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 *                                           *
 **  DARK CLOUD 2  -  PLAYSTATION 2         **
 *                                           *
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 **  by: KitKatt (Kay Allan)                **
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 **  Version 1.0 Completed Dec 10, 2003     **
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 > Use Ctrl+F to find what you need.


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 *                          TABLE OF CONTENTS                          *
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    1. Georamas.
       * The Georama Field.
       * Time Gates.
       * Georama Materials. 
       * Shops Selling Georama Materials
       * The Carpenterion in the Georama Field.
       * The Carpenterion Screen.
       * Process for Completing a Georama.

    2. Fishing.
       * Fish & Fishing Items.
       * More Information about Fishing.
       * Catching Fish.
       * Increasing the Stats of Your Rod.
       * The Aquarium.
       * The Fishing Tournament.
       * Finny Frenzy.

    3. Spheda. 
       * What Is Spheda?.
       * The Spheda Screen.
       * The Spheda Map.
       * Guages & Controls on the Spheda Screen.
       * The Spheda Rods.
       * How to Make the Shot.
       * Using Advanced Spheda Techniques.
       * Basic Procedure For Playing Spheda.
       * Speda Prizes.


 +                                                                     +
 +                               GEORAMAS                              +
 +                                                                     +

 > Backgound Information.
   >> The basic idea behind Dark Cloud 2 is that Someone has been 
      messing about with the future. 
      + Certain important areas (georamas) 100 years in the future 
        have been destroyed.
        - They are empty of life.
        - But the root of the destruction is in the present,
        - To solve the problem caused by the destruction, Monica has 
          come to the present get Max's help. 
      +  Meanwhile, Max first discovers there are problems in the 
         present when he goes to the Circus.
        - After talking with his boss, Cedric, the town Fix-It man, 
          Max goes to the Circus tent (in City Hall Square).
        - A strange red-headed boy tries to steal his circus ticket, 
          but it is only a test.
        - Max overhears a conversation between Flotsam, the owner of 
          the Circus, and Need, the Mayor of Palm Brinks. 
        - Flotsam wants the red stone around Max's neck and is willing 
          to kill in order to get it. 
          # He orders his Clowns to get the stone.
          # Max has to fight four of them and, following the fight, 
            his ordinary wrench upgrades to a Battle Wrench.
          # When more Clowns turn up, Max has to run.
        - Clowns chase Max into town and then Flotsam turns up on a 
          mechanical creature called 'Halloween'.
          # There seems to be no escape, but Max's friend Donny helps 
            him go down a manhole and Flotsam loses sight of Max.
        - What Max had overheard was the fact that no-one knows what 
          is outside of Palm Brinks.
          # He realizes that he must leave by the underground waterway 
            in order to find out what's going on.
          # After a harrowing trip through the 'Underground Channel, 
            Max makes it out to the Channel Exit.
        - Meanwhile, Cedric has talked Mayor Need into opening the 
          Railway and allowing the Blackstone Ore train to leave town.
          # They plan to travel to Sindain, but Flotsam turns up on a 
            circus car called the P3000.
          # Flotsam tries to destroy the train, but Monica turns up 
            and helps to defeat him.
   >> When the train arrives at Sindain station, a rock fall prevents 
      the train from continuing.
      + Max and Monica go into the town of Sindain to find that all 
        that's left of it is the Firbits House and a 'Withered Jurak'.
        - Inside the house is Conda, the Firbit Leader.
        - He agrees to help the two if they will help find four 
          missing Firbits.
        - The Firbits are lost somewhere in the Rainbow Butterfly Woods. 
      + After some hair-raising adventures, the four Firbits are found.
        - Three of the four are under the influence of the Fish Monster,           King Mardan.
        - King Mardan agrees to release the three Firbits, if Max will 
          get him a Priscleen fish.
      + When the four Firbits return to Conda's house, Conda gives them 
        the 'Carpenterion'.
        - This is a device they can use to restore Sindain and other 
          damaged georams.
        - But for the Carpenterion to work, the pair must find                     'Geostones' in the rest of the Rainbow Butterfly Woods. 
        - blueprints for the Carpenterion to.

 *                                           *
 **            The Georama Field            **
 *                                           *

 > The area or 'Georama Field' for Sindain is the first georama.
   >> Max and Monica's first task is to restore the Withered Jurak, 
      a Great Tree, to its full health.
   >> To do this, the town of Sindain must be brought back to life.

 > Several tasks must be completed before Max and Monica can begin 
   to rebuild the Sindain Georama.
   + Max and Monica need to find many Georama Stones.
     - These stones are rumored to have fallen from the sky.
     - They contain blueprints the Carpenterion can use to make the 
       various parts of the georama.
     - As parts of Sindain are restored, the future is also restored.

 > Some of the other tasks:
   >> Gordon, Max's gardener, must be moved to Sindain:
      - His gardening skills need to be used to bring the Great Tree 
        Jurak back to health. 
      - The Great Tree's living parts, notably Jurak's two eyes and 
        nose, must be planted in Sindain Present.
      - Gordon won't move to Sindain until a suitable house has been 
        built there for him.
      - More houses need to be built for other people from Palm Brinks 
        in order to restore shops in the future.
      - Each person has special tasks that must be done before they 
        will join the party (details are in the Walkthrough).
   + The extent of the Sindain Georama Field is limited so the georama 
     parts must be placed carefully so they fit.
     - Georama materials must be found or bought (Conda sets up a shop, 
       Conda's Goods,on the train) so Max can make the georama parts.
     - These materials are the same as those that Max must use to make 
       his inventions.
   + As georama parts are placed, there are changes in the future.
     - Time Gates allow Max and Monica to travel to the future and 
       back, to check on progress.
     - Eventually, the Sindain of both the present and the future are 
       completely restored.
     - This opens up the railroad to the nest georama field.

 *                                           *
 **                Time Gates               **
 *                                           *

 > To properly fix the future, Max and Monica must be able to move 
   about in time.
   >> So they use 'Time Gates', a red one in the present and a blue 
      one in the future.
      + A time gate looks like a colored sphere floating at the top of 
        a large cone. 
      + Time Gates come in two colors, red and blue, and are activated 
        - The Red Atlamillia (Max's red stone on a thong around his 
        - The Blue Atlamillia (on a band around Monica's wrist..

 > The Time Gates are in the present and in the future (one to each of 
   the different Georama Fields).
   >> The red time gate is in the present and Max's red stone takes 
      the party to the future.
   >> The blue time gate is in the future and Monica's blue Atlamillia 
      brings them back to the present. 
      + NOTE: It makes no difference who is the active character when 
              the party enters the time gate. 
      + To go to the future:
        - Go stand in the red time gate.
        - Press [X].
        - Max's Atlamillia begins to glow.
        - The party disappears from the present and appears in the 
          matching blue time gate in the future.
      + To return to the present:
        - Go stand in the blue time gate.
        - Press [X].
        - Monica's Atlamillia begins to glow.
        - The party disappears from the future and appears in the 
          red time gate in the present.

 *                                           *
 **            Georama Materials            **
 *                                           *

 > The georama materials are the same as the invention materials. 

 > Most of the materials can be found in treasure chests, or may be 
   dropped when a monster dies. 

 > Because Max uses the materials/elements to make his inventions he
   CANNOT make the materials. 
   >> However, there are several Shops where he can buy them if he 
      doesn't have enough in his item bag. 
   >> Probably the best one is Conda's at the back of the rear car of 
      the train.
   >> Conda opens the shop after he gives Max and Monica the             Carpenterion,.

 > More details of the shops in the Walkthrough.

 *                                                 *
 **        Shops Selling Georama Materials        **
 *                                                 *

 > There are shops in Chapters 1, 2 and 3 where you can buy materials 
   for the georama and inventions.
   >> Polly moves to Sindain after you have tried to deliver 20 loaves 
      of 'Crusty Bread' to Morton for his party.
      + Her assistant runs the shop in Palm Brinks, while she runs one 
        out of her house in Sindain.
   >> The Mushroom Burger stand is opened in the future when certain 
      georama tasks have been completed.
   >> Rufio and Parn only join you when you have completed a task 
      they ask you to do. 
      + They both join during the buildup of the Sindain Georama.
      + But Parn's shop is built in balance Valley (Chapter 3)
      + More details on these tasks in the Walkthrough.

