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 **  DARK CLOUD 2  -  PLAYSTATION 2         **
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 **  FAQ - DEFINITIONS & BASICS             **
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 **  by: KitKatt (Kay Allan)                **
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 **  Version 1.0 Completed Dec 10, 2003     **
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 *                          TABLE OF CONTENTS                          *
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    1. Dark Cloud 2 Terms (Definitions & Descriptions).
    2. Main & Supporting Characters.
       * Main Characters.
       * Supporting Characters.
    3. Menus and Status Screens.
       * The Main Menu. 
       * The Main Menu Choices.
       * Choosing 'Item'.
       * Choosing 'Character'.
       * Choosing 'Make'.
       * Choosing 'Move'.
       * Choosing 'Options' (configuration).
       * Choosing 'Help'.
    4. Maps.
       * The World Map.
       * The Dungeon Map.
       * The Dungeon Floor Map.
       * Pathways Between Dungeon Floors.
    5. The Dungeon Floor Screen.
       * Information Shown on The Dungeon Floor Screen.
       * Max & Monica's Status Screen.
    6. Battle Tactics. 
       * Battles.
       * Power Attacks.
       * Combo Hits.
       * Monica's Magic Absorb (swords).
       * Defensive Skills.


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 Dark Cloud 2 uses many of the same words as the first game Dark Cloud. 
 Some of the words have identical meaning, others have changed and 
 there are many new ones. Old and new terms are listed with definitions 
 and/or descriptions here in alphabetic order. 

 Absorption Points (ABS) 

 When a monster is killed, it drops gold, items, and Blue 'Synth 
 Drops'. The weapon absorbs (takes in) these Synth Drops which 
 become 'Absorbtion Points' or ABS. The weapon uses the ABS to 
 increase strength levels.

 ABS Guage 

 An ABS guage (part of the 'Weapons Guage' for each equipped weapon)
 records the ABS points as a blue line. When the guage is filled, 
 the weapon levels up and three or more 'Synthesis Points' are 
 assigned to the weapon. 

 Active Character 

 There are two main characters in the game, Max and Monica. The one 
 Who is walking the dungeon or town, that is, who is visible on the 
 screen (either town or dungeon) is the 'active' character. Max is 
 the only active character in the first dungeon, the Underground 
 Channel. After Monica joins the party (beginning of Chapter 2), 
 either Max or Monica may be chosen as the active character. In some 
 dungeons on a particular dungeon floor, there may be a restriction 
 (caled a Seal) as to who can be the active character; but generally 
 you can switch between characters as you choose. 


 There are two 'Atlamillia'. Max wears a RED one on a thong about his 
 neck. Monica wears a BLUE one on her wrist. When Monica or Max step 
 into a 'Time Gate' the matching colored Atlamillia activates the gate 
 and transports the whole party across time.


 Attributes are weapon qualities or characteristics. The combination 
 of attributes and their current levels are the 'Stats' of the weapon. 
 There are ten (10) possible attributes for any weapon in the game. 
 These are: 

   +  Attack ...... Aamount of damage possible.
   +  Durable ..... Resistance to damage.
   +  Flame ....... Fire attack.
   +  Chill ....... Ice attack.
   +  Lightning ... Electrical attack.
   +  Cyclone ..... Wind attack.
   +  Smash ....... Power attack.
   +  Exorcism .... Holy damage against the undead.
   +  Beast ....... Earth damage against forest creatures.
   +  Scale ....... Damage against reptiles, such as turtles 
                      and dragons.

 Build Up

 The process of taking a weapon and making it increasingly powerful. 
 Any weapon is 'Leveled Up' automatically when the blue ABS Guage is 
 filled. It can also be leveled up by using 'Synthesis Points' to 
 increase any one or more of the weapon attributes (stats). At some 
 point, the combination of attributes strengthens the weapon enough 
 for it to be built up (upgraded) to a stronger weapon with a new 
 name. Some weapons have only one choice for building up, others may 
 have two or three. To build up to some of the very strongest weapons, 
 the weapon, in addition to increasing specific attribute stats, must 
 be used to kill certain monsters.


 A mechanical device invented by the 'Firbits'. It can fly and is 
 essential for decoding the 'Geostones' and making the items described 
 in the geostone blueprints. When you use this device, it appears in 
 the center of the 'Georama' Screen as a sort of miniature blue 
 whirlwind. The Left Analog stick moves it around the georama.


 A distortion is like a hole in the dungeon world. They have one of 
 two colors, blue or red like the time gates. [??? A time gate that 
 tries to form but something goes wrong???] To repair (remove) the 
 distortion, the hole must be plugged with a 'Spheda Sphere' of the 
 opposite color. The first distortion appears in the Condor's nest in 
 Barga's Valley. You +++ must +++ repair this before you can progress 
 further. Getting rid of the rest of the distortions is part of the 
 mini-game called 'Spheda' and is optional.


 Places with eight or more floors, where you fight monsters, pick up 
 items, and get the Synth Drops for upgrading your weapons. There are 
 eight different dungeons (not all of which are underground) each of 
 which has at least two bosses to be destroyed. These are (in the 
 order of completion):

  Chapter 1. Underground Channel.
  Chapter 2. Rainbow Butterfly Wood.
  Chapter 3. Starlight Canyon.
  Chapter 4. Ocean's Roar Cave.
  Chapter 5. Mount Gundor.
  Chapter 6. Karozov Stonehenge.
  Chapter 7. Moonflower Palace.
  Chapter 8. Zelmite Mines.

 Dungeon Floor

 The name given to each different level in a dungeon. Each floor has 
 a name or title, with a particular set of monsters to fight (between 
 12 and 20, always the same) and specific tasks to complete. On 
 completion of each of these tasks, you are given a medal. You cannot 
 progress to the next dungeon floor until you have completed the 
 current one, that is used the 'Gate Key'. However, once completed, 
 you can repeat the same floor as many times as you choose without 
 losing your progress.

 Dungeon Floor Map

 As you explore a dungeon floor, a map is built up which can be 
 displayed on the dungeon screen. The map is found in one of the 
 treasure chests. Each time you re-enter a previously completed 
 dungeon floor, the layout of that floor is new. A complete map can 
 be found in one of the treasure chests on that floor. When you get 
 the map, any unexplored areas are shadowed. When you find the 'Magic 
 Crystal' (a large blue stone in another chest), the floor map 
 displays the location of enemies (red dots), Treasure Chests (golden 
 dots) and Question Marks (bright yellow dots).  When you can play 
 Spheda: After all the monsters on the floor have been killed, a 
 steady red (or blue) dot shows the distortion; a flashing red (or 
 blue) dot shows the location of the Spheda Sphere. Prizes are given 
 for repairing each distortion.

 Dungeon Map

 When  you enter a dungeon, a map of the floors is shown. [Two examples
 are shown in the Instruction Manual at the top and bottom of page 19).
 Each dungeon has a different number of floors and the number of floors 
 varies. This map allows you to access the floors of the dungeon, The 
 'Dungeon Floor Map' shows the layout of a particular floor and the 
 layout is different each time you access the same floor. The Dungeon 
 maps shows where the floors are in relation to each other and is always 
 the same. To complete a dungeon, you must work your way through all the 
 floors on the Dungeon Map. 

 Dungeon Screen 

  +++ (For Illustration, see Instruction Manual page 18) +++

 When you are in a dungeon, the screen displays the active character 
 (Max at first). At the top of the screen are three guages. The guage 
 (green) in the upper left of the screen shows your Health Points. On 
 the right are two weapon guages, each attached to a round slot that 
 holds the weapon's icon. The upper guage is for the weapon in the 
 character's right-hand (sword for Monica and wrench or hammer for 
 Max). The lower one is for the left hand weapon (gun for Max and 
 armbands for Monica). Directly below the Health Guage (on the left) 
 are three slots called 'Active Item Slots' for holding items for 
 quick use.


