaier Part 2
               a.  The Colonel's Coke
               b.  Kill Phil
               c.  Say Cheese
          6.  Gonzales
               a.  Homes On The Range
               b.  Purple Haze
          7.  Lance Vance Part 7
               a.  Taking The Fall
               b.  White Lies
               c.  Where It Hurts Most
          8.  Reni Wassulmaier Part 3
               a.  Kill Phil Part 2
          9.  Ricardo Diaz
               a.  Steal The Deal
               b.  The Exchange
         10.  Gonzales Part 2
               a.  Farewell To Arms
         11.  Armando & Diego Mendez Part 2
               a.  Burning Bridges
         12.  Lance Vance Part 8
               a.  Blitzkrieg Strike Again
               b.  Lost & Found
         13.  Reni Wassulmaier Part 4
               a.  So Long Schlong
         14.  Ricardo Diaz Part 2
               a.  Domo Arigato Domestoboto
         15.  Reni Wassulmaier Part 5
               a.  In The Air Tonight
         16.  Lance Vance Part 9
               a.  Light My Pyre
         17.  Ricardo Diaz Part 3
               a.  Over The Top
               b.  Last Stand
III.  Contact Information


******    I.  Introduction                                   ******

First off, let me introduce myself to those of you who have not read any of 
my walkthroughs and tell you a little bit about the way I go about it.  I
write these as a guide to help people get through the missions of the game.
This may sound like a great big "DUH" to you, but there is a reason that I 
say it.  I've been a reader of walkthroughs for some time now and the things
that I have tried to eliminate are the things that annoyed me the most about
most walkthroughs.  It seems that a lot of people are under the impression 
that the LONGER a walkthrough is, the BETTER it is.  Sometimes this is true
and other times that is not the case.  A lot of these long drawn out 
walkthroughs contain things like a description of the controls to play the 
game and a complete reading of the games story.  That stuff is all fine and
a good thing to have, but if you've bought the game, you already have that 
information in the manual that came with it.  For me to repeat it here would
just be redundant and a waste of both my time and yours.  Some walkthroughs
are just inherently long by the very nature of the game, and there is no
need in me making them even longer by putting in extra garbage that most of 
the time nobody is reading anyway.  This paragraph is a perfect example.  If
you are reading it, you are one of the very chosen few that haven't clicked 
on the link to get to this walkthrough and skipped right to the section they
needed because they are stuck in the game.

I also infuse each walkthrough with my own sense of humor, which can  
often be quite twisted and sometimes crude.  If that is something that you 
can't handle . . . .you pretty much shouldn't be playing this game, much 
less reading the walkthrough.  I wrote my first walkthrough as a guide to 
help my wife through The Da Vinci Code.  I felt it was good enough that I 
submitted it to GameFaqs and within a day I had requests in my mailbox to 
post the walkthrough on no less than 15 different websites.  I worked and 
expanded on that walkthrough, turned it into a webpage version and from that
point on I was hooked.  I got requests for more walkthroughs from many 
readers all over the world, and I've had people translate them into Spanish
and Italian.  The second walkthrough I wrote for GTA Liberty City Stories in
fact, grabbed the attention of some important people at a national magazine
and landed me a job writing freelance articles for them.  All of my 
walkthroughs can be found posted on GameFaqs and include:

The Da Vinci Code
Grand Theft Auto:  Liberty City Stories
Grand Theft Auto:  Vice City Stories

The webpage versions of the walkthroughs for all of the above games can be 
found on my business webpage at

Please visit my site if you have enjoyed the walkthrough and feel free to 
write with your questions or comments.  I am not nearly as mean as my 
"Contact Information" section might portray, I just have a pet peeve that 
irks me a bit, so don't be afraid to write.

For all of you that are return readers, I'd like to express my heartfelt 
gratitude for your loyalty and encouragement.  It is your words of thanks 
and praise that have driven me to continue forward with this kind of work 
and even incorporate it into my existing business.  I am both honored and 
humbled by the amount of fantastic e mails you have sent.

Now, enough of the sappy shit . . . let's get on with the game!


******    II.  Main Mission Storyline                        ******

This walkthrough follows the chronological progress of the story rather 
than grouping missions under each particular character.  I believe a guide 
is easier to follow if it is done in the order it is played rather than 
reorganized to fit the convenience of the one compiling the information.

I realize that in many cases, in the order of the missions shown below,
some of them can be swapped around slightly, but the order shown CAN be 
followed exactly as it is written and complete every mission in the story 

Do NOT write to me to tell me that this can be done in another order.  I am
fully aware of that.

***    A.  CHAPTER 1                                            ***

*   1.  Jerry Martinez                          *

a.  "Soldier"

This is the first mission of the game and it proceeds as most GTA intro 
missions do, you have no choice but to just start playing it.  You will be 
introduced to your boss, Sgt. Martinez.  After his initial speech you'll be
going on your first errand for him and he will give you the all important
pager that will brief you for the remainder of the game.  When the cut scene
is done, grab the nearby jeep and head for the marker at the airport.  When 
you arrive, there will be a cut scene of you getting on a boat with one of
Sgt. Martinez's connections.  The boat will be attacked and you will be 
forced to jump off.  Follow the on screen instructions to swim to shore
quickly before you are shot to death.  (I guess it was just Tommy Vercetti
that couldn't swim . . .LOSER!)  When you get to shore, you just need to get
back to base, which just happens to be right in front of you, so head there
find your barracks and utilize your first save point in the game.

Reward:  $50

b.  "Cleaning House"

In this mission you'll be sent out to meet up with your old buddy (new 
buddy?) Phil Cassidy.  Phil's marker is down in the ports, so grab a vehicle
and head down to see him.  Phil wants to get to his apartment, but it seems
to have been overrun by a bunch of Cholo's.  Drive fill to his apartment 
just outside the enterance to the ports.  Outside there will be three Cholos
that need some killin'.  Once they are taken care of, enter the apartment 
through the blue marker.  Once inside, be prepared for two more Cholos that
need similar treatment.  Once all five Cholos are dead and Phil can have his
apartment back, head back to the base to complete the mission.

Reward:  $100

c.  "Conduct Unbecoming"

Martinez seems to need to get laid, so he wants you to run out and grab his
favorite hooker, Mary.  Head down to Phil's apartment and meet up with him
and he'll give you a nice Stinger to drive.  I'm not entirely sure why we 
have to drive this car, but it was better than the one I had, so I took it.
Head over to the ports and look for Mary's friend.  She'll pop up on your 
radar as soon as you enter the ports area.  Pull up to her and she'll tell 
you that Mary is at a party on Starfish Island.  She'll hop in the car with
you for a ride over.  Head to the new marker on Starfish Island and get out
to look for Mary.  You'll probably not be too surprised to find that Mary is
with two men who don't really want to give Mary up for the night, because 
nothing in Grand Theft Auto Land comes easy, kill these two and head for 
your car (or any car) in the driveway of the house.  Take Mary back to the 
base.  When you arrive at the base, you are stopped by the guards at the 
front gate.  You learn that you were set up for the drugs you've been 
holding for Martinez in your barracks and now you're bringing a hooker onto 
the base.  You are kicked out of the Army and no longer allowed access to 
the base.  Apparently that Army issue pager wasn't too important to them so
you get to keep that, which is a good thing because Phil pages you to let 
you know that he has some work for you and you can stay at his apartment in
the meantime.  Head to Phil's apartment and enjoy your new save point and 
role as a civilian.

Reward:  Freedom from the oppressive government job aka NOTHING.

*   2.  Phil Cassidy                            *

a.  "Cholo Victory"

Head on over to Phil's marker in the ports and you'll find that Phil is 
pretty wasted.  He wants to go out on the town and take out a few Cholos to 
teach them a lesson.  Since Phil is drunk, you will be doing the driving, so
climb in the truck and head to the police station just up the road to look
for Cholos.  You arrive to find nobody there, so Phil tells you to check out
the hospital just a little further up the street.  Here you see a target 
that will take off in his car.  You now have to keep up with the car so that
Phil can shoot it until it blows up.  Try to keep the Cholo's car on your
left side so Phil can shoot him better, and if you have a weapon with you, 
feel free to join in on the fun to make this go a little faster.  If the 
Cholo makes it all the way to his destination, there will be more Cholos to
take care of before you can complete this mission, so it's best to take care
of this guy before he gets there.  Once the Cholo (or Cholos) is dead, Phil
will let you know that he is not so drunk that he doesn't notice that his 
truck is wasted.  You'll be directed to the nearest Pay N Spray and 
instructed on how to use it.  (I'm not going through that, if you don't know 
how it works by now, there is no hope for you.  My MOM knows how it works 
and she's in her late 60's and never played the game)  Drive Phil back to 
the ports and the mission will be over.  You'll receive a page from Phil 
telling you that you can talk to his sister's husband, Marty for more work.
Marty's marker will now appear on your map, but we'll finish with Phil 

Reward:  $200

b.  "Boomshine Blowout"

Head on over to Phil's marker (or just walk into it if you chose not to go 
save, but I recommend you do before you start this mission) and you'll be 
stunned to find that  . . . Phil's WASTED!  Phil has a warehouse full of his
powerful moonshine (you know, when I first typed that, I made a typo and
typed "moonshit", which is probably more accurate) and the Cholos are going
to try to blow it up.  You are going to help Phil save his stash.  Get in 
the truck and drive Phil over to his warehouse in Little Haiti.  When you 
arrive you'll need to drive around to the back of the warehouse where all 
seems suspiciously quiet.  When Phil opens the door to the warehouse, a 
Cholo booby trap is set off and the warehouse bursts into flames.  You will
now have a mission that will require good driving skills and quite a bit of
patience.  Phil will back the truck up to the door and you will have to get 
on the forklift in front of you.  You will now be switched to a camera angle
that is both highly annoying and unchangable.  Deal with it, that's all 
you're going to get for a view.  You have a pink meter on the right side of
the screen that is slowly filling up.  You must get the pallets of booze 
(indicated by the green arrows) onto the back of Phil's truck before the 
meter fills.  Go straight to the right to pull up to a pallet and you will
slide the forks under it.  The left and right buttons on the D-pad move the 
forks up and down, and if you are talented at making one finger do two 
things at the same time, try to raise and lower the forks as you are driving
to save yourself time.  Raise the pallet up and pull up to the rear of the 
truck and you will drop off the load.  With each pallet you pick up, a 
little more of the warehouse will fall apart and block your path.  You are 
only going to get one shot through that first one to the right, so the next
three will involve you having to work your way through the containers.  For
the second one, go straight up through the containers and turn right to go 
straight through a break in the barrier of containers to approach the 
remaining booze from above.  Go back the way you came.  The third will take 
you up through the containers, but the second path you took will be blocked,
so you will have to find your way around the container to the left to get
around that section.  For the fourth trip you'll find your third path 
blocked, so you'll again have to go to the left around the containers, but 
you will have to follow them further up to get around them.  Get the last 
pallet onto the truck before the place blows up and Phil will reward you by 
leaving your ass standing there without a ride.

Reward:  $250

c.  "Truck Stop"

You'll find Phil hanging out with your old buddy Sgt. Martinez.  Resisting 
the urge to kill him you agree to do some more work for him so climb in the 
car with Phil to go pick up two cohorts at the hotel near the airport.  Pull
into the marker and the two guys will get into the car with you.  Now head 
for the red marker on your radar which will be north of you.  This is the 
truck you are trying to intercept.  Get close to this truck so Phil and his
buddies can put a few hundred rounds of ammo into it.  Once it has been 
suitably damaged, you will be instructed to pull in front of the truck and 
block its path.  When you do this, Phil will get out and start driving the
truck.  Now you must protect the truck from attacking Cholos while Phil
drives it back to the ports.  Keep yourself between the Cholos and the truck
to keep them from damaging it any further.  There is a damage meter on the 
right side of the screen, but the Flatbed seems to be pretty tough.  I was 
more worried about the crappy ass Perennial I was driving.  The guys you 
still have in the car with you do a great job of destroying the Cholos in a 
big hurry, so they aren't too much of a problem.  I only had two carloads of
Cholos on the way back and the last half of the trip back was quiet.  
Complete this mission and Phil's missions will stop until you complete the 
Louise Cassidy-Williams mission "Takin' Out The White Trash".

Reward:  $300

*   3.  Marty J. Williams                       *

You will find these missions in the trailer park just south and east of what
you know from the previous Vice City game as Sunshine Autos.  In this game,
that Sunshine Autos is under construction and amounts to not much more than 
a foundation and a hole in the ground in the back, however down in that hole
which will come to be the garages, there is a free armor pickup.  In this 
game, Sunshine Autos does exist, but it is a smaller version and it is found
further down the street.  All of Marty's missions are a lesson in types of
tasks you will need to do in order to increase your reputation in the empire
businesses.  Get used to these procedures and you'll advance quickly within
your empire.

a.  "Shakedown"

Marty is a pleasant little redneck that treats his wife like the trailer 
park queen that she is.  I'm sure if Phil caught him behaving that way, he'd
kill Marty.  Get in Marty's truck and drive him over to the store marked on
your radar in Little Havana.  When you get there, beat up or shoot the two 
Cholos guarding the outside.  Enter the shop and there will be two more 
Cholos to dispose of.  Be careful since one of these guys has a gun.  When 
they are taken care of, get back in the truck and head over to the next shop
that appears on the radar which is down on the main road on the opposite 
corner from the police station.  Enter this shop and start destroying the 
stock (anything marked with a green arrow).  When three Cholos come in to 
try to stop you, kill them by whatever means you have with you.  When they
are taken care of, the mission is complete.

Reward:  $500

b.  "Fear The Repo"

You're going to reposses some vehicles for Marty.  It's perfectly legal,
really, it is.  Drive Marty over to the lockup next to the airport hotel.
You'll be instructed to go steal the indicated vehicle which is a Cheetah
parked just down the street from your current save house.  When you arrive,
the owner will be there and he appears to be fixing a flat on the passenger 
side of the car.  Beating up the guy here is your choice, but if you're in a
hurry to get this mission over with, just quickly run up and jump in the car
and drive away.  The guy will never have a chance to get to you.  Drive the
car back to the lockup.  The next car you will be sent after is a Sentinal 
that is driving up the main road of the island.  Chase after it and hit it 
or shoot it until the driver gets out and abandons the car.  Get in the car
and run it through a Pay N Spray in case you got a warning level or the car
is close to being destroyed (you should be near a Pay N Spray anyway).  Get
this car to the lockup as well.  Your last repo will be a delivery truck and
these guys aren't going to give it up that easy.  Chase them down and get 
the truck stopped and you'll have to kill these two guys before you can take
the truck.  When you have done that, you will have a two star warning level,
so get to the closest Pay N Spray and get rid of it so you can drive back to
the lockup in peace.

Reward:  $500

c.  "Waking Up The Neighbors"

Marty is being particularly sweet to his wife today, but we've got work to 
do, so off we go.  Grab the grenades near the truck and then get in the 
truck.  You have 6 and a half in game hours to complete this mission.  (I 
believe this mission always starts at the same time, so you have to have it 
finished before the Cholos go to work at 9:30.)  Go to the closest marker on
your radar to get to the first truck.  There are two guards watching over it
and the simplest thing to do is just to approach them quickly in the car and
mow them down.  When they are down and out, you are free to get used to 
throwing the grenades and blowing up the truck.  When the first truck is 
destroyed, head to the second marker and repeat the procedure from the first
to blow up that truck as well.  On your way to the third truck you will 
quickly discover that the Cholos know what you are up to, and they will 
chase you and shoot at you.  Shoot them as you go or just keep away from 
them until you get to the last truck.  Again, there will be two guards, so 
just mow them down as you have been doing.  Get out of the truck (or 
whatever else you have had to pick up along the way) and get the third truck
blown up before more Cholos arrive.  When the third truck is destroyed, you 
will get a page from Louise Cassidy-Williams telling you that she has left
Marty and would like you to come visit her at her sisters.  Louise's mission
marker will now appear on your map, but we'll finish with Marty first.