   Shop's Name                   Location

   Morton's Sundries ....... In Palm Brinks.
   Polly's Bakery .......... In Palm Brinks. 
                             - Also, later in Polly's house in 
                               in Sindain.
   Borneo's Fine Ores ...... Outside the train.
   Erik's Gunpowder ........ At the Train Station.
   Conda's Goods ........... At the rear of the last car on the 
                               train  after Rainbow Butterfly Wood 
                               Floor 5 (Chapter 2). 

   Mushroom Burger ......... In the Sindain future on Jurak's 

   Rufio's Elements ........ Last car on the train.
                             - He joins you in Chapter 2 when: 
                               # You find him walking around The 
                               # Show him a picture of The Moon.

   Parn's Paints ............. In his purple roofed house (Chapter 3). 
                               - You give him the Gold Paint from 
                                 the Future. 
                               - So he can bring Julia to life.

 > There are other shops in other locations both in the present and 
   the future. 
   + These are discussed in the appropriate chapter sections of the 
   + The items and their prices in each store are given when you 
     have access to that store.

 *                                           *
 **  The Carpenterion In the Georama Field  **
 *                                           *

 > When the Carpenterion appears, so does the Sindain Time Gate.
   >> The Carpenterion is an invention of the Firbits. 
      + It interprets the geostones you collect. 
      + It manufactures Georama Objects:
        - Trees, Houses, and other georama items. 
      + When you're walking on the georama field, an icon of the 
        Capenterion appears in the lower left corner of the screen.
      + Pressing the Triangle Button allows you to enter the 
   >> When you enter the Carpenterion, a man-shaped icon apears in the 
      lower left corner. 
      + A blue 'whirlwind' appears in the middle of the Georama Field 
        to indicate your position.
        - Using the left analog stick you can move the whirlwind to 
          any location in the georama field. 
      + If you have any new geostones, these are loaded. 
        - When the Carpenterion has loaded the latest Geostone(s), 
          you automatically go to the 'Carpenterion Screen'. 
        - If you don't have new geostones, pressing the [Triangle] 
          Button gets the Carpenterion Screen. 
      + The [Circle] Button returns you to the field. 

 *                                           *
 **         The Carpenterion Screen         **
 *                                           *

 > The name of the current Georama Area is shown in the upper left 
   >> On the same line to the right is a number followed by the 
      statement: 'Polyn Remaining'. 
      + 'Polyn' are the points the Carpenterion uses to make 
        Georama Objects. 
        - If you make too many things, you may end up with too few 
          Polyn to complete the work. 
   >> When you take a geostone into the Carpenterion, the geostone is
      + There are six Options (along a line below the name of the
        current area). 
        - The 'Place' option is the default option.
      + In order from left to right, these options are: 

        Make ................. Lists the objects you can build
                               at the present time. 
        Place ................ Allows you to place made objects
                               in the georama field.
        Paint ................ Allows you to add paint, when 
                               needed, to a house or other part. 
        Clean Up ............. Allows you to remove and store 
                               objects already placed on the field.
        Culture .............. Indicates your culture points.
                               - Increases as you build and place 
                                 objects on the field. 
                               - Needed to accomplish certain 
                                 georama tasks.
        Analysis ............. Lists your tasks as they are 

 Choice 1: 'Make'

 > Gives you a list of 'Buildable' items (from the decoded Geostones). 
   >> Press [X] to get to the listed items. 
      + Holding the R2 button rotates the picture of the item. 
      + Puts a name and description in the box below the picture.
   >> Use the Direction Keypad to find a particular buildable item.
      + Press [X] to select the item.
   > Looking at the Menu below the list:
      + Press the [X] Button to 'View Necessary Materials'. 
      + Press [Triangle] Button to 'Clean Up' that is, to reorder 
        the list of items. 
      + Selecting an item and pressing [X]: 
        - Displays the Materials List for making that part. 
          # Message box with the question: 
            'Do you wish to make ?' 
            --  represents any part such as Fruit Tree". 
          # Lists 'Required Items' and quantity needed for making
            a single part. 
            -- Pointer is at 'YES', but you can move it to NO, or 
               press the Circle Button (equivalent to 'NO'). 
          # Allows you to make more than one of the part. 
            -- When at 'YES' you can increase the number of objects 
               to be made by pressing [Right] on the Direction Keypad.
            -- For example, you may need to make 10 trees. 

 Choice 2: 'Place' 

 > Allows you to place the made items in the georama field. 
   >> Uses up the 'Polyn' points. 
   >> The list is headed 'Placeable'
   >> Menu below the list:
      + Press the [X] Button to 'Place in Georama'. 
      + Press [Triangle] Button to 'Clean Up' (reorder the list).
      + A picture appears beside the list of the item to be placed. 
        - Below the picture is "Place" followed with the message 
          'Place Made Parts'. 
      + As you try to place a part on the georama field, the part will 
        flash blue, but *only* when there is room for it in the field.
        - Otherwise it is red.
   >> When you have placed a house such as the Straw House for Gordon. 
        - Return to the georama field and go to the house. 
        - Pressing [X] at the door gives you the options of:
          # Placing a person in the house. 
          # Entering the house. 
          # If there is already somone in the house, you can:
            -- Send them back to the train.

   +++ CAUTION +++
      + Sending someone back to the train may undo one of the already 
        fulfilled tasks and prevent 100% completion of the Georama. 

   >> If you choose to place somone in the house, a list is 
      displayed of the people who can be placed. 
      + When a person has been placed in a house:
        - Go inside - they may have items for sale.
        - The person will decorate their house which may provide more 
          ideas for Max's inventions.
      + If you try to place a person with a special request, you may
        have to fulfil the request before they will go inside. 
        - For example, Parn (the artist) *MUST* have a house with 
          a purple roof.
      + If you accidentally make too many of a particular part, you 
        can 'break' it.
        - To Break a part: 
          # Return it to the 'Placeable' list. 
          # Put the pointer on it.
          # Press [X]. 
          # Select 'Break'. 
          # If there are several of the same item, you can break one 
            or all of them. 
          # Press [Right] on the Direction Keypad.
        - Only some of the materials that were used to make the broken 
          part are put back into the Item Bag.
        - However, Polyn points are restored.

 Choice 3: 'Paint' 

 > Allows you to fill requests for color on the houses.
   >> Provides a list of available colors and how many you have of
      each one. 
   >> The first such request is from Parn - he wants a purple roof. 
   >> But if no request is made, you can paint any item you choose. 

 Choice 4: 'Clean Up'

 > This is a different kind of clean up than in the other choices. 
   + This allows you to 'Clean Up' the georama field by removing 
     objects and putting them back in the place list.
   + Anything attached to the object is also removed.
     - For example, if you have a chimney attached to a house, and 
       remove the house, the chimney is removed too.
     - When you place the house again, if a chimney is required, the 
       chimney must also be placed again.

 > Pressing [X] on this choice displays the georama field and there 
   is an icon of a green 'suction device' on the georama field.
   >> Use the Direction Keypad to place the device on one of the 
      placed items.
      + Pressing [X] takes the item off the field and puts it into 
        the 'Placeable Items' list.
      + You won't have to make them again.
   >> If you place something incorrectly or change your mind about 
      where you placed an item, you can use this option. 
   >> You can remove anything and everything: 
      + If you remove everything, you just have to start over.

 Choice 5: 'Culture' 

 > For accomplishing certain tasks, you receive 'Culture Points'. 
   >> To make progress in the present and the future: 
      + Part of certain tasks may require you to obtain 30 or 40 
        (or more) Culture points. 
      + Culture points are given each time any task is completed.
   >> The Culture Screen shows:
      + A list called 'Items Being Placed'. 
      + The list includes *only* the houses placed in the georama 
      + Moving the pointer to indicate a particular house shows: 
        - Who is living in it. 
        - What georama parts have been attached to the house. 
      + The 'Clean Up' options allows you to reorder the sequence 
        the houses are listed.
      + Bottom right of the screen shows:
        - A vertical container.
          # As your georama receives Culture Points the container 
            fills with green.
          # Below the container the total number of Culture Points 
            (a percentage) presently received for your georama. 

 Choice 6: 'Analysis' 

 > Shows the list of tasks to be completed for this particular 
   >> Unidentified tasks are marked with three question marks.
   >> Major completed tasks are marked with a lighted lantern.
   >> Subordinate tasks, when completed, have yellow lightbulbs. 
      + Sometimes a yellow lightbulb is beside three '???'.
        - This means that the task has been completed even though 
          it hasn't yet been identified. 
        - A task is only identified when the previously required 
          task(s) have been completed.

