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* DARK CLOUD 2                        PlayStation 2 *
*                 2nd WALKTHROUGH                   *
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*   Copyright:                                      *
*       Kay Allan (KitKatt)        August 20, 2004  *
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**          Ctrl+F = FIND          **


> REMINDER: This Walkthrough uses the following labels to refer to
  the various buttons on the Analog Controller:

  + Directional Keypad: [Left], [Right], [Up], [Down]
  + Analog Sticks:      [Left Analog], [Right Analog]

  + Control Keypad:     [X], [Square], [Triangle], [O] (Circle Button)

  + Back of controller: [L1], [L2] or [R1], [R2]


++                                   ++
++++     WALKTHROUGH CONTENTS      ++++
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 * Chapter 1 Review.
 * Shops at Sindain Station.
 * Sorting the Item Bag.
 * The World Map.
 * More Photos.
 * Photo Album.
 * New Inventions.
 * New Inventory - Palm Brinks.
 * Wipe-Out With Items Goal
 * Introduction to Chapter 2.

 * Upgrading Monica's Swords.
 * Upgrading Monica's Armbands.
 * RBW Floor 1. Frightening Forest.
 * RBW Floor 2. Strange Tree.
 * RBW Floor 3. Rolling Shells [RED SEAL].
 * RBW Floor 4. Great Fish Swamps.

 * Free the Firbits.
 * Make the Aquarium.
 * RBW Floor 5. This is a Geostone?
 * 'Conda's Goods' Opens.
 * RBW Floor 6. Noise in the Forest.
 * RBW Floor 7. I'm a Pixie [BLUE SEAL].
 * RBW Floor 8. Legendary Killer Snake.

 [Follow the Sun Path]
 * RBW Floor 9. Grotesque Spider Lady.
 * The Badge Box.
 * Get the Sundrop
 * RBW Floor 10. Rainbow Falls Entrance [WHITE SEAL].

 BOSS: Legendary Creature - Rainbow Butterfly.

  * Balance Valley Station.
  * The House In Balance Valley.
  * Seeking Dr. Dell's Help.


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> Walkthrough 1 for Dark Cloud 2: Prelude and Chapter 1 recommended
  these WEAPON upgrades.
  + Max's Wrenches.
    - By the time you finished with the events of Chapter 1, Max should
      # The 'Smash Wrench' following the Upgrade Path:

         Battle ------------------> Drill ----> Smash Wrench
         Wrench               ----> Wrench
               \             /
                --> True Battle

      # The box-charts showing needed attribute values are in Chapter 1:
        Floors 1 (Drill Wrench) and 2 (Smash Wrench).
      # If you haven't upgraded,  go to that Walkthrough and use Ctrl+F
        to find 'Smash Wrench'.

  + Max's Guns.
    - There was time for two or three upgrades for the 'Classic gun' and
      the 'Dryer Gun'.

    Classic          --> Bell
        Gun         ---> Trigger
           \       /
                    ---> Grenade

  + The box-charts showing the needed attribute values are in Chapter 1: Floor 3.
    - If you don't have one of these weapons, go to the Chapter 1 Walkthrough
      and use Ctrl+F and the name of the weapon.
      # It will be easier to raise these weapons in Underground Channel.

> Final event of Chapter 1:
  + At the end of the Chapter 1 Walkthrough:
    - The train comes into Sindain Station (a clearing in the forest), the tracks
      are blocked by large boulders.
    - Monica joins the party and explains:
      # Jurak the Great Elder has disappeared from the future because his 'origin
        point' in Max's time has been destroyed.
      # It is Max and Monica's job to restore Sindain (the georama field) so that
        Jurak can be brought back.
  + Characters who have joined:
    - Cedric is standing outside the door of the middle car of the train.
    - Erik (the thin guy) is standing outside the door to the train engine.
    - Borneo (the heavy guy) is standing near the blocking boulders.
  + The Save Point is away from the train.

> Happy Clown Treasure Chests:
  + You will still sometime find these treasure chests.
    - Although I could not see a pattern in the Underground Channel, that seems to
      be different for the Rainbow Butterfly Woods:
  + The Yellow Gift Box often gives the better result.
    - The pattern: Choose two yellow boxes then one red.
    - This seems to give the best results.





> Three Shops:
  + Cedric, Erik and Borneo are outside the train.
  + Cedric will repair the Ridepod and has the following in his shop:
      |Core II       | 1400 EXP |
      |Barrel Cannon |  400 EXP |
      |Caterpillar   |  600 EXP |
      |Shield Kit    |  Varies  |

    - The Barrel Cannon is worth buying since Max cannot invent it until RBW
      Floor 8.
    - It is a distance weapon (that is, Steve doesn't have to get close to
      monsters) and much more powerful.

> Borneo and Erik provide some Georama/invention materials.
  + Talk to Borneo to get a menu.
    - You can add Borneo to your party to use his abilities.
    - When he's in your party, you more likely to get Items when defeating
    - He sells:
      |Rough Rock     |   20 G |
      |Gold Bar       | 1000 G |
      |Silver Ball    |  200 G |
      |Hunk of Copper |   50 G |

  + The gold bar can be sold for the same amount it costs.
    - Gold Bars aren't lost when leaving dungeons before defeating all monsters.

  + Erik's menu.
    - You can add Erik to your party to get free Improved Bombs.
    - He sells gunpowder for 20 G each.

  + improved Bombs:
    - For 32 Skill Points he makes 3 'Improved Bombs'.
    - He has 64 skill points, so he can make a total of six.
  + Have him make them for you, NOW.

  + As soon as you have the bombs:
    - Send Erik back to the train so he can rebuild his skill points.
      # By the time you have explored the new areas in Palm Brinks, he can probably
        give you more Improved Bombs.
      # You can carry a total of 20.
    - Also, after completing 2 to 3 Floors, his skill points are full again.
      # This is at least one full game-time day.
  + You can sell Improved Bombs for 150 G.



> By now, you are starting to collect quite a few items of different
  + You need to be able to find specific items quickly and easily.

> The visible section of the Item Bag:
  + Top five rows of the Item Bag.
  + There are six columns across the Bag.

NOTE: If you move the pointer down below these five rows and exit without moving
      the pointer back to the top.
      + Next time you enter the item bag, you'll return to where you left.

> The following organization works for me:

 Row 1

 Column 1: Leave empty for the Dungeon Key.
           - When you press [Square] it is the first item available.
 Column 2: Bread.
           - When low on HP, Bread and other healing items flash.
 Column 3: Antidote bottles. 
           - When poisoned, the bottle will flash.
 Column 4: Yellow bags with 'Repair Powder'. 
 Column 5: Green 'Gun Repair Powder'.
 Column 6: Orange 'Armband Repair Powder'. 
           - Buy 5-8 from Milane.
           - You start collecting them in Chapter 2.

 Row 2

  Column 1: Leave this empty for the key to any locked room on the floor. 
  Column 2 through 4:
            + Food items that restore more health than bread: 
              - Roasted Chestnut; Premium Chicken; Cheese. 
            + Found or bought after Chapter 1. 
  Column 5 and 6:
            + Holy water (to remove a curse).
            + Soap (to remove goo).

 Row 3

  Column 1 through 5: Left empty to store weapons I plan to sell.
  Column 6: Crusty bread. 
            + Restores more health that ordinary bread, 
            + You only get them once (total of 20). 
            + When you are short of space in your bag, use these up.

 Row 4 

> I keep this and the next row for Crystals used to build up weapons.

    (Col 1)    Power ........... +2 Attack 
    (Col 2)    Flame ........... +3 Fire 
    (Col 3)    Lightning ....... +3 Lightning 
    (Col 4)    Destruction ..... +3 Smash  
    (Col 5)    Hunter .......... +3 Beast 

  + Later (after starting to play Spheda) I keep 'Level-Up' powders in
    Column 6.

 Row 5 

> The rest of the crystals.

    (Col 1)    Protector ....... +2 Durable 
    (Col 2)    Chill ........... +3 Ice 
    (Col 3)    Wind ............ +3 Cyclone  
    (Col 4)    Holy ............ +3 Exorcism 
    (Col 5)    Sea Dragon ...... +3 Scale 

  + Later I keep Resurrection powders in Column 6.

> The rest is up to you.
  + But I tend to keep like with like:
    - A block for Max's weapons.
      # e.g.: Three rows and two columns (first and second).
    - A second block for Monica's.
      # e.g.: Three rows and three columns (third, fourth, fifth).
      # She usually has more weapons.
  + All notebooks on the bottom row.
    - etc.



> Anytime in this chapter, Max can return to Palm Brinks.
  + For now, that's the only place where healing items can be bought.

> In addition to 'MOVE" using the World Map, you can use the train to travel
  between places.
  + At one of the three carriage doors, press [X].
    - The second choice 'Leave' allows you to use the train.
    - This becomes more useful when you have more places to go to.

> When you choose 'Move' on the Main Menu:
  + There are now two locations.
    - Center of the map is the location 'Sindain'.
    - Bottom right is the location 'Palm Brinks'.

> Choices on the Palm Brinks location:
     ?  Palm Brinks
     S  Station
     D  Underground Channel
  + Icons on the Map Choices:
    - The '?' = Places that don't fit other categories; a blue icon.
    - The 'S' = Train Stations; green icon.
    - The 'D' = Dungeon; purple icon.

> Choices on the Sindain location:
     S  Sindain Station
  + Once you go to the Sindain Georama, you'll have the choice:
     G  Sindain
    - The 'G' = Georama; orange icon (may be red, depends on your TV).
  + After Conda opens the entrance to the Dungeon, you'll have the choice:
     D  Rainbow Butterfly Wood.

> Palm Brinks:
  + When you choose '? Palm Brinks' from outside Palm Brinks, you arrive in the
    main street near Cedric's Shop.
    - Your character's back is turned toward the drawbridge.
    - He/she faces toward the Police Headquarters, the Station, and the Town
  + When you choose 'S Station'
    - Your character gets out of the train onto the station's platform.
    - The character faces the exit, with the train engine behind him/her.
    - There is no sign of Cedric, Erik, or Borneo.
    - Going along the platform toward the exit, you find a Save Point on your left.
    - When you exit the station, you are facing the Fountain.

  + Flotsam has been defeated.
    - The clowns have disappeared.
    - The drawbridge is open.
    - so the two other areas of Palm Brinks are now open.
  + Use the World Map to return to Palm Brinks NOW.
    - There are new areas to explore.
      # Town Square with City Hall.
      # The Residential Park.
    - Get more photos so Max can invent more items.




> Train.
    - At Palm Brinks Station (or Sindain Station).
      # The train's engine 'Blackstone One'.
    - Inside the Train Engine:
      # Fire House ...... Photograph the door to the fire box (you can see the fire
                          behind the door). 
      # Coal ............ There is a container of coal to the right.

  + City Hall:
      # Glasses Case .... In the Mayor's office at the top of the stairs.
      # Stand ........... On the Mayor's desk.



                              /      Track          \
                             /    _____________      |
                            /    /             \     |
                           /    /               |    |
                          /    / The Pond    ___|    |
                         /     \           []|__|<-- Pier with
                         |   X /               /    /  [] Boat
                         \____/ Dell Clinic   /    /
                          | |__              /    /
                  Pier -->|_  |             /    /
                           _|_|            /    /
                          /    \__________/    /
                          |                   /
                           \     ________    /
                            |    |      |    |    
          Zelmite Mine  X   |    |  M   |    |
                      ______|    |_____/     /
                     /                      / M = The Monument
                    /                      /
                   /    __________________/
                  /    /
                 /    /
                /    /                          Max's House
                |    |    Morton's House X      X   
                |    |                     _____________ 
                |    |                    /            | 
                |    |                   /             | X Claire's  
             ---|    |---               /      ________|    House
   Arch across  |    |                  |     /
      road   ---|    |---               |    /     
                |     \                 |    |    
                |      \    X Church    /    |
                |       \______________/    /
                | Road                     / 
                 \        Parn's Studio X /
                  \_________      _______/
                            \    /
                             \  /
                             |  | Drawbridge 
                             |  | 
                             \  /
                                To Palm Brinks Main Street

  + Residential Park.
    - Photo objects are in each of the residences (marked X).
    - As you fill the Ideas Board (30 photos max) transfer newly taken photos to
      the Ideas Book.
    - Say YES when you're asked if you want to delete (the Scoops you're saving
      won't delete).
  + Whenever you see a red Exclamation Point, press [X] for hints for inventions.
  + Max's room:
    - Get the "Photo Album' on his desk.

> Alphabetic list of photos in the Residential Park.
  + For full details of the list of objects:
    - see cheatcodes.com for the FAQ Dark Cloud 2: Camera & Inventions.

