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                        Los Santos Backcountry

After Tenpenny evacuates you from Los Santos, you’ll have to do a few favors for him 
and a pal of his before you can move on to San Fierro. The missions here sometimes 
involve annoyingly long rides across the country, so if you fail and die or get 
busted, you can choose between loading your savegame to get all of your weapons 
back, or just hitting the mission again. If you reload, you’ll have to make the trip 
to your destination again, but if you just try again without reloading, you can take 
advantage of the game’s trip-skipping feature. 



Your first mission for the CRASH bandits involves tracking down and killing an 
internal affairs snitch. He’s way up in the mountains, so you’ll probably want to 
track down one of the Sanchez dirtbikes before you head up. You’ve been stripped of 
all your weapons due to your "arrest," but you can find an Uzi behind a trailer to 
the southwest of the CRASH mission spot. There’s also a save spot right next to the 
CRASH trailer, so save up before you head out. 

When you reach the hideout, get out of your vehicle and approach on foot towards the 
back of the cabin. The Feds are all over the place, but the guy you really have to 
worry about is the snitch; he’ll leave from the back door and head towards the car 
in the driveway. If he gets in, you’ll have to chase him down and kill him, but if 
you tag him as he’s leaving the cabin, you can drop him before he gets in the car 
and make your way back to the drop zone on your own time. The easiest way to do this 
is to just drive up there on a dirtbike, then speed up to the cabin and the carport 
(it'll be on the far side of the cabin from you), jump off the bike when you're near 
the car, then wait by the rear of the vehicle until the snitch comes out of the 
building. He'll be walking, so he'll be an easy target if you're in the right spot. 
If he does manage to get away, then get back on a Sanchez and give chase; it'll take 
around 40 or 50 machine pistol rounds to set the car aflame, after which point you 
should be able to easily dispatch the snitch. 


First Date 

Cesar’s cousin is...feisty, to say the least. After you escort her from the bar, 
she’ll have four sub-missions for you. They’re not mission-critical, but they pay 
well, and you’ll have to do at least one before you can move on with the story. 
Since it’s close by, head over to the gas station near the bar to start with Tanker 

Tanker Commander 

Since your stickup at the gas station doesn’t go too well, Catalina decides that 
it’s time to hijack a nearby big rig and tanker. You’ll have to back the rig into 
the tanker quite slowly before it hitches on; after you’ve got your load, start 
heading west out of town. If you follow the road, you should find your destination 
without a problem. The only trouble here will come from losing the tanker; if you 
turn too sharply or go over a big bump, it can detach, which will fail your mission. 
If you do happen to fail, don’t be stupid and reload your game like we did; you 
don’t lose any weapons or anything, so just head back to Catalina and try it again. 

First Base 

Thanks, Rockstar, for putting Catalina halfway across the damn state. You’ll need to 
drive for five minutes or so just to get to her, but at least she’s near a save 
point, so hit it before entering the house. After a little sweet talk ("I’ll let you 
kill anyone you wanna kill, baby!"), you’ll have to hit one of the other three 
robbery missions. The closest one is the off-track betting shop in Montgomery, so 
take the Buffalo and head out. 

Against All Odds 

The actual robbery of the betting shop goes fairly smoothly; after you blow open the 
safe and retrieve the cash (stand well away from the explosion!), though, you’ll 
have to deal with a four-star wanted level. The nearest spray shop is all the way 
down in Dillimore, so plan your route with the zoomed-in map and get there right 

Gone Courting a very tender thing.... This is another interlude mission, so do your 
business and hit the road. Your next robbery takes place in Blueberry, due west of 
the hideout. 

Local Liquor Store 

Unfortunately for you, the liquor store you and Catalina were planning to rob will 
be hit just before you get there by a gang of rednecks on ATV’s. You’ll manage to 
nab one for yourself, though, so you’ll have to do your best to keep up with the 
robbers while Catalina kills them. They’ll drop briefcases full of cash when they 
drop, so drive over them or retrieve them on foot before continuing your pursuit. 
Don’t forget that CJ can shoot his Uzi as well, even straight ahead (by pressing the 
O or L1 button), so don’t let Catalina have all the fun. Don't worry if you have to 
turn around to retrieve one of the briefcases; the ATV riders seem to slow down when 
they get a set distance in front of you, giving you time to catch back up with them. 
When you retrieve all of the cases, return to the hideout to get your share of the 

Made In Heaven 

Well, the honeymoon is officially off. Head out to the last robbery after Catalina 
cuts you loose. 