 Odd little gnome-like creatures that have fabulous moustaches. They 
 live in what is left of a town called Sindain (Chapter 2). After 
 rescuing four of the Firbits from King Mardan's influence, you are 
 given the 'Carpenterion'. Then you begin to find 'Geostones' for 
 building the 'Georamas'. 


 Someone has been messing up villages in the present to destroy the 
 future. Monica has come back from 100 years in the future to help Max 
 restore the present (the georama field). Restoring the present fixes 
 the future.

 Gate Keys & Dungeon Keys 

 To exit the dungeon floor, you need to kill the monster holding the 
 Gate Key. There are different types of keys for each dungeon. On 
 some dungeon floors there are 'locked' areas. You need a Dungeon Key 
 (usually in a treasure chest) to open the locked area. Each type of 
 key is unique to the specific Dungeon.


 The collection of parts placed on the georama field that are required 
 to restore the future of 100 year ahead. Monica has come from that 
 time to get Max's help in this task.

 Georama Field 

 A place where you can build and place georama objects such as rivers 
 and buildings, plant trees and make a living village. The first 
 georama is built in Sindain near the Rainbow Butterfly Wood. You gain 
 Culture points and percentage points which help to restore the future 
 of that area. The first Georama field is in Sindain and you have to 
 restore, in the future, the Great Being, a sentient tree called Jurak.

 Georama Materials  

 The materials are special items that can be used to create the georama 
 objects (houses, trees, fences, etc.) needed to complete the Georama. 
 These materials may also be used to make the inventions that come from 
 Max's ideas. 


 Strange speckled egg-shaped stones in each floor of the dungeon after 
 the four Firbits are rescued. It is believed that geostones fell from 
 the sky. A geostone contains the blueprints for creating the objects 
 needed in a georama.


 Gilda is the name for money. Think of it as pieces of gold.

 Health Guage 

 On the top left of the dungeon screen is the active character's green 
 health point guage (HP). How much HP is taken off when you're hit 
 depends on how strong the monster is and how high your defense. When 
 HP is low, a flashing yellow caution sign is displayed. Heal up when 
 you see this or you could be killed in the next battle which would 
 lose all the progress since you last saved. Note: if your other 
 character is available, he (or she) can be switched in.


 Max photographs objects that he thinks may be useful for inventions 
 (if there is no sound when he takes the photo, the object is useless 
 for ideas). Special photos called 'Scoops' can also be photographed 
 but they are much more difficult to get. The photography scoreboard 
 calls the useful photos ideas; the score is two times the number of 
 'ideas' and 5 times the number of scoops. For example if you have 
 16 photos (ideas), and no scoops, the photography score is 32. As the 
 score increases, the skill level goes up but much more slowly than 
 the score. Donny, a support character, gives you rewards as the skill 
 level goes up.

 Ideas Board

 The board shows when you select the (first) empty 'Invention Card' 
 under the Main Menu choice of 'Make'. It has two parts. The upper 
 part holds a blue photo album called the 'Ideas Book' and a floating 
 blue 'Up' arrow that allows you to move ideas from the lower part of 
 the Ideas Board to the Ideas Book. The lower part of the Ideas 
 Board contains all of the photos Max has taken, up to a maximum of 
 30 at a time. 

 Ideas Book

 One of two photo albums. The red one is called the 'Photo Album'. The 
 blue one is called the 'Ideas Book' and holds the 'ideas' that form 
 the basis for Max's Inventions. 


 Combining the correct three photo ideas creates an invention 
 blueprint called an 'Invention Card' which is added to Max's list 
 of inventions (often items not available at any shop or expensive to 
 buy). If Max has the correct materials in his bag, he can make the 
 invention and either use it or sell it. 

 Invention Card

 When you select the 'Make' option in the Main Menu, the screen 
 displays a set of blueprints (with the first always being empty)
 from which, if Max has the right materials, he can make an invention.
 The empty Invention Card is used when Max wishes to try putting 
 three Ideas together to make a new invention blueprint.

 Invention Materials

 Materials used when Max makes an invention. SEE: Georama Materials.

 Level Up 

 Each time the ABS bar is filled, the weapon automatically gains a 
 level. When the weapon has only the name displayed (no number), it is 
 at 'Level 0 (zero). As the level  of the weapon increases, the 
 current level of the weapon is indicated by a +1, +2, +3, ... +15 
 (etc.), attached to the weapon's name. Example: Grenade Gun+8. For 
 some weapons, you may need to level up between 12 and 20 times (as 
 well as kill certain monsters) before you can build it up to a better 

 Magic Crystal 

 A very large dark blue crystal found in one of the treasure chests 
 on each dungeon floor. When found (no matter how much or little of 
 the dungeon map is visible), dots appear throughout the dungeon map 
 and show enemy monsters (red), treasure chests (yellow) and Question 
 Marks (bright yellow).


 Each Dungeon floor has three or four tasks for you to complete, such 
 as killing all the monsters in a certain time, catching a fish of a 
 specific size, repairing a distortion, etc. When a task is completed 
 for the first time, you receive a medal. When you have enough medals, 
 Mayor Need will let you exchange them for special items of clothing 
 for Max and Monica. 

 Mini-Chest (Basket) 

 There are special mini-chests (the Instruction manual calls them 
 baskets) that look something like a worker's lunch box. These contain 
 power-up items for Max and/or Monica. A 'Fruit of Eden' can be used 
 by either, the only way to increase their health Points. Eating a 
 'Potato Pie' (Max) or a 'Witch's Parfait' (Monica) is the only way to 
 increase their defense.

 Monster Transformations 

 Monica has a special skill - she can transform into a monster as long 
 as she has the right badge, such as the Flora Badge (flora means 
 flower). There are twelve diferent monster badges. The first one she 
 gets is the Himarra (the Floras Badge). When transformed, she can talk 
 to other Himarras and some related monsters. For example, as the Sewer 
 Rat, she can talk to other rats, the Ram, the Elfas, etc., (other 
 monsters still treat her as an enemy). While transformed, the badge 
 gains experience through absorbing 'Synth Drops' and the badge monster 
 can evolve. For example, the Himarra (attack 27, defense 34) evolves 
 eventuaally into either a Mandora (attack 297, defense 72) or a 
 Scarecrow (attack 264, defense 80). 

 Palm Brinks  
 The town where our hero lives. Forced to flee into the Underground 
 Channel, he can't return until he faces Linda the Circus Darling 
 (first boss in Chapter 1). Cedric, Maintenance Shop owner, has to 
 rescue him. As a result, Max is able to walk around the center part 
 of town where there is a bakery, an item shop, a weapon shop, Cedric's 
 Maintenance shop, Police Headquarters, Cafe, and Bar. The drawbridge 
 is up blocking access to the residential area and Circus Clowns block 
 access to the Mayor's office and city Hall. You will be able to 
 access these two areas after the train reaches Sindain (Chapter 2).


 Cedric gives Max a camera to photograph objects, monsters, and other 
 things. These photographs become the basis for Max's invention ideas. 
 Each photo appears in the ideas list with a yellow lightbulb or, if 
 it is a 'Scoop' it appears with an orange lightbulb.

 Photo Album

 One of two photo albums. One is the red Photo Album (the other is the 
 blue 'Ideas Book'). The Photo Album holds and stores special photos on 
 one of the Playstation 2 Memory Cards. This provides a permanent 
 record of such photos for the current game you are playing as well as 
 other Dark Cloud 2 games, your own or a friend's).

 Question Marks (?) 

 Bright yellow Question Marks often appear on the dungeon floor. When 
 you touch one, a spinning coin appears. Pressing X stops the coin. 
 The REAL question: will the stopped coin come up Angel (good things 
 happen) or Devil (groan!)?


 A mechanical device called Steve made by Cedric. Max can ride Steve 
 into battle. The Ridepod's weapons are pretty strong. Cedric later 
 sells parts in exchange for Ridepod EXP (experience points are 
 gained from 'Synth Drops') in order to upgrade the Ridepod.


