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Super Mario 64 Complete Walkthrough

Author: Robbie Smith
Contact: [email protected]

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Level 1: Big Bom-Bombs Battlefield 

First floor of castle, left side, with a blank star on the door. 

Grassy level with the Bob-omb king on top. Bob-omb Buddy To your left at the start. 
(he will not open the cannon until you have gotten one star) 

Star 1: Big Bob-omb On The Summit 
Make your way to the top of the mountain and beat the Big Bob-omb. Beat him by 
throwing him three times, but don't throw him off the top. 

Star 2: Footrace With Koopa The Quick 
Beat Koopa in a race to the top of the mountain. Follow the brown dirt path, then go 
through the bars, past the balls rolling back and forth, and up in to the hole in 
the cliff to your left. You will warp almost to the top. Run the rest of the way. 
You did it. only 118 more to go! 

Star 3: Shoot To The Island In The Sky 
Run straight ahead, up the bridge, and to the cannon on the big mound. Shoot as far 
up as you can twards the floating island. (you must talk to the bob-omb buddy to 
open the cannons first). 

Star 4: Find The 8 Red Coins 
Look for the red coins. There is one on the floating island, two by the posts 
(follow the path until the steps, then turn left), one behind the fence, One on the 
steep slope above the two rolling cannonballs, one by the chain chomp, and one on 
the little mound (straight ahead at the start). 

Star 5: Mario Wings In The Sky 
Go to the floating island and shoot out of the cannon to get all five center coins 
in the rings. The star will appear by the red coin star. 

Star 6: Behind Chain Chomp's Gate 
Butt slam the post that the chain chomp is chained to. He will jump off and break 
the cage door. Double jump to the star. If you throw a bomb at the chain chomp 
first, it will give you more time to slam the post. 

Star 7: 100 Coins 
This is pretty easy. Be sure to kill all enemies, get all red coins, and fly for the 
coins in the sky. You can also get extra coins by running around the posts like the 
two by the red coin star. 

Level 2: Whomp's Fortress 

First floor of the castle, on the right side. A door with the number 1 on it. 

a giant fortress with blockmen and a hugh whomp. Bob-omb Buddy Near the shallow 
pool, by the cannon. 

Star 1: Chip Off Whomps Block 
Walk to the top of the fortress, and fight the whomp. Butt-slam his back after he 
has tried to fall on you three times to kill him. 

Star 2: To The Top Of The Fortress 
Go to where you fought the Whomp King, and climb to the top of the tower. The stars 
just sittin' waitin' for the takin'. 

Star 3: Shoot Into The Wild Blue 
Launch yourself out of the cannon twards the platform under the observation pole. 
The star is right there. You can also get this star with a side (turnaround) flip 
and a wall kick from just below it. 

Star 4: Red Coins On The Floating Isle 
Get all 8 red coins. There are two on the floating islands (jump kick the board on 
top of the mountain twice, and walk across), two by the pirahna flowers, one on the 
rotating board, one underneath it, one on top of the blue thwomp, and one above the 
stones that push you off the path. 

Star 5: Fall On To The Caged Island 
Jump in to the tree by the start to release an owl. Grab on to him according to his 
instructions, and fly up. Fly over the caged island, and watch your shadow. Drop 
down to the star. You can also get this with a well aimed cannon shot. 

Star 6: Blast Away The Wall 
Shoot out of the cannon twards the corner of the brick wall on the right of the 
spinning board. You will reveal the star. You can either shoot back up there, or 

Star 7: 100 Coins 
Be sure to kill all pirahna flowers, get all red coins, and get all ten coins out of 
the little whomps. To get ten coins, step on his back five times before butt 
stomping. There is also a blue coin box around the corner from the cannon. 

Level 3: Jolly Roger Bay 

Location: First floor of castle, right side, in a door with the number 3 on it. 

Description: Water level with a sunken ship and red clams. 

Star 1: Plunder The Sunken Ship 
Lure the eel out of the hole in the ship and go in. There are four chests inside. 
Open the far one first, then go clockwise. If you open the wrong chest, you'll get 
shocked. Be careful! 

Star 2: Can The Eel Come Out And Play? 
Lure the eel out of his new hole in the wall to the left of the tunnel. The star is 
on his tail. It's easiest to get it when he is going back in to the hole. 

Star 3: Treasure of the ocean cave 
If you swim through the tunnel, you will end up in a cave. Go through it to find 
four chests. Open them in this order: First the chest farthest from you, then the 
chest on your left, then the chest on your right, and then the chest closest to you. 

