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Defeating the Colossi 5-8

Table of Contents:
Colossus 5
Colossus 6
Colossus 7
Colossus 8

     Hello my Shadow of the Colossus fans, I know, I know, a lot of you people 
out there have been e-mailing me about that I should put more colossus on 
here, well, here is that wish.  Everyone, I'm doing all of the colossi by 
fours, and I don't have a lot of time, so feel lucky I'm even helping your 
butts through the game.  Well, before I blow my top and yell at ya all, lets 
get started!

Colossus #5

     Look! Up in the sky! it's a plane! No it's a.........well, yeah it IS a 
bird.  This is the first colossus that actually has adapted the evolution of 
flight, and he uses it well.  
     Lets take care of business.  Okay, after you drop into the water, you 
have to swim towards the thing.  Don't worry, if ya feel lonely Mr. Birdie 
will be watching AT ALL TIMES.  So don't get any smart ideas.  Well, anyway, 
swim towards him and there should be a set of platforms.  Stand on these 
platforms, and make sure your on the middle platform, if there are four then 
stand on one of the middle platforms of course.  Now, lets get Mr. Birdie mad, 
equip the almighty bow and shoot him.  Quickly, equip your sword, now Mr. 
Birdie should be swooping towards you RIGHT NOW.  There are two patches of fur 
on his shoulders, corresponding to the side your on, jump towards one of these 
fur patches.  Grab a hold, and don't worry, if ya can't seem to grab these 
patches of fur, which I did on my first try, but believe me, I didn't know you 
were supposed to shoot him, then I guess your not cut out for this game.  
Well, anyway, after you grab the patch, hold on tight for the bumpy ride.  
This bird flaps and flaps HARD.  
     Now, there are three vital signs on this guy, two of them are on the tips 
of the wings, which involves carefully running out on the limb and grabbing 
the fur, then stabbing, then holding on to your dear senseless life as the 
bird goes UPSIDE DOWN.  Now, I advise you to go for the one on the very tip of 
his tail, this one is the easiest, and for some odd reason, I seem to get the 
momentum built up and then get the signs on the tip of the wings.  Now, after 
ya get all of these, well, you know what happens, YOU WIN!!!!!

Colossus #6
     Ahhhhhhhhhh, what a beard on this guy, and this beard will be the way to 
your victory, now you asking me how? Well, I'm about to tell you.
     Now, this is one of the only times that I'll tell you this, but.....RUN!! 
Run with everything you have, climbing over the walls that block your way, and 
he'll walk into these by the way, so KEEP RUNNING!!!!!
     Now, there is a little hiding place in that temple thing, now run in 
there like the mouse you are! now equip your bow and shoot away at him! Now, 
when he seems to notice you, equip you sword, and hide behind a pillar, and he 
     Now climp up onto his head and stab away.  But wait, there is more!!!!  
His second vital sign is on his lower back, on his left side, so climb down 
and stab away!!!!  Congrats, you've beaten him!

Colossus #7
     Yep, this guy is under water, your worst nightmare.  All of you who have 
watched Jaws have to live up to your fears to beat this guy, cause he doesn't 
go down easily, or.......sink easily!
     Okay, first thing is first, get into the water.  Don't go on any land 
what-so-ever.  There are a few sunken bridges and stuff but don't be a chicken 
and run onto one, unless your health is really low, or of course if you're 
chicken.  Now, swim around the serpent, and try to get its attention.  You 
will know if you have its attention, because it will gloww suddenly for a 
moment, and will kind of shudder.  The eyes, if you can see them, glow red as 
well.  Look for these signs, oh, and I forgot to mention the gurgling noise he 
     Whenever you see these signs, you know the colossus is coming for you, 
and it will have a small snack if you're not careful.  Alright, you will 
notice that there are three electrical spines on the back, well, DON'T JUST 
     You need to position yourself so that you are right in front of him.  
Watch out for the spines.  Well, just look out and he'll come really close.  I 
want you to wait, but sort of swim to either the left or right, just to dodge 
the electricity, and then when the third passes by, quickly press R1 and go 
for the tail, there should be some fur! TA-DAA!!!!  Your on one of the hardest 
colossus to get onto!
     Now, the colossus will stay close to the surface, so don't worry, you'll 
get you chances to stab it.  Now, while timing your running so you don't get 
submerged, run up to the closest spine, then stab the glowy spot.  This will 
disable the spine, so it can't shock you with it, and will take down a little 
bit of health.  Now run up to the second and to the same, then one more to 
go.  Once you disable the third one, the almighty Vital symbol will appear on 
the head of the serpent, you know what to do, STAB AWAY!!!
     Now, I just want you to know that this guy has been known to suddenly 
dive really deep and stay underwater, when he does this, and you realize your 
stamina is running low, then please, get a brain and let go.  But make sure 
that you know that he won't come back up, sometimes he tricks you!
     Also, there are other ways to got onto the colossus, you can use the 
twisty spire, and wait for the third spine to pass, then quickly jump off and 
land on the tail, but I like to keep it simple and just stay in the water, but 
you can keep your imagination open, so just go out there and kill the first 
colossus in the water!

Colossus #8
     Cool, a gecko!  Now, now, don't take this one home and feed it crickets, 
this gecko more likes to eat people than insects, no I'm just kidding, just 
trying to relieve the pressure of the fact that after you beat this colossus, 
you'll have only two more of my facts to read! AND THEN YOU BEAT THE GAME!!!!
     Huh, no weak spots on its back, so wat ya gonna do brotha?  I'll tell ya 
wat ya gonna do, you gonna flip that pancake over and then stabby stabby with 
that stick you call a sword!
     Yep, sounds, simple, but how you gonna do it?  There isn't a spatula big 
enough in the galaxy to flip it.  Well, first you got to get out the Ol' bow, 
then shoot it, you'll notice that it winces and notices you, now it's hungry.
     Now with the fact of getting eaten alive in mind, wait till it crawls on 
the wall, and you'll notice shiny spots all over of all of the legs.  Now 
watch it, thins thing burbs a projectile attack, and if you stay where the 
bolt it, this yellow gassy stuff quickly takes your life away, and I mean 
     Well, shoot it in two out of two legs, and it will fall.  Now it's on its 
back.  Leap of faith!!!!  JUMP!!!!  Sure, you'll take damage, but it sure as 
heck saves time.  Now, get onto its belly and stab away!  Remember, there are 
three vital signs, so you have to take them all out!  Congrats!  You now have 
the heads of Eight Colossi!  Not really, I just like to joke around.
     Now, take in mind the yellow gas, NEVER VENTURE INTO THE YELLOW GAS!!!  
Also, use the dang tail to get onto its belly, and you'll have to stab 
quickly, you don't have much time!

     Now, I have to leave.  Remember, if you have any questions, e-mail me at 
[email protected], and be careful, and be patient, I will try to 
get the next one done.  Also, don't eat the yellow snow.  Farewell

Orphen the Sorcerer

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