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 ¯¯¯¯| |¯/¯¯¯¯\ |¯¯\  |¯|\ \  / / | |   | | /¯¯\ |¯| |¯|¯| /¯// /|¯¯¯¯|
     | |/ /¯¯\ \|   \ | | \ \/ /  |  ¯¯¯  |/ /\ \| |_| | |/ / ¯¯ | |¯¯
     | | <    >|| |\ \| |  \  /   |  ___  |  ¯¯  | | | |   <     |__¯¯|
     | |\ \__/ /| | \   |  | |    | |   | | |¯¯| | | | | |\ \     __| |
     |_| \____/ |_|  \__|  |_|    |_|   |_|_|  |_|_____|_| \_\   |____|
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| |      |  _ | |  \/  |   ¯¯¯¯| ||   \  |  ¯¯  |  | |   |  |  |    <  
| |      | | \ \ \    /    ____| || |\ \ | |¯¯| |  | |   | ¯¯¯|| |¯\ \ 
|_|      |_|  \_| \__/    |______||_| \_\|_|  |_|  |_|   |____||_|  \_\
                  ____________            ____________                 
                 |____    ____|          |____    ____|                
                      |  |                    |  |                      
                      |  |                    |  |                     
                  ____|  |____            ____|  |____                 
                 |____________|          |____________|                
SKATER FAQ  ver 1.2                                             
1. What is FAQ                                                         
2. Version History                                                     
3. The DOs and DON'Ts                                                  
4. Roster Menu                                                         
5. Main Options Screen                                                  
6. Appearance Menu                                                      
7. Statistics Menu                                                     
8. Trick Setup                                                          
9. Skateshop                                                           
10. Secrets Characters                                                     
11 Celebrity Look-Alike                                                   
12. Notes                                                                   
13. Thanks                                                                  
----------------------------------------------------------------------- What is 
this FAQ  1.3                                          
First off I have gotten this idea when I saw how many people were      asking 
questions about  different things about create a character mode,  and I noticed 
there was not a  FAQ written that could help them so, I  figured that I could 
help all of those people since  I knew basically  what that option was about,  
and have enough time to  search and write down every option in there If you have 
any questions or comments or    have found any mistakes or have found a way to 
make a celebrity look   alike, send me an e-mail at  [email protected] and I will 
try to fix the  mistake or add your character on  the FAQ on my next update and I 
will  also be sure to give you full credit of it.                              
1.0- First started the FAQ, wrote down all the  options in  every menu.
1.1- Formatted these options to FAQ form and  hopefully will get it all
1.2- Added the DO's and DON'Ts section; Changed Art at the top.    
1.3- Added a couple of Celebrity Look 
Last Updated- June 5, 2001                                            
The DOs and DON'Ts
There are many things that will either make your created skater either really 
good or really bad. Some of the ideas may not be so abvious, and others may be 
quite obvious.                                            
The DON'Ts 

- Never make the shirt color and the pants color the exact same, it
  will not look as good.

- Do not make your skater too fat or too thin, it may look cool at 
  first, but eventually it does not work well when you are looking at

- Do not make you stats too heavy in just one catagory, all the others
  will be real bad and will end up hurting you.  

The DO's

- If you want a skater to have the same color shirt and pants, try to 
  find two colors that are close, but not the same.

- Try to make all of your stats somewhat even, (If you do not have any 
  idea of how to set them up I gave a few options in the Stats Menu 