 [] Bed
 [] Boat
 [] Bone
 [] Bridge
 [] Candle
 [] Cloth
 [] Curtain

 [] Deer Horn
 [] Dell Clinic Sign
 [] Drawer
 [] Dresser
 [] Egg
 [] Elena's Portrait
 [] Eyeball

 [] Fence
 [] Figure
 [] Fireplace
 [] Fish
 [] Gate
 [] Glasses Case 
 [] Hoe

 [] Letter
 [] Monument
 [] Paints
 [] Palm Tree
 [] Parn's Studio Sign
 [] Phone
 [] Pier

 [] Rifle
 [] Robot
 [] Rug
 [] Saw
 [] Stained Glass
 [] Stand
 [] Stove
 [] Telescope

> When your Photography score levels up to 3 (score of 200 plus), go to Donny
  (he's still at the Channel Entrance).
  + He'll give you an Explorer's Helmet.

> While in the Residential Park:
  + IF the time is right (game time between about 12:00 midnight and 3:00 a.m.),
    get another SCOOP.



> Go to the pier and boat in the Pond (Residential Area).
  + If you have any new photos on the Idea Board, put them into the Ideas Book
    then delete them.
  + From the pier, look toward Dr Dell's Clinic.
  + Press [Square] (you should see his clinic in the viewfinder).
    - Watching the viewfinder, press [X] and look for a ghostly figure which shows
      for a moment.
    - Move the viewfinder so the center is focused where you saw the ghost.
    - Push the [Right Analog] forward to zoom.
    - Press [X] again and you should get the Scoop.
  + Put the Scoop into the Ideas Book but DON'T delete it until you have the Photo



> With 'Ruler of the Pond', you should have four Scoops (5 if you have 'Baron's
  Hanging On').
  + Now is the time to move them into the album.
    - You can put all your Scoops into the album then save it.
  + The photo album provides *permanent* storage.
    - This is saved SEPARATE from your game.
      # You have to choose which Memory Card to save it on.

> Get the 'Photo Album'.
  + Go to Max's house.
    - It's on the desk in his room.
    - To save this to your Memory Card, you need 490KB of free space.
  + Go to the Ideas Board.

> Press 'Menu', choose 'Make', choose 'New Invention'.
  + You will see a red album at the bottom right corner of the Idea Board.
    - Move the pointer to the album and press [X],
    - If this is the first time, you will be told there's no album data on the
      Memory Card (PS2).
    - Press [X] again and the empty album is opened.
  + Move the pointer across to the scoops on the Idea Board.
    - Point at a Scoop and press [X].
    - The third choice in the list is: 'Move to Album'
    - Press [X] on that choice and the Scoop is moved (not copied) to the Album.
    - Repeat until all your scoops are moved.
  + Press [O].
    - Choose which Memory Card you'll save the Album to.
      # You are asked to confirm so choose YES.
    - It tells you there is no album data and how much space is needed.
    - It also asks if you want to create the Album.
      # Tell it YES.
    - The Album data is saved.

> Accessing the Photo Album:
  + Use 'Make' on the Main Menu, 'New Invention Card' to go to the Photo Board.
    - Move the Pointer to the Photo Album bottom right of the Photo Board.
    - Move the pointer to that location and press [X] and choose the memory card
      it's stored on.
  + With the album open:
    - you can add new Scoops to the album and save by pressing [O].
    - You can get photos out of the album by moving the pointer to the desired
      photo and pressing [X].

> Exit from the Album.
  + Press [O].
    - If you have a new Scoop, choose YES to save it.
    - If you press [O] and say NO (don't save), you get the message:
      # 'You will lose your current album status if you do not save the data.'
        - It then asks: 'Exit anyway?'
    - The data already stored in the Album will NOT be changed if you don't save
      # The only time you need to save the Album is when you have added a NEW
        scoop to it or replaced one with a better picture.



> Here are some useful items that can be invented from photos in the original
  *and* the new areas of Palm Brinks.

> Materials for making the inventions:
  + Crystals you have to find on Dungeon Floors.
  + You should have enough other materials at the beginning of Chapter 2.
    - If not go to Morton's Sundries.

  + Use 'Make' on the Main Menu.
    - Create the following 'Invention Cards':
    - It isn't necessary to make the items yet.

       Ideas = Candle + Pot + Weapon Shop Sign
   Materials = 1x Flame Crystal + 5x Gunpowder + 1x Wind Crystal

  Improved Bomb:
       Ideas = Candle + Coal + Egg
   Materials = 1x Bomb + 3x Flame Crystal + 3x Wind Crystal

  Grenade Launcher (Gun)
       Ideas = Egg + Fountain + Chimney
   Materials = 2x Bomb + 2x Rolling Log + 2x Gunpowder

  Monica's Knight Boots:
       Ideas = Belt + The Moon + Shield
   Materials = 1x Sturdy Cloth  + 2x Thick Hide



> WEAPON SHOP (also MILANE's shop in Sindain Georama): 
   |Battle Wrench        | 200 G |
   |Drill Wrench         | 350 G |
   |Turtle Shell Hammer  | 300 G | ... new
   |Classic Gun          | 150 G | ... new
   |Baselard             | 250 G |
   |Gladius              | 300 G |
   |Repair Powder        |  90 G | ... up from 80 G
   |Gun Repair Powder    |  90 G | ... up from 80 G
   |Armband Repair Powder| 160 G | ... new

> None of the other shops have new inventory



> If you wish, you can now try to fill the Wipe-Out goal for Chapter 1;
  UC Floor 2.
  + Preparation:
    - Make sure you have 20 Bombs and the six Improved Bombs.
      # Put 19 of them in one of Max's unused Active Item Slots.
      # Place the six Improved Bombs in the other unused slot.
    - Check if you have any:
      # Bomb Nuts.
      # If so have them ready in case you run out of Bombs.

  + Or use the above invention cards to make more Bombs while on the floor.
    - You will need enough materials.

  + REMINDER: Monsters on the floor:
    |Sewer Rat    |Beast   | 3 | KEY |
    |Clown        |Darkling| 2 |  -  |
    |Froggy       |Aquatic | 4 |  -  |
    |Bat          |Beast   | 5 |  -  |
    |Baron Balloon|Magical | 4 |  -  |

  + Process:
    - Make sure the slot holding the Bombs is highlighted (circle with
      dashed lines)
    - LOCK-ON to each critter.
    - Press [Square] to use a Bomb.

  + The only ones that will give you a problem are the Bats.
    - Use Improved Bombs for the Bats.
    - Throw while the Lock-On square is still small.
      # They should fly into the explosion.
    - If they are too close, the bomb goes past them before exploding.



  + Gate Key is the 'Fairy Saw'.
    - The Gate EXIT is blocked by a tree
    - Choose [Square] to cut it down with the Fairy Saw.
  + Locked Area: A clearing on some dungeon floors blocked by a huge spider web.
    - The Dungeon Key is a small 'Slash Branch' to clear the web.
    - At the red Exclamation Point, press [Square] and choose 'Slash Branch'.
  + You can repeat any floor any number of times.
    - Monsters give more Synth Drops than in Underground Channel and new items.
    - But they are harder to defeat.

  + This has only happened to me in Rainbow Butterfly Wood and mostly on Floor 1.
    - When you defeat one of the critters, some unexpected gold bags and Gilda
      fall out of the trees overhead and/or from the bushes.
    - When it happens:
      # Whatever critter is the first defeated on the floor seems to trigger this
      # Every time you defeat the same critter in that floor, the same effect
    - I'm not sure why this happens, BUT:
      # It doesn't seem to happen until you have defeated at least 3,960 critters
        on the same floor.
        * I wanted to level up and build up several weapons for both Max and
        * RBW Floor 1 is the easiest floor to build up weapons (except very low
          level weapons like Classic Gun, or Long Sword).
      # It usually happens when you are using one of Max's Wrenches.
        * I was using the Digi Hammer.
        * I defeated a Skeleton Soldier.
          ~ I had picked up the normal Gilda and Synth Drops.
          ~ And I turned around to work on another monster, when I noticed a
            couple of bags on the ground.
          ~ Each time I defeated another Skeleton Soldier, the same thing happened.
          ~ When I watched for it, single Gilda also fell out of the sky and the



++                                   ++
++                                   ++

> At Sindain Station, the SAVE point is next to the entry to the Firbit Georama
  Field of Sindain.
  + SAVE your game before going to see the Firbits.

> Video:
  + Monica and Max see a house and hear a strange noise.
  + They realize there is a Firbit sleeping on the roof of the house.
  + The Firbit wakes up and when he comes close, Monica sees his fabulous whiskers.
    - She forgets to be polite, and grabs his moustaches.
      # She pulls on them and when she lets go, they spring back into the face of
        the Firbit.
      # He's so annoyed, he runs into the house and locks the door!
  + Take Max and Monica to the door and try to enter.
    - The Firbit yells: "Nooobody's home!"
    - Monica remembers that Firbits are crazy about Grape Juice.
    - She bribes the Firbit to open the door by saying they had grape juice.
      # If they couldn't come in, she said: "I guess we'll have to throw it away!"

> The most important points in the Video:
  + Firbits have a magical power to make houses and plants, etc.
  + Conda is the Firbit leader and tells them:
    - Holly has disappeared into the forest.
    - A search party of four Firbits haven't returned.
    - All seven Firbits have to be together for their creative powers to work.

> At the entrance to the Rainbow Butterfly Woods:
  + Conda gives them a bottle of Grape Juice to bring the Firbits back.
  + He removes a huge flower to open the entrance to RBW.
    - World Map Sindain locations now available:
      G  Sindain
      S  Sindain Station
      D  Rainbow Butterfly Wood

> Before going into the First Floor of the Rainbow Butterfly Wood: 
  + Go back into Sindain (where the Firbit's house is).
    - Take the following photographs:
      # Log .............. Toward the Firbit's house.
      # Withered Jurak ... Past the Firbit's house.
                           * It's the old tree trunk, beyond a pool,
                             with channels of running water.
      # Rock ............. Beside the Withered Jurak pool.
      # Grass ............ A green patch back toward the Firbit's 
    - Inside the Firbit's house:
      # Hammock .......... Attached to a tree growing in the far
                           corner of the room.
      # Wooden Bookshelf ..Attached to the same tree.

> There's a book with an invention on the Bookshelf:
        Ideas = Fountain + Rapper + Tree
    Materials = 1x Wind Element + 10x Scrap of Metal + 2x Hunk of Copper

  + This makes the 'Trumpet Gun'.




> The wipe-out goal for the 1st floor in Rainbow Butterfly Woods (RBW) means Monica
  MUST upgrade her sword(s).
  + She comes equipped with the Long Sword with attack power of 15.
    - Buy the Baselard from Palm Brinks Weapon Shop.
      # It comes with Attack power of 21.
      # You need to upgrade two swords.
    - You don't need to buy a Gladius, Milane gives Monica one later.

> Upgrade Monica's swords and armband (at least +4).
  + Go to the Underground Channel.
    - Walk through UC FLOOR 2 until both left- and right-hand weapons have
      increased 2 Levels (about five or six times).
  + Keep doing the 5th Floor (fastest growth) until desired weapon strength is
    - But use the Ridepod to defeat Vanguards then quickly switch to Monica so
      her weapons can collect the Synth Drops.
  + If you try to upgrade her weapons in RBW:
    - You'll use up a lot of Bread.
    - She is still likely to become incapacitated (then Max has to finish that
      floor and her weapons don't grow).

> Use the following techniques in the Underground Channel:
  + The Spin/Leap Attack with the Bats, and the ordinary mimics.
  + The Armband against the Turtle, Night Stalker, and the Darkness.
  + The Ridepod against the Vanguard and King Mimic.
    - But don't forget to switch to Monica to pick up Synth Drops!



> Here are basic upgrades.
  + Build one sword to the Bastard Sword.
    - Since this is not really very strong, take the Bastard Sword to:
      # Shamshir
      # Sandbreaker.
  + RECOMMEND: Shamshir

       Long --> Bastard --> Shamshir (upper choice on screen)
       Sword    Sword
                      --> Sandbreaker (lower choice)

      Long Sword   --> Bastard Sword --> Shamshir
    |Attack... 15 [36]|Attack... 21 [45]|Attack... 30 [60]|
    |Smash.... 10 [34]|Smash.... 19 [45]|Smash.... 23 [60]|
    |Beast.... 10 [34]|Beast.... 14 [45]|Beast.... 23 [60]|
    |Scale....  -     |Scale....  -     |Scale....  9 [60]|
                        Bastard Sword
                                      --> Sand Breaker
                                       |Attack..... 31 [60]|
                                       |Flame...... 23 [60]|
                                       |Lightning..  9 [60]|
                                       |Exorcism...  9 [60]|


> Take a Baselard to the Broad Sword.
  + If you don't have a Baselard, buy one from Milane's weapon shop.
  + NOTE: If you find a Long sword, it can be build directly to the Broad Sword.
          - It would be very useful to have two Broad Swords for when Milane can
            help build up Monica's swords.

