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Crash Bash FAQ
For the PSX game console


1.  Introduction (My own introduction)
2.  Storyline
3.  About the Characters
4.  Levels and Controls
5.  Warp Room #1
6.  Warp Room #2
7.  Warp Room #3
8.  Warp Room #4
9.  Warp Room #5
10. Codes & Secrets
11. Legal Stuff
12. Updates

1. Introduction
Hi! I think I should introduce myself. First of all, I'm Mexican, but I decided to 
make this FAQ in English. I might as well make a version in Spanish. Second, this is 
my 15th FAQ; my other 14 are at I have made FAQs for these games:

Resident Evil 2 for PSX
Resident Evil for PSX
RE: Director's Cut for PSX
Mega Man X4 for PSX
RE3: Nemesis for PSX
Tomb Raider for PSX
Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes for DreamCast*
RE: Survivor for PSX
Mega Man X5 for PSX
* I don't actually have a DreamCast, just a PSX, but I usually go to a video arcade 
and play MVC2 a lot

Third: You guys can contact me on either of my 2 e-mail addresses: 
[email protected], or [email protected]
If you have any comments or something I didn't mention here, try one of those e-mail 
addresses to let me know. If one of those e-mails doesn't work, try the other. 
(Spelling and grammar mistakes will just be ignored)

This is it. Hope you enjoy my FAQ!

2. Storyline
The storyline is somewhat simple. Aku Aku and Uka Uka talk about the fights they've 
been having for the crystals. They agree that a tournament is the easy solution for 
their fights. Aku Aku summons Crash and Coco Bandicoot, while Uka Uka summons Dr. 
Neo Cortex, Dr. Nitrus   Brio, Tiny Tiger, Dingodile, Koala Kong, and Rilla Roo (New 
character) . Aku Aku needs two more players for his team, so Uka Uka surrenders Tiny 
Tiger and Dingodile.

3. About the Characters

Crash Bandicoot: Crash is small, so he's good at Polar Push levels, but he's weak. 
In Crate Crush levels, he lifts the crates slowly and throws them at a short 
distance, but he can move as he kicks. (his good ol' Spin Attack, remember?) In Tank 
Wars levels, he fires a fireball, which moves slow but does medium damage

Coco Bandicoot: Same stats as Crash. You can choose these two if you want a challenge

Difficulty level (Crash and Coco): Medium-Hard

Tiny Tiger: He has a very strong push in Polar Push levels. He lifts crates and 
throws them at a long distance. He kicks crates instead of spinning them, but that's 
his only problem. He shoots a spiked ball which is slow, but is powerful in Tank 
Wars levels.

Dingodile: He throws crates better  than Crash and Coco, but not much better. He 
spins his tail, so he can't move when spinning. He's weak at Polar Push levels, too. 
He fires two small blasts at a time in Tank Wars levels, but they aren't very 
powerful, either.


Koala Kong: Same stats as Tiny Tiger. Use either of these two if you're a beginner.

Difficulty Level (Tiny Tiger and Koala Kong): Beginner-Easy

Dr. Neo Cortex: He picks up crates slow but shoots them pretty fast. He uses all of 
his energy in Polar Push levels. He shoots a green blast that goes pretty fast and 
far in Tank Wars levels, but the blast isn't very powerful.

Dr. Nitrus Brio: Same stats as Dr. Neo Cortex. The only difference is that he 
doesn't have an 'N' in his forehead.

Difficulty level (Dr. Neo Cortex and Dr. N. Brio): Easy-Medium

Rilla Roo: Same stats as Dingodile. Pick these two if you are a true champ.

