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 Welcome, gamers! I know you can live your own life here, but let me give you tips 
on Animal Crossing:

A:Train Ride
B: Duties
E:GBA Island
F:Special Visitors

Note:Animal Crossing includes a Memory Card 59. This game requires 57-61 blocks.

Train Ride:You begin the game with a ride to your town. You'll meet Rover- a cat 
you'll see on train rides. He'll ask you for the date and time. After that, he'll 
take a seat, ask your name, and which town you're going to. You can choose any name 
for yourself and name the town yourself. If you are a boy, make sure Rover doesn't 
think you're a girl. If you're a girl, make sure Rover knows you're a girl. Continue 
the conversation.

Duties:Once you exit the train, a raccoon named Tom Nook will take you to Acre B-3, 
where you must choose a house. Choose one, then pay him 19,800 Bells. Whoops, I 
forgot-you have 1,000 Bells! Don't worry-Tom will help you by making you work at his 
store. Find it.

If there are 3 vacant houses left, then Nook's store is called Nook's Cranny. If 
not, well... Anyway, you'll do chores for him. The 1st one depends if you're the 
only human in your town-you must plant flowers around his shop. He'll tell you to 
meet everyone in town, including the mayor, Tortimer. Every town has different 
citizens, so I can't tell you who to meet. Be sure to have your work uniform on at 
all times. Tom will have you do more tasks. When he releases you, head to your 
house, and tell your Gyroid to save your game.

Opportunities:To pay off the rest of your loan, head to Nook and tell him other 
things when you talk to him, then Say Code. Type the code for the Jingle Dresser
(look at the end of this guide), open the present, and sell it for 12,240 Bells. 

Buy the shovel, fishing pole, axe, and net as soon as possible. With the shovel, dig 
up Xs, and dig holes to plant trees and flowers. When you see glowing earth dig it 
up, and rebury the money bag you found. Come back four-five days later and shake the 
new tree that grew.

Buy the fishing pole to fish. Look for the shadows. When they bite, hit A repeatedly 
to pull it. 

Use nets to catch insects. Hold A to walk slowly, then release it to catch the bug.

Axes can cut trees. Hit A on trees to chop it.

Ask your neighbors for work. Successfully complete it to earn a reward.

I'll come back with a March Guide, to continue with money tasks.

Traveling: If the Memory Card has town data or 3 blocks free, talk to Porter to ride 
to a town. Careful-a neighbor could move away when you get back. If the town has 
different fruit, shake the fruit trees and take the fruit. Meet all the animals 
there. See what Nook's store has at a foreign areas. To save, head back home.

Warning:Do Not reset the game before saving. Mr. Resetti will punish you! The first 
time you do it, he'll let you off. The more you do it, your punishment gets worse. 
However, Mr. Racketti could tell you to stop. If you read the description of the Mr. 
Resetti trophy in Super Smash Bros. Melee, you would know this.

GBA Island: Have a Game Boy Advance(no game pak needed) connected to a Nintendo 
Gamecube Game Boy Advance Cable Link in Socket 2 on. Head to the docks and speak 
with Kapp'n to cross. There are coconuts and one inhabitant and an empty cabin. 
Before you leave, Kapp'n will offer you a copy of the island on your GBA. Say yes 
and turn on the GBA. Tell the inhabitant on the GBA to shake a tree by clicking it. 
Give it to him and get cash. Before turning off, leave the dock acre, then go back 
to the island to acquire the cash. You can also leave the shovel, axe, fishing pole, 
and net on the island.

Special Visitors:2 visitors come on the same say every week. Here's a chart and 
description on them:

Joan:Sunday:6 A.M.-12 P.M.=6 hours
K.K. Slider:Saturday:8 P.M.-12 A.M.=4 hours
Gulliver:Random:6 A.M.-12 A.M.=18 hours
(Crazy) Redd:Random:6 P.M.-6 A.M.=12 hours
Wendell:Random:6 A.M.-6 A.M.=24 hours
Gracie:(same as Wendell's)
Saharah:(same as Gracie's)
Katrina:9 P.M.-9 P.M.=24 hours

Joan:She sells turnips. When the price is low, buy 10, 50, or 100 turnips. At Nook's 
store, ask for help, say othr things, then turnip prices. make sure Tom Nook's price 
per turnip is higher than it was when you bought some from Joan. Sell before Saturay.

K.K. Slider: His real name is Totakeke, and with that name, he was a Super Smash 
Bros. Melee trophy. Ask him to play a tune, and he'll give that song to play on any 
music device you have. Here are his songs (only one song a night a town):

Aloha K.K, Cafe K.K., Comrade K.K , DJ K.K., Go K.K. Rider!, I Love You, Imperial 
K.K., K.K. Aria, K.K. Ballad, K.K. Blues,K.K. Bossa, K.K. Calyposa, K.K.Casbah, K.K. 
Chorale, K.K. Condor, K.K. Country, K.K. Cruisin', K.K. D & B, K.K. Dirge, K.K. 
Etude, K.K. Faire, K.K. Folk, K.K. Fusion, K.K. Gumbo, K.K. Jazz, K.K. Lament, K.K. 
Love Song, K.K. Lullaby, K.K. Mambo, K.K. March, K.K. Parade, K.K. Ragtime, K.K. 
Reggae, K.K. Rock, K.K. Safari, K.K. Salsa, K.K. Samba, K.K. Ska, K.K. Song, K.K. 
Soul, K.K. Steppe, K.K. Swing, K.K. Tango, K.K. Technopop, K.K. Waltz, K.K. Western, 
Lucky K.K., Mr. K.K., Only Me, Rocking K.K., Senor K.K., Soulful K.K., Surfin' K.K., 
The K. Funk, Two Days Ago.

Gulliver: Every week, check your shores for a sea gull. He'll tell you about his 
life. He'll give you items that you can get only from him.

(Crazy) Redd: Redd could send you mail on when he's hitting town. He sells 67 items, 
some you can get only from him. Examples are The Amazing Painting, Backyard Pool, 
and 3 NES Games.

Wendell:Bring Wendell, a walrus, fish and get one of 18 rolls 

Gracie:Find a giraffe, Gracie, with a car. If you help wash it, you'll get one of 29 
clothes. To Clean, hit A repeatedly.

Saharah: Find a camel and give Saharah bells and a carpet for one carpet. Don't sell 
it to Tom Nook.

Katrina: Find a tent and give Katrina 50 bells for readings. keep on doing it until 
she says something that means: 
A: Some Villagers will like you.
B:villagers will act mean to you.
C:You can get more Bells.
D:You'll get more rare items.
E:You'll trip more.

Codes:Ask Tom Nook Other things, then say code. You can get 3 presents at a time. 



Jingle Dresser:11AckGI9JE#[email protected]%PE                            

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