- Try to make a specific style of clothing for your skater ie. thug,
  goth, skater, prep etc. 
When you first get into the Main Menu of the game, you should notice an option 
called  Create Skater.  If you decide you  want to make a skater that resembles  
you or one  of your friends,  go into this option.  The first screen that appears 
is a Roster Menu. There is not much to do    here. All it shows is the names of 
all of your created skaters (up to  four) and some options at the 
If you have made a created character but did not like it very much, go  to that 
skater and press the Square button, this should delete this      
If you have a character on another memory card or save press the Circle  button, 
this should lead you to a screen resembling the one where you     load your 
career and the controls are all the same.                      
If you want to leave this menu press the Triangle button and this         should 
put you back to the Main Menu.                                    
If you have found a character that you want to change or make a new       one, go 
to them and press the X button and you will go onto the next          
Options Screen                                                     
Name- You can make your name anything that you want to using letters   
      numbers and some symbols, the default option is Skater A.        
Hometown- You can enter the name that you want your skater to live in, 
          once again you have the options of numbers letters and some     
          symbols, the default option is Woodland Hills.               
Age- You can choose the age of your skater, ages vary anywhere from 5        
     years old to 55 years old, and add up by one, so you can choose       
     any age within that range.                                              
Style- There are three different styles that each skater can be. Vert, 
       Street and All Around. A vert skater should have better Air,     
       Hangtime, Ollie, Speed, and Spin, while a street skater should    
       have better Switch, Rail Balance, Lip Balance, Manuals, and     
       Speed, but an all around skater should have average of every    
Stance- There are two options here, Regular and Goofy. A regular stance    
        is when your feet face the right, and a goofy stance is when     
        your feet face the left. These are both true if they are not in    
        switch and are looking at them from behind, like the camera      
        does when you skate.                                              
Weight- There are many options here- 88, 101, 115, 130, 145, 162, 180,  
        198, 217, 238, 254, 281, 304, 328, 352, and 378. All of these   
        numbers are in pounds.                                          
Once you have all of these option decided, go to where it says next and   you 
should go onto the Appearance Menu                                   
Appearance Menu                                                         
In this menu you have to determine what you skater will look like and  wear. 
Activision defiantly left you plenty of options here.             
Complexion- There are three different types of complexions, the first   
            one is African American, the second is White, and the third   
            is a darker toned white, more like a tanned person.         
Head- Here you choose what your head looks like, each complexion has     
      its own options in there.                                         
-Type 1- Afro Guy, Low Cut, Sunglasses, Spike, Bald, Bald and a goatee, 
         Bald and a beard, Cornrows, Headband, Mowhawk, Mowhawk 2,     
         Hairnet, Helmut, Cap Backwards, Cap Forwards, Beanie, Hey     
         Skipper, Shower Cap, and Rhasta Guy.                          
-Type 2- Mullet A, Mullet B, Low Cut, Sunglasses, Spike, Bald, Bald and
         a goatee, Bald and a beard, Cornrows, Headband, Mowhawk,      
         Mowhawk 2, Hairnet, Helmut, Cap Backwards, Cap Forwards,      
         Beanie, Hey Skipper, Shower Cap, Bald and a headband, Brown    
         Hair, Black Hair, Blond Hair, Blue Hair, Slick Hair, Slick    
         Hair 2, White Fro, and White Fro with glasses.                
-Type 3- Slick 1, Slick 2, Slick 3, Lowcut, Sunglasses, Spike, Bald,    
         Bald and a Goatee, Bald and a Beard, Headband, Mowhawk 1,        
         Mowhawk 2, Hairnet, Helmut, Cap worn Backwards, Cap worn       
         Forwards, Beanie, Hey Skipper, and Shower Cap.                
Cap Color- This option is only available if you have chosen your         
           character to wear a cap of some sort. There are a total of    
           38 different colors to choose from, so take your pick.        
Torso- Any one of the following torsos can be chosen for all three of    
       the Complexion Types, and they are....                            
       Button Shirt, Button Shirt with Long Underwear, Long Sleeve       
       Button Shirt, Button Shirt with a Large Pad, Button Shirt with a        
       Small Pad, Striped Shirt, Long Sleeved Striped Shirt, Plaid       
       Shirt, Plaid Shirt with Long Underwear, Long Sleeved Plaid        
       Shirt, Cammo Shirt, Long Sleeve Commo Shirt, Shirtless,         
       Shirtless with Large Pads, Shirtless with Small Pads, Tank Top,    
       Jersey 1, Jersey 1 and a Sweatband, Jersey 2, Jersey 2 and a     
       Sweatband, Jersey 3, Jersey 3 and a Sweatband, Sweatshirt, T-    
       Shirt, T-shirt and Long Underwear, Long Sleeve T-shirt, Long      
       Sleeve T-shirt with a Large Pad, Long Sleeve T-shirt with a      
       Small Pad.                                                      
Logo- You can put any one of the following logos on any one of the    
      torsos except if you chose the "Shirtless" option....           
      None, Audio, Airwalk, Alphanumeric, Axion, Billa Bong, Birdhouse,    
      Brigade, Cab Dragon, Circa, City Stars, Darkstar, Emerica, ES,    
      Etnies, Flip, Four Star, Fury, Ghetto Child, Girl, Hawk Shoes,      
      Hurley, Innes, Independent, Krux, Matix, Monster, Oakley,         
      Quicksilver, Red Dragon, Ricta, Shortys, S.P.O.T., Tensor, Toy   
      Machine, TSA, Valcom, and Zero.                                   
Shirt Color- You can choose any one of the 38 colors in this menu to be  
             your shirt color, except if you chose the "Shirtless"     
Sleeve Color- You can choose any one of the 38 colors in this menu to    
              be your shirt color, except if you chose one of the       
              options where your shirt has no sleeves, or you have no    
              shirt all together.                                       
Legs- Here you will have to choose what your skater wears on his legs,  
      this option does not change depending on the complexion type of   
      your skater.                                                      
      Carpenter Pants, Cupped Pants, Ripped Pants, Baggy Pants, Baggy  
      Cargo Pants, Baggy Commo Pants, Baggy Carpenter Pants, Baggy      
      Cuffed Pants, Baggy Ripped Pants, Baggy Striped Pants, Bunched Up   
      Pants, Shorts, Cargo Shorts, Cammo Shorts, Ripped Shorts, Ripped  
      Shorts with White Pads, Ripped Shorts with Black Pads, Regular      
      Pants, Cargo Pants, and Cammo Pants.                              
Pants Color- You can choose any one of the 38 options for the color of 
             your pants.                                                 
Shins- This option will only work if you chose your character pants as 
       one of the shorts...                                            
       High Socks, Old School Socks, Long Underwear, No Socks, and      
       Ankle Socks.                                                    
Shoes- Choose any one of the many shoes for your skater to wear....      
       Audio Hawk 900, Audio Black Yellow, Airwalk Lasek, Axion          
       Glifberg, Axion Campel, Axion White, Circa Muska Red, Circa     
       Thomas, Emerica Reynolds, Emerica Black, ES Burnquist, ES      
       Kosten, Etnies Steamer, Mullen Pro, Caballero Pro, Rowley Pro,   
       NS Blue, NS Green, NS Green Red, NS Gray, NS Charcoal, and NS     
The only thing that you do when you enter this menu is give your skater his 
statistics, you have 50 points to give him and 10 sections to give 
If you have chosen your skater to be a vert skater you should probably  have set 
him up something close to this.                                
     Air- XXXXXX                                                        
Hangtime- XXXXXX                                                       
   Ollie- XXXXXX                                                           
   Speed- XXXXXX
    Spin- XXXXX
 Landing- XXXXXXX
  Switch- XXXXXXX
Rail Bal- X
 Lip Bal- XXXXX
 Manuals- X