Difficulty level (Dingodile and Rilla Roo): Hard-Expert

4. Levels & Controls
Alrighty then, let's get started explaining the levels. 
BALLISTIX: The most fun out of all of them, but can be really frustrating if you 
suck. Hit the balls and don't let any of them pass your goal. 
Left and Right: Move. 
Square: Kickback (Very useful). 
R1/L1: Your craft moves faster. 
POLAR PUSH: Push your opponents off the edge of the platform. Last one standing 
wins. The beam thing gives you items, or makes you bigger or smaller. 
Bigger: Easier to hit, slower, but more powerful. 
Smaller: Harder to hit, faster, but less powerful. 
Controls: Directonal Pad: Move. 
Square: Charge. 
Square + Directional Button: Save yourself from falling off the edge. 
Main Items: Lightning: Keep it. Don't let anyone take it. When lighting hits, knock 
the opponents off the ice. 
Weight: AHH, pass it quick! Don't get caught with it at the end or a 500 pound 
weight falls on your head. 
POGO PANDAMONIUM: Jump around coloring squares. Hit purple boxes to turn your 
colored squares into points. 
Directional Pad: Move. 
Square: Fire missle or electric bolt. 
Main Items: Shoes: GO FASTER! Rack up the points with these things, baby! 
Missle: Shoot them. In some levels you can steal their squares using this. 
Arrows: Hit one of these and every square in the row the arrow is pointing to will 
turn your color. 
CRATE CRUSH: Lift or spin/kick crates and try to kill your opponents with them. Last 
one standing wins, or whoever has the most health at the end. 
Standard Crates: Just regular crates, nothing special. 
TNT Crates: Touch or lift them and they'll start counting down. When it gets to "1", 
GET OUT OF THE WAY! More powerful than standard crates. 
Nitro Crates: Most powerful. Avoid at all costs. Don't try to pick them up or you'll 
regret it. 
Directional Pad: Move. 
Square: Spin/Kick crates. 
Circle: Pick up/throw crates. 
X: Jump. 
Main Items: Wumpa Fruit: Raises Health. 
TANK WARS: Ride around the battlefield and shoot your opponents. Last one standing 
Directional Pad: Move. 
R1/L1: Rotates your turret (important, so get used to it). 
Square: Fire projectile. 
Circle: Lay mines (be sure to get out of the way). 
Main Items: Wumpa Fruit: Increase Health. 
Mines: Grab these if you run out (not already laid mines, that could be dangerous). 
CRASH DASH: Reminds me of Crash Team Racing. Anyway, race around the track the 
indicated number of laps. First to finish wins. 
R1: Accelerate. 
Left/Right: Move. 
Square: Speed Boost. 
Circle: Use Weapon. 
Main Items: Wumpa Fruit: Grab these to build up speed boost. 
Missle: Shoot oppenents. 
MEDIEVAL MAYHEM: These levels are different from each other. Here's a quick 
description about them:
RING DING: Burst your own balloons to score. Jump to burst balloons. Win by being 
the player with the highest score when time runs out. 
Controls: Directional Pad: move your character. 
Square: press to attack other players. 
X press to jump. 
Main Items: ??? CRATES collect power ups from inside. 
HOVER BOOTS these allow you to move freely in any direction. 
VACUUM CLEANER attract balloons towards you. 
BLACK BALLOON burst to affect the action, either of these three will occur
1. bursts other players balloons. 
2. changes the ring direction. 
3. changes all balloons to your color. 
DRAGON DROP Score by hitting a target with a jewel. Win by being the player with the 
most score when time runs out. 
Directional Pad: Move.

Square: Press for Slide Attack when you DO NOT have a jewel.

Square: Shoot jewel (When you have it)

Square: Press and hold to shoot further

Main Items:

Jewel: Collect to shoot.