Star 4: Red Coins On The Ship Afloat 
Get all 8 red coins. Be sure to look for them in the clam shells, and on the ship 
(use the cannon to blast on to it). 

Star 5: Blast To The Stone Pillar 
Blast out of the cannon to the stone pillar. Aim high above the left pillar and you 
will grab it. jump off it to the platform with the star. 

Star 6: Through The Jet Stream 
You need the green ! block for this star. Get the metal cap and dive down to get the 
star in the stream. As fast as you can! 

Star 7: 100 Coins 
No coins are hidden. Find the blue coin box, and get all coins. There are only 104, 
so you need to find almost every one. 
Level 4: Cool, Cool Mountain 

Location: Main floor of castle, left side, door with the number 3 on it. 

Description: a snowy level with a chimney, a slide, and a lot of little snowmen. 

Star 1: Slip Slidin Away 
Climb into the chimney by where you start. Slide down and complete the race. There 
is a shortcut. A bit after the beginning, there is a line of coins going in to the 
wall. Follow these coins and you go through the wall. 

Star 2: Li'l Penguin Lost 
Above the chimney with the slide, there is a baby penguin. Jump off the broken 
bridge near the start and bring the little penguin down to the big penguin. 

Star 3: Big Penguin Race 
Go in the chimney again. You have to beat the penguin in a race to get the star. If 
you shortcut, he won't give you the star. 

Star 4: Frosty Slide For 8 Red Coins 
Get all 8 red coins. There is one around the corner from the big penguin, two on top 
of trees, one behind a clear ice pillar (use the cannon, aim right), and a few just 
lying around. 

Star 5: Snowman's Lost His Head 
Go to where the little penguin was (above the chimney) and slide down the left side 
to the snowmans body. Beat it in a race down the hill and it will join with the 
snowmans head. 

Star 6: Wall Kicks Will Work 
Shoot from the cannon by where the slide comes out and make your way along the 
narrow path. You will have to jump kick up to where the star is. You can also get 
this by stomping on the spindrift by where the snowmans body was and float down over 
the cliff, counter clockwise around the mountain. You'll see the star below, and you 
can float right down to it. 

Star 7: 100 Coins 
Go through the slide, get all coins there, get all red coins, and you can probably 
find some others just sitting around. Also run around snowmen to get a blue coin. 

Level 5: Big Boo's Haunt 

Location: Outside in the courtyard. Find the stairs going to the basement and follow 
the hallway across from them. Kill the lone ghost on the left, and hop in to the 

Description: Big mansion filled with ghosts. 

Star 1: Go On A Ghost Hunt 
Kill all the little boos, and a big boo will appear in the main room. kill him for a 

Star 2: Ride Big Boo's Merry-go-round 
In the spinning wheel at the bottom of the outside house, kill Little Boos until a 
Big Boo appears, then kill the Big Boo. 

Star 3: Secret Of The Haunted Books 
Go upstairs and you will see a room where books fly across at you. At the end of the 
hallway, there are three books sticking out of the shelf. Hit them in this order: 
Top, Right, Left. The book shelf will open revealing the door to a star. 

Star 4: Seek The 8 Red Coins 
Get all 8 red coins. Look all inside the house. Be sure to go upstairs and 

Star 5: Big Boos Balcony 
Go to the second floor and go through the door on the right. If you look around in 
this room, you will see a second balcony. Wall kick up there. If you go out the door 
to the balcony, there will be another big boo. Butt slam him three times, then long 
jump across and climb the roof to get to the star. 

Star 6: Eye To Eye In The Secret Room 
Get to the balcony where the blue cap box is, and get it. Go up to the room where 
the door to big boo's balcony is, and go through the picture of the ghost. Run 
around the eyeball for the star. 

Star 7: 100 Coins 
Get blue coins from the ghosts, the munching books, the eyeballs (run around them), 
and the blue coin box. There are 21 blue coins in this level. 

Level 6: Hazy Maze Cave 

Location: Basement. Go through the door with the star on it, and jump in to the pool 
of metal. 

Description: Cave level with yellow mist, falling boulders, and a black hole. 

Star 1: Swimming Beast In The Cavern 
Go to the underground lake and get on the beast's back. Do a butt slam, and get on 
to his head. Jump to the center island for the star. 

Star 2: Elevate for 8 red coins 
Get all 8 red coins. You will have to use the moving platform and the four way 
platform. Remember to butt-slam those blocks!!! 