 These are special and rare photos which appear in the lower part of 
 the 'Idea Book' which contains a list of ideas from the photos taken 
 with the camera. Scoops show on the list with an orange lightbulb. 
 Donny, a support character, will give you bonus items as you collect 
 certain numbers of scoops.


 Some dungeon floors have 'Seals' on them. That is, there is a 
 restriction on that floor. The Red Seal and the Blue Seal stops the 
 person wearing the matching colored Atlamillia from wlking the 
 dungeon floor until the other person uses a Gate Key to exit from
 that floor. A White Seal prevents the use of healing until the Gate 
 Key is used.  

 Seal-Breaking Scrolls 

 Later in the game it is possible to buy (1500 gilda) 'Seal-Breaking
 Scrolls'. You can use a scroll as soon as you enter the restricted 
 floor and break the seal. That lifts the restriction.


 This is the second town Max goes to but it is the first that forms a
 georama field. Sindain is nhabited by Firbits and a damaged tree 
 called 'Withered Jurak'. Jurak must be restored in the future by
 rebuilding Sindain in the present.


 The process where items, weapons, georama elements, crystals, and 
 coins of various kinds, are changed into a form that can be attached 
 to and absorbed by a weapon. The changed form is transparent with all  
 the colors of the spectrum (a rainbow is an example of a spectrum).


 A game unique to Dark Cloud 2, that has some resemblance to golf. 
 The game doesn't start until you enter Barga's Valley in the 
 Starlight Canyon dungeon (Chapter 3). Once the game begins, on 
 certain dungeon floors you can play Spheda after all the monsters 
 on that floor have been killed. Then a distortion (steady red or 
 blue dot on the map) appears in one area of the dungeon and the 
 'Spheda Sphere (a flashing blue or red dot) appears in another area. 
 They may be close together or far apart. The purpose of Spheda is to 
 plug (repair) the distortion.

 Spheda Sphere

 The spheda sphere is the 'ball' in the game of Spheda. When you stand 
 near the sphere, you see it has a number that shows how many shots 
 you have in order to repair the distortion. When the distortion has 
 been repaired, you receive a prize. Each time you enter a particular 
 dungeon floor, another distortion appears. You still get a prize 
 (less valuable, but still useful) for every successful repair after 
 the first.

 Station (Train Station)

 When you start the game, Mayor Need has closed Palm Spring's Train 
 Station. As the game progresses, the station is opened and the train 
 moves from point to point on the World Map to a position near each of 
 the geoama sites. The train carries main and supporting characters 
 about. +++ Think of the station as a sort of base camp where you can 
 buy items or get a person to join your party. +++ Each Georama has a 
 station nearby. When you have completed one georama, you must use the 
 train to get to the next station. Once you have been to that station, 
 it appears on the World Map and you can use 'Move' in the Main Menu 
 to travel between places.


 The current status of the attributes of a weapon. The 'stat' is a 
 number showing for a particular attribute. Below is the starting 
 stats for a weapon called 'Kubera's Hand' (on the left) and the 
 minimum stats (on the right) for Kubera's Hand to be strong enough 
 to upgrade to the 'Big Buck's Hammer' a much stronger weapon. Where 
 there is no number (-), although the weapon does not need that 
 attribute it can be added if you wish. The '-->' shows attributes 
 that must be added for the upgrade to be possible.

     Kubera's Hand  --> BIG BUCK'S HAMMER 
   _________________   _________________
   |               |   |               |
   | Attack.....22 |-->| Attack.... 40 |
   | Flame.....  - |   | Flame.....  - | 
   | Lightning. 10 |   | Lightning.  - |
   | Smash.....  - |-->| Smash..... 41 |
   | Beast.....  - |-->| Beast..... 41 |
   | Chill.....  - |   | Chill.....  - |
   | Cyclone...  - |   | Cyclone...  - |
   | Exorcism..  - |-->| Exorcism.. 41 |
   | Scale.....  - |-->| Scale..... 41 |
   |_______________|   |_______________| 

 Synth Drops 

 Every time you kill a monster, it releases coins (gilda), yellow bags 
 of gilda, crystals and other georama materials (in a ball colored red 
 and yellow) or items (in a bag colored a sort of light purple) and, 
 most important of all, blue drops. These are Synth Drops and are added 
 to the ABS guage of the weapon used to kill the monster. When the ABS 
 guage is filled, the weapon increases by one level and a number is 
 attached to the weapon's name (e.g., Kubera's Hand becomes Kubera's
 Hand+1; Classic Gun+5 becomes Classic Gun+6, and so on).


 The process of taking a spectrumized item from your item bag and 
 attaching it to a weapon in order to improve that weapon's Stats.

 Synthesis Points 

 Each time a weapon levels up (when the ABS guage is filled), three or 
 more synthesis points are added to the weapon. It is possible to save 
 up the Synthesis until you have 10 or more, or you can use them each 
 time the weapon levels up.  The Synthesis points make it possible to 
 increase the attribute stats and build up toward better weapons.

 Time Gates 

 Each georama field has a time gate. This looks like a large glowing 
 sphere suspended in a column of light. The Red Time Gates are in the 
 present and are activated by Mat's Red Atlamillia. The Blue Time 
 Gates are 100 years in the future and are activated by Monica's Blue 
 Altamilia. It is speculated that 'Distortions' are time gates that 
 do not form properly.

 Treasure Chests 

 Found on the dungeon floors, treasure chests contain all kinds of 
 items. Sometimes the Treasure Chest turns out to be a Mimic or a King 
 Mimic (watch out!). A few Treasure Chests have a happy Clown who 
 offers you a choice of presents.

 Weapon Guages 

 When you are fighting on a dungeon floor, on the top right of the
 dungeopn screen are the two weapon guages, each with a slot holding 
 an icon of the currently equipped weapon. Keep an eye on these guages 
 so that you know the weapon's current status: the red guage for WHP 
 (Weapon Hit Points) and the blue guage for the ABS (ABSorption 

 Weapon Hit Points (WHP) 

 WHP is the number of hits the weapon can make before breaking. Each 
 time a weapon hits a monster, one WHP is subtracted from the weapon 
 guage's red line. The weaker the weapon, the more times the monster 
 must be hit before it dies. The number of hit points remaining/total 
 hit points currently available to the weapon are also displayed as a 
 number (example: 54/62). Since ABS are reduced slightly (blue guage) 
 when a weapon breaks, keep an eye on the WHP of each equipped weapon 
 so you can repair it in time. Note: sone trapped treasure chests 
 cause your weapons to break - use Repair Powder to restore the WHP of 
 right-hand weapons and Gun Repair Powder (Max) or Armband Repair 
 Powder (Monica) to restore WHP of left-hand weapons.


 +                                                                     +
 +                      2. DARK CLOUD 2 CHARACTERS                     +
 +                                                                     +

 > There are two main characters and a number of supporting characters.

 *                                           *
 **             Main Characters             **
 *                                           *


 Max (short for Maximilian) is the son of the richest man in Palm 
 Springs (the first place in the game). But he doesn't let that stop 
 him. He works for Cedric, the fix-it man in town. 

 > Max has good mechanical skills and can repair just about anything 
   including vacuum cleaners. He wants to become an inventor and has 
   lots of ideas (some of which don't work out). Cedric gives him a 
   camera to record photos of objects for his ideas/inventions. 

 > Max has a red jewel, hanging from a thong around his neck, that his 
   father has given him. Later he learns that this is a Red Atlamillia 
   which, when used at a Red Time Gate, allows him and and Monica to 
   travel from the present to 100 years into the future.

 > He accidently carries his wrench when he visits the Circus. It is a 
   good thing he does, because it becomes a 'Battle Wrench' when he has 
   to fight the clowns at the Circus. 

 > In addition to wrenches, he can use hammers, Spheda rods, and guns 
   to fight monsters. 