MALLET MASH Destroy the mushrooms with your mallet to score points. The highest 
score wins.
Directional Pad: Move
Square: Hit mushroom
Square: Hold down to generate Shock Wave
Main Items:
??? CRATES collect power ups from inside. 
SPEEDY BOOTS move faster. 
SONIC RING collect extra power for shock wave. 
Score more points when mushrooms are shaking. 
Normal mushrooms 2, 3, 5 points. 
Gold mushrooms 10, 15, 20 points. 
KEG KABOOM Lay gun powder trails to ignite the powder kegs and score points. Win by 
being the player with the highest score when time runs out. 
Square:Press and hold to release gun powder
Circle: Generate Shock Wave
X: Jump
5. Warp Room #1
CrashBall: Ballistix
Trophy: Keep the balls away from your goal. You start off with 15 balls.
Gem: Odds against you!? Damn! They still have 15, but you only have 9 balls. Use 
your kickback a lot and "You Win!"
Crystal: What the? No more kickback!? Crap! This task is a hard one, because the 
kickback also gives the ball more range and speed. Remember, crystal tasks are the 
hardest in the game.
Polar Panic: Polar Push
Trophy: Knock all the players off the ice. Be sure you clear out the ice on the 
Gem: Now you have 60 seconds! You will fail the first couple times, I'm giving you a 
warning now. Don't hesitate and charge into them. 
Crystal: The beam will persistently shoot out a bolt of electricity, and you're the 
only one affected by it. Avoid it, and if you get hit, be prepared to get knoked 
Pogo Painter: Pogo Pandamonium 
Trophy: Color squares by jumping on them and hit the purple boxes to turn your 
squares into points. Have the most points at the end and win. Use the shoes whenever 
you can. 
Gem: Now you have to decrease your score to 0. Easy? Maybe. You start out with 120, 
while your opponents start out with 90. Despite what you may think, your opponents 
suck more than you do. 
Crystal: What's with the mushrooms? You touch them and you die. You have to end with 
the most points, and avoid the mushrooms at the same time. 
Jungle Bash: Crate Crush 
Trophy: Haha, this is simple. Keep lobbing those crates and claim your victory. 
Gem: I think you only have 45 seconds to complete this. Same as above, just less 
Crystal: The idol starts throwing Nitro crates on the battlefield, but he only aims 
at you. Just don't stick around in one place, and get near one of your opponents 
when one gets thrown. 
Boss 1: Papu Pummel. 
Papu Pummel is a Crate Crush type of thing. First, he'll jump. Get out of the way 
when the tiles start overturning. Next, he'll send out some Crash imposters. You can 
throw the crates at them, or just spin/kick them. Next, the flames surrounding Papu 
Papu will disperse, and you can throw a crate at him. Repeat two more times. Each 
time two extra Crash imposters will come out. After you throw the crate for the 
third time at Papu Papu, he will jump again and a large stone cube will fall on him. 
Badabing badaboom, you're done. 
6. Warp Room #2
1. Beach Ball: Ballistix 
New Controls: 
X: Attract balls. 
Release X to shoot them. 
Trophy: Now your craft has an added feature. Magnetic power, woooo! You start out 
with 12 and the balls go slower. Use the magnet to attract them and shoot them at 
their goal. 
Gem: The odds are against you once again. You have 9 and they have 15....again. Use 
the same techniques you used in Crash Ball and you should be fine. 
Crystal: Intermitten shields?! You had better stay alert on this one. What's really 
bad is if you already defeated two guys, and the other guy has the shield. You're 
goal is the only one open, and there are 10 balls in the rink! Try not to panic when 
this happens, because it will. 
2. Tilt Panic: Polar Push 
Trophy: This floating platform of ice creates major tilting if too much weight is on 
one side. IMPORTANT: If someone (or you) gets the lightning, TAKE IT AT ALL COSTS! 
Once lighting strikes, the platform will tilt and slide you off, and there's nothing 