Reward:  $500

d.  "O, Brothel, Where Art Thou?"

This mission will introduce you to a new weapons store that seems to cater
to the redneck element.  Go to Stonewall J's which will appear on your map.
Enter the establishment and enter the marker to begin your transaction.  
You will be able to grab a shotgun for free that Marty has left for you.  
Now that you have your new weapon, head north to the new marker on your 
radar to cause some trouble up at the brothel.  When you arrive, your task
is to destroy the gang car that is parked next to the building.  When you 
do, you'll be attacked by 4 or 5 Cholos that come out of the building to 
find out what all the ruckus is.  Kill all of the Cholos that come after you
and you will be instructed to enter the establishment.  There will be one 
more Cholo to kill when you appear inside.  When he is dead, find the bed 
that is marked by a green arrow and destroy it with the bat.  Pay attention 
to the tutorial on how to aquire and buy a business, as this will be your 
primary source of income for the rest of the game.  Marty will be buying 
this particular business. . . .for now.

Reward:  $700

e.  "Got Protection?"

This is a fairly simple mission, just a little annoying.  Go to the brothel
that you just helped Marty aquire.  When you get there, the pimp ride in 
front of the business will be destroyed in an attempted Cholo takeover.  You
now need to grab a 4 door vehicle and save the three hookers spread around 
town from attacking Cholos.  There is an Oceanic parked right across the 
street that you can grab.  Head for the nearest hooker.  She is hiding 
behind a car shooting at the Cholos across the street from her.  Just pull 
in between her and the Cholos and she will get in the car.  She will 
continue to fire at the Cholos as you move on.  You pick up persuing Cholos 
as you continue to pick up the other two girls.  Avoid the attacks of the 
Cholos that are chasing you as best you can, but the girls you are picking 
up are pretty damn good with their weapons, to the point that when you have
all three, your vehicle is in more danger from the exploding Cholo vehicles
than from the bullets they are firing at you.  Change vehicles if you need 
to, the girls will follow you.  Get the girls back to the brothel.

Reward:  $500

*   4.  Louise Cassidy-Williams                 *

a.  "When Funday Comes"

Watch the opening cut scene which will make you want to  . . . .puke.  When 
it's over, you're going to take Louise on a date.  Being the redneck that 
she is, her idea of a fun date seems to be a 4-wheeler race.  Drive Louise
up to the trailer park (oddly close to Marty's trailer; think she's trying
to make a point?) and enter the marker to begin the race.  You are racing 
against Louise and two other rednecks.  It is a two lap race that winds 
through the trailer park, behind the Sunshine Auto locations and briefly up
by the airport.  The quad is a little hard to get used to, but master it 
quickly.  This definately isn't the hardest vehicle to drive in this game, 
so I wouldn't start getting upset about it yet.  You might have to do this 
mission a couple of times to get used to the layout of the track.  I say 
this only because trying to describe it with words is usually open to each 
individuals interpretation and generally means I'm going to get 100 e mails
telling me I was right, wrong or they didn't understand and frankly, with 
this now being my 5th walkthrough, I'm getting a little tired of the ones 
that want to start a pissing contest.  Complete the 2nd lap of this race in 
first place and you successfully complete the mission.  You can now go to 
the current Sunshine Autos and participate in the "Tourismo" races, as well
as purchase a quad there.

Reward:  $500

b.  "Takin' Out The White-Trash"

Louise has left some of her stuff over at the trailer and she wants you to 
take her over there to get it so you can protect her.  You know this means 
trouble and you are probably in for a hell of a fight, so I recommend you 
have something in your hand already when you leave to drive over there.  The
shotgun seems to do real well here.  When you arrive there and the next cut
scene ends, you will find yourself surrounded by rednecks that would very 
much like to be a severe hurting on you.  There are about 12 rednecks that 
try to attack you here, and the best method I found for dealing with them is
to run a short distance away, turn, auto aim and fire into the crowd.  Keep 
repeating this until all the rednecks are dead.  When they are, Louise will
be finished retrieving her goods and you will now have to drive her back to 
her sisters apartment.  You will be persued by angry rednecks in pickup 
trucks (what else?).  Avoid them as much as possible, or shoot them with the
driveby technique, but the quickest method seems to be to focus on just 
getting to the marker in front of the apartment, which doesn't seem to be 
too much of a problem if you know how to quickly get to the main road.  Get
the car into the marker and the persuit as well as the mission will be over.
Phil's mission marker will return on your map.

Reward:  $200

*   5.  Phil Cassidy Part 2                     *

a.  "Marked Men"

You arrive to find Phil and Martinez hanging out and at this point we would
be upset if Phil was anything but wasted.  Apparently Phil told Martinez 
that he didn't trust him and Martinez took it a little personally.  You and 
Phil are going to run an errand for Martinez since you don't seem to have 
offended Martinez . . .at least, not that you know of.  Climb into the truck
with Phil and head to the lockup which is down a narrow alley in Little 
Haiti.  Try to keep the truck in good shape before you arrive there.  When 
you get there, you discover that you and Phil have been set up for execution
by Martinez.  You are attacked by some on foot that you can run over quickly
and the alley where you entered gets blocked by a couple of cars containing
more attackers.  Kill all of the attacking goons and get the truck out of 
the alley and on it's way back to Phil's mission location at the ports.  The
truck will have a health meter, and Phil will have crawled into the back of
the truck to assist you on the trip back to the ports since these guys will
continue to chase you all the way back home.  The truck has a damage meter 
and it's real important not to let it fill up or the mission will be failed.
If you are able, you can enter a Pay N Spray during the trip if you need 
a little help.  Phil will be throwing "Boomshine Bombs" like molotov 
cocktails at the goons that are chasing you, and while this method does 
effectively get rid of the persuing car, it also creates an additional 
obstacle to avoid as the cars exploding too close to you will do 
considerable damage to the truck.  Be particularly careful of cars that 
manage to get by Phil and get in front of you, because Phil doesn't have any
problem tossing those bombs forward.  Get the truck back to the mission 
start point without it blowing up and the mission is complete.  Enjoy the 
threatening message from your new enemy that arrives on your pager.  (Enjoy 
the irony that he is the one that gave you the pager in the first place.)
Louise will also page you to let you know that she is having troubles with 
Marty, and her mission marker will appear again on your map.

Reward:  NOTHING!

*   6.  Louise Cassidy-Williams Part 2          *

a.  "D.I.V.O.R.C.E."

You get to Louise's current residence to find that she isn't there.  
Louise's extraordinarily large sister is having a rant in which she let's 
you know that Marty has taken Louise and is going to "turn her out" as a 
hooker at the recently aquired brothel.  Head back over to Marty's trailer.
Marty is going to take off with Louise and leave you with two unruly 
rednecks to deal with before you can begin the chase.  The shotgun makes 
this a quick and painless endeavor, at which point you can begin the pursuit
of Marty.  You will be chased by more angry rednecks in pickup trucks, but 
if you can "drive by" them into oblivion, you can carry on with the chase.
If you don't feel like chasing Marty and hitting him until he gets out of 
the truck, you also have the option of going straight to the brothel if you
know the map well and can beat him there.  Do that and when he arrives, you 
can just mow him down when he gets out of his truck.  Be careful if you 
decide to get out of your vehicle to kill him as he has a shotgun.  Kill 
Marty, and you can now get in the truck with Louise.  (It's safe to assume 
that you won't be having any more missions for Marty)  For some reason the 
silly bitch is pissed off that you killed her husband, but she'll get over 
it.  If you picked up a wanted level on your way here, hit a Pay N Spray on
your way to your next destination.  The respray will be free.  You are 
headed to what will now be a new save house location for you, but you hard
core GTA fans will recognize this place as Phil Cassidy's compound from the
original Vice City game.  Enjoy your new save location "The Compound".  You 
have also unlocked the "Trailer Trash" outfit in your wardrobe.

Reward:  NADA!!

b.  "To Victor, The Spoils"

You've killed Louise's husband, so she feels it is the least you can do to 
take over Marty's business' and continue to earn money to support the now 
fatherless baby.  Grab the nearest vehicle and take Louise over to the 
current Sunshine Autos.  When you arrive, get out of the vehicle and 
approach the two indicated guys.  Recruit them to help you out by targeting 
them with the right button, then pushing up on the D-pad.  When you have
recruited both of them, you will need to grab a 4-seater car which can 
easily be found there in the lot of the dealership.  When you are all packed
in the car, head over to the loan shark office now marked on your radar next
to the hotel by the airport.  Upon arrival, Louise will drop you and the 
other two off to fend for yourselves while she heads to the next destination
to get a head start there.  There will be 5 to 6 guards here to kill and the
two guys you recruited will do their best to help you out.  Be careful not 
to kill your help.  When all the guards are dead, grab a car all three of 
you will fit in and head over to the protection racket, which is on the main
road just up the street from the police station,brothel, to meet up with 
Louise.  When you arrive there, repeat the procedure you followed at the 
previous location and kill the guards. When the guards are dead, enter the 
business.  As soon as you are inside, there will be two more guards to deal 
with.  Quickly take them out with the shotgun if you have it handy.  When 
they are killed, the mission is complete and you will recieve a tutorial on 
how to build your business empire.  Pay close attention.  You have now 
aquired the first of your businesses for your empire and unlocked new 
multiplayer content.  At this point you can begin taking over and aquiring 
businesses at your discretion.  For further information, see the "Building 
Your Empire" section of this guide.

Reward:  $1500

At this point you are paged to go to the airport because you have a visitor 
waiting for you there.  I recommend saving before going to the airport to 
investigate.  You'll be glad you did.

***    B.  CHAPTER 2                                            ***

*   1.  Lance Vance                             *

a.  "Jive Drive"

Pull up into the marker at the airport and you'll get your first glimpse of
your brother, the infamous Lance Vance.  I've got to say that I liked his 
character a whole lot better in the original Vice City.  Vice City Stories
has made him a complete idiot.  As you will soon discover (and tire of), 
wherever Lance goes, trouble follows.  You will get ambushed by Cholos and 
Lance magically has a car waiting here.  In this mission, Lance will drive
and you will take care of the pursuing Cholos with an SMG that has unlimited
ammo.  You are automatically placed in targeting mode and you now have to 
blow up persuing Cholo vehicles and Cholos on foot at various points along 
the route, all while Lance drives like an asshole.  The car you are in will
have a damage meter, and you need to keep the attackers away from you so 
that the car survives a trip.  Lance will occasionally take you over a 
couple of large jumps which will give you a brief rest, but not for long.
When you have reached a point far enough north (somewhere in the vicinity of
the brothel), Lance will make one final jump for an escape, of sorts.  I 
don't know if this was just by chance, or if it happens every time, but the
car was almost wasted when we hit this jump and continued to take damage 
during the cut scene.  As the cut scene continued with Lance and Vic walking
away from the car, the car blew up during the cut scene.  As I said, I don't
know if that happens every time or if I just managed to get through by a 

Once you are out of the car, you will be attacked by some more Cholos who 
arrive to block the exit of the area you have landed in.  You now have a 
meter on the screen indicating Lance's health, and you must fend off the 
Cholos while making sure that Lance survives.  Cholos will come at you from 
three different sides, so keep your eyes on your radar for the red markers.
Don't look to Lance for too much help.  He won't be.  Ever.  At any point 
in the game.  Before the end of the game, you will wish YOU could kill him.
When the attacking Cholos have been killed, grab a vehicle and hit the 
closest Pay N Spray to get rid of any wanted level you may have picked up, 
then drive up into downtown to drop Lance off at his hotel which is near 
the recording studio that you first met Love Fist in the first Vice City 
game.  You have completed the mission when Lance is safely at the hotel.  
You will get a page from Umberto Robina who has heard that you are now 
running Marty's gang, and he'd like some help from you.  Umberto's mission
marker now appears on your map.  Louise's marker is back as well.

Reward:  YEAH RIGHT!

*   2.  Louise Cassidy-Williams Part 3          *

a.  "Hose The Hoes"

Louise meets you outside this time, and tells you that you need to find a 
fire truck in a big hurry.  Someone has set fire to the brothel and the 
girls are trapped inside.  Luckily for you, there is a car accident just up
the street and the ONE time emergency personell respond to an accident in 
Grand Theft Auto, there is a firetruck there.  Climb in Louise's car and 
drive up the road to grab the truck.  Once you and Louise are in the truck,
head quickly over to the brothel.  You have a meter on your screen 
indicating the health of your hookers, and you need to get the fires out 
before they die.  When you arrive, push as many of the cars away from the 
building as possible with the fire truck.  When they explode, they do even 
more damage to the building, so getting them away or put out before they 
explode is the way to go here.  Using the square button, use the trucks hose
to put out the fires indicated by the pink arrows.  When you have the fires
steaming a lot, you are making progress.  Get all the fires with the arrows 
over them put out and you will have saved the building, but you are not done
yet.  Louise points out that the arsonist is running away.  Chase after him
but do it carefully, as he is carrying (and throwing) molotov cocktails.  If
you've got a long distance weapon at this point, you can auto target him and
take him down as he runs up onto the roof of the nearby building.  Get after
him and take him down any way you can.  I chased him up onto the building, 
and apparently I either just got really lucky or his aim sucks because I 
avoided his molotovs and quickly shot him with the shotgun.  The mission is
a success when he is dead.

Reward:  $300

b.  "Robbing The Cradle"

A social worker is threatening to take away Louise's baby unless she slips 
him a little lovin' on the side.  She doesn't much like the idea so she sent
a few goons after him to take him out.  Realizing this wasn't such a good 
idea, she has called on you to help her out.  You need to stop the goons 
from killing the social worker, and then scare the social worker.  Follow 
the markers on your radar to catch up to the group.  At this point, the 
goons are the red markers and the social worker is the blue.  The social 
worker also has a health meter on the screen and you need to keep an eye on
it to make sure he doesn't die.  Ram, shoot, spin, driveby or whatever you 
have to do to stop the truck with the goons in it.  When their vehicle is 
on fire, they will get out and be on foot.  They MUST be killed in order to 
move on to the next part of this mission, so don't just leave them behind.
Run them over or shoot them, but make them dead.  When they are, the social
workers marker on the radar now becomes red.  Now chase the social worker.
The object here is to scare him, NOT kill him.  Keep ramming his car until 
he finally gives up and tells you he will leave her alone.  You can shoot 
the car to make the process go a little faster, but use this sparingly 
because you don't want the car to blow up.  When the social worker caves in,
the mission is complete and you have done all the missions for Louise you 
are ever going to do.  Lance's mission marker will now reappear on the map.

Reward:  $300

*   3.  Umberto Robina                          *

a.  "Nice Package"

You get your introduction into the Cuban lifestyle by meeting with Umberto 
at his house in Little Havana.  He wants you to pick up a package downtown 
and deliver it for him.  He's going to send his friend Juan with you to keep
an eye on things.  Climb in the Cuban Hermes out front and get ready for one
hell of a race.  It seems you are not the only one trying to pick up this 
package.  A couple of other cars take off down the street ahead of you and 
this game is for keeps.  You are racing against the other cars to get to 
the package first.  If you can get close enough to the other cars, Juan will
shoot at them, but they will be shooting back as well.  It's best just to 
pick the quickest route to the package and start heading that way, although
you will most likely not be the first one to pick up the package.  If you 
choose to take the quickest route into downtown, it is likely that you will
soon face the package in one of the other cars coming straight at you.  Now
you have to try to stop the other car.  To your benefit, the remaining car 
that does not have the package will also be focused on stopping that car as
well, but you don't want them to get it either.  Get the car with the 
package stopped and the guys in the car will jump out.  The guy carrying the
package will have an arrow over his head, so run him over or shoot him or 
whatever you want to do, but when he is dead, grab that package (now 
indicated by a green arrow when nobody has it).  You may very well find 
yourself in a foot race with the other guys, so get to it fast and keep your
finger on a trigger of some sort.  When you've got the package, climb in to 
the nearest car and take off for the ports as fast as you can.  Hit a Pay N
Spray if you feel the need, but if you've got a straight shot south, I'd 
take it and get to the marker inside the enterance to the ports.  Get the 
package to the marker and you have successfully completed the mission.