Star 3: Metal Head Mario Can Move 
Get the metal cap by the underground lake. Run down following the path and follow 
the path underwater to the switch. Stand on the switch to open the gate. You have to 
do a double long jump to get to the star. 

Star 4: Navigating The Toxic Maze 
Find the blue coin box in the hazy maze. Stomp it and follow the trail of blue 
coins. Where the pillar of blue coins is, backflip up to the hole in the wall. You 
will have to swing on the bars to get to the star. 

Star 5: A-maze-ing Emergency Exit 
Face the hole in the maze where you got star 4. Now look around the corner to the 
right. Backflip in to the other hole that is there. 

Star 6: Watch For Rolling Rocks 
Go to the door by where the rocks fall. Wall jump up the walls to the high platform, 
the star is there. 

Star 7: 100 Coins 
There are blue coins in the maze, plus a bunch of coins from enemies. Also get the 
red coins. It's hard, but possible. (this was the last star I got) 

Level 7: Lethal Lava Land 

Location: Lower floor of castle, in the fire picture. 

Description: A level with lots of lava, and little bullies that look like bombs. 

Star 1: Boil The Big Bully 
Fly or walk over to the big bully. Knock him in to the lava by jumping on his head. 
Cross the falling steps to the star. 

Star 2: Bully The Bullies 
Get to the island just past where the first star was. Knock the three bullies in to 
the lava, and another big bully will appear. Kill him the same way as star 1. 

Star 3: 8 Coin Puzzle With 15 Pieces 
Get all 8 red coins. They are all on the puzzle of Bowser that is constantly 
shifting. If a piece shakes while you are standing on it, jump and kick so the next 
piece will slide under. 

Star 4: Red Hot Log Rolling 
Straight ahead of you as you start the level, you'll see a gigantic cage. Get to the 
cage by riding a floating platform, and roll the log over to the star. 

Star 5: Hot Foot It Into The Volcano 
Fly in to the volcano and make your way to the top along the wall to the star. 

Star 6: Elevator Tour In The Volcano 
Go the opposite way in the volcano and ride the elevators up. A series of poles and 
floating platforms will get you the rest of the way up. 

Star 7: 100 Coins 
Use the shell (select star 5 or 6 to make it appear), and surf the lava to find as 
many coins as possible. Run around the two eyeballs for blue coins. Finally, enter 
the volcano to finish it off. 

Level 8: Shifting Sand Land 

Location: Basement. Jump in to the wall at the dead end. 

Description A desert level with a big flying bird and a pyramid. 

Star 1: In The Talons Of The Big Bird 
Look for the giant bird flying around. Fly to one of the four big pillars and wait 
for the bird. When it comes near, grab the star. You can fly over to where the star 

Star 2: Shining Atop The Pyramid 
Fly or walk to the top of the pyramid. The star is inside a hole at the top. 

Star 3: Inside The Ancient Pyramid 
Go inside the pyramid. Make your way to the top and grab the star. 

Star 4: Stand Tall On The Four Pillars 
Stand on each of the four pillars outside the pyramid. The top of the pyramid will 
blast away. Go to it and go in the hole. Ride the elevator down, and jump in to the 
hole in the big purple block. Inside, you have to beat the pyramid boss by hitting 
the eyes on his hands three times each. 

Star 5: Free Flying for 8 red coins 
Get all 8 red coins. When you first enter the level, turn around and get the coin 
behind you. Then smash the box under the big stone roof. All the rest of the coins 
you can get by flying around (4 in the air, 2 on the ground) 

Star 6: Pyramid Puzzle 
Go to the top of the pyramid (inside). Right before the star, there is a hole in the 
barrier around the platform. Look down. Jump to the platform below you. There aretwo 
more platforms like this. Next jump in to the stream of sand and get the two coins 
going down there. The star will appear at the end. 

Star 7: 100 Coins 
Kill all enemies and get all the red coins outside, then go into the pyramid and 
collect the rest. 

Level 9: Dire, Dore Docks 

Posted on: 3/28/98 

Location: Basement, in the door with the big star on it. 

Description: Water level with bowsers sub, a bunch of sharks, and a whirlpool. 

Star 1: Board Bowsers Sub 
Go through the cave and get in to the second cavern. Hit the switch to make the 
blocks appear 
and get on bowsers submarine. The star is on there, out in the open. 

Star 2: Chests In The Current 
There are four chests at the base of the whirlpool. Open them in this order: The one 
by the 
clamshell, get the next two chests counterclockwise from there, then the last chest. 

