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|                                 Dead Island                                 |
|                       Walkthrough By: redapocalypse04                       |
|                  Contact: [email protected]                  |
|                                Version: 1.00                                |

                           ||                     ||
                           ||  Table of Contents  ||
                           ||                     ||

I. Extras________________________________________________________________[EXT1]

II. Walkthrough____________________________________________________________[W0]

    Chaos Overture_________________________________________________________[W1]

    Blood on the Sand______________________________________________________[W2]

    Passport to Life_______________________________________________________[W3]


    To Kill Time___________________________________________________________[W5]

    A Piece of Cake________________________________________________________[W6]


    Born to be Wild________________________________________________________[W8]

    Black Hawk Down________________________________________________________[W9]

    Misery Wagon__________________________________________________________[W10]

    Only the Strong Survive_______________________________________________[W11]

    On the Road/Ram on Heaven's Door______________________________________[W12]

    Sacred Silence________________________________________________________[W13]

    Drowned Hope__________________________________________________________[W14]

    Drop By Drop__________________________________________________________[W15]

    Way of Salvation______________________________________________________[W16]

    Let the Waters Flow___________________________________________________[W17]

    Head Against the Wall/Supermarket Journey_____________________________[W18]

    Bitter Return_________________________________________________________[W19]

    Lady in Trouble_______________________________________________________[W20]

    Home Sweet Home_______________________________________________________[W21]


    Welcome to the Jungle_________________________________________________[W23]

    Chasing Shadows_______________________________________________________[W24]

    Soldier of Fortune____________________________________________________[W25]

    King of the Swamp/River Trip__________________________________________[W26]

    House of Science______________________________________________________[W27]

    Man of Faith__________________________________________________________[W28]

    Demonic Science_______________________________________________________[W29]

    Pure Blood____________________________________________________________[W30]

    Hard Talk/Boat Supplies_______________________________________________[W31]

    Back in Black_________________________________________________________[W32]

    No Time to Talk_______________________________________________________[W33]

    The Green Mile________________________________________________________[W34]

    Full Metal Jacket_____________________________________________________[W35]

    Dante's Kitchen_______________________________________________________[W36]

    Devil's Labyrinth_____________________________________________________[W37]

    Chasing the White Rabbit______________________________________________[W38]

    On the Edge___________________________________________________________[W39]

III. Technical___________________________________________________________[TECH]

                                ||          ||
                                ||  Extras  ||                           [EXT1]
                                ||          ||

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{Cheats and Glitches}

It should truly come as no surprise that Dead Island, a massive free-roaming 
RPG, is loaded with bugs, glitches and other problems.

Weapon duplication and other Glitches :

Xbox 360:


Dead Island has 48 achievements with a total of 1000 gamerscore to earn. If you
want some help unlocking all of those bad boys, please refer to this
achievement/trophy guide written by Kenneth Stubs (aka OmegaMustard) that is 
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                              ||               ||
                              ||  Walkthrough  ||                          [W0]
                              ||               ||

                              | ============== |
                              |                |
                              | Chaos Overture |                           [W1]
                              |                |
                              | ============== |

After choosing your character, you wind up in your hotel room. Use the Left
Thumbstick to move and the Right Thumbstick to look. Head into the bathroom
for a Medium Medkit. Look at your mini-map. The white dots tell you where you
need to go, so head to the door and open it. In the hallway, go left first, 
into a nearby room. Here you'll find some things to open up and loot. Get used
to this "explore and loot" gameplay. You'll benefit greatly by finding more 
and more items in out of the way places. Now follow the white dots, checking
the luggage as you go for more items.

When you get to the end, enter the room to your left and turn on your 
flashlight. The icon that pops up shows how much energy you have left in the 
light. It recharges though, so simply turn it off when you don't need it. 
After scavenging items, use the next door. It's locked, so you'll have to 
bust through it. Hold down on the Right Thumbstick and a line will start moving
up and down. Push up on the Right Thumbstick when the line is in the middle of
the large bar to do the most damage. Keep doing this until you break the door

Keep going until you reach a set of double doors that are barricaded from the
other side. You'll need to head out onto the balcony. After the short cutscene,
move to the elevator shaft and open the hatch on top of the elevator. Hop in
and another cutscene pops up. Crouch to get out of the elevator once the doors
open. You'll eventually turn right and head down a hallway. Shortly after 
doing this, though, zombies come from the rooms up ahead. Turn around and head
back the other way, through a set of doors that are now open. Run far enough
to trigger a couple of cutscenes that end this quest.

                             | ================= |
                             |                   |
                             | Blood on the Sand |                         [W2]
                             |                   |
                             | ================= |

After the cutscenes, you wake up in a hut with a bunch of other survivors. 
In the bathroom you'll find an energy drink, although it's really unnecessary
since you have full health. If you look on one of the boxes near the bed, 
you'll find your first collectable: the Banoi Herald excerpt #1. There's a 
woman named Jeannine talking to a guy named Wayne near the exit. If you walk
past her, she gives you the next quest. Use the door and Wayne will tell you 
to pick up a weapon before you head outside. Grab the paddle next to the door.