Reward:  $750

b.  "Balls"

You're going to help Umberto and his boys show the Cholos what it's like to 
"have a set".  The Cholos are out causing havoc in Umberto's neighborhood
and you are going to drive them out.  To help you out, Umberto gives you two
of his men to take with you.  There is an SMG outside the house at the 
beginning of this mission if you need it, and a four-seater car parked 
across the street for you to use.  A havoc meter appears on the screen and 
you need to drive out the Cholos before it fills.  Head to the first marker
that appears on the radar and you'll find a group of Cholos raising hell.
Stay in the car if you can help it to avoid damage, shoot or run down the 
Cholos until they are all gone.  Your help does a pretty good job as well.
The next set of Cholos will be in a car.  You'll have to chase them down, 
let your help shoot them and give them a hand by shooting out the window at
them as well.  Change cars if you need to if you've taken a lot of damage.
Your next marker will be another set of Cholos on foot, repeat the procedure
you did for the first group.  This will be followed by one more group in a 
car and then a final set on foot again.  When all five sets of Cholos have 
been taken out, you have successfully driven them out of Umberto's turf and
you will successfully end the mission when you return Umberto's men to his 

Reward:  $800

c.  "Papi Don't Screech"

Umberto's dad has just left a wrestling match at the arena and rumor has it
that some Cholos are headed that way to give Umberto a little payback.  You 
need to take Umberto's car and head up there to pick up Alberto before the 
Cholos can take him out.  Head quickly up to the stadium (you must be in 
Umberto's car) and drive into the marker to pick up Alberto.  Alberto has 
to open his store on time because he has NEVER opened late, but you must 
be careful because Alberto has a bad heart and he can't tolerate bad and 
erratic driving.  You have 6 game hours to get Alberto to the deli and a 
stress meter appears on the screen.  If the stress meter starts to fill, 
then you are driving too fast or too badly and you need to slow down.  When
you resume normal driving the stress meter will drop back down.  To make 
things even more difficult, there will be Cholos parked at various places 
along the path to the deli that are looking for you.  If you are driving 
slowly, you should get plenty of warning on your radar before you get to 
them which should be enough time to find an alternate path around them.  As 
you take the main drag south, you can look for alleyways to get around the 
Cholos (I found three sets as I headed south), or you can do what I did and 
get all the way east by the sea wall and follow it south.  You'll be able 
to see the Cholos up on the street, but there is a good chance that they 
wont see you.  If they do, you are far enough away that you can just take 
a burst of speed and they will quickly disappear off the radar.  This will
raise Alberto's stress meter a bit, but you'll have plenty of time to slow 
down and let it drop again.  When you get down far enough, turn right at 
the police station and just follow this road up and around to get to the 
marker at the deli.  If you are watching your radar you will see that by 
doing this, you are bypassing a group of Cholos on the other block and they 
will never see you go by.  Get Alberto to the deli in time and the mission 
is complete.

Reward:  $1000

d.  "Havana Good Time"

The Cholos have a little deal struck with your old buddy Martinez and 
Umberto wants you to put a stop to it.  Head to the warehouse in Little 
Haiti.  There is a small alley in the corner of this warehouse, and walking
through it will get you to the rear area where there are several guards 
waiting around.  You need to kill all of the guards that now appear as red 
markers on your radar.  (NOTE:  Doing this mission late in the day when the
sun is setting in the west makes this mission VERY difficult to do.  The sun
seems to be constantly in your face and you can see very little.)  When all 
the guards outside are dead, you will let in two vans with Umberto's men in
them.  They will begin loading weapons into the vans.  As they are loading,
Cholos will appear here and there to try to stop the theft of the weapons.
Kill the Cholos as they appear.  Sometimes they appear alond, and sometimes 
in groups of two or three.  There is armor and health available in here (you
can't miss it) if you need it.  When Umberto's men have loaded enough into 
the vans, they will both get in one of the vans and drive off.  It's going 
to be your job to take the other one.  Kill as many Cholos as necessary to 
get the van out of the gate with minimal damage.  Do NOT stand around and 
try to kill them all!  They will keep spawning and you could be in there 
killing Cholos until you're out of ammo.  Get a path cleared, jump in the 
van and get the hell out of there.  It isn't going to get any easier from 
here, so I would recommend that you pause and give your map a once over.
Commit the quickest path back to Umberto's house to memory and resume the 
game when you are ready.  You will be hassled by Cholos all the way back to
the house and you have nobody with you to help you out.  Using the drive by
method of shooting makes the van impossible to steer (damn PSP!), so trying
to shoot them will just slow you down.  Attempt to visit a Pay N Spray ONLY
IF YOU HAVE TO, because trying to otherwise is pretty much suicide.  When 
you get close to Umberto's house, they will back off a bit and you can drive
into the marker.  With that the mission is done and so is your employ with 
Umberto Robina.  The "cuban Style" outfit is now unlocked in your wardrobe.

Reward:  $1500

*   4.  Lance Vance Part 2                      *

a.  "The Audition"

Lance has a little job you guys can do.  It's nothing major and should be 
real simple.  Get used to hearing that kind of thing and expect the polar 
opposite once the job begins.  You're just going to go down and pick up a 
buddy's car.  Grab the Cheetah nearby and drive a short way down the street
to the King Knuts donut shop.  Go in the store where Lance will get his 
phone call telling him where the car is.  When the phone call is over, three
guys walk in and rob the place.  (Suddenly you're not holding a weapon any 
more, so don't be surprised.  It's still in your inventory, the game just 
suddenly decided to make you empty handed.)  Of course Lance is an idiot in 
this game and he decides to whip out a gun and deliver his own justice to 
the robbers.  Too bad he sucks at it.  Pull out your best weapon and kill 
the three robbers before they kill your poor, stupid brother.  When the 
robbers have been eliminated, the police have been alerted to the attempted 
robbery and are waiting outside.  Of course they don't know any better and 
they believe that you and Lance are the robbers, so you now have a wanted 
level and find yourself surrounded.  Run the hell away as quick as you can 
and grab the closest NON POLICE vehicle you can find.  (A police vehicle 
will be no good to you if you want to hit a Pay N Spray on your way to the 
next marker.  You have to get to the Port Authority building at the south 
end of the island.  They will be destroying the car in 6 game hours and you 
have to get it before it is destroyed.  Drive straight east down the road
from the donut shop and turn right when you reach the police station.  You
now have a straight shot all the way to the ports with a Pay N Spray along
the way that you can pull into to lose the heat.  Once you've lost the 
police and made it to your destination, you'll find yourself at the bottom 
of a set of stairs.  There is a Sanchez dirt bike parked there, so jump on 
it.  Drive the bike up the stairs to the roof.  Head west across the roof
at a high rate of speed and hit the ramp at the end of the roof.  Hit it 
fast enough and you will leap across to the roof of the building across the
street, and also get credit for completing a Unique Jump.  At the north end
of the roof, there is a set of stairs that you can drive down into the 
impound yard.  When you reach the impound yard, it will be littered with 
guards that aren't happy to see you.  Shoot them all if you have time and 
work your way to the other end of the impound yard to collect the target 
car.  Once you've killed everything in your way, get in the car and you'll
get a new marker on the radar where there is a ramp that you can jump to get
out of the impound yard.  Drive over that way, get lined up with the ramp 
quickly and speed towards it.  Ignore the guards at the bottom of the ramp 
because you'll just run them down on your way over.  When the car is over 
and out of the impound yard, the mission is over and Lance will take the car
and leave you standing there without a ride again.  You seem to get stuck in
that position a lot in this game.  After a page from Lance, you will now 
have a mission marker on your map for Bryan Forbes.  Completing this mission
also unlocks the "Civil Asset Forfeiture Compound" which you can read more 
about in the Side Tasks section of this walkthrough.

Reward:  $750

*   5.  Bryan Forbes                            *

a.  "Money For Nothing"

Begin this mission by entering Forbes' marker behind the Ammu Nation in 
downtown.  There is a van full of drugs that the DEA is watching and the 
three of you are going to steal it right out from under their noses.  Climb 
into the nearby Sentinal and Lance and Bryan will climb in with you.  Head 
south to the decoy van parked in a small parking lot across the road from 
the fire station.  Climb in the van and of course, Lance and Bryan will 
climb in with you.  Now head down to the warehouse in Little Haiti and pull 
in to the marker there.  You will get a short cut scene in which the three 
of you will paint the van to match the one with the drugs.  Lance has no 
balls, so he is going to drive the van with the drugs in it, while you take 
the decoy van and get all the police to chase you to the south end of the 
island.  You want to leave the building and start heading south as quickly 
as you can.  I got on the main road and made my way to an empty parking lot
behind the trailer park where Marty used to live.  You have to KEEP the 
wanted level until Lance can get the other van safely to its destination.
There is a meter on the screen showing you how close Lance is to the lockup
with the van.  When the meter has filled, Lance has reached the lockup and 
you can look for the nearest Pay N Spray to lose the wanted level.  Finding
the hidden parking lot seemed to be an effective method of keeping the cops 
away from me while maintaining the wanted level.  If you are found, just 
move on and find yourself another alley or something similar to creep into. 
Just make sure you have an exit so you don't inadverdently get boxed in.  
Once Lance has reached the lockup and you have lost the wanted level, the 
mission is complete.  Lance's mission icon will now appear at the arena.

Reward:  $1500

*   6.  Lance Vance Part 3                      *

a.  "Caught As An Act"

You head over to meet up with Lance at the arena because he told you that he
doesn't trust Forbes.  When you arrive, instead of finding Lance, you find 
Forbes.  Lance shows up in just a moment and sticks a gun in Forbes face
accusing him of being a cop.  Forbes confesses this to be true but that he 
had no intention of turning you guys in.  While you ponder the complete 
stupidity of this statement, Forbes runs off, grabs Lance's car and beats it 
out of there.  Of course whatever vehicle you drove to this little shindig 
is gone, so you'll have to run over and grab the Cheetah parked near the 
arena stairs.  Make sure Lance gets in the car with you or you'll leave him 
behind and fail the mission.  Now you have to chase down Forbes and get him
out of the car.  As an interesting twist, the car is full of your money, and
the first time you hit the car, the money will start to blow out of the car.
Now you'll have a cash meter appear on the screen, and you want to get this 
car stopped before the cash is all gone.  Just to be a pain in the ass, the
pedestrians will start running after the money coming out of the car and 
will often get in your way.  Running over many of them will, of course, 
increase your wanted level and we just don't want that, now do we?  You have
to hit the car Forbes is in as many times as possible WITHOUT blowing it up.
Forbes is not going to get out of this car on his own power, even if it's on
fire, and if Forbes dies, you fail the mission.  The more you damage the car
the slower it will go, so the object here is to damage it enough that you 
can get ahead of him and block his path, which will give you time to run 
after him and yank him from the car.  Drag him out of the car before the 
cash meter runs out, and you have successfully completed the mission and got
yourself a hostage.  Lance's mission marker will appear back at the hotel 
and Forbes' marker now appears across the street from the brothel.  Let's 
finish up with Forbes so we can move on with our lives.

Reward:  $750

*   7.  Bryan Forbes Part 2                     *

a.  "Leap And Bound"

Since Forbes seems to have no other option at this point, he going to help 
you out by giving you some contact info.  While you and Lance go check it 
out, he will be invited to stay in the new digs you guys have set up for 
him.  This is supposed to appear as a one man operation, so Lance will go 
meet with the dealer and you will watch the transaction from a nearby roof
with binoculars.  Lance's amazing wit and charm will of course get him 
knocked unconsious and dragged onto the dealer's boat.  Grab your vehicle 
and head south down the island.  You are going to the large boat that is 
parked on the east side of the island down by the ports.  As you approach 
the entrance to the ports, but before you pass through them, look to your 
left and you will see a ramp.  This is the ONLY way onto the boat, so if 
your car isn't fast enough, there should be a Comet parked somewhere near 
the ramp.  Angle your car so that it will land aboard the boat.  Doing so 
will give you credit for yet another of your Unique Jumps.  There is one 
guard patrolling on the outside part of the boat, and chances are pretty 
good that you nailed him with the car when you landed on the boat.  On the 
off chance that you didn't, be aware that he may be around.  

Enter the boat through the blue marker and you will encounter 1 guard as 
soon as you walk through the door.  Walk straight ahead and look over the 
railing and you will see Lance tied up down below with 3 guards.  Shoot the 
guards from up here.  Backtrack a little bit and look for a path to the 
stairs to your right to get to the lower portion of the boat.  You will 
encounter 2 more guards on your way down to Lance.  When you arrive at Lance
you will get a brief cutscene as you untie him and then Lance will take off 
to find some transportation while you stay on board and collect the 
merchandise you came for.  Lance always takes the simple shit.  The first 
package you will grab will be up on the balcony where you were standing when
you shot the three guys that were guarding Lance.  (It really would have 
saved you a lot of trouble if it had been there to begin with).  There will 
be two guards when you get back to the top, so be sure and take them out 
before you grab the contraband.  Once you have that package, you'll be 
informed that the rest of the contraband is outside on the ship's deck.  
Head back out and be prepared to meet up with one guard.  Take him down and
make your way carefully up the stairs right next to you.  Watch for guards 
as you climb up these catwalks and walk carefully around the corners, ready
to shoot if necessary.  There are several guards up there and they are all 
protecting the packages of contraband.  There are a total of 3 packages up 
on these catwalks.  When you have made your way to the top and retrieved all
3 of those packages, look to the north end of the ship.  The 5th and final 
package is at the bow of the ship with a few more guards around it.  Take 
out as many of the guards as you can from up here.  When you've done all you
can, head back down to the deck and run up to the bow.  Kill anybody and 
everybody you find up there and grab the last package.  You get off the boat
the same way you got on, sort of.  There is a Sanchez leaning against a 
ventilation shaft on the west side of the boat.  Grab it, back up a bit and
use the ventilation shaft as a ramp to launch over the side and back on dry 
land somewhere near the ramp you used to get on the ship.  Go to the marker
to talk to Lance . . . .and get left standing there without a ride again.

Reward:  $1500

b.  "The Bum Deal"

I suppose that since the last deal Forbes told you about went so well, you 
decide to take his advice again and follow another lead.  This time you're 
using intel that Lance picked up by searching Forbes' apartment.  Let's take
another look at the source of where THIS information is coming from and you
will see why I have a hard time believing it.  You're going to head up to 
the "White Stallions" bar which is just west of your current location.  It 
turns out to be a biker bar and there are many bikers standing outside.  (I
was a little nervous at this point because I had stopped playing the 
missions a while back and taken over ALL of the empire businesses on this 
half of the map and the bikers were not pleased with me)  For the moment, 
the guys outside leave you alone, so use this opportunity to use the drive 
by technique to put them all to permanent sleep.  You'll be glad you did 
this later.   When they are all gone, you enter the bar.  When you get 
inside you find out that this is not your ordinary biker bar.  When you 
control again, you'll be attacked by about 9 bar patrons.  Defend yourself
and Lance and kill everyone that comes after you.  When they are all dead, 
it's time to go back and have a little chat with Forbes.  Hopefully you got
everyone outside taken care of before you came in, but be alert for any 
stragglers.  Get in a vehicle and head back to where you have Forbes stashed.
As you approach, you'll see Forbes escaping on a moped.  It's time to do 
what you should have done all along, kill Forbes.  Chase after him in your 
vehicle, and be careful because he has aquired an SMG and he'll be using it
against you.  Knock his silly ass off that moped, step out of the car and 
fill him full of lead.  With Forbes dead, you can now take Lance back to his
hotel and end the mission.