       Baselard --> Broad
               ---> Sword

        Baselard      --> Broad Sword
    |Attack.... 21 [35]|Attack.... 21 [45]|
    |Cyclone... 10 [34]|Cyclone... 19 [45]|
    |Exorcism.. 10 [34]|Exorcism.. 19 [45]|
                      --> Broad Sword
       Long Sword -->
    |Attack...15 [36]|
    |Smash....10 [34]|
    |Beast....10 [34]|

> When  you have the Broad Sword:
  + Start on RBW Floor 1.
  + When on the floor, alternate  between the swords so that they keep similar



> Monica's basic armband is the Magic Brassard which can lead to four different
  types of magic.
  + To begin with, it is easiest to build the Magic Brassard to:
    - Gold Brassard.
      # Magic Attribute is Flame.
    - Then build that to the Crystal Brassard (also Flame).
  + You could build the armband on RBW BUT...
    - It takes longer to defeat RBW monsters than UC monsters.
    - That means you have to keep repairing the weapon.
      # Using a lot of Armband Repair Powders.
    - Build Up Magic Brassard in UC Floors 1 and 2.
    - At first, you can have Max use the Grenade Launcher to defeat a monster,
      then switch to Monica to pick up the Synth Drops.
      # Left-hand weapons pick up Synth Drops of Monsters defeated by another
        left-hand weapon.

                   --> Crystal
                  /    Brassard
          --> Gold
         /    Brassard

    Magic Brassard --> Gold Brassard --> Crystal Brassard
  |Attack... 14 [35]|Attack... 22 [45]|Attack...32 [60]|
  |Flame.... 14 [35]|Flame.... 17 [45]|Flame....28 [60]|

> When Monica's basic weapons are ready:




> On this floor there is a tendency for some Treasure Chests to give you a single
  Roasted Chestnut.

  |O Time limit to defeat all Monsters:             04:45 | 
  |O Attack and defeat all enemies using                  |
  |                   only MONICA'S SWORD:    Not Cleared |
  |  Total Monsters Defeated                       0 (24) | 
  | Himarra           |Flora  | 8 | KEY |
  | Man-Eating Grass  |Flora  | 8 |  -  |
  | Skeleton Soldier  |Undead | 8 |  -  |

> Himarra:
  + An animated flower with two attacks:
    - Spits a ball of Goo (slows Max or Monica down).
    - Whirlwind spin so its petals act as cutting blades.
  + Fire from a distance:
    - That whirlwind attack is nasty.
    - The ball of goo doesn't travel that far.
    - If you've run out of soap, the gooed state does wear off after a while.
      # While in a gooed state (you flash a purplish-red) use the
        spin/leap attack (charge up).
  + Another good attack is the Spin/Leap attack (charge-up).
  + Items dropped ...
      Forest Dew
      Wind Crystal
      Prickly ........ Fishing bait.

> The Man-Eating Grass:
  + Looks like a huge Tulip with teeth-lined petals and also has two attacks.
    - Spits a ball of poison (quite a distance).
    - Gives several slaps with its grass-stem arms.
  + As soon as you find Poison Amulets, equip them in the Active Item slots of
    both characters.
    - They'll prevent poisoning for a number of poison hits.
  + Zig-zag toward the Grass.
    - That can confuse it and prevent it spitting poison.
    - When you do this, if it spits it will most often miss.
  + Items dropped ...
       Battan ........ Fishing bait.

> Skeleton Soldier:
  + Packs a mean wallop with its sword.
  + Sometimes when it falls down, it lies on the ground then recovers somewhat and
    stands up again.
    - If you're close enough, press [X]:
      # Sometimes Max will kick the critter!
      # Monica usually stabs him with her sword.
    - Stand back a bit and wait for it to stand up.
    - Wait a moment then hit hard when it starts to walk.
  + The Baselard is better against the Skeleton Soldiers because of the 'Exorcism'
    - The Broad Sword works even better.
  + Items dropped ...
      Unknown Bone
      Holy Crystal
      Poison Apple ... One is needed for King Mardan.
                       - It is fishing Bait.
                       - This is also a throwable Item.

 New Items

> In Chests:
   Roasted Chestnut ........ Restores more health than Bread.
   2 Treasure Chest keys ... Rare.
   Coins ................... Very rare.
   Armband Repair Powder
   Holy Water


> A 'take-it-anytime' Scoop.
  + Move JUST close enough to show an upside-down triangle above the Man-Eating
    Grass monster's head.
  + Creep toward it slowly until it starts to shake its head.
  + Take the photograph.


> The Himarra will spit a ball of 'Goo' at you.
  + This REALLY slows the movements of whoever has been gooed.
    - Makes them more vulnerable to attack.
  + Get Soap from the 'House of Healing' at the Church.
  + If you don't have any soap:
    - Hope you can find a fountain (Pink mushroom shell).
      # It will not only restore HP, it will also cure any status changes.
    - You can also change to the other person.

     NOW GO ON...



> As soon as you choose Floor 2, you have Video.
> Max's weapons are not good enough, so Monica gives him:
   2x Hunter Crystal
   2x Destruction Crystal
   1x Wind Crystal
   1x Sea Dragon Crystal
  + She then gives instructions on Synthesizing the crystals.
  + Finally she gives the Wrench 6 more Synthesis points.

> If you have been working on upgrading Max's weapons, you probably have the
  Smash Wrench.
  + If you followed the advice in the First Walkthrough (Chapter 1) you will have
    the Grenade Launcher.
    - Just in case, here is the path:

                    ---> Grenade

         Classic Gun    --> Trumpet Gun   --> Grenade Launcher 
       | Attack... 7 [24]| Attack...14 [34]| Attack... 23 [44]|
       | Cyclone.. -     | Cyclone..11 [34]| Cyclone.. 19 [45]| 
       | Smash.... -     | Smash.... -     | Smash.... 19 [45]| 


> The Build Up screen for the Smash Wrench gives you a choice.
  + The upper choice is the Stinger Wrench (leads to GRADE ZERO).
  + The lower choice is the Cubic Hammer (leads to LEGEND).

> RECOMMEND: Cubic Hammer, it is stronger.
  + The higher the Attack Value and with more attributes the stronger the weapon.
  + If you have two Smash Wrenches, go for both.

             --> Wrench
              --> Cubic

      Smash Wrench   -->  Stinger Wrench  (enhance Lightning)
  |Attack..... 32 [60]|Attack..... 50 [100]|
  |Lightning..  9 [60]|Lightning.. 40 [110]|
  |Smash...... 18 [60]|Smash......  -      |
  |Beast...... 18 [60]|Beast...... 27 [110]|
  |Scale......  5 [60]|Scale......  -      |
      Smash Wrench
                   -->  Cubic Hammer  (enhance Chill & Smash)
                      |Attack..... 52 [110]|
                      |Chill...... 40 [110]|
                      |Smash...... 40 [110]|
                      |Beast...... 27 [110]|



> The Scoops you can get on the floor are 'take it anytime' scoops.

> If you are short of 'Holy Crystals', you'll find more of them in this floor's
  treasure chests.
  + You'll usually get a 'Protector' Crystal (Durable attribute) out of a
    Treasure Chest.
  + You may also get Wind and/or Chill Crystals.

  |O Time limit to defeat all Monsters:             04:28 | 
  |O Attack and defeat all enemies using                  |
  |                            only ITEMS:    Not Cleared |
  |  Total Monsters Defeated                       0 (15) | 
  |Tore        |Flora | 5 | KEY |
  |Kotore      |Flora | ? |  -  |
  |Pumpkinhead |Flora | 5 |  -  |
  |Moler       |Beast | 5 |  -  |

> Tore is a tree-like creature that spits out Kotores (they're like tree
  + Tore and Kotores are weak against fire and the Tore can be stunned by 
    throwing a rock at it.
  + Strategy against the Tore:
    - After you fire armband or gun two or three times, back up before firing
      again and you can usually avoid its hits.
    - It has long 'arms' but moves slowly.
    - Try to come up on it from behind or to the side.
  + When it spits out Kotores:
    - They explode as soon as they touch you.
    - Destroy at a distance if possible.
    - If you can knock a Kotore over with Monica's sword, it will not explode (one
      of the longer swords is best).
  + There is no knowing how many Kotore you'll face.
    - It depends on how fast you defeat each Tore.
    - If you're slow, the more chance it has to spit out Kotores.
  + Items dropped ...
      Rolling Log
      Flame Crystal
      Poison Apple

> When you hear a clop-clop sound, you know Pumpkinhead is near by.
  + When Pumpkinhead puts its left arm into its barrel chest you know it's about
    to throws a bomb at you.
    - It throws them quite quickly too.
  + It waves its trident and if close enough, will hit you with it.
  + Occasionally it'll make a break and run for it.
  + Items dropped ...
      Antidote Drink

> The moler is in a moving mound of dirt.
  + It sticks its head up out of the mound to check where you are.
  + It spits a purple curse.
    - If cursed, you cannot equip other weapons.
    - Use 'Holy Water' (from the Church) to cure the curse.
  + It may leap out of the ground at you, when you're close enough.
  + Items dropped ...
      Sticky Clay
      Protector Crystal
  + Strategy for the Moler: 
    - Use gun or armband and try to get it before it gets close.
    - If it get too close either back off, or use the spin/leap attack.


> Max needs to creep just barely close enough to the Tore that he can hear the
  Tore snoring 
  + But not close enough to wake it up.


  + Get close enough without setting off the bombing instinct.
  + Take the Scoop as Pumpkinhead twirls its trident.


  + This one is more difficult, but easy if it leaps toward you.
  + You need a picture of the critter as it leaps out of the ground.
    - It's easier to get the photo if you wait until just after it spits.
    - With the critter centered, keep pressing [Square].
      # While in the viewfinder, press [Triangle] and delete all useless photos.
      # Eventually you'll get the Scoop.


> Get ready:
  + Put 19 of the regular Bombs in one of the Active Item Slots.
    - You save one so you don't empty the item bag entirely.
  + To select 19 (of 20):
    - Set the pointer on the bombs in the Item Bag.
    - Press [Triangle] and push [Down] once to reduce the number to be moved to 19.
    - Move the pointer to the an empty Active Item Slot and 
        press [X].
  + Put all but one of the Improved Bombs into the second empty Item Slot.
    - Press [Left] or [Right] to highlight the Active Item Slot with the Bombs.
  + Attack method:
    - Get just barely close enough for the yellow diamond to show above the
      monster's head.
    - Face the monster.
    - LOCK ON (press the [O] button).
    - Press [Square] to toss a bomb at the creature.
    - Repeat if necessary (you may have to dodge).
  + Use [Left] or [Right] to switch from one Active Item slot to the other.

  + One Improved Bomb will defeat the Tore but it takes three Bombs.
  + Because the Moler usually jumps at the wrong moment, use an improved Bomb.
  + A Bomb is sufficient to defeat all others.
    - But  is less likely to defeat a Moler because it
      often jumps at the wrong moment.

> If you haven't already done so:
  + For practice, go to Underground Channel Floor 2, which also has a Wipe-Out
    with ITEMS goal.
  + Special effort for the Bat (a flying monster).
    - When it senses you, the Bat starts winging toward you.
    - The 'Lock On' square should be fairly small or the bomb explodes too far
      past the Bat.
    - An Improved Bomb works even better, but DON'T LET THE BAT GET TOO CLOSE.
      # If necessary, run a short distance and try again.
  + NOTE: the ABS from monsters defeated by a bomb or other item is often divided
    equally between both equipped weapons.


> SAVE before going to RBW Floor 3.
  + The next Floor has a seal on it.
  + If Monica were 'incapacitated' (lose all HP) the game is OVER! 
    - You would have to start again at the last Save.


> If Monica's weapons are not strong enough, spend some time upgrading
  + To fill the MAGIC ONLY wipe-out goal for RBW Floor 3 make sure Monica has at
    least one armband at a high level.
    - You should find plenty of Magic Brassards in chests.
  + You should already have one of the armbands at the Crystal Brassard level.
    - Its major magic is Flame.
  + You should also build another armband to at least:
    - Thorn Armlet.
    - Its major magic is Cyclone.

      Magic Brassard                     --> Thorn Armlet
                    \                   /
                     --> Bandit Brassard

   Magic Brassard --> Bandit Brassard --> Thorn Armlet
  |Attack... 14 [35]|Attack... 22 [45]|Attack... 32 [60]|
  |Flame.... 14 [35]|Flame....  -     |Flame....  -     |
  |Cyclone..  -     |Cyclone.. 17 [45]|Cyclone.. 28 [60]|

> To do these build-ups (for either Monica OR Max), you have a choice:
  1) Fight in RBW Floors 1 and 2:
      # You get more Synth Drops so can upgrade faster.
      # The critters cause a LOT more damage if they get you.
      # It takes more hits to defeat the critters.
      # You use more Repair powders.
  2) Go back to the Underground Channel.
      # The critters don't do as much damage.
      # You need far fewer hits to defeat critters.
      # You use less Repair powders.
      # You get fewer Synth Drops so upgrading is a little slower.
        * This may be balanced by the faster defeat time.
  + Try both and see which you prefer.