 Monica is a skilled warrior from 100 years in the future. 

 > She tells Max that a wicked man, Emperor Griffon, is trying to 
   destroy that future and she needs Max's help. 

 > She has a Blue Atlamillia on a leather wrist band. The Blue 
   Atlamillia allows her and Max to use any Blue Time Gate to travel 
   from 100 years in the future to the present. 

 > Her weapons are swords and armbands. Using the armbands, she can 
   czuse magic damage. 

 > When she receives a 'Badge Box' she can start collecting up to 
   twelve badges. Each badge shows a monster she can transform into.

 *                                           *
 **         Supporting Characters           **
 *                                           *


 > Donny is the first supporting character that Max meets. Donny helps 
   him escape from the circus owner, Flotsam, into the Underground 
   >> Donny gives Max his first gun. You can't buy bullets for the gun, 
      but you will have to repair it for the gun to keep functioning.
   >> Donny sells Max basic items and supplies [bread (30 Gilda, 
      Antidote Drink (40 Gilda), repair powder for the right-hand weapon 
      (80 Gilda), gun repair powder (160 Gilda), and treasure chest keys 
      (500 Gilda)].
      + Buy as many treasure keys as you can afford *** before ***
        going into the Channel Pump Room (Floor 4) as it will be a 
        long time after that before you can again buy these keys.
      + It is wise to stay in the Underground Channel Floor 1 until 
        you can level up weapons for both hands. 
        - Complete the same level several times.
        - The higher the level of both weapons, the fewer hits it takes 
          to kill a monster.
        - Go on and work through each of Floors 2 and 3 several times 
          *** before *** going on to the Channel Pump Room. 
          # The more times you go through the first three floors, the 
            more items, crystals, and gilda you'll have.
          # The more gilda, the more treasure chest keys you can buy 
            from Donny (I try to gett 10 of these).
          # Once you go into the Pump Room (Floor 4), Donny closes his 
            shop so no more treasure chest keys for quite a while. 

 > To get Donny to join your party (sometime in Chapter 2), you have to 
   give him: 
   + A Dark Coin.
   + An Indestructible Coin. 


 > Cedric is the town fix-it man. Max works for him at the beginnning 
   of the game. 
   >> Cedric rescues Max from Circus Darling Linda and gives him the 
      Ridepod and a camera. 
      + In order to use the Ridepod, Max has to invent the Ridepod's 
        Energy Pack (a fuel pack - equivalent to HP) before he can 
        return to the battle with Darling Linda.
   >> Although Donny stays in the entrance to the Underground Channel, 
      he no longer sells any items to Max (his father's shop, Morton's
      Sundries is now available).

 > Cedric automatically joins your party at the end of Chapter 1.
   >> When Max reaches the Outside World, he finds that the trains are 
      running again with Cedric in charge.
   >> Cedric picks up Max at the Exit to the Underground Channerl and 
      plans to take him to Sindain.
   >> On the way, Flotsam in a P-3000 ambushes the train and you have 
      to destroy them before they destroy the train.
   >> Monica joins you during the fight.

 > In Sindain, Cedric repairs the Ridepod and sells Ridepod parts for 
   the Ridepod's EXP (experience) points.
   >> Experience points are add up as the blue Synth Drops are gained.

 Erik & Borneo 

 > Two other supporting characters are also on the train at the end of 
   Chapter 1, who automatically join you at Sindain Station. 
   >> They are: 
      + Erik, a gunpowder expert who will make bombs for you. 
      + Borneo, a mining engineer, who sells you some of the different
        georama materials.

 Other Supporting Characters 
 > A number of other people will join you in the game but only after 
   you have completed certain tasks for each one.

 > The supporting characters, the tasks you must complete and what each 
   character can do for you are described in the walkthrough at the 
   time you need to get them to join.

 > As you gather these characters, some are placed on the train while 
   others are placed in houses in one of the Georama Villages. 


 +                                                                     +
 +                     3. MENUS AND STATUS SCREENS                     +
 +                                                                     +

 > The game's Instruction Manual has pictures of the Menu and other 
   screens. But the Manual doesn't have enough detail to really solve 
   the game. When useful, this FAQ will refer to the 'Manual' and its 
   illustrations by page number.

 *                                           *
 **              The Main Menu              **
 *                                           *

 The most important menu is, of course, the Main Menu. When you are in 
 any area other than the World Map or the Dungeon Map, you can access 
 the Main Menu by pressing the [Triangle] Button. 

 > The Main Menu is NOT available until Max is rescued by Donny and 
   taken down into the Underground Channel at the end of the 'Prelude'.

 > The 'Prelude' to the adventure is designed to explain at least some 
   of what is going on (background information).

 > During the Prelude, you mostly have to watch video although there 
   are some key points where you have control. 

 > To get the Main Menu Screen, press [Triangle] Button.

 The Main Menu Screen

   +++ Refer to the illustration - Manual Page 9 +++

 > The framed oval displays the 'Active Character' and the current
   >> The active character is the person you are using currently to 
      walk the Dungeons.

 > To the left of the oval are six listed options (the third one 'Make' 
   is not available until you have the Camera). 

 > Below these options is a disply that shows how many 'game days' you 
   have been playing and the time of day. 
   >> Until Cedric rescues you with the Ridepod from Underground 
      Channel Floor 4: The Pump Room, this display shows 'Day 1 12:00 
      A.M.' (that is, midnight at the beginning of Day 1).
   >> Time does not begin until you have been rescued by Cedric and 
      can wander around Palm Brinks. 
   >> You can spend as much time as you care to in the first three 
      levels of the Undergeround Channel: 
      + Game days do not add up until you enter the Pump Room.
      + Stay on these three floors in order to:
        - Collect items from treasuere chests so you can:
          # Spend less on these items at Donny's shop.
          # If you have 20 of these items you can sell some to Donny.
        - Collect gilda so you can buy one or more Treasure Chest Keys.
        - Collect Synth Drops and Crystals to level up and strengthen 
          Max's weapons.

 *                                           *
 **         The Main Menu Choices           **
 *                                           *

 > There are six main menu choices.

    1.  'Item'  
    2.  'Character' 
    3.  '???' or 'Make'
    4.  'Move' 
    5.  'Options' 
    6.  'Help' 

 > Each of these choices is described below.

 *                                           *
 **            Choosing 'Item'              **
 *                                           *

 The Item Menu

   +++ Refer to the Manual Page 10. +++

 > The option 'Item' takes you to the Item Menu Screen:
   >> The left half shows the active character.
      + You can switch the view from Max to Monica or the Ridepod by 
        pressing L1/R1 or L2/R2. 
      + You are only switching the view NOT changing who the active 
        character is. 
      + You can: 
        - Heal the displayed character.
        - Repair one of that character's equipped weapons. 
        - Upgrade one of that character's equipped weapons. 
   >> Note: No matter who is displayed: 
      + Unequipped weapons that are in the item list can be upgraded 
        (if they have Synthesis Points) 
      + The unequipped weapons can also be repaired at any time 
        (if you have the right repair powder).
   >> The right half of the screen displays the items in your Item Bag.

 > The 'Item' option allows you to:
   >> Select an item for use. 
   >> Change weapons. 
   >> Work at leveling up and increasing a weapon's stats. 
   >> Or build up the weapon to a stronger one (with a different name). 

 Item Menu Screen

 > Above Max or Monica's head are the 'Active Item Slots' - the line 
   numbered (1) where you can place items you might need to use in a 
   hurry (such as healing or repair items).