Once outside, you'll find yourself having to fend out several zombies. Use the
Right Trigger to swing the paddle, and use the Left Bumper to kick. Kicking 
has several advantages. For starters, it doesn't degrade your current weapon,
since you're obviously not using it. It also tends to knock zombies down, 
where you can continue kicking them until they die. Finally, it uses up no 
stamina, meaning you can just cram on that button as much as you want. Still,
the paddle does more damage, and there is no shortage of paddles around, so
let them have it. If a zombie gets on you, you'll have to press the Left 
Trigger and then the Right Trigger to get him off. Kill all of the zombies 
attacking Sinamoi to end this quest.

                             | ================ |
                             |                  |
                             | Passport to Life |                          [W3]
                             |                  |
                             | ================ |

Talk to Sinamoi to get this quest. After doing so, remember to put a point 
in one of your skill trees. You can also talk to Steven in the back of the 
hut for a side quest. Follow the white dots to the bungalows. There are plenty
of zombies here that look dead until you get close. When you finally get to 
Sinamoi's bungalow, you'll notice a guy, Ted B., in the pool. You can talk to
him, but nothing really happens.

Inside the bungalow you'll immediately run into a zombie. There's a locked 
door you need to bust open. After that, check the bathroom for one last 
zombie, then pick up the nearby lifeguard keycard and head back to Sinamoi.
Don't forget to get the Nail'd Mod from him after completing the quest.

                                   | ====== |
                                   |        |
                                   | Exodus |                              [W4]
                                   |        |
                                   | ====== |

Talk to Sinamoi again to get this quest. You'll need to head down the 
beach towards the Lifeguard Tower. On your way, you'll come across a guy 
trapped in a truck. Kill all of the zombies surrounding him and he'll get out
and lead you into the nearby building. In here you'll find some loot and a 
collectable, but there's also a Workbench in the back. Here you can repair and
upgrade your weapons, and even construct new ones using the proper materials.

Keep going along the beach. You'll undoubtedly come across a new type of 
zombie: the Infected. These guys are fast as hell, but they scream loudly when
they see you, so you'll know when you need to start looking around. When you 
finally get up to the lifeguard tower, kill all of the zombies, but don't use
the keypad that opens the garage door yet. Instead, place a propane tank or 
two in front of the door, and then equip a weapon you don't mind throwing, 
like a small knife. Now use the keypad.

When the door opens, you'll be presented with another new type of zombie: the
Thug. These guys take a lot of damage, and they also deal a lot of damage. If
they hit you, they'll knock you down. Fortunately, they're also very slow. 
Aim at the propane tank you've placed, and when the Thug is near it, throw your
weapon at it. The ensuing explosion should be enough to kill the Thug outright.
Now enter the tower. In the garage you'll find another Workbench. Clear out 
the lower floor and the roof, then contact Sinamoi on the radio to end this 

                               | ============ |
                               |              |
                               | To Kill Time |                            [W5]
                               |              |
                               | ============ |

This quest actually consists of two side quests. You'll need to help Mike and
Dominic with their respective tasks. You'll find Dominic on the roof with 
you, by the ladder leading up to the antenna. He gives you the On the Air 
quest. Mike is just outside of the lifeguard tower, by the railing and a pile
of bodies. He gives you the Ashes to Ashes quest. Also, don't forget to speak
with Hank in the garage. If you get four car parts from nearby wrecked cars 
and give them to him, he'll fix the truck up and you can drive it. It's a lot
faster and safer than walking everywhere.

{On the Air}

Head up the road towards the lighthouse. There are plenty of zombies to kill 
on the way. After a while, you should notice an area on the right side of 
the road with white paving. There are three vehicles here. You can drive one 
of them, the truck, if you want. Once at the lighthouse, walk up to the guy 
named Colin. He'll instruct you to follow him into the lighthouse. Once 
inside, head to the top of the lighthouse and talk to James. You can now 
talk to the people around here for side quests. To move forward with this 
quest, though, you'll need to talk to Darvin.

Once you've completed his quest, he lets you into the "warehouse", which is 
just a storage room with a Workbench and the signal amplifier. Pick it up and 
head back to Dominic to finish this quest.

{A Ray of Hope}

Talk to Darvin, who is standing in front of the warehouse door. You'll need
to accomplish his side quest to get into the warehouse, so head over to the
golden bungalows area. When you get to Marcus, you find him in a fenced-in 
area beset by zombies. Kill the zombies and he'll send you off to fix the 
other transformer. Once you get there, head downstairs and turn on all the 
power units inside. Now head back outside and prepare to deal with two 
Infected that come your way. You'll face a few more on your way back to 
Marcus. Talk to him when you get there, get some money from him, and head 
back to Darvin.

{Ashes to Ashes}

Head to the gas station and talk to the guy at the window. He opens the door.
Now head to the back and talk to Dan Mark. Now head out the back and take 
care of the zombie here. Throw the propane tank here onto the roof and climb 
up there. You need to drop into the warehouse on the side of the gas station.
The problem? There's a Thug in there, along with some other zombies. Your 
best bet is to toss the propane tank down there, wait until the Thug wanders 
by it, and then throw a weapon at it while you're still on the roof.