Reward:  You got to kill a guy just to watch him die.

*   8.  Lance Vance Part 4                      *

a.  "Snitch Hitch"

You get quick view of Lance and Vic's mom.  Good thing she's not around too 
often and explains a lot why Lance is such an idiot.  At any rate, you need 
to get lance to the airport to get some files related to the shipment that 
Lance read about in Forbes' apartment.  It also gets you away from that 
conversation that was most uncomfortable.  At least you got mom to stay with
Lance.  You've got 3 game hours to get to the airport, and you'll not 
experience any interference along the way, so as long as you don't screw 
yourself over, you should make it in plenty of time.  When you get there, 
the marker you need to get to will be inside the airport terminal.  As you
enter the terminal, the metal detector will strip you of all your weapons 
and line them up outside the door.  Go in to the marker and you'll find that
someone has beat you to the files, and they are about to take off in a 
jet that is currently parked on the flight line just to the north of the 
terminal.  Head back out of the terminal.  IMPORTANT!!  DON'T FORGET TO PICK
over to the marker on the far north side of the airport.  It's the part 
inside the wall right across from the Army base.  Use the diagonal access
road that runs over the top of the recessed roads to get to it.  You can see
from a pretty good distance the red arrows over the heads of the enemies.  
If by some chance you have a sniper rifle, take this opportunity to make 
short work of all these guards without ever getting a scratch.  If not, just
walk forward close enough so you can start targeting the guards with whatever
high powered automatic rifle I know you are carrying on a regular basis by 
now.  The other option is just to speed on down there and mow as many of 
them over with a car as you can before they blow it up, then get out and 
wipe out the stragglers with your weapon of choice.  When all the guards are
dead, Lance will get in the plane to retrieve the papers and leave you 
outside to deal with the 4 bikers that have arrives to try to get the papers
as well.  As long as you've got that high powered weapon still, or a shotgun
works real well here too, it shouldn't be too much of a problem to take out
all 4 of these guys.  When all the bikers are dead, Lance will conveniently 
have found the papers and exit the plane, thus ending the mission.

Reward:  $1000

b.  "From Zero To Hero"

Lance has some good intel from the paperwork you just obtained.  You're 
going to intercept a large shipment of Martinez's drugs.  Ah, sweet sweet
revenge!  Climb in a vehicle and head over to the marker at the docks in 
Little Haiti.  Once again, you have to protect Lance, who talks a lot of 
shit, but is about as useful as a grease fitting on a bowling ball.  Work 
your way down the docks and take out all the guards down here.  some are 
hiding behind crates and stuff, and they don't really come out, so you'll 
have to reposition yourself to get a shot at them.  When all the guards are
gone, Lance will get in one of the 5 ton trucks and you will get in the 
other.  Martinez does a flyby in a Hunter helicopter overhead, so you know
this little trip is going to get interesting.  Stay as close to Lance as you
can.  He is going to be heading for the south bridge over to the other 
island.  That's right, it's time to unlock more real estate!  You will be 
persued during this trip by a couple of Sentinals that will be doing their 
best to stop you.  The trucks are pretty tough though, so just focus on 
following Lance.  Trying to drive by the attacking cars will just cause more
trouble than it will alleve.  When you reach the bridge, the cars will back 
off and now you will have Martinez overhead in the Hunter.  Pay attention to
what he is doing and you'll never take a shot from him.  Stay in one lane
and Martinez will get over top of you.  As soon as he starts blasting away,
quickly switch over to the other lane.  Repeat this all the way across the 
bridge and he'll never touch you.  Get to the other side of the bridge and 
there will be a large gathering of police waiting for your arrival.  This 
will cause Martinez to back off and go away, but now you have this 4 star 
wanted level to deal with.  Keep following Lance and dodge the police 
vehicles as best you can.  Obviously a Pay N Spray is out of the question, 
so just keep forging forward.  Your final destination is the large house 
on the southern tip of this island that has the helipad next to it.  When 
you arrive there, you'll pull into the garage and the mission will be over.
Completing this mission unlocks a whole bunch of stuff, not the least of 
which is access to everything on the map, and the ability to find and 
utilize helicopters and planes  --  the world of flight has been opened up
for you.  Also unlocked is a new save house on this side of the map.  It's 
called the Clymenus Suite and is found about halfway up the island.  You 
have also unlocked the ability to purchase the Splitz-6 ATV at the Compound
save house over on the other island.  Get the most out of all the save 
houses you now have because it's all your going to get for the rest of the
game.  I generally used the save markers in my empire businesses anyway.

Reward:  $3000

***    C.  CHAPTER 3                                            ***

*   1.  Lance Vance Part 5                      *

a.  "Brown Of The Dead"

Lance has a buyer for the drugs, but you've got to get moving because he 
won't be there for long.  You have 6 game hours to drive up to Vice Point 
Mall at the north end of your newly opened island.  There aren't any 
obstacles along the way, so you should have no problem making it.  When you 
arrive you find that Spitz, the movie director is your buyer and he will go
discuss the deal with Lance but he needs a stunt man for his movie so he 
can finish before the mall opens.  Lance will be talking with Spitz and 
making the deal, and you will get stuck with the shit work of being the 
stunt man.  In your first task (yes, there are two) you are in a kiosk with
an actress.  You both have shotguns with unlimited ammo and zombies are 
closing in on all sides. (reminded me of Dead Rising, which I HATED!  Waste 
of a perfectly good blank DVD.)  A gore meter will appear on the screen and 
you must keep it filled.  Shoot any and all zombies as they approach the 
kiosk.  The closer they get, the more the gore meter will drop, so don't let
them get too close.  Keep shooting and keep taking down zombies and if you 
make it through the time without emptying the gore meter, the task will be 
complete.  In the next part of the task, you will be upstairs standing 
outside of the record store.  You will be alone this time and armed with a 
Katana sword.  Zombies will try to enter the store, but you have to keep 
them out with the sword.  Continue killing zombies without letting any of 
them enter the store until the timer runs out and you have completed the 
task.  The only thing left to do is drive Lance back to his house.  (Did you
happen to notice that you're doing all the work and Lance gets the nice 
house while you got stuck with that fucking hotel room?)  You arrive to find
that your mom has split with all the drugs.  This is not good news.  The 
"Pastel Suit" is now unlocked in your wardrobe and a new mission marker 
appears on the map for Reni Wassulmaier.

Reward:  $850

b.  "Blitzkrieg"

In order for you to do this mission, you must have control of at LEAST five 
businesses.  If you are like me, you went and took over all of the empire 
businesses as soon as the island became available, so at this point I had 
but one of them and that one is unavailable for reasons that will become 
apparent later on.  If you don't have enough businesses when you enter the
marker for this mission, you will get a cut scene where Lance tells you to 
get busy working on your empire.

If you are ready for this mission, the task is pretty simple.  Lance will 
head off to defend one of your businesses that is under attack.  As a rule, 
it always seems to be the business that is closest to Lance's house, so if 
you are thinking ahead, you will have aquired the business just up the road 
from Lance's house just past the Ammu Nation.  (Since all businesses also 
have save points, this is a good one to have so you can save just before 
doing a Lance mission.)  Hopefully you have a lot of ammo in a high powered
weapon.  When you arrive, Lance's health meter will appear on the screen 
and you must protect him and your business from what seems like never ending
waves of attackers.  They will come at you from all sides, so keep an eye 
on your radar for red markers that may (and will) appear behind you.  Use 
caution not to shoot Lance or any of your gang members.  Lance has to stay 
alive in order for you to pass the mission, your gang members do not but 
they are at least proving themselves useful.  Near the end of the attack, 
carloads of attackers will start to arrive and you will have to kill each 
carload.  When 4 or 5 carloads have attacked and you have killed them all, 
the attackers will soon stop coming and the business will be saved.  You 
will get a page when all is done and the Armando and Diego Mendez mission 
strand will become available on your map.

Reward:  $500

*   2.  Reni Wassulmaier                        *

a.  "Accidents Will Happen"

Reni is without question, the most colorful character you have ever met in 
ANY GTA game, both in appearance and in personality.  I would enjoy watching
him (and yes, at the moment, it is a "him") on a movie screen or television
show, but I couldn't be in the same room with him for more than five minutes
without wanting to kill him.  Reni's stunt driver has quit, and he needs 
someone to drive for him.  Get in the Cheetah that is provided for you and
head for the new marker on the map indicating the starting line.  When you 
begin, Reni will be following overhead filming from a helicopter.  You must 
speed through the markers that will appear in front of you in very short 
intervals.  Each of these checkpoints will add a little bit of time to the 
timer that is running for this task.  You will also have an action meter on 
the screen that you will try to keep full by hitting cars and going over 
jumps.  After you have passed through the second checkpoint, you will come 
upon the first car that is available to hit.  They will always be coming 
right at you and will always have a red arrow over them.  Hitting them does
not damage your car, but they will instantly burst into a fireball.  Follow
this course as quickly as you can and hit every car you can to keep the 
meter full.  Keep an eye on the radar to watch where the next checkpoint 
will be so you don't get too far off course.  When you near the southern end
of the island, the course will take a sharp right turn into an narrow alley.
As soon as you turn into the alley, hit the gas as hard as you can so you 
can hit the ramp at the other end at top speed.  Doing so will give you a 
cut scene showing your car going through the window of the building and 
landing in someones apartment.  When you see this, the mission is complete.

Reward:  $850

*   3.  Armando and Diego Mendez                *

a.  "The Mugshot Longshot"

Since Lance has put you in such a deeply bad position with the Mendez 
Brothers, you are now going to have to convince them somehow that the Vance
Brothers are not the ones to be angry at.  You need to convince them that 
Jerry Martinez is working for the DEA, true or not.  Grab one of the 
Sentinal XS parked outside the mansion and head to the marker near the 
police station in Washington Beach.  When you get there, get out of the car
but stay close to it.  The camera is automatically chosen from your 
inventory.  Use the R button to look through the viewfinder, then the X and
square buttons to zoom in and out.  When Martinez gets in the car with the 
agent, zoom in tight on the two of them through the windshield.  If you have
not zoomed in close enough when you snap the picture, you will get a message
telling you that you need to try again.  When you have a good picture, jump
back in your car and get ready to follow the agent and Martinez to their 
next destination.  Don't lose the car or let it get too far away and don't 
get too close to them or you will spook them and fail the mission.  They are
headed to the Marina.  When they get there, pull up outside the pier and get
out and walk to the next marker just on the pier.  Use the same procedure to
snap another picture of Martinez and the agent.  When the picture is 
successful Martinez will see you taking pictures and they will take off.  
You will now have a 4 star wanted level for interfering with the DEA.  Run 
off the pier and grab a vehicle.  The PCJ is perfect if it is sitting there 
in its usual spawn point, just be careful NOT to grab the DEA Cheetah since
it will not work in a Pay N Spray.  Grab the PCJ and take the path right 
behind you up to the main road in front of the Marina and check your map to 
quickly make it to the Pay N Spray that is just one block to the east of you
to lose the wanted level.  When all is clear, head down to Lance's house to
grab Forbes' DEA ID badge.  When you have everything you need, head back 
over to the other island and take everything to the Print Works now marked 
on your map.  If you played the original Vice City, you'll remember that the
Print Works is the site you took over to make counterfeit money.  When you 
arrive at the Print Works, the mission is complete.

Reward:  You didn't have to deal with Lance during this mission.

b.  "Hostile Takeover"

The Mendez Brothers aren't happy with the amount of money one of their 
businesses has been bringing in.  They want you to go down and take it over
so it will make some more money.  If you have tried to take over all the 
businesses before getting to this mission, this is the ONE site it would not
let you take over, and now you know why.  Head over to this business just 
south of Vice Point Mall.  Approach cautiously because as you get near you 
will see the many red arrows appear in the distance, and you know this is 
never a good sign.  You need to kill all the bikers that are protecting this
site, and for a medium sized business, there are quite a few of them.  If 
you have a high powered assault weapon like the AK-47 or the M-16, you 
shouldn't have too much of a problem taking people out, but your antics are 
sure to attract police attention and they WILL show up at this very visible 
location.  Be careful not to shoot them unless you have to when they just 
wont leave you alone.  If you need it, there is some armor behind the nearby
hotel.  If you really need to, before all the bikers are dead, you CAN leave
the scene and lose a wanted level or grab some health and armor without any
penalty, and return to the scene to finish them off.  When all the bikers 
appear to be dead, a small pack of them will take off on bikes.  Grab one of
the bikes belonging to one of the dead guys and give chase.  A bike is best 
here because you can shoot forward, making your killing much safer.  Work 
your way through the pack of bikers killing them all as you go.  When the 
last biker is down and out, you own the business and the mission is complete.

Reward:  $1000

c.  "Unfriendly Competition"

Mendez tells you that some unwanted competition has moved in to Vice City 
and he would very much like it if you would eliminate that competition.  
Grab one of the cars in front of the mansion and head toward the first mark
that appears on your radar.  This mission starts off fairly easy, and 
quickly turns in to a nightmare before its over, so make sure your health 
and armor is full and you have PLENTY of assault rifle ammo.  As you get 
close to the first marker, look to see where all of your marks are located.
If you are quick enough not to get the car blown to bits, you can get most,
if not all of these targets by sweeping past in a single drive by.  If you 
don't get them all, just get out of the car and take out the stragglers from
a distance with an assault rifle.  When those guys are out, you'll get a new
marker over at the hotel to take out the second dealer.  This is where it's
going to get hairy, so be sure you are loaded up and protected before going
in to the marker there.  When you enter, you'll be treated to a view of all
the lovely ladies in bikinis sunning themselves by the pool.  You will 
confront the dealer and he will run away leaving you with all the lovely 
ladies who are now heavily armed and ready to make hamburger out of you.  
AS SOON AS YOU HAVE CONTROL run and jump into the drained pool that you are
standing in the midst of.  Don't do this and the ladies will saw you in half
before you can pull a trigger.  You are severely outnumbered here, so it's 
no place to screw around.  Once you are in the pool and behind the relative 
safety of the pool wall, you have a little breathing room.  The girls don't 
really run after you to hunt you down much.  They mostly stand in one place
and splatter your general vicinity with bullets, so stay out of view.  Your 
first order of business should be the girl high up on the diving board.  You
have time to take out the sniper rifle and take her out if you have one, but
once she is down, switch back to the assault rifle.  Now take out any girls 
that are in the drained pool with you and any that pop up behind you.  Keep 
an eye on your radar because as more spawn (and they will) they often pop
up behind you and these are the most dangerous to you.  Once you are in 
relative safety, then you can walk around the pool to a more shallow area 
and begin picking off the rest of the girls.  Use the pool wall to slip back
behind and take a breath if you need to and always always always watch the
radar to make sure you get anyone that sneaks up behind you.  It will seem 
like the girls will never stop spawning, but I promise you they will.
Eventually you will see that the number of girls has trickled down to 3 or 4
and you'll know you are close.  After all that mayhem is over, you are sadly
not done with the mission yet.  The dealer takes off across the beach on a 
quad and you have to chase after him and kill him.  There is another quad 
for you to grab.  Hop on it and take off after him.  There are more girls in
a helicopter chasing after you, but they never really catch up to you so 
they aren't really an issue.  Focus on the dealer and the guard he has 
riding on the back.  The guard is shooting at you, so use your ability to 
shoot forward to quickly remove him from the scene.  The dealer has a health
meter that appears on the screen.  Drain it as quickly as possible because 
in addition to everything else you've had to deal with during this mission, 
he is also lobbing grenades over his shoulder as you chase him.  He is 
making his way toward a boat on the north end of the beach, but if you have 
the ammunition and the persistance, he won't even come close to making it.
Shoot him until his health meter drains (and I had it drained so fast I 
didn't even see it fall) and he'll fall off the bike dead.  When he does, 
this nightmare is finally over.  In addition to your monetary reward, you 
unlock a purchasable quad at the same spot you picked up the one you are on
behind the hotel.