 > Below the character's feet status information is displayed.
   >> Line numbered (4) shows the displayed character's name and level 
      of defense.
   >> Line numbered (5) displays the current status of the HP guage.
   >> Line numbered (6) shows the Right-Hand (top) and Left-Hand weapon 

 > On the right half of the screen is the Item Menu (Item Bag).
   >> At the top of the Item Bag is a line numbered (2) showing a bag 
      (of gilda) with the current number of gilda shown at the right 
      end of the line.  
   >> Below that is the Item Bag itself with all the items Max (and 
      Monica) currently have. 
      + In the center of the Item Bag display is the number (3).
   >> The Item Bag is six columns wide and twenty-three rows high with 
      only five rows visible at any one time. 
      + An arrow with a box (dashed lines on the box) can be moved to 
        point at any desired item.
        - The current item highlighted are the bottles containing a 
          poison potion.
        - The white numbers (16 in the illustration) show how many
          of that item there are.
        - Other examples on the same line in the item bag:
          Column 1:  6 x Improved Bomb.
          Column 2:  1 x cheese (no number indicates only one).
          Column 3:  3 x Stamina Drink.
          Column 4: 16 x Poison Potion (highlighted).
          Column 5:  4 x Holy Water.
          Column 6:  3 x Soap.
      + Just keep moving the arrowed box down to bring up more lines 
        of items (or empty lines).
   >> Below the five rows of items is a box with the number (7).
      + This box gives the highlighted item's description screen. 
      + The description screen shows the name of the item with a 
        brief description of its use.
   >> More detail about how to use items is given in the section 
       called 'Items And All That Stuff' (below).

 *                                           *
 **          Choosing 'Character'           **
 *                                           *


 > This is the second option on the Main Menu.

 > Selecting this option shows a total of five slots for icons of the 
   various characters. 
   >> Max's slot is top right. 

 > At first, only Max's slot has an icon. 
   >> As other characters become available, their slots also hold icons. 
   >> Below right of Max's slot is the one for the Ridepod. 
   >> Below left is the slot for Monica. 
   >> Left and above Monica's slot is the badge box for her Monster 
   >> The bottom left icon is for a support character, if you have 
      selected one to 'join the party'.

 The active character 

 The Active Character is shown by round-headed arrows circling the 

 > During the first three floors of The Underground Channel, Max
   is the only active character. 

 > When you get the Ridepod, either Max or the Ridepod can be the 
   active character.

 > At the beginning of Chapter 2, Monica is also available. 
   >> When she has at least one monster badge, you can choose 
      Monica's transformations.

 Support Character Slot 

 Once a support character has been chosen, selecting the Support 
 Character's slot provides a choice:

 > 'View Status' shows the skill of the current support character.
   >> The 'Command' area shows the skill of the character and how many 
      skill points are needed to fulfil that command. 
   >> For example, If you have Erik, he has 64 Skill Points he can 
      use to make bombs. 
      + Erik will take 32 skill points to make two 'Improved Bombs'.
      + You can sell the bombs in any shop for 150 gilda! 
   >> Some support characters do not have a skill to offer.
      + In that case their skill points are 0/0.
      + The 'Command' shows the word: 'Nothing'.

 > The other choice allows you to return the support character to his 
   or her proper location. 
   >> Depending on the proper location, the screen will display 
      *either* (not both): 
       'Return to Train'. 
       'Remove From Duty'. 
   >> The game automatically sends support characters to where they 
   >> When the support character has used all or most of their skill 
      + They need to rest because they can't recover skill points 
        while in your party. 
      + Send them back home.

 *                                           *
 **            Choosing 'Make'              **
 *                                           *

 > Until Max has the camera, this choice shows as three '?'.
   >> 'Make' appears only after he has the camera (following the 
      rescue from Floor 4. The Pump Room (Chapter 1).

 ??? (or) Make 

 > 'Make' allows you to work with the ideas (photos) to invent a part 
   for the Ridepod or a weapon or other helpful items. 

 > In Chapter 1, you can only make a few inventions, but as you move 
   to newer places, more photos can be taken and more inventions can 
   be made.

 *                                           *
 **            Choosing 'Move'              **
 *                                           *

 Once Cedric has rescued you, you can access the World Map. At first, 
 the number of locations you can move to is limited. As you complete 
 each Chapter, more and more places can be accessed.


 > Your first choices are 'Palm Brinks' and the 'Underground Channel'.

 > As you move through the Chapters, you have more and more choices:
   >> The new choices are only available when the train has moved to 
      the correct location. 

 > On the World Map, places you are able to move to are shown by a 
   winking light. 
   >> When you move the pointer to one of the winking lights and press 
      the [X] Button, there are usually several choices. 
      + One will be the local Georama (e.g., 'Sindain'. 
      + One will be the local train station (e.g., 'Sindain Station').
      + One will be the local dungeon (e.g., 'Rainbow Butterfly Wood').
      + Other choices may be added as you work through the dungeon.

 *                                           *
 **           Choosing 'Options'            **
 *                                           *


 > Some games refer to this as 'Configuration'. 

 > You are able to turn vibration ON or OFF, change message speed, 
   and other similar actions.

 *                                           *
 **            Choosing 'Help'              **
 *                                           *

 Donny gives you the Help Receiver (a type of 'Walkie-Talkie') just 
 before you go into the first floor of the 'Underground Channel', He 
 talks to you through this. 

 > You can also use the Help option. 
   >> There are a number of topics (22 to start with).
   >> More Help topics are added as you progress.
   >> One of the most useful is the topic numbered '22'.


 > It records the various things you learn as you make progress 
   through the Dungeon(s). 
   >> Some of the explanations are complete, others have only part 
      of the needed information (especially the Spheda Rules). 

 > The listed help number I found most useful was #22 - Icon 
   >> There are 6 screens.

   'Abnormal Status' icons .......... These display on the Item Menu 
                                      just below Max and/or Monica's 
                                      Health Guage. 
   'Weapon Special Effect 1' ........ These display on the Weapon 
                                      Status Screen just above the 
                                      weapon's guage. 
   'Weapon Special Effect 2' ........ There are a total of 12 Status 
                                      Effects, six on each screen. 
   'Item Menu' (Defense Display) .... Shows the defense icons (shields) 
                                      for Max, Monica, and the Ridepod. 
   'Monster Transform' (Status)  .... Shows Monica's Transformation 
                                      creature's attack and defense 
                                      level icons. 
   'Monster Notes'              ..... Shows the icons in the Monster 
                                      Notebook for strong and weak 
                                      weapons against a particular 


 +                                                                     +
 +                               4. MAPS                               +
 +                                                                     +

 There are three types of maps, the World Map, the Dungeon Map and the 
 Dungeon Floor Map.

 *                                           *
 **              The World Map              **
 *                                           *

 The World Map is not available until you have been rescued from Linda 
 the Circus Elephant and Flotsam, her master. After that, you can get 
 the World Map by selecting 'Move' in the Main Menu. 

 > The World Map is NOT available inside a dungeon; 
   >> You have to go to that dungeon's entrance first.

 > At first, your only choices on the World Map are Palm Brinks and 
   the Underground Channel. 

 > After the train has moved from Palm Brinks to Sindain and you have 
   talked with the Firbits (Chapter 2) your choices increase. 
   >> There are now two winking yellow lights on the World Map, one for 
      Palm Brinks, and one for Sindain. 
      + Selecting Palm Brinks gives you a choice of 'Palm Brinks', 
        'The Station', or 'The Underground Channel'. 
      + Selecting Sindain gives you a choice of 'Sindain', 'Sindain 
        Station', and 'Rainbow Buttefly Wood'. 
   >> As you make further progress, more choices appear and more winking 

 *                                           *
 **             The Dungeon Map             **
 *                                           *

 The Dungeon Map displays the set of floors in that Dungeon. 

 > For example:  See the top illustration on page 19 of the Manual.
   >> There are six floors plus the Channel Entrance (ENTER) and the 
      Channel Exit (EXIT) in the Underground Channel. 
   >> There are two Boss fights:
      + Floor 4 (where the arrow is pointing). 
      + Floor 7 (BOSS). 