you can do about it. Get the lighting, and watch as your opponents are powerless 
against the force. Muahaha. 
Gem: You have 30 seconds to push your opponents off. If you're lucky you'll get the 
lighting first. If this happens, getting the gem should be no problem. 
Crystal: Big storm, prepare for a bumpy ride. They weren't kidding when they said 
that! The whole platform is tilted by the waves CONSTANTLY. In fact, you can't even 
tilt it yourself. It's not as hard as it sounds. 
3. Pogo-a-Gogo: Pogo Pandamonium 
New Items: 
Energy Bolt: Zap your enemies. 
Trophy: Wow, big change. The only way you can get points is to make squares and 
rectangles, or any shape that encloses in, and does not fill up the middle, 
something like this:
[]          []
[]          []
Gem: You have 150, they have 90. You must decrease your score to 0. 
Crystal: Get the highest score in one turn. Like, make a big square and you'll get a 
lot of points. That's known as a turn. Your opponents usually get around 20-25. Pick 
up speed boots and jump around and you'll definately win your crystal. 
4. Space Bash: Crate Crush 
New Items: 
Speed Boots: Go faster. 
Weight: Don't get caught with this at the end or you'll get crushed, much like Polar 
Z Thing: You'll walk in slow motion. Avoid, avoid, avoid! 
Trophy: New rules (well, not entirely). Nitro and TNT crates can blow holes in the 
ground. Don't fall through or you'll die. Everything else is the same as Jungle 
Gem: 45 seconds to complete now. Everything else same.  
Crystal: Oh great. You don't have the ability to pick up crates anymore. This makes 
it a bit harder, but still managable...but harder.  Oh, and just TNT and Nitro 
crates now.
5. Desert Fox: Tank Wars 
Trophy: Your first experience with the tank, and you'll win in one of your first 
couple times if you're extremely lucky. But, nonetheless, you'll need to perfect 
your skill here, because you'll need it later on. 
Gem: 40 seconds. Blast them like it's the end of the world. 
Crystal: Water hazards? That puddle in the middle is a water hazard? Oh, the 
periscope will lob water bombs at you. Fine, dodge them and destroy your enemies. 
Boss 2: Bearminator 
Bearminator is a Polar Push type of thing. He'll send out a metallic bear. You can't 
hit him yet, and in a few seconds he'll shoot a missile at you. Dodge it, and knock 
him off. Afterwards, take the missle and shoot it at the bear. After that, he'll lob 
a bomb at the platform and blast a big chunk out of the upper-left corner. He'll 
then send out two bears, repeat the steps. After you shoot the bear again, he'll 
blow a piece out of the upper-right. Now half the platform is gone, and he'll send 
out three bears (this may prove very difficult). After that, knock the bears off, 
grab the missile, shoot the bear, and you'll be done. 
7. Warp Room #3
1. N. Ballism: Ballistix 
Trophy: N. Gin makes a cameo appearance in this level. Too bad you can't kill him 
though, he makes things tougher than you wish. Every 15 seconds or so N. Gin will 
appear in the middle and shoot balls out at the goals. Be sure to grab the balls of 
energy in one of your corners if one appears there. They repel balls coming towards 
you. Extremely helpful if you get one before N. Gin comes out. 
Gem: Odds against you. Yawn. They have 20, you have 15. Use same tips you used in 
previous Ballistix Gem challenges. 
Crystal: Perfect, N. Gin only shoots balls at your goal. I hate this, but I still 
have tips to make things a trifle easier. First, always try to get the energy balls. 
Second, he only shoots at the left side of your goal. Third, kickbacking is vital. 
2. Melt Panic: Polar Push 
Trophy: Instead of that thing floating above you, Uka Uka (the bad one) does. He 
rides around and melts the edges of the platform. Occasionally gets the opponents 
(or you) also. The following happens: 
1) You will freeze, they will knock you off. 
2) A snowball will entrap you. Makes manuvering near impossible. 
3) You will get the weight, which, of course, you will need to pass to other 
