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                                 CONCING GUIDE

1: Table of Contents

1: Table of Contents
2: The Conc Class for You
3: Basic Concing
4: Advanced Concing
5: Other Notes

2: The Conc Class for You

This is where you have to decide what class (Medic or Scout) you 
would be better with. A scout is really fast but he is also weak. 
On the other hand the medic is slighly slower but health and armor
are considerably higher. If you want to be quick and stealthy at 
conc jumping be a scout. If you want to infect people by concing 
into a sniper nest medic is what you need :)

3: Basic Concing

Basic concing is pretty much using only one conc grenade. It's 
simple really. Throw a conc grenade and get on top of it to go 
exactly vertical. If you wish to go at an angle then get barely
on top of it in the direction you wish to go. Note: must jump 
right before conc goes off for best results. 

4: Advanced Concing

Advanced concing is using two or three conc grenades. This is
pretty complicated. Okay, throw a conc grenade, as soon as you 
throw it start priming, or the holding onto of the grenade button.
Run on top of your original grenade backwards and facing down. 
Jump when your grenade is about to go off still priming your first one.
Now when in air facing down when your second grenade is about to go off 
let go of it. You will be shot up twice as high as one conc. Note: this 
type of conc jumping is primarily used on conc maps. If you wish too triple 
conc jump. Dont be surprised if you can't do it. It's harder than you can imagine.
First do the steps of double conc jump then when in air let go of your second conc 
a little sooner than normal to make it possible to prime third grenade. 
Now when you start priming the third grenade you will have probably done it too late.
No worries nothing can't be achieved with a little practice. Note: triple concing is 
almost impossible and very rarely used it will probably never be necessary for you to
use it. 

Note1: Always keep in mind that concing will make nearly impossible to attack. 
Note2: If you are not exact in double conc jumping you will be thrown off course 
and will have to start all over again.
Note3: Try not to conc around teammates. It'll make um mad at you for throwing them
into a death trap or something.

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