 *                                           *
 **     Process for Completing a Georama    **
 *                                           *

 > Get the Carpenterion, from the Firbit Conda. 
   >> You get it in the Rainbow Butterfly Wood, after completing 
      Floor 4. 
      + To complete this floor:
        - Finish Floors 1, 2, and 3.
        - Go to Floor 4 to rescue the four missing Firbits from King 
          Mardan in the Fish Monster Swamps.
   >> Conda gives you the Carpenterion and explained how it works: 
      + He then goes to the rear of the last car on the train.
      + He opens up the 'Conda's Goods' georama materials store.

 > Starting at Floor 5, collect Geostones (one on each floor). 

 > Make and place the items needed to complete the georama. 
   >> Make Georama Parts and place them in the georama field.
   >> Place the appropriate people in their own house. 
   >> Fulfil any requests they may have.
   >> Complete the requirements to 100% to fix the future. 

 > Each time you fulfill one of the tasks listed in the 'Analysis' 
   >> Return to the georama field (the Carpenterion icon will be in 
      the lower left corner of the screen).
   >> A message will display: 
      |! There has been a change in the future. | 

   >> Go to the future and find out what has changed:
      + A new shop may have been created.
      + Jurak may have begun to awake.
      + There may be new things, including Scoops and ideas for you 
        to photograph. 
   >> Most times when there has been a change in the future, search 
      the future's georama field:
      + You'll find mini-chests with power-up items for Max and/or 

 > Destroy the final Boss in that Chapter.

 > Go on to the next town's location to start work on the new georama.


 +                                                                     +
 +                               FISHING                               +
 +                                                                     +

 > Max is the only person who can fish. 

 *                                           *
 **          Fish & Fishing Items           **
 *                                           *

 > When Max goes to Floor 4, Rainbow Butterfly Wood, he discovers that 
   he must catch a fish for King Marden, the Fish Monster.
   >> He must talk to the Firbit who is fishing.
   >> The Firbit gives him a fishing rod so he can catch a 'Priscleen' 
      for King marden. 
      + The first rod is just a regular fishing rod. 
      + Later he can make or win a 'Lure Rod' which uses lures instead 
        of bait.
   >> He can fish on many floors of the various dungeons. 
      + There is a fish length requirement for getting a medal on 
        those floors. 


 > There are 18 different types of fishthat can be caught or bred in
   the aquarium. 

         Baku Baku 
         Baron Garyan 

         Hama Hama
         Mardan Garyan 



 > There are 8 different baits which can also be used to feed fish 
   in the aquarium: 


         Petite Fish 
         Potato Cake 

 > Other items that can be used as bait:

         Bomb Nuts 
         Gooey Peach 
         Heart Throb Cherry 
         Mellow Banana 

         Poison Apple 
         Stone Berry 



 *                                           *
 **     More Information about Fishing      **
 *                                           *

 > For some fish, the time of day will make catching a fish either 
   easier or more difficcult. 

 Time of Day

 > There are four times of day when a fish can be caught.

   + Note: Moon sets in the location where the sun rises.

   + Approximate times (based in part on when the street lights go 
     on and off in Palm Brinks): 

     Morning   5:00 a.m. to 8:45 a.m.  'Morning Sun' rises about 
                                        7:30 a.m.

     Day       8:45 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  'The Sun' photo can be taken 
                                        starting at about 8:45 a.m.

     Evening   4:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.  'Evening Sun' photo can be 
                                        taken starting about 4:30 p.m.

     Night     8:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m.  'The Moon' rises about 8:30 p.m.

 Best Time to Catch Particular Fish

    Fish          | Best Time of Day     
    Baku Baku     | Day or Night 
    Baron Garyan  | Morning (bad in the Evening) 
    Bobo          | Day, Evening or Night 
    Bon           | Any time 
    Den           | Day, Evening or Night 
    Gobbler       | Day or Night 
    Gummy         | Any time 
    Hama Hama     | Morning/Evening (bad Day or Night) 
    Heela         | Morning, Evening or Night 
    Kaji          | Morning (bad Evening or Night) 
    Mardan Garyan | Day (bad in the Morning) 
    Negie         | Morning, Day or Evening 
    Niler         | Any time 
    Nonky         | Morning or Night 
    Piccoly       | Morning or Day 
    Priscleen     | Morning, Day or Night 
    Tarton        | Day or Night 
    Umadakara     | Night (bad in the Day) 

 Best Bait 

    Fish          | Best Baits or Lures to Use 
    Baku Baku     | Frog, Minnow, Petite Fish, Spinner 
    Baron Garyan  | Fork 
    Bobo          | Mimi, Prickly
    Bon           | Batten, Evy, Mimi, Minon, Petite Fish, Potato Cake, 
                  |  Prickly 
    Den           | Batten, Minon, Petite Fish 
    Gobbler       | Minnow, Petite Fish, Spinner
    Gummy         | Batten, Mimi, Minon, Potato Cake, Prickly 
    Hama Hama     | Petite Fish
    Heela         | Mimi 
    Kaji          | Evy, Minnow, Petite Fish
    Mardan Garyan | Poison Apple
    Negie         | Minnow, Spinner 
    Niler         | Batten, Evy, Mimi, Minon, Petite Fish, Prickly 
    Nonky         | Batten, Mimi, Minon, Prickly 
    Piccoly       | Mimi 
    Priscleen     | Mimi
    Tarton        | Batten, Mimi, Minon 
    Umadakara     | Carrot 

 Likely Locations 

    Fish          | Best Place For Catching     
    Baku Baku     | Firbits Fishing hole, King Mardan's Swamp,
                  |   The Pond, Lower Starlight Canyon .
    Baron Garyan  | Murada Springs. 
    Bobo          | Veniccio, Ocean's Roar Cave. 
    Bon           | Veniccio, Ocean's Roar Cave. 
    Den           | Palm Brinks River, Murada Springs, Cave of 
                  |   Ancient Murals.
    Gobbler       | Palm Brinks River, Rainbow Butterfly Wood, 
                  |   Starlight Canyon.
    Gummy         | Palm Brinks River, Rainbow Butterfly Wood, 
                  |   Starlight Canyon, King mardan's Swamp,
                  |   Heim Rada Spring.
    Hama Hama     | Veniccio, Ocean's Roar Cave.
    Heela         | Palm Brinks River, Rainbow Butterfly Wood, 
                  |   Cave of Ancient Murals. 
    Kaji          | Veniccio, Ocean's Roar Cave. 
    Mardan Garyan | King Mardan's Swamp, Cave of Ancient 
                  |   Murals, Heim ada Spring.
    Negie         | Firbit's Fishing Hole, King mardan's Swamp, 
                  |   Veniccio, Heim Rada Spring. 
    Niler         | Pond by Withered Jurak, Rainbow Butterfly 
                  | Wood, Starlkight Canyon.
    Nonky         | Firbit's Fishing Hole, The Pond, Starlight 
                  |   Canyon, Balance Valley Station, 
    Piccoly       | The Pond, Pond by Withered Jurak, Rainbow 
                  |   Butterfly Wood, Starlight Canyon.
    Priscleen     | Firbit's Fishing Hole, Rainbow Butterfly 
                  |   Wood, Murada Springs, Heim Rada Spring.
    Tarton        | The Pond, Balance Valley, Veniccio, 
                  |   Ocean's Roar Cave. 
    Umadakara     | Starlight Canyon (more likely when raining).

 > If it is raining when you get to the dungeon floor, you may be 
   able to catch different and sometimes larger fish.

 > Only Max can fish and only after all monsters have been 

 > Catching a fish of the right size on floors with a fishing goal
   earns you a medal.
   >> The length listed is the *minimum* length of the fish you 
      must catch.
   >> You may have to go into the floor a number of times to meet 
      the goal. 
      + After about 25-30 visits, I still haven't caught a 70 cm. 
        fish in Rainbow Butterfly Woods Floor 1.
        - I have caught 2 x 69 cm.
        - I have caught 1 x 68 cm.
        - It's frustrating!