> The RED SEAL means that Max (or his Ridepod) cannot walk this floor until Monica
  + Defeated all the monsters.
  + Exited through the gate.

> I think the 'Rolling Shell' is supposed to be the Tortoise.
  + It is similar to the Turtle, stronger and more difficult to defeat but it
    doesn't roll.

  |O Time limit to defeat all Monsters:             04:30 | 
  |O Attack and defeat all enemies using                  |
  |                   only MONICA'S MAGIC:    Not Cleared |
  |  Total Monsters Defeated                       0 (22) | 
  |Tortoise         |Aquatic | 4 | YES |
  |Man-Eating Grass |Flora   | 6 |  -  |
  |Himarra          |Flora   | 6 |  -  |
  |Skeleton Soldier |Undead  | 6 |  -  |

> The tortoise is very slow moving.
  + It has a very LONG neck and attacks by thrusting out its head.
  + It turns slowly to keep its head toward you.
  + It's shell is strong and tends to block even magic.
    - If you can't get shots or hits to work, move a step or two further around
      the tortoise and try again.
    - If there is a rock nearby:
      # Lock on and throw the rock at it (you need to be fairly close).
      # When it is dazed, it doesn't block your attacks.
  + Items dropped ... Water Element
                      Sea Dragon Crystal
                      Mellow Banana


> Carry plenty of bread and WATCH MONICA'S HP.
  + Use Monica's armband to fight from a distance.
    - Heal her a little early rather than too late!
    - It is way too easy for Monica to become incapacitated.

> SAVE as soon as you're done so you don't lose the progress.




> Go to Floor 4.
  + Much of this is video mixed with control of action.

> VIDEO: Monica spots the Firbits and Max recognizes that something is wrong.
         - If you talk to the three Firbits lying around, you'll find they don't
           want to do anything.

> Talk to the Firbit sitting on the log.
  + He got separated from his buddies and when he saw them again, they were like
  + He's thirsty.

> Give the Grape Juice to the Firbit (press [Square]).
  + He gives Max a Fishing Rod, and instructions for its use, one Mimi and tells
    Max to go fish.

> SAVE (the Save Point is close to the entrance).

  + Practice fishing.
    - Stand by the pond and equip the Rod.
    - Put the Mimi on the hook.
    - Walk along the edge of the pond until you see a blue X with 'Start Fishing'
      in the lower left corner of the screen.
      # You may have to face toward the pond.
    - Press [X] to start.
    - Use [Left Analog] to move the hook out into the pond (locate with the
      upside-down yellow & white triangle).
    - Press [X] to cast the hook in the water and wait.

  + When the controller starts to tremble: 
    - WAIT UNTIL the Exclamation Point appears above Max's head.
      # *Immediately* pull [Left Analog] toward you and 'Hit!' appears above Max's
    - Start tapping [X].
      # If the vertical gauge gets too high you'll lose the fish.
      # Keep it at or just below the half-way mark.
    - The horizontal scale tells how close the fish is to the bank.
    - Ignore the orange arrows; if you try to follow them you usually lose the

> The first fish you catch uses up the Mimi.
  + Go back to the fishing Firbit and he'll give you five more.
  + Use up these bait to earn more fishing points.
    - Fishing points are used to strengthen the Fishing pole.
    - Every time you run out of bait go back to the Firbit for more.

> Practice until you are ready to go on.
  + As soon as you have a Priscleen.


++                                   ++
++                                   ++

> When ready, move even further into the Swamps.
  + Walk across the bridge to the third pond.
  + Then turn left and walk through a passage to find Master Utan.
    - Talk to him.

 SCOOP: Master Utan

> Master Utan ate the 'forbidden fruit' (he's sitting under a poison apple tree)
  and froze in place.
  + Take his photo.


> Go back to the third pond.
  + You should have gotten several Poison Apples from Tores or from Skeleton
    - If not, go back and fight them again (the only way to get some).
  + Leaving the Great Fish Swamps with 'Move' will not cause you to lose Gilda.

> Bait your hook with a poison apple and start fishing.
  + As soon as the bait is taken...

> A huge purple fish comes to the surface.
  + Fish Monster says it has become, well, rather dirty.
    - It wants Max to catch a 'Priscleen' fish to clean himself up.
    - Max agrees if the Fish Monster will change the Firbits back the way they

 SCOOP: King Mardan

> This is a 'ONE-TIME-ONLY' Scoop but is an easy shot.
  + Just point and click.

> When you have the Scoop:



> If you don't already have a Priscleen, return to the pond
  where the fishing Firbit is and start fishing.
  + Use a 'Prickly' as bait.
    - You get them from Himarras especially if you use the Bandit Brassard.
      # Path to this Armlet is described below.
  + As soon as you have a Priscleen go back to King Mardan.
  + Move around the pond beside King Mardan to the red 'Exclamation Point'.
    - Press [Square] and choose the Priscleen.
    - Max reminds him about making the Firbits better and he keeps his promise.

> Go back to where the Firbits were resting.
  + The fishing Firbit rushes up and tells you the others suddenly returned to
    - The last thing the three remember is becoming thirsty and drinking swamp

> You are told to return to Sindain (use 'Move') which returns you to Sindain
  + Walk into Sindain.
  + Go into the Firbit House.


> Conda and the other Firbits run out of the house, into the forest.
  + Max and Monica hear a strange noise and see a gadget lift up out of the forest.
  + The gadget plants two trees beside the Firbit house.

> Conda invites them on board the Carpenterion.
  + He shows them the reactor where the 'Geostones' are put.
    - He shows them a geostone.
    - The Carpenterion decodes and records information packed into  the geostones.
  + Georama information is added as a choice on the 'Help' Menu.

> When they are back outside, Monica discovers the Time Gate.
  + "Now we must bring back the Great Elder, Jurak."



> The Time Gate is near the Withered Jurak.
  + Walk into it and press [X] to activate it and head to 100 years in the future.

> Currently it is just a dark and dry-looking field surrounded by dead bushes.
  + However, someone is there; go talk to him.
  + Look around for two Mini-Chests, one with a 'Fruit of Eden' and the other with
    a 'Potato Pie'.
    - Give both to Max to raise his HP to 56 and his shield to 12.
  + Return to the present.

> Check out the Carpenterion.
  + Walk across the Georama Field until you can see the Carpenterion icon in the
    bottom left corner of the screen.
    - For a full explanation of Georamas and using the Carpenterion, review the
      FAQ: Georamas & Fishing (cheatcodes.com).
  + Press [Select].
    - Choose 'Cleanup' on the top menu line.
    - Remove 4 rocks, 3 logs and 4 grass (patches of green) from the Field.
    - Remove the Thorn Tree nearest the Firbits House (it's too close to fit the
      fence around the house).
  + Press [Circle] then choose 'Place'.
    - Place the Thorn Tree a little further from the Firbits House.
    - If the tree glows red move it a little until it glows blue then place by
      pressing [X].
  + You won't need the grass, logs, or rocks.
    - Choose 'Place' and press [X] on one of these items.
      # A menu appears with:
         Break x 1
    - Move the Pointer to 'Break x 1' and press and hold [Right] until the number
      stops changing.
    - Press [X] and you're asked to confirm.
      # Choose YES.
    - Component materials are returned to your Item Bag (there is some loss if you
      made the part).
  + Check 'Culture' and it shows 10 points.



> You haven't yet completed Floor 4.
  + Use 'Move' then on the World Map choose Sindain and the (new) fourth choice:
    - 'Fish Monster Swamp' ... This is the fishing ponds.
    - The illustration for this floor on the Dungeon Map is quite different from
      the earlier floors.
  + Go through the swamps until you find Master Utan, who is looking a lot better.

> Monica asks him to move a boulder blocking the way.
  + Notice he has a green Atlamillia on his wrist!
  + He strains his back when moving the boulder, decides to rest awhile, and
    suggests Monica and Max go on ahead.



> The purpose of the aquarium is to either:
  + Store wild fish for the Fishing Tournament.
  + Later to breed and train fish for the Finny Frenzy Contest.

> Invent and make the Aquarium.
        Ideas = Fountain + Window + Wooden Box
    Materials = 5x Rolling Log + 4x Glass Material + 15x Water Element

> Store the Aquarium in the bottom line of your Item Bag.
  + Put the pointer on it and press [X].
    - There are three tanks, Rec (for recreation), Battle, and Breeding.

> Putting a fish in the tank.
  + Move the pointer to a fish and press [X].
  + The choices are:
     Put in Aquarium .......... You can check its stats and name it.
                                + Automatically goes in the Rec Tank.
     Roast on Cooking Stove ... If you bought the stove from Morton.
                                + Use instead of bread.
     Spectrumize .............. Adds 2 to Scale Attribute.
     Discard .................. Too many fish? Sell them for 50 G.

> Options in the fish tank.
  + Press [Triangle] to get the Menu (Press [O] to exit).
     View fish parameters ..... Length not weight is shown.
     Feed fish ................ You can drop any bait item.
     Name fish ................ You can only name it once.
     Remove from tank ......... Puts the fish back in the Item Bag.
     Move to other tank ....... Battle or Breeding Tanks
     Look into other tank ..... Battle or Breeding.
                                - The other two tanks also have menus but with
                                  fewer choices.

  + When you exit to the Item Bag, whatever tank you last looked in is the one
    you'll return to.
  + Later, for the Fishing Tournament.
    - You should name any large fish you catch (75 cm or more).
    - that way you don't accidently eat or sell your biggest fish.
    - BUT...
      # If you feed them they won't be eligible.

> Naming a Fish.
  + Rec tank holds a max of six fish.
  + As soon as you catch a fish of AT LEAST 75cm (don't bother to keep shorter
    ones, they don't weigh enough): 
    - Put it in the Rec Tank and name it ([Triangle] gets the menu).
      # For example, I had a 91 cm Bobo.
        * I added a space and 91 (for the length).
      # Put the fish back in the Item Bag.
        * In this example, the fish is now named '[Bobo 91]' (the square
          parentheses are included in the name).
    - Keep only the ten biggest for the Tournament.
  + If you don't name the fish, all Bobos have just the name 'Bobo'.
    - You'll lose track of the biggest ones and accidently eat or sell them.
    - Having the fish's length in the name tells you which ones to keep.
  + But use a naming method you are comfortable with.



> Fish Goals no longer show '???'.
  Goals for earlier floors:

  + None for Underground Channel.

  + Rainbow Butterfly Wood.
    - Floor 1 ... 70 cm or more.
    - Floor 2 ... 65 cm or more.
    - Floor 3 ... 46 cm or more.

  + When you get a big one, reeling in the fish will move the vertical scale into
    the danger zone faster.
    - Tap rather than press.

  + It will take longer to land a bigger fish.
    - Be PATIENT or you will lose it.




> The Wipe-Out goal is to use the RIDEPOD.

  + Buy the 'Barrel Cannon' from Cedric for 400 EXP.
  + This weapon is stronger and enables Steve to fire at a distance.
    - If he doesn't have enough EXP, go to RBW Floor5, to build up the EXP points.

> Alternative: Have Max invent this.
  + BUT you'll have to wait until Floor 8 is completed when Max can get a picture
    of the Mushroom.
    - Ideas and materials for the Barrel Cannon are given in Floor 8.

> You'll tend to get 'Paint' in this floor's Treasure Chests.
  + Color is random.


  |O Time limit to defeat all Monsters:              05:00|
  |O Fish Goal                               50 cm or more|
  |O Attack and defeat all enemies using                  |
  |                      only the RIDEPOD:    Not Cleared |
  |  Total Monsters Defeated                        0 (18)|
  |Pumpkinhead    |Flora   | 6 | KEY |
  |Moler          |Beast   | 6 |  -  |
  |Mimic (Chp 2)  |Magical | 2 |  -  |
  |Face of Prajna |Magical | 4 |  -  |

> Face of Prajna.
  + Don't get too close.
  + It throws its twirling fan or it spits green mist in you face.
    - You'll either be poisoned
    - It'll curse you with thirst (Buy 'Tasty Water' from the Bakery).
      # When thirsty, you cannot using a food item for healing.
  + Items dropped ...
      Destruction Crystal
      Holy Water

> Mimic (Chp 2).
  + Just stronger than the ones in Chapter 1.
  + Items dropped ...


> He has just enough HP/Fuel to make it through this floor, but he'll do a lot
  better if you have the Barrel Cannon.
  + When you stir up a Mimic:
    - Back off a bit, then fire (twice).
  + When you see a Moler,
    - Don't get too close.
    - One shot should do it, but you often miss.
  + Don't get too close to the Pumpkinhead either.
    - One shot is usually enough.
    - But watch out for its bombs.
  + Two shots for the Face of Prajna.



> Defeat all enemies and exit Floor 5 through the gate...

