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sam @ games           DARK CLOUD 2 DARK CLOUD 2
                      DARK CLOUD 2 DARK CLOUD 2

1.chapter 4 [vecino]
2.chapter 5 [Heim rada]

         1.chapter 4 [vecino]

            hello this is my second FAQ hope it helps! well vecino is my favroite 
place when you get here you find out max HAS NEVER BEEN TO THE BEACH BEFORE! then 
you hear a cry you go into pau's house you start talking to him he says a cuss word 
then he leaves to find medicene after awhile shingala starts to leave the cave you 
try to catch him but he gets away. go to the sea cave and go through the dungons 
[while developing developeing vecino] then you get to a cave place and shingala is 
being controlled run out and go to the red lab in the future [you need claire] then 
talk to osmond you need an aquarium you need founitian,window,box then catch a fish 
go to osmond he'll give you an electric worm feed it to your fish then go back to 
the place shingala is and throw it in his mouth he'll be o.k. keep on going through 
the dungons at the end you see gaspard again this time you fight his apprentice 
Dr.Jamming hit the shigura's heads when he is above them.

        2.chapter 5 [Heim rada]

        o.k. this is interesting embers are falling from the sky when you get here 
go into the dungons then there is an area where the embers are coming from it's 
called the fire squall.the ridepod comes in handy [if you have the nova cannon] 
witch you can get by getting vecino 100% complete. use the nova cannon to shoot 
down gaspard's ship but monica's on the ship so you lose her so [make sure they are 
both strong]get to the end then there's lava in the way so go to the operation room 
in the future [you need gerald] then some guy gives you a flute thing I forgot his 
name. go back to the lava place and use the horn thing then the lava splits in half 
so you can walk across and fight the suped up gaspard.

polly-sells you bread.
meline-sells you sords and gives you bouns points up-grading sords.
adel-sells you fruit
julia-sells you armbands and bewitches enemys
claire-sells you gift capsules
parn-sells you paint and escapes dungons
sherrif blikhorn-monster notes
mayor need-medal exchange
gerald-sells you guns and gives you bouns points up-grading guns
cornine-sells hair orniments for monica and always gets angel coins
pau-gives advice and points out the monster with the gate key on the map.
fabio-sells you fish bait and makes bait
olive-sells you lures
granny rosa-sells you amulets and makes cheeze
fernandi-sells you premium chicken
dr.dell-sells you medicene and gives you check-ups

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