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Welcome in my FAQ! I hope you like my FAQ and that you will read it with a lot of pleasure!
My nickname is Mariofan9 and my email is [email protected] It is version 1.00 but i think i will update it later
It has been made on 24_10_04 and thats the last update i guess. This is a Mario Party 4 FAQ!

Is there a Bowser level?
Yes, beat Story Mode to unlock it in Party Mode.

How many diffrent COMP difficulty levels are in this game?
You thought i woud said 3 eh? Well, i say 4! Easy. Normal. Hard. Expert. 

How do i unlock expert?
Beat story mode on hard with any character.

How do it get the special games where you must fight with Bowser?
Play Bowser's map, and meet with Bowser on the board while you have used a Mega Mushroom. 
You will get to play one of that Mini Games if that happens!

Are there new characters wich i can open?
No...You can only play all characters in the game BEACH VOLLEY VOLLEY after you have beaten the challenge!
Play Mario Party 5 if you want much characters.... Although Donkey Kong isn't included there.

There is an empty spot in the room where i have my presents. What shoud be there?
Beat all the needed records in Mini Games and beat Story Mode with all characters.

Will there be more Mario Party games like this one?
Indeed! Mario Party 5 is released, and Mario Party 6 will be released very soon!

What is the point of this game?
Well... Its the birthday of the characters so they get presents, but bowser tries to spoil
the party like always!

I don't like this game. What to do?
There are 5 and soon 6 Mario Party games, so you need to trry them all first... :D

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heres the email, my friend: [email protected] 

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