Or you can drop down and do the same thing, but you'll probably take a nice
chunk of damage. Either way, clear this area out, remove the barricades on 
the doors, and turn the power on. Grab an empty canister in here and place
it next to the closest gas pump. The game shows you where to put it. Four 
Infected will show up around this time, so deal with them, then fill the 
canister up. Once it's full, stick it in the back of the truck that was in 
the warehouse (or in your own truck) and take it back to Mike to end this 

                              | =============== |
                              |                 |
                              | A Piece of Cake |                          [W6]
                              |                 |
                              | =============== |

All you have to do here is bring Sinamoi three cans of food. You can find 
Canned Food in bars around the island. There are two bars on the beach that 
jut out into the water, and there's at least one more around the bungalow 
area nearby. You shouldn't have too much problem finding these. You'll 
probably already have some if you've explored previous to this. They count as
miscellaneous items and as such, don't take up space in your inventory.

                                | =========== |
                                |             |
                                | Seek'N'Loot |                            [W7]
                                |             |
                                | =========== |

You now have to get some juice boxes from two gas stations. Head to the first 
one and clear out the surrounding area. Inside you'll find a zombie and a 
Thug. However, they don't seem to be able to leave the gas station, at least
not in my game. If this is the case for you, you can simply stand at the door
and beat them until they go down. Head behind the counter in here for the 
juice box, load it into the back of a truck, and head to the second gas 

The next gas station is boarded up, so you need to get onto the roof and 
drop in from there. Unfortunately, the area around the ladder is covered in 
a liquid, and there's electricity flowing through it. You'll need to shut off 
three switches to make it safe. The first switch is in an open shed-type 
thing right by the gas station. There are a lot of surfboards in here, and 
you'll find the switch near the back.

The second switch is inside the closed shed behind the gas station. Go 
behind the shed and hop over the fence. Grab the nearby propane tank and take
it to the side door. Kill the zombie and then open the door. Inside there are 
multiple zombies, including two Thugs and an Infected. Use the propane tank
to wipe most of them out, then hit the switch in here. There's also a 
Workbench if you need it.

If you use the mini-map compass, the third switch is Northeast of the gas 
station. If you are using the main map, the switch looks like it's Southwest
of the gas station. Either way, it's on top of a tunnel that doesn't lead 
anywhere. The tunnel does, however, spawn flaming Infected indefinitely, so 
don't waste any time. The bottom rungs of the ladder you need to use are gone,
so pull your truck up to it and use that to get on it. Hit the final switch up
top and head back to the station.

Kill the surrounding zombies and get onto the roof. Here you'll find a Walker
and a Thug. Once they're down, break the glass on the small roof area and 
drop inside the store. Load your truck up with another juice pack and head 
back to the lifeguard tower. Put the juice packs in the garage where the game
indicates and then talk to Sinamoi to finish the quest.

                              | =============== |
                              |                 |
                              | Born to be Wild |                          [W8]
                              |                 |
                              | =============== |

For this you'll need to head back to the hotel. Your objective is a Hotel 
Security Keycard laying on the ground outside the hotel. Unfortunately, there
are two Thugs standing directly over it. Kill them, get the keycard, and 
enter the hotel. Inside, you'll fight through zombies until you reach a guy
named Mike Davies. He tells you to find someone named Ken.

Drop down into the elevator in between you and Mike and continue on. In the
kitchen area, you'll start facing more zombies, including a Thug. Keep going
until you find yourself inside the walls, with some pipes and a bunch of 
steam. Infected roam these areas, so be on your guard. You'll soon come to a 
room with a Workbench. Repair your weapons if you need to. The next door leads
to a swimming pool. There are quite a few zombies in here, including Infected.
Funnel them into the Workbench room to make things easier.

After a while you'll find yourself going up some stairs. A few zombies rush
you from the top, and there are even more zombies as you move along that area.
There's also a bar/food shop here though, with some snacks and energy drinks.
Bust open the locked door at the end. You'll find Ken in a closet in this 
next room. He asks you to go get him some morphine from a medkit, so keep 
going forward.

Fortunately, the morphine is just a couple rooms over. Unfortunately, you'll
have to deal with a few zombies and a Thug before you can get to it. Take 
the morphine back to Ken once you've got it. Unfortunately, it doesn't help 
much. Head on, through the groups of zombies, until you finally meet up with
Mike Davies in the control room.

He sends you off to the nearby server room. There's a Walker and a Thug to 
deal with when you enter. The largest room also has several Walkers. Take them
all down and use the four computers to reboot the server, then head back to 
Davies. You can now head down to the parking garage. You'll have to deal with
a few Walkers, a Thug, and an Infected once you're down there. Get in the 
truck to leave the hotel.

After the cutscene, you'll be outside of the truck, for what appears to be 
no reason. Get back in it and mow down the Infected coming your way, then head
back to Sinamoi to finish this quest.

                              | =============== |
                              |                 |
                              | Black Hawk Down |                          [W9]
                              |                 |
                              | =============== |

Sinamoi sends you out to the wreckage of a helicopter. You'll need to go up
to the lighthouse and then work your way down the back of it on foot. There 
are a few zombies here, but the resistance doesn't really pick up until you 
trigger a cutscene that introduces you to a new zombie type: the Suicider. 
These guys like to get close to you and then explode, doing massive damage.
Throw weapons at them from far away to take them down.