Star 3: Pole Jumping For Red Coins 
Get all 8 red coins. They are all in the second cavern. You have to hit the same 
switch as star 1, 
but climb the other steps. Then jump between poles for the red coins. 

Star 4: Through The Jet Stream 
There is a stream much like the one in the third level in the second cavern of this 
level, except 
there are rings coming from it. Go through five rings in a row, and the star will 
appear in the 
stream. Use the metal cap to get it, just as before. 

Star 5: The Manta Ray's Reward 
In the first cavern, there is a manta ray swimming around. There are rings coming 
out behind it. 
Swim through five consecutive rings to get the star. It will appear just above the 
whirlpool. go 
from above, and be careful. 

Star 6: Collect The Caps 
Go to the second cavern to where the green cap is. Get both the green and blue caps 
and go 
down through the underwater cage where the star is. 

Star 7: 100 Coins 
You have to search very carefully for the coins. There are none from enemies. You 
must get all the 
red coins and the blue coin box near them. There are only 106 coins in this level, 
so search 

Level 10: Snowman's Land 

Location: Upper floor of castle, in the room with the huge mirror in it. Jump in to 
the wall on the 
far left side. 

Description: Ice level with a gigantic snowman, an igloo, and a big bully made of 

Bob-omb Buddy: Inside the igloo (see star 6) 

Star 1: Snowmans Big Head 
Go to the top of the snowman. You have to get past the iceblock shooter. use triple 
jumps. Next you must get past the snowmans mouth. Ride on top of the penguin 
(backflip to his head) and go up to the star. 

Star 2: Chill With The Bully 
Knock the big ice bully off his ice platform by jumping on his head. 

Star 3: In The Deep Freeze 
Go in to the big ice block by the start. Get to the top of the block by 
backflipping, and fall down the other hole to the star. 

Star 4: Whirl From The Freezing Pond 
Go to where the ice block shooter stops, and find the spindrift. Jump on its head 
and float over the water to where there are two yellow blocks. The one on the left 
is the star. 

Star 5: Shell Shreddin' for red coins 
Get all 8 red coins. Use the shell (see star 4) to collect all the red coins. There 
are six just sitting on the snow, and one under the Big Bully. 

Star 6: Into the Igloo 
Get the shell located next to star 4. surf over to where the ice bully is, and go up 
the steep slope with a line of coins. crawl in to the igloo. You must get the vanish 
cap inside to get the star. To get to the vanish cap, take the first right past the 
star, then the first left. Backflip over the half wall, and there it is. 

Star 7: 100 Coins 
Get all the coins in the igloo, all the red coins, and be sure to kill all the 
enemies. You can kill the 
snowmen by running around them. 

Level 11: Wet-Dry Land 

Location: Second floor of castle, right in front of you when you get there. 

Description: Water level. Water can be raised or lowered by touching the switches. 

Bob-omb Buddy 
Jump in to the painting at the top (you can do this by standing 2 squares away from 
the painting and backflip in). The Bob-omb buddy is on a platform just above the 
water level. 

Star 1: Shocking Arrow Lifts 
touch the highest switch in the level (straight ahead from where you start, on the 
45 degree slope) Swim to where the star is (a yellow block just above water level) 
and hit it for the star. 

Star 2: Top o' The Town 
Go as high as you can and walk across the long plank. The star is on the highest 

Star 3: Secrets In The Shallows And The Sky 
Find all 5 secret spots. One is behind the block that you push at the very bottom of 
the level, one is in the yellow box that you can get by standing on the block that 
you push at the very bottom of the level, one is behind the block you push into a 
hole near one of the catapolters, one is in the yellow box above the cage with the 
star in it, and one is in the yellow box on top of the small island that the shocker 
is spinning around. 

Star 4: Express Elevator - Hurry Up!! 
Get the water all the way down and butt-slam the block by the tall thin cage. Get up 
to the top of the cage and ride the elevator down. Quickly go in and ride it back up 
to the star. 

Star 5: Go To Town For 8 Red Coins 
Get all 8 red coins. You have to shoot out of the cannon to the cage in the far 
corner, and swim to the town. Lower the water, and use a series of backflips and 
long jumps to get to the red coins. 

Star 6: Quick Race Through Downtown 
Go to the town (see star 5) and get the Vanish Cap and run in to the cage on the 
other side of the level. Use wall jumps to get to the star at the top. 

Star 7: 100 coins 
just search for coins. be sure to go "downtown". 

Level 12: Tall, Tall Mountain 

Location: Upper floor of castle. It is a picture smaller than the rest along the 
wall of the main room. 

