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Dave's Quick n' Dirty Walkthrough For Love Hina Advance
Version .75
by Dave Bush
[email protected]
Please, all emails about this guide should have "LH Advance" as their subject.
If it is anything else, they will not be read.

New in this version: Minor formatting changes - submitted to GameFAQs on

Still to come:
Exact heart requirements for Naru and Shinobu's endings
Any heart requirements on Mutsumi's ending
Song title translations from Mutsumi's Music Test
Additions, corrections, etc.


1. Reader Assumptions

2. Format

3. Ending Notes

4. Title Menu

5. Walkthrough

6. Author's Section

::Reader Assumptions

Note: This guide assumes several things from you, the reader.
1) You know about the series Love Hina, be it in anime or manga form, and know
the characters and their basic relationships.
2) You know the controls for the game. Not too hard to figure out - A is
accept, D-pad moves around, Start pauses.
3) You are able to follow along with the story by pictures and sounds alone -
this guide provides no translation, and I doubt it ever will. I'm sure others
will write a translation guide someday.
4) Emulation should be for retrogaming only. Please, please, please go buy this
cartridge - it's well worth it. There's even a cute little standee inside the
5) No, I will *not* provide anyone with a rom or the means to acquire it. Don't
even think about asking, folks. This same policy applies for episodes of the
anime and scans of the manga.


With that said...

Here's the format. I've titled many of the scenes for the sake of organization.
Later scenes (particularly on the dates) do not have titles, so as not to spoil
anything. Let's take a look at a sample entry, the first one.

Naru's intro             <--- my title for the scene
01                       <--- the number of the choice menu
A: +N, to Hall Punch     <--- Choice A, and its consequences
B: to Hall Punch         <--- Choice B, and its consequences

Here's a key to the abbreviations.
+ = add one
- = subtract one
N = Naru heart
H = Shinobu heart
K = Kitsune heart
O = Motoko heart
U - Suu heart
M = Mutsumi heart
S = Sara heart
health = health point. You start with 6, and can gain a maximum of 8. If you
get hit, most of the time you will lose one until you can restore it.
Max Health = gain one additional health point.
SAVE = a chance to save your game.

::Ending Notes

This game has 9 different endings in total. In the order they are displayed in
the scrapbook, they are:
**Naru's Ending**
**Kitsune's Ending**
**Suu's Ending**
**Shinobu's Ending**
**Motoko's Ending**
**Mutsumi's Ending**
**Sara's Ending**
**Haitani and Shirai's Ending**
**Leaving Hinatasou Ending**

Once you get an ending, it is saved in your scrapbook. From the title screen,
you can view it with the third and fourth choices. Also, after viewing the
credits when you first get it, you are given the opportunity to SAVE. Do so and
whenever you load that save, you can view the ending sequence and credits

::Title Menu: (note these are not translations, merely what the choice does)

1) New Game
2) Load Saved Game
3) View Game
4) View Ending

Choices 1 and 2 are self-explanatory.
Choice 3 lets you choose an ending from your book and view a walkthrough of the
entire game, up to and including the ending. You cannot interact with it at
all, except by pressing Select to return to the Title Menu.
Choice 4 lets you choose an ending from your book and view the fullscreen image
of the ending. Pressing A while viewing the image plays one of a series of
voice clips of whatever character you're viewing. Keep pressing it to cycle
through all of that character's clips from the game. Note that the Haitani and
Shirai image plays Keitaro's voice clips, and the Leaving the Hinatasou image
plays Haruka's clips. B returns you to the menu.


Now that you know what you're doing, on with the show!

Chapter One
Naru's intro
A: +N, to Hall Punch
B: to Hall Punch

Hall Punch
-1 Health

Shinobu's intro
A: +H, to 03
B: -1 health, to 03
C: -1 health, to 03

A: to 04
B: to Onsen

A: to 05
B: to Onsen

A: -1 health, to Haruka's intro
B: to Onsen

+2 health
A: -1 health, to 07
B: -N, -1 health, to 07
C: -N, to 07

A: +K, -1 health, to Haruka's intro
B: -1 health, to 08
C: -1 health, to 08
D: +U, -1 health, to Haruka's intro

A: to Haruka's intro.
B: +U, -1 health, to Haruka's intro

Haruka's intro
-1 health
A: to Break One.
B: +K, -1 health, to Break One
c: +U, -1 health, to Break One
D: -1 health, to Break One
E: -1 health, **Leaving Hinatasou Ending**

Break One
+2 health

A: to Talk with Haruka
B: to 11.