Reward:  $1500

d.  "High Wire"

If you are good at piloting a helicopter in GTA, then this mission is going
to be a welcome relief after the last one.  Head over to the marker in 
Little Haiti to meet up with Diego and receive your instructions.  If you 
are a little lost, the marker is just inside the entrance to the junk yard 
that you had to rush to in the original Vice City to save Lance.  (Seems to 
be a theme, saving Lance's ass, huh?)  You will be given a helicopter fitted
with a large magnet.  Climb in the chopper and take off headed toward the 
marker down south in the ports.  This first pick up is pretty uneventful, 
just lower the helo down over the container and when the magnet is close 
enough the container will latch on.  When it does, pull up and fly away.
Take the container to the cargo bay now marked on the map.  To release the 
container, simply lower it into the yellow marker and it will detach when 
you are close enough to the ground.  The second container is going to be a 
little more challenging as it is on the back of a moving vehicle.  You have 
to snag this container before the truck reaches the police station in Little
Havana, and by the time you fly to it, it's not going to be far from it.
The truck frequently pauses which gives you a good opportunity to grab the 
container, and this game seems to be much more forgiving about rotor blades
going through tree limbs and power lines.  Unless you actually hit the tree 
trunk itself or the light pole itself, it seems to let you get away with 
flying through everything else.  Catch up with the truck as quick as you can
so you have some time.  (When I caught up to it, it was going east down the
hill coming from the hotel by the airport and came to a stop at the 
intersection to turn left onto the main road.  I snagged it while it was
waiting to turn).  Try to get the magnet as flat as you can on the container
and it will soon pick it up.  As soon as you have it latched on, pull up 
and out of the area to avoid colliding with further obstacles and destroying
your helo.  Take this container to the same place you took the first one and
drop it off.

There is one last pickup to make, only this time it's not a container, it is
Diego Mendez and his car.  He is being persued by angry bikers and he needs
you to come and pull him out before he gets killed.  A damage meter appears
on the screen to indicate the health of Diego's car.  It is already starting
to get beat up and he is way over on the other side of the map, so fly your 
brains out straight east.  He is on a set route, so your best bet to pick 
him up is going to be on the wide road that runs along the beach on the 
east side of the east island.  The road is wide and has few obstacles, so it
should make it easy to get him picked up.  If you fly fast and straight, you
will more than likely make it to this road before he does and knowing that 
he will be coming from the north end heading south will help too so you 
don't start at the wrong end of the road.  When he appears with his bikers 
in tow, make sure you are facing south along with him and get lined up over
his car.  Lower the magnet onto his roof and as soon as he is latched on, 
lift quickly up and out to get him away from the bikers.  The damage meter 
will remain on the screen, so I recommend you don't slam the car into 
buildings on your way over to the parking deck you are going to place him 
on.  The yellow marker for the drop off point will be on the top level of 
a parking deck located not far from where you picked him up, very close to
the Pole Position strip club (although I don't think it has a name on it in 
this game).  Drop him off in the same way you dropped off the containers, 
and the mission will be over.

Reward:  $1500

*   4.  Lance Vance Part 6                      *

a.  "Turn On, Tune In, Bug Out"

It would seem that the DEA is on to you guys and they have you and Lance 
bugged.  There is a way to put a stop to it and all it takes is a little 
firepower.  Head to the Ammu Nation right up the street and grab yourself
a rocket launcher.  I had enough money at this point that grabbing 4 or 5 
loads of ammo wasn't a problem either, but it was a "just in case" as you 
probably won't need the extra.  Plus it's just fun to have.  Once you are 
armed with the launcher, get back in your car and head to the back of the 
police station in Washington Beach.  You have an evidence meter that is 
slowly filling and you need to get the antennas knocked out before the meter
fills.  Each antenna you take down will slow the meter down a bit.  Get up 
on the platform where they park the police cars and take the stairs up to 
the roof.  There are two towers up here, so whip out that rocket launcher 
and blow them up.  You have a helicopter up here, and you could use that, so
be careful not to blow it up in the process.  When the towers are down, you 
have a two star wanted level, so grab the helo and take off out of there and
police units on the ground will be of no concern.  Fly over to the other 
island and land on the roof of the police station in Little Havana.  Blow up
the two antennas on this roof as well and your wanted level will go up to 
four stars.  You have a couple of options here . . .if you know where some 
police bribes are that you can either fly through or access quickly, do so
to drop your wanted level a bit to make the last part a little easier, but 
keep in mind that you probably don't have much time left at this point, so 
get back in the helo and head for the roof of the police station in downtown.
If you didn't drop your wanted level, find a clear spot and land and land 
quickly before the SWAT team shoots you out of the sky.  Get on the roof, 
get out of the helo and arm yourself with an assault rifle.  Take down any 
SWAT agents you can find.  They do not respawn, so once they are down, they 
are gone.  When the area is clear and you are able, switch to the rocket 
launcher and take down the last two towers.  You are all done now but the 
escape, as your wanted level is now maxed out.  In order to complete the 
mission you have to lose the wanted level and there are a few ways you can 
do it.  There should be a new unused helo parked on the helipad of this 
police station if the one you flew in is too badly damaged.  Grab it and 
take off, high above the ground to avoid the fire from below.  Once again, 
if you know where a few police bribes are that you can access quickly 
without getting shot down or killed, by all means do so.  The other option 
is to do what I did, which takes a little more balls but is much quicker.
Fly over to the marina on the eastern island and land on the northern end of
the marina where the PCJ spawns.  The cops tend to stick to the roads when 
they are after you unless they actually chase you into an offroad situation,
so if you approach the marina from the water, there won't be any police 
around the PCJ.  Get out of the helo quickly and hop on the PCJ.  Take the 
path that is behind you up to the street and check your map to quickly dash
over to the Pay N Spray that is just around the block.  Most of the time 
you'll be in the Pay N Spray before the police ever figure out where you 
are.  Wanted level gone, mission over.  You get a page from your good friend

Reward:  A miserable $300

*   5.  Reni Wassulmaier Part 2                 *

a.  "The Colonel's Coke"

Gonzales wants to move his stash, and he's going to need a little help to 
get it moved because Diaz doesn't want to see it happen.  Go over to the 
marker near the pier in downtown where Lance was kidnapped earlier.  You'll 
be given a Sea Sparrow helicopter and a couple of gunners to ride with you.
Your job is to follow Gonzales' boat as he travels south to the new hiding
spot.  It's going to be a fairly long trip, so keep a couple of things in 
mind.  There will always be Diaz boats chasing Gonzales, so constantly keep
an eye on his health meter that will be on the screen.  The gunners riding 
with you are AWESOME and will do a large majority of the work for you, even
though you have very powerful guns mounted on the helo (press circle to fire
them, but they only shoot straight forward).  Keep low enough so that the 
gunners can take out the persuing boats and keep moving from side to side
so that your helo is harder to hit from below.  The gunners take out the 
persuing boats pretty quickly, but you can help by using your guns to take 
out any enemies that may have camped out on bridges on the way south.  As I 
said, this will seem to be a pretty long flight, but as you near the bottom 
of the island and get ready to turn west, a helicopter will appear and 
Gonzales will stop the boat.  Get slightly above and to the side of the helo
to avoid its powerful guns.  The enemy helo will now have a damage meter on
the screen and you simply have to wear it down in order to move on.  The 
gunners do a pretty good job of eliminating the helo, but if you can get 
into a position where you are to the side of the other helo, lower yourself
level with it and lay into it with your own cannons.  The helo will soon go
down in a ball of fire and Gonzales will carry on.  Continue to follow 
Gonzales as before and very soon, he will pull in to his destination and the
cut scene will play ending the mission.

Reward:  $850

b.  "Kill Phil"

Reni's director Barry has found himself in a bit of debt.  3 million dollars
in debt actually, and the people he owes the money to are threatening to 
kill Barry's good friend who is arriving shortly.  Drive Barry over to the 
hotel on the east side of Vice Point and pick up the bulletproof limosene.
Drive the limo down to the meeting point in the grassy area on the north 
side of the road just as you approach the bridge onto Starfish Island.  Keep
the limo in good shape on the trip there.  When you arrive, Barry's friend
climbs out of a helicopter and you are suddenly ambushed.  You are now 
standing outside the limo and coming under fire.  Switch to an assault rifle
if you don't already have it.  There are only 5 or 6 of them so make quick
work of them and don't let Phil's health meter empty.  When they are gone,
climb in the limo and head south toward the new marker at the hotel by the
marina.  More attackers will come at you in vehicles, and they are pretty 
vicious, but don't waste any time trying to drive by shoot them.  Rely on 
the bulletproof abilities of the limo to get you through and just keep in 
mind that the limo is NOT crash proof, so you will still be taking damage.
Focus on getting to the marker and you should get there just fine.  When you
arrive, enjoy the cut scene indicating the end of the mission, and 
congratulate yourself because you've just saved the life of famous 80's pop
artist, Phil Collins!  (Now I feel old!  I remember buying his albums, on 

Reward:  $1000

c.  "Say Cheese"

Reni needs a stunt driver again and this one is annoying.  You're going to 
start off (yes, I did say "start off") on a jetski at the pier just behind
the movie studio.  Climb on to begin the mission and hit the first marker to
begin the countdown.  Reni will be hovering overhead in a helo being an 
annoying pain in the ass, so do your best to ignore him and hit each marker
to extend your time.  At the fourth marker you'll get to your first jump.
The thing about the jumps is that they tend to be well hidden by the markers
you are supposed to drive through and sometimes it's hard to tell when they
are coming.  If you have enough time and are lined up on the ramp, lean over
the handlebars of the jetski as you would on a motorcycle to get a little 
extra speed.  The jumps tend to be over land masses that you will get stuck 
on if you aren't going fast enough.  At one point during the course, you 
will jump into a landlocked narrow body of water in the middle of the golf 
course and you will have to quickly get yourself lined up and leaned over 
to get over the ramp at the other end of this strip of water.  If you manage
to clear over to the other side, you'll zoom across open water through a 
couple more markers and hit a final ramp that will land you on the street.

Hop off of the jetski and climb on to the PCJ with the arrow over it parked
nearby.  You now have to wind through the streets on the PCJ, hitting more 
markers as you go to keep your time up.  There aren't any jumps to go over 
or vehicles to hit on this course, so just pay attention to your radar so 
you know where the next marker will pop up.  When you get relatively close 
to Lance's house, you'll hit a green marker that will indicate the end of 
this course.  At least they put the easy part at the end of the mission.
Let's go have a relaxing game of golf with Gonzales. . . 

Reward:  $850

*   6.  Gonzales                                *

a.  "Home's On The Range"

You head over to the golf course to hit a few balls with Gonzales.  You can 
find a helo and fly in if you don't feel like leaving your weapons at the 
gate, but you won't need them here so it doesn't really matter.  Gonzales 
has strapped a disloyal friend to a bouy out in the water off the driving
range.  The bouy is rigged with explosives that will go off when the bouy is
struck with a golf ball.  With you going first, you and Gonzales are going 
to take turns hitting golf balls out over the water in an attempt to hit the
bouy.  If you've played any kind of golf video game before, they all pretty
much work this way or in a similar style.  You will get a red bar at the 
bottom of the screen with a green zone near the right side of it.  This is 
your strength bar.  To start the swing, press X and the indicator will move
across the bar, press X again to stop the indicator in the green area for an
optimal strength swing, the green marker will automatically move to the left
side of the bar and the indicator will also automatically start to move back
to the left as well.  This is your accuracy bar and again, you must hit X to
stop the indicator in the green area for optimal aim.  At this point you 
will cut scene to the ball flying towards its destination.  If your aim was
true, the ball will hit the bouy, the bouy will explode and Jesus will die,
ending the mission in your favor.  If your aim is off, you will watch your
ball splash into the water and it will be Gonzales' turn to try.  You can 
watch his swing or hit X to skip watching his turn.  If you keep missing, 
eventually Gonzales is going to hit the bouy and win and you will fail the 
mission and have to start over.  Keep in mind that the better your shots 
get, the better Gonzales' get, so if your shot misses, but is only slightly
off, there is a pretty good chance that Gonzales' next shot will win the 
contest.  Hit the bouy first and you win the contest.  Mission complete.
Lance will page you at this point to let you know that Martinez has bailed 
out on his DEA protection and is on the loose alone.  Lance's mission marker
returns on your map.

Reward:  $1000

b.  "Purple Haze"

Gonzales' mission marker has moved onto the island, so check your map to 
find it.  Gonzales' has managed to cut Diaz's coke so that he has a bit of 
a stash to sell on his own.  He wants you to drive it over to meet with some
potential buyers.  Drive to the marker that now appears in Ocean Beach 
outside the lockup where the van is store.  Get in the van and drive to the
new marker for the meet.  In the cut scene that follows, you get plowed over
by a semi that comes from out of nowhere.  You are knocked out and the coke
that hasn't been spread all over the pavement is stolen.  When you wake up, 
you find that you have been lying in a pile of spilled coke and you seem to 
be heavily under the influence of it.  Run through the alley to the marker 
that indicates the phone.  Your controls at this point are ok on foot, but 
it's about to get interesting.  When you enter the marker, you call Gonzales
and let him know about the robbery.  He wants you to hunt down the thieves 
and get his stash back.  You have about 4 game hours to complete this task.
You have a couple of options here.  There is a Sanchez parked right in front 
of you that you can take and drive the new marker on Starfish Island, 
however the effect the coke is having on your control can make the Sanchez a 
difficult vehicle to drive as you have to constantly sway your steering back 
and forth to keep up with the swimming motion effect the coke is having on 
you.  You could alternately jack a car as it goes by, which isn't any easier 
to steer, but you're not going to fall off of a car.  You could also run 
just up the street and grab the helo off the roof of the police station.  
The coke seems to have very little effect on the control of the helicopter. 
(scary thought, isn't it?)  Whatever you choose, head to the marker on the 
east side of Starfish Island.  When you arrive at the party, there will be a
swarm of partygoers that don't appreciate your presence.  Pull out your 
assault rifle and take all of them down.  Thankfully, the coke doesn't 
effect your auto aim abilities and you should be able to take them all out 
pretty quickly.  Be sure to check your radar for stragglers, then head over
to the van that was so recently stolen from you.  You have another challenge
ahead of you now.  You must drive the van through your coked out haze back
to the lockup and as if that isn't enough, you also have a two star wanted 
level.  You don't have enough time to get to a Pay N Spray, and as long 
as you match the sway of the camera as you drive, you should get to the 
lockup without too much trouble.  Just get the van into the marker before 
time runs out and the mission will come to a close.  Gonzales lets you know
that he is unhappy with your performance and that your business relationship
with him is over.  Don't worry.  This isn't the last you'll see of Gonzales.
Once again, Reni needs your help and his marker appears on your map.