 > Fishing holes are in the following dungeons:

     Rainbow Butterfly Wood
     Starlight Canyon 
     Ocean's Roar Cave 

 > There are a few other locations:
     The Pond in Palm Brinks (Chapter 2).
     The River in Palm Brinks (Chapter 2).
     Th pond by the Withered Jurak in Sindain.
     Balance Valley Station (Chapter 3).
     Yorda Valley (Chapter 3).
     Cave of Ancient Murals (Chapter 4).
     Heim Rada Spring (Chapter 5).

 *                                           *
 **              Catching Fish              **
 *                                           *

 > Catching Fish.
   >> To catch a fish, equip Max with the fishing rod as if it 
      were a weapon.
      + Be where you plan to fish.
      + Walking with the rod in your hand is slow.
   >> When you are located exactly where you can fish, a blue [X] 
      shows in the bottom left corner of the screen.
      + Make sure there is bait on the rod.
      + Press [X].
      + A white & yellow triangle (point down) above the float on
        the end of the rod appears.
      + Use the left analog stick to move the float (and bait) to 
        the desired location in the fishing hole and press [X].
   >> When the controller shudders:
      + WAIT until a red exclamation point shows above Max's head.
        - If you don't wait, you'll miss the fish.
        - Tap the left analog stick down (or left or right) and 
          you will see a white 'Hit!' 
        - Two meters appear. 
          # The horizontal one, titled 'Length' shows how far you
            have to bring the fish to the shore.
          # The vertical one shows how much force you are pulling
            the fish in with. 
          # Press and hold the [X] Button for a moment. 
          # But watch the meter!!!
        - You need to keep the force at about half-way up the meter 
          (between the bottom quarter and the three quarter point). 
          # If it goes too high, you hear a ding-a-ling sort of sound:
            If you don't let [X] go, you'll lose the fish.
        - Bringing in the fish:
          # Keep tapping/pressing the [X] Button to reel in the 
            fish, watching the meter.
          # If you hear the ding-a-ling sound, your meter is getting in
            the danger zone.
            -- Ease off for a few moments watching as the meter drops.
          # The faster the meter rises with each tap, generally the 
            larger the fish.
         - If a large left or right arrow appears:
           # IGNORE IT.
           # If you try to follow it, you're more likely to lose
             the fish.
    >> You may have to wait for some time before a fish will bite. 
       + If you get tired of waiting, press and hold the [Square] 
         Button to reel in the line. 
       + You can move to a different place around the fishing hole
         before casting the line again.
       + Some of Rainbow Butterfly Wood's floors have several 
         - If you decide to move to a different fishing hole: 
           # Equip a regular weapon before moving to a different 
           # Walking while holding the fishing rod is much slower 
             than regular walking.
    >> When you have caught the fish, you are told: 
       + What kind of fish you have. 
       + How much it weighs. 
       + How many fishing points you've been awarded.
         - Fishing Points are used to increase the rods stats.
    >> Press [X].
       + If your fish is long enough, you'll get a medal. 
       + Only one Fishing Medal per floor.

 *                                           *
 **     Increasing the Stats of Your Rod    **
 *                                           *

 > Select the Item Menu.
   >> Move the indicator to your fishing rod.
   >> Press [X] and you'll get the following choices:

      Equip ................. Puts the rod in your right hand.
      Status ................ Allows you to review the attribute
                              levels of your rod. 
      Exchange FPs .......... Allows you to increase attribute

   >> Catching fish gives you Fishing Points (FPs).
   >> Exchange FPs at a rate of 100 FPs for each increased 
      attribute point.

 > From the choices, choose 'Status' and the following attributes
   are listed:

        Flight ............... Shows how far you can cast.
                               - The bigger the number, the further. 
        Strength ............. How strong your rod is.
                               - The higher the number, the larger 
                                 the fish you may be able to catch. 
        Resilience ........... The higher the number, the less 
                               likely your line will break. 
        Grip ................. How good the rod 'feels'. 

        Luck ................. The higher the luck, the more chance 
                               you'll catch a rare fish.

 > Choose 'Exchange FPs' to change the stats. 
   >> You may appear to have a lot of FPs, for example 3807.
      + At 100 FPs per stat point you can increase 38 attribute points.
      + 3800 are soon used up.

 *                                           *
 **              The Aquarium               **
 *                                           *

 > The Aquarium is an invention of Max.
   >> Ideas needed:
      + Fountain
      + Window
      + Wooden Box
   >> Materials needed:
      + 15 Water Element
      +  4 Glass Material
      +  5 Rolling Log

 The Aquarium Tanks

 > There are three sections in the Aquarium.
      + The 'Rec Tank'.
      + The 'Battle Tank'.
      + The 'Breeding Tank'.

 Rec Tank Menu
 > You can keep up to six fish here.
   >> Press the [Triangle] Button to get the menu.

      Menu Choices        |     Purpose
    View fish paramaters  | View stats of each fish in the tank.
    Feed fish             | Helps them to grow and mature.
                          | - Each only eats one per feeding.
                          | - Exit from the main menu and do 
                          |   something then feed them again.
    Name fish             | Name those with high stats to
                          |  identify for the breeding.
    Remove from tank      | Puts them back in the Item Bag.
    Move to other tank    | To the Breeding tank or the Battle 
                          |  tank.
    Look into other tank  | You check up on the other two tanks. 

   >> Fish Parameters:
      + Strength, Stamina, Boost, Endurance, Tenacity.
      + Size (length in  cm.
      + Weight (weight in g (grams).
      + Battle (put them in the Battle Tank to increase this 
        - Allow them to battle. 
        - Take one out before they get exhausted (it might die).

   >> Effects of feeding the fish:
      + In addition to growing in length and weight feeding
        the bait has the following effects:

        Evy OR Potato Cake ........ +1 Stamina
        Minon ..................... +1 Boost
        Carrot .................... +1 Boost & change sex.
        Mimi OR Petite Fish ....... +1 Endurance.
        Prickly OR Battan ......... +1 Tenacity.

 Battle Tank Menu

 > YOu can keep up to two fish here.
   >> Press the [Triangle] Button to get the menu.

      Menu Choices        |     Purpose
    View fish paramaters  | View stats of each fish in the tank.
    Remove from tank      | Puts them back in the item list.
    Move to other tank    | To the Breeding tank or the Rec 
                          |  tank.
    Look into other tank  | You can check up on other two tanks. 

 Breeding Tank Menu

 > YOu can put up to two fish in here.
   >> You can only put one male and one female in the breeding tank.
   >> The fish you put into this tank MUST be mature enough to breed.
      + The program won't let you put immature fish in the breeding
        - You have to feed them several times.
        - You have to exit from the Item Bag and usually do some 
          walking or other activity, before you cand feed them again.
   >> When in the breeding tank, hearts will show if the two fish are 
      going to breed.
      + Give them a few moments then a sound and colors indicate a
        fruitful mix.
      + The two will become one and you will be told the result:
        - For example:
         | A Kaji was born from Gobbler and Baku Baku!|

   >> After breeding, press the [Triangle] Button to get the menu.
      + Same menu choices as for Battle tank.
      + Return the offspring to the Rec Tank.
        - It is immature and must be fed 3 to 5 times.

 > Getting more unusual fish.
   >> It is fairly easy to catch the following:
      Baku Baku, Gobbler, Piccoly, Gummy, Priscleen, and Niler.
   >> To get more unusual fish, put the following combinations in 
      the Breeding Tank:   

      Baku Baku + Gobbler .......... Kaji
      Kaji + Piccoly ............... Hama Hama
      Niler + Piccoly .............. Mardan Garyan
      Gummy + Mardan Garayan ....... Bon
      Bon + Kaji ................... Bobo
      Bobo + Kaji .................. Umadakara 
      Umadakara + Mardon Garayan ... Baron Garayan
      Umadakara + Kaji ............. Den
      Umadakara + Baku Baku ........ Den

 *                                           *
 **          The Fishing Tournament         **
 *                                           *

 > Starting on Floor 15 of Starlight Canyon (Chapter 3) opens the 
   Fishing Tournament. 
   >> It occurs every 10 day and lasts for 72 hours. 
      + The Tournament Tent is only available in front of City Hall 
        while the Tournament is open.
   >> The main menu has a green announcement 'ticker tape' telling 
      how much time is left in the tournament.
   >> When the ticker tape is on, you can enter the Fishing Contest: 

 > Entering the Fishing Tournament.
   >> Catch and keep the largest fish you can catch.
      + You can take up to 10 fish to the tournament.
   >> Go into the large tent in the square in front of City Hall.
      + The fish entered *must* be caught in the 'wild' not bred.
      + The fish must be in your item menu. 
      + At least 3 and up to 10 fish may be weighed.
      + The three heaviest determine your score.