Gem: 25 seconds?! Try to push them off and pray that each one will be unlucky with 
Uka Uka. 
Crystal: Win without the ability to save yourself. THIS IS TOUGH! Just sit on one 
side and watch as your opponents knock eachother off. Don't try anything risky. 
3. El Pogo Loco: Pogo Pandamonium Trophy: Now it's Ripper Roo's spotlight. He jumps 
around and turns some squares into TNT crates. This is extremely similar to Ripper 
Roo's boss stage in Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back. Besides this change, 
everything else is much like the first Pogo Pandamonium. 
Gem: You, 120, them, 80. Need I say more? 
Crystal: Instead of TNT crates, Ripper Roo sets up an array of Nitro crates. These 
suck, because if you hit them, or they go off when you are one square away you die 
and start over. Be careful. 
4. Snow Bash: Crate Crush 
Trophy: Much like Jungle Bash, except you are on slippery ice and there's a penguin 
in the middle that, when hit, will start spinning around. Everything else is the 
Gem: 40 seconds, I'm pretty sure. The penguin helps, if you know how to avoid him 
Crystal: Slippery shoes handicap. Basically, you slide more than before. This 
creates a problem if you walk too fast and there's a Nitro crate in the way. 
Reversing your direction is almost impossible. 
5. Metal Fox: Tank Wars New Items: Bomb: Lob these over walls at unsuspecting 
targets. Trophy: These little platforms will keep lowering and raising in new 
formations. This makes it hard, but try your best anyway. 
Gem: Kill them all in 40 seconds. 
Crystal: It took me about 20 minutes to get this one. All mines will kill you. Even 
the mines that drop from overhead will kill you. This is the only time I don't like 
it when mines go in all four directions. Good luck..... 
6. Dot Dash: Crash Dash 
Trophy: These are boring. Race around the track ten times. Avoid getting knocked 
off. Yawn. 
Gem: 40 seconds, you have 10 laps, they have 8 laps. 
Crystal: All missles will kill you. Makes it difficult to stay behind them and pull 
out in front enough to win the race. 
Boss 3: Big Bad Fox This is a Tank Wars type of thing. First, the Komodo brothers 
will go into the thing, and it starts out with three cannons that shoot out spiked 
balls. Shoot each of these cannons twice, then four cannons shoot out the green 
things that Cortex and Brio shoot. Hit these twice, then two things will shoot out 
missles. Hit each of these twice, then the Komodo brothers come out in tanks. This 
is sort of a checkpoint, so if you die anytime between now and when you kill them, 
you'll start here (it's better to die anyway so you can have full health). Finish 
them off here and that's it. 
8. Warp Room #4
1. Sky Balls: Ballistix 
Trophy: It's so similar to CrashBall it's frightening. Actually, the engines 
occasionally fail in one of the corners causing it to tilt and let the balls roll to 
one of the goals. But besides that it's pretty much the same. 
Gem: Odds are against you. You, nine, them, fifteen. It's actually quite hard. 
Crystal: The opponent's kickback's sometimes turn the balls red. You touch these, 
you blow up. You let them go by your goal, nothing happens, not even your score goes 
down. Red balls don't count. Red balls don't affect any other players. It's 
difficult, especially at those times when you need to dodge a red ball and keep a 
regular ball from entering your goal at the same time. 
2. Manic Panic: Polar Push 
New items: 
Bomb: Blow up your enemies. 
Trophy: Use Circle to use bombs. These are very useful. First, their polar bear 
get's blown up, leaving them on foot. Hit them one more time with a bomb and they 
blow up for good! Hahaha. Everything else isn't changed. 
Gem: You have 30 seconds now. Very hard. Try to blow them all up once, then push 
them off. 
Crystal: Start off on foot. Blow them up before they get to you. 
3. Pogo Padlock: Pogo Pandamonium 
New items: 
Padlock: Locks your squares. 