 > When the dungeon Map is displayed, you usually have three options 
     +++ shown below the Starlight Canyon Dungeon Map, bottom picture 
         on Page 19) +++ 
   >> You have chosen to exit the dungeon through the gate using the 
      Gate Key.
      + Go to the next floor and press [X] to enter that floor.
      + Press the [Square] Button to exit from the dungeon.
      + Press the [Triangle] Button to save your progress.

 > If you are shown only one option:
     +++ See below the Underground Channel map, top of page 19 +++
   >> You have chosen to exit the dungeon with the Main Menu Option of
      + Press the [Square] button to exit the dungeon.
      + The only other option is to Press [X] on the floor you just 
        came from to return to it.
      + You CANNOT go to any other floor.

 > The bottom picture on the same page (19) shows the appearance of the 
   the map when first entering a dungeon.
   >> Most floors displayed on the map are blank rectangular outlines 
      with a yellow Question Mark.
      + These are floors you haven't entered yet. 
   >> When you have completed any floor once, a miniature scene 
      representing the theme of the dungeon floor is displayed.
      + Underground Channel shows scenes of the underground waterway.
      + Rainbow Butterfly Wood shows woodland scenes.
      + Starlight Canyon shows canyon scenes.
   >> The next floor you can choose to go into is displayed with the 
      blank rectangle and the orange word 'NEXT'. 
      + You are able to select which floor you go to:
        - As long as you have either already finished that floor 
        - It is the floor marked 'NEXT'.
      + You cannot go to a floor past the 'NEXT' sign.
      + You cannot skip any unfinished floors.
      + You can repeat a floor any number of times.
   >> The game does not keep track of how many time wou go to a 
      particular floor. 
      + It *does* keep track of the number of monsters killed on that 
      + Each floor has a specific number of monsters to be killed. 
        - Most floors have between 12 and 18 monsters.
        - For example, there are always 14 monsters on Floor 3 of the 
          Underground Channel. 
        - The first time you are there, the total will be 14. 
        - If you go through this floor again, the total will be 28 
          (unless you use 'Move' before finishing the floor). 
        - The third time it will be 42; and so on. 
        - There may be a limit on how many monsters you can kill, but 
          if so, it is more than 4,368 (that's when I gave up!).
      + The game  also keeps track of whether you leave a floor by the 
        gate or by using 'Move'.
        - To progress further, you *must* use the gate to leave a floor 
          or the next blank rectangle floor will continue to show 'NEXT' 
          until you do. 
          # To exit by the gate you need the 'Gate Key', held by one of 
            the monsters on the floor.
          # Once you have the gate key, you can exit as soon as you 
            find the gate (you don't have to kill all the monsters).
          # On a particular dungeon floor, every time you enter the 
            floor, the same kind of monster *always* holds the key.
          # For example: 
            -- If the first time you enter a particular floor, the gate 
               key is held by an Elfas (an elephant-like monster).
            -- Every time you enter the same floor, an Elfas will hold
               the gate key.
        - You can use 'Move' to get out of the floor. 
          # But if there is a single monster still alive, you lose half 
            of your gilda.
          # Otherwise, 'Move' only matters if you have *never* used the 
            gate to leave that floor level.
          # Use 'Move' only if you are desperate and likely to die when 
            you fight the next monster.

 > When you exit from one level in a dungeon, you are shown the 
   Dungeon Map.

 > When viewing the Dungeon Map you can choose to do one of three 

 Choice 1: SAVE.

 > Pressing the [Triangle] Button allows you to save the game so you 
   do not lose your progress if both main characters should die. 

 Choice 2: LEAVE DUNGEON.   

 > You can leave the dungeon by pressing the [Square] Button 

 Choice 3: REPEAT A FLOOR.   

 > You can choose to repeat any of the finished floors. 
   >> Move the pointer to the desired floor and press 'X'. 

 > If you have used 'Move' to exit the dungeon floor, you only have two    choices:
   >> Press [Circle] to return to the dungeon you just left.
   >> Press [Square] to exit the dungeon completely.

   NOTE: If you have destroyed all the monsters on the floor, you 
         lose half your Gilda if you choose to leave the dungeon.

 *                                           *
 **          The Dungeon Floor Map          **
 *                                           *

 Manual Page 18, item marked with a (5) shows the beginning of a 
 Dungeon floor map. On the opposite page (19), second picture from the 
 top, the map has been extended by a passageway.

 The Map for a Dungeon Floor  

 > The Floor Map for a dungeon is set when you enter that floor.
   >> At first, the only part of the map that is visible is the 
      location immediately around you. 

 > The floor map is built as you explore. 
   >> The explored area(s) become visible as you walk the dungeon. 
   >> When a treasure chest provides the map, the unexplored areas 
      become visible but in 'shadowed' form (that is, dim not bright). 
   >> When you pick up the 'Magic Crystal' from a treasure chest, the 
      map displays (even in the parts not visible): 
      - Red dots for all the remaining monsters on the floor.
      - Golden dots for the unopened treasure chests. 
      - Bright yellow dots for the Question Marks. 
   >> There is no way to know which chest has the Map or the Magic 
      Crystal until you open that chest. 
   >> Sometimes you don't find either the Map or the Magic Crystal 
      until you have almost completed the whole floor. 

   +++ On some floors there are Mimics or King Mimics +++
   >> Monsters are listed for each floor in the FAQ Walkthrough. 

   +++ There is no way to tell the difference between real treasure 
       chests and mimics until you try to open the chest. +++

   +++ Best procedure for Mimics and King Mimics. +++
   >> Go to the back of any chest to open it. (This is a hint from 
   >> This is because:
      + When a mimic comes out fighting:
        - The Mimic is clashing its teeth. 
        - The King Mimic prepares to box Max's (or Monica's) ears, 
      + The mimic first moves in the direction it faced when closed. 
      + This gives you a moment or two to prepare for the fight. 

 Ways to Display the Dungeon Floor Map 

 > There are three ways the Dungeon Floor Map can be displayed on the 
   Dungeon Screen. 
     + No map at all. 
     + Small part of the map on the right side of the screen.
     + Most of the map to the right of Max's (or Monica's) head.

 > Pressing [Select] enables you to cycle through the three choices.

    Choice 1. No map is displayed. 
              + I prefer to see the map.
              + I like to see where I've been and where I should go next. 

    Choice 2. A small area of map is shown immediately below the weapon 
              guages (to the right of the screen). 
              + Advantage 
                - does not block your view; 
              + Disadvantage 
                - you can only see a small part of the map even when you 
                  have explored most of it. 

    Choice 3. All or most of the map is displayed.
              + Some dungeon floor are really large
                - Not all of the map can be displayed. 
              + The green arrowhead that shows Max (or Monica's) 
                location is: 
                - Right in the middle of the map. 
                - About 2 'feet' to the right of Max's head.
              + Advantage 
                - you can see much more so you can make decisions as to 
                  where to go next. 
              + Disadvantage 
                - it partially blocks your view of the dungeon ahead of 
                - However, you soon get used to it. 

 Entering the Same Dungeon Floor 

 > You may choose to go back to a floor you have already completed:
   >> It is the same floor in name and the same location on the 
      Dungeon Map. 
   >> Each time you choose a flore you have already completed:
      + The layout of the floor is randomly generated. 
      + So you don't know what to expect, beyond the fact that you will
        fight the same types of monsters and will get similar items. 
   >> There is enough variation that it won't be boring.

 *                                           *
 **     Pathways Between Dungeon Floors     **
 *                                           *

 From the Rainbow Butterfly Wood, the dungeon paths allow for some 
 choice. There are the Sun, the Moon, and the Star Paths.

 > Paths refer to the type of exit from a dungeon,
   >> In the Rainbow Butterfly Wood, Floor 8: Legendary Killer Snake,
      there are two exits: 
      + One is marked by an icon of the 'Sun' (the Sun Path).
      + The other is marked by an icon of a 'Star' (the Star Path).