Soon you'll reach a survivor: Nikolai. You'll have to escort him to a bunker
safely. This is pretty easy. The first wave of zombies that attack can't even
reach Nikolai, as he stays on a ledge above. Kill them and head on. A few 
Infected will come running your way when you get close to the bunker. After
this, there's nothing left to do but follow Nikolai into the bunker. You'll
find a Workbench in there. Head back to Sinamoi to complete this quest.

                               | ============ |
                               |              |
                               | Misery Wagon |                           [W10]
                               |              |
                               | ============ |

This is a fairly short quest. After talking to Sinamoi, get in the truck and
drive to the workshop. Once there, run over any zombies you come across. There
are a few Walkers trying to get into the actual workshop. Once you get out of
the truck, however, a few Infected will come running your way. Once the area's
clear, the people in the workshop open it up for you.

                          | ======================= |
                          |                         |
                          | Only the Strong Survive |                     [W11]
                          |                         |
                          | ======================= |

Talk to the mechanic. Leave the workshop and the door closes behind you while
he works on the truck. You're now stuck out here, tasked with fending off 
waves of zombies. They are all of the Infected variety, by the way. There's a
good chance that trying to go toe to toe with all of these guys will simply 
get you killed, so I recommend hopping on top of some barrels. It's just high
enough so they can't hit you, but you can still crouch down and hit them. If 
you prefer ranged attacks, there are a couple of ladders to climb that puts you
out of harm's way. After about five minutes of this, the mechanic is finished,
which ends this quest.

                     | ================================ |
                     |                                  |
                     | On the Road/Ram on Heaven's Door |                 [W12]
                     |                                  |
                     | ================================ |

Talk to Jin and hop in the truck. The On the Road quest is simply you driving
into the city. Once there, head up the steps. In the courtyard just outside 
the church, you'll see a bunch of Walkers trying to get in and a Ram 
wandering around. Rams are powerful zombies that like to charge at you or 
kick you, doing a lot of damage. Fortunately, this one cannot leave the 
courtyard. As soon as you enter the courtyard you'll notice a propane tank to 
your right. Use that to defeat the Ram (and the other zombies, if you can).
When the courtyard is clear, the occupants of the church open the doors for 

                              | ============== |
                              |                |
                              | Sacred Silence |                          [W13]
                              |                |
                              | ============== |

Talk to Mother Helen and she'll direct to you to a locked door. You need to 
kill the Thug inside the next room, take the keys off of him, and use the 
control box in here to turn the bells off. Also, don't forget to pick up the 
Toxic Mod blueprint laying on the desk.

                               | ============ |
                               |              |
                               | Drowned Hope |                           [W14]
                               |              |
                               | ============ |

After talking to Mother Helen, head off towards the pump station. It's pretty
far, so get used to wandering through the streets, taking out group after 
group of zombies. There are also Infected and Suiciders roaming about. 
If you don't have anything to throw at a Suicider, remember that you can get 
close to them to trigger their "explosion timer", which lasts for a couple of 
seconds before they actually go off. More than enough time to backpedal and 
get clear of the explosion.

When you actually get to the pump station, you'll face a new type of enemy:
humans. A gang has taken control of the station, and they're armed. With guns.
Rush towards the front door and beat down the guy that comes out as quickly as 
possible. Grab his gun and let loose on the other enemies, including the ones
on the roof. Holding down the Left Trigger lets you aim down the sights, while
press Y reloads your weapon. Inside the pump station you'll find more armed
bad guys.

You'll move through the station for a few minutes killing enemies. Eventually 
you exit the station, kill more enemies, and free Antonio, who is trapped in
the small building back there. Follow him back up to the control room to 
finish this quest.

                               | ============ |
                               |              |
                               | Drop By Drop |                           [W15]
                               |              |
                               | ============ |

You're now being sent out to close some fire hydrants. The first hydrant is 
guarded by a few Walkers, an Infected, and a Thug. The second hydrant is 
guarded by a Ram. Also, when approaching him, watch out for flaming Infected
that like to come out of nowhere. They can easily surround you here. If you 
picked up a lot of guns, taking the Ram out shouldn't be a problem. There's a 
propane tank in the area, by a dumpster, if you need it.

The third hydrant is farther away. When you get there, you'll have to deal 
with Walkers, Infected, a Thug, and a Suicider. The fourth fire hydrant is 
guarded by Walkers, Infected, and a Ram. If you go North (using the mini-map 
compass) of the square that the hydrant is in, you'll find a closed gate. 
Outside of this gate there is a propane tank, along with energy drinks and 
other goodies. There's also a Workbench just West of the hydrant.

There's a Ram on the way to the next hydrant. You're better off just 
outrunning him and leaving him behind. Once you get to the hydrant, you'll 
have to deal with Walkers, Infected, and a Thug. Close it and go talk to 
Mother Helen to end this quest.

