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To get to Omeaga Weapon you need to take your main party and go to the fountain 
switch point. Now have your secondary party exit the Front Foyer via the door on 
the upper-right side of the room. There is a large bell in the ceiling of the next 
room. To summon Omega Weapon you must ring the bell. To do this, have the leader of 
your secondary party leader to pull the rope at the base of the stairs. When you 
pull the rope a timer will appaer telling you how much time you have to get to 
omega. Now go to the switch point in the same room. Now use your main party to run 
to the chaple and there you will face Omega Weapon!!!

What you will need:
Bahamut card, Chubby Chocobo card, and the Gigamesh card. Use your card mod ability 
to change Bahamut's card into 100 megalixirs, 100 LuvLuvGs from the Chubby Chocobo 
card and 10 Holy wars from the Gilgamesh card. Move these items to the top of your 
item list and any phonixes that you have. Use the LuvLuvGs to get everyone's 
compatibility to 1000 with all of the main GF's in your main party. 

You will need to junction 100 death magics to your main party stauts defenses. 
Omeaga can use level 5 death spells that can kill in one hit. Make sure that 
everyone can summon GF’s and draw magic. You need to have at least two people that 
can use magic and one that can use items. You will need to have the GF’s Cerberus, 
Eden and Doomtrain junction to each character and make sure that it is to a 
different person and also don’t junction Eden to Squall cause he will be using his 
Lion Heart limit break (hopefully you have his ultimate weapon Lion Heart) You will 
also need some Aura spells at least 30. I also recommend that you have Full-life 
and Curaga spells.

I like to use Zell, Squall, and Irvine. Give Zell Eden, Give Irvine Doomtrain and 
give Squall Cerberus. DO NOT BOOST DOOMTRAIN!!! It will heal Omeaga Weapon.
Give Zell the item command, Irvine the magic command and Squall the magic command. 

Battle Starts:
The first thing to do when the battle starts is to summon your GF’s. The purpose of 
having Doomtrain is that when summoned it will lower Omeaga’s Defenses. Cerberus 
will set the people up with double and triple and Eden should do the most damage 
and the animation is so freakin long that it should let you boost it to the max 
which will do about 35000 damage. Now use Aura. You can start using your limit 
breaks with Squall and Irvine. It is important to use Aura before you use Holy War. 
Why? Because Holy War blokes magic. (Yes even Dispel) The Holy war makes your 
people unbeatable as long as its in effect. When it wears off cast aura and use 
another holy war. Keep this up and you should be able to defeat Omeaga Weapon.

You don’t have to set up your party using the exact same party members as I do. 
This is my favorite one to use though.

If any of you readers need any further help on defeating Omeaga Weapon, (which you 
shoundn’t if you followed my suggestion) email me at [email protected] 

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