If you have chosen your skater to be a street skater you should probably have set 
him up something close to this.

     Air- XX       
Hangtime- XX       
   Ollie- XXXX       
   Speed- XXXXX       
    Spin- XX
 Landing- XXXXXX       
  Switch- XXXXXXX                                                      
Rail Bal- XXXXXXXXXX                                                   
 Lip Bal- XX                                                           
 Manuals- XXXXXXXXXX                                                   
If you have chosen your skater to be an all around skater you should     probably 
have set him up something close to this.                      
     Air- XXXXX                                                        
Hangtime- XXXXX                                                         
   Ollie- XXXXX                                                         
   Speed- XXXXX                                                        
    Spin- XXXXX                                                         
 Landing- XXXXX                                                         
  Switch- XXXXX                                                         
Rail Bal- XXXXX                                                         
 Lip Bal- XXXXX                                                         
 Manuals- XXXXX                                                         
Note: These are just examples that I have made up they are not a direct  
outline of what your skater should be, just an example of what a good    skater 
of that type would be.                                           
-----------------------------------------------------------------------    Trick 
In this menu you can choose what all of your skaters moves and specials will be. 
What I usually do since you don't get much money is leave every thing as is. This 
way you do not waste any of your money on bad specials, and do not worry you can 
get all of the sick score goals with out using any specials, once you do get 
enough money, you can re-enter this option from any of the game play modes except 
for 2 Player Mode then buy good 
Once you are though the other options you will get sent here, once you are here 
you can get any board that you have already unlocked from any character. You can 
re-enter this option from any of the game play modes  except for 2 Player Mode 
and change your board.                         
Secret Characters                                                       
There are more people that you can get by  holding L1 at  the Main Menu screen 
and press U,S,S,T,R,U,C,T the screen will shake in confirmation,  then go to 
create a skater and enter these names and a pre made        character should 
01. Aaron Cammarata                                                     02. Chris 
Rausch                                                        03. Connor 
Jewett                                                      04. Darren 
Thorne                                                      05. Gary 
Jesdanun                                                               06. Jason 
Uyeda                                                           07. Joel 
Jewett                                                         08. Johnny 
Ow                                                          09. Junki 
Saita                                                                10. Mick 
11. Noel Hines                                                          
12. Nolan Nelson                                                        
13. Ralph D'Amato                                                       
14. Ryan McMahon                                                        
15. Scott Pease                                                          
16. Edwin Fong                                                          
17. Jeremy Andersen                                                     
18. Hudson                                                              
19. Kage                                                                
20. Nggdynln                                                            
21. Robert Earl                                                        
22. The Pouncer                                                         
Other than that,  there are  none that I know of,  if you  know of any, 
e-mail me and notify me.                                                 
In this area I will enter ways to make different Celebrities in the create a 
character mode...                                              
Name: Andy Macdonald                                                    
Complexion: 2                                                           
Head: Hey skipper                                                       
Cap Color: Black                                                                  
Torso: T-Shirt                                                          
Color: White                                                               
Logo: Airwalk                                                           
Pants: Cargo shorts                                                     
Color: Light brown                                                      
Shins: Ankle socks                                                      
Shoes: Airwalk Lasek                                                    
Weight: 180                                                             
Name: Casey Bell                                                         
Complexion: 2                                                           
Head: Helmet                                                            
Helmut color: Light green                                               
Torso: Long sleeve                                                      
Color: White                                                            
Logo: Quicksilver                                                       
Pants: Bunched                                                          
Color: White                                                            
Shins: No socks                                                         
Shoes: Vans Geoff Rowley                                                 
Weight: 180                                                             
Name: Clint Caruolo                                                       
Complexion: 2                                                           
Head: Cap forward                                                       
Cap color: any                                                          
Torso: Anything with Long underwear                                      
Color: Any                                                              
Logo: Flip logo                                                         
Pants: Bunched                                                          
Color: White                                                            
Shins: n/a                                                              
Shoes: Burntwist                                                        
Wight: 88                                                              
Name: Colin McCay                                                       
Complexion: 2                                                           
Head: Helmet                                                            
Cap Color: Black                                                        
Torso: Anthing with Large Pad                                             
Color: Any                                                              
Logo: Girl                                                              
Shorts: Pad Black                                                       
Color: Dark Blue                                                        
Shins: Any                                                              
Shoes: Koston                                                           
Weight: 180                                                             
Name: Daewon Song                                                       
Complexion: 3                                                           
Head: Spike                                                             
Cap color: n/a                                                          
Torso: Jersey                                                           
Color: n/a                                                              
Color: Light Blue                                                       
Shoes: N/S Black                                                        
Weight: 180                                                             
Name: DJ Lethal                                                         
Complexion: 2                                                           
Head: Forward hat                                                       
Color: Black                                                            
Torso: T-shirt                                                          
Color: Black                                                            
Pants: Carpenter                                                        
Color: Gray                                                             
Shins: n/a                                                               
Shoes: NS Black                                                         
Weight: 196                                                             
Name: Ed Templeton                                                      
Complexion: 2                                                           
Head: Slick or Lowcut                                                   