Description: A tall mountain with a secret slide, big waterfall, and monkeys. 

Bob-omb Buddy: 
Start going up the mountain. On the platform just before the first monkey, look 
down. There he is, buddy!! 

Star 1: Scale The Mountain 
At the very top of the mountain. I think it is easier to climb up above the gophers 
than to go the normal way (you skip the rolling log). 

Star 2: Mystery Of The Monkey Cage 
Go to the very top again and catch the monkey. He will open the cage for you. The 
star will end up far, far below. 

Star 3: Scary 'Shrooms, Red Coins 
Get all 8 red coins. There are 4 on the mushrooms, and 4 on the cliff platforms 
(above the gophers). 

Star 4: Mysterious Mountainside 
Close to the top of the mountain, there is a square portion of cliff that ripples if 
you brush by it. Jump in to get on the secret slide. When the track splits, keep 
right. You have to go fast enough to make it across the jumps, so don't slow down. 
If you get to the bottom, your reward is a star. 

Star 5: Breathtaking View From The Bridge 
Go to the bridge where the monkey cage was. Jump in to the hole behind the waterfall 
where the star is. Suprise, there's the star. 

Star 6: Blast To The Lonely Mushroom 
Long jump from the mushroom where the red coin star is to the pathway far below. Go 
over to the cannon. Shoot to the mushroom with the star out on it. 

Star 7: 100 Coins 
This is a snap. Get all the coins in the slide (there are three blue ones), then 
just search around for the rest. 

Level 14: Tick Tock Clock 

Location: Upper floor of castle, in the face of the clock. 

Description: A tall level with swinging pendulums and a long drop. If you enter the 
clock with the big hand on the 12, time is stopped. On the 3 time is slow, 6 is 
medium, and 9 is fast. 

Star 1: Roll Into The Cage 
Easiest with time stopped. Proceed up the clock. After a little ways, you will see a 
star in a cage. ride the rotating platform in to the cage, and get the star. 

Star 2: The Pit And The Pendulums 
Easiest with time stopped. Go a little farther than the first star, and jump past 
the pendulums to the star. 

Star 3: Get A Hand 
Easiest with time fast. Go up farther than the second star to where the rotating 
hand is. Stand on it and let it swing you around to where the star is. 

Star 4: Stomp On The Thwomp 
Easiest with time slow. Go as far up as you can. Ride the second rotating hand to 
where the thwomp is. Backflip on to the top of the thwomp and ride it to the star. 

Star 5: Timed Jumps On The Moving Bars 
Easiest with time slow. Above star 3, you will see three beams moving in and out of 
the wall. climb them to the star. 

Star 6: Stop Time For Red Coins 
Easiest with time stopped. Get all 8 red coins. They are on the rotating platforms 
to the right of the start. 

Star 7: 100 Coins 
Easiest with time stopped. Forget about the red coins. Be sure to get the blue coins 
in front of star 2. All the rest of the coins are in yellow ! boxes, and just 
sitting around. 

Level 15: Rainbow Ride 

Location: Upper floor of castle. On the right side in a hole in the wall as you face 
course 14. 

Description: A sky level with rainbows, magic carpets, and a flying boat. 

Bob-omb Buddy: 
Go below the red coins (see star 4), and wall jump above the blue coin box all the 
way to the top. The bob-omb buddy is there. 

When you start, turn around and long jump to the pole behind you. This way, you skip 
one hard part of the course Just For Fun: Go to the Bob-omb Buddy's right, and long 
jump straight out. You will land far, far below on another platform. 

Star 1: Cruiser Crossing The Rainbow 
Ride the magic carpets up to the floating ship. You have to take the left fork when 
the path splits. The star is on it. 

Star 2: The Big House In The Sky 
Do the same as star 1 except take the right fork. Ride all the way to the top. 

Star 3: Coins Amassed in a maze 
Get all 8 red coins. Go straight from the four spinning platforms and wall jump and 
backflip for all 
the red coins. 

Star 4: Swingin' in the breeze 
Go left from the four spinning platforms and follow it up to the wood slope. Climb 
up the slope 
and swing across to the star. 

Star 5: Tricky Triangles! 
Go left at the four spinning platforms and and go past the wood slope. Hit the 
flat ! switch to turn the triangles upsidedown. Do a triple jump on the first two to 
skip two of the triangles. The star is at the top. 

Star 6: Somewhere Over The Rainbow 
Get to the floating ship (see star 1) and shoot out of the cannon through the 
rainbow ring. The star is on that island. 