 Fishing Tournament Prizes

    Champion Prize      | 2nd Place Prize     | 3rd Place Prize 
    Lure Rod            | Wind Crystal        | Holy Crystal
    Flamingo {Spheda    | Hunter crystal      | Destruction Crystal
    Resurrection Powder | Escape Powder       | Hunk of Copper
    Moon Stone          | Improved Bomb       | Destruction Crystal
    Emerald             | Silver Ball         | Garnet 
                        |                     |  
    Diamond             | Power Crystal       | Peridot
    Dark Coin           | Experience Coin     | Sapphire
    Sun Stone           | Sapphire            | Diamond
    Poison Coin         | Bull's-Eye Coin      | -
    Missile Pod Arm     | Moon Stonme         | - 

 Photos At The Fishing Tournament

 > There are four ideas at the Tournament tent:
   >> Fishing Contest Sign ........ Outside and above the entry. 
   >> Victory stand ............... Inside the tent
   >> Scale ....................... On the platform in the middle
                                    of the tent. 
   >> Electric Bulletin ........... Inside, above the entry.

 *                                           *
 **               Finny Frenzy              **
 *                                           *

 The Contest

 > Entering Floor 11 of Ocean's Roar Cave (Chapter 4) starts the 
   Finny Frenzy Event. 
   >> 'Finny Frenzy' will alternate with 'Fishing Tournament'.
   >> To enter this, you must raise fish in your aquarium then 
      race it. 
   >> Name your fish for this contest.
      + Improve its stats with feeding and battle.
        - Be careful, when battling fish become a reddish color, 
          one (or both) fish are getting tired.
        - Remove them from the Battle tank and feed it before 
          putting them back to fight again.
   >> Proccess for entering 'Finny Frenzy'.
      + Select a fish and put it in your Item Bag.
      + Choose a class: Beginner, Junior, Senior, or Master.
        - Start out with Beginner.
      + Place the fish in one of the preparation tanks.
      + Go through three races.
        - First race you must win.
        - Second race you must come at least second. 
        - Third race (Championship) you must finish in the top three
          to win a prize (the weapons are for Monica):

 The Prizes

 Class   | Champion Prize    | 2nd Place Prize     | 3rd Place Prize 
 Beginner| Mardan Sword      | Destruction Crystal | Protector Crystal
         | Gold Bar          | Level Up Powder     | Plum Rice Ball
         | Plum Rice Ball    | Premium Chicken     | Soap
 Junior  | Garayan Sword     | Mighty Healing      | Lightning Crystal
         | Aquamarine        | Evilcise            | Chopper 
         | Sea Dragon Crystal| Seal-Breaking Scroll| Chill Crystal
 Senior  | Mardan Garyan     | Drain Seeker        | Kitchen Knife 
         | Diamond           | Wealth Coin         | Time Coin 
         | Power crystal     | Bandit Coin         | Bull's-Eye Coin
 Master  | Sun Stone         | Moon Stone          | Diamond 
         | Diamond           | Wealth Coin         | Time Coin 
         | Final Bomb        | Ridepod Fuel        | Seal-Breaking 
         |                   |                     |   Scroll


 +                                                                     +
 +                                SPHEDA                               +
 +                                                                     +

 *                                           *
 **             What Is Spheda?             **
 *                                           *

> This is a golf-like game.
  >> It can be very frustrating.
  >> You soon get the hang of it, but even then it can be frustrating!

> It begins when you get to Barga's Valley in Starlight Canyon, 
  after Floor 10.
  >> Barga is the Giant Condor.
  >> A blue 'Time Distortion' is in her nest. 
     + You use a Stick (basic spheda rod) found below the nest.
     + You must hit a red 'Spheda Sphere' into the distortion to 
       fill the hole. 
  >> This is the only time you *HAVE* to play Spheda.
     + Max and Monica need a White Windflower for Lao Chao to make 
       his 'Miracle Dumpling' dish.
     + The Miracle Dumpling is the only thing that will heal Lin.
     + The White Windflower is in Barga's 'hat'.
       - She'll give it to you as soon as you repair the distortion. 
     + You can't make further progress until Lin is healed.
       - She joins your party through the end of CVhapter 3.
       - She speeds up the upgrades of Monica's Armbands, a REALLY 
         useful skill.

  NOTE: Save before you begin to play Spheda in Barga's Canyon.
        + If you don't get it right the first ffew times, 
          Monica takes over.
        + You need the practice as this is the first time you play.
        + You will need to bounce the Spheda Sphere off the cliff.
        + If you do it right, the Sphere goes right into the nest.

 *                                           *
 **            The Spheda Screen            **
 *                                           *

 > When all the monsters on the floor are killed, you can play Spheda 
   (you may also choose NOT to play).
   >> You can either be taken directly to the Sphere or you may search 
      for it.
   >> Locate the Spheda Sphere and press [X] to show the Spheda Screen. 

 > Below is a description of the Spheda Screen.

   +++ Refer to Manual Page 32. +++

   >> The location shown in the screen is Starlight Canyon.
      + This is the lower area of the canyon where you can also fish.
   >> Top right shows a white 'Spheda Sphere' followed by how many 
      shots you have and how far it is to the Distortion.
   >> Below that is the Spheda Map.
      + It is the same map you built up as you hunted the monsters.
      + In the illustration, the view is of the 'small' map (the first 
        choice when using [Select]
      + The map is more useful if you have it at center screen, the 'large' 
        map (the second choice when using [Select].
   >> Max has a Spheda Rod in hand and is about to hit the Sphere.
      + The yellow dots heading straight toward the top of the screen 
        show the direction and the angle of the shot as presently set.
   >> Directly below Max is:
      + The 'Power Guage' the long blue bar with a red and pink shorter 
        bar near the right end.
      + The 'Power Shot' (a blue oblong with the distance of 145 m) to 
        the right of the power guage.
        + The Advanced Techniques guage, a circle with a red dot in 
          the center to the left.
      + These guages are described below.

 *                                           *
 **              The Spheda Map             **
 *                                           *

 The purpose of the Map

 > You need to have the Spheda Map available before you begin trying 
   to play Spheda.
   >> Without the map, pllaying Spheda is pure guessswork.
   >> You are unlikely to succeed.

 > When you stand beside the Spheda Sphere, first put the full-sized 
   dungeon map on center screen using [Select].
   >> It will appear just to the right of Max with a green triangle
      showing Max's position and looking as if that triangle  is a 
      couple of 'feet' to the right of Max's head).
      + Press [Select] to switch through the three ways the map can 
          be displayed.
      + When you press [X] the first time (to begin preparing for the 
        _ The Yellow dots appear on the Screen.
        - The red direction line appears on the map.
        - A red (or blue) dot on the map shows the location of the 
        - To see where the Distorion is, you may need to use the 
          Direction Keypad to adjust the position of the map.
      + Reading the map. 
        - The map shows how many 'corners' you have to get the Sphere
          around in order to reach the Distortion.
        - Max's position (the location of the Spheda Sphere') and the 
          direction he is facing is shown by a red line.
          # The red line gives the *same* direction as the yellow 
            dotted line on the Spheda Screen.
          # By using the Left Analog Stick (all directions), you can 
            change the direction of the red line.
          # Adjust that direction to get the Spheda Sphere to go to 
            the next 'corner'.

