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                 Las Venturas Countryside



Your first mission for the enigmatic voice is a simple race against time. You’ll 
have to maneuver the monster truck through 35 checkpoints in less than six minutes 
and thirty seconds, but you shouldn’t have a problem meeting this time if you take 
it nice and slow. The main problem here is flipping the truck; there are plenty of 
bumps in the path, and the truck itself is rather springy, so you’ll likely wind up 
upside down once or twice. Do your best to right yourself quickly, so as to not sink 
too much time into flailing about. The 35th checkpoint is the end of the race, so 
keep yourself paced with that in mind. 


You and Cesar are going to have to get all Indiana Jones on a semi if you want to 
stay in Tereno’s good graces. To begin with, head northwest from Toreno’s place on 
the bike until you get onto the gray suspension bridge leading back to San Fierro; 
the tanker’s going to be on the road heading south, so you’ll need to come up 
alongside it and hover there until Cesar can jump over. This can be pretty difficult 
to manage, as contact with the truck will often send you careening off to the left, 
but you should be able to manage it eventually. 

After Cesar eliminates the driver of the tanker, bring it back to the garage in San 
Fierro to complete the mission. You’ll need to wait for Tereno to call you before 
you can pick up another mission. 


There aren’t any simple wait-behind-the-plane-and-pick-up-the-packages missions in 
San Andreas; instead, you’ll have to get to Toreno’s checkpoint, ride your vehicle 
up to the top of a nearby hill, use a rocket launcher to protect the chopper as it 
drops its package, retrieve the package, return it to another checkpoint, then 
finally return to Toreno to get your paycheck. Although you cover a lot of ground 
here, you’re not on a timer for any of these steps, so there's no need to rush. Of 
particular note is the fact that there’s a Seasparrow heliboat near the point where 
the package lands, so you can use it to deliver the package and then fly back to 
Toreno’s location, if you wish. 

Verdant Meadows 

There’s nothing to this one; just return to the airport that you passed by during 
the last mission and purchase it. Despite Toreno’s intimations, you won’t actually 
be able to buy it for a dollar; you’ll have to pay a cool $80,000. If you don’t have 
the scratch, you’ll need to raise it in whatever manner you see fit: exporting cars, 
collecting cash from your assets back in San Fierro, etc. After you get the 
airstrip, you’ll have to learn to fly before you can take any more missions from 

Learning To Fly 

If you thought the driving missions were tough, then you should be unpleasantly 
surprised by the airplane and helicopter training sessions; these things are hard! 
The tutorials are explained fairly well, so it comes down to a matter of practice 
and repetition before you get past them, and get past them you must; you have to 
complete all the tests before you can move on with the core missions of the game. 

For the plane, try to keep adjustments to a minimum while you’re in the air. In the 
banking missions, make soft turns after each corona and wait for your plane to level 
itself off; the fewer adjustments you have to do as you approach a corona, the 
better. The helicopter missions are generally easier than the planes, although using 
the weapons will take some getting used to. You can expect to spend at least half an 
hour trying to get through all of these, so get to it. 


N.O.E. (which stands for Nap Of the Earth, meaning to fly really, really low) will 
see you taking up an airplane and, well, flying really, really low. You’ve got way 
more time than you need for this mission, so don’t feel pressured on that count. 

After you take off, avoid making a hard left; Fort Carlson is restricted airspace, 
and they will shoot you down with SAM’s if you fly too close. The main caveat for 
the rest of your flight is the fact that you have to fly no more than a couple 
hundred feet off the ground; if you stay above radar level for too long, the Air 
Force will scramble out someone to check the area. This isn’t an auto-fail, though, 
so just get back below radar level and stay there until the heat’s off. 

The drop-off point, as you’ll discover, is surrounded by trees. You might just want 
to stay safely above them and accept the radar lock before diving through the corona 
and losing the Air Force by flying low over the water beyond. Beyond that, it’s a 
simple delivery and return, although it is going to take multiple tries to do it 
correctly, just because the plane is so fragile and easy to damage while you're 
flying along. All it takes is one telephone pole popping up in your path to end your 
mission right quick. When you get back to the airport. don’t screw up the landing; 
you have to get your plane back in one piece to beat the mission. 


Although this takes place at the airport, there’s no flying involved, unless you 
count the kind of flying that involves jumping out of a perfectly good airplane. 
Granted, it’s not in great condition by the time you jump out... 

