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Let's start at the beginning. You want items,right? One problem.The items you want is
somewhere in the Lilycove Dept. Store, and you frogot which floor it's on! I have an
answer for all of you money spenders! The department store is huge, and without
directions, it can drive you mad!
 So on the entry floor, you can see two girls standing behind a counter.The second
one will ask you if you want to play the pokemon lottery. It is very rare that you
will win , but if you do will when a prize you can't buy in stores.
    On floor #1's salesperson closest to the door has:

    Potion-$300  Super Potion-$700
    Hyper Potion-$1200 Max Potion-$2500
    revive-$1500  repel-$350
    Super repel-$500 Max repel-$700
    Wave mail-$50 Mech Mail-$50
   The other person has these items:
    Poke Ball-$200  Great ball-$500
    Ultra ball-$1200 Escape rope-$550
    Full Heal-$600  Antidote-$100
    Parlyz Heal-$200 Burn Heal-$250
    Ice heal-$250  Fluffy Tail-$1000

     So, that's it for floor #1. Now on Floor #2 Girl #1
      X Speed-$350   X special-$350
      X attack-$500  X Defense-$550
      Dire Hit-$650  Guard Spec.-$700
      X accuracy-$950
      Countergirl #2 has :
      Protein-$9800 Calcium-$9800
      Iron-$9800  Zinc-$9800
      Carbos-$9800  HP UP-$9800
     Then, on floor #3 girl #1 has:

     TM17-$3000  TM20-$3000
     TM33-$3000  TM16-$3000
     And the next girl has:
     TM38-$5500 TM25-$5500
     TM14-$5500 TM15-$7500
    They don't carry many items,do they ? On to the next Floor!
   Their is a smaller counter in this room as well as a large one. We'll start there:

    Girl #1 has :       Girl #2 has 
   Ballposter-$1000   surfmat-$4000
   Greenposter-$1000  thundermat-$4000
   Redposter-$1000    fireblastmat-$4000
   Blueposter-$1000   powdersnowmat-$4000
   Cuteposter-$1000   attractmat-$4000
   Pikaposter-$1500   fissuremat-$4000
   Longposter-$1500   spikesmat-$4000
   seaposter-$15000   glittermat-$2000
   skyposter-$1500    jumpmat-$2000                                                 
 And on the long cabinet we have:

 Girl #1:     Girl #2 (all cost 2000 dollars)
 dolls            pikacushion 
 in            roundcusion 
 all           zigzagcushion
 types            spincushion
 cost            diamondcuhsion 
 $3000            ballcushion
And on the roof we have drink machines and sometimes a special sale.

 And that's it for this FAQ. I hope it will be of asstince to someone who plays the game.

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