  + As Max and Monica come out of the entry to the Woods, Conda
          greets them.
  + He takes them into the Sindain Georama and gives them a gift of a
    larger Item Bag (5 more slots) and:
      28 x Rolling Log
       1 x Sturdy Cloth
       1 x Glass Material
       1 x Sugar Cane
       1 x Scrap of Metal
       1 x Fire Element
      20 Water Element
  + You have enough to make 18x River parts.
  + Conda tells you to call the Carpenterion by pressing the [Select]
    - You can't get further until you do this!

> The Carpenterion picks them up and Conda loads the geostone into the reactor.
  + The result: 
    - You can make the following Georama Parts.
      'Wooden House'
      'Iron Chimney 1'
      'Thorn Tree'
      'Wooden Stand'
      'Wooden Stairs'
    The condition 'Forest Lake restored' has been made clear.
    The condition 'Glowing Mushrooms restored' has been made clear.

  + Conda then explains:
    - Use 'Analysis' to build a better future.
    - Polyn are energy needed to build parts.
    - Information is in 'Help'.

> He says he'll be in the last car of the train if you ever need Materials.



> How you put your georama together is up to you to some degree.
  + For the first Georama (Sindain), the following works so you get 100% completed.
  + Recommend: use these ideas to learn how to put a georama together.

> Press [Triangle].
  + Check 'Analysis' to find the two cleared conditions.

> The condition 'made clear' means you can make and place the appropriate parts,
  in this case the River. 
  + To restore Forest Lake choose 'Make'.
    - Make 18x River:
      # Move the Pointer to 'River' and press [X].
      # The Pointer indicates 'YES'.
      # Hold down [Right] to change the number from '1' to '18' (if you
        go past 18, use [Left] to go back).
      # Press [X] and confirm YES.
  + Chose 'Place' and put the river parts as close as you can get to 
    the Pond in front of Withered JUrak:
    - Start at the end nearest the Time Gate
    - Put 7 of the river parts parallel to the pond.
    - Put 3 river parts at right angles to one end of the 'river'.
    - Put 3 river parts at right angles to the other end.
    - Join the free ends with the rest of the river parts (5). 
  + You have a rectangular 'river'.
  + Check 'Analysis' which shows 10% of the Georama is completed.
  + 'Culture' still shows 10 Culture Points.

> Press the [Select] Button again to put Max back on the field.
  + Whenever you see the message: "There has been a change in the future."
    - Use the Time Gate beside Withered Jurak.

> In the Time Gate press [X].
  + When using a Time Gate, it doesn't matter who is the party's leader.
  + Explore the field in the future.
    - At the end of the field furthest from the Time Gate, there is a sunlit area.
      # In that area is a Mini-Chest with a 'Fruit of Eden'.
    - Give it to Monica to raise her HP to 56.
  + Give her Bread to fill her HP Guage.

> Return to the present and SAVE!



> CONDA'S GOODS (all inventory items are georama/invention materials):
  + If you have been investing spare gilda in Gold Bars, sell enough to get at
    least ten of each element.

         Item        |   Price
  | Rolling Log      |   20 G | There are 18 Georama/Invention  materials
  | Sturdy Rock      |   20 G | including Gold Bar.
  | Rough Rock       |   20 G |
  | Bundle of Hay    |   20 G |
  | Sturdy Cloth     |   20 G |
  | Gunpowder        |   20 G |
  | Glass Material   |   20 G |
  | Unknown Bone     |   20 G |
  | Sticky Clay      |   20 G |
  | Flour            |   20 G |
  | Sugar Cane       |   20 G |
  | Super Hot Pepper |   20 G |
  | Poison           |   20 G |
  | Forest Dew       |   20 G |
  | Scrap of Metal   |   10 G |
  | Gold Bar         | 1000 G |
  | Silver Ball      |  200 G |
  | Hunk of Copper   |   50 G |
  | Light Element    |   60 G | There are 9 Elements.
  | Holy Element     |   60 G |
  | Earth Element    |   60 G |
  | Water Element    |   60 G |
  | Chill Element    |   60 G |
  | Thunder Element  |   60 G |
  | Wind Element     |   60 G |
  | Fire Element     |   60 G |
  | Life Element     |   60 G |


> Now Conda's Goods store is open, all you need is:
  + The right photo ideas.
  + Enough gilda to buy the Georama/Invention materials.

> The following items can be invented now.
  + By creating an 'Invention Card' for each item.
  + Then Max can make them on an as-needed basis.

       Ideas = Fireplace + Polly's Bakery Sign + Wheat Flour
   Materials = 1x Fire Element + 3x Flour + 1x Water Element

  Steve's Cannonball Arm II:
       Ideas = Constructor + Post + Rock
   Materials = 1x Destruction Crystal + 20x Scrap Metal + 5x Silver Ball

  Monica's Bone Rapier:
       Ideas = Bone + Cloth + Withered Jurak
   Materials = 5x Life Element + 5x Thick Hide + 30x Unknown Bone

NOTE 1: 'Cannonball Arm II is stronger than the arm Steve came with.
        + BUT Steve has to get in close to the monsters to defeat them.

NOTE 2: You can buy the Bone Rapier for 500 G, after finishing Floor 9. 
        + Cost to make: 650 G if you have to buy ALL the materials needed.
        + But you probably have enough 'Thick Hide' and you may have most of the
          other materials already.
        + YOUR CHOICE.


> Build Up the Bone Rapier (after having Max invent it):

            --> Evilcize

      Bone Rapier    --> Evilcize
     |Attack...22 [45]|Attack...30 [60]| 
     |Flame....10 [45]|Flame.... -     | 
     |Lightng.. -     |Lightng.. 9 [60]|
     |Smash.... -     |Smash.... -     |
     |Beast.... -     |Beast....23 [60]|
     |Chill.... -     |Chill....23 [60]|




> First time through this floor, you may want to use the Ridepod.

> This is the first floor where you begin to get Georama materials in the form of
  'Elements' (bottle-shaped items with different colors).
  + Type of Element is random.
  + Now Treasure chests tend to give more valuable items.

  |O Time limit to defeat all Monsters:             04:16 |
  |O Fish Goal                              66 cm or more |
  |O Attack and defeat all enemies using                  |
  |                        only MAX'S GUN:    Not Cleared |
  |  Total Monsters Defeated                       0 (18) |
  |Tore          |Flora  | 5 | KEY |
  |Himarra       |Flora  | 6 |  -  |
  |Fire Element  |Spirit | 2 |  -  |
  |Sonic Bomber  |Windup | 5 |  -  |

> Fire Element.
  + If it gets close, it boxes the person's ears HARD.
    - Use Monica's Armband (with Chill OR Wind attribute).
    - Use the Ridepod.
  + If you have a Grenade Launcher:
    - Not the best weapon for the Fire Element as the gun's main attribute is
    - It works, but tap [X] as rapidly as you can to fire it (its a little slower
      if you press and hold [X]).
    - So many shots are needed, you may need to back away.
  + Items dropped ...
      Flame Crystal
      Flame Stone

> Sonic Bomber.
  + Attacks: 
    - It fires circular sonic beams.
    - It will also whirl around at you.
    - Use gun or armband or Ridepod.
  + Grenade Launcher takes several shots.
    - Be prepared to back away.
  + Items dropped ...
      Hunk of Copper
      Lightning Crystal
      Repair Powder

> Finish the floor and exit by the gate.

 Work On The Georama

> Go to the Georama Field to where the Carpenterion Icon shows up.
  + Press [Select] and [Triangle].
    - The Geostone is automatically decoded.

 Now you can make the parts:
  'Eye Tree 1'
  'Eye Tree 2'
  'Nose Tree'
 The condition 'Withered Tree restored' has been made clear.

> To make the three Tree parts you need several 'Light Element'.
  + You get these from the Pixies on the next floor 7.
  + If you don't have enough, visit Conda in the last train car.
    - If he doesn't have any, you'll have to wait until you finish Floor 7.

> Place Nose and Eyes on the island in the middle of the river:
  + 'Eye Tree 1' as close to one end of the island as you can.
    - Before pressing [X] for placement:
      # You can change orientation of parts using [R2] or [L2].
      # You can change your viewpoint with [R1] and [L1]. 
  + 'Eye Tree 2'as close to the other end of the island.
  + In between the two eye trees, place 'Nose Tree'.
    - If there is not enough room for it, you need to adjust the positions of the
      Eye trees.
      # Use 'Clean Up' to remove the trees from the field, then place them again.

> Check Analysis (25%):
  + Lanterns are lit for:
     Forest Lake Restored.
     Withered tree restored.
  + 7 yellow light bulbs are lit, but they still show '???'.

> Go to the future:
  + You'll find a very large but rather dead-looking tree just beyond the sunlit
    - The big holes are Jurak's nostrils!
  + You'll also find a Mini-Chest with a 'Witch Parfait'.
    - It's rather dark, so look carefully.
    - Give Monica the Witch Parfait to increase her shield to 12 (same as Max).

> Take a photo of one of the Eye Trees and the Nose Tree:
   Jurak's Eye.
   Jurak's Nose.

> Go to Sindain Station and SAVE!


> Battles on Floor 6.
  + Watch Max's HP carefully if you're trying to fill the wipe-out
    goal of using only Max's gun.
    - The Sonic Bomber is rather lethal particularly if it gets close.
    - The Fire element, if it claps its hand on Max's head (or 
      Monica's), takes a LOT of HP.


> Upgrading the Gun:
  + You should have two Bell Triggers.
  + Upgrade one of them to either:
    - The Star Breaker, a rapid action machine gun.
      # Individual bullets don't do a lot of damage.
      # But the cumulative effect is fairly good.
    - The Magic Gun, a 'beam' gun (like a laser.
      # Press and hold [X] for increased effect.
      # Stronger than the Star Breaker.
    - Magic Gun.

                 --> Breaker
           Trigger ---> Magic Gun

                        |Attack... 31 [60]|
                        |Flame.... 36 [60]|
                        |Cyclone.. 27 [60]|
                        |Smash.... 41 [60]|
                      ---> Star Breaker
        Bell Trigger ----> Magic Gun
     |Attack.... 22 [44]|Attack.... 31 [60]|
     |Cyclone... 19 [45]|Cyclone... 23 [60]|
     |Smash.....  -     |Smash..... 23 [60]|
     |Exorcism.. 14 [45]|Exorcism..  -     |
     |Beast.....  -     |Beast..... 23 [60]|
     |Scale.....  -     |Scale..... 23 [60]|

> With the upgraded gun, you are now ready to:



**   RBW FLOOR 7. I'M A PIXIE  **

> This floor has a BLUE SEAL.
  + Max has to complete the floor without Monica.
  + He CAN use Steve the Ridepod.

> Treasure Chests tend to give more Gun and Armband Repair Powders.

  |O Time limit to defeat all Monsters:             04:16 |
  |O Fish Goal                              66 cm or more |
  |O Attack and defeat all enemies using                  |
  |                            only ITEMS:    Not Cleared |
  |  Total Monsters Defeated                       0 (13) |

  |Pixie             |Spirit  | 6 | KEY |
  |Face of Prajna    |Magical | 4 |  -  |
  |King Mimic (Chp 2)|Magical | 1 |  -  |
  |Mimic (Chp 2)     |Magical | 2 |  -  |

> Pixie.
  + These fly in a zone half-way up to the tree tops.
    - You can often see their silhouettes against the mist.
  + Distance weapons (gun and armband) are best.
  + It throws fireballs so be prepared to dodge.
  + Too close and it will swoop down to bite, back away quickly.
  + Items dropped ...
      Light Element
      Heart-Throb Cherry

> King Mimic (Chp 2).
  + Just stronger than the ones in Chapter 1.
    - If there happens to be a rock near by, after you realize it is the King
      Mimic, grab the rock and toss it (to stun the critter).
  + Items dropped ...


> After wiping out all monsters and getting the Geostone.
  + Exit from the gate:
  + Go to Sindain and download the geostone.

 Now you can make the parts:
  'Straw House'
  'Rough Wooden Fence'
 The Condition 'Tailor Shop restored' has been made clear.

> If you don't have enough 'Rolling Log' go to Conda in the last car of the train.
  + You'll need at least 100 'Rolling Log' (cost 2000 G).

> Select 'Make' and make the following:
  + 22x Rough Wooden Fence.

> Press [Triangle], press [X] on 'Place' and choose 'Wooden Fence'.
  + Place the fence around the Firbits House. (It's easier to see in daylight!)
    - Press [X] to place.
    - Leave a gap at the corner where the entry door is.
    - Place one part and the next one automatically attaches to the end of the
      # You'll hear a click if parts are attached.
    - To align the fence around the corners, tap [R2] or [L2] until the part is in
      the correct position.

> Go to the future.
  + With the Fence placed, Jurak's Roots/Branches have grown.
    - Steps go up the side of one and a bridge joins that to a second, and on to
      a third.
    - A new person has appeared at the join between the two bridges.
    - Find a mini-chest with a 'Fruit of Eden' near the Time Gate.
      # Give it to Max.
  + Analysis = 35%

> Return to Sindain Station and SAVE.