A: +K, to 12
B: to 12
C: -K, to Talk with Haruka

A: +K, -1 health, to Talk with Haruka
B: -1 health, to Talk with Haruka

Talk with Haruka

Clean Onsen
13 (very fast!)
A: -1 health, to End Chapter One
B: +N, to 14

A: -1 health, to End Chapter One
B: -1 health, to End Chapter One

End Chapter One
+2 health
+1 Max Health

Chapter Two

Shinobu Returns the Sketchbook
A: -1 health, to 16
B: +N, +K, to 16

A: -K, -1 health, to Break Two
B: -U, -1 health, to Break Two

Break Two

A: multiple x4 - +H, to 18
B: to 18

Bad Cooking
18 (weird one, multiples and loops)
A: multiple x2 - +N, -K, loop back to 18, if chosen on loop go to Shinobu's
B: multiple x3 - +K, -N, to Shinobu's Food
C: to Shinobu's Food

Shinobu's Food
-1 health
A: +N, to 20
B: +K, to 20
C: to 20

20 (all answers look identical, but are not.)
A: to 21
B: +H, to 21
C: +H, to 21
D: to 21

A: to 22
B: -N, to 22
C: -K, to 22
D: -H, -K, -N, +U, to 22
E: -H, -K, -N, +U, to 22

A: -1 health, to 23
B: +N, +K, +U, +H, to 23

A: to 24
B: -1 health, to 24

A: to 25
B: -1 health, to 25

A: -H, to Escape
B: +H, to Escape


A: +1 health, +H, to 27
B: to 27

A: +H, +N, +1 Max Health, to End Chapter Two
B: +K, +U, -N, -1 health, to End Chapter Two

End Chapter Two
+2 health

Chapter Three
Motoko's intro
A: to 29
B: -1 health, to 29

A: to 30
B: +O, -1 health, to 30
C: -1 health, to 30

A: -1 health, to 31
B: +H, -1 health, to 31
C: -1 health, to 31
D: +K, to 31
E: -1 health, to 31

A: -1 health, to Break Three
B: +H, -1 health, to Break Three
C: +K, -1 health, to Break Three
D: +U, -1 health, to Break Three
E: +N, to Break Three

Break Three
+1 health

Wander Around...

Shinobu: 1)+1 health  2)nothing
Kitsune: nothing
Suu: 1)+U, -1 health  2)nothing
Naru: 1)Pep talk  2)+N  3)nothing

A: -O, to After Fight
B: -1 health, +1 health, to After Fight

After Fight
-1 health

A: -3 health, to End Chapter Three
B: -2 health, to End Chapter Three
C: -1 health, to End Chapter Three

End Chapter Three
+3 health
+1 Max Health (only if not obtained from choice 27-A)

Chapter Four
34 (all are identical)
A: to 35
B: to 35
C: to 35
D: to 35
E: to 35

A: to 37
B: to Seta's intro
C: -N, -1 health, to 36

A: **Leaving Hinatasou Ending**
B: to Date Time!
C: to Brief Vacation A

37 (loops)
A: to Mutsumi's intro
B: infinite loop to 37 until A is chosen

Mutsumi's intro
A: +M, *Mutsumi Added to Game*, to Brief Vacation B
B: to Brief Vacation A

Brief Vacation A
(no Mutsumi)
-1 health
to Seta's intro

Brief Vacation B
(with Mutsumi)
-1 health
A: +M, -1 health, to 40
B: -3 health, to 40
C: -M, -N, to 40

A: to End Chapter Four
B: to End Chapter Four

End Chapter Four
+2 health

Chapter Five
Seta's intro
(note: If reached via choice 34-B, Keitaro will not flash back to the bus
chase. Also, some dialogue at the beginning is different.)