Reward:  $1000

*   7.  Lance Vance Part 7                      *

a.  "Taking The Fall"

Lance's sixth sense is telling him that the bikers are responsible for coke
that has come up missing.  Unfortunately for all of us, Lance's sixth sense 
isn't worth six cents, but we're gonna go along with his little tirade 
anyway.  Climb in the helo on the helipad next to Lance's house.  Lance will
get in armed with an assault rifle.  Take off and head toward Starfish 
Island.  You will notice a balance meter on the screen, and as you tilt the
helicopter it will empty and fill.  The higher the tilt meter is, the better
Lance's aim will be.  If the meter is empty, Lance has no balance and he 
will not fire at all.  The first set of bikers will be found crossing 
Starfish Island.  Get low behind them and pull up on their left side.  Keep
the helo as steady as possible while still maintaining some forward speed.
Lance (for a change) isn't too bad at taking the bikers out, so you should 
have most of them down before they get off Starfish Island or shortly after.
The next set of bikers is on the ground around the large hotel being 
constructed just up the road towards downtown.  Fly down near the bikers 
here and maneuver the helo so that it is in a slow drift hover with Lance 
facing the bikers.  He should take them out pretty quickly, and then move 
on to the next set around the other side of the building.  When all the 
bikers on the ground are dead, you will be informed that there are more on 
the roof.  Fly back up and use the same methods to allow Lance to kill these
guys as well.  When it seems that all of them are dead, one more will pop 
out and blast the helo out of the sky.  You and Lance fall and miraculously
survive, but Lance is up in the building surrounded by bikers and you landed
on the ground in front of the hotel.  So now once again, you have to save 
Lance's ass from a situation that nobody should have been in in the first 

Watch the red markers around the hotel, and take out the 6 or 7 bikers that 
are there with you on ground level.  Use an assault rifle to cap them from 
a distance and you shouldn't take too much damage from them.  When the 
ground level guys are all gone, run up the scaffolding on the back of the 
hotel, taking out the one guard that is standing on it on the way up.  When 
you get up to the next floor, you will be in a big open room with a couple 
of pillars here and there, about 4 bikes and several bikers.  As we would 
expect, Lance's marker is in the opposite corner of the room from you, and 
you're going to have to eliminate all the bikers between you and him.  Use 
the pillars for cover if you need them, but if you've got plenty of ammo in
that assault rifle of yours (which you ALWAYS should), you should be able to
kill them all pretty quick.  Lance is hidden behind a pillar, so you should 
not have to worry about accidently killing him.  When all those bikers are 
gone, approach Lance's marker and the cut scene ending the mission will 
play.  You just saved him again, and now he grabs a bike and takes off out 
of the building, leaving you behind once again.

Reward:  A piddly $300

b.  "White Lies"

As though Lance hasn't frustrated you enough yet, then there is this 
mission.  Lance and Louise have been getting coked up together, behind your
back.  You get mad and yell at all of them.  Lance gets mad, because he's 
coked up and getting yelled at makes him mad, so it's high time he goes out
and does something incredibly stupid since he is in the mindset.  Lance will
run out and jump in the helo outside and start to fly away.  You are left on
the ground with a hovercraft to chase after him, because Lance is taking all
of your product and tossing it out of the helo.  The hovercraft will take 
you on both water and land, which you need because Lance is dropping the 
stuff in both places.  The packages appear with green arrows over them and 
you need to drive through them to pick them up, however . . . . there is a 
minor problem here and a major one.  The minor problem is that the packages
don't stay there for long and you need to reach them before they disappear 
or you won't have picked up enough to fill the meter on the screen and fail 
the mission, so you need to stay as close to Lance as possible.  The major 
problem is that steering this damndable vehicle with any accuracy at all is 
about like trying to dam the Mississippi river with a popsicle stick . . .in
either case, you're just going to end up wet and looking stupid.  When you 
have managed on your 27th attempt of the mission, to get enough packages 
picked up to fill the meter, you can be satisfied that the mission is done.
You will have unlocked one of these lovely vehicles for purchase at the pier
behind the Clymenus Suite, which you will go buy immediately because you 
enjoyed driving it so much.  Believe it or not, this is NOT the most 
frustrated with Lance you will be before the end of the game.  Play on.

Reward:  $1500 (Should be $15,000,000)

c.  "Where It Hurts Most"

Louise calls you, disturbed by recent events in your lives.  She tells you 
that she will try to handle Martinez's boys on her own since Martinez is 
still under the impression that he can get to you by getting her.  He is 
correct for having that impression.  I showed up before this mission flying
a Little Willie I grabbed at my Clymenus Suite save point and landed it on 
the helipad next to the house.  After I started the mission and went back 
out of the house, it was surprisingly still there, so I grabbed it and flew
on over to the King Knuts in Little Haiti where Louise was supposed to be 
waiting for me.  Upon your arrival, you see and hear Louise screaming out 
the window of a passing car for help and suddenly you are attacked by some
rednecks.  There only seems to be three of them, so kill them quickly, as 
their only purpose is to slow you down from your real objective, which is to
get Louise back from Martinez's goons.  You now have 3 blue markers on your
map indicating three possible locations that they may have taken Louise.
There is also a health meter on the screen showing you Louise's health.  You
have to find her before this runs out, and give yourself some extra time as
this meter will continue to run after you find her and you have to take her
to the hospital.

Which of the three locations Louise will be kept at is completely random.  
So random that at this moment, the game doesn't even know where she is
because it is waiting on you to do something.  The reason for that is that 
the one thing that is not random, is that she will NEVER be at the first 
location you look.  After you have looked at the first location, THEN the 
game will place Louise at one of the other locations, which will then be 
totally random once again.  Your best bet is to choose the nearest location
first.  If you can manage it, grab a motorcycle and enter the southernmost
location which is an alley.  You don't need to get off and look around for 
her, you only need to get the car within visual range to know that she isn't
in it.  So enter this alley, ignore the goons and just keep on driving 
through before they can hurt you.  Location 1 checked.  Move on to the next
location just down the street and beside the fire department.  I got lucky 
and found her here.  If she isn't here, she'll have no choice but to be at 
the last location in the alleys just north of the hospital.  In either case,
when you reach her, you need to kill the goons that are guarding her.  When 
you do, you'll see that she is badly injured and needs to get to the 
hospital.  Jump in the car she is in and get her to the marker in front of 
the hospital in downtown as quickly as you can.  Make it before her health 
meter runs out and the mission will be successfully completed.

Reward:  $500

*   8.  Reni Wassulmaier Part 3                 *

a.  "Kill Phil:  Part 2"

Phil Collins is going to arrive at the arena for a sound check at 1730, and
there are concerns that there may be security issues at the arena before he
gets there.  You need to complete this task before 1730, so grab the car 
outside and get the hell over to the arena.  Enter the marker at the front 
door and inside you'll see a goon kill a security guard and run off.  5 
yellow markers appear on the radar, and you must quickly check and clear all
of these locations before Phil arrives.  Grab the bike leaning against the 
wall and pedal off down the hall to the first location at the top of a small
set of stairs.  There are 4 goons up there to take care of, so whip out an 
assault rifle, or if you're feeling brave, just lay them all out with an 
SMG without ever getting off the bike.  When they are down, continue down 
the hall until you get to the next, very similar, location.  Repeat as you 
did with the first set of 4.  Move on to the third location, which will 
bring you up a sharp set of stairs to the stage.  Once again, 4 goons, lay 
them out and move on further.  The fourth location brings a break as there 
is nobody there to cause any trouble, so keep moving on to the fifth 
location.  As prescribed, there are also 4 goons here as well, but one of 
them has a keycard to the basement that you need.  Kill all of these guys 
and go to the one that had the keycard, which will be indicated by the green
arrow.  Grab the keycard and go back the way you came to the marker for the 
elevator to the basement.  When you reach the basement, you'll be in a hall
outside a large room with 10 goons in it.  There is a bomb in there set to 
blow up the arena with Phil in it.  Cautiously approach the door and take 
out as many goons as you can from the hallway so that you don't leave 
yourself too exposed.  When you've laid to rest as many as possible from the
hall, step into the room and quickly eliminate whatever goons remain.  When 
they are all dead, you have stopped the bomb crew and Phil is safe to 
perform his sound check.  Reni pages you when the mission is complete to let
you know that he has told Ricardo Diaz good things about you.  Diaz's 
mission marker now appears on your map.

Reward:  $1500

*   9.  Ricardo Diaz                            *

a.  "Steal The Deal"

You find out quickly that your punk ass brother is also getting into 
business with Diaz, so now you're going to be stuck helping him just as you
were about to announce your retirement from the drug running career.  Diaz
knows Gonzales has been skimming drugs off the top and has them stashed 
somewhere that he can't find.  He wants you and Lance (Quentin?!) to find 
out where it is hidden.  In a rare display of clarity, Lance actually 
figures out how to locate one of Gonzales' men and the two of you head down
to the Pole Position strip club to wait out your target.  When he leaves and
gets in his car, follow him.  As would be standard procedure, don't get too
close, and don't let him get too far away.  When you get up near the 
amusement park, you'll get a cut scene of the guy getting out of his car 
and hopping on a jetski.  Quickly pull up to the pier and jump on the jetski
that is left there for you.  For once you are leaving Lance behind, only you
had the decency to the leave the jackass a car.  Continue to follow the guy 
on the jetski.  Stay far enough behind not to spook him.  A pretty good way 
to judge a good distance to follow is to pull up behind him until you just 
see the wake of his jetski.  That is the perfect distance to follow.  You 
will follow him south until you reach a set of docks out in the middle of 
the water.  When you have followed him far enough, your radar will show all
the guards that are patrolling this area.

If you feel so inclined, and you are properly armed, you can take out all 
the guards around here.  Zoom up to the docks with the jetski and climb out 
onto the little maze of piers.  Your presence is unwanted, and you will be 
fired upon from guards on foot spread around the pier.  Your biggest concern
are the ones up in the towers, as they can hit you wherever you are.  With 
them out of the way, pull out an assault rifle and take care of anyone left
walking around the piers.  Now to clear out your exit.  If you've got one 
with you, and you may very well if you followed my suggestion at the 
beginning of "Turn On, Tune In, Bug Out", you've probably got a few RPG's 
left.  Pull it out and take aim at the boats circling the docks.  Just pick
a good spot out in the water and hold still.  Don't use the reticle to chase
the boat, let the boat come to the reticle.  Give the boat a little bit of 
a lead time and fire.  Each boat is only going to take one RPG, so you're 
not going to need many.  When everyone is gone, you're free to grab the boat
with the stolen drugs and drive it back to Diaz's mansion.  Be careful when
pulling out of here because there is a pier that sticks out in your path on
the way out that you can easily get stuck on, and it would be a terrible 
shame to fail the mission with nothing left to do but drive north.

Your other option for retrieving this boat is just to blast in there, jump 
in the boat and drive like hell out of there.  It is possible to do it this 
way, but if you're not good at steering the boat, it won't take long for you
to go up in smoke.  It's not a very sturdy boat and the guards high powered 
weapons will quickly destroy it.  Get the boat back to the yellow marker at
the dock at Diaz's mansion, and the mission is complete.

Reward:  $1500 

b.  "The Exchange"

It's not necessary, but it does help if you already have a sniper rifle in 
your inventory before you begin this mission.  Diaz has made a deal with the
DEA to trade some drugs for some weapons.  He's sending you to make the swap
so jump into the van parked in front of the house.  Drive up to the meet in 
downtown behind the hotel Lance stayed in when he first got to town.  
(Remember way back then, when angry rednecks was the worst thing you had to 
worry about?)  When you arrive and step out of the van, you realize that 
Gonzales has set up snipers all around the meeting place.  There is a laser
scoped sniper rifle there for your use if you don't already have one and 
have it selected.  You are now in a timed mission to eliminate the 8 snipers
before the DEA arrives to make the swap.  Use your radar to determine the 
approximate location of the snipers, scope in with the R button, zoom in 
with the square and start popping skulls.  You can usually take out about 
3 snipers without coming out of the scope, after that, just release the R
button, reposition yourself and go back in to the scope again.  Do this 
until you've hit all 8 snipers and you should have finished in plenty of 
time before the DEA arrives.  When they do arrive, you make the switch and 
climb in to the truck full of weapons.  As you leave the meeting area, you 
will be met by more of Gonzales' men attacking in vehicles.  The guy you 
have with you will make a feeble attempt to protect you, but he won't have 
much of an effect on them.  Trying to drive by the attackers will just slow
you down and end up getting you killed.  The best thing you can do here 
is just get the truck down to the main road by way of the shortest, quickest
route possible.  When you reach it, get on the grass all the way to the east
against the sea wall (the same way you did when you were trying to get 
Umberto's dad back to the deli).  There is something about driving this way
that makes you invisible to the attackers.  Come out of the grass just 
before you get to the bridge to Starfish Island and hit the road straight 
down to Diaz's place.  Turn the truck into the driveway and park it in the
garage that you know so well from the first Vice City game.  You'll get a 
page from Gonzales telling you he needs "one more favor" from you.  I found
this to be a little intimidating considering what we had just gone through.

Reward:  $1750

*   10.  Gonzales Part 2                        *

a.  "Farewell To Arms"

In what seems to be an odd turn of events, you find Gonzales at Diaz's 
mansion.  The two seem to have struck some twisted agreement that pretty 
much makes Gonzales Diaz's bitch.  Gonzales is going to take the recently 
aquired weapons back to his Colonel and you are going to protect him as he 
hauls them to the airport.  This time someone will be flying the helo while 
you sit on the skid with the mini gun.  You'll fly over Gonzales' truck 
which will be indicated by a blue arrow.  He'll be attacked by members of 
the Shark gang as he tries to make his way to the airport.  Their trucks 
will be clearly marked with red arrows.  Take them out as quickly as you can
so that Gonzales' health meter doesn't run out.  The Sharks arent going to 
run out of attackers, so don't plan on them easing up at any point, and much
to your chagrin, you'll also find that at one point the truck will stall, 
and you'll have to aggresively protect Gonzales while he tries to get it 
started again.  He soon will and carry on to the airport.  Just keep the 
Sharks off of him all the way up to the back gate (near the hotel) of the
airport, and once he is in, the guards will block the gates so the Sharks 
can't enter.

The fun isn't over yet, as now the Sharks are going to try to get in to the
airport.  You now have to protect the guards from the incoming wash of 
Sharks.  Keep blowing up the trucks until they eventually stop hammering at 
one gate, at which point you'll be alerted to the attack at the other gate 
and you'll fly over there and do the same thing again.  Once that one is 
cleaned up, you'll fly back to the first gate and do it again.  After the 
third attack, despite your best efforts, about 5 trucks manage to get in 
the gate.  They drive in in a straight line, so try to take out as many as 
you can before they get to the runway.  Once they get to the runway, they 
follow behind Gonzales' plane as it builds up speed for takeoff.  One truck
has this nasty habit of getting on the other side of the plane where you 
can't shoot at it without hitting the plane.  Leave him alone and 
concentrate on the vehicles behind.  Blow them up as best you can and when 
the plane gets far enough down the runway without getting destroyed, it will
lift off and fly away to safety.  Your mission is now complete.  For getting
through this, you have unlocked the mini gun at the Ammu Nation in Vice 
Point Mall.

Reward:  $2500

*   11.  Armando and Diego Mendez Part 2        *

a.  "Burning Bridges"

You meet up with the Mendez Brothers one more time to discuss the terms of 
your severence from their employ.  Their terms are that you give them
everything you own and get out of town.  That sounds like some shit that 
Lance would come up with and you don't find that acceptable.  You state your
protests about such a deal and quickly find yourself clobbered over the 
head.  You wind up in front of a firing squad at the oil depot by the 
airport.  In a last attempt to save your life, you dodge the bullets, which
rupture the fuel lines and start a tremendous fire.  Your executioners are, 
uh, executed, but now you find yourself outside the depot with Lance trapped
within the flames inside.  If you knew what was coming a few missions from 
now, you'd leave his ass in there, but since you have to save him to 
continue the story, you're going to have to go in and get him.  When you 
regain control, you'll quickly find out that you have no weapons at all.
Near the wall behind you, next to a Sentinal XS (which for some reason takes
a few seconds to pop up) you'll find several useful items, to include an SMG.
Grab them, then head up onto the platform.  Grab the armor here if you need 
it, then jump up into the pink marker.  As soon as you get up there, a 
couple of Mendez's goons will come running around the large oil tank.  
Quickly put them to permanent sleep and grab their ammo.  Keep in mind that 
this mission is timed and you must move quickly in order to finish before 
the pressure meter fills on the screen and the whole place blows with you 
in it.