You’re going to have to repeat the whole bike-chase sequence at the beginning a 
number of times before you get it right. The "trick," assuming there is such a 
thing, is to keep going straight on your bike, following along the plane on its 
right side, until you’re near the ramp and going fast enough to hit it. This’ll 
occur towards the end of the runway. (Don't forget that you can tilt your left 
analog stick forward to get a little extra speed on bikes; you'll notice Carl tilt 
his body downwards. If he starts to lean all the way over the handlebars, then 
you're pushing too far.) When your screen is shaking from the speed, wait for one 
last load of barrels to drop out of the plane’s rear, then veer onto the ramp before 
the plane takes off. It’s difficult, but it can be done. 

Thankfully, the interior segment of the mission is a bit simpler. If you fire a 
weapon on board, the plane will explode and you’ll fail the mission, but you can 
still ease your way through the feds with your fists or any other melee weapon. You 
will have to avoid the rolling barrels in the central aisle here, but even if they 
hit you they won't do a significant amount of damage, although they will knock you 
down for a second or two. The last guy on board has a parachute, so kill him and 
grab it, then lay down a satchel charge and jump out the back for the win. 

The Truth

Black Project 

You won’t be able to pick up Black Project until you complete Toreno’s missions at 
the airport, at which point The Truth will drop by and convince you to see what the 
heck the government has going on at Area 69. Area 69, get it? 

Fourteen-year-old humor aside, this is a pretty cool mission if you like wandering 
into heavily secured army bases. The soldiers here, and there are plenty of them, 
all pack M4’s, so you’ll want to kill off the one by the gate, then turn his weapon 
on his friends. The M4 can either be auto-aimed or manually aimed, so click your R1 
key periodically to see if there’s anyone within auto-aim range. 

You have two options so far as penetrating the underground lab goes: you can either 
play it stealthy by avoiding the searchlights and making it to the control tower to 
unlock the blast doors, or you can just go hogwild and kill everyone you see, taking 
all of their ammo before proceeding to the grate on the far side of the base and 
dropping through. The latter is the better option, as you'll be able to pick up a 
boatload of M4 ammo, and it's not too difficult to kill off the soldiers from a 
distance. There’s a set of body armor near the control tower, and a health recharge 
at the bottom of the vent itself, so try to clear out a path between the two before 
recharging yourself completely and dropping down to the interior of the base. 

After you reach the base, the time limit is no longer relevant; feel free to stick 
around past 5:30 if you wish, since the mission won’t automatically end at the 
point. The close quarters here make it a bit more difficult to take out the guards, 
so try to get their attention and lure them back out to chokepoints before killing 
them at a distance; they’re deadly with their M1’s at short range. Luckily, there 
are no fewer than four suits of armor scattered around in the base, so you should be 
set on those. 

In order to reach the Black Project, you’ll have to reach the bottom of a missile 
silo, but before you head there, search around and find the control room to disable 
the SAM sites. The missile silo’s stairs are overrun with guards, making it a 
difficult place to penetrate; we found it helpful to crouch-and-roll down the 
stairs, keeping our guns pointed towards the middle of the silo, and locking on to 
enemies when we heard them firing at us. Before you pick up the item at the bottom 
of the silo, though, return to the upper levels and find a fresh set of armor. 

After you grab the jetpack, bust out of the silo and head for the nearest wall of 
the army base. If you disengaged the SAM’s in the control room, you shouldn’t have 
any trouble making it to the rendezvous with The Truth. 

Now that you have a jetpack, you can use it to pick up a minigun, if you wish. 
There's a minigun floating above a gray bracing on the railroad bridge on the 
northeastern side of San Fierro. Getting it repeatedly will involve a lot of long 
trips to a save point, but you should be able to get a bunch of ammo for it if 
you're willing to put a little time into it. 

Green Goo 

The last mission before you can acquire the airstrip as an asset sees CJ hijacking a 
train while using the jetpack. The train itself is uncovered, so you’ll be able to 
fire on the soldiers aboard from midair, but they, of course, will be firing back, 
and there’s a lot of them, so bring along a suit of armor if possible. After you 
eliminate the soldiers, shoot the crates until you find the jar of green goo, then 
return it to The Truth to get your cash. 

You've made it to the Last and Final City.

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