                             | ================ |
                             |                  |
                             | Way of Salvation |                         [W16]
                             |                  |
                             | ================ |

Speak with Joseph out in the courtyard. You'll now have to escort him to the
sewers entrance. On the way you'll encounter plenty of zombies, but nothing 
too challenging. Most of the time you'll need to wipe out the zombies in your
path, but sometimes Joseph will just run past them. As long as he keeps 
running, you can keep running, leaving some zombies behind. When you get to 
the sewers entrance, don't forget to get the cash off of Joseph, then head 

                            | =================== |
                            |                     |
                            | Let the Waters Flow |                       [W17]
                            |                     |
                            | =================== |

Head to the ladder and climb it. Up here there are two valves to turn. There
are also two zombies to kill. Once the valves are turned, the water stops 
flowing, so you can climb back down the ladder and cross the broken 
catwalk. Head up the next ladder and into the control room. Be careful, 
though, because a Suicider wanders in from the other door. Use the controls 
to completely drain the main room, then head back there.

You'll have to deal with a new enemy: the Floater. They take a bit of damage
to kill, and they like to spit some kind of acid at you. Although it may look
like it, they do not explode when killed, so feel free to beat the hell out of
them. Kill all zombies in here, including the Infected guy, to update the 

After opening the next door, you'll head into an open area filled with zombies
and a Floater. The Floater doesn't come up until you get near him, so let the
Walkers come to you, clear them out, then approach the middle area and you'll
find the Floater underwater. Keep kicking him and he won't even have a chance
to get up. Further ahead you encounter another group of zombies, along with a 
Thug. Kill them and go down the ramp. You'll quickly encounter another Thug, 
a Walker, and a Suicider.

Keep going until you round a bend and pass an open gate. Shortly after this, 
keep an eye out on the left side for a Floater that likes to ambush you. A bit
after this you enter a room with a Walker, an Infected, and a Thug. There's a 
door on the left side of this room that leads to a Workbench. The tunnels up 
ahead have a couple of Suiciders in them. After a bunch of zombie-slaying, 
you'll finally reach the end.

                 | ========================================= |
                 |                                           |
                 | Head Against the Wall/Supermarket Journey |            [W18]
                 |                                           |
                 | ========================================= |

After heading upstairs and talking to the Mayor, head back upstairs and talk
to a man named Josh. Now head all the way downstairs and talk to the guard.
He wants you to bring him a bottle of alcohol. If you don't already have 
some, head up a couple of floor and enter the Mayor's office again. This time,
look for a bottle on the shelf. Bring it back down and the guard will let you

You're now heading back into the sewers. The water in here is toxic, but you 
won't be in the sewers for long. Watch out for Suiciders and make your way to
the exit. Outside of the sewers, turn the valve when you reach it. On the 
other side you'll face a few Walkers and an Infected. There are more Walkers
up ahead, along with a Floater. In the room after this, four Infected come 
rushing you.

Soon you enter the actual supermarket, which is filled with gang members. Kill
the first punk and grab his gun. There are plenty of armed foes in here, but
there's also a ton of healing supplies laying around, so don't fret too much.
The thugs soon block your way forward, so you'll have to take a side path, 
which involves zombies. The first room has a single Walker and the next has a 
Walker and two Infected. After that you'll enter a room with a Ram. You can 
try to ignore him and open the locked door, but you'll have to be quick to 
open it. Sometimes he lets you go, sometimes he doesn't.

The next locked door leads to more thugs. The thugs hiding out in the back 
areas wield assault rifles, so be careful. They can do more damage than you 
realize. Once everybody's dead, load the supplies up to finish this quest.

                               | ============= |
                               |               |
                               | Bitter Return |                          [W19]
                               |               |
                               | ============= |

You're back in the sewers again. Deal with the Suicider and Infected. The rest 
of the sewer area is pretty simple and short, since you've already been through
here. However, once you're back in city hall, you'll find that it's been 
overrun by zombies. Head upstairs and out onto the balcony area overlooking 
the center square. You'll find a grenade on a zombie up here pretty quickly.
Use it to deal with the Ram, Suicider, and other assorted zombies down below
in the square.

Work your way around to the Mayor's office. On your way you can man a machine
gun that overlooks the street and lay waste to several zombies. You'll soon
come to Mayor Todd. Well, Zombie Mayor Todd. He acts like a Thug, so don't get
closer than you have to. Once he's down, get his universal key and loot his 
office, then go back the way you came. Head downstairs, fight off the Infected,
and kill the Thug. There's a Workbench in the room with the Thug as well, 
if you need it. Enter the sewers when you're ready.

This is simply more of the same, though you'll be taking a different way out.
There are plenty of zombies to take care of, including Infected, Floaters, 
Suiciders, and even a Thug or two. Nothing you haven't seen before. Once back
in the city, head to the church to complete this quest.

                              | =============== |
                              |                 |
                              | Lady in Trouble |                         [W20]
                              |                 |
                              | =============== |

After talking to Mother Helen, head back outside. Joseph is laying on the 
ground at the bottom of the stairs, so talk to him. You're going to have to 
head back into the sewers. Again. Fight your way through the city streets for a
while. Nothing significant happens here. You eventually come to a manhole in
the middle of the street. Use it to descend into the sewers. This sewer 
segment doesn't take too long, though there are a few Floaters and some 
Infected to deal with.

Once you get inside the police station, you'll find that it's been mostly 
overrun by infected. There are Suiciders and Infected around, along with the 
normal zombies. You'll soon reach a point where you start fighting gang 
members. They are your only enemy until you reach Jin. You'll know you're 
getting close to her when you fight enemies with automatic weapons. Opening
the final door triggers a cutscene. After this, you're automatically placed 
in front of the church with the truck. Talk to Jin to finish the quest.