Small Town Bank 

When you arrive at the bank, Catalina will tell you to cover the employees with your 
shotgun. You can hit the L2 and R2 buttons to cycle through them, which will 
encourage them to keep their hands in the air, but it doesn’t matter, as their hands 
will drop faster and faster until one of them presumably reaches the alarm. Instead 
of going through the motions, then, aim at the security guard (on the far right) and 
blow his head off, since he’s the only one of them that has a weapon. 

After the alarm sounds, bust open the three ATMs and grab the cash before heading 
out the backdoor. You’ll have another little gauntlet of sherrifs to run through 
before a couple come in on bikes; kill these and start riding off through the 

When you reach the next town, Catalina will get surrounded by cops, so let her go on 
ahead and dismount while you’re still a ways away from the police, then take them 
out with whatever long-range weapon you have. After you finally get back to the 
hideout, you’ll be able to take another mission from Cesar; just wait for him to 
call you on his cell phone. 

Farewell, My Love 

Another race, this time involving someone who appears to be the unnamed main 
character of Grand Theft Auto III. The race itself is an exact reversal of Wu Zi Mu 
race that Cesar initiated, but you’ll be in a tight little ZR-350 this time, meaning 
that you’ll have an even harder time controlling yourself while you’re on the dirt 
roads. The good news is that you should be a lot faster than the AI cars, especially 
in the straights, so if you can build up a good lead, you can take the twists and 
turns near the river at the end of the race at your own pace. 

After you win, get out of the car to get a cell phone call from The Truth, who has 
another mission for you. 

The Truth

Body Harvest 

When Tenpenny says jump, you say how high (for now, anyway), and, for the moment, he 
wants you to help the enigmatic stoner known only as The Truth. Truth wants a 
combine thresher for his farm, and since the only one around is tooling around on a 
survivalist retreat, guess who gets to retrieve it? 

Said task is, as ever, easier said than done. The survivalists are armed with 
hunting rifles, and although they can only fire one shot at a time, those things 
sting. You’ll want to enter the farm in an enclosed vehicle, jacking one from the 
highway if necessary, then slam on the gas until you hit a wall. When you can’t go 
any further, get out of the car, jump the wall to the field, then jack the thresher 
and hit the road. You can’t be hurt while you’re in the combine, and it appears to 
be indestructible, so go crazy and mash up all the survivalists; just don’t get 
jacked out of it. Feel free to go off-road with the combine; the easiest route to 
Truth’s farm is actually straight south from the survivalist camp and over the 
cliff. The combine should right itself if you land funny, and Truth’s farm is only a 
short distance from the train tracks. 

After you deliver the combine, Cesar will appear to give you missions back in Angel 

Are You Going To San Fierro? 

The Truth finally has your weed, and you finally have his money, so hook up with him 
to get the heck out of town. Things don’t go as planned - when have they ever? - as 
the cops arrive, forcing you and TT to burn all of his weed with flamethrowers. You 
have a surfeit of time here, so be thorough, and don’t roast any weed patches longer 
than you have to, or you might run out of ammo. 

After the weed’s all burned, the police helicopter remains, but luckily, TT has an 
answer for that, too, in the form of your very first rocket launcher. Get as misty-
eyed as you wish, but don’t dawdle too long; blast the chopper and get going to San 


King In Exile 

This isn’t much of a mission; although Cesar gives you some disturbing news, all 
you’ll be able to do afterwards is take another mission from Catalina. 

Wu Zi Mu 

This Chinese businessman sponsors racing around the back country, for som e reason 
or another; since you’re always on the lookout for money, you can take a spin for a 
cool 5,000 dollars. If you do this mission after you get done with Catalina’s 
robbery missions, the Buffalo might not spawn at the hideout; if you have to run 
down to the highway, be on the lookout for Ranger-class cars, as they have both the 
mass required to knock other cars around and the stamina to survive a long race, 
which this surely is. 

You’re going to want to take it slow during the first part of the race, until you 
cross underneath the bridge and get on solid ground. The only real sticking point 
here is the farm; after you find yourself on a ranch, you’ll want to avoid the 
tempting ramp in the middle of it, and instead veer off to the left or right to stay 
on solid ground. (Getting through the farm after launching from the ranch is tricky 
business, and you'll likely either hit one of the walls or land on the roof, which 
gives you a good chance of flipping over.) From there, keep working around the track 
until you hit a logging camp; you’ll double back to it up the twisting road nearby, 
and end the race inside its boundaries. 

You've made it to San Fierro.

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