Completing Level 4 (Catching the Train) - Guide for James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing

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Watch the cut scene of the dam cracking and then instead of turning left and 
getting in the car turn right and hop onto the bike. Manevure your way around the 
catwalks and smash through the windows. You will land on a train track. Just keep 
on going along untill you drop a level. A helicopter will open fire on you so dont 
stay in one place for to long. Drop into the enemy base and continue along the road 
shooting the two bikes that have now appeared. When you are comin up before a jump 
a helicopter will appear so hit it with a missile and then a cutscene will show - 
vwala - your first bond move. Then, follow your way around untill there is a ramp 
and two pillars falling. You can get past the first one fine but on the second one 
press x to do a power slide and get your next bond move. Continue along and when 
there is a hill in the sand go up it and you will land on the track gaining you the 
last bond move. Follow the train shooting the back of it with your missiles untill 
te missiles from the train stop. Stay in the center of the track and when there is 
a slight drop do a wheelie so you gain more speed (down on the left analogue stick) 
untill u see a cutscens of the bike falling off a cliff and bond boarding the train.

Mission Complete
Well Done Agent

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