Star 7: 100 Coins 
Be sure to get all the blue coins where the Bobomb buddy is. Also get the red coins. 
Don't even bother going up twards star 1 and 2. Go towards star 4 and 5 for the rest 
of the coins. 

Bowser Courses 

Bowser 1 

Location: First floor of the castle in the door with the big star on it. 

Prize: A big key. This opens the door in to the basement. 

To kill bowser: Get behind him, pick him up by the tail and spin him around. Throw 
him on to a bomb to kill him. 

Bowser 2 

Location: Basement, through the door with the big star. 

Prize: A big key. This opens the door straight in front of the enterance to the 

To kill bowser: Same as the first time. 

Bowser 3 

Location: The uppermost floor, up the "endless" staircase. You must have 70 stars to 
make it up. 

Prize: The Princess. To kill bowser: Same as before, accept throw him in to three 

Secret Courses 

Star 1: The Princess' Secret Slide 1 
First floor of castle, up the stairs, door on the right with a star on it. jump 
through the picture on the right. 

Star 2: The Princess' Secret Slide 2 
Same location as extra star 1 (the princess' picture on the main floor of the 
castle). Finish the race in under 21 seconds. There is a shortcut to make this 
easier. Jump over the edge on the first turn. If you're lucky, you will land on the 
track far below. Butt-slam just before you land to get up faster. 

Star 3: The Secret Aquarium 
In the room with the picture for course 3, there are 2 holes in the wall up high 
that you can jump into. Backflip in to the one on the left. Collect all 8 red coins 
for a star. 

Star 4: Rabbit 1 
After you have 20 stars, catch the bunny in the basement of the castle. when he's 
stopped at a dead end, approach him diagonally from the right. he will run right in 
to you. 

Star 5: Rabbit 2 
After you have 50 stars, the bunny will be back for more. Catch him again for a 

Star 6: Toad 1 
After you have 20 stars, talk to Toad (the mushroom guy) in the room with course 6. 
He will give you a star. 

Star 7: Toad 2 
After you have 50 stars, on the second floor, Toad will give you another star. 

Star 8: Toad 3 
After you have 50 stars, on the third floor, talk to Toad again and get a star. 

Star 9: Wing Mario Over The Rainbow 
On the third floor, jump into the hole in the wall opposite course 15. There is a 
bonus level there. Collect all red coins for a star. 

Star 10: Bowser1 
Bowser level 1 - get all 8 red coins. This is pretty easy. All the coins are 
basically in plain sight, except one. When you pound on the ! switch in the 
beginning of the level, go back and there is a red coin behind where you start. 

Star 11: Bowser 2 
Bowser level 2 - get all 8 red coins. Same as Bowser 1. Pretty easy. 

Star 12: Bowser 3 
Bowser level 3 - get all 8 red coins. This is harder than the other Bowser levels. 
There are two coins that are kind of hidden. One is on a tiny ledge under the 
tilting platforms. Change views to find it. The other is under the bridge right 
before bowsers pipe. All the rest are easy to find. 

Star 13: Green Switch 
Green ! switch level - get all 8 red coins. You need to get the metal cap in the 
course to find all of the red coins. 

Star 14: Blue Switch 
Blue ! switch level - get all 8 red coins. Coins are all out in the open, just be 
careful not to fall off the platforms as they turn over. 

Star 15: Red Switch 
Red ! switch level - get all 8 red coins. When you start, go a little to the right 
and do a counterclockwise spiral grabbing red coins on the way down. If you miss 
any, start over. 

Switch Courses 

Green ! Switch 

Location: In level 6. Go to the underground lake, and ride the blue sea beast to the 
door across from where you came in. The metal cap course is in the pool inside. 

Description: Long level with a strong current. Don't get sucked in to the waterfall; 
you'll end up outside. 

Blue ! Switch 

Location: In the moat. You must drain it first. Go in to the basement of the castle. 
Follow the circular hall, and go through the door. Follow the wall on the right 
until you hit a door. Go through the underwater hall, and you will find a room with 
two pillars. butt-slam the pillars and the water will drain. Go out the newly 
exposed door, go right, and you will find a hole in the ground by the waterfall. 
That's the blue switch! 

Description: a short course with a long hill and a bunch of rotating lifts over a 
bottomless pit. 

Red ! Switch 

After getting ten stars, stand on the sun in the center of the first floor, and look 

Description: An air level with one platform and a loooooonnnnnngggg drop. 

thanks for using my faq

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