 > The two exits leads to different 'paths' through the dungeon.
   >> The 'Sun Path' branches in one direction on the Dungeon Map.
   >> The 'Moon Path' leads to a different branch with a set of 
      different floors.

 > The various paths:
   >> The Underground Channel (Chapter 1) only has one path, but the 
      rest of the dungeons (not all floors) have at least two.
   >> The Sun Path is the most common path and is usually the first 
      to be completed. 
      + The gate shows an icon of the sun.
      + The regular gate key allows you to use this path.
   >> The Moon Path is a branch from the main path. 
      + There is no restriction to using this path. 
      + The gate has an icon shaped like a new moon.
      + The regular gate key allows you to use this path to exit the 
        dungeon floor. 
   >> You can only use one of the two exits (Sun OR Moon).
      + To use the other exit, you need to return to the same dungeon 
      + The Starlight Canyon is the first dungeon that allows this 
   >> The 'Walkthrough' guides you in the best path to choose.

 > The Star Path:
   >> Four dungeons have Star Paths:
      + Rainbow Butterfly Wood (Chapter 2).
      + Starlight Canyon (Chapter 3).
      + Ocean's Roar Cave (Chapter 4).
      + Mount Gundor (Chapter 5).
   >> The Star Path that can NOT be used until you have the Star Key. 
   >> You get the key in Kazarov Stonehenge (Chapter 6).
   >> Then you are able to go back to the four Canyons to complete the 
      Star Path.

 > Here are the paths for each of the dungeons after Chapter 1:

     Dungeon                          Paths

   The Rainbow Butterfly Wood .... Sun Path & Star Path. 

   Starlight Canyon .............. Sun Path, Moon Path & Star Path.

   Ocean's Roar Cave ............. Sun Path & Star Path.

   Mount Gundor .................. Sun Path & Star Path.

   Kazarov Stonehenge ............ You find the Star Key & complete 
                                   the four Star Paths in previous 
                                   dungeons (Chapters 2, 3, 4, and 5).

   Moonflower Palace .............. Sun Path & Moon Path.

   Zelmite Mines .................. Several Sun Paths & several Moon 


 +                                                                     +
 +                     5. THE DUNGEON FLOOR SCREEN                     +
 +                                                                     +

 > The screen you see when you are on any dungeon floor is called the 
   Dungeon Floor Screen. 
  >> The information on the Dungeon Screen is different from the 
     information you have on the screen in any town or at any station. 
  >> However, in both places, you are able to access the Main Menu.

 *                                                 *
 ** Information Shown on The Dungeon Floor Screen **
 *                                                 *

  +++ Illustration of the Dungeon Floor Screen on Maual page 18 +++ 

 Active Item Slots 

 > In the descriptions below, numbers in parentheses [e.g., (1)] refer 
   to the numbers in circles on the illustration.

 > Near the top of the illustration, you can see The Active Item slots 
   (marked with a '1').
   >> Max's camera is in the first slot.
   >> Six items of bread are in the second slot.
   >> The third slot is empty.

 > Max's status:
   >> Below the (1) is a small Icon showing a purple skull.
   >> Max is dark in color rather than bright.
   >> Both of these indicate Max has been poisoned.
      + You must heal Max with a 'Poison Potion' or he will continue 
        to lose HP as you continue through the dungeon.
      + If you don't have a poison potion, You can also (temporarily) 
        heal him with 'Repair Powder'.
      + If you don't have either - hope you can get to the Gate Exit 
        before he dies!

 Health Points Guage 

 > The gauge at the top left (marked 2) is the Health Points Guage:
   >> It is almost filled with green which means that Max has been hit 
      at least once. 
   >> At the right end of the guage and below are the numerical values 
      of Max's HP; currently he has 43 hit points out of a possible 48 
   >> At the beginning of the game, Max starts out with 36. 
   >> After completing Floor 2 in the Underground Channel Dungeon: 
      - Max finds a mini-chest near Donny in the Channel Entrance.
      - When the Red Exclamation Point appears, open the chest by 
        pressing the [X] Button to find a 'Fruit of Eden'. 
        # Eating the Fruit of Eden increases Max's HP to 40. 
        # Monica (Chapter 2) starts with 40 hit points. 
   >> As Max is hit, HP is reduced. 
      - When HP is low, a flashing yellow caution sign is displayed.

 Weapon Guages 

 > On the right side of the Dungeon Screen are the two weapon guages 
   (marked 3). 
   >> The upper one is the right-hand weapon.
      - The slot at the left of this guage holds the icon of the weapon 
        currently equipped.
      - Max's right-hand weapons are wrenches (the icon shows a battle 
        wrench) and hammers.
      - Monica's right-hand weapons are swords.
   >> The lower guage is the left-hand weapon.
      - The icon slot is at the right end of the guage.
      - Max's left-hand weapons are guns (the icon shows a Classic Gun).
      - Monica's left-hand weapon are armbands which she can use to 
        wield magic.
   >> Both guages are divided horizontally into two.
      - The upper half is red and indicates the WHP (weapon hit points).
      - WHP is the number of times the weapon can be used to hit any
        monsters before breaking. 
      - Each icon has numerical values for the WHP.
        # The illustration shows the red guage of each weapon is full 
          and the WHP is 36/36.
        # Each of these weapons have a maximum of 36 WHP, that is, the 
          weapon can make a maximum of 36 hits. 
        # Repair the weapon BEFORE the WHP goes down to zero.
      - The lower half of the guage holds the ABS (Absorption Points) 
        collected as each monster dies (Synth Drops). 
        # This part of the guage turns blue as the ABS build up.
        # When filled, the ABS are used to level up the weapon, and the 
          weapon is ready to start gathering ABS again.
      - The first few time a weapon levels up, the ABS guage fills 
        # The higher the levels of the weapon the longer it takes to 
          fill the ABS guage. 
        # As a weapon builds up to newer and stronger weapons, this also 
          slows the filling of the ABS guage.

 *                                           *
 **      Max & Monica's Status Screen       **
 *                                           *

 > The Main Menu choice of 'Item' gives you access not only to the Item 
   Bag but also to: 
   >> the individual's Status Screen (left side, Manual Page 10), 
   >> the weapon Status Screens (left side, Manual Page 12), and 
   >> the ability to upgrade your weapons.

 > Status information is displayed with the picture of the character.

 Individual Status Screen 

   +++ Manual Page 10 +++

 > In the descriptions below, numbers in parentheses [e.g., (1)] refer 
   to the numbers in circles on the illustration.

 > To check the status of eithr main character:
   >> Select 'Main Menu' and 'Item'.
      + When this option is selscted, the active character's picture 
        appears on the screen.
      + To check the status of the non-active character or the Ridepod, 
        press 'R1' or 'L1' to cycle through.

 > Above Max or Monica's head are the three active item slots (1). 
   >> These slots are for items you want to access without having to 
      search for them in the Item Bag. 
   >> Max's Camera MUST be in one of his 'Active Item' slots so he can 
      take photos and (very important) scoops in the dungeons.
   >> Other items that can be placed in these slots are recovery, repair
      and prevention items (discussed in the section 'Items And All 
      That Stuff', below).

 > Below Max or Monica's feet are:
   >> His or her name (4) and the level of defense. 
      + If Max eats his favorite dessert, 'Potato Pie'. the level of 
        his defense goes up 4 points.
      + For Monica's defense to increase by 4 points, she needs to eat 
        a 'Witch Parfait'. 
   >> The Health Point Guage (5) with the current status of health 
      + Max has been hit so part of the green guage is black.
      + The numerical status is 43/48.
      + When Max (or Monica) eat a 'Fruit of Eden' the maximum value
        of the HP goes up 4 points (48 would become 52).
   >> The right and left hand weapons (6) with their weapon icons.
      + The current status of each weapon.
        - The weapon's guages and
        - Beside the weapon icon is the numerical status of the 
          weapon's WHP (two numbers separated by a slash).
        - Both eweapons in the illustration on page 10 show 36/36. 