 > Here is an example, based in part, on the illustartion on page 32 
   which is set in Starlight Canyon.
   >> The 'map' below shows the canyon.
      + The wider paths are those between the cliff edge and the river
        (open water) along the bottom of the Canyon.
      + The narrower paths are the bridges across the river.
      + The 'red line' can't be shown here, but assume it is pointing 
        directly down as in the illustration's map.
        # Pointing directly at the Distortion.
        # Assume in the illustration below that Max has three shots 
          to reach the Distortion.
          - 'X' shows Max's position.
          - 'O' shows the position of the distortion.
          - '1' Shows the approximate location where the Sphere needs 
            to land first. 
          - If the Sphere at '1' is the *opposite* color from the 
            Distortion, you should be able to hit directly toward 'O'.
          - '2' shows the possible location for the second shot if the 
            Sphere at '1' is the *same* color as the distortion.

         |               X                       |
         |  _______________ ___________________  |
         |  |             | |                 |  | 
         |  |             | |                 |  | 
         |  | Open water  | |                 |  | 
         |  |             | |                 |  | 
         |  |      _______| |________  _______|  |
         |  |      |                |  |         |
         |  |      |  ______________|  |_________|
         |  |      |  |      
         |  |      |  | <-- Cliff here gets in the way.     
         |  |      |1 |      
         |  |      |  |_________________     
         |  |______|                   |
         |  _______________ _________  |
         |  |             | |       |  |
         |  |             | |       |  |
         |  | Open Water  | |       |  |
         |  |             | |       |__|
         |  |             | |
         |  |_____________| |___________
         |          2    O             |

 Summary: Locating Spheda Sphere & Distortion

 > There are two ways to locate the Distortion and youself. 
   >> On The Spheda Screen itself 
   >> On the Spheda Map. 

 > On the Spheda Screen:
   >> When you press [X} the first time, a yellow dotted line from the 
      ball always points directly to where the Distortion is located.
      + The direction does *not* allow for things such as trees and 
        cliffs that are in the way of your aim.

 > On the map:
   >> You need to have the map on the screen centered so you can see:
      + The current location of Max and the Spheda Sphere. 
        - a red line on the map shows the equivalent of the yellow 
          dotted line on the screen.
        - The location of the distortion is shown by a solid red or 
          blue dot.
   >> You can use the direction buttons on the Direction Keypad to 
      adjust the position of the map: 
      + To better check the locations.
      + To move the map out of your direct view.

 *                                           *
 **  Guages & Controls on the Spheda Screen **
 *                                           *

 Types of Guages    

 > There are several guages on the Spheda Screen.
   >> The Power Guage (blue) along the bottom of the screen.
   >> The Impact Zone (red and pink) to the right and directly 
      under the Power Guage.
      + In the center of the pink part of the Impact Zone is a 
        vertical bar that crosses into the Power Guage.
      + The vertical bar show the 'perfect aim' point.
      + The stronger the Spheda Rod (the Albatross is the strongest) 
        the *shorter* the Impact zone.
   >> 'Power Shot' guage at the right end of the power guage 
      + It shows the distance you can hit the ball in the direction 
        of the yellow dotted line.
      + As you vertically adjust the aim (yellow dotted line) up and 
        down with the analog stick, the power shot numbers change.
   >> Top right of the screen: 
      + A small white circle representing the Spheda Sphere.
      + Beside the white circle is the number of 'hits remaining'.
      + Below that is the number of 'meters to goal'. 
      + 'Meters to goal' are direct and do not take into account having 
        to go around corners.
   >> Advanced Techniques Control (round blue circle to the left of 
      the power guage).
      + There is a red dot at the center of the circle.
      + The circle is divided into four quarters.
      + At the top of the circle is the word 'Topspin'.
      + At the bottom of the circle is the word 'Backspin'.
      + At the left is the word 'Slice'.
      + At the right is the word 'Hook'.

 Power Guage

 > The blue Power Guage is along the bottom of the screen. 
   >> When you press [X] to start the shot, a moving indicator begins 
      at the right end of the Power Guage.
      + While the indicator moves toward the left, you press [X] to 
        set the power of your shot.
        - A yellow bar shows how powerful your shot (the shorter it 
          is the less powerful).
        - The moving indicator contiues to move to the left until it 
          reaches the end of the power bar.
        - You can press [Circle] to cancel the shot while the indicator 
          is moving left.
      + When the indicator reaches the end of the power guage, it turns 
        and begins to move to the right.
        - Get ready to press [X] again to set the shot.
        - *Wait* until the indicator reaches the Impact Zone before 
          pressing [X].
        - To cancel the shot, press [Circle] *before* the moving 
          indicator reaches the Impact zone.
   >> Below the guage at the right end is the red 'Impact zone'.
      + The center portion of the Impact Zone is pink (light red).
      + At the center of the light red part is a vertical bar which
        reaches up through the power guage.
        - Pressing [X] exactly on this gives the most accurate shot.
      + The Impact Zone shows where you need to put the moving 
        indicator for the most accurate shot.
        - On the vertical line in the center of the pink zone, a large 
          musical note indicates a perfect shot.
          # The shot is *much* more powerful when centered.
          # You still have to be facing the correct direction for 
            the shot to work.
        - In any part of the pink zone, but NOT in the center, a 
          smaller musical note shows you have made a very good shot
        - In any of the red part of the Zone, an exclamation point 
          indicates you have made a good shot.
        - Outside the red zone a 'skull and crossbones' indicates 
          you've messed up the shot. 
          + It is too late to press [Circle] to cancel the shot.

 Number of HIts

 > Beside the Spheda Sphere *before* you press [X] for the first time
   is the number of hits you have to repair the distortion. 
   >> This number can be anywhere between 1 and 7 or 8.
   >> If you don't repair the distortion before you've used up all 
      the hits:
      + Both the sphere and the distortion disappear. 
      + You have to start over on this floor.
      + Kill all the monsters and 
      + Try repairing the distortion again. 

 > When you have pressed [X] for the first time:
   >> In the upper right corner of the screen is: 
      + The number of shots left in order to to reach and plug the 
      + the number of meters left to reach the goal (direct flight).
        - But you may have to go round several corners. 
        - The game calculates the number of 'perfect' shots to plug
          the distortion, accounting for the number of corners.

 The Power Shot

 > To the right of the Power Guage is a rectangular blue slot, called 
   the 'Power Shot'.
   >> It contains the number of meters from where the Sphere is 
      located to where the Distortion is (direct line).
   >> Look at the Spheda Map and you can see the direction of your shot. 
      + You can adjust the direction to allow for corners. 
      + The Left Analog stick (left or right) adjusts the direction of 
        your shot.
   >> The yellow dotted line on the screen not only shows direction, 
      it also shows the the vertical angle of the shot.
      + The Left analog stick (up or down) changes the angle of the 
        shot so you can send the sphere closer to Max  or further away. 
      + The distance (changes with the angle) you can shoot the 
        sphere is shown in the 'Power Shot' slot.

 Advanced Techniques Control

 > The Control for advanced techniques is the blue circle to the left 
   of the power guage.
   >> There is a red dot in the center of the circle.
   >> You can use ONE of the following techniques but you have to 
      be QUICK when setting it up:

      + Topspin:  Keeps the sphere in motion after it hits.
                  - Moves it further.

      + Backspin: The sphere stops in place when it first lands. 
                  - The ball changes color as it hits.
                  - Useful to move the sphere just past the 
                    Distortion when it is the wrong color.
                  - It will get sucked into the distortion if it 
                    is close enough.

      + Slice:    Slices the sphere in a curve to left then right.
                  - For example: 
                    # If a tree is directly between you and the 
                      distortion with room to the left of the tree.
                    # Hook the shot.
                    # It swerves left and then right around the tree.

      + Hook:     Hooks the sphere in a curve to right then left.
                  - For example: 
                    # If a tree is directly between you and the 
                      distortion with room to the right of the tree.
                    # Slice the shot.
                    # It swerves right and then left around the tree.

   >> These techniques take a ***lot*** of practice and coordination 
      to use them correctly.

 *                                           *
 **             The Spheda Rods             **
 *                                           *

 > After Barga's Valley, Max is the only person who can play Spheda.
   >> He needs to equip a Spheda Rod:
      + The rods can be used as weapons against monsters.
      + You can level up and build up the rods.

   +++ CAUTION +++ 
      + The higher the Spheda Rod is built up:
        - The smaller the 'Impact Zone' on the Power Guage.
        - It's MUCH HARDER to get the center of the Impact Zone.

 > The upgrade possibilities of Spheda Rods (only required attributes 
   are listed) are:

         --> Flamingo --> Falcon --> Albatross

  |                |
  |Attack...25 [45]|
  |Beast.... -     |
  |Durable..25 [44]|
  |Chill.... -     |
  |Cyclone..10 [45]|

    Turkey -->
               Flamingo       --> Falcon         --> Albatross
              |                 |                  |                  |
              |Attack... 29 [61]|Attack... 45 [108]|Attack... 70 [120]|
              |Beast.... 36 [60]|Beast.... 36 [108]|Beast.... 72 [125]| 
              |Durable..  -     |Durable..  -      |Durable..  -      | 
              |Chill....  -     |Chill....  -      |Chill....  -      |
              |Cyclone.. 18 [60]|Cyclone.. 50 [108]|Cyclone.. 72 [125]| 

               Flamingo        --> Falcon         --> Albatross
      Swan -->
  |                |
  |Attack...24 [44]|
  |Beast.... -     |
  |Durable..26 [45]|
  |Chill....10 [45]|
  |Cyclone..10 [45]|

 *                                           *
 **           How to Make the Shot          **
 *                                           *

 > Pressing [X] the first time, readies Max for the shot.
   >> After you have adjusted Max's position, you are ready to shoot.