                              | =============== |
                              |                 |
                              | Home Sweet Home |                         [W21]
                              |                 |
                              | =============== |

After talking to Jin, talk to Mother Helen. Now head back down to the car 
and hop in. You'll be taken back to the resort. Drive to the lifeguard tower 
and talk to Sinamoi. He sends you off to the hotel. All you have to do is 
drive there and use the front door. This triggers a cutscene. After it's done,
head back to the lifeguard tower and talk to Mike on the roof. He'll make a 
bomb for you. Now head down and talk to Jin. You'll actually have completed
about four or five small quests here.

                                | ========== |
                                |            |
                                | Devastator |                            [W22]
                                |            |
                                | ========== |

Get in the truck with Jin and drive to the waypoint. Here, you'll have to get
out and protect Jin as you both head towards the bunker. You'll have to hold 
off Infected two at a time at certain points. When you get to the bunker, 
clear out the zombies and the Thug and arm the explosives on the door. Head 
back up the stairs and wait for Jin to approach you. Once the explosives go 
off, this quest is complete.

                           | ===================== |
                           |                       |
                           | Welcome to the Jungle |                      [W23]
                           |                       |
                           | ===================== |

Enter the bunker and use the Workbench inside if you need to, then head into
the manhole. You'll come out in the jungle area. Hop inside the jeep here and
drive down to the waypoint. Now you need to get out and clear the zombies 
from beneath the bridge. There's a Floater here too. After this, simply follow
Jin to the village. You can ignore any zombies you pass if you want.

                              | =============== |
                              |                 |
                              | Chasing Shadows |                         [W24]
                              |                 |
                              | =============== |

Once you get the quest, head into the canyon. Here you'll fight a few zombies.
In the next village there are more zombies, including a Floater. There is a 
propane tank laying on the ground in the area with the Floater, and there's
another one on the first roof you can access. Keep one of these with you. 
When the Floater area is clear, take the propane tank and carry it until you
hit the cutscene. You will be introduced to a new enemY: the Butcher. These 
guys are fast and powerful. They like to use their arm bones to slice and 
dice. Use the propane tank to make short work of this one and continue on.

After crossing the wooden bridge, you'll come up behind some men. A firefight
will inevitably ensue. Keep working your way down towards the water, but do 
NOT get overzealous here. Make sure you take everyone out before moving 
forward. Not only are there more humans than it appears, there are also zombies
lurking around. A Floater or two is probably in the water, and Infected like to
come out of nowhere. Take your time with this and make your way to the other 
side of the creek. Here you'll find a working jeep with a weapon crate behind
it. Load the crate into the jeep and drive it back across the creek. Load up 
the other crate that you passed up before and head back to Matutero. Take the
crates out and stack them outside of the hut, then talk to Matutero to finish
the quest.

                             | ================== |
                             |                    |
                             | Soldier of Fortune |                       [W25]
                             |                    |
                             | ================== |

Hop in the jeep and head over to Afran's village. On the way you'll encounter
a group of Afran's men in a firefight with a survivor. Wipe them out and the 
survivor will give you some cash. At the village, take out the two guards 
in the watchtowers and get on top of the wall. Inside the watchtower you'll
find a machine gun. Use it to clear out the area up ahead, then drop down into
the village and move on. There are more enemies to deal with, including one 
inside of the bus in the middle of the village.

You'll fight your way through the village and along the beach houses for 
several minutes. After the cutscene, you finally take on Afran. He's the guy
with the SWAT gear in the top middle of the area you're facing. There are two
soldiers on either side up top as well. He takes a lot of damage, but there
are a few health items scattered around. Just keep ticking away at his 
health with gunfire and you'll take him down eventually. Make sure his 
soldiers are also down, then break open the door. Grab the Phoenix Mod in 
here, then get on the boat and use it to complete this quest.

                        | ============================ |
                        |                              |
                        | King of the Swamp/River Trip |                  [W26]
                        |                              |
                        | ============================ |

Talking to Matutero deposits you in the general area of Mowen's hut. Head up 
to the hut and talk to Mowen to start the next quest, River Trip. Now go back
to the boat and use it. When you dock again, go to the right and get in the 
jeep here. Drive through the hordes of zombies until you reach the laboratory.
There are plenty more zombies to deal with here, and there's also another jeep.
Inside the building you'll find a couple of zombies. Take them out and head 
through the door. There are scientists in here. Head to Dr. West and talk to 
him to finish this quest.

                              | ================ |
                              |                  |
                              | House of Science |                        [W27]
                              |                  |
                              | ================ |

You'll need to help some scientsits in the area complete side quests before 
you can move on in the story.

{Rats in the Lab}

Talk to Bob, then step into the nearby decontamination chamber. There are a 
few zombies to deal with in the next hallway. After they're all gone, head 
back to Bob to finish this quest properly.

{Power Slaves}

Talk to Will. The white dots on your mini-map tell you to move through the 
inside of the building. Ignore them. Head outside and after exiting the door
keep going forward. You'll be going around the right side of the building (the
right side if you're facing it, that is). Eventually you move through a gate
and head down a ramp. The warehouse ahead has a Ram inside it, and as far as 
I can tell, there's no real way to make this any easier. Also, after a minute
or so, a bunch of zombies come for you. They're mostly Infected, but there's 
also a Butcher in there. Take them all out and grab the fuses in the back. 

