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Conker's Bad Fur Day

"The people at Rare have been very naughty..."

This guide has been writen by doogy300 (that's doogy300)

What's in this guide...

1. Intro
2. Conker's Bad Fur Day
3. Multiplayer Games
4. Cheats
5. FAQ
6. Legal Stuff


1. Intro

This game is for those gutter-mouthed people who like talking trash.  You know what 
I mean... all that crap stuff and the like.
The game goes up to four players simultaneously (means at the same time).


2. Conker's Bad Fur Day

The story is a flashback - Conker is thinking of how he ended up to be king.
The story is in chapters:

Conker needs to find his way home and is `helped` by a drunk scarecrow called Birdy.

This is where the NASTY/NICE sign is located, not to mention the entrances to all 
the areas in the game.

Here's where some of the more `disgusting` characters are found, as well as a mutant 
haystack, a mad pitchfork, and a mouse with some severe gas problems.

(NOTE: I don't know if it is called Poo Cabin somebody e-mail me and correct me)
A smelly land home to the dungbeetles and made up of shit.

Meet the Great Mighty Poo here.  He wants sweet corn up his rear.

Travel back in time with the raptors and the cavemen and the rock men.

Visit Conker's undead ancestor, not to mention some zombies.

The general needs some soldiers to buff up some bastard Tediz (yeah, you heard me 
right - cute little teddy bears who carry weapons).

It's time to rob a bank, and get rid of the "Fairy" Panther King.


3. Multiplayer Games

There are some games that can be played alone or with some pals here.  They are:

Be the Frenchies trying to get to Paris or the Tediz trying to kick the Frenchies' 

The cavemen are hungry and want eggs.

Rob a bank alone or with two on a team.

...the name says it all.

It's squirrels versus tediz.

Control a Class-22 tank alone or with a friend controlling the turret.

Hop on your hoverboard and race across a stream of lava.


4. Cheats

Alright you cheaters - this area is just for you:

Go to OPTIONS, and select CHEATS.  The fire imp will welcome you ("you cheatin' 

All Chapters: Type WELDERSBENCH

Matrix-type death animation in multiplayer: Type SPUNKJOCKEY

Easy mode: Type EASY

Very easy mode: Type VERYEASY

Conker in multiplayer: Type WELLYTOP

Conker in his black suit (check HEIST): Type EASTEREGGSRUS

General and the tediz leader in multiplayer: Type RUSTYSHERIFFSBADGE

More weasels in multiplayer: Type CHINDITVICTORY

More cavemen in multiplayer: Type EATBOX

Gregg the Grim Reaper in multiplayer mode: Type BILLYMILLROUNDABOUT

Zombies and a villager in multiplayer mode: Type BEEFCURTAINS

These are just some of the cheats.  In case you find more WORKING cheats, e-mail me 
at do[email protected]

5. FAQ

E-mail me for questions on Conker's Bad Fur Day and it'll be posted here.


6. Legal stuff

Copyright doogy300 Adam Comix Inc. 2003
E-mail: [email protected]

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