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Devil May Cry 3 – Mission 2: The Blood Link Walkthrough

Hint: Before attempting mission two, it is a good idea to replay mission one until 
you gain enough red orbs to purchase the Stinger Lv1 upgrade for your Rebellion 
sword. This upgrade comes in handy for the boss battle in mission two.

Like the first mission of Devil May Cry 3, mission two involves nothing more than 
fighting off the demons that are spawning in around you. Despite it’s similarity to 
the first mission, it is slightly more challenging. Using the same tactics as 
mission one is advised here because the first two or three waves of demons you will 
face are the black and brown coloured ones found in mission one. So attack at close 
range and then retreat backwards or into the air and fire your guns as the demons 
prepare to counter you.
After you have dispatched the first few waves of demons, a single demon will spawn 
in on its own. This is a new type you have not faced before, and resembles an 
orange mass on legs. It is immune to melee attacks so you’ll have to dispatch it 
using your guns, however upon its death this demon will explode violently and if 
you’re in range it can seriously damage your health. The best way to avoid damage 
is to stay as far away as possible or leaping into the air as you are firing at it; 
this demon will take only a short time to kill.
After defeating the orange mass demon another will spawn in but this time it will 
be accompanied by more of the brown and black coloured ones; to dispatch a great 
number of the demons quickly, use the targeting feature (accessed by the R1 button) 
to target the orange mass demon. Wait till it manoeuvres itself close to its fellow 
demons and then leap into the air and fire at the demon until it explodes. This 
will kill or seriously damage any demons within range and the ones that are left 
standing are a lot easier for you to kill.
After a few more waves of demons, you will be thrown abruptly into your first boss 

Boss Battle 01: Hell Vanguard
Boss Battle Bonus: 1000 Red Orbs
Strategy: The Hell Vanguard can be an extremely hard boss to fight so early in the 
game. It deals an extremely great amount of damage should it hit you and it uses a 
transport ability to get itself out of harms way.
When the battle begins, run in close and begin hitting it with melee attacks. If 
you've purchased the Stinger Lv1 ability as advised, it will come in handy at this 
point. After you’ve managed to hit the Hell Vanguard a few times, you’re sword will 
bounce off the enemy’s weapon. When this occurs, quickly leap into the air and the 
boss will counter thin air rather than you. While you are still in the air, press 
the triangle button to strike downwards at the ground and damage the enemy; you are 
then free to hit it a few more times with melee attacks. If the Hell Vanguard 
teleports out of harms way simply use the Stinger Lv1 ability to get back in close 
range and continue hitting it with melee attacks.
On occasion, the Hell Vanguard will teleport away and then lunge at you immediately 
as it reappeares, either out of thin air or out of the ground. This takes you by 
surprise and damages you severly. Whenever the boss teleports away it is always 
best to be prepared to leap out of harms way. Repeat these tactics and the Hell 
Vanguard will soon be defeated.

After defeating the first boss, you will see a cut scene and the mission will end.

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