> A Grenade Launcher+9 defeats most of the monsters on this floor with 6 to 9 shots
  + Don't forget to tap [X] as rapidly as you can to fire it.
  + Be prepared to back away so the monsters don't get you.




> This floor has two exits.
  + One is the Star Path and cannot be used until you get a Star Key.
  + The Star Path Exit is surrounded by a fence made of light.

  |O Time limit to defeat all Monsters:             04:40 |
  |O Fish Goal                              49 cm or more |
  |O Attack and defeat all enemies using                  |
  |                      only the RIDEPOD:    Not Cleared |
  |  Total Monsters Defeated                       0 (22) |

  |Gyumo                 |Beast   | 5 | KEY |
  |Sonic Bomber          |Windup  | 3 |  -  |
  |Fire Element          |Spirit  | 6 |  -  |
  |Ice Element           |Spirit  | 6 |  -  |
  |Legendary Killer Snake|Reptile | 2 |  -  |

> Gyumo runs at you really fast when he crouches.
  + Fire as quickly as possible.
  + Items dropped ... Sturdy Rock
                      Power Crystal

> Chill Element.
  + Use Max's gun or Monica's Armband (with Fire attribute).
  + Fire as fast as possible.
  + Items dropped ... Chill Element
                      Chill Crystal
                      Chill Stone

> Legendary Killer Snake.
  + If it dives down into the ground:
    - It has marked where you are standing so move quickly away from
      that spot.
    - Turn around and fire at it.
  + Items dropped ... Life Element
                      Sea Dragon Crystal


  + When Gyumo raises its head as if howling, take the photo.
  + It may take several tries.

 Work On The Georama

 You can now make:
  'Wooden Bridge'

 Conditions made clear:
  + 15 River Parts placed.
  + Withered Tree restored.
  + Forest Lake restored.
  + Gordon resides in Sindain.
  + Eatery restored.
  + Polly resides in Sindain.
  + Weapon Shop restored.
  + Milane resides in Sindain.

> Problem: Jurak is still only a withered tree.
  + Return Max and Monica to the Georama Field.
  + Video: 
    - Monica: We need 'someone who knows about trees' to immigrate to Sindain.
    - Max remembers Gordon the gardener.

  + Return to Residential Area of Palm Brinks.
    - Make sure you have at least one Holy Water.
      # If not get one in the Church form Priest Bruno.
  + Max's garden: talk to Gordon who's standing by a tree.
    - Gordon first has to fix the tree with Holy Water.
  + Message: Review the (red) 'Notebook' in your Item Bag.
    - It shows a red lightbulb beside the name 'Gordon'.
    - As you talk to people who can join, their tasks are written into the
  + Talk to Gordon and give him the Holy Water.

  + Go to Sindain.
  + Make:
     13x Thorn Tree.
      1x Straw House.
      1x Shed
  + Place all 13 of the trees around the edges of the Georama field.
    - You need a half circle of trees to surround the Straw House and the Shed.
    - Place Straw House and Shed close by.
  + Go to the door of the Straw House and press [X].
    - Move Gordon in.
    - Choose 'Enter House' and talk to him, he sells:
    |Rolling Log | 20 G |
    |Sturdy Rock | 20 G |
    |Forest Dew  | 20 G |

  + Buy about 20-30 Rolling Log, then exit the house.

> There has been a change in the future.
  + Use the Time Gate.
  + In the Video: The future's field has greened up.
    - Jurak is awake.
    - Monica talks about Griffon but Jurak's memories are not all back.
  + Pick up:
    - A Mini-Chest containing 4 x Wind Crystal beside the steps up a 
    - Another with Potato Pie near a small stump at the left side of Jurak's face.
      # Give the Pie to Max to raise his shield to 16.



> While in the future, get two Scoops and a photo of the mushrooms.

  + Walk up the steps and to the middle of the first bridge.
  + Take a photo of Jurak.

  + At the end of the second bridge is a pair of Golden Eggs.
    - Collect some 'Gold Paint' ~ DO NOT SELL.
    - Then take the photo.



> With the photo of the mushrooms and the Scoop 'Find the Golden Egg!, you can
  make the following:

  Double Pudding:
       Ideas = Milk Can + Find the Golden Egg! + Wheat Flour
   Materials = 4x Cheese + 10x Life Element + 4x Tasty Water

  Steve's Barrel Cannon:
        Ideas = Barrel + Fountain + Mushroom
    Materials = 10x Gunpowder + 10x Rolling Log

 NOTE: Double Pudding heals more than the Roasted Chestnut.
       + AND one pudding heals BOTH Max and Monica if both need
         healing at the same time.





  |O Time limit to defeat all Monsters:             04:26 |
  |O Fish Goal                              50 cm or more |
  |O Clear all without healing:               Not Cleared |
  |  Total Monsters Defeated                       0 (14) |
  |Hunter Fox        |Beast   | 6 | KEY |
  |Spider Lady       |Darkling| 6 |  -  |
  |King Mimic (Chp 2)|Magical | 1 |  -  |
  |Tigriff           |Beast   | 1 |  -  |

> Hunter Fox.
  + Fox dressed in hunting clothes, carrying a big gun.
    - As you approach it, the gun swings to focus on you and you can see a big
      black hole!
  + It fires from a distance.
  + If you get too close it slashes you with the gun barrel.
  + Items dropped ...
      Hunter Crystal
      Petite Fish

> The Spider Lady.
  + Dodge if she spits a curse at you.
  + Use Max's gun or Monica's Armband (with Fire attribute).
  + Items dropped ...
      Thunder Element
      Protector Crystal
      Gooey Peach

> The Tigriff.
  + It's rather like a giant Canary with a cat face.
    - It will run at you, leap and fire dozens of slivers.
    - Fire rapidly and be prepared to back off.
  + If you're using sword or wrench:
    - Try to get behind it.
  + Items dropped ...
      Power Crystal
      Stamina Drink

> Use Ridepod to fill the Wipe-Out goal.
  + That automatically fills the 'without healing' goal.

 The Georama

> You can make:
  'Pot Torch'
  'Wooden Gate'

> Conditions made clear:
   10 Trees placed.
   Nose Tree between Eye Trees.
   Adel resides in Sindain.
   Elder Jurak's Branch restored.



  + Go into Max's house, to the kitchen, up the stairs and talk to the maid in the
    Servants' area.
    - Adel needs you to give her: 
       1x Sturdy Cloth + 1x Thick Hide + 1x Hunk of Copper.
    - When she leaves, go out of the room and come straight back in.
    - She gives you the 'Green Overalls' and joins.
  + Adel makes the Tailor Shop in Jurak's Mall appear.
    - In your party she raises the WHP of unequipped weapons.
    - On the train, she sells fruit (throwable items that can also be used as
    |Tasty Water       | 80 G |
    |Heart-Throb Cherry| 60 G |
    |Stone Berry       | 60 G |
    |Gooey Peach       | 60 G |
    |Poison Apple      | 60 G |
    |Mellow Banana     | 60 G | Restores health but makes you thirsty.

> While in the kitchen of Max's house:
  + Ferdinand will join if you have a 'Roasted Chestnut'.
    - He makes 'Premium Chicken' (total of 2) and sells it too, for 120 G.

  + If it is day, you can find Granny Rosa in the passage to the Kitchen (at night
    she's outside City Hall).
    - Talk to her; she's hard of hearing.
    - Type this message EXACTLY (choose 'Symbols' for the ' in Let's and the
        Let's go together.
    - In your party she makes Cheese (maximum of 3). 
      # She sells amulets.
    |Anti-Petrify | 50 G |
    |Non-Stop     | 50 G |
    |Anti-Curse   | 50 G |
    |Anti-Goo     | 50 G |
    |Antidote     | 50 G |

  + While in Max's House, go talk to Gerald.
    + He'll give Max a Trumpet Gun.
    - If you have a 'Bell Trigger' in your item bag or equipped, talk to him again.
    - If not, go into Underground Channel and raise:

      Trumpet Gun    -->  Bell Trigger
     |Attack.... 14 [30]|Attack.... 22 [44]|
     |Cyclone... 11 [30]|Cyclone... 19 [45]|
     |Exorcism..  -     |Exorcism.. 14 [45]|

    - With Gerald in your party, guns can be upgraded MUCH FASTER.
      # Synth drops seem to fill the ABS gauge faster.
      # Each level-up adds one extra Synth Point.
    - On the train, he sells 'Trumpet Gun' for 300 G.


 Building Max's Guns

> Put Gerald in your party and raise the Grenade Launcher OR Bell Trigger.
  + Raise the Grenade Launcher to the Dark Viper (large projectiles).
    - The Dark Viper is much stronger, but it takes longer to raise the gun.
  + You should already be working on:
    - Building up the Bell Trigger to either 'Star Breaker' or Magic Gun.
  + Start working on:
    - Building the Dark Viper.
    - Magic Gun is not as strong as Dark Viper, but is stronger than the Star

                 Gun          --> Star Breaker
                    \        /
    Classic          --> Bell
        Gun         ---> Trigger
           \       /            \
            Trumpet              --> Magic Gun
                    ---> Grenade
                                  --> Dark Viper

        Dryer Gun                             ___________________
     __________________                       |Attack... 31 [60]|
     |Attack... 8 [30]|                       |Flame.... 36 [60]|
     |Flame.... 5 [30]|                       |Cyclone.. 27 [60]|
     |Cyclone.. 5 [30]|                       |Smash.... 41 [60]|
     |________________|                       |_________________|
        Dryer Gun -->                     --> Star Breaker
                     \                   /
                      \                 /
      Trumpet Gun -->  --> Bell Trigger  ---> Magic Gun
     |Attack.... 14 [30]|Attack.... 22 [44]|Attack.... 31 [60]|
     |Cyclone... 11 [30]|Cyclone... 19 [45]|Cyclone... 23 [60]|
     |Smash.....  -     |Smash.....  -     |Smash..... 23 [60]|
     |Exorcism..  -     |Exorcism.. 14 [45]|Exorcism..  -     |
     |Beast.....  -     |Beast.....  -     |Beast..... 23 [60]|
     |Scale.....  -     |Scale.....  -     |Scale..... 23 [60]|
       Trumpet Gun
                   --> Grenade Launcher --> Dark Viper
                     |Attack... 23 [44]|Attack... 40 [110]|
                     |Flame.... 14 [34]|Flame.... 41 [110]|
                     |Cyclone.. 19 [45]|Cyclone.. 41 [110]|
                     |Smash.... 19 [45]|Smash.... 41 [110]|
                     |Beast....  -     |Beast.... 27 [110]|


 More People Join

  + If you have an 'Indestructible Coin' and a 'Dark Coin', go to the Underground
    Channel entrance and ask Donny to be your friend.
    - Give him the two coins and he'll join.
    - In dungeons, he unlocks locked chests and opens locked areas.
    - You can buy Treasure Chest Keys from him.
      # Keep at least three in your item bag at all times.

  + Go to the 'Polly's Bakery' and talk to Aunt Polly who needs you
    to run an errand (ALL steps must be done):
    - Deliver the 'Crusty Bread' to Morton's Sundries.
    - Go to his house and read the message on the door.
    - Talk to Morton again.
    - Talk to Aunt Polly again.
  + She joins after giving you the Crusty Bread (heals more than Bread but you
    won't be able to get any more).
    - In your party, she makes Bread.
    - In her house, she sells the same items as the Bakery.

  + Go to the weapon shop in Palm Brinks.
    - Have Monica talk to Milane.
    - Milane gives her a Gladius and a task: Build the Gladius by two levels (here
      'levels' means upgrade two times).
      # You need to take it to the 'Chopper'.
    - Simplest Path:

                        --> Chopper
              --> Cliff
             /    Knife

      Gladius      -->  Cliff Knife  -->   Chopper 
  |Attack... 20 [34]|Attack... 21 [45]|Attack... 29 [60]|
  |Cyclone.. 10 [34]|Cyclone.. 14 [45]|Cyclone.. 27 [60]|
  |Beast....  5 [34]|Beast.... 14 [45]|Beast.... 36 [60]|

  + The Gladius starts with one Synthesis Point; each level-up brings three more.
    - You'll need to synthesize about:
      # Cliff Knife:
        * Needs +4 value points = 2 Wind Crystals (totals 16 points)
        * Needs +9 Value Points = 3 Hunter Crystals (totals 14 points)
          ~ 5 Crystals = 5 Synth Points or raise weapon two levels.
        * Build Up when weapon is Gladius+2.
      # Chopper:
        * Needs 27 - 16 = 11 points = 4 Wind Crystals
        * Needs 36 - 14 = 22 points = 8 Hunter Crystals
          ~ 12 Crystals = 12 Synth Points or raise weapon
        * Build Up when weapon is Cliff Knife+4.
    - NOTE: The Cliff Knife can become the Sand Breaker (but there are better ways
            + Need a lot more levels for Cliff Knife to raise to Sand
  + When you have the Chopper, talk to Milane again.
    - Add her to your party, so Monica can upgrade her swords faster.
    - In her house, she sells the same weapons as the Weapon Shop.



