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3.Any questions?

Hi,and welcome to my FAQ entitled Costumes for any occassion!!!
Before we begin lets get one thing straight okay?
NO COPPYCATTING!!! That means if you read my FAQ and you want to write
your own FAQ and your not sure what to write you may not copy mine for
yours.lets move on.

Okay here are the costumes:
1.Witch costume:Witch's hat, Witch's top

2.George Washington costume:Powderd wig,Frock coat

3.General costume:General's hat, Millitary uniform
4.Bunny costume:Bunny hood,Bunny shirt

5.Sooo 80's costume:Tiny shades,Afro wig

6.Baby costume:Baby's hat,Pacifier

7.Space suit costume:Space helmet,space suit

8.Mario bro. costume:Big bros mustache,M or L's hat

9.Princess costume:Princess shirt,Crown[very expensive]

10.King costume:King's crown[very expensive too],Royal robes

11.Miser costume:Barber shop hat,Stache and glasses

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