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M:Alright 007,this is your first mission.Q is here with your gadgets.
Q:Now 007.I suplied you with a Covert Modem and Bungee Rope.
Moneypenny:Alright James.Your guided on a 00 Agnet difficulty.
1.Neutralize All Alarms
2.Install Covert Modem
3.Intercept Data Backup
4.Bungee Jump From Platform

To start,go around the corner and shoot the first enemy.Then go across the bridge 
and shot the guard on patrol and then the one in the tower.Now,go up on the tower 
and get the Sniper Rifle and go back down the tower.Go through the tunnel and shoot 
the guards.Once at the end stand there and take out the Sniper and zoom in and kill 
the guards in the pillbox and then enter the area and clear out the rest of the 
guards.Now go to the side of the big door and press B on the panel and the door will 
open.Do the same on the next door.In the third area when the truck stops you'll see 
a guard run to an alarm.Shoot him and destroy the alarm on the side of the building 
by the gate.Go in the building and kill the two enemies and back out and go to the 
back of the building and you will see a computer.Take out your Covert Modem and 
place it on the computer.Now,on the next gate shoot the lock and open it.Now,on the 
dam all three towers have a guard on top so use the sniper to take them out.Then go 
inside each and destroy the alarm in each guard tower.Go back out on the dam and go 
into the third tower if looking from where you destroyed the lock on the gate.Go 
down the stairs and through the hallways killing guards as you run.If you go in the 
first or second tower it just makes it harder to clear out from both ways.At the end 
of the hallway is a door.Open it and kill the enemies.Now go up to those two big 
computers and take out the intercept data backup and load it in to the computer by 
pressing I think Z or B.Now after that return to the dam and by the second tower is 
a little step that you step on and just walk of the dam.The bungee rope is 
automaticly installed.

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