Continue around the tank where you will run into a few more goons.  Take 
them out and forge ahead.  Your goal is to reach the nearest green marker.
Run to the right side of the oil tank you are facing and under the pipe that
is coming out the side of it.  You'll be met by a few more goons in here and
should see the first valve nearby.  Auto aim at the valve and shoot it until
you are told that you have closed the valve.  Now turn and run around the 
outside of the next oil tank.  (starting from the first large oil tank when
you came down the stairs, you are basically going to weave in and out of 
these large tanks.)  More goons as you round the tank.  When you get to the
other side, there is one goon with a shotgun off to your left as you run 
toward the next valve.  He is a good distance away and a lousy shot, so as 
long as you keep running until you get to the valve, you can pretty much 
ignore him.  Shoot this second valve as you did the first.  When that valve
is done, keep running past it toward a ramp that goes up onto a slightly 
raised area.  There is a goon at the top of this ramp, so take him out from 
as far back as possible and run on up.  Go straight across this raised area 
and down the other side where you will be standing at the last valve and a
PCJ.  Shoot the last valve until it is closed as well and climb on the PCJ.
Pick up Lance and keep driving in the direction he came from toward the pink
marker at the end.  When you reach it, you will see the final cut scene and 
have completed the mission.

Reward:  You're not dead. 

*   12.  Lance Vance Part 8                     *

a.  "Blitzkrieg Strikes Again"

The Mendez Brothers are a wee bit peeved at your survival.  Lance has 
gathered all of your good buddies you have picked up during the course of 
your adventure.  Phil is there, and Umberto and they are all there to help 
you protect your businesses from the attacks the Mendez Brothers are sending
out.  If you want to have some fun, go into this mission with the newly 
aquired mini gun.  This mission is just like the first "Blitzkrieg", only 
this time you are going to defend 3 businesses and you have only 7 and a 
half minutes to do it in.  At least you will be defending the three closest

Get to the first location and in addition to the timer, you'll have Lance's
health meter on the screen.  Pull out your mini gun if you brought it and 
simply spray down the attackers.  Make sure that Lance doesn't run between 
you and your targets or you'll end your own mission in a heartbeat.  If you
don't have the mini gun, pull out an assault rifle and go to town, auto 
target your brains out and lay everyone down.  When a carload of attackers 
show up, you know this round is about to end.  Kill the carload and you'll 
be prompted to move on to the next business.  Quickly shoot on over to the 
next site that appears on your map and repeat as you did with the first 
site.  Again, it will end with a carload of attackers.  When it does, move 
on to the third location and repeat exactly as before.  Stop all three 
attacks in the allotted time (you should have more than enough) and with 
Lance's health intact (if you used the mini gun he'll barely have a scratch 
on him) and you will have successfully complete this mission.  Reni will 
give you a rather strange page, and his missions will again appear on your
map.  Diaz's missions will also be there, but for now let's finish up with 
Lance and then we'll get Reni's final (thank GOD) missions out of the way.

Reward:  $700

b.  "Lost And Found"

Louise is due to be released from the hospital, but Lance isn't interested 
in taking part in the reunion claiming that he has business to attend to.
You need to head to the marker at the hospital over in downtown to pick up
Louise.  If you want to see something kind of funny, run up to the police
station in Washington Beach and grab the helo off the roof to go pick her 
up.  When you hover down over the marker to get her, you will switch to the
cut scene of you and Louise making amends and the helo you flew over here 
will be hovering above you with no pilot, sticking half in and half out of 
the hospital building.  When the cutscene is over, run into the hospital
alcove and enter the marker to get up on the roof.  (As you enter the marker
you will probably see the helo you brought come crashing to the ground 
behind you finally)  Lance paged you during the cinematic to tell you that 
he is trapped in a burning building and *SIGH* he needs you to save him.
When you reach the roof of the hospital, climb into the Air Rescue helo and
take off to the east toward the marker for Lance's position.  When you reach
the building, you will see your marker on the roof and Lance standing near 
it.  Quickly land the helo without hitting Lance with it, so he can get in 
before the roof collapses.  Take off as soon as you have him.

You find that the whole idea of picking up Louise and trapping Lance was 
nothing more than a diversionary tactic by your good buddy Martinez.  Now 
he's got all your money and he is headed out to sea with it.  Fly out to the
east over the water and follow the 3 red markers indicating Martinez's 
boats.  Keep an eye on the damage meter for your helo and get down low and 
to the left of the boats so Lance can shoot the occupants.  Once again you 
have to keep the helo from tilting too much, or else Lance will be off 
balance and won't shoot, or will shoot with minimal accuracy.  Start with 
the boat furthest back and work your way forward until all the occupants 
have been eliminated.  When they have, hover Lance over the largest of the 
three boats and he will drop down and drive the boat, and your money, back 
home.  With Lance out of the way, head back to the west and drop Louise off
at her sisters apartment.  They were even kind enough to leave you a large
enough spot in the middle of the road to land the helo.  When Louise is 
home, the mission is done.

Reward:  $1500

*   13.  Reni Wassulmaier Part 4                *

a.  "So Long Schlong"

Mendez is just a tad upset with Reni for having put you in contact with 
Ricardo Diaz, so he's sent some goons out to kill Reni.  Reni has decided 
that the only way out is to once again have a sex change operation.  Yes, I 
said again.  Talk about confused.  Anyway, Mendez's men are on their way to
the studio.  Reni will leave and leave you to create a diversion while he
tries to get to the hospital near the south bridge.  You wait in the movie
lot and Mendez's men will start to enter the compound through the front gate
and through another opening in the corner of the lot.  Stand between the two
hangers near the golf cart, and you will be able to see all of them coming
no matter what point of entry they choose.  You must not allow any of them 
to get to the hangers and discover that Reni is not there.  Just keep 
back and forth and spraying the attackers with an assault rifle.  Before 
long, Reni will page you and let you know that he has been trapped by a 
group of Mendez's men.  He is in an alley near the Malibu Club.  Climb in 
the Deluxo parked on the lot and notice that Reni's health meter has 
appeared on the screen.  Quickly drive to the new marker on your map to meet
up with Reni before he is killed.  When you arrive, you find Reni cornered 
by four assassins.  Barge in there, assault rifle in hand, and lay all of 
them down.  Now you need to get Reni the rest of the way to the hospital.
Grab a car that is in good shape (the one Reni was driving is probably not
a good idea), and begin the trek to to the south to get to the hospital.
Don't be afraid to pause and check your map for the best route, because more
of Mendez's men are going to come after you in vehicles, and they will be 
relentless.  An option that you have to make this a little easier is to get
back on the main road that runs in front of the Malibu Club and head south.
The Washington Beach Police station is right in front of you as you approach
the Y intersection, and what does any good police station have on its roof?
Why a helicopter of course.  Get around behind the building and up onto the
platform where they park the patrol cars and run your little asses up the 
stairs to get to the helicopter.  Make it in there and you've got it made.
Rise up and away from your attackers and just cruise on over to the hospital.
When Reni is safely at the hospital, you have completed the mission.

Reward:  $1000

*   14.  Ricardo Diaz Part 2                    *

a.  "Domo Arigato Domestoboto"

Lance needs to clear up a debt with Diaz, and in order to do so, he needs 
to destroy Mendez's bearer bonds.  Lance can't do this, of course, because 
he seems to be wasted, so you are going to have to.  (It sincerely PAINS me
to know we can't kill this son of a bitch during this game!)  Except for the
fact that you are saving Lance's ass again, this mission is nothing short of
a riot!  I had more fun on this mission than any other in the game.  Drive 
out to Mendez's mansion and climb into the Boxville truck that is parked out
in front.  You have now hacked in to Mendez's new toy, the Domestoboto.  You
are in control of this device and you have a camera view of what the robot 
sees as you drive it around Mendez's house.  The robot has several different
arms that perform different functions which you will learn how to use 

The object here is to find Mendez's safe which you will do by using the 
robots Comms arm (or by reading this walkthrough since I'm about to tell you
where it is).  Periodically you will have to stop your mission to perform a 
task that Mendez will bark out to you.  When he does, you will have a time 
limit to finish the task.  If you don't complete the task within the time
limit, Mendez will destroy the robot and the mission will be failed.  When 
you are not performing a task, you should have the Comms arm selected.  The 
closer you are to the safe, the faster it will beep.  To make the search 
less frustrating than it was for me, you have to enter the store room on the
first floor and then go through the door on the right.  Enter the blue 
marker that you will find there to go to the basement.  When you appear in 
the basement, go straight ahead and a little to the right.  You won't be 
able to miss the safe since it looks like an industrial freezer.

When you have to stop to perform tasks for Mendez, he will randomly ask you 
to do a few certain tasks.  He may ask you to clean a room, in which case 
you must select the cleaning arm, go to the specified room and simply drive
over the piles of dirt marked with green arrows.  (You can tell if a task is
on the first or second floor by looking at the markers on your radar after
the task has been assigned.  Go to the second floor by entering the blue 
marker at the bottom of the stairs at the end of the hall.)  Mendez may also
ask you to light his cigar, in which case you switch to the lighter arm and
pull up to the marker beside Mendez.  After each task, you will again have 
some more time to work on the safe.

Mendez NEVER asked me to do any tasks with the very funny "pleasure arm", 
but if you want to see some funny stuff, take the time to go upstairs and 
approach each of the girls lying on the beds with the pleasure arm selected.
They give you some pretty good comments.

When you are in front of the safe, you must have the Comms arm selected to 
work on the combination.  As you scroll through the numbers, there is a 
color coded indicator near the top of the screen which will give you hints
as to how close you are.  A light blue indicator means that you have a 
correct number, but it is in the wrong position, a green indicator means 
that you have a correct number in the correct spot, and if the indicator is
gray, it means you have the wrong number altogether.  You have 20 attempts 
to get the correct code.  If you don't get it after 20 attempts, Mendez 
will destroy the robot.  Keep in mind that while you are trying to crack the
code, you will frequently be interrupted to do tasks for Mendez, so you will
have to keep coming back and forth.

The other option is that you can just read this walkthrough and put in the 
code 8423 and be done with it.  when the correct code is entered and the 
door of the safe swings open, switch to the robots lighter arm and roll on
up to the bearer bonds.  They will be set ablaze, the mission will be 
complete and Mendez will destroy the robot anyway.  It really doesn't matter
anymore.  When the mission is over, if you haven't already, you might be 
reminded that you are sitting in a vehicle needed at the Civil Asset 
Forfeiture compound, and if you are like me, I looked everywhere for this 
damn thing, so take it on down and turn it in.  There is one final Reni 
mission to do that only qualifies as a Reni mission because SHE briefly 
appears in it, so let's get it done and clear up another issue while we're 
at it.

Reward:  $2000

*   15.  Reni Wassulmaier Part 5                *

a.  "In The Air Tonight"

Reni needs to be picked up from the hospital.  HER operation was a success 
and she's decided to head to Europe to start her career in the porn industry.
You need to take her to the airport.

****NOTE:  I would very much like to have you readers write to me and tell
me how this next part went for them, because what happened to me and what is
supposed to happen are apparently two very different things.  I've been told
that you are attacked by Mendez's goons on the way to the airport, and if 
it is at all possible, it is best to take the helicopter behind the hospital.
When I did this part of the mission, I just hopped in the car that was 
sitting in the parking lot and drove her across the south bridge and then up
to the airport.  I never saw an angry soul at any point during the trip.  It
was peaceful the whole way over.

When Reni is at the airport and safely on her way to Europe and out of your
life, you can head to the Phil Collins concert at the arena.  You're at the
airport, so if you didn't already show up in one, grab a helicopter and fly
on over to the arena.  Head to the marker at the ground level entrance and 
walk inside.  You are relieved of your weapons once you are inside the 
concert and all you will have for the remainder of this mission is your
hands.  Barry is a little bit ticked off that you are late because he is 
worried about further attempts on Phil's life.  On cue, you see some 
suspicious activity on the light rigging above the stage.  You are 
transported up there as the concert begins and have a birds eye view of the
rigging which is a little uncomfortable at first.  Red markers will pop up
on your radar indicating goons that are trying to cut the cables of the 
light rigging.  You really don't want them to do that.  There are two meters
that appear on the screen now.  Once is for the light rig stress and the 
other is for cable damage.  You need to keep those meters from filling.  
When the red marks appear on the radar, run quickly to that spot and beat 
the crap out of the guy that is trying to cut the cable.  Succeed and he 
will go down and you'll be left to look for more thugs.  Sometimes two thugs
will appear on the rigging, one will start to cut through a cable and the 
other will come after you.  Don't fall for the ruse if you can help it, get 
to the guy cutting the cable FIRST.  While you are up here dealing with 
these guys, Phil Collins is down below performing his ever famous "In The 
Air Tonight".  This mission will be interrupted frequently while you are 
allowed to view the show (which, I might add, was VERY well done Rockstar!).
When the scene cuts back to you, look out for more goons and do your best 
to stop them before they drop the lighting rig.  If they manage to cut 5 
cables, the rig will collapse on to the stage, kill Phil and the mission 
will be failed.  Keep the goons from cutting all the cables until Phil 
finishes his song, and the mission is a success.  Completing the mission 
unlocks the "Phil Collins Concert" that you can buy right outside the door
of the arena for $6000.  Now I know my memory can be a little fuzzy 
sometimes, but last I remember, the most I ever paid for a concert ticket in
the early 80's was about $32, and that was for a Pink Floyd concert.  If you
want to save your money, buying the ticket will do nothing more than show 
you the concert you just watched without the interruptions of fighting the
bad guys.

Reward:  $3000

*   16.  Lance Vance Part 9                     *

a.  "Light My Pyre"

Ok readers, this is it.  This is the one that convinced me that Lance has 
NO RIGHT TO BE ALIVE!  This is the mission that almost caused the demise of
my PSP.

Very important note here. . . .before you even begin this mission, make sure
you have a well stocked mini gun in your inventory.  You will thank me for 
this advice later.

You arrive at Lance's house looking for Louise, but instead you find her 
sister there in a panic because your old friend Mendez has once again 
kidnapped her.  You've had enough of this crap and you are now highly 
motivated to put an end to the situation.  Lance seems entirely dis-
interested until you get outside and the Mendez Brothers send a message to 
you both by blowing up Lance's car.  Apparently this is what it takes to get
Lance mad, so he grabs the Freeway he stole from the bikers back in the 
mission "Taking The Fall".  Lance is getting himself in way over his head, 
so you need to take off after him and at least take a shot at keeping him 
safe.  As soon as you have control, run east up the sidewalk in the 
direction Lance went, and you should see a PCJ sitting by the palm tree in 
front of you.  Jump on the PCJ and prepare for the most frustrating ride of
your life.  On your radar ahead of you, you will see a red marker and a blue
marker.  The blue marker is Lance, and his health meter is also on the 
screen.  You can't let Lance die or the mission is failed, and therein lies
the biggest problem you will face in this mission.  As soon as you take off 
on the PCJ, you will most likely pass a car with a red marker over it stuck
sideways up against a tree in the median.  I don't know what kind of glitch 
this is, but it is persistant and it happened EVERY time I tried this 
mission (and that was a considerable number of times).  If you feel the need
you can shoot this car until it is on fire and then carry on.  He generally 
never gets the car unstuck so he can follow.  Now catch up to Lance and the
next car.  Lance is driving that bike like a complete idiot.  He's is all 
over the road and the car full of Mendez goons are shooting at him, and soon
you, as you approach the car.  Now, the Mendez car does hold a steady enough
course, frequently enough that you can put quite a bit of damage into it by
firing forward from your PCJ, the problem you have here is that Lance's 
enraged driving is so erratic, it almost seems as though he is TRYING to get
killed.  If anyone or anything is going to hit you and knock you off course 
so you can't shoot at the car, it's going to be Lance.  If anyone is going 
to knock you off the PCJ, it's going to be Lance.  If anyone is going to 
shoot Lance to death, it's going to be YOU because it seems to be a mission
for him to dart in between you and the car when you finally have a good bead
on it and can get some lead into it.  He's there and you've taken a 
considerable chunk of his health before you even have a chance to pull your
finger off the trigger.  In doing this mission over and over again, Lance 
was killed more times by ME than the Mendez goons.