Sara's intro
*Sara Added to Game*
A: -2 health, to 42
B: -1 health, to 42
C: -S, -1 health, to 42

A: +S, +1 health, +S, -2 health, to 43
B: -2 health, to 43

A: to End Chapter Five
B: to Assistant Job
C: +S, to Assistant Job

Assistant Job
(here you play a game with Sara-chan. Correctly answer her and you'll restore 1
health point. Answer incorrectly and you move on to the next question. There is
no correct answer to the third question, so the best possible score is 2-1. If
you fail completely, you will gain a heart with her after the quiz.)
44 (fast)
A: +1 health, to 45
B: to 45

45 (fast)
A: to 46
B: +1 health, to 46

46 (fast)
A: to Job's End
B: to Job's End

Job's End
(beat Sara-chan 2-1 to restore 1 health point here. Lose 0-3 to gain 1 heart
for her.)

End Chapter Five
+2 health

Chapter Six
Date Time!
Now it's time to take the girl of your dreams on a date. Naru, Shinobu,
Kitsune, Motoko, and Suu are always here. If you picked choice 38-A and added
Mutsumi to the game, she will be downstairs. If you took the Assistant's Job
with Seta, Sara will be downstairs also (regardless of how well you did on her

Or return to your room.

Keitaro's Room
1) A brief encounter with Suu, followed by a rudely interrupted "karaoke music
video" for Sakura Saku. Check it out!
2) Go back inside for...
A: back outside
B: Music Test 1
C: Music Test 2
D: Music Test 3
E: Music Test 4
F: Music Test 5

Once you choose 89-A, you can no longer access the Music Room. Each of the
other choices brings up a list of songs to play. The first choice on each list
returns you to 89.
3) Pace for a moment then return outside to decide who to date.

Date with Naru
A: -1 health, to 48
B: to 48

A: -1 health, -N, to Discovered!
B: to Discovered!


Then a branch:
If Mutsumi is NOT in your game, or has less than 3 hearts, then at this point
you will get **Naru's Ending**.
If Mutsumi IS in your game AND has 3 or more hearts then go to Promise

+2 health
A: -H, -N, -N, -1 health, to Date with Mutsumi
B: to 50

A: **Naru's Ending**
B: -H, -N, -N, -1 health, to Date with Mutsumi

Date with Shinobu
A: to Shinobu Flashbacks
B: to Quick Bath

Quick Bath
+2 health
to Shinobu Flashbacks

Shinobu Flashbacks
A: -1 health

A: -1 health

A: -1 health

A: -1 health

A: +2 health, -2 health, +H +H +H +H, **Shinobu's Ending**
B: -2 health, +H +H +H +H, **Shinobu's Ending**

Date with Kitsune
(Kit asks 8 questions. A chime will sound when you get one right. You'll hear
her say "Yoshaa!" after the eighth one. Also, it is possible to get **Haitani
and Shirai's Ending** if you don't have enough hearts, regardless of how many
you answer correctly)
A: +K, to 58
B: **Leaving Hinatasou Ending**

A: -1 health, to 59
B: -1 health, to 59
C: +K, chime, to 59
D: -1 health, to 59

A: -K, -1 health, to 60
B: -K, -1 health, to 60
C: +K, chime, to 60
D: -K, -1 health, to 60

A: chime, to 61
B: -1 health, to 61
C: -1 health, to 61

A: -U, -1 health, to 62
B: -U, -1 health, to 62
C: +U, chime, to 62


A: -K, to 63
B: chime, to 63
C: -K, to 63

A: -1 health, to 64
B: -1 health, to 64
C: -1 health, to 64
D: chime, to 64
E: -1 health, to 64

A: -1 health, to 65
B: -1 health, to 65
C: -K, -1 health, to 65
D: chime, -H, to 65

A: Yoshaa!, +K, -H, -1 health, to 66
B: -H, -1 health, to 66
C: +U, -1 health, to 66

A: -K, **Kitsune's Ending**
B: **Kitsune's Ending**

**Kitsune's Ending** is your reward for having 6 or more hearts for her. 5 or
less, and you've got **Haitani and Shirai's Ending**.

