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This is how to create Rachel's car. (IF THE SPACE IS BLANK, DO NOT ADD 
ANYTHING!) Version 1.2 is coming when I get better ideas for cars.

Body Parts:

Widebody/Skirts: (WIDEBODY) Mantis
Hoods: Carbon Fibre Twister
Roof Scoops:
Taillights: Reaper
Side Mirrors: Recoil
Exhaust Tips: Ace
Rims: Racing Hart CP-FTUNE R (20")

Performance: Not sure about this. I set it to the max.

Paint: Metallic (9th to the right - First row, it's a green)
All others in Paint area:

Viynls: Art Factory 6
Decals: Left is black HKS USA, right is white Stillen*

Specials: Light black tint.**


Q Aren't the rims colored?

A No, they are stock color. Don't fuss about it the gold color is stock.

Q Rachels spoiler is carbon fiber!

A Heres another idiot. First of all, this isn't a question. Second of all, no, 
it's not.

Q When do I get widebody?

A Either beat the game (beat the last person) or win 11 races in CHW.

Q What about the specials?


*= It should have been Sparco, but it didn't pop up.

**= Now, I put extra (doors, hydros, tpye 3 nitro, performance) on the car. I 
like to have the car as high as it can.

My special RECORD BREAKING Mazda Miata (The original record for City Hall was 
set by Tee Jester. I owned his record, getting 52:48. If you don't believe me 
please e-mail me. I will send you a picture of the feat.)

Body Parts:

Widebody/Skirts: (SKIRTS) Storm, full
Spoiler: Carbon Fibre Venom
Hood: Split Gato
Roof Scoops: Carbon Fibre Dual Ximian
Front Lights: Projector
Back Lights: Amped
Mirrors: Cabon Fibre Vstream
Exhaust: Thunderbolt
Rims: NSFU 2 SIX-SHOOTER (15")

Performance: Max everything.

Paint: Pearlescent Cyan. All the way to the right at the end, go back 3 times.
Rim Color: Stock
Brake Color: Red
Engine Accents: Gray (Right after red)
Muffler Tip: Bronze (Go down one space, right once)
Vinyls: 1-Body 6, Black 2- After Market (Brembo), Bright Yellow, 3- Hoods 
(Ninja), Black, Black, White 4-Sripes, 23A, Dark Blue (9 to the right, first 
row), Red

Windshield: White ADR Wheels
Rear Window: White 5Zigen
Left Door:(ALL ARE WHITE) Donz Wheels, HP Racing, ABS Dynamics, Audiobahn, 
Ceramicool, APEX Springs
Right Door: (ALL ARE WHITE) Extreme Technologies, Falken Tires, Donz Wheels, 
BBS, Crower Cams, 5Zigen
Left Quarter Panel: (Layout One) Brembo (White)
Right Quarter Panel: (Layout One) Same as above

Custom Gauges:
Neon: Magenta Pulse, Coral Pulse, Yellow
Window Tint: Dark Pearl Aqua
Lights: Bright White
Nitrous Purge: Type 3-Magenta and Blue
Hydros: Level 3
Trunk Layout- Custom
Trunk Setup - 1 and 2-Kicker Sub 8", 3 and 4- Nitrous Express 10LB 5- Crossover 
Split Hoots: Gato
Doors: Suicide

I own the guide. If you see this on any other website other than, it's an illegal copy. If you see this, e-mail me at 
[email protected] IMMEDIATLY. I will take immediate action and have the 
copy deleted. If you want to copy this you must consult me first and give me 
all the credit. Do not alter this if you do copy this with my consultation.


Unlock Everything: Beat the final boss. Remember, you HAVE to beat the final 
boss to get it all. Thanks for reading. And thanks for reading the whole thing!

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