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                             Super Mario 64
                              Version 1.0

1. Info of Me
2. King Bomb-Omb
3. Thwomp
4. Bowser1
5. Big Boo
6. 2 Hands in Shifting Sand Land
7. Bowser 2
8. Worm in Tall Tall Mountain
9. Bowser 3
10. Is it True???
11. End Credits

1. Info of Me

Hi I'm guy77 and I really like Super Mario 64 because it's so long. I've gotten 120 
stars, and I think there is more to do... But enough about me, let's get on to the 

2. King Bomb-Omb

To defeat him, you need to run fast around him and pick him up with B. Through him 
on the arena (not off of it, that won't hurt him) and keep doing this until he 
dies. He gets faster on the 2nd hit.

3. Thwomp

To beat him, you need to wait until he tries to fall on you, and run around him or 
in between his legs. Jump on him and do a Butt Slam on his bandage (A+Z) until he 

4. Bowser 1

He's back again. And he may seem hard, but he's not. I like to fool around with 
him. To beat him, just grab his tail by pressing B, and through him into a bomb. 
Use the C buttons to get a good view of the bombs. By the way, on the Japanese 
version, if you get up to 1000 coins (collect them after he tries to burn you) 
you'll get an M next to your number of lives, which means infinaty lives!

5. Big Boo

He's also back and he's pretty hard when you fight him on the balcony (you have to 
fight him 3 times in this coarse). But to beat him, you need to get behind him so 
he can't see you, and punch him. Or you can jump above him and do a Butt Slam. 
Either way works.

6. 2 Hands in Shifting Sand Land

These hands are easy, yet hard. Just try not to get pushed off the platform. Ok, to 
beat them, you need to wit until they open their eyes and punch them. It takes 3 

7. Bowser 2

Woh! This changed a lot! Now he's hard. To beat him, run in the opposite direction 
of him, because he jumps up and tilts the platform. When the platform comes back 
down, run behind him and grab his tail and through him into a bomb. It may take a 
few tries. And he also dissapers.

8. Worm in Tall Tall Mountain

This guy is easy. To beat him, just jump on his head. But he gets faster every time.

9. Bowser 3

Uh-oh. Here it is. the final Bowser. He looks different. And he is also hard, but 
don't give up hope your almost there! Instead of him dying in 1 hit, he takes 3 
hits to finally die. To beat him, gtab his tail before he shoots fire up in the 
air, or else it will rain fire. When you grab him, through him into a bomb and 
he'll land on his stomach and get back up. Grab him again and through him into a 
bomb. Then he'll get mad and make the platform turn into the shape of a star, which 
makes it even harder. Try to grab him again and through him into a bomb to finally 
destroy him. After that, you beat the game and get to watch the credits.

10. Is it True???

I've heard people say that Luigi is not in the game. And they may be right. But I 
think he is because after you get 120 stars, go into the castle, go up the stairs 
and into the door, then stop! Turn back around and go into the first snow level, 
with the penguin race. To make sure you did it right, go to the right side fo the 
wall and you'll hear Boo's voice. Then jump in the painting and go to the 6th star. 
I won't tell you any more, but to find out what to do next, go to 
and click on the 4th FAQ of Super Mario 64.  Go down to the bottom and it will show 
how to get Luigi. Not all of it is true, but I think the 4th one (it's the 2nd 
longest) is the one to get Luigi and all of the other characters. It sais that it's 
not true but I think it is... 

11. End Credits

          copyright 2004    guy77   [email protected]

                      All Right Reserved

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