Date with Motoko
A: -1 health, to 68
B: +O, -1 health, to 68

A: -N, -1 health, to 69
B: -1 health, to 69

A: to 71
B: -K, -U, to 70
C: +O, -H, to 71

A: -1 health, infinite loop back to 69
B: -1 health, infinite loop back to 69
C: -1 health, infinite loop back to 69

A: to Streetcar
B: -N, to 72

A: +H, to Search
B: -1 health, +K, to Search
C: +U, -1 health, +U, to Search
D: -1 health, to Search

to Streetcar

73 (+O's are not shown because the meter is not shown, but the Pause screen
verifies them)
A: +O, +O, to Return
B: +O, to Return
C: to Return

-1 health
Ending: **Motoko's Ending** if she has 5 or more hearts
	**Haitani and Shirai's Ending** of she has 4 or less

Date with Suu
-3 health
A: -1 health, to 75
B: -1 health, to 75

A: -1 health, +N, -H, +K, to 76
B: -1 health, to 76


A: -1 health, to That Night
B: -1 health, to That Night

That Night
+2 health

A: -N, to 78
B: to 78
C: -N, -1 health, to 78

A: +U, -N, to 79
B: -U, to 79

A: -U, to Next Morning
B: +U, to Next Morning

Next Morning
-2 health
Ending: **Suu's Ending** 4 or more hearts
	**Leave Hinatasou Ending** 3 or fewer hearts

Date with Mutsumi
(these do not occur if you get here via the Promise branch of Date with Naru)

A: +M, -1 health, to 81
B: -1 health, to 81

A: -M, to 82
B: +M, to 82
C: to 82

A: to 83
B: +M, to 83

A: to Splash
B: -N, to Splash
C: -M, +N, +N, to Splash

-1 health
Ending: **Mutsumi's Ending** if she has more hearts than Naru
	**Naru's Ending** if she has more hearts than Mutsumi

Date with Sara

A: to 85
B: to 86

A: -1 health, to 87
B: +S, -1 health, to 87

A: -S, -1 health, to 87
B: -S, -1 health, to 87
C: -S, -1 health, to 87
D: +S, -1 health, to 87

A: -N, -1 health, to 88
B: +S, -1 health, to 88

A: to Drink Break
B: +S, to Drink Break
C: -S, to Drink Break

Drink Break

Chasing Sara (you must talk to everyone at least once to get her to appear
Kitsune: 1)-K,  2)nothing
Naru: 1)-1 health,  2)nothing
Motoko: 1)nothing,  2)nothing
Suu: 1)nothing,  2)nothing
Shinobu: 1)nothing,  2)nothing
-1 health
Ending: **Leaving Hinatasou Ending** if 6 or fewer hearts
	**Sara's Ending** if 7 or more hearts

::Author's Section

Version History

.7 - First version, old messy format - submitted to GameFAQs on 11.23.01

Special Thanks to:

Phoebe J.
 - for everything you do for me. I love you. Specifically for this guide, she
wrenched my GBA away and managed to get a few endings I was missing. Thanks

NCSX (www.ncsx.com)
 - these guys rule. For all your import gaming needs.

Lik-Sang Trading (www.lik-sang.com)
 - for all your import gaming hardware needs.

GameFAQS (www.gamefaqs.com)
 - for hosting this guide.

Various digisubbers and manga translation groups
 - for introducing me to Love Hina in the first place.

Thanks for reading!

Unpublished work Copyright 2001 David Bush. All rights reserved.
This document is protected by US Copyright Law, and the Berne Copyright
Convention of 1976. It is meant for private and personal use only. Any
reprinting or reproduction of any sort, in whole or in part, of this document,
is forbidden. Any reference, alteration, or similar misuse is also forbidden
without written permission of the creator and owner, David Bush
([email protected]).No profit may be made from this, nor can it be given "as a
gift" in a commercial exchange of any kind. All copyrights and trademarks are
acknowleged that are not specifically noted herein. Love Hina and its
characters are copyright 2001 Ken Akamatsu. Love Hina Advance is copyright 2001
Marvelous Entertainment, inc. This guide is found only at GameFAQS
(www.gamefaqs.com). Posting on other websites is strictly forbidden.

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