Two of the Walkers in the warehouse raise up when you go to leave. Head 
downstairs and kill the few Walkers, then insert the fuse into the breaker 
box in the building down here. You'll face a few Infected on your way back to
the laboratory. There are also several Walkers, but you can outrun them if you

                               | ============ |
                               |              |
                               | Man of Faith |                           [W28]
                               |              |
                               | ============ |

Get in the jeep and head towards the waypoint. Once you get there, you'll find
that the main gate is closed. There is a side path to the left of the gate 
that you can use to get into the village. Once there, hop into the arena and 
you'll have to fight off waves of Infected, usually two at a time. After a few
waves, you'll have to take on two Infected and a Warrior, who appears to be a 
stronger Infected. Once they're all down, get the blood sample from the 
Warrior and head back to West to finish this quest.

                              | =============== |
                              |                 |
                              | Demonic Science |                         [W29]
                              |                 |
                              | =============== |

You'll be doing a couple more side quests here.

{Substance of Matter}

Talk to Frank to get this. You'll need to head to a warehouse just behind the
main building. On your way you encounter a few Walkers and a Floater. Once 
inside the warehouse, there are a few more Walkers to deal with. Grab the 
container and carry it back to Frank, then set it down by the door to finish
this quest.

{Rotting Flesh}

Talk to the Scientist in the operating room to get this quest. You'll need to
head to a house just up the hill from the lab. Outside this house, fight off
the Walkers, Infected, and two Butchers, then head inside. You'll find 
zombified versions of Nick and John in here. Kill them and get tissue samples
from both, then head back to the scientist to complete this quest.

                                 | ========== |
                                 |            |
                                 | Pure Blood |                           [W30]
                                 |            |
                                 | ========== |

If you are doing this alone, make sure you have a molotov or a grenade or some
kind of powerful area of effect weapon. You will need it.

Head back up to Ope's village and talk to him. You'll now have to escort him 
back to your boat. The first enemy you encounter is a Thug. After taking him
down, you'll come across a few Walkers. The next group contains Walkers and a 
Thug. After this, it's a straight shot to the boat.

In the next area, you'll quickly encounter some Walkers and a Floater. Further
on, you enter the village. This part can be extremely hard if you're doing it 
solo. The village contains a Thug, a Butcher, and a bunch of Walkers, and most
of them focus on Ope. The problem? Ope can take VERY little damage. If you have
a molotov/grenade, use it on a cluster of enemies. This makes things a lot 

After clearing that out, keep going. You'll fight a few more zombies until 
you get to a bridge. On this bridge, take out the Butcher and two Infected 
that head your way. You soon come across another smaller bridge, but it's 
raised. Drop down below the bridge and jump across the gap, then use the 
ladder to get up to the other side and hit the lever here. Keep going now 
until you trigger a cutscene.

You'll now have to follow Yerema as she runs down a path filled with zombies.
The point is to try and outrun them, but sometimes Yerema will stop for 
apparently no reason, which means you'll have to stop. Which means you'll 
probably be swamped by several Infected. Either way, keep going until you 
trigger the next cutscene. You now have to head down and help Mowen fight off
several Zombies, including a Thug and a Floater. This isn't nearly as hard as
your fight with Ope against the zombies in the village, so take them out and
head to the boat with Yerema.

When you get back to the main jungle area, you'll have to escort Yerema through
more zombies. When you reach a metal bridge, prepare to deal with a Butcher and
some Infected. The rest of the way back to the lab is pretty barren, save for 
a few Walkers. Once there, talk to West to finally end this quest.

                          | ======================= |
                          |                         |
                          | Hard Talk/Boat Supplies |                     [W31]
                          |                         |
                          | ======================= |

Go talk to Mowen, then use the boat to travel back to the city. Here you'll 
have to pick up a package for Mowen and some gas. Head out into the city and
before long you'll pass in front of the pump station that you visited 
previously. You should notice a yellow wheel on your mini-map, which means 
there's a truck here. Get in it. It'll be very useful since there's a Ram 
and some other zombies in front of the area with Mowen's package. Make sure 
you drive out of the far entrance of the pump station though. There are 
barricades on the street between the nearest entrance and the far entrance.

Once you get to the docks, clear out the zombies and use the ladder to get 
on top of the containers. The last container you enter will have the 
package, along with a couple of locked boxes. Get the package and head off 
towards the gas station. If you're driving, be very careful here. There are a 
couple of Suiciders wandering around, and hitting one of them will kill you.
If you want to go on foot, you can. It's not that far and there's another 
truck at the gas station. Once there, load the two gas cans into the back of a
truck and get back to Mowen. You'll have to carry the cans yourself for the 
last several meters. Talk to Mowen and use the boat to get back to the resort.

                               | ============= |
                               |               |
                               | Back in Black |                          [W32]
                               |               |
                               | ============= |

Head to the back of the warehouse. You'll have to fight through some Walkers,
a few Infected, and a Thug to get there. There are metal rods behind the 
warehouse that you need to pick up and take back to the boat. Don't forget 
that there's also a Workbench and some medical supplies inside the warehouse 
if you need it. Once you get back to the boat, a cutscene triggers and then 
you automatically head back to the jungle.