 > Pressing [X] a second time starts the power indicator marker moving 
   from the right toward the left. 
   >> You can use an Advanced Technique:
      + Before the marker gets to the right end of the power guage.
      + Before you press [X] the third time.
        - But this must also be done while the marker is moving to 
          the left.
      + This is why it takes speed and co-ordination!

 > Pressing [X] the third time:
   >> Puts an orange band between the center point of the Impact 
      Zone and the location on the guage when you pressed [X]. 
      + The orange band indicates how hard you will hit the sphere. 
      + The longer the band, the harder the hit. 
      + You need to estimate how long to make the band. 
        - Depends partly on how far you have to send the sphere.
        - Depends partly on how far to the next corner.
        - You can ricochet the sphere around corners if you aim right 
          but it doesn't always work.
      + The indicator continues to the left end of the Power Guage.
        - If you press the [Circle] Button before it gets to the end,
          you cancel the shot.
      + The indicator then starts travelling back toward the right.

 > Pressing [X] the fourth time makes the shot. 
   >> You need to let the indicator get into the red Impact Zone 
      or the shot will totally miss.
   >> The closer you are to the vertical bar in the center of the 
      Impact Zone, the more accurate your shot.
   >> The hardness of the hit is increased if you press [X] exactly 
      in the center of the Impact Zone.
      + You need to estimate the effect of the combination of the 
        length of the orange band and the closeness to the Impact 
        Zone Center when you press [X]. 
      + It takes time to learn to judge.

 *                                           *
 **     Using Advanced Spheda Techniques    **
 *                                           *

 > Using these techniques are difficult.
   >> First you press [X] to get the guages.
   >> Choose which of the techniques you plan to use.
   >> As soon as you press [X] for the second time:
      + Press the left analog stick in the chosen direction.
      + *Before* the moving indicator reaches the *left* side, 
        press [X] to set the power of your hit. 
   >> As the moving indicator returns, try to press [X] as close 
      to the center of the pink Impact Zone as possible.

 > The four techniques:
   >> Topspin:  Press [X]:
                + *Quickly* press [Up] on the left analog stick.
                + Press [X] again *before* the moving marker reaches 
                  the left end of the power guage. 

   >> Backspin: Press [X]:
                + *Quickly* press [Down] on the left analog stick.
                + Press [X] again (before the moving marker reaches 
                  the left end of the power guage). 

   >> Hook:     Press [X]:
                + *Quickly* press [Left] on the left analog stick.
                + Press [X] again (before the moving marker reaches 
                  the left end of the power guage). 

   >> Slice:    Press [X]:
                + *Quickly* press [Right] on the left analog stick.
                + Press [X] again (before the moving marker reaches 
                  the left end of the power guage). 

 *                                           *
 **    Basic Procedure For Playing Spheda   **
 *                                           *

 > First you have to kill all monsters on the dungeon floor.
   >> The game asks you if 'Monica' (error - it should be Max) should 
      be moved to the Spheda Sphere.
      + This is nice so you don't have to search the dungeon.
        - The sphere should show as a blinking blue or red dot on
          the dungeon map.
          # A glitch in the programming means the Spheda Sphere doesn't 
            always show.
          # If you say NO, you may have to search for it.
      + The distortion shows as a solid red or blue dot.
   >> If you say 'YES' you are moved immediately to the location of 
      the Spheda Sphere.
   >> If you say 'NO' you stay where you were when you killed the 
      last monster.
      + You pick up the Synth Drops if you stay.
      + But you may have to explore the whole of the floor to find the 
        Spheda Sphere.

 > When you are standing beside the Spheda Sphere: 
   >> Make sure a Spheda Rod is equipped.
   >> Put the map of the dungeon in the center of the screen. 
      + The placement of the map can be adjusted using the buttons 
        on the Direction Keypad 
   >> Press [X] to bring up the Power Guage
   >> Use the Left Analog stick to adjust Max's position relative to 
      the sphere and the direction he needs to send it.
      + You may need several shots to get the sphere to the 
      + You can:
        - Use the Underground Channel walls or the cave walls in 
          Ocean's Roar Cave to bounce the sphere around corners.
          + But in the Underground Channel watch out for the water
            channels along the edges of the walls.
        - Use trees to ricochet the sphere in the Rainbow Butterfly 
          Wood or you can shoot across the 'rough' between paths. 
        - You can bounce the sphere against cliffs in Starlight Canyon
          or shoot across the canyon.
   >> Decide if you want to use an Advanced Technique (use the process 
      described above if you do).
   >> Press [X] to hit the sphere. 
      + If you have more than one shot, the game asks if you want to 
        be moved to the Sphere.
        - Select 'YES' as it saves a lot of walking. 
      + If the Spheda Sphere bounces off a wall or the floor, it 
        changes color with each bounce. 
      + If you have only one shot left:
        - And the color of Sphere and distortion are the same,
        - You MUST bounce the Sphere to change its color.
        - If the Sphere is the right color, and it gets close enough 
          to the Distortion, the Sphere may get sucked in.
      + If you miss the shot or it goes 'Off Target', you stay in 
        the location where you last hit the sphere. 
        - If the sphere bounced it may change color even when you 
          don't make the shot.
   >> Continue making shots until either:
      + You are successful. 
      + Or the shots are all used up and sphere and distortion 
   >> When you are (finally) successful, 
      + The distortion will disappear.
      + A treasure chest with a prize appears at the location of the

 > By the time you have gotten every Spheda medal in the first three 
   dungeons, you should be getting pretty expert.

 *                                           *
 **              Speda Prizes               **
 *                                           *

 > The first time on any floor where you can play Spheda, you win
   a prize.
   >> The best prize is when you first sucessfully repair the 
      distortion on a particular floor.
   >> You can go back to the same floor.
      + Each time there is another distortion.
      + You can repair the distortion again.
      + Although still worth while (usually), the prize will be 
        lesser items.

 > Most of the prizes for plugging the Distortion hole are really 
   worth while. 
   >> The prizes are listed below with the Floor number and title.
   >> The dungeons are listed separately, in Chapter order and with 
      the prize listed by the Dungeon Floor.
      + Some floors are not set up for playing Spheda. 
      + The 'prize' listed for those floors is [None]
   >> Four dungeons (2, 3, 4 and 5) have star path exits.
      + You can't go to the star path until you have the Star Key 
        which you get in Chapter 6. 
      + For those four dungeons, the Star Path floor prizes are 
        listed immediately after the first part, same dungeon:
        - Rainbow Butterfly Wood (Chapter 2) followed by Rainbow 
          Butterfly Wood (Chapter 6).
        - Starlight Canyon (Chapter 3) followed by Starlight Canyon 
          (Chapter 6).
        - Ocean's Roar Cave (Chapter 4) followed by Ocean's Roar 
          Cave (Chapter 6).
        - Mount Gindor (Chapter 5) followed by Mount Gundor 
          (Chapter 6).
   >> The rest of the chapters (1, 7 and 8) have only one section 


 Underground Channel (Chapter 1) 

   Floor                         |   Prize
  1. To the Outside World        | 2 x Treasure Chest Key
  2. Battle with Rats            | 1 x Diamond
  3. Ghost in the Channel        | 4 x Improved Bomb
  4. Channel Pump Room           |   [None]
  5. Steve's Battle              | 2 x Level-Up Powder
  6. Sweet, Scary Treasure Chest | 1 x Treasure Chest Key

 Rainbow Butterfly Wood (Chapter 2)

   Floor                         |   Prize
  1. Frightening Forest          | 3 x Treasure Chest Key
  2. Strange Tree                | 1 x Resurrection Powder
  3. Rolling Shells              | 3 x Stamina Drink
  4. This is a Geostone ?        | 2 x Level-Up Powder
  5. Noise in the Forest         | 2 x Stamina Drink
  6. I'm a Pixie                 | 4 x Armband Repair Powder
  7. Legendary Killer Snake      | 4 x Gun Repair Powder 
  8. Grotesque Spider Lady       | 3 x Gift Capsule
  9. Rainbow Falls Entrance      | 3 x Treasure Chest Key

 Rainbow Butterfly Wood (Chapter 6)

 > Starting from Rainbow Butterfly Wood Floor 8: 'Legendary Killer' 
   Snake and following the Star Path.

