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CAW Guide for Zangeif for WWF Smackdown! 2
by Christopher dela Concepcion
[email protected]
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 This is an FAq on how to create the awesome Street Fighter wrestler Zangeif. Enjoy!

Body - Male(A)2

Nose  - 04, Type 15
Eyes  - 21
Mouth - 03

Base  - 48, 128/211/48

Facial Hair - 44, 128/208/140

Upper Body
Base - 12, N2
Tatoo - 01, 128 all
Wrist Bands (R & L) - L54, 205/255/92

Lower Body
Base - M-type 05, N1
Shoes - 36, L56, 225/225/132
Shorts - 05, L41, 128/255/112
Belt - 6, 128 all

Advanced Colors - 128/137/116

Head - 121/119/123
Chest - 143 all
Abdomen - 133 all
Arms - 143 all
Forearms - 144 all
Wrists - 145 all
Hands - 145 all
Waist - 128 all
Thighs - 128 all
Legs - 139 all
Ankles - 141 all
Feet - 135 all

Height - 701

Music - Kane (Since Zangeif is known as The Crimson Tornado, technically he's also 
the Big Red Machine.)

 Since Zangief is made out to be somewhat of a bad guy in the SF series, I gave him 

Rock -
Stone Cold -
Single +
The Iron King

 Since he's the bad guy, he's obviously gotta dislike sissies like Stone Cold Steve 
Austin or The Rock. HA HA HA HA!!

Power - 4/4/3
Speed, Technical, Roughneck - 3 everything

Automatic Movelist - Powerful


1. Bases
Fighting Stance - Wrestle 1
Ring In - Over the Ropes
Ring Out - Normal
Taunt 1 - Big Boss Man
Taunt 2 - Viscera
Win - Taunt Big Boss Man
Entrance - Hardcore Holly (all business-like)

2. Ready Moves
a. Attack
Toe Kick
Big Boot
Double Axe Handle

b. Grapple
b1. Ready:
Side Buster
Double Arm Suplex 1
Body Press Drop Forward
Drop Suplex

b2. Groggy:
Belly to Belly
Diving Powerbomb (his Falling Powerbomb move)
Trap Headbutts
Rib Breaker (Part two of the Final Atomic Buster)

b3. Back:
Mulitple German Suplex (His Double Siberian Crush Move)
High Angle Backdrop
Release German Suplex
Tiger/Dragon Suplex Pin

3. Ground
a. Attack:
Angry Stomp
Elbow Drop
Elbow Drop

b. Grapple:
It Bites The Forehead
Big Swing/Toss
Texas Cloverleaf

4. Turnbuckle
Super Tazzplex
Super Fall Away Slam
Beat Head

5. Roped Opponents
Vaulting Body Press
Dive Through The Ropes

6. Aerial
Flying Clothesline
Frogsplash (His Body Splash move, d + HP, in SF)
Elbow Drop (His Dashing Elbow Drop, d + MP, in XMVSF)

7. Running
a. Attack:
Clothesline 3

b. Grapple:
Running DDT
Lou Thesz Press 2
Facecrusher 2

c. Counter:
Whirl Sideslam

8. Double Team
Spine & Neckbreaker
Spiked Piledriver

Special Move - Piledriver/The Last Ride (really put on the hurt!)
Favorite Move - Multiple German Suplex (trust me on this one)
Combo 1 - Austin Punch - No
Combo 2 - Body Punch - Yes
Combo 3 - Clothesline

 Also, there is a way for Zangief to excecute his "Final Atomic Buster" in SD!2. 

1. First, beat up your opponent until your SD! meter is full.

2. Trap your opponent near the ring. When you force him/her to stand up, double tap 
O in order for you to face your opponents back when you get him/her to his/her feet.

3. There's a reason why the Multiple German Suplex is your Favorite Move. Usually, 
Favorite Moves have a 75% chance of laying your opponent flat out on the ground and 
score a pin without using your Special Move. But you don't want to pin your 
opponent. (Make sure the KO option is on for this one). Now with you opponent's back 
to you and your own back facing the center ring, execute the Multiple German Suplex. 
Chances are high that when you end, your opponent will be slammed near the bottom of 
the ring post near you with you very near your fallen opponent. Since the Multiple 
German Suplex is a Favorite Move, this knocks your opponent flat out.

4. Now pick your opponent up again, but this time, with the opponent facing you. 
Then do a Rib Breaker. This will soften him/her up even more.

5. Finally (Make sure your SD! Meter is full) pick the opponent up one last time and 
now do a Smackdown! on him/her ( I suggest using The Last Ride. May not be something 
he uses in the game, but it looks just as painful as the Screwdriver he usually 
uses.) for a final time and a K.O.

 Voicing? Certainly. When Zangief executes the Multiple German Suplex, shout out
"Final!", then when he does the Rib Breaker Move, yell, "Atomic!" then when you 
finally nail him/her with the Special Move, belt out, "Buster!!" Cool, no?

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