Cap Color: N/A                                                          
Torso: T-shirt                                                          
Color: Black                                                               
Sleeve Color: Black                                                     
Logo: Toy Machine                                                       
Legs: Regular Pants                                                     
Color: Brown                                                            
Shins: N/A                                                              
Shoes: Emerica Black                                                    
Weight: 180                                                             
Name: Fred Durst                                                        
Complexion: 2                                                           
Head: Beenie                                                            
Color: Red                                                              
Torso: T-shirt                                                          
Color: Black                                                            
Pants: Baggy carpenter                                                  
Color: Light brown                                                      
Shins: n/a                                                              
Shoes: Axion Campbell                                                   
Weight: 196                                                             
Name: Freddy Kreuger                                                    
Complexion: Type 2                                                      
Head: Hey Skipper                                                       
Hat Color: Black                                                        
Torso: Long Sleeve Striped                                              
Color: Any                                                              
Shirt Color: Red                                                        
Sleeve Color: Red                                                       
Pants: Regular Pants                                                    
Pants Color: Dark Brown                                                 
Shoes: Circa Thomas                                                     
Weight: 180                                                             
Name: Gilligan                                                          
Complexion: Type 2                                                      
Head: Hey Skipper                                                       
Cap color: White                                                        
Torso: Long Sleeve                                                      
Logo: n/a                                                               
Shirt color: Red                                                        
Sleeve color: Red                                                       
Pants: Regular Pants                                                    
Pants color: Blue                                                       
Shins: n/a                                                              
Shoes: NS Blue                                                          
Name: Greg Graffin                                                      
Complexion: 2                                                           
Head: Blonde hair                                                       
Shirt: Sweatshirt                                                       
Color: black                                                            
Logo: None                                                               
Pants: Regular pants                                                      
Color: black                                                             
Shoes: NS Black shoes                                                     
Weight: 180 pounds                                                       
Name: John Cardiel                                                      
Complexion: 2                                                           
Head: Cap backwards                                                      
Cap color: Black                                                         
Torso: Plaid shirt                                                       
Color: Blue                                                              
Legs: Shorts                                                            
Shorts color: Light brown                                                
Shins: High socks                                                       
Shoes: Emerica black                                                    
Weight: 198                                                             
Name: John Otto                                                         
Complexion: 2                                                           
Head: Low cut                                                           
Torso: T-shirt                                                          
Color: Gray                                                             
Pants: Baggy cargo                                                      
Color: Light brown                                                      
Shoes: Etnies steamer                                                   
Weight: 217                                                             
Name: Marc Johnson                                                      
Complexion: Type 2                                                      
Head: Beanie                                                            
Cap color: Gray or Dark gray                                            
Torso: Button shirt                                                     
Logo: None                                                              
Shirt Color: Red                                                        
Sleeve Color: Red                                                       
Shins: None                                                             
Shoes: Emerica Black                                                    
Weight: 180                                                             
Name: Pat Channita                                                     
Complexion: 3                                                           
Head: Low cut                                                            
Torso: T-Shirt                                                          
Color: Red                                                              
Logo: Brigade                                                           
Pants: Baggy Pants                                                      
Color: Dark Blue                                                        
Shoes: Caballero Pro                                                    
Weight: 145                                                             
Name: Sam Rivers                                                        
Complexion: 2                                                           
Head: Bald                                                              
Torso: Button shirt                                                     
Color: Dark blue                                                        
Pants: Carpenter                                                        
Color: Black                                                            
Shoes: NS black                                                         
Weight: 196                                                             
Name: Stone Cold                                                        
Complexion: Type 2                                                      
Head: Bald Goatee                                                       
Torso: Shirtless                                                        
Legs: Cargo Pants                                                       
Pants Color: Brown                                                      
Shoes: NS Black.                                                        
Wight: 217                                                              
Name: Tom Green                                                         
Complexion: Type 2                                                      
Head: Brown Hair                                                        
Torso: Long Underwear                                                   
Shirt Color: Black                                                      
Logo: None                                                              
Pants: Baggy Cargo                                                      
Pants Color: Light Brown                                                
Shoes: Airwalk Lasek                                                    
Weight: 145                                                             
Name: Will Santos                                                       
Complexion: 3                                                           
Head: Slick 2                                                           
Torso: T-shirt                                                         
Logo: Adio                                                             
Shirt color: White                                                     
Legs: Bunchedup                                                        
Pants color: Brown                                                     
Shins: Ankle socks                                                     
Shoes: Emerica black                                                   
Wight: 254                  