   Floor                         |   Prize
  1. Looking for the Earth Gem   | 3 x Gift Capsule
  2. Something Rare Here         | 1 x Ama No Murakamo
  3. Scary Tree                  | 3 x Final Bomb

 Starlight Canyon (Chapter 3)

   Floor                         |   Prize
  1. Headlong Dash               | 1 x Ruby
  2. Fire and Ice Don't Mix      | 2 x Level-Up Powder
  3. Earth Shaking Demon         | 1 x Amethyst
  4. Powerful Yo-Yo Robot        | 1 X Topaz
  5. Elephant Army in Valley     | 4 x Stamina Drink
  6. Warrior in Starlight Canyon | 5 x Wind Stone
  7. Smiling Fairy Village       | 4 x Improved Bomb
  8. Dangerous Treasure Chest    | 1 x Indestructible Coin
  9. Little Dragon Counter Attack| 2 x Level-Up Powder
 10. Cursed Mask                 | 5 x Lightning Stone
 11. We're the Roly Poly Brothers| 1 x Bull's-Eye Coin
 12. Dragon Slayer               | 1 x Poison Coin
 13. Rama Priests like Cheese    | 3 x Wind Crystal 
 14. Nature's Threat             | 1 x Turquoise
 15. Moon Baron                  | 1 x Level-Up Powder 
 16. Lighthouse Appears          | 1 x Indestructible Coin


 Starlight Canyon (Chapter 6)

 > Starting from Starlight Canyon Floor 11: 'Cursed Mask' and 
   following the Star Path.

   Floor                         |   Prize
  1. Looking for the Wind Gem    | 1 x Opal
  2. Evil Spirit in the Valley   | 1 x Level-Up Powder
  3. Brave Warriors in the Valley| 1 x Resurrection Powder


 Ocean's Roar Cave (Chapter 4)

   Floor                         |   Prize
  1. Pirates                     |   [None]
  2. Tons of Fish                |   [None]
  3. Tank and Boss               |   [None]
  4. Water Monster               |   [None]
  5. Scary Auntie Medusa         |   [None]
  6. Sand Molers                 | 5 x Stamina Drink
  7. Bat Den                     | 1 x Pearl
  8. Pirate Hideout              | 5 x Chill Crystal
  9. Wandering Zappy             | 2 x Level-Up Powder
 10. Banquet  of the Dead        | 1 x Absorption Coin
 11. Improvements                | 5 x Treasure Chest Key
 12. Return of the Serpent       |   [None]
 13. Cursed Sea                  |   [None]
 14. Sea of Atrocity             |   [None]


 Ocean's Roar Cave (Chapter 6)

 > Starting from Ocean's Roar Cave Floor 10: 'Wandering Zappy' and 
   following the Star Path.

   Floor                         |   Prize
  1. Looking for the Water Gem   | 1 x Resurrection Powder
  2. Pirates Revenge             | 5 x Treasure Chest Key
  3. Death Ocean                 | 1 x Level-Up Powder 

 Mount Gundor (Chapter 5)

   Floor                          |   Prize
  1. Battle With Griffin's Army   | 1 x Level-Up Powder
  2. Mt. Gundor Wind              | 5 x Treasure Chest Key
  3. Little Dragon on the Mountain| 1 x Level-Up Powder
  4. Steam Goyone                 | 1 x Resurrection Powder
  5. Mountain Baddie Appears      | 1 x Bandit Coin
  6. Red Magmanoff                | 1 x Ruby
  7. Danger Zone                  | 2 x Mighty Healing
  8. Secret of Fire Mountain      | 1 x Amethyst
  9. Deathtrap                    | 1 x Topaz
 10. Desperation on the Mountain  | 1 x Level-Up Powder
 11. Pains in the Neck            | 1 x Indestructible Coin
 12. Walking the Path of Flames   | 1 x Resurrection Powder
 13. Burning Undead               | 2 x Level-Up Powder
 14. Fire Dragon                  | 1 x Indestructible Coin
 15. Treasure Chest Danger Zone   | 1 x Sapphire
 16. Road to the River of Flames  | 1 x Turquoise

 Mount Gundor (Chapter 6)

 > Starting from Mount Gundor Floor 4: 'Steam Goyone' and 
   following the Star Path.

   Floor                         |   Prize
  1. Looking for the Fire Gem    | 1 x Level-Up Powder
  2. Explosive Hot Spring        | 2 x Mighty Healing
  3. Crazy Mountain              | 1 x Wealth Coin

 Moonflower Palace (Chapter 7)

   Floor                         |   Prize
  1. Ancient Wind                | 1 x Level-Up Powder
  2. Card Warriors Gather        | 5 x Treasure Chest Key
  3. Dangerous Treasure          | 5 x Holy Stone
  4. Zombie Zone                 | 1 x Resurrection Powder
  5. Feeling Out of Place        | 1 x Level-Up Powder
  6. Living Statue               | 2 x Gold Bar
  7. Danger Zone                 | 1 x Emerald
  8. Scary Woman                 | 1 x Diamond
  9. Hell Elephant               | 1 x Resurrection Powder
 10. Crush the Undead            | 1 x Bull's-Eye Coin
 11. Missing Gem Dealer          | 1 x Level-Up Powder
 12. Max's Longest Day           | 5 x Destruction Crystal
 13. Hell's Corridor             | 1 x Level-Up Powder
 14. Monica All Alone            | 1 x Level-Up Powder
 15. Raging Spirits              | 1 x Resurrection Powder
 16. Lonely Machine              | 5 x Lightning Stone
 17. Nobility                    | 1 x Resurrection Powder
 18. Palace Watchdog             | 1 x Time Coin
 19. Road to Memories            | 4 x Double Pudding
 20. Final Trump Card            | 1 x Bandit Coin
 21. Elemental Party             | 1 x Resurrection Powder
 22. Wandering Knight's Soul     | 1 x Level-Up Powder
 23. Beware Carelessness         | 5 x Treasure Chest Key
 24. Final Battle                | 5 x Holy Stone


 Zelmite Mine (Chapter 8)

   Floor                          |   Prize
  1. Get the Zelmite!             | 1 x Healing Coin
  2. Moon Mole                    | 1 x Bull's Eye Coin
  3. Powerful Frog                | 1 x Potato Pie
  4. Evil Bat Invasion            | 10 x Mighty Healing
  5. Crossroads of Destiny        | 1 x Garnet
  6. Scary Face                   | 1 x Amethyst
  7. Powerful Wild Boar           | 1 x Aquamarine
  8. Murderous Tank               | 1 x Potato Pie
  9. Which One?                   | 1 x Pearl
 10. The Old Woman Saw It         | 1 x Fruit of Eden
 11. A Giant Snake                | 1 x Peridot
 12. Undaunted Soldiers           | 1 x Sapphire
 13. Hell Ward 1                  | 1 x Witch Parfait
 14. Road to Truth                | 1 x Witch Parfait
 15. Crossroads                   | 1 x Moon Stone
 16. Lost Road                    | 1 x Level-Up Powder 
 17. Indecision                   | 8 x Treasure Chest Key
 18. Little Dragon Army           | 2 x Level-Up Powder 
 19. Captain returns              | 1 x Fruit of Eden
 20. Hell's Turning point         | 2 x Level-Up Powder
 21. Mummy Heaven                 | 1 x Stamina Drink
 22. Ward 3 Entrance              | 1 x Garnet
 23. Flotsam's Broken Army        | 1 x Amethyst
 24. Hell Ward 3 - Wellside Gossip| 1 x Aquamarine
 25. Devil Elemental              | 1 x Diamond
 26. Mariner                      | 1 x Level-Up Powder
 27. Omen                         | 1 x Ruby
 28. Ultimate Snake               | 1 x Pearl
 29. Anxiety                      | 1 x Peridot
 30. Firm Belief                  | 1 x Sapphire
 31. Seeping Light                | 1 x Topaz


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