                              | =============== |
                              |                 |
                              | No Time to Talk |                         [W33]
                              |                 |
                              | =============== |

Get in the jeep and drive through the zombies to get to the lab. Inside you'll
find a bunch of Walkers. Kill them all and use the computer on the table in 
the center of the last room to free Yerema. You now need the antidote, which 
is in one of the mini-fridges in this room. It's the one where the door opens 
all the way when you use it. Now use the radio. Like the prompt says, you 
will not be able to return to the island once you finish this quest, so be 

                               | ============== |
                               |                |
                               | The Green Mile |                         [W34]
                               |                |
                               | ============== |

After making your way to Titus and talking with him, head over to the cell 
block. In here you'll find some zombies, including a Ram, though you're better
off just ignoring them for now. Make your way up to the cell and talk to 
Alvaro. Now you have to head to the control room and open the cells. Doing so
turns on the alarm. You'll now have to deal with constant waves of Infected, 
along with a Thug. Turn the alarm off and head up to Alvaro's cell. You 
shouldn't have to deal with anyone until you exit the cell block, where you'll
find a lone Thug waiting for you. Take him down and head back to Titus to end
this quest.

                             | ================= |
                             |                   |
                             | Full Metal Jacket |                        [W35]
                             |                   |
                             | ================= |

Head to the upper floor. You'll face several zombies up here, including a 
couple of Infected. When you encounter people shooting guns, don't assume 
they're friendly. Because they're not. Kill everyone at that barricade and 
talk to Kevin at the armory ahead. He sends you to another area nearby 
with a few armed guards in it. Kill them and grab the Master Key on the 
counter, then go back and talk to Kevin again.

You'll now have to hold off a group of Infected. Use one of the propane tanks
in the hallway to help you. After this, a Thug comes out. Take him down, 
then enter the armory and grab the weapons box. On your way back, you'll face
more Infected and Walkers.

                              | =============== |
                              |                 |
                              | Dante's Kitchen |                         [W36]
                              |                 |
                              | =============== |

This is a simple quest. Head to the kitchen area. The first room has 
several Walkers. The actual kitchen has some Infected and a Thug. The next 
door leads right back to Titus, where you can finish this quest.

                             | ================= |
                             |                   |
                             | Devil's Labyrinth |                        [W37]
                             |                   |
                             | ================= |

Head downstairs. You'll know you're about to encounter zombies when you see a 
propane tank. Use that tank to clear the next room, then continue on. There are
a few more zombies to take care of before you reach a room with guards. Take 
them down and enter the doors on the bottom floor. There are more zombies in 
here, along with a propane tank. Use it or the other propane tank near the 
exit door to deal with the Thug, then take the remaining tank with you. There
is another Thug in the next room, but don't use the tank on him.

You'll be in another cell block soon. You can't enter the control room from 
here, so you'll have to head downstairs and work your way up to the other 
side. Unfortunately, a Ram, a Thug, and some Walkers stand in your way. Use 
your propane tank here, if you've still got it. There are more zombies and 
yet another Ram on the bottom floor. The rest of the way to the control room
is dotted by Walkers, Infected, a Thug, and another Ram. Once you finally 
get there, the Voice tells you to go elsewhere.

There's a Workbench just ahead. After this you descend into a sewer area with
plenty of zombies. You'll fight a couple of Floaters along with other zombies
before you reach a ladder leading back up into the prison showers. A few 
Walkers later you encounter Yerema and Jin. Follow them into the elevator 
to end this quest.

                         | ======================== |
                         |                          |
                         | Chasing the White Rabbit |                     [W38]
                         |                          |
                         | ======================== |

Keep going until you reach some zombies. You'll face Walkers, Infected, Thugs,
and a surprising number of Rams in these next hallways. There really isn't 
any easy way to get rid of the Rams, so you might be better off trying to 
ignore them. Once you go upstairs, you'll come across a Workbench. The next 
hallways are filled with Walkers, Thugs, Infected, and Suiciders. The last 
hallway also has a Ram. The next set of stairs leads up to the roof.

                                | =========== |
                                |             |
                                | On the Edge |                           [W39]
                                |             |
                                | =========== |

You're on the roof now with several soldiers. There's a room nearby with a 
Workbench and a bunch of medkits. Kill all of the soldiers and a bunch of 
Infected will start swarming you. You need to move through a fence that was 
knocked down under the helipad. There's a Thug standing between you and the 
next cutscene.

The final boss is like a Thug mixed with an Infected. He's fast, but also 
powerful, and can take you down in just a few blows. If you have any kind of 
ranged weapon, now's the time to break it out. Other Infected also trickle in,
but they aren't too big of a deal. Try to get White to rush you, then get a 
blow or two in while he's recovering. If you don't have one with you already,
use the Workbench to create a modded weapon, so that critical hits do the 
extra damage. The entire roof is open to you, but it's also open to him. Once
you kill him, the game is finished.

                               ||             ||
                               ||  Technical  ||                         [TECH]
                               ||             ||

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questions about this guide or the game, contact me at:

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