Coby Dick (From Papa Roach)
Complexion: 2
Head: Black Hair
Torso: T-Shirt
Color: Black
Logo: None
Pants: Regular 
PantsColor: Black
Shoes: Caballero Pro
Weight: 217                                           

Marshal Mathers (EMINEM)
Complexion: 2
Head: Beanie
Beanie Color: Black
Torso: Tank Top
Color: White
Pants: Baggy Cargo
Color: Darkish Blue
Shoes: Emerica Reynolds

First off, I would  like to thank everyone who posted their ideas at (Mad Dogg Rulez 1221; Brian Aguigiu; Ryan Sawey; Power Pete 
50002; B Gosh 15; PSX1Game87; Porijmunky; Nathan Demers; Charlie; Tony Hawk Jr,; 
RK Jones GW.) I would also like to thank  CJayJ the webmaster at for 
posting this The cheat was borrowed from Thanks to Stephen Bennett 
for two of the 
This is a copyrighted work for  Mike Truitt ,  any usage of this faq not noted by 
its author is banned, if you want to have it on you site, just e-mail me at 
[email protected] and I'll be more than happy to allow you to have it on your site,  
but you MUST ask.  This Faq  should only  be on   if you 
see it on any  other site,  please notify me. If you have any Celebrity Look 
Alikes just e mail them to me and I will try to post them on my next update.     
©2000-2001 Mike Truitt

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