> Make a Wooden Gate and place it in the gap in the fence.

> Make and place:
  + Three Wooden Houses.
    - Attach a 'Chimney 1' at one end of one house. 
    - Place a cart near the door of the second one.
    - Leave the third as-is.

  + Move ADEL into the 'as-is' Wooden House.
    - She sells:
    |Tasty Water        | 80 G |
    |Heart-Throb Cherry | 60 G |
    |Stone Berry        | 60 G |
    |Gooey Peach        | 60 G |
    |Poison Apple       | 60 G |
    |Mellow Banana      | 60 G |

  + If you put her in your party, she:
    - Gradually raises WHP of the *unequipped* weapons.
    - It means they aren't just 'sitting' in the item bag doing

  + Move MILANE Into the house with an iron chimney.
    - Milane sells the same weapons as the shop in Palm Brinks.
    - When you put Milane in your party, have Monica walk the floors
      for a while using her swords.
      # Milane helps with Swords the way Gerald helps with Guns.

  + Go to the Wooden House with the cart.
    - Move AUNT POLLY in.
    - In your party, she makes bread.
    - She sells the same items as the Bakery.

  + Go to the Future You'll find 2 stores and Mini-Chests.
    - You should find a Garnet, a Witch Parfait, a Fruit of Eden, beside the
    - Give the Witch Parfait to Monica (shield to 16) and the Fruit of Eden to
      whoever needs it to bring both people to 64 HP.

  + Make sure you have 500 G.
    - The Woody Tailor Shop has appeared in Jurak's left Nostril.
    |Green Overalls     | 500 G |
    |Red Vest           | 500 G |
    |Denim Overalls     | 500 G |
    |Pumpkin Shorts     | 200 G |
    |Dark Coin          |1500 G |
    |Indestructible Coin|1500 G |
    |Himarra Badge      | 500 G |
    |Gift Capsule       | 400 G |
    |Gold Paint         |1000 G |

   + Clothing Items:
     - Adel just made the Green Overalls.
     - Monica is currently wearing Pumpkin Shorts.
   + Himarra Badge:
     - Monica MUST have this for progress in the game.
   + Gift Capsule:
     - To get other Monster Badges, she'll need Gift Capsules.
     - Max can invent the Gift Capsule:
        Ideas     = Bone + Pot + Letter
        Materials = 12x Unknown Bone + 15x Sticky Clay 
   + The Dark and the Indestructible Coins:
     - Max will need  one of each of these to get Donny to join:
     - You should have found them in Treasure Chests, but if not get them here.
   + Gold paint:
     - Needed for Parn to join, but one was among the 'Golden Eggs'.

> Take a photo of the Tailor's shop sign: 'Woody Tailor Sign'.

> MUSHROOM BURGERS (above Jurak's nostrils).
  + You reach it by a ladder.
  |Flour             |  20 G |
  |Sugar Cane        |  20 G |
  |Bread             |  30 G |
  |Roasted Chestnut  | 300 G |
  |Tasty Water       |  80 G |
  |Heart-Throb Cherry|  60 G |
  |Gooey Peach       |  60 G |
  |Bomb Nut          |  60 G |
  |Poison Apple      |  60 G |
  |Mellow Banana     |  60 G |
  |Mimi              |  80 G |
  |Carrot            |  80 G |
  |Potato Cake       |  80 G |
  |Batten (bait)     |  80 G |

> PHOTO: Zoom in for a shot of the Mushroom Burgers store from the first bridge
  between Jurak's branches.

> Return to the present then go *immediately* back to the future.
  + Max asks about the Rainbow Butterfly.
    - Jurak gives them a Lafrescia Seed.
    - They're told to plant it and use a Sundrop to make it grow.
  + Then Jurak tells them to talk to a Himara to get a Sundrop.
    - He gives Monica a 'Badge Box'.
    - If you haven't already got it, make sure you buy the Himarra Badge from the
      Tailor's Shop.

> Return to the present then go *immediately* back to the future.
  + Max asks about the Rainbow Butterfly.
    - Jurak gives them a Lafrescia Seed.
    - They're told to plant it and use a Sundrop to make it grow.

> Return to the present.
  + Analysis: 90%; Culture: 42.

> SAVE!!!



> Monster Transformations come only through Badges held in the Badge Box Monica
  got from Jurak.
  + The Badge Box is stored in the Item Bag. 
  + The Monster Badges are accessed through the main Menu and 'Character'.
    - Above and to the left of Monica's icon is the Badge Box icon. 
    - Move the Pointer to that and press [X].
  + A grid, 3 across and 4 down, displays what badges she has. 

> The Badge Box grid:
  + There are twelve possible Badges, one for each type of monster.
  + When Monica is transformed, she can talk to other monsters of the same type.
  + The Badge Box grid:
    - There are twelve possible Badges, one for each type of monster.
    - When Monica is transformed, she can talk to other monsters of the same type.
    - These are the locations on the grid of the various types of monsters.

   |   Beast  |  Windup  | Aquatic  |
   |   Flora  | Magical  | Darkling |
   |          | Creature |          |
   | Reptile  |  Spirit  |  Undead  |
   |   Card   |   Sun    |   Moon   |

> If you want to get all Monster Badges, return and get the Chapters 1 & 2 Badges.
  + But none of the following transformations are strong enough to use in fighting.
    - Chapter 3's Reptile Badge is the first that has a chance.
  + Whether you get these earlier badges or not is your choice.

  Badge           | Monster         |Chp| Gift Capsule contents.
  Aquatic         | Froggy          | 1 | Gift Capsule with: 3x Batten
  Beast           | Sewer Rat       | 1 | Gift Capsule with: 3x Cheese
  Darkling        | Spider Lady     | 2 | Gift Capsule with: 3x Gold Bar 
  Spirit          | Pixie           | 2 | Gift Capsule with: 3x Gooey Peach
  Undead          | Skeleton Soldier| 2 | - Attack with Holy Water

NOTE 1: Spider Lady is expensive (3 Gold Bars = 3,000 G).
        - She isn't strong enough, at least to begin with, to make it worth while.
        - If you want every Badge, wait until you have at least 20 Gold Bars.

NOTE 2: For the Skeleton Soldier:
        - Put one 'Holy Water' bottle in an Active Item slot and Lock-On.
        - Press [Square] to throw the bottle.
          # The soldier MUST be defeated in one blast to get the Badge (a musical
            note will show).

> To give a Gift capsule:
  + SAVE before you enter the floor.
    - If you miss, reload and try again so you don't lose the Gift Capsule.
  + It must contain three gifts that the monster likes. 
    - Put the capsule in an Active Item slot.
    - Highlight that slot.
  + Find the monster, making sure it is alone (you don't want to be attacked by
    other monsters).
    - Lock-On to the monster.
      # You need to be fairly close.
    - Use [X] to throw the capsule. 
      # If aimed correctly, a musical note appears above the monster's head.
    - Defeat the monster and the Badge is yours.

> To use a Badge:
  + Go to 'Character' in the main Menu: 
    - Select the Monster Badge Box (icon to the left and slightly above Monica).
    - Then move the pointer to the Badge you are interested in.
  + There are two choices:
    - In the dungeon, choose either 'Status' or 'Transform'.
    - If you are NOT in a dungeon, the only choice is 'View Status'.



> Now that Monica has the Himarra Badge, she needs to go Back to Floor 1 of RBW
  so that she can get the 'Sundrop'.
  + You will not use the Sundrop until you get to the final floor of RBW.
  + But you need the experience of doing a Monster Transformation.

> Go to RBW Floor 1.
  + As soon as you're there, go to Main Menu, Character, and choose the Badge Box.
    - The Badge box contents are displayed.
  + At the moment there is only the Himarra Badge (its type is Flora).
    - Click on the Badge and you get a menu.
      # the top item is 'Transform' (only visible when in a dungeon).
      # The bottom is 'View Status'.
    - Choose View Status:
      # On the left is a picture of the Himarra.
      # On the right is the Status Screen.

     |        Himarra Lv.1        | Name of Monster and current level.
     |         Young Bud          | Name of Badge's current level.
     | <------------------------> |
     |  ___________  ___________  |
     |  |Attk Lvl |  |Sheild Lv|  |
     |  |_________|  |_________|  |
     |                            |
     | Monster Morph     64/64    | Morph Points available at current level.
     |  [______________________]  | Red gauge reduces during morph time.
     |                            |
     | Experience         0/100   | Increases as Synth Points are absorbed.
     |  [______________________]  | Blue gauge; Badge levels up at 100 points.
     |                            |
     | <------------------------> |
     |    ______________________  |
     |[X] | Floral Spin        |  | Attack by using [X].
     |    |____________________|  |
     | _  ______________________  |
     |[_] | Sticky Sap         |  | Attack by using [Square].
     |    |____________________|  |

    - 'Monster Morph' refers to the amount of time that Monica can walk the floor
      in her Monster Transformation form.
      # Morph Points (64/64) are included as well as a red Morph Gauge.
      # During the Transformation, the Morph gauge slowly reduces.
        * Partly because of time passing.
        * Partly through attacking.
        * Partly by hits from monsters.
      # When it is zero, Monica can no longer transform.
      # Automatically refills as soon as the dungeon is exited.
      # Just as in other weapons, Experience increases as the Badge levels up.
        * However the amount of experience reduces as the Badge Levels Up.
    - Most Badges have two attacks, but some have only one.

         - Hits from monsters uses up MONICA's HP.
         - Keep an eye on the HP and heal as needed.

         - Such as being poisoned.
         - Change back to Monica to use healing items such as Antidote, Soap, etc.

> As soon as you see a Himarra ON ITS OWN.
    - While you're doing the following activities, the game is temporarily
  + Go to the Main Menu: 
    - Select 'Character'.
    - Move the Pointer to the Badge Box and choose 'Transform'.
  + Talk to the Himarra.
    - Video: it will give you the Sundrop.
  + You can talk to other Himarras and also the Man-Eating Grass monsters.
    - Other kinds of monsters (on this floor the Skeleton Soldier) still treat
      your character as an enemy.
  + Defeat all enemies and exit the floor.



> Now you have Milane:
  + Put her in your party.
    - Having her in your party doesn't affect the Georama of the Future.
  + Use Monica to walk the floors and build up her swords.
  + With Milane
    - The Blue ABS gauge seems to fill more quickly.
    - You get an extra Synth point each time the weapon levels up.
    - That extra Synth Point means you can upgrade the Attributes sooner so the
      Sword will Build Up much faster.
  + You should already have at least:
    - A Bastard Sword (possibly Shamshir).
    - A Broad Sword (possibly two).
    - You also have a Chopper.

> Here are basic upgrades.
  + While Monica cannot work on all branches
    - With Milane in her party, the build-ups go MUCH faster.

> There are a lot of choices at this point.
  + Your most recent Build Up was:
    - From the Gladius to the Chopper.
    - From Bone Rapier to Evilcize.
  + Continue building up these two branch of Monica's Swords.

> Chopper can be built to the Choora:

               --> Choora
       Chopper -------->  Choora
    |Attack.... 29 [60]|Attack.... 50 [111]|
    |Cyclone... 27 [60]|Cyclone... 50 [110]|
    |Beast..... 36 [60]|Beast..... 50 [110]|
    |Exorcism.. -      |Exorcism.. -       |
    |Scale..... -      |Scale..... 47 [110]|

> Evilcize to Drain Seeker 

  Bone Rapier
              --> Evilcize
                           --> Drain Seeker

       Evilcize     --> Drain Seeker
    |Attack..... 30 [60]|Attack..... 47 [110]|
    |Chill...... 23 [60]|Chill...... 54 [110]|
    |Lightning..  9 [60]|Lightning..  -      |
    |Smash......  -     |Smash...... 45 [110]|
    |Beast...... 23 [60]|Beast...... 50 [110]|
    |Scale......  -     |Scale......  -      |


> Other Build Ups,
  + If you have the Shamshir, build it to the Dusack.
  + If you have a Sand Breaker, build it to the Antique Sword.
  + If you have the Sax, build it to the Brave Arc.
  + And if you have a second Broad Sword, build it to the Wise Owl Sword.