 > Monica can (part way through Chapter 2) start using her Monster
   >> To check the status of her Monster Transformations (once she 
      has at least one): 
      + Select 'Character' from the Main Menu (not 'Item').
      + Move the pointer to the Monster Badge Icon (above left of 
        Monica's icon).
      + Press 'X'. 
        - The contents of the Badge Box is displayed. 
      + Move the cursor to any of the available Monsters and press 'X'.
        - 'Status' is the only choice if you are not in a dungeon. 
          # Selecting this gives you the status information of the 
        - 'Transform' is available on any dungeon floor. 
          # Selecting this enables Monica to transform to the Monster 
          # When she is that Monster, she can fight or she can talk to 
            the same type of monster.
      + CAUTION:
        - When you choose to transform to a monster:
          # These monsters are not very strong in attack.
          # It takes a *long* time to raise the badge to effective 
            strength (26 levels). 
            -- Synth Drops increase the Badge experience.
            -- Unlike the Ridepod, one Synth Drop is NOT equal 
               to one experience point.
            -- As far as I can tell, the amount of experience gained 
               after absorbing Synth Drops is random (3-5 exp).
          # Rather than try to raise all your monster badges, you may 
            want to concentrate on one such as the Pixie that can hit 
            from a distance (fire ball). 
          # MOre details on Monica's Transformation Monsters is given 
            in the section 'Weapons'.


 +                                                                     +
 +                          6. BATTLE TACTICS                          +
 +                                                                     +

 It is impossible to make adequate progress in Dark Cloud 2 without 
 fighting battles, the more the better. 

 *                                           *
 **                 Battles                 **
 *                                           *

 > Fighting more battles: 
   >> Allows you to upgrade your weapons (discussed in the section 
      + Stronger weapons make it easier to kill the monsters with 
        fewer hits. 
      + Going back to dungeon floors you have already completed enables 
        you to get more items, Synth Drops, and items for making 
        stronger weapons, all worthwhile goals. 
   >> Yes, it is possible to get through at least part of the game with 
      weapons at minimum levels, but the further you go, the more 
      difficult it becomes. 
   >> Personally, I don't like it when all my characters die. So I am 
      willing to spend the time and effort required to strengthen their 
      weapons (including the Ridepod and the Monster Transformations). 

 Lock-On Mode:

 > 'Lock-on mode is the ability to lock on to your target monster 
    making it easier to hit it and with more force.
    >> To lock on, press the [Circle] Button. 
    >> If there are several enemies close by, you can (usually) switch 
       from one enemy to another 
       + This is particularly useful if one of the enemies is more 
       + Unfortunately, sometimes the game won't let you switch. 
       + Experiment to find out what you can and cannot do. 
    >> There are some glitches in the game programmer's thinking. 
       + For example, it is too easy to switch from Monica to Max and 
         vice versa. 
         - This occurs when you have to dodge an enemy and turn a 
           little too sharply. 
         - It can be very annoying, but after a while you do this 
           less often.
 > There is a problem with the 'Lock-On Mode'. 
   >> When you have destroyed one monster, the program automatically 
      switches to the next nearest monster. 
      + If the monster is behind you, there can be some really wild 
        swings in your viewpoint - very disorienting for a moment. 
   >> Also sometimes it is very difficult to unlock from a monster 
      after you've locked on. 
      + You may have to back away.
   >> However, you will be able to adjust to these things after 
      a while. 

 Carrying Enemies 

 > You can carry some enemies! 
   >> Press [R1] and [X] to pick up an enemy who's close by. 
      + Picking up a box or rock and throwing it at an enemy stuns it. 
      + You *can* move while carrying something but you are slowed 
        - Picking up an enemy can be useful when there are several 
          monsters trying to get you at the same time.
        - Picking up a monster, turning and throwing it at least puts 
          off the fight with that monster for a few moments.
        - Throwing one enemy at another stuns them both.
   >> CAUTION: 
      +++ Some enemies are too heavy to lift. +++
   >> CAUTION: 
      +++ You do lose some HP while carrying an enemy. +++ 

 Enemy Anger Counter 

 > Take note of the enemy's anger counter. 
   >> These are the red dots above the enemy's health point guage. 
   >> If you haven't killed the enemy by the time the red dots have 
      gone, the monster will go into a rage. 
      + It is less vulnerable to damage.
      + It can hit harder. 
      + It can move faster. 
   >> You can tell when the monster is in a rage because it begins 
      to glow. 

 *                                           *
 **              Power Attacks              **
 *                                           *

 > In addition to the regular attacks, there are several power attacks.

 Leap attack/single hit

 > If you are moving toward an enemy. 
   >> Just before you are in its reach: 
      + Press [X] while still holding the joystick forward. 
      + You will leap forward and hit the enemy once.
      + This hit is stronger than a regular hit. 

 Power Leap. 

 > Face the enemy at a short distance (more than hitting distance).
   >> Press and hold [X] until Max (or Monica) flashes once.
   >> Move toward the monster and when almost at normal hitting 
      distance, release [X]. 
      + The character will twirl and leap, then smash their weapon 
        down .
      + This is a really strong attack.
      + Causes more and more damage as the weapon becomes stronger.
      + To be effective, face the monster.

 *                                           *
 **                Combo Hits               **
 *                                           *

 > Combo hits are three or more hits in a single action.
   >> When within reach of an enemy, a single tap of [X] gives 
      three hits from the right-hand weapon (sword or wrench/hammer). 
      + More taps increases the number of hits to a combo of five 
        or six.
   >> Left-hand weapon/rapid attack (guns & armbands).
      + Press and hold [L1] and tap the [X]. 
      + Repeated taps will repeat the hits.
      + Although the guns/armbands can hit an enemy without locking on, 
        it is best to lock-on for increased accuracy, 
      + Monica's armbands can build up power by pressing and holding 
        [L1] then tap [X] to release the powered hit.
        - Advantage: 
          # The attack increases in power the longer [X] is held. 
        - Disadvantage: 
          # It takes time. 
          # The enemy can come closer.
          # The increased power may not destroy the monster quickly 
      + I find rapid attack (quickly and repeatedly tapping [X] 
        while holding [L1]) to be more effective because of 
        the cummulative effect. 
      + Machine-gun type weapons (beginning with the Star Breaker) 
        can give a continuous stream of projectiles by pressing and 
        holding the [X] button. 

 *                                           *
 **     Monica's Magic Absorb (swords)      **
 *                                           *

 > Since Monica's skills are based in magic, her sword as well as the 
   armband can use magic.
   >> Beside the icon of Monica's sword, three or more stars appear 
      *if* the weapon is powerful enough in one of the elemental 
      magics. These are:
      + Fire (Flame). 
      + Wind (Cyclone). 
      + Ice (Chill). 
      + Electrical (Lightning). 
   >> When you hold down [X] using a starred sword the weapon can 
      absorb power (that is, the power builds up). 
      + The elemental power is that of the weapon's highest value magic         attribute.
      + For example, suppose the weapon's highest magic attribute is 
        - When at least three stars are available, holding [X] allows 
          the lightning power to build. 
        - Releasing [X] releases the attack.
        - If you increase a different magic attribute in that weapon, 
          such as flame, to the highest value:
          # The power reduces to one star again. 
          # The weapon must be leveled up/built up again before you 
            can use Magic Absorb again. 

 *                                           *
 **            Defensive Skills             **
 *                                           *


 > Press and hold [R1].
   >> Stops or reduces effect of enemy hits. 


 > Press the left analog stick toward you and press [X].
   >> This causes your character to flip over backwards (away from the 
   >> A glitch in the programming sometimes changes this action to a 
      'twirl' for Monica.

 Running away:

 > Sometimes you need to temporarily run away.
   >> If you are locked on, you can only back away.
   >> When you're far enough away, the lock-on is released.
   >> Then you can circle around at greater speed rather than trying 
      to dodge while locked on.


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