Trophy: I don't know what you call it, but I call the music in this level ghetto 
music. Hehe. Anyway, jumping on a square you colored will take away all your 
squares. Grabbing a padlock will lock your squares for a limited amount of time. 
This prevents you and your competitors from stealing your squares. 
Gem: You have 120, they have 90. Same old, same...yawn...old. 
Crystal: This is really tough. The only way to get points is to steal squares. Grab 
a missle and aim it at the guy with the most squares. After that, get a box quick. 
Jumping on one of your own color won't affect any other squares, so don't worry 
about any of that. 
4. Drain Bash: Crate Crush 
New Items: 
Open purple boxes and you will either get: 
Homing Orbs: 3 shots. 
8-Way Missiles: 2 Shots. 
Sonic Ring: 1 Shot. 
Wumpa Fruit: Gain health. 
Trophy: Same as Jungle Bash. Purple boxes are the only difference. 
Gem: It's only 30 seconds! It's really hard. 
Crystal: You can't open purple crates by spinning or kicking them. You must actually 
pick them up and throw them to open them up. Groan. 
5. Jungle Fox: Tank Wars 
New Items: 
Missiles: Each one you pick up has two shots. 
Trophy: Not much difference here. There's more room to move around, but the mines 
don't go in four directions anymore. Blah. 
Gem: 40 seconds to blast your enemies off the earth. Missles help. 
Crystal: A homicidal totem pole? That stupid toothpick in the center lobs these 
bouncing bombs all the time, and they really eat up your health. Destroy the 
opponents while survivng the blasts. 
6. Toxic Dash: Crash Dash 
New Items: 
Star: Shield blast, knocks enemies out of the way. 
Trophy: Make your way around the track 10 times. Avoid toxic barrels and those green 
blobs the toxic monster shoots out on the track. 
Gem: Same deal. You have 10 laps, they have 8. 
Crystal: I really hate this, and you'll really hate it too. Riding off the edge 
gunks up your engine for a few seconds, making it hard to move and steer. Work your 
way around the track, and pray for luck. 
7. Ring Ding: Medieval Mayhem 
X: Jump 
Square: Spin/Kick 
Items: Blue Shoes: Able to walk on the ring without the effects of it spinning. 
Vacuum: Attracts your balloons right above you for easy access. 
Black balloons will either: 
1. Reverse the spinning ring 
2. Pop everyone's balloons but yours 
3. Change all balloons to your color. 
Trophy: Pop the most balloons to win. Only pop your color, or you will be parlyzed 
for a few seconds. One tip is to always try to get the vacuum. What's really sweet 
is when you get black balloon option 3 and the vacuum! The enemies will try to knock 
you down while you have the vacuum, so prepare to spin or kick them. 
Gem: You have 30 balloons to pop, they have 25. Pop them all first. 
Crystal: You pop someone else's color, you die. Enough said. 
Oxide Ride: First, you go through a type of flight thing. Remember Cortex in Crash 
Bandicoot 2? This is the same type of thing. Shoot small obstructions using Square, 
and avoid big objects you have to duck. After much time (and frustration), you will 
eventually go against Oxide in a game of Ballistix. The previous Ballistix games are 
a cake walk compared to this freak! He's very good. This is a checkpoint, so you can 
die here and you won't have to do the ride. Watch out for the missles that shoot, 
and those freakin' red balls. Evenutally, he will die, and you're done with the 
9. Warp Room #5
Splash Dash: Crash Dash: Need 17 Gold Relics to open
New controls:
X: Jump
Trophy: This time, instead of cars, you use fish. (An example is that Koala Kong 
uses an Orca Whale!) Every now and then some parts of the track will push out, 
making an attemp to knock you or your enemies off the tracks. No weapons here, 
Gem: You, 10 laps. Them, 8 laps. Same old, same. . . Yawn. . . old
Crystal: Win the race as a few things speed up. They should have said "Things got 
insane!" This is hard! The parts of the track that push out will push out even 
faster! Look out!