You will have to deal with this car in the beach area, there will be another
on the short stretch of road from the police station to the Malibu Club, 
another as you head north past the Malibu club and sometimes one more as 
you dart through town to get to the bridge over to the Mendez mansion.  It 
is possible on occasion to destroy one car and get to the next one well 
ahead of Lance, in which case, put as many bullets into it as you can before
Lance comes up behind you and knocks you into oblivion.  The goal here is 
for Lance to get to the bridge over to the Mendez mansion.

If by some stroke of luck or Divine Intervention or whatever the hell it 
takes you manage to get to this point, the rest of this mission will seem 
easy in comparison.  Before you go to the Mendez mansion, make sure your 
armor and health is at max.  If you need it (and with Lance's behavior, you 
most likely will), there is armor on the movie studio lot back in the corner
near the outer space set.  There is health nearby as you enter the circle 
that leads up to the Mendez home.  It may look a little daunting with all 
the guards and vehicles blocking the driveway, but truth be told, you're 
going to ignore every single one of them and go straight into the house.
Prepare yourself from a distance before you take off.  You are going to aim
your bike into a small space by a car that will allow you to enter the 
right (east) entrance to the circular driveway.  As soon as you are past it,
you will head around the left (west) side of the house so you are going in 
a straight line across the front yard.  Keep going around the house 
as quick as you can and turn in behind the house between the house and the 
pool.  You should be right by the door with the blue marker to enter the 
house, and you should have taken very little damage from the guards on the 
way by.  Arm your mini gun before you go in, and enter the marker when you 
are ready.

You will be face to face in what is obviously your final showdown with 
Armando Mendez.  He lets you know that Lance and Louise are upstairs and 
hints that they are already dead.  (We should be so lucky that Lance is 
dead)  Armando is sporting a lovely flamethrower and this thing can do a 
hell of a lot of damage to you in a big hurry if you haven't followed my 
advice.  There is health and armor in the room if you need it, but you most 
likely won't be in here long enough to even figure out where it is.  When 
the camera angle changes so that you are looking down on the showdown, you 
have control back.  Make sure you are pointed straight at Armando and lay 
on the trigger for that mini gun in your hand.  Armando's health meter will
drop in less than two seconds and he'll hit the floor dead before he ever 
gets to show you what his flamethrower can do.  You will now watch the final
cut scene.  Louise will die after the two of you say your good byes, and 
Lance will stumble out of the house behind you.  The mission is complete.

**GAME GLITCH!!  It is a common glitch that the final cut scene for this 
mission will have no audio.  There isn't anything that can be done about it,
but know that sound will be restored as soon as you are placed back outside
and get the reward screen.  If you really need to know what they said, go 
into the pause menu and read it in the Brief.**

Reward:  $3000

*   17.  Ricardo Diaz Part 3                    *

a.  "Over The Top"

There is only one Mendez Brother left and Diaz is ready to take him out as 
well and be done with the whole mess.  Diego Mendez is hiding out at his 
penthouse apartment in downtown and Diaz has a plan to take him out.  He 
needs you to break into the Army base and steal an attack helicopter.  Diaz
trusts you to pick the partner of your choice to pull of this operation and
who would be more appropriate than Phil Cassidy. Head down to Phil's place 
in the ports and enter the marker.  

On your way to Phil's you will encounter a single Mendez vehicle parked 
in the middle of the road waiting for your arrival.  He will give chase and
try to stop you, but I found the best way to deal with him and not have to
worry about damage was to drive to the back side of the police station in 
Little Havana and take the stairs up to the roof.  If there is a helo there,
take it, if not, just stand up there and wait and the car below will 
continue to ram the police building until it blows itself up.  When it does,
crawl back down and drive on over to Phil's.

Wouldn't we be disappointed if Phil wasn't drunk?  Glad we aren't 
disappointed.  convince Phil of the merits of this plan and you take off in 
Phil's truck to a marker just down the road from the Army Base entrance.  
When you arrive there, you will get out of the truck and Phil will slide in 
to the drivers seat.  He tells you to get ready while he creates a diversion.
There isn't a better piece of dialogue in the whole game than right here:

Vic:  "I just don't want you to do anything stupid."

Phil:  "We're breaking into a military base, and I'm drunk.  What could be 
        more stupid?"

After Phil smashes his truck into the main gate, head to the new marker 
nearby and crawl up onto the structures to get over the wall of the base.
There are guards all over the place and spotlights slowly roaming the base.
If you want to do this quietly, you're going to have to avoid the spotlights
and the guards all the way across the base to the admin building on the 
other side.  Unless you want to spend the rest of your life playing this 
mission, you're not going to do that.  The admin building is straight in 
front of you on the opposite side of the base, but you are going to have to
run around the fenced area between you and it.  Going to the right (north) 
seems to be the quickest path, so head over that way and around the fence 
and take out the first two guards you see coming at you.  Keep running 
toward the admin building, stopping only to take out guards that are close 
to you.  You need to get to that blue marker at the door as quick as you 
can.  You should reach the door with only armor damage, but this won't be 
a concern for you for long.  As soon as you pop up inside, auto aim at the 
two guards that come running down the hall toward you and blow them both 
away.  When they are dead, you have free reign of the building.  No guards 
will chase you in, and there are no other guards in here besides the two you
just dropped in the hallway.  Check in one of the rooms on the right and 
you'll find some armor to get yourself set back up.  Go to the room with the
marker at the back of the building and step into it to open the gate to the
Hunter helicopter.  You now have 2 and a half minutes to get to the helo
before the guards take off with it to keep it away from you.  Run to the 
front door, take a deep breath and get ready to step out into the mayhem.
Step out and the guards will be running for you.  Turn immediately to your 
left and you'll see a jeep.  Run to it and climb in before the guards can
get to you.  As soon as you're in the jeep, gun it straight ahead, running
over guards as you go.  Go all the way to the opposite side of the base, 
turn right around the fence, go to the next corner and go right around the 
fence again and stop right in front of what used to be your barracks.  The 
blue marker is still outside the door, and in fact there is still health in
there as well as armor back in the showers, but at this point, you shouldn't
need it.  When you climb out of the jeep, you should be right there at the
gate that you dropped to get to the Hunter.  Run up to the Hunter quickly, 
press triangle to yank the guard that is in it out and get in the Hunter.
DON'T PLAY AROUND HERE!  As soon as you can get that thing to lift off the
ground, pick a direction, any direction and get the hell out of there.  
There are guards in the towers that can bring down the Hunter, and sticking
around to play gunfight with the Army base is just going to get you killed 
no matter how fun you think it's going to be.  Once you are away from there 
and flying in safe bullet-free air, turn and head toward Diaz's mansion.
Land the Hunter on the helipad on the roof and you have completed the 
mission.  You get a page from Martinez . . .it's time to end this.

Reward:  $3000

b.  "Last Stand"

This, ladies and gentleman, is the last mission of the story.  Before you 
even enter the marker to start it, make sure you have an assault rifle with
lots of ammo and an RPG with several rounds of ammo as well.  THE RPG IS 
VERY IMPORTANT TO YOU!!  Being of full health and armor doesn't hurt as 

You begin this mission on your way to go take out the remaining Mendez 
brother.  You are in the Hunter helicopter and Diaz is giving you your words
of encouragement before you lift off.  When the discussion is done, lift 
off from the helipad and head toward Mendez's penthouse over near the arena.
As you approach the marker, you will see the marker turn into many red 
markers.  These guys are all on the two exposed floors of the building that
you see in front of you.  If you are pretty good with the helo, you should 
not have much of a problem here.  Keep your distance from the building, but
get level with the two exposed floors.  There are guards on both floors, so 
you will have to adjust up and down a bit to make sure you can get all of 
them.  Rain rocket hell on those two floors by hitting the circle button.
Just keep blasting away.  Creep sideways all the way around all 4 sides of 
the building and just keep dumping rockets into those open floors and watch 
the red marks just disappear from your radar.  Some of the guards will 
respawn and you will have to circle the building about two times until 
eventually there are no more.  (At some point while you are hammering away 
at this building, you will pop one of the 99 Red Balloons).  When all the 
guards on those floors are gone, you will get shot down by someone on the 
roof with an RPG.  You can't avoid it, it's part of the mission, so just 
watch the cutscene as Vic barely drops the Hunter onto the roof and walks 
away before it explodes.

You're now standing on the roof near a doorway and some treats that have 
been left there for you.  You can take the treats if you wish, but if you 
followed my advice at the beginning, you won't need them.  Take the extra 
RPG's just because they're free.  When you're ready to proceed, enter the 
blue marker at the door.  You come out onto an office floor with Mendez 
goons all over the place.  Stand where you are for one moment and one will 
walk out right in front of you.  Auto aim him and take him down.  Now creep
a little bit at at time around the wall, looking to your left.  As each 
goon comes into your view, auto aim him and take him down.  Sometimes you'll
have more than one come into view at a time and you'll have to be quick with
your aim and fire routine.  When the goons on your left are gone, you can 
turn your attention to the right.  There are a couple more goons in this 
room with you, so take them down.  There are a few in the next room you can 
get from here without entering the doorway.  Kill as many as you can before 
you enter the next area.  When you've done so, rush in and quickly shoot 
down anyone that is left.  Goons do not respawn in these areas, so once the
floor is empty, it will stay that way.  If you need it, look around, there
is armor nearby.  When you are again ready, enter the next marker to go down
to yet another floor.  Once again, you are met by maby goons waiting for 
your entry.  You can run straight out and to your right to get behind some 
file cabinets so you can once again do your creep and auto aim technique.
Once you've cleared everyone from this room, you can move forward and start 
picking off the goons in the next room before you enter the door.  You can 
get all but two of the goons in the other room without passing through the
door, and one of those two you can get with the sniper rifle if you have it 
because you can just see the top of his head over a copy machine.  If you 
manage that, you need only rush the room and kill the remaining goon.

Now you get a cut scene and a helicopter is landing on the roof.  Your buddy
Martinez has shown up to join in the fight.  Looks like it's going to be a 
two for the price of one mission for you today!  Head for the new marker at 
the end of the hall so you can climb back up to a higher floor.  When you 
arrive at the next floor, you are automatically met with some armor, so 
you know it's not about to get fun.  Enter this next area and clear out any 
goons you see on the radar, usually only two.  Quickly look for an area 
where you can hide behind some file cabinets out of view of a helicopter 
that will appear outside the windows to fire at you.  Things will now get 
a little bit mechanical now which will help you get through this part of the
mission.  When the helo is done firing, it will pause briefly and stare 
through the window at you, then it will rise up out of sight.  When it is 
out of view, two goons will enter the floor from whatever half of the
building you are NOT on.  Be ready for them when they approach and take them
down with your assault rifle before they even get close.  As soon as they 
are dead, run back behind the file cabinets, because the helo comes back 
and sprays the room with more bullets.  When it's done, it will again 
briefly pause and stare through the windows.  Take this opportunity to dash
out from behind the cabinets, pull up your RPG, quickly aim and fire a round
into the helo.  Once you've hit it, or missed it for that matter, it will 
rise back up out of view.  Once again, two goons enter the floor from 
whatever half of the building you are NOT on.  Take them out as before.
This pattern will repeat over and over again until you run out of ammo or 
you manage to put two RPG's into the helo.  To save yourself some time and 
make that a little easier, switch to the RPG while you are hiding behind the
cabinets waiting for the helo to stop firing.  Then just run out, aim, you 
should only need a quick adjustment and fire.  It shouldn't take you long
at all to take down the helo.  When it's gone, it's time to move on to the 
final showdown of the game.

If you need it, some of the goons you killed during this goon/helo rotation
scene will drop armor.  You should also find some health as well on your 
way to the next marker which will put you back on the roof.  When you pop
up on the roof, you'll get a cut scene.  Diego Mendez and Martinez are both
there waiting for you.  Martinez will throw around some insults, at pretty 
much everyone present, and then it will be time to begin the final battle.
If you are looking for a big challenging battle here, prepare to be very 
disappointed, because this is surprisingly over very quickly.  When you have
control again, turn around and run up onto the slanted roof above the door
you just came out of.  When you get up top, you look down and Mendez and 
Martinez are standing right next to each other.  Auto aim with your assault
rifle and hold the trigger until the first one dies.  Switch over and auto 
aim on whoever is left and do the same.  You won't get hit by more than a 
couple of rounds and you'll never have to move from your spot.  You don't
even get time to talk shit.  Boom, Boom, they're dead.  Final cut scene, 
mission over, game over, roll credits.

If this is all you have done in the game so far, congratulations on having 
completed less than 40% of the game!

Now that I've got this done and posted, I can go work on the other 60% so 
you guys don't send me nasty e mails . . . keep checking back!!


******    III.  Contact Information                          ******

My name is Eric Waechter.  If you have any questions, comments, submissions 
or anything else constructive to say, please send me an e mail to:

(E mail address has been moved to bottom of this section.  You need to 
read ALL of this before you send me an e mail!)

I will answer you as quickly as possible unless you are sending flaming 
e mails, in which case I will be ignoring you, telling your mom and sending
your e mail address to gay and bisexual porn sites.


I do not mind answering questions, in fact I have enjoyed hearing from 
folks all over the world already and have met some really great people, 
but I would ask this:  Please don't write with a question until you have 
CAREFULLY checked the walkthrough to be sure the answer isn't there.  I 
have been receiving a LOT of e mail and I'm the type of person who has to 
answer EVERY SINGLE ONE (it is just the kinda guy I am and I wouldn't 
sleep if I didn't answer one - not that I sleep anyway).  Far too many of 
the questions have been things that were answered in the walkthrough, and 
either because the individual read too quickly or they had not read far 
enough, they didn't find the answer they needed. Please help me by making 
absolutely sure the answer isn't in the walkthrough already.  Due to the 
overwhelming number of repetitive questions I have received from previous 
walkthroughs, I am no longer answering your e mail if the answer to your 
question is in the walkthrough.  If you don’t get an answer from me, read 
more carefully.

I am a writer. I write in English and I appreciate those that respond to 
me in English, do it correctly. I do not respond to "internet shorthand". 
Do not write "r" instead of "are". Do not write "4" instead of "for". Do 
not write "2" instead of "to" and for God's sake, don't write "knoe" 
instead of "know". I take the time to write using proper English, you 
will take the time to respond to me in proper English. I believe 
"internet shorthand" is an abomination of the language and simply goes to 
demonstrate INCREDIBLE laziness. I also use capital letters, punctuation 
and sentence structure. I expect you to do so as well. The idea here is 
that if you can read it correctly, then you ought to be able to write it 
correctly too. This is a major pet peeve of mine and I will not bend on 
it. Any e mail sent to me like this will simply get this paragraph, 
copied and pasted, in return.

DO NOT write to me and ask for game saves!  Let me repeat, DO NOT write 
to me and ask me for game saves!  I have spent a lot of time playing the 
game, writing the walkthrough, answering e mails, and updating the 
walkthrough.  I have done everything but take the controller from your 
hands and played the game FOR you, and I am not going to do that too by 
sending you game saves.  If you don't actually want to PLAY the game, don't 
rent or buy it.  That’s just dumb.  If you want to waste $50 that way, send 
it to me instead.  I have PayPal.

candiedskull (at) gmail (dot) com

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