           --> Shamshir --> Dusack
         --> Sand
                    ---> Antique
                   ----> Sword
           --> Sax
          /       \
     Broad         --> Brave Arc
            --> Wise Owl

 Bastard Sword -->  Shamshir     --> Dusack
|Attack...21 [45]|Attack...30 [60]|Attack...49 [110]|
|Smash....19 [45]|Smash....23 [60]|Smash....41 [110]|
|Beast....14 [45]|Beast....23 [60]|Beast....50 [110]|
|Scale.... -     |Scale.... 9 [60]|Scale.... -      |
 Bastard Sword
               --> Sand Breaker
               |Attack...31 [60]|
               |Flame....23 [60]|
               |Lightng.. 9 [60]|
               |Exorcsm.. 9 [60]|
                    Sand Breaker
                                 --> Antique Sword
                                 | Attack....50 [110]|
                                 | Flame.....45 [110]|
                                 | Lightning.45 [110]|
                                 | Exorcism..45 [110]|
                              ----> Antique Sword
   Broad Sword  -->      Sax ------> Brave Arc
|Attack...21 [45]|Attack...31 [60]|Attack...47 [110]|
|Cyclone..19 [45]|Cyclone..27 [60]|Cyclone..54 [110]|
|Exorcsm..19 [45]|Exorcsm.. -     |Exorcsm..54 [110]|
|Beast.... -     |Beast....27 [60]|Beast....45 [110]|
|Scale.... -     |Scale.... 9 [60]|Scale.... -      |
    Broad Sword
                --> Wise Owl Sword
                  |Attack...27 [60]|
                  |Flame....14 [60]|
                  |Cyclone.. -     |
                  |Beast....23 [60]|
                  |Scale....14 [60]|

NOTE 1: The Broad Sword can also be built up to the Kitchen Knife (the middle
        choice) which is a better weapon than its name suggests).
        + But the Kitchen Knife builds only to the 'Serpent Slicer'.
        + Monica gets a Serpent Slicer as a gift at the end of Chapter 3.
          # So this Build Up is not dealt with here.

NOTE 2: The Sax can also be built to the Antique sword.
        + But that path is not the best for Sax.


> Make sure Monica talks to a Himarra to get the Sundrop.
  + You need it before the Boss Floor.
  + While transformed by the Flora Badge, she can talk to:
    # Himarras.
    # Man-Eating Grass.

> Put Milane in your party (it won't affect the Georama).
  + Repeat floors to build up at least two of the above swords.
    - Recommend:
       Wise Owl
    - If you want more swords:
       Ruler's Sword
       Drain Seeker

  - These paths will be repeated in the Introduction to the 3rd Walkthrough (for
    Chapter 3) for any weapons you haven't upgraded.




> WHITE SEAL on this floor.
  + Means you cannot heal or cure status problems until all monsters are defeated
    AND you've exited by the gate.
  + No restriction on using Monica or Max.

  |O Time limit to defeat all Monsters:           04:00 |
  |O Fish Goal                            68 cm or more |
  |O Attack and defeat all enemies using                |
  |                   only MONICA'S SWORD:  Not Cleared |
  |  Total Monsters Defeated                     0 (13) |
  |Hunter Fox   |Beast   | 6 | KEY |
  |Sonic Bomber |Windup  | 3 |  -  |
  |Tigriff      |Beast   | 1 |  -  |
  |Gyumo        |Beast   | 5 |  -  |

 The Georama

> Now you can make:
  'Fruit Tree'.
  'Hill' ..........This is not needed in Sindain.

  Conditions made clear:
   Elder Jurak revived.
   Nose and Eye Trees near River.

> Make:
  'Fruit Tree' and place it near Adel's House.

> Check that you have a total of 15 Thorn Trees in the Georama.
  + If not make enough to fill that requirement.   

> Make and place:
  + 1x 'Wooden Stand' .... Find an empty area large enough.
  + 1x 'Wooden Stairs'.... Put beside the Stand - clicks in place.
  + 1x 'Bench' ........... Place it near the stand.
  + 1x 'Pot Torch' ....... Place on Stand.
  + 1x 'Waterwheel' ...... Place with wheel side in River.
                            + Not across the river but beside.
  + 1x 'Wooden Bridge' ... Place across river to access Jurak Trees.
  + 1x 'Pot' ............. Put it where there is room.
  + 1x 'Fruit Tree' ...... Put it near Adel's house.

> Take Photos:
  + 'Pot Torch'
  + 'Waterwheel'
  + 'Fruit' (on the fruit tree).
  + You should be at a photo score of 300+ (Level 4).
    # If so Talk to Donny.

> Check analysis:
  + If analysis is not 100%; if Culture is not at least 50 points:
    - Make a Pot and/or a bench place them anywhere.

> When Analysis = 100%, go to the future:
  + Jurak will give you the Jurak Gun as a reward.

> Jurak Arms has been restored: 
  + Inventory:
  |Dryer Gun            | 160 G |
  |Long Sword           | 250 G |
  |Bone Rapier          | 500 G |
  |Repair Powder        |  90 G |
  |Gun Repair Powder    | 160 G |
  |Armband Repair Powder| 160 G |

  + Take a photo of the Jurak Arms sign.


> Use the Ridepod.

> Put more people on the Train.
  + Cedric, Borneo, and Erik are already with the train.
  + If you don't have Donny go through RBW Floors 6 thru 10 to build up enough
    gilda to buy the two coins he wants (total 3,000 gilda).
  + You should have Gerald, Ferdinand, and Granny Rosa.
  + You should have Gordon, Adel, Aunt Polly, Milane in Sindain

> Others will be discussed as you need them to join.

> Prepare for the BOSS fight.
  + Make sure you have:
    Roasted Chestnut.
    Antidote Drink.
  + LaFrescia Seed
    Sundrop (from Himarra).



++                         ++
++++    RAINBOW FALLS    ++++
++                         ++

> Go to this floor and walk to a pond.
    - When the red Exclamation Point appears, press [Square].
    - Choose the LaFrescia Seed.
  + Max throws the Seed into the pond and a bud sprouts.
    - Now choose the Sundrop.
  + Max throws the Sundrop into the pond and a huge LaFrescia flower
    sprouts up.


  + Focus on the stem where it spreads into the flower's underside.

  + Return to Sindain Station (use Move) and SAVE.
    - The Butterflies can be LETHAL.

> Go to the white stringer hanging down from the flower.
  + Press [X] when the red Exclamation Point shows.

> Video: Over Monica's protest, Max touches the stringer.
  + They are pulled up to the open LaFrescia flower.
  + Max spots the Legendary Creature Rainbow Butterfly.


  + It is NOT easy to get.

> Max must first hit all seven of the Yellow stamens (they look like 
  tentacles) in the flower's center.
  + The Butterfly splits into seven small butterflies, each one of
    the rainbow colors.
  + Monica can be used instead of Max.
    - But you would then have to switch to Max for the Photo.
    - You can use her in the fight itself (switching as needed).

> The Scoop is of the Butterflies Uniting.
  + Hit any Butterfly EXCEPT the Red one with gun or magic.
    - Message says they must be hit in a certain order (but this is
      the only way to get them to unite).
    - Turn Max to face the center part of the flower.
    - Swing the viewpoint up to catch the Uniting Butterfly.
      # You need a shot just AFTER the glow fades:
        * So the picture is of the large Butterfly.
        * But don't wait too long.
      # If you have it, you'll get the ringing sound and the orange 
      # If not, you'll need to repeat the steps.
    - WATCH HP and heal poison (or goo)!



**                                               **
**                                               **

> Hit each of the stamens again.
  + When the Rainbow Butterfly splits up:
    - Start with the RED Butterfly.
      # DON'T hit the violet one (it is actually a pinkish-purple color).
    - Lock on and fire then dodge to the LEFT.
    - Moving LEFT, fire at the Orange Butterfly.
      # If it flies, just fire again (gun or magic is best).
    - Keep moving LEFT and hit each Butterfly as you come to it.
      [Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Dark blue, Violet.]
  + Watch the HP and heal from poison/goo as needed.   

> When you have all seven, you get Video:
  + The butterflies unite and Holly appears.
  + Holly tells her story:
    - Firbits rescued her, as a tiny butterfly, from a huge spider web.
    - Years passed and she grew into the Rainbow Butterfly.
    - A Dark Force began to affect her and she was just a mindless monster when
      she attacked Max and Monica.
    - She gives Monica a letter (Teal Envelope) for the Firbits.

> Go to Sindain.
  + The 'Change in the Future' message appears.
    - Jurak remembers Griffon is from the distant past.
    - Tells you: "Ask 'Crest the Great Sage' for the details."
      # Monica says that Crest's origin point has been erased too.

> Video: Conda reads Holly's letter.
  + The Firbits volunteer to go with them.
  + The train track has been cleared - talk to Cedric to get going.

> SAVE!!!



> Even though the Georama is 100% finished, some of the Checkpoints may show '???'.
  + If the lanterns/lightbulbs are lit, they're done.

> Last two Checkpoints should read:

[] Elder Jurak's Branch restored
   o  10 Trees placed
   o  Fence around Firbit's house

[] Golden Egg Appears
   o  Elder Jurak's Branch restored
   o  People live in Straw house   

> If you talk with Jurak again, he tells you to talk to Crest, she'll be able to


++                           ++
++++   LOOKING FOR CREST   ++++
++                           ++

> When you have completed everything in the Sindain Georama the rocks blocking
  the track are gone.
  + Talk to Cedric and tell him you're ready to leave.
    - He says: "Alright. Let's move 'em out!" and the train departs.



> The World Map is displayed.
  + A third choice, Balance Valley, has appeared:
  + Press [X] on this choice and the train enters an underground station.
    - A panoramic view from the top of the train shows a bridge across a waterway.
      # You are able to fish in the waterway.
    - At the train end of the bridge is a SAVE Point.
  + Cedric says this area looks as if it has been hit too.

> If you check the railway track, you find that it's blocked by some fallen
  + Erik and Borneo have changed places:
    - Erik is now nearest to the end of the station platform.
    - Borneo stands beside the train engine.
  + Inventories at the shops in Palm Brinks or Sindain have not changed.
    - Inventories change only after the Chapter Title has been
    - If you save now, you'll find it is still officially Chapter 2!



> Cross the bridge and turn left.
  + Go to the steps that lead to Balance Valley.


> Max is astonished:
  + He is seeing things he never imagined!
  + As they look around, they see a house and decide to check it out.

> Inside, Mr. Owl wakes up and is MOST annoyed to meet strangers in his house.
  + He tells them to get out.
    - Monica is surprised that a bird can talk.
    - Max asks him to please listen.
  + The Owl settles on his perch ans asks: "What is it?"
    _ Monica: "We're looking for somebody. His name is Crest. Do you know him?"

> Sadly, Mr. Owl informs them that Crest is dead, Griffon's henchmen got him too.
  + Monica: "Now what are we going to do?"
    - She notices someone lying in bed and wants to know who it is.

> Mr. Owl says it is Lin who was Crest's apprentice.
  + She's been in shock since Crest's death.
  + Unfortunately she's taken a turn for the worse.

> Max says: 'You need a house call from Dr. Dell.
  + He tells Monica not to be surprised when she sees the Doctor.
    - He looks like a duck!

> Since Lin can't be moved, Max will ask Dr. Dell to come and see her.
  + Owl says: "Please hurry back!"

> To go to Palm Brinks, use 'Move' on the Main Menu.
  + There are now three choices with yellow blinking lights.
    - The choices for Palm Brinks (lower right) and Sindain (center) are
      the same.
  + Balance Valley offers:
    G  Balance Valley
    S  Balance Valley Station.
  + Remember G = Georama and S = Station.

> Choose the Palm Brinks Location and '? Palm Brinks'
  + You'll find yourself in Main Street with your back to the Drawbridge.




> Dr Dell's Clinic is to the left of the Pond.
  + Go inside.
    - Max tells Dr. Dell he is needed.
    - Dr Dell says "Well alright. Let's Go."
      # There is a glitch:
        * The screen shows the above message, but what Dr Dell actually SAYS are
          the same words he says after examining Lin.
    - He joins you.
      # If anyone was in your party, they are returned to the train (or to

> From the door of the Clinic, use 'Move' to return to Balance Valley, choosing:
    G  Balance Valley (not the station).
  + Max, Monica and Dr. Dell enter Owl's house:
    - Mr. Owl says they've been waiting and Lin is worse.

> Dr Dell examines her, she's definitely worse.
  + Dr. Dell says of Lin:
    - A few more days like this and she's done for.
    - She's been hit by a strong dose of toxic mist.
    - There's a lot more of it around these days, no-one knows why.
    - There is nothing he can do for her.

  + Monica remembers Lao Chao:
    - In her time, Lao Chao is a legendary Chef.
    - His miracle dish cures any kind of sickness on the spot.
  + Max asks: "Where do we have to go to see him?"

> They must go to Starlight Temple:
  + It will be built in Balance Valley in the future.
  + That's where all the Sages gather.

> BUT...
  + The origin points have been destroyed.
    - They must be restored.
  + Max and Monica must collect Geostones to change the future.
    - There's a passage to the sea called Starlight Canyon.
    - They can find the Geostones there but it's a dangerous place.
  + If they bring back Lao Chao's Bistro first, they'll be able to save Lin.

> Max says: "Let's Go..."
  + Dr. Dell will be on the train.
  + Mr. Owl is counting on them.
  + Although Max is worried about Crest, he is going to concentrate on Lin.




 Next: 3rd Walkthrough.


   + This walkthrough will be available by September 10, 2004.


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