Dragon Drop: Medieval Mayhem: Need 19 Crystals to open
Trophy: Just throw the gems to the target. The farther away you are, the more points 
you get. 
Very close: 1
Close: 2
Middle: 3
Farthest: 5
After 1 minute or so, a blue jewel will appear, thus giving you an extra jewel, so 
you don't worry about your opponents very much now.
Gem: They have 25, you have 30. Decrease your score to zero.
Crystal: Damn! I hate this! You can only score from the flashing zone. Take a jewel, 
and pray that the next flashing zone will be a 5.
Keg Kaboom: Medieval Mayhem: Need 25 Gems to open
Trophy: This is actually quite hard. You must get the flame to hit you, and, at the 
same time, let the Gun Powder out. They might get few points, but they might as well 
get, like 370! This is what barrels give you:
Normal: 2,4,6,8,10 points
Silver: 10 points
Gold: 20 points
Please note that a first barrel gives you 2 points, and then the value multiplies 
depending how many barrls you destroyed, up to 10 points.
Gem: Defeat them in the alloted time. I think it's you 150 and them 120.
Crystal: Oh great! Beware of the bomb. It will kill you if you touch it.
Swamp Fox: Tank Wars: Need 23 Crystals to open.
Trophy: Instead of tanks, you'll use swamp runners, or whatever they're called. No 
more bombs, missiles, or extra mines
Gem: Defeat them in the alloted time: 1:00
Crystal: Beat your opponents while avoiding the homing torpedo. The torpedo only 
attacks you! You better stand clear of it, because it only chases you, too.
Mallet Mash: Medieval Mayhem: Need 21 Gold Relics to open
Trophy: Just destroy the mushrooms with your mallet to gain points. The more they're 
shaking, the more points you get. Be careful, because if they shake for too long, 
they will explode, stunning the ones nearby it.
Gem: Defeat them in the allotted time. 
Crystal: Beware of your opponents' Shock Waves. I haven't been able to test what 
they do. If anyone knows, let me know.
Dante's Dash: Crash Dash: Need 27 Trophies to open.
Trophy: Just race around the track 10 times. Be careful, though, because every now 
and then the volcano will erupt 3 lava balls. They can hit the other players, but 
can hit you, too. Stand clear of them!
Gem: You, 10 laps. Them, 8 laps. Same old, same. . . Yawn. . . old
Crystal: No more volcano. Instead. . . Beware of the aereal attacks! There is a 
pterodactyl that will ocassionally fly to the track to stun one of you. Anything 
else is the same, except for the lava eruption.
10. Codes And Secrets: 
Spyro: Year of the Dragon demo: Hold L1+R1+Square and press Start at the Universal 
Interactive Studios or the Eurocom screen. If you do it at the Sony Computer 
Entertainment America screen, it will cause your game to crash.
Good vs. Evil: If you played a 2-player Adventure game and chose a good and an evil 
character (aka Tiny Tiger and Koala Kong), and defeat N. Oxide, a scene will appear 
with Aku Aku and Uka Uka telling you that a team made out of both sides won't work. 
They tell you that you must go to a final challenge against your teammate! This 
challenge is a Crate Crush type of thing. One of the players must win 3 cups. The 
one who does will win the crystals for his (or in Coco's case, her) team. When one 
of you wins a cup, the announcer will say: "Good wins", or "Evil wins".
Gold Relic: You'll get this challenge in all levels as soon as you get to Warp Room 
#4. This challenge puts the champions for each arena, and you must beat them twice 
in a row.
Platinum Relic: Same as Gold Relic, except that you must beat them 3 times in a row.
11. Legal Stuff
You may put this FAQ at any of the sites I put here:
If you see it anywhere else mail me at [email protected] or at 
[email protected]

12. Updates

0.1: Almost everything, just the Gem and Crystal challenges for Mallet Mash, Keg 
Kaboom, and Dante's Dash, and the explanation for Gold and Platinum Relic challenges

0.0: Um. . . Everything

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